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tv   News 4 at 5  NBC  July 26, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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west, will these make it our way? we'll be watching them closely. no severe thunderstorm watch box in our area, but they're still thinking about t plus what to expect over the next couple days and when this heat will go away. now to a developing story in silver spring. two postal customers got into an argument in line, and one stabbed the other. it happened around 2:00 this afternoon at the post office on new hampshire avenue. police believe the argument was over somebody cutting the line. postal workers tried to use pepper to -- he was arrested a short time later. the stabbing victim is expected to survive. a scandal has rocked the community. he's considered a premier coach. a former swimmer says the abuse started when he was 17 years
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old. ja jackie bensen spoke to her. >> it concerns a settlement made in 1999 by rick kerle. she believes the crime against her was swept under the rug. at 19 she designed a nondisclosure agreement that, in exchange for money, $150,000 she would agree to not press charges. this has come to the attention of usa swimming, the governing body after kelly kern took what many believe was the gold and courageous act of speaking out. we spoke to a parent. >> from the parents' perspective, what we're saying to them is it's a wonderful club the 950 swimmers are not -- this
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club has 950 swimmers, but thousands and thousands of washington-area kids have passed through the doors over the years. coming up we'll hear from swim club parents. back to you. jackie, thanks. they say he tied her up and drove her around for several hours. investigators have not said whether they believed the kidnapper knew she was the mother of cal ripken jr. no charges have been filed after a 4-year-old boy got his hands on a gun and killed himself. we told you about the accidental, kyrell mcneil found the gun in a truck. his family was inside the home at the time. today friends and family
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paid their last respects to a pulitzer prizewinning columnist from "the washington post." the funeral of william raspberry was held today. he died last week of prostate cancer. he wrote about social issues for nearly 40 years in his post column. his writing appeared in more than 200 newspapers nailingwide. had el retired in 2005. he was 76. the morning commute was miserable on 270 north this morning because of a beer truck. a tractor trailer filled with beer overturned near route 1092349 clarks burg area. it took a while to clean up the mess. redskins fans packed ashburn to see robert griffin iii in action. chris gordon joins us live from redskins park. how did he look? >> reporter: it is hot and it is humid. that means it's redskins weather. of course, we say the same thing about rain, wind and snow.
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but today here at the training camp on day 1, the fans showed up early to see robert griffin iii. >> we got here yesterday, sat out here for four hours after practice, and we wanted to be the first once here this morning. >> reporter: they are here to see the skins and the new star quarterback. >> rg3 all the way. >> reporter: is he the face of the nfl in your mind? >> he is right now. >> reporter: the redskins store is selling jerseys for $115, 2x and above, $130. >> i come from south florida, around the miami area. >> reporter: you came up specifically for camp. >> specifically for camp. you cut me, and i bleed burgundy
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and gold. >> reporter: at 1:00 p.m. fans happily head the field only to face another two-hour wait in the heat and humidity. some found what little shade they could. others sought out the cooling tent. electric fans spraying water. no matter how hot, it was time to put on your jersey. >> hot. >> reporter: is it worth it? to see who? rg3. >> what does it stand for? redskins. >> reporter: he may be right gauging from fan reaction. >> hey, mr. griffin. whoo! >> reporter: it took only a couple completed passes to raise fans' hopes. [ chanting ] >> i hope this is our year, where i can brag to my friends. picking an nfc championship this year. next year, taking it all the way. >> reporter: well, now a reality
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check. redskins fans often predict playoffs at this time of the year, but it's been 230 years since the team hoisted a super bowl. fans are wondering if the day won't return again soon. that's the latest from redskins training camp day 1. i'm chris gordon. back to you. >> it's day 1. let's see how the rest of the season shapes up. erica gonzalez joins us live with more developments on that stabbing at the post office. you see. >> reporter: the post office is open once again. but what police tell us is that this may have all got started because somebody allegedly cut in front of the other person in line inside the postal office. police tell us this all went down about 2:00 this afternoon, allegedly one man was standing in line, another cut in front of
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him, which is when we understand the victim was stabbed. postal workers get a load of all of this, and then they try to separate the two, unsuccessfully by pepper spraying them. they not only sprayed the attacker but the victim. police tell us that might have possibly sprayed -- the attacker bolted out of the post office. he was caught. we're told the victim was transported to the hospital, where he was doing well. police tell us the quick-acting postal workers may have possibly saved this man's life. this colesville road post office is once again open. it happened about 2:00, but pretty exciting moments, to say the least, inside this postal office. not to mention the customers there. pat? >> erica gonzalez, thanks. a large group of people lined up near the new chik-fil-a food truck today, but they
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didn't want chicken sandwiches or waffle fries. [ chanting ] >> this group of protesters is the latest backlash for chik-fil-a. earlier this month the company's president made antigay marriage statements. the people are calling for boy counties of the popular fast-food joint. a special session tomorrow is governor o'malley is expected to make the statement tomorrow morning at 10:00. o'malley would like to see the state's sixth casino built in prince george's county. however, house delegates have scrapped the plan twice before, even if lawmakers pass the bill, maryland voters would need to approve the final plan. vincent gray helped break ground for a health district, as local citizens cheered, it was a break from the crush of scandal news surrounding his 2010 campaign for mayor.
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tom sherwood has the story. >> for once in recent days, mayor gray got out of his car and wasn't immediately surrounded by reports asking about scandal. he took part in the groundbreaking for a $20 million community of hope health center to be built in ward 8, the city's poorest. the center is expected to bring health care to thousands east of the river whoow have to travel to get it. >> this is fairly recent data, we had 750 primary care physicians in the district of columbia. 35 of them practice east of the river. >> reporter: neighborhood citizens also desperately hope the center will bring jobs and opportunities. >> i drive near and far to work, exercise, get groceries, shop, get my stair styled, and receive medical care. even my dog has to travel to the veterinarian. >> reporter: for gray, with a history of health care and
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nonprofit experience, the upbeat event was a contrast to days like wednesday when reporters pressed after him to ask scandal questions. and his press secretary shouted at reporters for not attending news conferences. >> not a single one of you came to yesterday's conference. not one of you here. not a single one bothered to come out to yesterday. >> reporter: on this hot thursday, the media heat was hoff, while citizens fanned themselves, focused on the promise of better health. >> i wouldn't want to be him every day, because i have to say, in terms of, you know, i've seen a lot of mayors, his involvement, his showing up, he's been there. >> reporter: in the district, tom sherwood, news4. still ahead on "news4 at 5," a little more than 24 hours away from the olympics opening ceremony and the torch just arrived at buckingham palace in front of the prince william and kate. we'll go live to london, coming up. a tough month for metro.
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tonight the general manager responds to the problems on the tracks and the roads. plus a trip to the beach ends with a trip
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everyone is gearing up for tomorrow's opening ceremony. >> yes, indeed. the competition is already under way. phil rogers will be covering the olympics for us on "news4 at 5" the next two weeks. he's joining us live from london. how are you, phil? >> reporter: behind me here, the brand-new olympic stadium, where
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tomorrow night it will all begin. seven years after it was awarded the game, london is about to put on its big show. the third time the british capital has hosted the olympic games. the u.s. team officially welcomed today, one of more than 200 teams. >> there's nothing like it. >> just being here for the last few days, the atmosphere is electrifying, but cautious. the games are blanketed by layers. 25,000 police and soldiers, supplemented by some 7,000 private officers. the hms ocean is docked in the river thames. the biggest peacetime military operation in british history. >> i am confident in the plan. >> reporter: covers the games, some 21,000 accredited journalist with nbc provides
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more than 5,500 hours of coverage. >> nbc has about 3,000 people working for us here during the games. >> reporter: it is a festive time in london. tomorrow morning, big ben will toll for three minutes. heralding the arrival of these 2012 olympic games more than seven years in the making. now, during the coming days we'll try to equate you request thethis is a field hockey stick, and i'll bet you didn't know the ball they started out with in field hockey was a cube. imagine trying to roll it down the field. the women's field hockey team for the united states has not medaled in 28 years. they will try to break that drought here. they will open against germany on sunday. that's the latest from the summer olympics. i'm phil rogers, news4 in london. >> tell us how london is treating everyone? are they ready for the thousands
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of fans headed out there 12. >> reporter: richard, they were. the people in london could not be more hospitable. of the olympics i've been at, this is easily right there with that level of hospitality that you expect. now, that said, the average londoner is probably not liking the traffic congestion, all the security precautions. if you talk to them, they'll say they would sure like to have their open motorways back. they'll have to wait about two weeks. >> it will be a long two weeks, but fun for those of us who are watching. thanks so much. >> absolutely. and tonight dan hellie is there, as u.s. athletes arrive, grabbing their gear. he'll report live from london tonight at 11:00. and getting back to the weather here in the washington area, we've hit that 100 mark. >> we hit it in a big way. 100 degrees today, the seventh
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time we've had 100 degrees in july. that is a record. we're also the second longest or second most 100 degree days in the summer and the highest, back in the 1930s. so records being set. hey, we're not quite done yet. today's high temperature is 103, so we won't break that. but again 100 across the region. under plenty of sunshine. star the temperatures go around the rest of the area, in the 90s. and right now 98 down towards patuxent river. the heat index, that's the way it feels outside. 114 in leesburg, 109 in gaithersburg, 107 in baltimore,ened 110 out towards cambridge. so an extremely hot afternoon. that's why we have the advisory in effect, and it encompasses about the entire viewing area right now. what else is going on?
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a lot of storms. 23409 here. look at this. showing we have nothing going on, and we're still dealing with clear skies, but there's a lot of storms just to our north. all of these yellow boxes here, these are all severe thunderstorm warnings. the red ones are tornado warnings. we have seen a couple tornadoes on the ground. we'll be watching this area back here very closely, coming through west virginia right now. will it have enough in to make its way our way? if it does we could see a watch go into our area in the next how should -- hour or two. once again, you only neat some heat to produce some severe weather. we have the heat here. 96 in richmond, it is hot all across the mid-atlantic. ocean city coming in at 86. the heat continues today, it will continue tomorrow, back into the 90s with a good chance of thunderstorms, as this
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boundary lingers through the area. same deal on saturday. not going anywhere fast. it will give us another chance for showers and storm. this evening partly cloudy, hot, temperatures 88 to about 93. as we move on through the night tonight, it would be a very muggy night when you wake up tomorrow morning. temperatures tomorrow back up to around 95. 91 on saturday, 90 on sunday. right now coming in at 89 on monday. agents unsettled next week, but once again we have to get out of the today, and things start to get better, but today is thursday, and we had to do our backyard weather. we canceled a few earlier in the season. we're not doing that anymore. we're sending chuck bell, our man on the street. you have some people out there with you, chuck? >> reporter: absolutely right, doug. we are out in the backyard. this is brian and robin richie. thank you so much for having us here. >> thank you for coming. >> you're welcome. >> reporter: our pleasure to
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come out. half of the reason is to make doug insanely jealous with the menu. what are we cooking today? >> we have ribs. we have brats, chicken. >> steak, burgers. >> reporter: that sounds great. shrimp, chicken, all the food groups covered. >> pretty much. >> reporter: we'll be talking about the menu and some of the food you will not be eat, coming up a bit later. >> i am a little jealous. thanks a lot. >> he'll have to buy him lunch. i'll buy him two lunches. >> thanks, doug. >> message received. still ahead, liz crenshaw shares a few tricks of the trade if you're having a dinner party. >> the jackson family drama takes another turn. hear from katherine jackson in our next half hour. ♪
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i'm very envious of you being in the nice cool studio. it is a hot mess, as doug just alluded to. the temperature got to 99 here in ashburn. yes, the first full day. in the bubble inside, in the morning and then came out here and just finished up a 2 hour, 12 minute practice in the afternoon. with all that heat, it did not keep the fans away from seeing you know who, rg3. he's the first redskins
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quarterback to start as a rookie. expectations are very high, and griffin already comes in with a little swagger. he seemingly has all the tools, all this before ever taking a pro snap. right tackle, jamal brown, he is out right now, and we will hear from mike shanahan in mere moments about him. he did not take part in either workout. a couple weeks ago mike shanahan said he was in the best shape of his life. there's the speculation he'll be
5:27 pm
put on the p.u.p. list, try to get him ready. a very hot day 1, and they do it all over again come tomorrow. >> so chick, it looks like at least we've been hearing rg3 met expectations. a lot of people are pumped up about him. he looks good. >> i tell you what, it was strange, pat, because, look, as we said, the guy's never played a pro game yet, but the second game out of the locker, made the long walk down the steps, the long walk down the steps, and the crowd started to chant "rg3, rg3." it was amazing. let's go back to the guys. >> i think it proves he deserves respect every day. his attitude, his personal, his work ethic, demands respect. he's a leader among the guys. i want earlier we just don't
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look at him as a rookie. he's the starting quarterback. so we have to step up and have his back and make things work for him. >> being around the game, you know, for a number of years now, you kind of can tell when you meet guys who have -- who have it, you know, and i think just the way he carries himself, not a sense of entitlement, just wants to work hard, you know, continues to try to improve his craft, wants to be the best hi can be. he knows it will be a process, you know, we're not going to expect him to come in and be the top five quarterback, but if he does, we won't be mad about that, either. >> london fletcher saying it right there, but look, they'll take what they get in year 1. that's the story in day 1 of training camp. guys? >> chick hernandez -- >> can't wait to see him play.
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up next, metro responds to the problems it has faced with the summer's extreme heat. local college students put their skills to the test to create robots. now, if you carry a purse, and you get gas for your car, you may want to watch this story. over the next four months, you have a choice to make.
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not just between two political parties, or even two people. it's a choice between two very different plans for our country. governor romney's plan would cut taxes for the folks at the very top. roll back regulations on big banks. and he says that if we do, our economy will grow and everyone will benefit. but you know what? we tried that top down approach.
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it's what caused the mess in the first place. i believe the only way to create an economy built to last is to strengthen the middle class. asking the wealthy to pay a little more so we can pay down our debt in a balanced way. so that we can afford to invest in education, manufacturing, and home-grown american energy for good middle class jobs. sometimes politics can seem very small. but the choice you face, it couldn't be bigger. ♪ i'm barack obama and i approve this message.
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just take a look at this map behind me. what do they mean? the orange is a advisory, the yellow is a warning. all of those through the state of pennsylvania. up around the mason/dixon line. we'll be watching that line of thunderstorms to see if they're going to be able to hold together as they move in here. .
5:33 pm
it is on the hot side. you know, it's been a july to remember so far, weather and infrastructure issues. save for the power companies, no one has felt the pressure like metro. today the general manager spoke out. derrick ward has more on this story. derrick? >> pat, it has indeed been the quite the month for metro. what's july been like for riders? well, ask them, you hear some of the enduring complaints. >> my biggest concern is my fare card went dead, so i've been having to use the paper ones. they put an additional dollar on to pay for maintenance. >> remember the derecho? downed trees and power lines blocking bus routes and the computer glitch that took down the system that tracks trains, brings the traffic to a halt. >> let's take a pause here, brings the trains into the station so the customers are good, our employ aye are safe
5:34 pm
and we'll take stock of this. >> reporter: the failures occurred over the weekend. they since have pinpointed what went wrong and the why remains a mystery. after a few days of detective word, found a circuit board had failed, and failed in an unusual way. it didn't stop, but it wasn't fully doing what it's supposed to do, but the normal backup systems didn't quite what to do. >> reporter: and a glitch brought on by mother nature. it's just one of those properties of steel, it's mall yablt, be it really cold or hot, sometimes it does things you may not want it to do. when it's hot for extended periods, they can bend and warp. if a rail kink occurs, either we'll spot it before it go ahead to it. or the severity of the incident
5:35 pm
can be reduced and maybe tear up 1,000 feet of track like we did. >> reporter: all in all, a case study for diversity. still metro has its supporters. >> i'm pretty good to go as far as the metro goes. >> reporter: will the trains be slow today? it feels like 100-plus. the rail temperature has been toss somewhere in the area of 145 degrees for warping to be a real threat. it hasn't happened for a sustained period. back to you. police in prince george's county are warning people to be alert while filling up at the pump. in the past few days, there have been a series of purse snatchings. pat collins has more. >> robbers stealing purses at gas stations, sometimes while the victim is standing right there. look at the sneaky move, ducking
5:36 pm
down near the pump, reaching in the passenger's window, grabbing the purse and making a getaway before you can say filler up. warnings, drivers, thieves are picking off pocketbooks at gas stations, and they're not bashful about it. it happened four times in about three hours this morning. 9:46, the snobbo at sheriff and addison roads. 9:48, snobbo at 6300 oxon hill road. 10:33 a.m., the wawa at hampton park boulevard. 12:36 p.m., this shell stays at 5604 st. barn bass road. a woman is filling up her car. she's on her way to new york. some guys in a green mercedes drive up on this side, open her passenger door, steal her purse, off this go.
5:37 pm
>> we know that it's a traumatic crime for a victim to have their personal items taken, and a lot of times within their view. we feel for that victim, and we want to bring closure to that case. >> reporter: now it happened recently at this foodmart station on sheriff road. we have surveillance of that one. watch as the mercedes pulls into the gas station. they see her with her purse on her shoulder. as she gets into her car, she tosses that purse onto the passenger seed. with the mercedes positioned for a getaway, one suspects sneaks over, waits for the right time, grabs her purse, and he's off. meet now ann hanley. she says she's had her purse stolen before. when she gases up, she says she doesn't take any chances. >> lock, lock, lock.
5:38 pm
>> always. >> reporter: your purse is in there? ivities you can't see it. when i get out, i kind of push it out of the way. >> reporter: a reminder, keep those car windows rolled up, the car doors locked and keep a close eye on that purse. don't be an easy target. live in prince george's county, pat collins, news4. coming up on "news4 at 5," dirty needles are washing ashore, and people are stepping on them. ♪ plus the music on the maul
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cockroaches were crawling around the university of maryland's campus today. students got hands on with the critters at the clark school of engineering. it's all part of a summer engineering workshop for high
5:42 pm
schoolers called robots and roaches. they learned how robots can sense their environments, like animals. >> squeamishness, i'm the one who cut off the leg. i didn't conger res konker it. >> they're running around, getting kata from it. >> the school's women and engineering programs sponsored that workshop. a new york firefighters is in critical condition after battling a massive apartment building fire. more than 200 were called to the scene of this huge blaze in brooklyn earlier today. the flames could be seen leaping from the roof of the building. hundreds of residents were displaced. officials believe the fire was started by lightning. people at the beach stepped on several dirty needles. and more drama out in los angeles involving the jackson family. i'm liz crenshaw. new uses for everyday things
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lying around the house makes
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simple summertime tricks. >> wondering what to do with the expired sunscreen? looking to sue that bug bite itch.
5:46 pm
or must-haves liz crenshaw has her latest tricks of the trade. >> we turn to "real simple" for ideas of using everyday things lying around the house. nothing says summer like a make your own sun daddy. here's how to keep the toppings contained. the trick -- an ice cube tray. make your own sundaes without the mess. thinking of ice cream? serve it in citrus. cut an orange in half, scoop out the fruit, freeze the run, a pretty and practical way to help keep the ice cream frozen. serving corn on the cob this summer? here's a trick for getting the silks off easily -- an old toothbrush. use the cooler to keep the corn hot. if you don't want your corn
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on the cob, use the bunt pan to hold the cob steady. it's a great kernel catcher. here's the trick to controlling your utense us. toss them in a mitt and hang them on a grill. use a cardboard six-packs for easy transport. packing glass bottles for a picnic? a trick -- a kid's swim floatie, a great breakage buffer. need sliced strawberries for a fancy dessert? a trick december an egg slicer. got a bug bite driving you crazy? here's the trick, a cool used teabag. it soothes the itch. a new use for an old standby. take your toothbrush holder, and turn it into a flower vase, an
5:48 pm
evenly spaced arrangement. got a bunch of expired sunscreen? here's a trick. use it as shaving lotion, it will protect your skin from razor burn. aloe vera soothes summer sunburn, free alone vera in ice cube trays, a soothing summer solution. popsicles for a summertime treat, the trick? -- cupcake liners, a cool treat without the mess. my favorite one on there was don't throw earp the old sunscreen, use it, and freezing the aloe vera. >> and the corn. >> and the orange run. >> that had pat written all over it. >> and somebody's been at the beach. has doug been at the beach? >> yeah, yeah. >> you know how many bottles i found that were expired. >> and how much aloe vera should he have frozen? i think there was probably some
5:49 pm
sunburn. >> my entire back was burned. >> you can have mine. >> other than that, it was totally fine. a great day to go to the beach -- we're not at weather yell. we'll be right back. >> hold tight, doug. thanks so much. >> great tips. a treat for music lovers. the lunchtime music on the mall program kicked off today. every tuesday and thursday, visitors can hear local performers. they're near the smithsonian metro rail station, the program is sponsored be the mitto transit authority and national part service. it would be held only when weather permits. that puts the ball in your court, doug. >> now, your turn. >> now it's weather time. finish my story. 11 bottles of sunscreen that i no longer have to throw away. i'm not kidding. out there 100 degrees, wear your
5:50 pm
sunscreen today. this is the picture we're shooting from the airport. look at the haze in the atmosphere. it is just soupy right now with a dew point of 69. that heat index coming in at 1207. current temperature, 92349 rockville, 99 in college park. 101 in warrenton, and 92 -- 92 is the cool spot right now. take a look at the current heat index, 106 in annapolis. 115 at hunting town. storm4 radar showing things are clear around the region, but all you have to do is widen out, and there are monster severe thunderstorms moving through western pennsylvania. numerous wind and tornado reports, and a couple tornado warnings with this time. this line well north and west of our area. no severe thunderstorm watch here just yesterday. they may still issue one, but most will go to our north.
5:51 pm
if the live in the west virginia area, and also northern portions of our viewing area, watch out, you have the best chance of severe storms tonight. 104 in gaithersburg, and as far as the next couple days go, still hot tomorrow. then 91 on saturday, 90 on sunday, 89 on monday, and things look a little unsettled, and at least cooler, 95 another hot one tomorrow, with a heat index of 100, but a lot better than the 107 currently happening right now in fairfax county. that's where we find our very own sweaty chuck bell. >> reporter: hey, doug, good afternoon. brian and robin richie have invited us to their backyard. we know the derecho was a big one. this is the big one that came down. this has been quite the landscaping challenge for you guys, i'm sure. this must have been one heck of a kaboom. >> it was. in a split second, it just
5:52 pm
snapped and the whole house shook. >> it hit the house. i was in bed, and he yelled, it is a tree, but i knee a tree had fallen. >> at least 70 or 80 years old. what kind of tree? >> a red oak. >> this is what's clever. our photographer here, this is where it was, and now we're going to look across the backyard and show you where it went. it listen took the addition off the back of their house. that's a white oak? >> yes. >> reporter: and it took the branches out. it's been quite the challenge for you to get everything put back together. you did manage to keep the addition and the roof, but a team of eight or nine guys to take the trees out? what is your new landscape challenge? what are you going to do with this corner of the yard? >> don't know yet, but we have plenty of firewood. >> reporter: and you have the grill going. give you a rundown on what's on
5:53 pm
the grill? >> steak, grilled chicken thighs, brats, hamburgers, and we're doing ribs in the smoker. >> reporter: very good. that ought to make him insanely jealous. we'll see you at 6:00. >> that's hot enough to -- slow cook those ribs, they come out perfectly every time. he'll be there at 6:00, too. >> you don't. katherine jackson is back home with michael jackson's three children tonight, but the family drama is far from over. >> the matriarch turned up in arizona after disappearing over the weekend. her unexplained absence prompted a judge to temporarily take away her guardianship. her grandson, t.j., has temporary guardianship. there were rumors mrs. jackson's own grown kids kidnapped her. she denies that. >> there are rumors going around about me that i've been kid
5:54 pm
23457d and held against my will. i'm here today to let everybody know i'm fine and children would never do a thing like that. >> michael jackson's oldest son prince michael tweeted today, quote, i'm happy my grandma was returned, and i realize how badly she was lied to. katherine jackson is appealing to regain permanent custody. coming up next, the beach warning for vacationers after dirty needles wash ashore. coming up tonight at 6:00, a child sex abuse scandal has rocked the local swimming community. the mitt romney campaign says there is voters fraud under way in virginia. and once again, somebody tried to beat a train on
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5:57 pm
watch your step if you visit beaches along the new york coast. needles in the sand have caught four people off-guard, people who stepped on them.
5:58 pm
>> we explain house these needles have become a serious concern. >> reporter: enjoying the music on the boardwalk or soaking up the sun, that's how most beach-goers like to relax. unfortunately this mother has to be on alert so her 5-year-old daughter doesn't get hurt. >> i was just telling her not to dig too much in the sand, because i didn't want her to find any needles. >> reporter: it's an honest concern. within last three weeks two people were stuck at south beach, another at cedar grove beach. a lifeguard was the one who needed help after stepping on a needle in rockaway beach. it just keeping popping up. last month we showed us numerous needles. the city says it's not something they take lightly. they conduct cleanings, but strict budgets allow only so
5:59 pm
much maintenance. >> the administration needs to figure this out. that's a lot of stabbings within a couple of weeks. >> reporter: until these beaches are in better shape, matisse says she'll make sure her daughter uses her shovel and not her hands when playing in the sand. now at 6:00, dangerous heat again today. a fight over somebody cutting in line at a post office ended with a stabbing and an arrest. a top area swim coach is accused of paying a family to keep quiet about alleged child sex abuse. and the extreme heat could not keep fans away from the debut of rg3. good evening. i'm jim vance, and i'm doreen gentzler. the hot weather is already impacting the commute. speed restrictions are in effect for above-ground trains and now we're under a severe thunderstorm watch, too. doug


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