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tv   News 4 Today at 430  NBC  July 27, 2012 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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now to a developing story. severe storms causing nightmares for thousands of travelers. a dozen flights in and out of washington are already canceled because of the storms that lit up the east coast last night. the situation is even worse in new york. laguardia saw more than 150 cancelations. in all, more than 800 flights on the east coast were scrapped. and this will give you a sense of how dang dangerous last night's tornadoes were. there are other possible twisters in new york and pennsylvania. we're not getting any reports of serious injuries but the t. storms did knock out power to more than 200,000 people from ohio to new york. we can relate to what folks in new york experienced last night. the storm that blew through the tri-state region was a derecho as well. this is what it looked like as it beared down on manhattan. >> derecho here and moving north. where is it going next? i don't know. hopefully it stays away from us
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though. tom kierein is here with the forecast. good morning. >> they usually form earlier in the day, develop, and intensify and develop their own momentum and sweep on through. then they dissipate and they're gone. they come and go. right now, they're gone. the storms we had rast night, they are gone. we did have some very light tree damage in parts of the region, mainly in virginia and west virginia last evening. right now low to mid 70s along the area. 78 in reagan national. another heat advisory in effect. all of these counties in orange. points south and east, heat index over 105 by mid afternoon. probably not as hot today as we have more clouds around. right now radar is showing a cluster of showers and thunder showerses coming into west virginia. ahead of that we have light rain falling in frederick county and washington county. no rain around washington. we do have a threat of severe storms. this yellow zone, south and east of the metro area this
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afternoon. generally 4:00 to 8:00 p.m., wind damage there. day planner for this friday. some of those storms to the west of us. shenandoah valley and mountains, by 7:00, metro area, partly sunny, 70s. by noon, near 90. lots of clouds around. mid to upper 90s by mid afternoon. chance of storms in mid afternoon. a likelihood of those storms developing. after that, late afternoon, early evening. i'm back in ten minutes with a look at your friday evening planner. danella is here now with your first4 traffic. >> thanks, tom. traveling in howard county, a situation with downed wires on the road. should affect your commute all morning long. here's what's going on. route 144, frederick road is closed between route 97 to carriage mill drive. downed wires and possibly down pole in that area is going to affect your commute. i-70 or owed frederick road is your alternate. first, the outer loop of the beltway in montgomery county.
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at colesville road. let's head over to the beltway in virginia this time. on the inner loop approaching i-66 at last check, all your lanes were blocked. you're going to have to follow the work-around there. the inner loop at i-66 construction blocking your lanes there. there is a work-around in place. back in ten minutes. eun, over to you. 4:33. the day we've been waiting for is finally here. in just about 15 hours the 2012 london olympics will officially begin with the nearly $50 million opening ceremony. live look right now at the host city this morning. it's nice out there. in the last hour, thousands of bells around the city including big ben all tolled for three minutes to ring in the games. it appears mitt romney has smoothed things over with british leaders ahead of today's ceremony. he met with david cameron yesterday. the two discussed romney's controversial comments about london's preparations for the games. on wednesday he told nbc's brian
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williams some of the olympics preparation were disconcerting. i don't know son respopded to the comments saying his city is definitely ready for the games to begin. >> mitt romney who wants to know whether we are ready. he wants to know whether we're ready. are we ready? are we ready? >> romney eventually backtracked on his comments. he said all olympics have small problems but the people of london are prepared to have a great time. and with less than 24 hours now until the opening ceremony london officials are putting the final pieces in place for the games. security is definitely tight just a few hours before the opening of the games. details of the opening ceremony are being closely guarded. the claimed film director put together the ceremony which is called "the isles of wonder." president obama will not make the trip to london for the games but the first lady is overseas. she welcomed all american
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minnesota olympians at a breakfast. she's going to head over to the olympic's opening ceremony. the royal family have already had the honor of hosting the flame of the olympic games. prince william, kate, prince harry greeted to torch. it made its way by some of london's landmarks yesterday before the final stop at the olympic calderon tonight and the royal siblings made time for fun and games, too. prince william is playing soccer with local kids. kate tried her hand at ping-pong apparently. and prince -- table tennis. you're right. olympians don't like it when you call it ping-pong. and prince harry played some basketball. you can catch all the extravagance of the opening ceremony right here at 7:30 tonight. and follow the games in the london 2012 section of the
4:36 am you could hit delayses on metro this weekend. there will be track work on four of the system's five lines. first on the red line, medical center and bethesda will be closed. you have to catch a bus. on the blue line, franconia-springfield. you will be able to ride blue line trains to the hunting on the station on the yellow line. there's single tracking on the orange and green lines. work starts at 10:00 tonight. getting caught speeding by a traffic camera in d.c. may soon be less of a drag on your wallet. d.c. ounce criminal member tommy wells is forming a task force to look at whether the fines the cameras issue are too high. aaa says the cameras brought in $55 million last year and will likely generate even more money for the district this year. wells says he may take up the issue this fall when the council returns from the summer recess. 4:36. 77 degrees. ahead on "news4 today," no end to the scandal. the latest legal problems for
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penn state as wife of jerry sandusky speaks out. plus, we've heard the hype. now see how rg3 is handling the first training camp with the redskins. sweltering heat for us in the metro area. how hot is it going to get?
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michael morse makes it 8-0. a walk and two singles with two outs here in the seventh. >> the nationals are 20 games
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over .500 for the first time in franchise history. the nats dispatched the milwaukee brewers 8-2 last night. it was their sixth win in a row if nationals lead the atlanta braves by five games and at least they're tied with the yankees for the best record in all of baseball. they take on brewers again tonight. how do you like them apples? >> kind of a big deal. >> kind of? >> they hadn't won in milwaukee in like three years p. to come out and get that fi first game out of the way, finish the sweep. >> very exciting. 4:41. time for weather and traffic on the ones. >> meteorologist tom kierein keeping an eye on a steamy forecast. >> all is tranquil now around the area. cloudiness is moving over us. ahead of another cluster of thunderstorms this morning. this time this morning yet they're south and west of the metro area. unlike yesterday morning when they were north and west. right now they are moving through central west virginia but the leading edge of some of that rain is in the northern shenandoah valley up into
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washington and frederick county, maryland, a little bit of light rain. some of the storms west out of the.tans this morning. by 7:00, mid sbe70s. clouds are around. that should keep it cooler today. still hot and humid. highs reaching upper 90s mid afternoon. then storms likely after that off and on. all the way through this evening. here's your evening planner. any storms should be ending by midnight. by then near 80. seven-day outlook in ten minutes. good morning. >> good morning. affecting your morning commute and howard county is going to be route 44, frederick road. closed because of downed wires. this is between route 97 and carriage mill drive. you're alternate roads are going to be i-70 as well as old frederick road. let's head over to the beltway again. inner loop still shut down as you a 3r0e67 i-66. you see no traffic is blowing in this area right now. that should be temporary because of road work. hopefully clearing very soon. but theres an alternate right in place. follow the directions in that area. traveling along i-66, westbound
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you did see some construction earlier, between nutley and route 123. that's out of the roadway as you go westbound. eastbound, nice and clear as you head towards the beltway. aaron and eun, over to you. >> thank you. 4:42. still to come, no end to the fight. the choice words some protesters had for a popular food truck. the most touted rivalry of the upcoming games.
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police around the country working together to crack down on synthetic drugs. the drug enforcement agency leading a nationwide bust on drugs like synthetic mariner marijuana and bath salts. to the at least 90 people are behind bars. ats have confiscated more than $36 million in cash. these types of drugs are typically found in specialty shops and convenience stores.
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they were being marketed as spices, incense, and even plant food. one of the men sexually abused by jerry sandusky in the penn state showers plans to sue the university. the victim's identity is not being released. lawyers for the victim say the school's reckless behavior contributed to the abuse. they also claim the abuse rasted many years after that shower incident. lawyers released voice mails left by sandusky just last fall in them. sandusky can be heard saying i love you to the victim. >> i'm just calling to see i don't know if you had an interest in going on a penn state game this saturday. and when you get this message, give me a call. and i'll just talk to you later. thanks. i love you. >> meantime, sandusky's wife dot toy told reporterses yesterday she still loves her husband, he's, quote, not who they say she is. in june sandusky was found guilty of sexually abusing ten boys. 15 before the hour.
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capital one will pay a hefty fine nor not protecting active service members from creditors. the bank will pay $12 million. they say capital one wrongfully foreclosed on some service member's homes and i'm proplerry repossessed their cars nape at least 4,000 service members were effected. the number could grow as the bank continues to investigate the matter. another victim of the colorado navy intelligence officer john larimer was one of the 12 killed in last friday's shooting rampage. died while shielding his girlfriend from gunfire. this morning 12 people are still in the hospital. five of them are in critical condition. the accused gunman will be formally charged on monday. police say it could take months to find a motive for the shooting. in the wake of the colorado shooting the white house says the president will not push for stricter gun laws this election year. instead, the president will focus on enforcing the law
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better. the president still wants congress to reinstitute a federal ban on military style assault weapon it was white house says the president is not and has not been pushing for that ban. this morning police are asking for your help in tracking down the man who kidnapped cal ripken jr.'s mother. surveillance pictures. look at your screen. investigators say this man abducted violet ripken at gun point monday morning from her home in aberdeen. she was blindfolded, tied up and driven around for hours and then left in her car unharmed. police have not revealed a motive for that kidnapping. to a warning for filling up at the pump approximately police in prince george's county say there have been a series of purse snatchings. this surveillance video was taken two days ago at a gas station in land over. the crooks grab a purse through a car window and take off. police are telling drivers to keep your windows rolled up, doors locked, and keep a close eye on your valuables. to a story first on news4. the d.c. area woman who accused
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of swem coach of sexually abusing her is speaking out in an interview with news4. she said she had to break her silence about the incident. nearly 30 years ago he sexually abused her while she was 13 and a swimmer in her program. they signed an agreement to never press charges or talk about the case in exchange for $150,000. but curl who now lives in texas says the truth had to come out. >> i know what i know. and the truth will set you free. and i was bound for 23 years, 6 months, and however many days. i'm free. >> curl has not commented. his club curl burke says he has taken a leave of absence. curl is a former member of the u.s. olympic team staff and coached hundreds of u.s. elite athletes. another chance today to see rg3 in sakz. the redskins will hold another
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open practice this afternoon on the second day of training camp. he got the rookie treatment on his first day in camp. he had to carry his teammates' helmets after practice. standard thing there. thousands of fans did brave the heat to watch the skins in action as expected, rg3 was the main attraction. >> going to the championship game because they're not going to be able to stop rg3 and that receiver. >> hot. >> is it worth it? to see who? >> rg3. >> what does rg3 stand for? >> the redskins. >> that's right. that's right. >> from the mouths of babeses. >> that's right. i love it. how cute. >> practice just like yesterday starts at 2:55. the gates open at 1:00. >> how cute is he? it doesn't mat ever if you're rg3 or a quarterback of the franchise, you still got to carry the helmets. >> just do it. and he did. let's turn to meteorologist tom kierein now.
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>> feeling for those players. all the pads and the helmet and heat and humidity yesterday. another hot and humid day. around our region, we have no rain around now but they do in london. there's a live picture overlooking the tims. and westminster, we have some low clouds in london now and some scattered light rain there falling. hopefully that rain is not going to be falling during the opening ceremony. around our region we're off to a mild start this morning. it's in the low 70s. no rain right around the metro area. upper 70s in washington right near the bay. prince george's county low 70s. as well as in montgomery, arlington and fairfax. father west, mid and upper 70s, shenandoah valley, getting a little bit of rain now out and east of the metro area. this is the zone where we'll have the extreme heat today. it does include the district. fairfax, prince george's, arlington. heat index, 105 to 109 by mid afternoon. well, there is some rain falling and along with thunder and
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lightning, this yellow and arrange zone in west virginia. and streaming out ahead of that we've got light rain in frederick and washington counties and panhandle of west virginia that's going to be passing nor and west of washington. south and east though, this is the severe risk zone later this afternoon. some of the storms here just south and east of washington. around the bay. northern eastern shore could produce damaging winds later this afternoon. by 7:00 this morning, partly sunny, storms west out of the mountains. 70s throughout the mid morning. by later in the morning and by noontime, upper 80s to near 90 degrees. mostly cloudy around noontime. during the afternoon, partly sunny for a while. then by 5:00, storms likely popping up. mitt to upper 90s. before then, low 90s by late afternoon. by dawn tomorrow the low 70s. storms around this evening will likely end by midnight. then tomorrow partly sunny. could get more afternoon storms and not as hot. and then on sunday and monday, a little less humid although monday afternoon and evening
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could get more humidity moving in with a chance of storms lingering in on wednesday. danella, how is traffic? >> checking the commute for you and your first4 traffic report. route 50 heading out of annapolis. nice and clear in both directions really as you make your way towards bowie. no issues to report. give you a live look as you make your way past 301 heading inbound. nice and clear. outbound, as well. cars on the road. use headed to beltway, accident-free. and inside the beltway connecting on to new york avenue, clear in that area. back in ten minutes with a look at your rails. the excitement is building this morning as we draw within just hours now of the opening ceremonies for the 2012 olympic games. here again, a live look at london this morning as the city and athletes put the final touches on their preparations for two weeks of olympic competition. and it won't be long before we get a taste of one of the biggest rivalries of these games. >> that's right. the first showdown ryan lochte
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and michael phelps. phelps beating out lochte in three of four races against each other. but lochte had the upper hand in what will be their first race at the games. the 400 meter individual medley. despite all hype, both say they are trying not to focus on the other. >> it's always a challenge, you know, to have things go perfectly and, you know, for the very first night it is going to be a very challenging race. it's going to be an exciting race. >> michael is just one person. there's a bunch of other swimmers across the world that i've got to worry about. so, i mean, i'm just doing what i normally do and i race. >> you can watch phelps and lochte battle it out for the gold tomorrow night right here on nbc4 prime time coverage begins at 8:00. very exciting. coming up at 5:45, our own dan will join us 4r50i6 from london with the behind the screens look at team usa olympic style. >> you don't have to wait that long. 4:53. coming up in just about ten minutes, we will head live to
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london for more on what you can expect during tonight's opening ceremony. but first, the safety concern that has ford pulling tens of thousands of suvs off the load this morning. plus, the choice words these protesters had for a company running a popular d.c. foo
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owners. the company recalling a half
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million of its escape suvs because of a problem with the accelerator. the recall affects 2001-2004 models with 3-liter v-6 engines and cruise control. the inspectors found the accelerator pedal can stick theford decided on the recall in part after looking at the escape in arizona teen was driving in january when he crashed and died. toyota once again the worldes a largest automaker passed general motors in global car sales in the first half of the world. gm is about to fall to third because volkswagen is about to take over the number two spot. volkswagen has said it wants to be the world's largest automaker by 2018 pnchtsz more bad business news for facebook. the social network stock fell to lowest point yesterday hitting about $26. the drop came after fis book announced its lost money in the first quarterly report as a publicly traded company. facebook lost about $157 million last quarter. the company has had a rough few months and its stock has not
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climbed back up to original offering price of $38 a share. the controversy surrounding chick-fil-a's stance on gay marriage has officially reached d.c. >> chicken's good. chicken's great. why we got to discriminate? >> protesters gathered around the food truck. last month the company's ceo says they support the biblical definition of the family unit. since then they issued a statement saying it treats everyone with respect. the added the same-sex marriage should be left the lawmakers. >> so many people who said that, you know, who are torn apart by this. people who support marriage equality but had been long time lovers of chick-fil-a say they're torn about whether they should continue to patronize the company or not because of this stance that it's taken. and then on the other end of the spectrum you've got like mike huckabee issing orring an chick-fil-a appreciation day on august 1st. there's a facebook page of some 200,000 people who said they're going to participate in that to
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support chick-fil-a. >> seeing if the protest is having an affect on the company's business at this point. stay with us. "news4 today" continues right now at 5:00 a.m. >> a beautiful shot of london this morning. we are less than 15 hours from the official start of the olympic games. we are live with what you can expect tonight. >> like mitt romney who wants to know whether we're ready. >> damage control right now for mitt romney after raising questions after london's olympic preparations. good morning, everybody. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. welcome to "news4 today" for this friday, july 27th, 2012. we are under an extreme heat advisory here in the d.c. area today. today's advisory focuses on the district as well as areas south and east of the city will be in place from noon until 7:00. meteog


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