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tv   News 4 Today at 430  NBC  July 31, 2012 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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ryan lochte has another disappointing finish. that wasn't the only down note for americans in london. and breaking news here at home. four shootings overnight in just in our area within just a couple of hours. one person dead. some of the victims are only teenagers. good morning. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. we're going to look outside right now at 4:30. 73 degrees. clouds in the sky. looks like tom kierein joining us now with a look at our forecast. good morning. >> a little humidity in the air.
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a settled pattern for the next couple of days but maybe a few scattered isolated showers. all around the region, generally holding steady right around the mid 60s in the suburbs to upper 60 nasdaq many locations there. near 60 out of the mountains. right now around washington, low 70 nasdaq montgomery, arlington. mid 70s in the district. right near the bay, mid and upper 60s as well as at the atlantic beaches. scattered showers and a little bit of thunder. generally dissipating. there's still om par cyst teers showers here. partly cloudy sky. final day of july. by 7:00 we'll be in the low 70s. a little sunshine in and out. partly sunny noontime. mid afternoon, isolated shower maybe with a downpour and some thunder and lightning. that may linger into late afternoon. i'm back in ten minutes. danella is here now with your
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first4 traffic. >> thanks, tom. coming up, let's talk about overnight road work. still happening in our area. you're taking the beltway in virginia. the outer loop. first at the dulles toll road and again at i-66, you're going to have the left side blocked because of road work there. your volume is very light. hopefully that's in its final stages. let's head over to the beltway in montgomery county. inner loop this time past colesville road. construction still taking place. it was blocking the right side of the roadway. looks to be confined to the right shoulder lane. you are hitting the brakes just a bit but clear as you continue on. good news on the outer loop of the beltway, not seeing any issues in montgomery county. back in ten with another look at your traffic. >> thank you. today lawyers for george huguely will be back in court. they want to judge whether prosecutors acted inappropriately by withholding evidence during his murder trial. in february, they found him guilty of second degree murder
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in the death of his exgirlfriend yardly love. both played lacrosse there before she was beaten to death in 2010. hugueely is expected to be sentenced this month. a bus crash in virginia. the national transportation safety board will release findings and recommendations to prevent a similar crash. last year a bus swerved off the interstate and overturned. four people died. prosecutors charged the bus driver and the dispatch we're their deaths. the driver admitted he fell asleep behind the wheel. d.c. police are trying to figure out if a man who robbed a jewelry store last month is the same man involved in a deadly robbery in arlington jewelry store this weekend. surveillance video from june 9th shows a gunman robbing a business in d.c. the victim spoke to news4 but asked that his face not be shown on camera. >> i gave up the jewelry. i didn't fight. i didn't question the guy. he went on his way. >> the gunman wore a neon safety
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vest and a beige baseball cap. that is the same outfit worn by the man who killed tommy wong on saturday at the capital jewelry store inlingtonarlington. pepco is defending their response. in a report to maryland regulators the utility says it mobilized crews quickly to restore power. pepco also says unlike with a hurricane, it had little advance warning. lawmakers though say pepco is making excuses for poor preparation. >> so they say whatever they did was quickly enough. reminds me of the looking glass where humpty-dumpty says, words mean what i mean. if it's quickly enough for them, it's supposed to be quickly enough for those who suffered. >> pepco did say it should improve estimates on how long it will take to restore the power. the commission will hold a hearing next month. the common wealth is a
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little more wealthy this morning. virginia finished the 2012 fiscal year with surplus of $129 million. $78 million of that surplus is marked to replenish the state's rainy day reserve. virginia also collected more money than expected in sales taxes and corporate income taxes. this is the third straight year virginia has ended the fiscal year with a surplus. d.c. police. >> reporter: vest gating four separate shootings that happened within 30 minutes of each other. they started just after midnight. the first one along the 4800 block of alabama avenue. two teenagers were shot. both expected to recover. a few blocks away one person was shot at a bp gas station the that person is expected to recover as well. two miles away, brooks avenue. that person is listed in grave condition at the hospital. the last shooting happened just over the d.c. line at the corner of glacier avenue in prince
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george's. police tell us a man was shot five times. he was taken to the hospital in critical condition. so far no arrests have been made in any of the shootings. no word if these shootings are related. at 4:36. we now turn our attention to the games in london. tonight the u.s. women's gymnastics team will compete in the finals. they hope to make up for a pretty disappointing night by the men's team. u.s. men entered the team final in first place. looking to win the first gold medal in the sport since 1984. but two low scores on the pummel horse combined with solid scores all around by china dropped the american team all of the way to fifth place. china ends up winning the gold, japan the silver and great britain took the bronze. ryan lochte hopes to shake off a disappointing day in the pool today. he finished in fourth place in the 200 meter freestyle. frenchman agnel took home the gold. second straight day he has tortured american swimmers.
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on sunday he came from behind in the final leg of the relay to help france defeat the u.s. lochte will be in the 4 x 200 meter freestyle relay. >> 17-year-old misty franklin took home her first ever gold medal as she squeezed out a win in the backstroke. second out of 11 who won with her parents cheering her on from the stands. she will go for her third medal later today in the 200 meter freestyle. we will have much more olympic coverage ahead on "news4 today." our hone dan hellie will join us live from london in the next hour. and, of course, you, tom, danella, and me, we all decided for some reason to try our hand at some of the sports. wait until you see how we did when it came to javelin. i have to tell you people, it is not as easy as it looks. the athletes make it look effortless. they're so graceful and smooth. not so much over on this side. >> you're right. 4:37 is our time. >> d.c. cracks down on drunk
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driving. the harsh new penalties you'll face if you get busted. it appears that oppressive heat may be behind us for now. later in the week,
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here's a different kind of bird strike. a bird apparently slammed into a 12-year-old boy sitting in the front seat of a roller coaster. just a freak accident here. it happened last week at six
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flags great adventure in new jersey. the boy turned his head seconds before the bird hit and that kept the bird from hitting him in the eye. it stead it hit him in the neck. it caused bruising. he knew it was a bird when he started spitting out feathers. >> yikes. these birds are getting in the way of everything just about. >> he was just coming into the end of the ride and he heard a car alarm in the parking lot, turned his head and that's why the bird hit him in the neck instead of hitting him in the face apparently. >> i'm glad. his injuries could have been worse. he has a story to tell. >> absolutely. bruises to show it. 4:41. live look outside. meteorologist tom kierein is going to tell us if there's any rain in the profit. tom, good morning. >> a few breaks in the cloud. time for weather and traffic on the ones. almost full moon in the western sky. veryial low and getting low where there are breaks in the sky. around the region we have temperatures that are beginning to hold steady here right now around the area.
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we're in the low swepts in the suburbs and rurial areas. a few places in the 60s. right by the bay, hometown forecast, quantico, at 7:00, mid 70s. by the noon hour, low 80s and partly sunny. mid to late afternoon, shower or thunder shower popping up. mid to upper 80s briefly. this evening, may be a few more passing showers and thunder showers until midnight. a look at the week ahead and the weekend, in ten minutes. danella has a look at traffic now. good morning. >> if you're traveling along i-95 in virginia, check things out together right now. not seeing any volume. very light volume this time of morning. live look past the weigh station heading northbound. southbound as well. all of the way to 395 no issues to report. travel speed, 64 miles per hour. continuing inside the beltway and heading on 395 here's a loob at glebe northbound.
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nice and clear. no accidents. no major issues to report. southbound as well. between the beltway and the 14th street bridge is a nice ride for you. i'm back in ten minutes. aaron and eun, over the you. >> thanks. coming up on 4:43 now. you've heard of broken records at the olympics? what about broken medals. we'll tell you about an unfortuna unfortunate olympic accidents. the payment the postal service says it can't make and what it will mean for your mail dlufrry. heroes not welcome. why batman is being ban
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following breaking news out of central virginia. reports of another earthquake in louisa county. san ji? >> good morning. yes, we have confirmed through the usgs a 2.4 magnitude
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earthquake did take place around 12:43 this morning. and in is in louisa county. you have to remember that it was just a year ago on august 23rd, 2011, when that massive earthquake not only shook the epicenter there in mineral, virgin virginia, but also shook cities across the oaeast coast. we're going to gather more information. but the best news of all this morning is that no damage was reported. but we just want to let you know we have confirmed through the usgs that a 2.4 magnitude earthquake has happened in louisa county. it happened around 12:43 this morning. back to you. >> thank you, angie. starting tomorrow, new drunk driving law goes into effect in the district. that means stiffer penalties for those convicted of driving under the influence. maximum fine nor a first offense goes up from $300 to $1,000. the maximum jail time goes up from 90 to 100 days. six months. if you're caught drunk driving with a child in the car the fine
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is $1,000 per child and a mandatory five-day term. >> we're going to see a clear message to people who drink and drive, that the consequences are more likely to come down on them and to be more serious. >> also, those with a commercial driver's license, the blood alcohol limit is lowered to .04 and includes mandatory five-day jail term. those caught with a second offense faces tougher minimal sentences. the u.s. postal service brace for a first ever default on billions in payments due to the treasury department. the postal service has said for months it could not afford to make the massive payments. $5.5 billion is due tomorrow. the second payment of $5.6 billion is due in september. that money is meant for future postal retirees' health benefits. they say missing the payments will not cause an disruption in service. despite syrian rebels continuing to battle against the
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government, thousands are fleeing that country for safety. the united nations reports 200,000 people left the city of aleppo in the last two days. president bashar al-assad continues to hammer the rebels as they kill at least 120 people yesterday. since the violence erupted in syria in march 2011, it's estimated close to 20,000 people have been killed. american lawmakers agree to tougher sanctions against iran. the increased sanctions will deter the country from developing its nuclear program. they'll expand on already existing penalties. and given iran from transferring money back home from oil sales. now do decision 2012 where mitt romney will spend the dma poland. he will meet with the country's foreign minister today. but he brings plenty of c controversy with him after
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israel. during an event with jewish donors yesterday, romney said that israeli culture helped enable jewish people to be more successful than palestinians. israeli and palestinian leaders quickly reacted, criticizing romney for what they called insensitive statements. the romney campaign eventually commented on the controversy saying it was a gross mischaracterization. as for the democrats, they're planning to formally support same-sex marriage. party leaders met over the weekend and they're expected to formally approve the position during the democratic national convention in september. earlier this year president obama officially came out in support of gay marriage. gay rights groups praised that move saying it's a significant step forward for human rights. since the movie massacre in aurora, colorado, our own local batman is not welcome to make visits to sick children anymore. lenny robertson is a baltimore businessman who dress et cetera up in a batman costume and drives his custom lab bor ginny bat mobile while trying to lift
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the spirits of sick children. a chicago hospital just canceled his trip for friday saying it could especially set children and parents. did you know olympic medals can break? a brazilian judo competitor didn't think so oath per this he won the bronze in the 60 kilogram category and then decided he would not take it off even in the shower. but, things can get a little slippery and he dropped the medal, denting it and breaking it where the ribbon attaches. after several phone calls and a couple of apologies officials agreed to replace it. you've got to be careful with those things. >> you're not supposed to wear it. >> you're not supposed to wear it in the shower. no, it goes on the mantel, in the study, in your office. >> someplace safe. >> lesson learned. gymnastics and swimming are back in the spotlight today. >> if all goes well it could be a historic night for michael femt
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phelps. >> american's 340es decorated swimmer could be the most winningest olympian tonight. first, it's his specialty. the 200 meter butterfly. phelps is favored to win. about an hour later he will swim in the 4 x 200 freestyle relay along with ryan lochte. another race the u.s. is favored to win. any medals there and phelps will make history. there is also gold in the eyes of the women's gymnastics team. america's fab five is going for the first team gold since 1996. they are considered the favorites although leader jordyn wieber will have to overcome disappointment of missing her chance to compete in the all around. some other events to watch. well, the men's basketball looks to continue their run for a second straight gold against a neisha. and local rowers, margot shumway
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and sarah throwbridge. after three days of competition, here's what the leaderboard looks like. the u.s. and china are tied atop the leaderboard with 17 medals apiece and china has a significant lead in gold. now back to you. >> all right. a lot of action to keep track of today. a lot of tv watching to get done. a lot of different networks. >> there you go. let's take the forecast now. starting off in london, what kind of weather are we supposed to have for the athletes? >> right now it's cloudy there, of course. in london, four or five hours ahead of us. it's approaching mid morning there. the live view of the calderon there at the olympic stadium under a cloudy sky. temperatures in the 50s. a cool morning there. it's going to be a cloud can day. 30% chance of a passing shower, mainly during the afternoon. by noontime, mid 60s. then near 70 there by mid afternoon. and then during the evening hours back down into the 60s. again, just a small chance of a
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shower there. our temperature as well undear cloudy sky. over washington and points east where the low to mid 70s. but farther west where there are breaks in the clouds, just near 70 degrees. nearly full moon sitting in the sky now. 60s in the mountains. some places, only low 60s out in the hylands of west virginia. over the last 12 hours we've had a generally dry evening. there have been downpours around the northern neck of virginia and extreme southern maryland around point lookout as well as along the atlantic beaches. just inland from the beaches. here's your dayplanner. by 7:00, low 70s. and partly cloudy. and partly sunny noontime. by then, we'll be in the upper 70s and low 80s. going to be warm and humid throughout the rest of the afternoon. by mid to late afternoon, we've got a pretty good chance of passing thunder showers. some could produce heavy downpours. mid 80s before that happens. by dawn tomorrow, low 70s. another day tomorrow with a possibility of passing showers and thunder showers mainly in the afternoon as well as on
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thursday. settle down a bit on friday but highs in low snoints. over the weekend, mainly afternoon passing thunder showers. highs, low 90s into the first part of next week as well. danella, good morning. >> checking out your first4 traffic report if you're traveling alon i-270, things look good. light volume. from clarksburg towards the beltway in both direction, things look good. 66 miles per hour as you approach 121 clarkburg road. continuing towards shady grove, live look. light volume as you head southbound, northbound hardly any cars at all. clear to the beltway. now, i'm back in ten minutes with a look at your rails. aaron, over to you. >> thank you, danella. commuters driving into d.c. this morning could see an easier ride. new ramp on southbound i-295 is now open for business. that new exit is marked as 695 to 395 can't capitol hill. it is a direct ramp over the bridge and takes you directly to
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the southeast southwest freeway. transportation officials say it could shave as much as ten minutes off your morning commute if new ramp to northbound 295 expected to open sometime this fall. in the day ahead fairfax county supervisors are expected to vote once again on the columbia pike street car project. the five-mile electric powered street car line would connect pentagon city to skyline a plaza. it's expected to cost a quarter of a billion dollars. they can apply for federal funding. 4:55. a big announcement may be coming soon about apple's new smaller ipad. wait until you hear how much it could cost. overworked and underpaid nurses could be taking a toll on
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american airlines launched a preferred seat discount. the airline offering 25% off when you purchase a preferred seat through its website or price line. preferred seats have standard leg room but closer to the front in the economy cabin. with that discount the preferred seats are available for as little as $3 per flight. that sale lasts through august 5th. nurse burnout may be responsible for some hospital related infections. a new study from the university of pennsylvania is surveying nurse on they were workload and emotional status.
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they also looked at the number of urinary tract and surgical site infections. researchers found for each additional patient assigned to a nurse, there was one additional urinary tract infection for every 1,000 patients. they also found having a high number of nurses reporting burnout resulted in more infections. apple fans mark your calendars for september 12th. that's when the company will reportedly unveil not only the iphone 5 but also a smaller ipad. it is expected to be called the ipad mini. they would have a seven-inch screen and sources believe it will cost $250. the new ipad will battle against the amazon kindle and google neck xus 7 which is around the same price and size. you already have an ipad though are you going to get the mini? >> i appled out. i'm taking with what i got. i'm sorry. all right. stay with us. "news4 today" continues right


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