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tv   News 4 Today at 5  NBC  July 30, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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>> i'm eun yang. it is 4:59. let's start with the forecast now from meteorologist tom kierein. >> good morning. the air is fresh and cool. when you step out the door it's going to be a nice surprise when you get going this morning. it's down into the 60s most of the region. right now in montgomery county it's in the mid and upper 60s. near 70 in prince george's county and arlington county. generally in the upper 60s most locations. right in the district of columbia, low to mid 70s. right near the chesapeake bay waters, too, low to mid 70s. as we take a look at the view from space, we've got weak high pressure over the region. that's bringing us this gorgeous clear sky. jupiter and venus brilliant this morning. there's the clear sky. jefferson memorial. sun rise at 6:08. by 7:00, bright and sunny. by noontime, 80s. mid 90 by mid afternoon. clouds building. afternoon thunder shower. just a small chance of that.
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by late afternoon, upper eight at this times. i'll be barn in ten minutes. good morning, danella? >> good morning, tom. great news right now. traveling northbound 16th street at georgia avenue had a downed tree there. was blocking the northbound lanes. it's absolutely gone. travel lanes are open. so your commute a lot easier this that area. montgomery county and connecticut avenue, no issues to report on the inner loop or outer loop of the beltway. nice and clear. making your way from i-95 to i-270, you're at 61 miles pr hour. not bad at all. that drive taking ten minutes. if your taking the rails, i'm checking them. open no reported delays along the metro, marc, or vre. aaron and eun, over to you. >> thank you. right now police in prince george's county are looking for a missing elderly woman with alzheimer's disease. 69-year-old barbara battle was ast seen in capital heights on saturday. if you have any information call prince george's police at
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301-772-4901. two teens confessed to robbing, beating, and killing a 54-year-old man. prince george's county police arrested 16-year-old andre attaway and 17-year-old james murray for the murder of him. police found his body near his home saturday night in the 5200 block of newton street in bladensburg. they rob, chased and beat him. the enteens are charged as adults with murder and robbery. today we will find out what charges the suspect in the colorado movie neater shooting will face. prosecutors will lay out the evidence today against james holmes, a week after his first court appearance. news4's angie goff is following that story. >> good morning. in just a few hours we're going to hear the formal charges against james holmes for the very first time. he will be charged in the shooting free that killed a dozen people and injured 58 others. holmes will likely face 12 counts of first degree murder and numerous attempted first
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degree murder charges among others. the district attorney says her office is months away on whether to seek the death penalty. holmes appeared out of it, dazed, confused. legal experts say an insanity defense seems probable. so far this case has been airtight but at today's hearing a chance new details will surface. holmes' lawyers are expected to ask that a notebook he sent to the psychiatrist before the shootings be turned over to the defense. that notebook reportedly detailed holmes' plan. also expected in court, several media outlets will ask the judge to unseal the case file. that includes documents on holmes' arrest. we'll be following it all very closely. the hearing is scheduled to start at 11:30 this morning. aaron? >> angie goff in the newsroom. thank you. some of the parents of victim of that shooting are wondering if security guards could have prevented the tragedy from happening.
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cimemark usually has them there. no guards were at the theater know for the midnight remere of "the dark knight rises." in ohio, a kent state university student will be arraigned on charnlts he made threats against the school. police arrested him after he tweeted last week that he planned to shoot up the campus. he's now facing felony charges. fire crews are trying to figure out what caused a 2-alarm fire that forced four families out of their homes. it happened in the 18200 block of kilrush court late last night. they found the fire on the second floor of the three-story townhouse. they knocked down the massive blaze in about 25 minutes. no one was hurt. tnchtsz "washington post" reports the county will buy 28 bus fres california at a cost of more than $12 million. they will replace 62 buses.
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the county bout five years ago from michigan and illinois. there has been a string of bus fires and officials believe are because of a defect in the old buses' transmission. a live look at london where a busy day of olympic competition will take place today. the gold rush is on for team usa swimmers. the u.s. is dominating the pool with eight medals so far. tracie potts is live near the aquatic center in olympic pack of more of what we will see later today. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. it seems to be a favorite for the u.s. team, too, because they're winning so many medals. today could bring tough competition. michael phelps, who kind of bombed out in the first race placing fourth but won a silver medal with the team over the weekend is back in the water today. he's in the semifinals in a competition, quite frankly, he's done very well in. so hopefully this could be the one where he wins three medals in a row. over the weekend, it was phelps
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and lochte along with the other members of the u.s. team that won that silver medal in the relay. you know, a lot had been made of these two. and how they would compete. lochte ended up winning the gold over phelps over the weekend. and then tears on the mat in gymnastics. jordyn wieber, the world champion from the united states, failed to qualify for the all around finals. she just erupted in tears. afterward she said that she was happy for her teammates. the way this works, only the top two qualifiers from each country can go on to those all around finals. wieber came in third. >> heartbreaking, tracie, but that's a rule for the gymnastics competitions. >> that's right. and she knew that. and you can tell as soon as she looked at the scores, she knew that she would not be able to compete if n. those finals. >> very tough. tracie potts live in london. thanks so much. we'll have much more on the olympic games throughout the morning. dan hellie is in london.
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we want to know, we want to know what your favorite moment of the olympics is so far. let us know on the "news4 today" facebook page. >> my favorite moment was the queen of england jumping out of a helicopter. >> that was your favorite moment? oh, my goodness gracious. i mean the competition. >> the favorite moment of the opening ceremony. that's what you got. >> okay. >> come on. you don't like that? >> it was fun. 5:07 is our time. we've got another story to tell you about. 300 million people left in the dark this morning. we'll tell you what's being blamed for a massive how we're blackout. also ahead, embarrassing blunder for security in london as they try to keep the olympic games safe. not holding back. the harsh response oprah had for a fan who questioned her generosity. hot and humid. the theme of summer here in washington. we'll look at that heat.
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ten minutes after the hour. as we look outside for you this morning we can tell you it's a cool 72 degrees outside our studios this morning. if you're heading out, you might like it. >> but later this afternoon, typical late july weather. right now though it is cool and comfortable on this monday morning. good morning. undear clear sky. we're in the 60s throughout most
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of virginia and most of maryland sxept right in washington and near the bay, 70s. on the mountain, some locations are in the 50sthis morning. hometown forecast stafford, virginia, by later tht morning, by 7:00, it will be around 70. by noontime, upper 80s. by late afternoon, back down into the 80s. small chance of isolated thunder shower. a look at the entire look ahead in ten minutes. danella as a look ahead. >> first traffic report with a look in virginia along the dulles toll road. nice and clear, in fact, as you make your way from the herndon area towards the beltway. no issues to report. giving you a travel sweet along the dulles toll road eastbound from hunter mill road to the beltway, 53 miles per hour, seven minutes. driving from the dulles toll road from the beltway, travel lanes are open in both directions, in fact.
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travel speed is 63 miles per hour. that drive just taking 13 minutes. no accidents in either direction. the rails still look nice. no reported delays along the metro, marc, or vre. >> sounds good. breaking news out of maryland. hazmat situation at a busy facility in lockdown this morning. also ahead. technological troubles in london. the problem's so
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breaking news now out of laurel. emergency crews looking into a hazmat situation at a ups facility there. news4's megan mcgrath is live with what's going on now. megan? >> reporter: aaron, they're starting to wrap things up here at this ups facility. we can see that some of the trucks are moving in and out of the bays. looks like the employees are
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starting to get back to work. things are starting to get back to normal here. we still have a couple of hazmat crews on the scene but many of them have left as well. this started as a fire overnight. a fire and then also a nitric acid leak in bay number 19. hazmat crews were brought out here to the scene to clean things up, to check out the employees. the employees were evacuated for several hours here. actually standing in the far end of the parking lot here. half hour or so akro they were given the all clear and walked toward the building once again. what caused the fire, all of that still under investigation. >> thank you, megan. overnight oprah winfrey responded to a tweet criticizing her for not doing enough for the black community in the u.s. late last night a man on twitter using the handle awalk sent oprah a message saying that,
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quote, when are you going to give back to the ghettos in america? oprah answered him, quote, when are you? i've put 500 african-american men through college. and you, sir? response has been taken off her twitter account. morehouse college in atlanta says she ha has donated $12 million since 1989 making her the largest donor to the school. out of india, millions of people still without power in that country. an electrical grid apparently shut down earlier this morning. that grid is in the country's northern area. it failed. that left hundreds of millions of people without electricity in new delhi. the grid collapsed because some states took more power than authorized. they believe everyone will be back on in a few hours. at least 47 people are dead and two dozen people injured after a train fire in southern india. investigators believe an effect call short circuit is to blame
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for the fire there. that fire is at one end of the train which forced everybody to rush to the other end. president obama is hoping to make big bucks in the big apple. he's holding a fund-raiser tonight in manhattan. mitt romney has out-raised the president for two straight months. president obama will campaign in leesburg, virginia, on thursday. the president is counting on former president bill clinton to give him a boost this summer's national convention. clinton will speak in prime time the night before the president formally accepts the party's combination. that slot is usually reserved for the vice president or vice presidential nominee. the obama campaign wants vice president biden to speak on the same night as the president. 18 after the hour. as we speak, mitt romney is on his way to poland. he left israel about an hour ago. the presumptive republican presidential candidate declared jerusalem the capital of the jewish state yesterday. romney vowed to do everything in he power to protect israel from iran. >> the ayatollahs in tehran are
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testing our moral defenses. they want know who will reject and who will look the other way. my message to the people of israel and the leaders of iran is one in the same. we will not look away, nor will my country ever look away from our passion and commitment to israel. >> romney is trying to bolster his foreign policy credentials with this one week overseas trip. he's also trying to win support from jewish voters. recent survey showed them support president obama over romney by an almost 3-1 margin. and dick cheney is making his feelings flown about vice president pick. he says sarah palin was a mistake. former vice president believes palin wasn't ready to be president, which he says should be a key quality of a vp candidate. chainfy was also critical of how the mccain campaign handled the vetting process. this morning seven people dead near fence. troopers say a semi crossed the median on interstate ten and struck a van head-on yesterday.
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the force of the crash sent the semi and the van into a kol vert and both caught fire. the truck driver and his wife were inside the semi. seven people were inside the van. the names of the victims have not been released. family and friends held a moving tribute for is surfer build by a great white shark. it attacked two weeks ago in australia. his friends grabbed their surf boards and formed two circles in the open ocean. his body has not been found. sharks killed five people in less than a year off australia's southwest coast. >> sounds like a huge number but it's -- i think our attention changes as time goes on so -- but the number that number is probably pretty low compared to year's past. let's take a look outside around our neighborhood if we can this morning. 73 degrees is the temperature at our studios. tom, a lot of people waking up to cool air this morning. >> beautiful morning under way. bright spots in the eastern sky, venus and jupiter climbing
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higher now in a clear sky thanks to high pressure. that area of high pressure is going to be drifting off the atlantic seaboard. as it does we will have our winds shifting south and east. right now one lonely thunder shower here just off of the middle neck of virginia. and there's one shower here in northern delaware. these are going to stay well east of the metro area. most regions are in the 60s. all these areas in green that includes just about all of virginia, all of maryland. out in west virginia and western maryland, few spots there are in the upper 50s. here's your four-day forecast for today. afternoon highs near 90 with some clouds building in just a small chance of an isolated thunder shower this afternoon. overnight tonight, partly cloudy down into the low 70s by dawn tomorrow. looks like a mostly cloudy and humid day on tuesday. scattered afternoon showers and thunder showers likely with highs in the mid 80s. then near 90 on wednesday. partly sunny in the morning. cloudy in the afternoon with a likelihood of scattered showers and thunder showers. slight chance on thursday.
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partly sunny near 90. that's going to be the story on friday, saturday, and again on sunday. so a typical pattern for early august with partly sunny sky. rather humid. highs near 90 each day. morning lows near 70. and only a slight chance of an isolated thunder shower thursday, friday, saturday, and again on sunday. i'll be back in ten minutes with another update. danella here is now with our look at our traffic this morning. >> good morning. checking out first4, i'm checking the beltway. nice and clear. local roads look nice as well. no issues along 301. same thing with five of your traveling along five northbound right past 301 heading towards the beltway. your volume increasing just a bit. no major delays. clears you to the beltway. if you're taking the rails, a couple minor delays on the marc. looking at a nine-minute delay. six-minute delay on brunswick east train 890.
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i'll be back in ten minutes. see you then. penn state's president says the school will likely loan money to his athletic department to help pay $60 million fine. erickson says the school will use a combination of funds to pay that fine. last week the ncaa fined penn state for covering up the jerry sandusky sex abuse scandal. penn state got a four-year bowl game ban and 13 years worth of wins wiped from the record books. security is a top priority at the olympic games. london police say officers lost a set of keys used to secure wembley stadium. it's one of the olympic venues. police reported the keys missing last week. so far detectives have not found those keys. they say there is no evidence of a. crime has been committed. organizers say they changed the locks just in case. >> lost the keys. all right. a lot of people are apparently texting and tweeting from the olympics. it's overloading the network '. live look at the olympic oval at
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10:30 in london. on saturday, some commentators couldn't track men's cyclists because data couldn't get through the gps satellite navigation system. officials say people who line the streets sent so many messages it overloaded the system. organizers did fix the problem before the women's road race. now they're asking people to limit their social networking during the games. make your home for the olympics. you can find everything from results to profiles of local athletes. we also have a link to the best olympic rivalries to help you get ready for every competition. the nationals are one of the best teams in baseball. they're also one of the most exciting teams as well. >> breaking ball. fair ball left field. scoring is harper. zimmerman coming to third. it takes rhine braun a long time to get to it. and the nats get a couple. >> love it. they came back from behind to beat the brewers 11-10 in extra
5:25 am
innings yesterday. the nats scored twice in the ninth inning to tie the game and two more in the 11th to win it. they are in first place by four gamesnd tied with the reds for the best record in baseball. way to go. >> they know everybody is paying attention to the olympic bus they don't want people to think they're not still going 150%. good for them. time right now is 5:25. coming up this morning, tackling the ticket problem. what london organizers are doing now to keep the seats filled at olympic venues. the sister of robin gardner speaks out about her sister's disappearance. tom kierein tracking another hot july day for us. at sleep number, individualizing your sleep is at the heart of every innovation.
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ends august 15th. only at one of our 400 sleep number stores, where queen mattresses start at just $699. making headlines right now at 5:28. waiting to hear out what charges the suspect in the colorado movie theater shooting will face. two teenagers in prince george's county expected to be charged as adults for the murder of a bladensburg man. expected to spend millions of dollars to replace a number of ride-on buses after a rash of fires. we'll have much more on those stories throughout the morning. but first, good morning to you. >> welcome to "news4 today" on this monday, july 30th. as we take a live look out over the nation's capital this morning. and you can expect some cool air to greet you if you're leaving early this morning. it is july. so -- >> yeah.
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>> so? >> but unlike the rest of july we're not going to have torrid heat, thankfully. >> good thats good. >> just average high temperatures for a late july coming up. and starting off this monday morning, temperatures are pleasa pleasant. most areas in the 60s. holding steady in the low to mid 60s. maryland and virginia, closer to washington. right now in fairfax county, it's in the upper 60s. arlington, near 70. much of prince george's county. prince william, stafford, culpepper, all areas are in the low 60s. much of southern maryland now in the upper 60s. right near the bay waters, it's milder. annapolis, 78. we've got a clear sky thanks to a weak area of high pressure over us since yesterday. that's going to be with us again throughout the day today. slowly drifting off the coast. when that happens we'll get a southeasterly flow. that will bring in clouds by mid
5:30 am
to late morning and into the afternoon. partly sunny. maybe an isolated shower. right now one isolated shower here off the middle peninsula of virginia over the lower bay. another shower here in north central delaware. otherwise, a clear start. bright spots in the eastern sky, jupiter and venus are brilliant this morning. there is the jefferson memorial. the washington monument under a clear sky. by 7:00, bright and sunny. by noontime, mid 80s. near 90 by mid afternoon. still not swell terg humidity today. late afternoon, we have that possibility of an isolated thunder shower wop po. ing up. 30% chance. by then, back down into the 80s. i'll be back in ten minutes. a look at your first 4 traffic this monday morning. >> checking things out on i-66 if this is your commute this morning. looks good. travel lanes are open right now. give you a live look as you make your way past the rest area. picking up some volume as you head eastbound but no major delays just yet.
5:31 am
moments away though. so hurry up and head out of the house if this is your commute. for now, you're clear. fairfax county parkway to the beltway, travel speed is 62 miles per hour. 11-minute drive. inside the beltway on 66 in both directions, nice and clear. live look as you make your way past leesburg pike. westbound, no issues. eastbound, nice. in fact, from the beltway to gw parkway, 61 miles per hour. that drive is taking 11 minutes. over to you. >> thank you. first on news4 rks the sister of robin gardner is speaking out almost a year after she went missing in aruba. gardner was on vacation. they have not found any traces of gardner but her sister talked to news4 last night and says she has not given up hope that robin is still alive. >> do you believe she's still alive? >> yes. >> what makes you think that or is it just a hope? >> it's more like a feeling inside. i can feel her presence. and my brother says the same
5:32 am
thing, he can really feel her presence. >> as or gary, he sued to get a life insurance policy he took out on gardner before last year's trip. it's still being reviewed in court. he was held in an aruban in jail for months. but there was not enough evidence to connect him to gardner's disappearance. there is a vigil set for wednesday night to remember robin gardner at 7:30 at the griffin art gallery on north market street in downtown frederick. family member identified the man killed inside a jewelry store. 52-year-old tommy wong was murdered when a man broke into capital jewelers on columbia pike. police released surveillance pictures of the man they believe is responsible. police sources tell news4 they believe the suspect could be linked to a jewelry store robbery in washington. this morning two teens are facing charges for the murder of a bladensburg man. prince george's county police arrested 16-year-old an day
5:33 am
attaway and 17-year-old james murray. police say they confessed to the murder of 54-year-old david kru krupski. they found his body near his home saturday night. police say the teens robbed, chased, and beat krupski. the teens are charged as adults. police in ocean city need your help finding a man who apparently is trying to rape women. this latest attack happened earl i did saturday morning near a bar. police say the man begins talking to women who are walking home from the bar. he then forces them to the ground and tries to rape them. anyone with information is asked to call ocean city police. officers remind everyone to never walk home alone late at night. police also need your help here in d.c. finding a man suspected of attacking a jogger near georgetown. u.s. park police released this sketch of the suspect. police say he came up be hind the woman on wednesday night. he grabbed her apparently in a choke hold and she lost consciousness. she woke up a few minutes later with her pants pulled down. that man ran away when she
5:34 am
started screaming. anyone with information is asked to call u.s. park police. right now police in prince george's county are asking for your help in finding this woman. 69-year-old barbara battle went missing on saturday. she was last seen saturday i've looking west mill avenue in capital heights. she's suffering from alzheimer's disease. if you have any information, call prince george's police at 301-772-4901. don't be surprised if you so a lot of soldiers, troops in the stands at the london olympics. it is not extra security. this is a solution apparently for filling the many mpity seats at various venues. they're giving the military free tickets to fill arenas and stadiums. students and teachers from east london will also get to go to the games for free. the empty seats have become an embarrassment during the opening weekend of the london games. in just a few hours team usa's swimmers will try to pick up a few more gold medals to take the top spot on the
5:35 am
leaderboard. danella sealock is at the super screen for a look at the deahead. >> all eyes will be on the american men today both in the pool and in the gym. swimmers ryan lochte as well as michael phelps back in action today. lochte will be going for the gold again in the 200 meter freestyle final. as for phelps, also in the pl twice. he's taking part in the men's 400 meter freestyle meter qualify and 200 meter butterfly semifinals. 17-year-old missy franklin. she's going for her first gold medal. it will been a enormous challenge for her with the 200 meter freestyle semifinals less than 30 minutes before this final. and in gymnastics. the american men will try to win their first team gold since 1 4 1984. now, the key thing so watch out for is performance on the pummel horse. this is considered to be their weakest event. another fun event to watch today is the diving. here's a glance at the medal
5:36 am
count. so, as you can see here, the u.s. is currently ranked second in the medal count with 11 total including 3 gold medals. china is still in the lead with 27 medals so far. italy is in third place with seven medals, followed by korea and france. back to you. >> thank you. and you can make home for the plmps. you can find results to profiles of local athletes. we also have a link to the best olympic rivalries to help you get ready for every competition. 25g 36. 7 p degrees. he is one of the many local stars featured in the london olympics. coming up, we go live to london for what kevin durant is saying about his experience on team usa. plus, not what you want to see heading your way. this spectacular sight. it is shaping up to be another warm one around our region. a look at your weather and traffic on the ones. to see if any storms are going to spark today in the afternoon.
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5:39 am
a massive dust storm rolled over the phoenix area. look at this video. you can see that wall of dust just blowing through the city there yesterday. the strong winds and dust made it hard for drivers to see. nobody got hurt.
5:40 am
sandstorms like this happen during monsoon season. >> that's called a haboob. >> yes. >> now with know the technical term for that sandstorm. let's check the forecast now. tom kierein, traffic and weather on the ones. tom, good morning. >> look at that sky. looks like a mountain of clouds on the eastern horizon. those are a few isolated showers that are way over delaware. that's how far away the clouds are from us. you can see the eastern horizon glowing brighter now as we approach dawn. sun rise is at 6:08. gorgeous morning. not a lot of humidity around. temperatures in the green. 60s. that covers most of virginia and maryland and west virginia. right along the tidal potomac. near 70s now. here's your day planner for this monday. we'll have temperatures by 7:00 with lots of sun in the upper 60s. and a light southeasterly breeze will build the clouds here
5:41 am
around noontime into the mid 80s. near 90 by mid afternoon. late afternoon might get some isolated thunder showers. there's just about a 30% chance of that. by then, the upper 80s. a look at the week ahead and the weekend. your seven-day outlook coming up at 5:51. danella has a look at traffic now. checking out your first4 traffic report. if you're traveling along 50 in maryland, heading out from annapolis, heading closer to the bowie area in both directions, pretty good. 4:24. here's a look. travel lanes are open. in fact, as you continual the way towards the beltway and inside the beltway on 50 connecting to new york avenue, not seeing any accidents or incidents to warn you back. i am back in ten minutes with a look at your rails and delays on the marc trail. >> thanks, danella. coming up on 5:42. right now, setting her sights on gold. >> coming up, we're live in london with a local olympian
5:42 am
hoping to leave her mark on the
5:43 am
5:44 am
a a live look for you this
5:45 am
morning at the olympic oval where it is just before 11:00 a.m. in london. the u.s. men's basketball team had their first take of olympic competition this weekend. a local star helped lead the team to victory but he's not the only local olympian in london. >> let's go to dan hellie live in olympic park with more on our hometown hero. so many folks to root for. hi, dan. >> there are a ton, more than 20 athletes. kevin durant, one of the best. man, they ripped off 17-point win to team usa basketball. on a team of stars, kevin durant no doubt the biggest star on this squad. at least last night. you could argue that lebron may be a little bigger. kobe is going to be big, too. they're going to take turns. last night it was durant's turn. really did put on a show against tony parker and france. first fan, michelle obama in the stands to hear on the red, white, and blue. team usa hit their stride in the second half. tyson chandler finds durant who
5:46 am
drains the three. team usa rolls, 98-91. hugs all around for the first lady. durant had 22 points and 9 rebounds. the former montreal's christian star shine in his olympic debut. >> it was a lot of fun. you know, i'm just excited i'm here. atmosphere was great. fans were great. teammates are so much fun to play with. >> that's kevin durant talking field hockey now. the u.s. women's field hockey team got off to a rocky start. they lost to germany 2-1 in pool play but their medal hopes are far from dashed. this is a mixed bag on this team of young and old. former terp katie o'donnell on the u.s. field hockey team. o.d. as she's affectionately called by her teammates is a lifer. she got her first field hockey stick at 3 years old and went on to become the youngest player on the u.s. national team at 16.
5:47 am
but she didn't make the plmp team last time around because head coach didn't think she was ready. now he does. >> she learned some tough lessons herself, coming in, being a bit of a golden child at 16 when she first played. scored a goal on her first tournament. but i think that journey itself has hardened her up and where she is right now i expect her to do very, very well at these olympics. >> it lab a long, long process. and i've gone through so many ups and dourchwns. but i'm at the pof the ups righ now. i'm proud of myself to say i have achieved going from the youngest person and probably the worst person on the team to an impact player. i'm just, you know, and for my coach to say that about me, i'm thrilled. >> katie o'donnell who has been training out in california for the last two years. she's going to go back to the university of maryland where she's going to get her degree and be an assistant coach for
5:48 am
their field hockey team. and the ladies trying to get their first medal since 1984. a bronze medal, their best finish ever in the olympics. guys, we're going to have a lot more coming up next hour from here in london. >> he'llie, i'm curious, we saw your photo this morning completely covered in heavy duty rain gear. is it really that bad? >> yesterday was terrible. we decided to spend the day at wimbledon. less than half the matches were played. alex ovechkin was there and it was raining so much that he didn't even come out of the player's lounge. he was hanging out with his girlfriend in there for nine or ten hours just watching tv, chatting with players. so yesterday the weather was crummy. but today as you can see behind me, it's much, much better. >> thanks, dan. have fun out there. we'll check in with you soon. all right. from the olympians to us, we
5:49 am
warmed up. >> no olympians here. >> we warmed up, jogged, stretched. and now we are almost ready to show you how we did in a number of track and field events with the help of some student athletes at george mason university. the news4 today team learned the javelin, shot putt, discus and hurdles as well. tomorrow morning we will show you what we learned, how we did in the javelin, spoiler alert for you, we're all here today. >> it's amazing i didn't kill myself or somebody else throw that javelin. >> i tell you, they only let us do some of the really basic stuff because they didn't want us to kill ourselves. the athletes were very kind. >> you'll have to tune in for sure because it's quite entertaining. nbc4 is our home. we will have more on the xxx olympiad coming up at 6:00 a.m. now, today, virginia governor bob mcdonnell will speak out against spending cuts he fears could cost the common wealth hundreds of thousands of
5:50 am
jobs. mcdonnell will be at a rally opposing sequestration cuts. those are automatic cuts, budget cuts, that take place unless congress finds another way to reduce the deficit. in this case, the federal government is going to be looking at a number of ways to try to do that and possibly looking at a trillion dollars or more in budget cuts. this morning annan dan dale family is planning a funeral for a mountain climber who died in peru. crews found the bodies of ben horne and climbing partner gil weiss. they were killed this month. on their way down, the men slipped off a ridge and fell nearly 1,000 feet. horne's family says he loved climbing. he called it a spiritual experience. >> he wanted to live and he wanted to speak truth and better himself. >> the way he lived his life was very principled and based on his
5:51 am
love of nature, his love of the outdoors, his love of god, and his love of challenges. >> horne's father will head to pursue to get his son's body. horne served in a peace corps in kurdistan. he hiked the appalachian trail at the age of 19. police where are called out to retrieve a live grenade at their house. a man find a live world war ii grenade in his family home in roanoke. the police bomb squad retrieved the grenade without any problems. a few days ago a fredericksburg family found a grenade in the bottom of a military trunk. this morning we're going to check the forecast, but first, you talk about dan hellie being drenched, tom kierein is going to tell us if there's any more rain for the olympians in london. >> a lot of outdoor events there today. there is the sky. live view over the olympic stadium in london. now you can see it's partly cloudy there now.
5:52 am
they're going to have cool weather. in fact, highs there today only in the mid 60s. and a light wind coming out of the southwest under a partly sunny skies. flesh cool whether there for the pl olympians. klummy clouds. clear right over washington. 76 at reagan national. run size is at 6:08. it's rather humid. we've got a calm wind this morning. temperatures are pleasant throughout most of virginia and maryland. 60s this morning. right near the bay waters, tidal potomac, mid 70s. farther west, shenandoah valley, western maryland, west virginia, by 7:00 will be in the upper 60s and low 70s. lots of sunshine. mild morning. then by noontime, clouds building and for your lunch, how it will be the low to mid 80s. by mid to late afternoon, we'll have temperatures climbing to around 90 degrees. and by late afternoon, the mid 80s.
5:53 am
just a slight chance of an isolated thunderstorm. and then tomorrow, a lot of clouds around. highs mid 80s. could get afternoon showers and thunder showers as well as on wednesday, highs near 90. then near 90, only a slight chance of a storm, thursday, friday, saturday, sunday, otherwise, partly sunny each day. danella, good morning. how's traffic? >> checking out your first4 traffic report checking it off with a look at the rails. seeing delays along the marc train. 870 and 890 is looking at an eight-minute delay. train number 300. heading over to the roadways. seeing delays for your traveling along i-270. head up together and check them out. first as you pass 85 southbound, that's where you're slow. delays past 109. then the owed opens up and looks a little bit better. here's a live look as you make your way past germantown road. clears towards the lane divide in both directions. no accidents to report in that
5:54 am
area. eun, back with a look at i-95 in virginia. over to you. >> danella, thank you. traffic alert now. good news for drivers lieu the district. ramp connecting i-295 to the 11th street bridge is open after the morning rush. traveling across the anacostia river. vincent gray will have a ceremony this morning for the opening. this morning, metro riders can pay for parking at two metro stations using their cellphones. they're starting their pilot program allowing riders to use park mobile at the rockville stations. metro riders can paid by phone. if the program is successful, metro may expand to other systems. today two of the largest electronic companies square off in federal court. apple is accusing rival company samsung for copying products.
5:55 am
apple says samsung's new phones and tablets bear too close a resemblance. samsung says apple patents its products to stop competition and to have a monopoly on the smart phone and tablet market. last month a judge ordered samsung to stop setting the galaxy nexus phone which has a program similar to siri. chick-fil-a, the company's president caused a fire storm when he said marriage should be between man and woman only. supt porters are asking customers to stop by wednesday for chick-fil-a appreciation day. gay marriage supporters are holding kiss-ins at the fast food chain on friday. the mayor is speaking out against the restaurant's stance. crews are work to fix a burst pipeline. they say the leak which started on friday is not contained. pipeline mostly transports crude oil to refineries in chicago.
5:56 am
officials are still trying to figure out what caused the leak and say they're not sure when the pipeline will open back up. gas prices are on the rise. don't expect them to slow down. the latest numbers show d.c. drivers are paying 26 clents more than a month ago. virginia has a jump of 21 cents. it's 3.48 in maryland, up 16 cents from a month ago. drivers in west virginia are paying $3.49 a gallon, eight cents more than a month ago. gas prices are going up because of rising crude oil prices. gas station stations are passing those prices on to the customers. call it a special delivery. new york mother gave birth to twin boys on two separate highways. give it to his moth, people. >> they couldn't wait for mom and dad to get to the hospital. they were on their way to the hospital saturday morning and then had to pull over because mom went into labor. dad called 911 and mom gave birth on a stretcher on the side of the road. the paramedics packed mom and baby into the ambulance.
5:57 am
apparently they had to stop again though. mom gave birth to her second son. both boys were six pounds. the boys and parents are doing just fine this morning. apparently when they started on the second half of that trip, they still had about ten miles or so to go before they were going to get to the hospital. that's a long way to go when you already had one kid. >> i guess they wanted to go to the hospital just in case they could make it. it's always a better situation. but i tell you, those babies always look for peaceful when they're newborn. >> never know what a show it was to get there. right? >> congratulations. very cool. 5:57. ahead at 6:00, a massive blackout to tell you about. what knocked out power to hundreds of millions of people. in a matter of hours the man accused in a smooting in colorado will learn what charges he will face. the important piece of evidence his attorneys will ask to throw out. you're looking live over the nation's capital as the sun is up. 73 degrees outside our studios.
5:58 am
5:59 am
right now we're waiting to hear what charges the suspect in the colorado mass shooting will face.


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