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tv   News 4 at 5  NBC  July 27, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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county police visited prescott at his apartment in croft ton. they say he appeared to be groggy, that he was wearing a t-shirt that said "guns don't kill people, i do." this morning please raided his apartment and seized more than 20 guns and 40 boxes of ammunition. including three 9-millimeter handguns, a 45 caliber semiautomatic, a .357 and various rifles and shot guns. >> i think they were surprised by the amounts and types of residences inside that residence. >> prescott, who they say 6'7", 270 pounds, taken business police to the anne arundel medical center for mental evaluation. this comes a week after a gunman who had his hair dyed like the joker shot and skilled 12 people, wounded 58 others at a showing of the new batman movie. for three years, they say,
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prescott worked at this pitney-bowes facility, where sources say the mail for the u.s. capitol is screened. pitney-bowes says he was a contract employees. back at his apartment complex, we found black tape over the peephole. no sign of a forced entry. police say prescott came peacefully. alan caven says he knows him. what do you make of something like that? >> unbelievable. >> reporter: you know this guy? i want that doesn't sound like him. that's pretty crazy. >> reporter: in the end, it was a team of cops from two counties, and agents from atf that worked to tamp out this threat. >> what was going over the last 36 hours was a significant incident in the county, and we think a violent episode was avoided. >> reporter: so far, no criminal
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charges have been filed against prescott, but the investigation, well, that's still ongoing. officially, they say, he's fired. live in prince george's county, pat collins, news4. our team coverage continues with reaction from the people who worked in the area. jackie bensen joins us live. >> reporter: workers at this facility have been told not to talk to reporters, but people in this office park are clearly shaken by news of this threat. he said he was the joker. >> no, that's the guy in colorado. >> reporter: he's a copycat. >> oh, oh, okay. life does get interesting, but i'm not here all the time. >> i don't know what this world is coming to. >> reporter: this nondescript office park in capitol heights maryland is a target of a mass
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shooting threat by neal prescott, but the dough workers who he allegedly made the threat to -- the suspect arrested was an employee of a subcontractor to pitney-bowes. at pitney-bowes we have clear security protocols. when we had concerns, we contacted authorities. the suspect has not been on any pitney-bowes property for more than four months. the facility prescott allegedly threatened to shoot up is also home to the tabernacle of praise and worship church. they're getting ready for a youth prayer meeting tonight. >> people are having a hard time dealing with issues of anger and accepting the fact that some things have happened in that you are lives, and it's just -- it's -- it's mind-blowing. >> reporter: two men arrived here in a federal government vehicle this afternoon. they wouldn't say where they were from and when they saw all the news cameras here, they left. we can tell you at this time the facility is still open. reporting live in capitol
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heights, jackie bensen, news4. the gunman in the shooting in colorado heads back to court on monday. we learned today he ways being treated by a psychiatrist. a defense motion was brought today to discover the source of the leaks about this information. a judge has ordered university of colorado to not release his medical reports. . police rescued two teenagers. chopper 4 flew over the scene where there was a lot of police activity. police say they arrested the suspect peacefully at a home near racetrack road. it all started as a domestic dispute. there's track work this weekend on four of metro's five lines, first off red line. that means you will have to catch a bus. on the blue line buses will run
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between eisenhower and fran konya/springfield, but you can ride blue line trains on the hunting town station to the yellow line. well, we cooled off a bit today. will we get more relief over the? doug kammerer joins us live from the british embassy, where they're also getting ready for the olympics tonight, a big party. hey, doug. >> a really big party. we're in the residence here, and they're going to have about 700 people inside the residence. this is where the ambassador actually lives. they'll be watching the big screen to watch the opening ceremonies right here coming up tonight at around 7:30. as far as the weather is concerned. they're concerned obviously here about the rain, because this party will be outside too, but i don't think we have to worry about it. just down to the south, let's show you how the temperatures are sitting. in the mid to upper 90s across
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the region we have seen upwards of 100 degrees, but again not all that bad. as far as the temperatures go, upper 80s to lower 90s. it is on the holt and humid side, but just like you mentioned, not nearly as hot as yesterday. right now we're sitting at 91. it does include areas lie culpepper and fredericksburg, but not a lot of storms out there right now. we'll continue to watch that. for most of us, though, the evening is looking pretty good. i'll have the weekend photographs, but we'll be talking with the ambassador in a minute. robert sparring no lhe sayss city scandals have caused a crisis of confidence. spagnoletti also says they'll work aggressively to restore the public confidence.
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tom? >> the new chairman is promising to be fair and tough. there's a lot of work to do. robert spagnoletti, sporting a new beard, is a former assistant u.s. attorney. the council has approved his point as the first city's first ethics chairman, with brought civil powers. >> it covers a range of things, gifts, impartiality, conflicts of interest, post-government employment, hohn rareius. lobbyist registration and the like. so it's a very broad mandate. >> with two former council members guilty of felonies and mayor under criminal investigation for his 2010 campaign, he said his goal is to help restore confidence in city government, believing most city workers are ethical and honest. >> why did you take this job? >> that's a good question. we're obviously in the throes of a crisis in confidence in
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government officials. i can go everywhere and people are happy to help me things they think are wrong. so instead of just listening to the problem and hearing people gripe about it, this is an opportunity to be part of the solution of the problem. if i can contribute to my own community, where my kids are growing up, going to school, i think it's worth the effort. >> nominated by the mayor, the three-member panel won't be involved in criminal investigations, but does have authority to compel city officials to cooperate with its investigation. >> we have the power to impose fines, censure employees, recommend their removal. >> the ethics panel is still putting a staff together. it begins taking complaints october 1st. >> thanks, tom. there will be a new class offered at the university of virginia this fall, focusing on very current and controversial events. it will be called "documenting uva's future. it will focus on teresa sullivan's termination and
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reinstatement. it will feature speakers fm community members who were involved in the events, including members of the board of visitors, and also look at the role that social media played in that controversy. still ahead on "news4 at 5," we have live pictures from london, just 2 1/2 hours from coverage of the opening ceremony. we'll be live in london next for a preview of what to expect tonight. national harbor may be one step closer to getting a casino. details about a special session in annapolis coming up at 5:30. one person can make a difference, but together we have changed the world for so many families. >> plus how a marylan
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the start of the olympics will have just about everyone celebrating tonight. there's a big party at the british embassy. >> doug kammerer is there live now. doug, did you manage to get your hands on an invitation? >> reporter: my hands on what, pat? >> on an invitation. are you invited to the party? >> reporter: um, i am working on that. if i'm not invited, i may hide behind a tree. it's over there, i won't show you xh one, and then walk in -- as long as you walk in confident, you hey, everybody, you walk on in. james bond says that, you walk in confident and everything works out. we are at the ambassador's residence. he's going to come out in a couple minutes and talk to you. obviously a big party, because the olympics are starting tonight. the ambassador decided to stay here, he's only been on the job a couple months here, so that's
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his new house behind me. not too shabby. as far as the temperatures, we are the warm side of things, but nowhere near where we were yesterday. yesterday at this time at 5:00 we were sitting at 100 degrees and we were talking about a heat indiana detection of 107. star the temperatures go around the rest of the area, most hears are in the upper 80s. that's exactly what we're going to see. the he index. at 100 a little bit earlier today, but that's starting to fall off. the warm spot at 104. fredericksburg at 99. a severe thunderstorm watch in effect, and down towards culpepper and the richmond area, but that's really about it.
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a few showers back to the south. not very heavy though, so warrenton, your area just saw a shower a bit earlier. same thing for you folks around prince william county. more significant storms are down to the south around richmond, just toward the virginia beach and norfolk area. they'll continue to move on that way. if you're heading down i-95, be on the lookout for stronger storms. future weather, showing us we are going to stay a little unsettled tomorrow. the front that came through is actually kind of stalling across the region. that will give us another chance for showers and thunderstorms during the day tomorrow, but don't expect anything too strong. there could be some isolated strong storms, but once again nothing too strong. the hot temperatures, though, will remain. 90s geffen again on sunday, but this even, some storms may be
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strong to severe. then tomorrow, sun and clouds, hot and humid with scattered storms in the afternoon. 87 to about 93. as we move on, 93 tomorrow, 90 on your sunday, 89 on monday, and it looks like we stay right on through the day on wednesday. chance of showers and thunderstorms about each day, so you may need the umbrella a bit, but right now. we don't mind the war temperatures, with the garden-variety -- or late july. coming up in a few minutes, hopefully the ambassador will say a couple words and we'll talk to him about maybe getting some people we know into the party. >> yeah, we don't want to see you stuck behind a tree tonight. >> party crasher, that's what you are. we are just about two hours away from coverage of the opening ceremonies, and here's a
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live look. nbc will air 535 hours of olympic coverage across all our channels, compared to 176 hours during the 1996 atlanta olympic games. all 32 olympic sports will be televised, and there will be more than 170 hours of coverage in spanish. we'll have live streaming of every single minute of competition on but right now spectators around the world are waiting for the big show, the opening show tonight to kick things off. >> it's the first time to see the faces of the athletes. phil rogers has more. >> reporter: hi, richard and pat. this is today's "daily mirror." it says "ring it on." for those londoners who have been watching that countdown
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clock in trafalgar square, the day is here. a core us of bells across great britain, heralding the arrival of the opening day, echos a nation celebrating. >> the world is coming over, and it's just so exciting. >> the torch made it way down the river thames. >> i have a torch with london on it, especially today, it's such a big game. to be a small part of it is lovely. >> reporter: olympic organizers released this glimpse of rehearsals, but details of danny boyle's extravaganza entitled "isles of wonder" are shrouded in secrecy. >> this is one of the best-kept secrets. >> reporter: a global audience of more than a billion is expected to watch. along with 60,000 spectators and 10,000 athletes. >> everyone has told me it's a
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rush of emotions. that's when you really feel like an olympian. >> bearing the flag will be two-mice mariel zuginas. >> to be selected for that opportunity means a lot, and i'm very proud to represent team usa. first lady gave the team members a send-off at a morning breakfast. >> try to have fun, try to breathe a bit, but also win. right? >> welcome to london. >> reporter: the start of the games is a victory every its own. and the competition starts right away, including that long-awaited rivalry between ryan lochte and michael phelps. tomorrow morning, the 400-meter individual medley, bright and early. >> all right. we'll be watching. thanks so much, phil. the opening ceremony starts tonight at 7 ooflt 30, then stay up late with us at 11:00 after
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the olympics. our own dan hellie reports live. he'll have his take on the opening ceremony. still ahead, a real super fan for the olympics. we'll introduce you to a local man who enjoys seeing the action in person. a former washington quarterback busted for drug possession. in sports we'll head out to training camp to meet one of rg3's new weapons in the
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former redskins quarterback colt brennan is out of the league and now facing criminal charges. this is his mug shot. police in honolulu pulled brennan over wednesday night for a traffic stop. he was arrested for suspicion of dui. officers say they found an illegal substance on him. day 2 of redskins did bunch
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of any faces. >> washington also found a wide receiver for him to throw the ball too lou holder introduces us to peer yes garcon, who is thrilled to be in washington. >> what was it about the situation here that made you want to come here. you were there in indianapolis, coming out of the shadow of marvin harrison and reggie wayne, you had equity built there. what was so appealing about the situation. >> it's a lot of feeling, we love being here. the coaches of the washington redskins, coach shanahan and mike -- they really wanted me here. they called me first when they're allowed to, and things went great from there. we had a great conversation. i was looking forward to getting here. >> you played with a dynamic quarterback with peyton manning. what did you learn playing with him that has served you well? >> i learned a lot.
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he taught me everything we know. taught me how to watch film, how to read coverages, prepare for teams, do a lot of things. i learned a lot from him. i created a lot of -- and to the other. reggie and marving, those guys are true professionals. they practiced really hard, were on the same page and did a lot of great things. i try to take that from them and use it now. when you see rj 3, what impresses you about this young man that you said to be so diligent about this wide receiving corps. >> he has a very strong arm, is very athletic. he can throw the deep ball very well, as we have seen plenty of
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times. he has athletic abilities, and it's exciting to see. >> right, and when you look at him and his development, he said right off the bat that even though he's been given the starting position, he has to earn the respect of everybody here. has he started to earn people's respect, even more from the veterans? >> he's working hard, you can see it in him. we do it over the summertime over the break. >> reporter: how was that experience? >> it was a good time. we had to grow a bit with the guys that were there. we came together as a team and learned more about each other. we made it a successful trip, and did the best we could. going to take teamwork. >> that's right. more than one guy. it's good to see rg3 has some help. coming up in the next half hour, how one local woman started a foundation to help others in need. folks in adams morgan are
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saying finally tonight the construction woes are over. we'll have reaction to news
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. meals say they foiled a workplace shooting plot. police say he called himself a joker when he threatened to shoot everyone at his job. police say he was upset because he was in the process of getting fired. police raided his apartment and seized more than 20 guns and 40 boxes of ammunition. he's now -- he has not been charged. new hopes for bringing a casino to national harbor and prince george's county. governor o'malley is calling a session.
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derrick ward is live at national harbor with the latest. >> reporter: good evening. we all know what national harbor looks like. it's the thing that's given a skyline to oxon hill. there was a lot of talk about this vast expanse. this is where that mgn grand casino could go. the governor has put the process in place. and that will start on august 6. >> it's time now to act and put this issue behind us. >> reporter: a call bock to the state's business. the special session will give lectors another chance to ponder a sixth gaming license for maryland. >> i feel confident that the citizens of prince george's county will vote overwhelmingly, because they understand the need for dollars and jobs and public safety.
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there is a strong advocate baker's -- i can tell you that my position all along was that i was going to be very honest with the people of prince george's county to what i thought was the best site for prince george's county to bring in a maximum amount of revenues and create the maximum number of jobs. >> reporter: opponent who just a week ago were railing against a special session will refocus their opposition. >> we're going to fight. >> jaron levy is part of a collision that's against the gaming. >> it's going to load us up with debt, break up families, bring us addictions we don't want or don't need for pennies, pennies on the dollar perhaps p.
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>> supporters say the extension of gambling and table games will bring $69 million to and around $100 million to the state. there were some provisions we're learning about that could end up being part of the initiative that makes it to the ballot. if this license -- it would also allow table games at gaming parlors elsewhere. that's aimed at making a level playing field. but voters will get this question, and again if it gets through the legislature, they will. in oxon hill, derrick ward. following months of construction, one of the city's busiest corridors is open against with a new look. street scape work on adams morgan is now wrapped up. on the half mile stretch between columbia and florida avenue, you'll find new trees, wider sidewalks with a more pedestrian and biker-friendly design. there will also be brighter streetlights and parallel instead of side-by-side parking.
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>> it's challenging to have customers come in and even parking has been different, very basic things, but i think it's beautiful. i think you can see how open it is. there will also be changes that you can't see, including all-new electrical high pressure gas and water pressure services as well as upgraded storm sewers. a woman from new market, maryland is making it a mission to help people. she wants them to stay in their homes and avoid the financial hardships that can follow. melissa mollet introduces us to what has to be one of maryland's mo -- >> i love you. >> reporter: for hundreds of people, debby williams has been as angel when they needed one most. >> she's like a second mom to me. >> reporter: lily battled bone cancer this year, she's now in remission, but for months her parents were out of work at the hospital praying for work.
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enter debby and the patty pilatis fund. >> then they can take off work and still pay for the bills so we can still have a house to live under and still have toys to play with and everything like that. >> reporter: debby started the fund in the late '90s since then has raised $4 million for people in maryland, suffering from life-threatening illnesses, in need of financial assistance. patty was sick, losing her house. >> in 30 days, long story short, raised $20,000, patty died with dignity with her family, friends and hose pill. >> reporter: at her home? >> at her mom. >> reporter: it created a fire inside her. >> i get hundreds of e-mails a day. >> reporter: she spends most of her days setting up fund-raisers, soliciting donations looking for those willing to help. >> when i think of the kids, the
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men, the women that have been affected by this, and i get emotional. >> today she has six nearly full-time volunteers. they raise money through concerts and races, money john smith and his family of five needed after he was diagnosed with brain cancer. >> if it weren't for them, we would be out on the street. >> reporter: what is your slogan? your motto? >> one person can make a difference, but together we can change the world. >> reporter: a world of difference for so many families in new market, maryland, melissa mollet, news4. there's going to be a big party tonight at the british embassy. meteorologist doug kammerer is there live, and he's got some company too, right, doug? >> reporter: that's right. i am standing with the british ambassador sir peter wescot.
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you got an invitation, what are you still doing here? >> here i am in washington, d.c., because the olympics are veld important here in america as well. we have several hundred of our dear friends coming to this wonderful residence, with the help of nbc we put up a lot of screens and we're going to sell 3wr5i9 the broadcast here in america of the great event of the olympics with our friends here. i thought it was more use for me to be here than there in london. >> reporter: you just had the jubilee, a lot of things, this is london 2012. i mean the patriotism out there is really amazing. >> we've had a great year, and we hope it will continue. yes, you're quite right with the jubilee, where the weather was horrible, the rain has for the moment stopped. there is a palpable sense of excitement. london feels different, looks different. there are millions there. there is a great deal of excitement, partly because they have managed to keep the details of tonight under wraps.
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there's speculation of funny stories, everything from cows mooing, and to james bond parachuting from outer space. we don't know what's going to happen. so there is a great sense of excitement. we're very proud of it. it's a long, long time. 1948 since we last had the olympics in london. we've got tens of thousands of people volunteers to support and look out. we have fabulous events, fingers crossed. we'll have marvelous weeks. >> and you guys will have a great nipgt. 700 people. can we make it 701? >> sure, i'll give you an invitation. >> reporter: yes, you talk to the right guy. it's all about who you know. we'll send it back in. >> how about 703? what about us? >> connections. >> reporter: i'm in! >> thanks, doug. thank you, doug. well, who has the best steak in town? our food critic digs in. also ahead, meet the local
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man who has a real passion for the olympics. glee i'm liz crenshaw. why are the 2012 olympics being called the year of the woman? ♪
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hits crenshaw joins us to answer last-minute questions about. >> we thought we would jump in and do the whole thing. >> we want to know everything there is to know. how many athletes will be participating? >> the international olympic committee helped with us this answer. more than 10,000 athletes from 204 countries will compete.
5:43 pm
team usa, it's comprised of 530 athletes, 30 including baltimore based michael phelps call the d.c. area home. 30 hometown folks. >> and we're rooting for all of them. next question, dig a little deeper. can you share some fun facts? katy ledecky to 54-year-old karen o'connor. there are eight pairs of siblings. that's kind of cute, competing -- including two sets of twins. they're returning olympians, so you don't get to go to just one if you're good enough, 228 got to go before. >> that's fun. our last question, why is this year called the year of the woman? >> at the olympics. it turns out women are more involved than ever before. for the first time women will
5:44 pm
compete in all of the same olympic events as men. also, every country that participate in the olympics this year will send at least one fee neal athletes, including countries like qatar and saudi arabia, which have never sent women to the olympics before. so there you go. year of the woman at the london olympics. have fun, enjoy it, watch it, have a good time. thank you, liz. coming up next, tom breaks down the best steak joints in town. plus the loam
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live pictures now from london, the olympics host city where the opening ceremony is under way and we'll be able to catch the excitement in a couple hours. of course the games are happening across the pond. most people will be watching on tv, but for a super-fan, the tv is just not good enough. one man says he has to be there in person. after all, he's been going to the games for decades. >> it's a hike to get to sydney if you haven't been there. >> george reed digger is a world traveler. he's had the olympic committee picking his destinations for
5:48 pm
years, attending 11 olympic games. >> these are order deals. these are not vacation. >> reporter: an investment analyst by day -- >> i was going to discuss her portfolio. >> reporter: but every two years big previous adventures proudly plastered around his office. >> beijing unforgettable. >> athens in 2004, los angeles in 1984. but digger's first games were montreal in 1976, back when little-known competitors first became celebrities. >> bruce jenner before he came a kardashian. mick jagger was all over the place, the spinks brothers, boxing. >> he's been close to many olympians and those closest to them. >> this is mama phelps, mike phelps' mother. she had different bling on every day. he took good care of her. >> reporter: but he says the olympics are not an obsession.
5:49 pm
>> obsessed is the wrong word. diggers is in london now, but days before leaving, he shared why he almost never misses the game. >>ite a native washingtonian, this will be my 52 redskin season. i don't worry about rg3 or the wirds stinking. i don't worry about strasburg falling apart. i don't wore about the kaps breaking my daughter's heart. we are going to london and guaranteed a good time. >> reporter: but he says there's more going on. >> it's the cafes, the parks, even standing in line is different than going to, say, a wizards game. >> reporter: he says the olympics are a year-round commitment. he es in london now. as soon as he gets back, he'll start planning for the 2014 winter games in sochi. talk about commitment, that guy's got it. >> he sure does.
5:50 pm
check bell is here in the studio. >> now we've cleared out just a touch, and wyche cooled down just a bit. 91 at national airport, winds out of the northwest at 9:00, so it still feels awfully warm. as you go outside. otherwise, metro temperatures now mostly back in the upper 80s. 80 degrees in reston. 89 in beautiful rock vip. 86 in gaithersburg. not a whole lot in the immediate vicinity, but there are some lonesome showers out here, western parts of louden county. so just sort of keep in mind that you might get some wet on here. and interstate 66 inbound, this is not a severe thunderstorm, but just a couple raindrops. so shower chances increasing here in the immediate metropolitan area over the next couple hours, as this push of very light rain skirts on through. big severe weather down across parts of central and southern
5:51 pm
virginia. we will not need to worry about the strong severe weather, but nonetheless a couple raindrops may interfere, but it will not be a washout. overnight tonight, skies will clear out a bit tonight, then for tomorrow, highs back into the 90s. about a 30% chance of a scattered shower or thunderstorm coming up. then sunday looks like the drier of the two days. back over to you guys. >> thanks, chuck. 11 years ago, the steakhouse scene in washington was booming. >> at the time "the washington post" food critic tried them owl and found that no single restaurant delivered the perfect steak experience. recently he repeated the drill and set out on a steakathon. >> most of the steakhouses are lit as if they were casinos. noon looks like 8:00 at night. all the more tempting to imbibe at lunch. lots of places claim to serve prime meat, but i have my doubts, mostly because of the
5:52 pm
quality i've been served an the reality that no more than 3% of the head of cattle get the usda's top grade. as ever, you should hoe someone else will pick up the tax. it runs broadband $150 a person in the districts. the highlights, boring bread launches most steakhouse meals. the exception includes blt steak downtown and bourbon steak in georgetown. popovers are served piping hot with their recipe attached. the ladder seduces truffle rolls that threaten to fill you up. bet you can't stop at one. by the time i go to bourbon steak, i had ten new york strip steaks from competing restaurants under my bell and chin, one slice rousted me from any cynicism. the meat is aged for 50 days, briefly poached in butter before hitting the grill. the primal pleasure comes with a
5:53 pm
hint of earthyness. it has an exciting roster that's easy to navigate. among the documents, many attractions are a 2007 cote du rone. the palm has a presence at this downtown vip draw since 1986, the michigan-born, maryland-reared steak bearers proved this most impressive server of my week-long odyssey. i admired how he took time to describe his employer's best asset. revealed the name of the kindest president he erv served and bond with a cute couple from alaska next to me, who will certainly remember the reception they experienced there. this is tom from "the washington post." poached in butter. low calorie.
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coming up next, troope
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it's been more than a year since a high-speed ride with actor charlie sheen forced d.c. officials to take a look at their police escort policies. >> today troopers are slapped with criminal charges for a different high-speed escort, described as a death race. brian thompson reports. >> reporter: one motorest kale it a death race, high-priced cars, many driving by new york millionaires racing down the turnpike at parkway at speeds over 100 miles an hour with a state police escort. now the veteran trooper who led the convoy charged criminally, along with the trooper he had provide backup, because many license plates were obscured by tape. >> he knows this was not a smart move. he knows that there were safety issues with regard to this, and we don't debate that. >> reporter: sergeant nasri took a lie detector test to prove he,
5:58 pm
and he's now submitted his retirement papers in an effort to protect his pension which could total $3 million over his lifetime. >> what my client is not willing to do is surrender his career and pension. >> reporter: which is what the attorney general is expected to go after in return for dropping criminal charges. his career on the turnpike and parkway is otherwise unblemished. the question now -- are criminal charges and loss of pension appropriate punishment? >> if he allowed it to go or if he knew of it, it could have been too much. >> throw the book? >> yeah. >> it doesn't sound reasonable. >> heavyhanded? >> yeah. >> reporter: another escort that surfaced will result in internal discipline, but both cases are expected to result in a better define policy. so why press charges on nassry and go after his attorney? his attorney.
5:59 pm
>> a pr agenda has tore met here. four other new jersey troopers face punishment stemming from a similar escort details in 2010. now at 6:00, a workplace shooting averted. flags flapping, called drone burning, london is about to start the games of the 30th olympiad. >> the violent storms that poured through the northeast may have missed our region, but there could be more. a man in maryland allegedly threatened to blow everybody up before the cops intervened. good evening. we begin with a foiled workplace shooting. police say neal prescott was in the process of being fired at pitney-bowes and threatened to shoot everyone. during a ray, police learned he had the guns and ammunition to back up those threats. pat collins has more. >> doreen,


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