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tv   News 4 Today at 5  NBC  July 27, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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won't ask you for a specific number but i feel like we've had more of these this summer, extreme heat concerns, more than last summer or is it just me? >> no, we have. in fact, we have had it reach 100 degrees seven times this july. that's an all-time record for central mark temperatures. i don't think we're going to do it today. look at all those areas of heavy downpours, thunder and lightning. this was 12 hours ago. that was that very strong line of storms that roared across pennsylvania, hit the no, area and in new york state. for aurks few scattered storms last evening. did a little bit of damage in parts of virginia and west virginia. now we're getting thunder showers in central wet virginia and light rain extending out ahead of that. pan hand of west virginia and into washington and frederick counties where it's in the low 70s. mid and upper 70s around the metro area near the bay. yes, we've got this heat advisory in effect south and east for the afternoon hours. that's when we're going to be reaching the mid 90s. by 7:00, though, still not bad.
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70s. storms off to the west of the mountains. some of the storms could be severe south and east late afternoon. stay tuned. your friday evening planner is in ten minutes. danella is here now with your first 4 traffic. >> checking out the roads traveling on i-95 in virginia making your way out of dale city. in both directions. here's a live look at the rest area. very clear at this time as you make your way southbound and northbound. northbound from quantico, 64 miles per hour. no issues connecting on 395 and the rails look good. over to you. >> looking at breaking news. right now d.c. police are searching for the person who shot and killed a man overnight. this happened in an alley off of park place in southeast d.c. tracee wilkins is live with the latest. >> reporter: you can see d.c. police are holding the scene here most likely wait for daylight to continue their investigation too see what happened in this alley. let me show wow what it looked
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like just a little while ago. confirming this is a homicide. there was an adult male who was found shot here on the scene. he was not even transported to the hospital. he was pronounced dead on the scene. they are saying they have no suspect information, as well. this investigation is just beginning. reporting live in southeast, i'm tracee wilkins, news4. also right now, d.c. police asking for your help to find a missing special needs boy. 12-year-old martinez jesse rainer was reported missing at 8:30 last night. this is his photo right here. police are searching the 500 block of rock creek road in northwest d.c. for him. we will continue to follow this story and you can look for updates throughout the morning here on nbc4. we will learn today whether maryland lawmakers will return to annapolis this summer to debate expanding dpam bling. the governor will announce whether he is calling a special session to idea the issue. proponents want to put a casino in prince george's county and table games?
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all maryland casinos. seems to be support for the measure in the senate but it may be tougher to sell in the house. maryland slot voters would have approve any gambling inspection. new speculation that o'malley may be considering a run for president four years from now. he set up a political action committee to raise money for the measure that will be on maryland's ballot this november. the pact will help president obama get re-elected. however, the committee would have o'malley come up with the financial networks he would need for a presidential campaign. president obama heading to northern vrnlg virginia today to raise some money for his campaign. he will have a fund raise egg this evening in mcclain. mitt romney has out-raised the president in virginia according to the federal election commission. and it's been seven years in the making. this morning we are just over 12 hours away from the start of the games of the xxx olympiad. final preparations are being made for the olympic's opening ceremo
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ceremony. mitt rom is on his first overseas trip as a presidential candidate and it's been a bit rocky. romney met with british prime minister david cameron yesterday. they talked about london's comments on london's ability to host the olympic games. earlier this week he said some of the preparations for disconcerting. but he said he had confidence in london's readiness for the games. >> of course, there will be errors from time to time. but those are all overshadowed by the extraordinary dm demonstrations of courage, character, and determination by the athletes. >> london mayor boris johnson put in his two cents about the controversy at a ceremony for the end of the olympic torch relay he told the crowd that his city is absolutely ready for the games. opening ceremony now just hours away, so what can we expect from london? nbc's tracie potts is live from aloss the pond with details. >> good morning, everyone.
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keep in mind this is a $42 million show. it's supposed to be a big secret although some details have started to leak out. we understand there are going to be live animals. the closer here, at least according to a daily mail report here, and some others that we've seen, may be paul mccartney. according to "daily mail" he may be singing "hey jude" for the final song and asking the audience to join in. the directors say for the most part they want it to be is surprise. >> we can sometimes seem a bit chilly and not emotional. it's surprising a generous nation. we trying to save the surprise, not because of the secret but the delight of the evening to be discovered. >> "slumdog millionaire" director danny boil talking about the show that he's directing saying that he really wants it to reflect what the british are like and he wants people to be wowed by this. keeping the mind the budget for this is half what we saw in beijing. beijing really wowed us.
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but the brits here, london, is promising more of the same. we'll be keeping a close eye this weekend on some of your local athletes, especially mraz the hockey preliminaries get under way. a couple from the university of maryland and one from centerville as well. >> tracie potts live in london this morning. tracie, thank you. and you can watch the opening ceremony right here on nbc4 starting at 7:30 tonight. and follow the games any time in the london 2012 section of so paul mccartney is out to light the calderon. that's the big thing people are trying to figure out. who is going to finish it up and light the calderon. i'm clueless. >> that's the point though. >> go to our facebook page. let us know who you think might be the person to get that honor. it will be interesting to see what you think. new legal problems facing penn state this morning. >> also ahead, trying to outrun the law. a look at how this dramatic police chase came to and. impact severe weather is
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having on the northeast and having on travelers here in d.c. this morning. we're already pushing 80 degrees. it's only geth hotter. what you can expect next wit
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good morning. right now at 5:11 we've got low clouds around metro area. it's still very humid. and storm4 radar is showing light rain. moderate showerses in central west virginia. nearest rain to washington right now is out in northern loudoun county, around winchester, northern shenandoah valley. frederick county and washington county maryland. those heading off to the northeast passing west of the metro area. there are a few breaks in the clouds. live view there from our nbc4 hd city camera. sun rise, 6:05. 7:00, partly sunny.
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showers west of us. nid 70s. then by noontime, near 90 and clouds around. highs mid 90s mid afternoon. sunshine in and out. storms likely after that off and on into this evening. for your friday evening, be prepared for passing thunderstorms until midnight. seven-day outlook in ten minutes. danella, how is traffic? >> traveling in howard county, downed wires is going to affect your morning commute, your morning rush. frederick road is closed. this is between route 97 and carriage mill drive. you're going to want to jump on, i-70 instead. traveling along i-270 make yorg way towards clarksburg. nice and clear in both directions. even in germantown, no issues, no accidents. as you make your way through gaithersburg and rockville, collecting true the lane divide. nice and clear. on to the beltway, travel speed on the inner loop, not bad at all from i-270 as you head to i-95. 63 miles per hour. that drive taking just ten minutes. i'm back in ten minutes with another look at your traffic. >> see you then, thanks. 76 degrees.
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it is a term most of us hadn't heard until last month. the impact derecho is having on the east coast this morning. also ahead, the latest legal problems facing penn state this morning as the wife of jer
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welcome back. look at this terrifying police dash cam video from texas showing a crash that injured three people. police say officers were on a routine traffic stop when the car sped off. the suspect then drove into on democrats coming traffic and smashed into another car. the suspect, a passenger in his car, and the driver of the other car, were all taken to the hospital. the driver of the other car is
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in ycritical condition. the man sexually abused by jerry sandusky in the penn state showers plans to sue the university. the victim's identity is not being released right now. lawyers for the victim though say the school's reckless behavior contributed to the abuse. they also claim the abuse lasted many years after that shower incident. lawyers released a voice mail left by sandusky just last fall, and in those voice mails sandusky can be heard saying i love you to the victim. >> i was just calling to see -- i didn't know whether you had any interest on going to a penn state game this saturday. and when you get this message, give me a call. i'll just talk to you later. thanks. love you. >> in the meantime, sandusky's wife dottie told reporters yesterday she still loves her husband and he's, quote, not who they say he is. in june, jerry sandusky was found guilty of sexually abusing ten boys. he's currently behind bars waiting sentencing in september.
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another victim of the colorado theater massacre will be laid to rest today. navy intelligence officer john larimer was one of the 12 killed in the rampage. he died wild shielding his gunfire from gungunfire. 12 people are still in the hospital. five are in critical condition. holmes will be formally charged on monday. it may take months to find a motive for the shooting. in the wake of the colorado shooting the white house says the president will not push for stricter gun lays this election year. instead, the president will focus on focusing the law better. same view by mitt romney. the president still wants congress to reinstitute a federal band on military style assault weapons but the president is not and has not been push for that ban. a huge coordinated drug bust. around the country put at least 90 people behind bars. the drug enforcement agency helped lead a nationwide crackdown on drugs like
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synthetic marijuana and bath salts. in addition to the arrests, police recovered more than $36 million in cash. these types of drugs are typically found in specialty shops and convenience stores. they were being mart we as spices, intense, and even plant foot. we are following a developing story. dozens of flights nationwide are canceled or delayed this morning because of storms across the oath cost last night. several are for flights in and out of washington. the situation was even worse last night, especially in new york. laguardia saw more than 150 cancelations. in new york, one of the communityst hardest hit, a tornado touched down there splitting trees in half, blow g ing roofs off homes. the national weather is vservic reports other twisters in new york and pennsylvania area. but want to know what last night's storm felt like think back to last month. forecasters in new york say it
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was a derecho. this is what it looked like in the big apple as clouds rolled in and the winds picked up. scary scene there. >> great pictures. derecho wreaked havoc in our area and now moving up north. hopefully it's not going to be as bad as what we've seen. >> 77 warm degrees. muggy out there, too, outside our studio, as well, this morning. we see just a few clouds dotting the sky this morning as we get just a few rays of sunshine. things could thicken up a bit for some of us. >> that's right. that is an ominous sky but very pretty to look at. it is 77 degrees already. and we've been talking about the chance of storms. we're also going to have a really hot, humid day today. that's for sure. >> that's a nice sun rise though. looks like we have some nice breaks in the clouds. that's a live view from our hd city camera. good morning. i'm meteorologist tom kierein. a little bit of turquoise, as well. we do have rain showing up. the areas in green is some light
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rain that stretches from the hylands in west virginia across the northern shenandoah valley and frederick county. this is going to past north and west of the metro area. right now though around washington, partly cloudy. mostly clear on the eastern shore and around the bay and northern neck where the temperatures right now are in the upper 70s and low 80s. still very steamy there. closer to washington, all of these areas in yellow, generally in the low to mid 70s. we have a few places dipping into the upper 60s just to the north into northern montgomery county and into carroll county and farther to the howard county getting some temperatures in the 60s as well as the mountains. and the forecast for today, partly sunny. not as hot. probably have more clouds around. afternoon highs reaching the mid 90s. and then it's late afternoon and early even tlag we could get some strong storms. some of the storms could be severe. areas south and east of washington tomorrow afternoon -- rather, this afternoon and into this evening. again tomorrow afternoon we
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could get some strong storms. before then though, not as hot. low 90s and partly sunny. still humid. thankfully on sunday, turning less humid sunday. looks like the best day of the weekend. monday, tuesday, wednesday, chance of storms returning but still not too hot thankfully. upper 80s to near 90 each day. i'm back in ten minutes. danella is here now with a look at the traffic. good morning. >> morning. if you're traveling in prince george's county. no accidents in your commute. if you're traveling along 301 as well as 5, nice and clear. here's a live look, 5 northbound as you make your way past 301. nice and clear. in fact, if you continue on route 5 and head towards the beltway you are clear in both directions. no accidents to report that the time. if you're taking the rails, i'm checking them and not seeing any problems right now along the metro, the marc, or the vre. i'm back in ten with another look at your traffic.
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aaron and eun, over to you. michael morse makes it 8-0. a walk and two singles with two outs here in the seventh. >> here's something you probably didn't think you would say for a while. the washington nationals are tied for the best record in the major league. they beat the brewers 8-2 last night. it was their sixth straight win. novs the nats into the tie with some team called the yankees for the best record in baseball. this is the first time in franchise history is team is 20 games over 500. go nats. the redskins fans hopes it rubs off on the burgundy and gold. today is day two of the skins training camp. rg3 may be the most talked about this year but he still got the rookie treatment yesterday. he still had to carry the teammates' helmets after practice. as expected, rg3 was the main attraction. >> going to the championship
5:23 am
game because they're not going to be able to stop rg3 and the receiver. >> hot. >> is it worth it? to see who? >> rg3. >> what does rg3 stand for? >> the redskins. >> how cute is that? that's right. today's practice starts at 2:55. parking lots open at noon. gates open at 1:00. the day we have all been wait for is finally here. a live look at london this morning. a little rain fall ing there. just 14 hours or go away, though, from celebrating the opening ceremony for the 2012 summer olympic games. big ben and the bells around the country helped ring in the opening day this morning. the bells tolled for three minutes from 8:12 to 8:15 local time. big ben shined for more than 40 times and had to be rung by hand. it is the first time the iconic
5:24 am
clock rang outside regular hours in 1952 when it tolled for the funeral of king george vi. everybody is getting the olympic fever, the spirit. >> including the royal family who seem to be all about fun and games right now. prince william, kate, and prince harry agreed on the olympic torch on the steps of the buckingham palace. it made its way before the final stop at the olympic calderon tonight if royal siblings also took part in olympic sports with prince william playing soccer with local children, kate tried her hand at -- that's prince william. kate tried her hand at table tennis. did he just score a goal? >> pretty good. >> pretty athletic, i think. and of course, harry played some basketball, too. and we will have a live report from news4's dan hellie coming up in 20 minutes. dan will take a look at what it takes to dress the american olympic team. >> going back to the calderon
5:25 am
lighting thing and who is going to do it? david beckham apparently way at the bottom of the list. >> okay. >> apparently, one, he's never played in my olympic days. >> sentity. >> the brits are annoyed by the fact that he's so everywhere. like, all right, enough beckham. >> we'll take him. 5:22 is your time now. 77 degrees. come g coming up -- >> some more bad news for you late night workers. the health impact your unusual hours are having on your body. plus, a cyclist coming to the aid of a woman after she's assaulted of an popular d.c. area trail. and stop me if you've heard this one before -- >> stop. >> you've seen this graphic, too. we'll tell you how long this heat advisory will be in place and
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looking at the storieses making headlines. at 5:29, the search for a gunman is under way after a man is shot to death in a washington neighborhood. maryland lawmakers waiting to hear if they will be called back to work to weigh in on the expansion of gam brings. just hours away from the official start of the olympic games in london. much more on those stories, but, first, good morning to you. i'm eun yang. >> i'm aaron gilchrist. welcome back as we take a live look outside right now at a beautiful sky with the sun breaking through the clouds already this morning. it's nice to look at. to feel it is a different story. >> getting muggy already, too tomorrow. >> we didn't get much relief as far as the humidity goes but it's comfortable temperaturewise now. right around the region, in washington.
5:30 am
mid and upper 70s as well as near the bay. prince george's, arlington, low 70s now. pleasant start to this friday morning although it is quite steamy. storm4 radar showing showers offer to oust we're. we have a heat advisory, heat index bey may be 105 to 110. south and east of washington. this will be the hot zone today. it does include the district. heated a risery noon to 7:00. these showers are passing tort north and west of washington. cluster of moderate showers now in central of west virginia. we are getting a few sprinkles along the montgomery line between frederick and urbana. and northern loudoun county, western loudoun into the shenandoah valley. this is a severe risk zone. south and east of washington this afternoon. some of the storms might produce damaging winds. looks like the time for that will be 4:00 to 8:00 p.m.
5:31 am
our friday day planner, showers west and north through 7:00. otherwise, partly sunny in the upper 70s. near 90 by noontime and mostly cloud yrks hot and humid during the afternoon. reaching the mid 90s. small chance of storms around 3:00. a greater chance, likelihood after that between 4:00 and 8:00. some could be severe south and east of the metro area. friday evening planner is at 5:41. danella has a look at traffic now. good morning. >> good morning. right now, your first4 traffic report, area looks good. quiet in most places. not seeing any accidents to concern yourself with. 295 in maryland. nice and clear in both directions. in fact, 65 miles per hour southbound as you approach 32. traveling along i-95 in maryland, not bad at all. 67 miles per hour as you make your way southbound towards 198. again, between the baltimore beltway and capital beltway, you are clear. live look as you make your way on 29. traveling 29 at 32. southbound as well as northbound.
5:32 am
clear southbound as you make your way all of the way to the beltway in silver spring. no issues to report. travel lanes are open. aaron, over to you. >> thank you. right now d.c. police need your help to find this missing boy with special needs. megan mcgrath is live in northeast where police are search for him. megan? >> reporter: good morning, aaron. police have put to the these fliers in the hopes of locating this young boy. let's take a closer look at his picture now. he is 12-year-old martinez rainer. he was last seen at 8:30 last night in the 500 block of rock creek church road and northwest washington. police are trying to locate him. he's described as a special needs child. now, he is 4 foot ll, light complexion. last seen wearing a gray shirt and gray sweatpants. we have seen police in the n. this neighborhood. 500 block of rock church road in
5:33 am
washington. looking for this child who has been out all night at this point. last seen at 8:30 in his neighborhood. anyone with information, you are asked to call metropolitan police. reporting live in northwest, megan mcgrath, news4. a jogger assaulted on a popular d.c. trail and news4 exclusive. we hear from a good samaritan who answered the victim's cries for help. she was attacked near georgetown wednesday night. the suspect came up behind the woman and put her in a choke hold. they say she tried to fight back but lost consciousness. she woke up a few minutes late we're her pants pulled down. elizabeth williams was riding her bike when she heard the victim screaming for help. >> he had dirt on her chest and a scrape on her face. she was hysterical. and she said that she had been attacked and she thought she was going to die. >> park police say the man ran almost a mile to fletchers boathouse and got away. police urge people who use the trail at night to always bring a friend.
5:34 am
this morning police are asking for your help to track down the man who kidnapped cal ripken jr.'s mother. look at these surveillance pictures. investigators say this man abducted violet ripken at gun point monday morning from her home in aberdeen. she was blindfolded, tied up and driven around for hours, then left in her car unharmed. police still have not revealed a motive for the kidnapping. d.c. woman who accused her swim coach of abusing her is speaking out. kelly said she had to break her sil wrens about the incident. she said nearly 30 years ago swim coach rick curl sexually abused her while she was 13 and a swimmer in his program. they signed an agreement to never press charges or talk about the case for exchange for $150,000. she told news4 that she spoke out not just for her but for other victims. >> my cry is just to, you know, make one mother or one father raise their eyebrow at a
5:35 am
situation between the doech/athlete relationship that may be right no front of them. >> curl has not commented. the swimming club he helped found released a statement saying he has taken a leave of absence. weeks of meetings and negotiations have all come down to today for supporters of expanded gambling in maryland. governor martin o'malley will announce whether to call a special session to address that issue. lawmakers would debate a bill that will put a kin casino if i prince george's county. maryland voters would have to approve any gambling expansion. and mgm is dropping one of its demands in hopes of getting expanded gambling legislation passed. the company says it will no longer ask for tax break on slot machine revenues. the issue of taxes on slots has been a sticking point in the gambling debate. mgm wants to build a casino at national harbor.
5:36 am
chick-fil-a food truck recently got unexpected company. >> chicken's good. chicken's great. why we got to discriminate? >> protesters gathered outside the food truck downtown yesterday. last week the company's coo says chick-fil-a supports, quote, the biblical definition of family unit. the company released a statement saying they treat everyone with respect. accelerator problem triggering a massive recall by ford. it's pulling half million escape suvs off the road. inspectors say the accelerator pedals can stick. the recall affects 2001-2003 models with 3-liter, v-6 engines and cruise control. ford sided on the recall in part after looking an an escape where a teen was driving? january, crashed and died. 76 degrees. dan hellie is soaking up the olympic experience in london. coming up, he gives us a behind the scenes look at team usa and
5:37 am
threads they will all be wearing. a crime alert for you after a number of brazen robberies caught on tape. sweltering heat for us in the metro area. look at that gorgeous sky. the risk for severe weather next
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after children's allegra, kids have it all. welcome back. in news4 for your health, working the overnight shift may dramatically increase the risk of heart disease. researchers in canada surveyed 2 million people and people who worked the overnight were 41% more likely to suffer heart attack or strokes. people working shifts also have higher levels op unhealthy behaviors, including eating junk food and lack of sleep. it's tough on our shift. >> everything on that list. >> exactly. i'm tell you. when you work these hours, it's not just heart disease. you talk about poor sleeping habits, obesity, depression, all of these bad things happen when we work. >> you've got to psyche yourself out to fight that stuff. >> i guess so. is that what you do? >> no, i'm eating potato chips. he has chip on his disk and i
5:41 am
eat them all the time. >> time for weather and traffic on the ones. pretty sky. >> this is a surreal sun viz over the potomac. step away from the waffle batter and look at your tv. good morning. we are starting off with a few showers. storm4 radar, getting a few sprinkles in frederick county. loudoun, northern shenandoah valley. north and west of the metro area. t. by 7:00, mid sents. and partly sunny, partly sunny by 90 noontime and humid. mid 90s. not quite as hot yesterday. late afternoon into the evening. here's your evening planner. will likely get scattered thunderstorms. could be severe south and east of the metro area. near 80 by midnight. a look at your weekend and into next week, london's weather is coming up in ten minutes. danella has a look at traffic now. >> good morning. cheing out the district. not seeing any reports of incidents that you need to concern yourself with right now. let's head up to howard county. still downed wires. it's going to affect your morning rush.
5:42 am
if you're traveling along route 144, that's frederick road, it's closed between 97 and carriage mill drive. your alternate road is going to be i-70 at this time. and if you're traveling along the beltway montgomery county in both directions, nice and clear, new hampshire avenue. clears you ahead. as you travel 60 miles per hour. not bad. that drive taking ten minutes. i'm back in ten minutes. aaron and eun, over to you. 77 degrees. the london games are about more than just athletics. coming up, we go live to london so dan hellie can educate us on olympic style. >> i hope he's wearing a beret.
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the excitement is building as we draw just within hours of the opening ceremony. the city and athletes put the final touches on their preparations for two weeks of competition. >> a few minutes ago first lady michelle obama met with american olympians. she told them to be proud and they will never know who they might inspire. and, also, to have some fun. tonight she will attend a recision by heads of state hosted by the queen and buckingham palace before she heads to the opening ceremony. all eyes will be on the opening ceremony tonight not only for the spectacle but on what the athletes will be wearing. >> dan hellie joins us live from london with a behind the scenes look. i imagine they're not wearing leather, dan. >> reporter: they're not wearing leather, definitely. quickly though, a tribute question. what do nurses, sheep, james
5:47 am
bond, and paul mccartney all c v. in common. eun, aaron? >> what do nurses, sheep, paul mccartney and -- what's the last one, james bond? >> got nothing. >> martinis. >> all right. all right. it doesn't surprise me that you guys have nothing. but here's the deal, they are all going to be a part of the opening ceremonies. >> of course. >> the headliners are going to be the athletes, right? the headliners are going to be athletesing of course. 530 athletes from the united states. and you can be assured they will be attired from head to toe. inside this ordinary building in east london is an extraordinary sight. some of the biggest names in the world are here to shop. >> first thing's first, head on over to -- follow the pony to ralph lauren. >> reporter: no credit cards and no cash. this is pure swag. and it's mandatory.
5:48 am
you want to represent your country? get dressed. even if you're a two-time defending olympic champion like kerri walsh. >> older and wiser and more experienced. you know, so i'm not bouncing off the walls. you know, with this kind of stuff. when it comes time to competition i'll be bouncing off the walls. i'll be fired up. >> now trying on the outfit and doing it where it's -- >> it's so much more real. >> more real. >> it's been a dream up until now, now it's like starting to become reality little by little. >> reporter: there's nothing little about this place. 96,000 total items. each olympian rolls away with about 100 items. >> podium outfit. i want to try it on first. >> it's not often a room of superstars can check their egos at the door. but it's often the olympics come around either. >> here we're extremely small part of our sport or sports in general. it's cool to be a part of. >> reporter: very cool to be a part of and you can see the headline in the paper "the times of london," let the games begin.
5:49 am
the opening ceremony is tonight. everybody very excited. the queen is going to be there. the first lady is going to be there. and perhaps, perhaps we could even see david beckham, despite him getting snubbed by the great britain soccer team. so it's going to be good time. i can't wait to talk about it with you coming up over the next few days, about what's going on here in london. >> while you were talking about the swag we know you can't wear the team usa stuff but you've got the team nbc stuff on it looks like, right? >> reporter: we have a lot of team nbc stuff. you know, i kind of told a fib last night on the 11:00 that we didn't get any swag. we did get just a little bit. and i'm hoping to bring you guys back maybe a pen or two. >> yeah, bring me something, dan. will ya? come on. >> reporter: i'll bring something back for the kids. i'll bring a little something back for you. does that work for you? aaron, you, as well. >> thank you, dan. appreciate it. >> see you in a little bit. well, it won't take long
5:50 am
before team usa makes a major splash at this year's games. >> yeah. on the first night of competition ryan lochte, michael phelps having their first showdown for olympic gold. the two swimmers already put on a show at the u.s. swimming trials last month. phelps beat lochte in three of four races against each other. but lochte had the upper hand in what will be their first race of the games. the 400 meter individual medley. despite all the hype both are saying they're trying not to focus on each other. >> it's always a challenge, you know, to have things go perfectly and, you know, from the very first night it is going to be a very challenging race and exciting race. >> michael is just one person. there's a bunch of other swimmers across the world that i've got to worry about. so, i mean, i'm just doing what i normally do and i race. >> you can watch phelps and lochte battle it out for the gold tomorrow night right here on nbc4. prime time coverage begins at 8:00. and fbc4, the networks of nbc
5:51 am
universal, your home for the games, you can visit the london 2012 section of any time for ub dates and a live blog of the games. now, at 5:51. our other headlines. a warning for women filling up at the pump. say they there have been a series of -- has been a series of purse snatchings. this surveillance video taken two days ago at a gas station in landover. the crook grabed a purse and then took off. police are telling drivers to keep your windows rolled up, doors locked and keep a close eye on your vashluables. the mayor will put the ribbon on the renovated 18th street. crews have spent more than a year widening sidewalks, building new bike and pedestrian lanes and improving the lighting there. the construction angered many businesses who claimed the improvements hurt their bottom line. it was a mess down there. i'm sure they will be happy. >> we're going to turn to
5:52 am
meteorologist tom kierein and try to find something in this weather to be happy about. >> all eye on london. right now, there is a live picture. they have a low overcast there now. they've had a few sprinkles this morning. that's a live view overing looking the tims this morning. and here is the forecast for london for today for the opening ceremony. it does look like it's going to be mostly cloudy through the day. highs reaching upper 70s to near 80. unfortunately they could get showers by late afternoon and into the evening for the opening ceremony. of course, what would an opening ceremony be in london without a few showers? here, we've got a beautiful sun rise under way. breaks in the clouds. live view from hd city camera in washington. 79. dew point still steamy at 72. humidity, 78%. temperatures around the region in the low to mid 70s to upper 70s near the bay. out of the mountains, too, mid 70s and shenandoah valley.
5:53 am
prince george's county, low 70s. heat index, again, soaring over 105 in the district. all these areas in orange, including arlington, fairfax, prince george's, south and east of the metro area. we had a few showers passing to our far west and north. now in the mountains of west virginia and loudoun county and frederick county. heading off to the north and east. have a severe risk zone south and east of washington. later today, 4:00 to 8:00 p.m., isolated storm there's, could produce wind damage. before then, highs reaching the mid 90s. highs low 90s. might get afternoon storms. sunday, partly sunny. near 90 again, monday, tuesday, wednesday, with a chance of storms. danella, good morning. how is traffic? >> checking out your first 4 traffic report along the dulles toll road. nice and clear in both directions. from rest on to the beltway, no trouble. hunter mill road as you get to the beltway, 55 miles per hour.
5:54 am
that drive taking zib six minutes. connecting to the beltway, no issues t from the dulles toll road as you travel to the interchange. travel lanes are open in both direction. travel speed, 63 miles per hour on the outer loop. that drive taking 13 minutes. eun, over to you. 5:54. one d.c. council member may want to lower the fines on tickets. tommy wells is forming a task force to look into whether the fines are too high. the cameras are supposed to be about keeping the roads safer but many people complain they're nothing more than a revenue generator for the city. the cameras brought in $55 million last year and will likely generate even more money for the district this year. getting around the district on metro this weekend won't cost you more money but it may cost you time with work on four of the system's five lines. on the red line, medical center and bethesda stations will be closed. you will catch a bus between grovener. on the blue line, eisenhower
5:55 am
avenue and franconia. springfield but you you can ride blue line trains to the huntington station. on the yellow line, single tracking on the orange and green lines. one senator wants regulators to see how safe they are. they are demanding they update its 2010 safety audit of metro. this comes after a series of mishaps involving the transit agency. a computer glitched forced trains to shut down a couple weeks ago. a green line train broke down and passengers walked several hundred feet down the track. capital one will pay a hefty fine. the bank will pay $12 million. the justice department says capital one wrongfully foreclosed on some service members' homes and improperly repossessed their cars if government says at least 4,000 sure ves members were effected. that number could grow as the bank continues investigating the matter. athletes aren't the only
5:56 am
ones taking part in the olympic games in london. fans are, as well, with pin trading. the pins are considered must have soouvenirs. they come in all shapes and sizes and can be seen being swapped between fans all over the city. the pins date back to the 1896 athens games when they were used to identify athletes and officials. >> carol johns right here at nbc washington has a terrific collection of pins. trying to convince her to show us. members of team usa have been working hard for years to make it to london. >> so far it's only fair they get a chance to have fun and blow off a little steam to one of the catchiest and most popular songs out there. ♪ where do you think you're going baby ♪ ♪ hey i just met you ♪ and this is crazy ♪ but here's my number ♪ so call me maybe >> that's the members of the u.s. olympic swim team doing their verse of the hit "call me maybe." >> according to the website,
5:57 am
melissa anderson and caitlin. very fun. >> not to be undone. we are also having fun and getting into the olympic spirit. the four of us this week went out to george mason university to try our hands at some track and field events. a little help from the student athlete there's at gmu. we learned javelin, discus, shot put and the hurdles. you can see how we did over the next two weeks as we will be showing you what we learned. there are some pretty impressive moments and some not so impressive moments. >> i would say more not so impressed. >> tune. it will be a side of us you have never seen. >> how about a new appreciation for olympic athletes, especially track and field. >> there's a lot to be thinking about as you try to do the physical parts. 5:57 is the time. >> britain reacting to the
5:58 am
comments from presidential hopeful mitt romney. why he may be a little lonely tonight. and call i
5:59 am
right now mitt romney is not


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