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tv   News 4 Today at 6  NBC  July 31, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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olympic video to show you in the pool. young american who did spectacular things as she comes up as a big star. >> that's right. >> michael phelps going for his run in history today. first though, welcome to "news4 today." >> we're tracking some new developments. after a violent night on d.c. streets leaves at least one person dead. welcome to "news4 today" for this tuesday, july 31st. i'm eun yang. >> i'm aaron gilchrist. a 2.4 magnitude earthquake in louisa county early this morning. with just checked in with the u.s. geological survey. that quake hit at 12:43 this morning not far from mineral, virginia, central virginia. it was a 2.4 magnitude earthquake. people in the towns of luns is a and kent store report they felt the rumble inside their homes. no reports of injuries or damage right now. this quake was just about 4 1/2 miles east of the epicenter of last year's powerful earthquake. this is the map right now of where that magnitude -- 2.4
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earthquake hit right there in the epicenter near mineral county. this is the same area last year where that 5.8 magnitude shook that city and was felt throughout the east coast. time for weather and traffic on the ones. tom kierein is here to talk about the difficult's forecast. >> no reports of rumbling around here. we had the sky overnight partly cloudy to mostly cloudy. right now it's partly cloudy right over the po triver. it's near 70 in the suburbs and rural areas. low to mid 60s now in the mountains. low and mid 70s around the bay where they're getting downpours. right now on storm4 radar, look at that. all those areas in yellow and orange and red, those are heavy downpours. at the atlantic beaches up near ocean city. they're getting some heavy rain there now. slowly drifting off to the north and east. it's a developing area of coastal low pressure that's bringing that rain there. and later today, with the
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heating of the sun, here's your day planner. we might get some of that this afternoon. between now and then, partly sunny by 7:00 if low 70s by noon. low 80s. quite humid through the day, too. and by mid afternoon, the mid 80s. by then, we could have some downpours develop. thunder and lightning perhaps late afternoon. back the ten minutes, a look at traffic. let's head up to i-270, delays already from 85 starting to slow down. 28 miles per hour as you head toward 80. and, in fact, delays stop as you get to 121 clarksburg road. live look past germantown. clear as you continue to the lane divide. aaron and eun, back over to you. new this morning, right now police are investigating four separate shootings in the d.c. metro area. one of them deadly. the shootings that happened within a few hours of each other. >> tracee wilkins is live where one person was killed. tracy, good morning to you. >> good morning, eun. as you can see behind me, d.c.
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police are holding this scene waiting for daylight so they can continue their investigation into this homicide. this was one of many shootings that happened. started last night and then went into the early morning hours. it left one man dead and a number of people in the hospital. here 4700 block of brook street northeast, police are investigating a homicide after an adult male was shot and killed. police say they cannot release any suspect information at this time. another shooting happened in the 4800 block of alabama avenue in southeast. two teenage males shot there. both are expected to survive. then in the 2300 block of alabama avenue at a bp station, someone was shot and seriously injured. that person has been transported to the hospital. the final shooting happened just after midnight in capital heights just beyond the d.c. line. police say it appears a 32-year-old male was shot multiple times in that area near jansen avenue but made it to the 1200 block of benning road about a mile away where she was taken to the hospital.
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now, he is still being treated and is listed in critical condition. at this point, there have been no arrests in any of these cases and no suspect information has been released. reporting live in northeast, i'm tracee wilkins, news4. today lawyers for george huguely will head back to court for a judge to decide whether prosecutors acted inappropriately by withholding evidence in his murder trial. in february the jury found the lacrosse player guilty of second degree murder in the death of his ex-girlfriend yardley love. both played lacrosse at uva before love was beat on the dt in 2010. huguely will be sentenced next month. today we expect to learn what caused a deadly bus crash on i-95 in virginia. national transportation safety board will release the findings and its recommendations to prevent a similar crash. last year a sky express bus swerved off the interstate and overturned in caroline county. four people died. prosecutors charged the bus driver and the dispatcher with their deaths. that driver admitted he fell
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asleep behind the we'll. the house is set to vote today on a bill to criminalized some abortions here in the district. the bill would ban abortions in a 20th week of pregnancy. the institute which studies reproductive health issues estimates 1.5% of abortions happen after 21 weeks of pregnancy. those for the ban say turn born child feels pain at 20 weeks. those against the ban including mayor vincent gray and delegate eleanor holmes nor or say it's the city's ability to govern itself. mitt romney wrapping up overseas trip today. romney continues to tour poland. he is set to meet with that country's foreign minister. yesterday he met with former president who announced his support for the republican presidential hopeful. romney visited the polish me motor yool marking the start of world war ii. he returns to the u.s. tomorrow. mitt romney will leave poland without incident. his campaign is still responding to controversial comments he
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made why in israel. during an event with jewish donors yesterday romney said israeli culture helped enable jewish people to be more successful than palestinians. israeli and palestinian leaders quickly responded criticizing romney for what they called insensitive starmt statements. they eventually commented saying it was a gross mischaracterization. meanwhile, the democrats are working on adding support for same-sex marriage to their official party platform. party leaders met over the weekend to formally approve the position during the democratic national convention in september. earlier this year, president obama officially came out in support of gay marriage. gay rights groups praised the move saying it is a significant step forward for human rights. and now to the games in london where big names are back in action today. you're looking live across the pond at the olympic calderon. the u.s. women's gymnastics team will shoot for gold tonight and the men's basketball team hits
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the court today against tunisia. >> lane five, first individual gold, yes. >> it appears swimming has a new star. 17-year-old missy franklin eked out a win in the 100 meter backstroke capturing her first ever gold medal. it is second medal for the team who won with her parents cheering her on in the stands. she will go for her third medal later today in 200 meter freestyle. the pool has been pretty kind to americans so far, giving them four of their five gold medals and today it could be where the world's best swimmer makes history. nbc's tracie potts is live in london with a look at today's action. good morning. >> aaron, good morning. good morning, everyone. michael phelps has a couple of chances to do that. first of all, he's in the 200 meter freestyle later today. it is one of his best events. and if he wins, he becomes the
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first male to win three consecutive gold medals in a -- in an individual event. phelps could also become the most decorated olympian ever with 19 medals if he wins that. and, also, if he is selected to participate in the men's freestyle relay later today, winning both of those medals would put him up there at the top. now, there has been some disappointment here as happens at the olympics. the men's gymnastics team not going on to gold, silver, or bronze. they actually went in after the qualification rounds, went into the finals in first place. but then they weren't able to pull it out and they landed fifth. this is a pretty young team. they will likely be back, all but one of them were in their very first olympics. speaking of gymnasts, the females, the women's gymnastics team will compete in their finals today. >> looking forward to all of it. tracie potts, live for news london. thank you. we'll have much more olympic
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coverage ahead in 40 minutes. dan hellie will join us live from london approximately local field hockey players in action today. another olympic athlete sent packing from london. the remark that cost that person a chance at gold. ahead, new fears along a popular beach after a man is rushed to the hospital. warm start to the morning as you get ready to head out the door. how hot it's going to
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nchtsds r. around metro area, low 70s. montgomery county, by near time, near 80 and partly sunny. mid afternoon, showers and downpours. typical for much of the region. those are likely continue into this evening. your seven-day outlook at 6:21. danella, how is traffic? >> a live look at 50. volume is starting to increase.
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for now, checking travel speeds in your area. 53 miles per hour in fairfax county parkway to the beltway, the that drive taking 11 minutes. no issues to report. travel lanes are open. eun and aaron, back over to you. 6:13. have your checked out your facebook page yet this morning? new changes. also ahead. caught on tape. violent attack on a man in a wheelchair. startling accident on this startling accident on this ride tha[ ringing ]
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caught on tape. a man in a wheelchair attacked and robbed inside his own home. this happened last thursday in upper darby pennsylvania. the victim has muscular dystrophy. his cousin and another has been came into his house, punched him, knocked him out of his chair, and then dragged him into the living room. you see that here. the suspects took off with a tv and some prescription drugs. the victim's cousin was arrested. police are still looking for the other man. the victim is okay. there may be fewer sunbather on the beach in cape cod today after an apparent shark attack. witnesses say they saw a large black dorsal fin break the water near a swimmer yesterday. the man struggled to get to shore with bites on his legs. the cuts are deep but in stable condition. is not expected to lose the leg. wildlife officials still have not confirmed that it was a shark attack but sightings of sharks have increased this year because of a larger seal
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population in that area. today opening statements will begin in the drew peterson murder trial. former chicago area police sergeant pled not guilty to murdering his third wife kathleen savio. investigators reopened the case after peterson's fourth wife stacey disappeared in 2007. his lawyers say savio's death was an accident and tracy ran off with another man and is still alive. the suspect in the colorado movie massacre is officially charged with 24 counts of murder. overall james holmes is facing 142 counts in the rampage that left 12 people dead. the former doctoral student appeared dazed in court yesterday. holmes is accused of shooting 70 people on july 20th at a movie theater in aurora during a midnight showing of "the dark knight rises." prosecutors plan to ask survivors and relatives for input on whether to seek the death penalty. our own batman look alike
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not welcome to make visits to sick kids anymore. he dressed up in a batman costume and drove his custom lamborghini bat mobile while trying to lift the spirits of sick children. a chicago hospital canceled his trip for friday saying it could upset kids and their parents. the spokesperson said other hospitals have also stopped his visits. opening statements today in a lawsuit between apple and samsung. apple claims samsung's latest phones and tablets are too similar to the iphone and ipad. samsung said apple is trying to have a monopoly on the product. last month a judge ordered samsung to stop selling the galaxy nexus phone similar to apple's siri. another big change to facebo facebook. this time the way you few photos. they will make pictures larger and easier to flip through on profiles. you will also see pictures in a collage. facebook says the changes will
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be more personal profiles and pages could take effect in the next few weeks. today swimming star ryan lochte hopes to shake off a rough day in the pool. finished pretty disappointing fourth place in the 200 meter freestyle yesterday. frenchman agnel took home the gold. second straight day agnel torched american swimmers. on sunday he came from behind in the final leg to help france defeat the u.s. lochte will shoot for the gold later today in the 4 x 200 meter freestyle relay. lochte's teammate films could put himself in the record books today and the fab five shoot or feel gold. danella? >> america's most decorated swimmer could become the winningest olympian in history tonight. michael phelps will go for two medals to reach a record 19. first it's his specialty. the 200 meter butterfly. phelps is favored to win. then about an hour later he will swim in the 4 x 200 freestyle
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relay along with ryan lochte. another race the u.s. is favored to win. any medal there's and phelps will make history. there is also gold in the eyes of the women's gymnastics team. america's fab five is going for the first team gold since 1996. they are considered the favorites although leader jordyn wieber will have to overcome disappointment of missing her chance to compete in the all around. some other events to watch. well, the men's basketball looks to continue their run for a second straight gold against tunisia. three local field hom i can players hope to lead the women's team in their first win of the games. local rowers margot shumway and sarah throwbridge will try to secure their spots in the finals of the women's doubles. after three days of competition, here's what the leaderboard looks like. u.s. and china tied atop the leaderboard with 17 medals apiece.
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china has a significant lead in gold. now back to you. >> forget doping, social media seems to be the thing sending athletes home. swiss soccer play your was kicked off his team for what they call reyes and threatening tweets. he said south korean could, quote, go burn after they beat the swiss team. the second athlete to be banned from the games because of a tweet. three triple jumper wasn't even allowed to fly to london after she posted a tweet that contained racist remarks. "news4 today" is your home for the 2012 olympic games. follow the games any time on including the local field hockey players competing today. 6:21 is our time right now. and not a lot of action to keep track of in the weather department. and, tom, i got to say, we like that it way. >> things are fairly settled but humid. the sun has been up ten minutes but we don't see it because of a lot of cloudiness around. nearby suburb, low 70s. 60s, some of the rural areas for
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virginia, maryland, and west virginia. and as we look at what's been happening on storm4 radar, downpours lower eastern shore from ocean city. lower part of the bay getting heavy downpours. later today, get some of that here around the region this afternoon and therching. eyes mid 80s. more of the same tomorrow. again on thursday with eyes near 90. low 90s and still humid. humid over the weekend, too. afternoon storms saturday, sunday, and again on monday. highs low 90s. right now chopper 4 is tliing over i-95 northbound at fairfax county parkway in virginia have a disabled tracker trailer blocking the right shoulder lane. as volumes go, you are increasing in volume as you make your way towards lorton. not terrible at all. cars are flowing nicely. let's head over to the beltway right now in montgomery county. outer loop, no accidents to report. aaron and european? >> thank you. millions of people left in the dark fwan. what's being blamed for the latest power outage overseas.
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welcome back. we heard bird strikes vorveling planes. now here's one involving a boy on a roller coaster. the bird slammed into a 12-year-old boy sitting in the front seat of a coaster last week at six flags great adventure in new jersey. the boy turned his head seconds before the bird hit. and that kept the bird from hitting him in the eye. instead, the bird hit his neck and caused bruising me said he knew it was a bird. he started spitting out feathers. yikes. well, if you have a long commute to work, chances are you might be sacrificing more than you really realize. a new study says if you spend an hour a day commuting you are more likely to surrender sleep, exercise, and eating with your family as well as food preparation, not tv time though apparently. researchers at brown university say people with the longest daily commute of three hours managed to squeeze in an hour and a half of tv time. only 14 minutes of exercise though. researchers say if you would like to get a little more time
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in every day, you can cut ten minutes off your commute by planning your drive routes based on fewer stops instead of higher speed limits. made the point earlier, watch tv while you're exercising. on the treadmill, elliptical. be ready to face some harsh new penalty it is you are caught drinking and driving in the district. also ahead, what pepco is saying after new criticism of its response to the derecho. [ male announcer ] olympic athletes are just like the rest of us.
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we begin at 6:30 with breaking news. another earthquake in louisa county, virginia. we want to go right to angie goff. she talked to the u.s. geological survey. >> the usgs survey confirms a magnitude 2.4 earthquake hit louisa county overnight around 12:43 a.m. act six miles southeast of mineral, virginia. some people in the towns of louisa reported they felt the rumble from inside their homes. this quake was just 4 1/2 miles east of the epicenter of last year's powerful quake.
6:31 am
you might remember a 5.8 quake struck mineral on august 23rd, 2011. the town is about 80 miles from d.c. but it rattled millions along the east coast. heavily damaged louisa county schools, as you can see. and the washington monument is still closed to this day due to the repairs it is currently undergoing. fortunately this morning a different story. as of now we have no reports of injuries or damage following the 2.4 quake. big nights in the pool, but today could be the biggest. michael phelps could become the most decorated olympian in history by medaling in two rices. first he'll look for the third straight gold in the butterfly, his specialty. then he could take part in the 4 x 200 meter freestyle relay. if he medals there it would give him a record 19 medals for his career. good luck. we'll be rooting for him, cheering him on. >> more from dan hellie in a bit. for now, let's check in with
6:32 am
tom kierein now outside on the storm4 weather deck, tom? >> swimming through humidity this morning. it is quite steamy. we've got a mostly cloudy sky now around the region. and here's what it looked like a couple of mornings gone out in west virginia. look at this gorgeous sun rise sent in by one of our viewers at when you post a photo include your name and location. there's our sky over the potomac right now. at reagan national, just to the right there, 75. partly sunny. dew point is at 70. that is humid. and as we look at temperatures around the region, upper 60s and low 70s. rural areas in maryland, virginia, closer to washington. low to mid 70s as well as by the bay. storm4 radar showing some downpours along the atlantic beaches lower eastern shore and low clouds over our region. day planner for this tuesday, final day of july, by noontime, low 80s. mid 80s late afternoon. downpours here this afternoon along with thunder an lightning.
6:33 am
that may continue into this evening. i'm back in ten minutes. danella as a look at traffic now. good morning. good morning. checking out the first4 traffic report in prince george's county taking a look not seeing any reports of accidents in the area but as you make your way northbound on 5, passing 301, you are starting to hit the breaks in this area. delays continue. stop and go for you as you head here. good news no, accidents to report. over to the rails, nine-minute delay on the marc. penn north train 554. metro and vre, no delays at this time. more breaking news now. 600 million people without power right now in india. the country has suffered the second grid failure in as many days. this is considered one of the world's largest blackouts ever. yesterday more than 300 million people lost power for half a day. officials say the power failures are because of some areas of the country using more power than near actually being allotted. the district is cracking down on drunk drivers. new tougher penalties go into
6:34 am
effect tomorrow. the maximum fine for a first offense goes up from $300 to $1,000. the maximum jail time goes up from 90 to 180 days. that's six months. if you're caught drunk driving with a child in the car the fine is $1,000 per child and a mandatory five-day jail term. >> we're going to see a clear message to people who drink and drive, that the consequences are more likely to come down on them and to be more serious. >> also those with a commercial driver's license, the blood alcohol limit is lowered to .04 and includes a mandatory five-day jail term. those caught with a second offense will face even tougher minimum sentences. 6:34. d.c. police trying to figure out if a man who robbed a jewelry store last month is the same man who committed a deadly robbery this weekend. surveillance video from june 9th shows a gunman robbing a business in d.c. that person wore a neon safety vest and beige baseball cap.
6:35 am
that is the same outfit worn by the man who killed tommy wong on saturday at the capital jewelers store in arlington. police in wood bridge are trying to decide if the charges filed in a deadly shooting involving a 4-year-old boy. the shooting happened last week outside a house along empire street. police say the boy climbed into a family member's truck, found a handgun, and accidentally shot himself. police have searched the house but they have not filed any charges against the parents yet. today fairfax county supervisors will expect to vote on a street car project. the five-mile electric powered line on columbia pike could connect pentagon city to sky lane and bailey's cross roads. it will cost $250,000. officers can once again collect dna samples from suspects in maryland. supreme court chief justice john roberts temporarily blocked a ruling from the court of appeals
6:36 am
that banned dna collection from sfus speths charged but not yet convicted of violent crimes. the order is in effect until the supreme court decides what to do with the case. the court will likely take up the case after its summer break. this morning, pepco is defending its response to the summer storm that left hundreds of thousands of customers without power for days. in a report to maryland regulators the utility says it mobilized crews quickly to restore power by last month's derec derecho. pep so says unlike a concern it had little advance warning but pepco is making excuses for poor preparation. >> they say whatever they did was quickly enough. reminds me of through the looking glass where humpty-dumpty says words mean why say they mean. that's pepco's position. if it's quickly enough for them, it's supposed to be quickly enough for the people who suffered. >> pepco said say they need to improve the estimates on how long it will take to restore power. maryland regulators will decide
6:37 am
whether to refine utilities. it is 6:36 now. the "today" show is coming up next at 7:00. let's check in with matt lauer from london to see what they are working on this morning. matt? >> hey, aaron. good to see you. coming up from london on a tuesday morning here on "today," 17-year-old missy franklin tears up on the medal stand after winning her first gold in the 100 meter backstroke. this morning her parents will join us live here in olympic park. we'll also be talking to ryan lochte's mom and siblings. ahead, can the women's gymnastics team shine after a disappointing night for the men's team? we'll break down their chances. phenomenal success and growing controversy around 16-year-old swimming sensation from china. are her remarkable times a little too fast? and royal family steps tout to cheer one of its own as we get started on a tuesday morning in olympic park in london. aaron, back to you. >> looking forward to it. see you in a bit. thanks, matt.
6:38 am
6:37. 73 sdredegrees. it takes unbelievable strength to win gold but it appears that prize medal isn't quite as durab durable. watch out olympians, the "news4 today" team putting our skillses to test in hopes of bringing home the, gold or something. >> we're watching for more
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6:42 am
problem with empty seats but they're doing everything possible to make sure they are used when possible. >> people outside waiting to get in, let them? >> exactly. if you can't go, give up your seat. it is time for weather and traffic on the ones. tom kierein is in storm center 4 with a look at muggy start on the day. >> the metro area, live view of our sun rise. this morning, sun came up at 6:09. by 7:00 or 8:00, mid 70s. noontime, low 80s. mid 80s mid afternoon with increasing clouds and pretty good chance of passing downpours this afternoon into this evening. some of them with thunder and lightning. might have some ponding of water. danella, how is your traffic? >> checking out the usual suspects. it's not terrible though as you make your way northbound. some delays as you head through edsall and sluggish toward
6:43 am
seminary road. i-66, slow eastbound at suddele. hitting the brakes around 50. those delays continue to 123. >> thank you, danella. new this morning, police are investigating four separate shootings. one of them deadly. the man was shot and killed in the northeast. the victim's not released. it happened along alabama avenue in the southeast. two teens were shot. both are expected to survive. a few minutes later a few blocks away one person shot at a bp gas station. the last shooting happened just over d.c. line at the corner of glacier avenue in prince george's county. that victim walked to benning road to call for help. he was taken to the hospital in critical condition. so far no arrests have been made in any shootings and no word if thi they are related. lawyers for george huguely will head to court to decide whether prosecutors acted
6:44 am
inappropriately by withholding evidence in his murder trial. in february a jury found the former university of virginia lacrosse player guilty of second degree murder in the death of his ex-girlfriend love. both played lacrosse at uva. huguely is sentenced next month. today we expect to learn what caused the deadly bus crash on i-95 in virginia. the national transportation safety board will release findings and recommendations to prevent a similar crash. last year a sky express bus swerved off the interstate and overturned in caroline county. four people died. prosecutors charged the bus driver and dispatcher with their deaths. driver admitted he fell asleep behind the we'll. mitt romney will wrap up tli-country overseas trip today. romney will meet with the foreign minister today before heading back to the u.s. yesterday he met with former president who announced his support for the republican presidential hopeful. he also visited the polish
6:45 am
memorial. on the other side of the isle, democrats working to add same-sex marriage support to the official party platform. party leaders met over the weekend. they are expected to formally approve the position during the democratic national convention in september. earlier this year president obama officially came out in support of gay marriage. gay rights groups praised that move saying it is a significant step forward for human rights. the house set to vote today in a bill to criminalize some abortions here in d.c. it would ban abortions in the 20th week of pregnancy. the institute which studies reproductive health issues estimates 1.5% abortions have been after 21 weeks of pregnancy. those in favor of the ban say the unborn child feels pain at 20 weeks. mayor vincent gray is against that bill. he says that it is another example of the federal government taking away d.c.'s ability to govern itself. the u.s. may have a new olympic sweetheart. missy franklin is on top of the
6:46 am
world and perhaps on top of the sport this morning after her first gold. >> plus, some local field hockey players looking to make names for themselves today as well. dan hellie joins us live from london with more on all of those stories. hey, dan. >> eun, aaron, good to see you again from london. you're right, eun, missy franklin definitely going to be the biggest star of these olympics. that's my early prediction. 17 years old. she's a rising senior in high school, trying to set a new olympic record by winning seven olympic medals. and the missile, as she's been called, got things started with a bang yesterday. missy franklin is a star. franklin swimming the finals at the 100 meter backstroke. just 11 minutes after she barely qualified for another race. something that would be impossible for most swimmers. she showed remarkable resolve, coming from behind to win. the race is the first leg of her bid to become the first woman to win seven medal in olympic
6:47 am
games. when it's all said and done, missy could be the american face of these olympic games, winning her first gold at a younger age than michael phelps and mark spitz. >> i told myself when i saw that, i was just going to go, just give it all i had. i saw that flag and i tried to touch the wall. >> missy going for her second gold tonight so you want to make sure you tune in to nbc4 to check that out. the u.s. women's field hockey team taking on argentina later today. we have lot of local flavor on this term. former terps keli smith-puzo and kelly o'donnell. today we're talking about centerville native claire laubach. quite an accomplishment for laubach. he was informed by e-mail she didn't make the team for the beijing games. then, she was demoted from the u.s. national team. it's a move that would have
6:48 am
driven many to quit but for laubach it was pure motivation. she's now re-energized and has become important for this field hockey team that is looking for its first olympic medal in 28 years. laubach says her tale of redemption isn't something she dwells on. >> actually i haven't thought about it much. i think a lot of other people that know my story are more -- get caught up in it. for me, because of the journey i've taken, it's not something i've forgotten but it's not something i carry with me because i've been successful since everything has happened. i think it's just something you keep moving on. >> to say that come from fruition where she's applied herself and now is really reaping the rewards of tough decisions. it would have been very understandable to move on with her life and doing very, very well with whatever she tries, but to come back and knock them down out here, i love this story. it's fantastic. >> always like a good comeback story. she says her favorite part of
6:49 am
the games so far, being able to hang out in the english countryside with her teammates prior to things getting started. guys, i have to decide, do i head back out to wimbledon, field hockey or former george mason star tony skin play for nigeria. i don't know what to do. any recommendations? >> so many choices. i'll say field hockey, dan. >> go for it. >> all right. all right. we'll check outfield hockey today, just for you, eun. >> a lot of local favorites. thanks, dan. see you soon. hey, fun fact about the olympic medals. they're breakable. apparently a from sailian judo competitor found that out the hard yeah. fillipe kitadai won the bronze and decided he would not take it off. he showered with it. but as you know, things can get a little slippery there. kitadai dropped the medal, dent it and broke it where the ribbon attaches. after several phone calls officials agreed to give him a
6:50 am
new medal. you can keep tabs on judo, field hockey, and all the olympic sports. go to we've got complete coverage of the games of the xxx olympiad. the guessing game is under way for apple fans after the company plans to unveil another major product. cnbc's hampton pearson is live with that story and more. >>. >> good morning. mark your calendars. am has scheduled an an event to unveil a major product and it is probably the iphone 5. apple may also show off the new mini ipad with a seven-inch screen. apple, of course, isn't saying anything publicly. corn futures at the chicago merc is trading on a continued high on continued worries about the drought's impact on crops. the usda says 24% of the corn crop is rated good to excellent and 29% of soybeans down 2% previously. and the worst rating since 1988. traders also worrying hot and
6:51 am
dry weather in the next few weeks could further harm crop conditions. a couple of headlines, eun, back to you. >> hampton, thanks so much. just about 6:51. time for weather and traffic on the ones. too many kierein is here keeping an eye on some mug gness out there. cool, to though. >> potential for heavy downpours perhaps later this afternoon. we do need the rain. that may happen later this afternoon into this evening. right now, though, around our region, no problems. may have some low clouds in london. there is the live view of the calderon there at the olympic stadium. you can see the cloud cover. forecast for london for the outdoor events today. chilly 50s. by noon, mid 60s there. by 3:00 in the amp, near 70. and in the evening, back down to the 60s. a lot of 30% chance of shower there's. and for us, temperatures this morning under the mostly cloudy sky. upper 60s near 70 around the metro area. northern virginia. much of maryland. right near the bay waters, though, it's in the mid 70s.
6:52 am
mid 70s right near washington. we have a few showers that are beginning to pop up after they've had heavy downpours lower eastern shore. a few showers popping up in calvert county right here chesapeake beach down to calvert beach and calvert cliffs. one little one just popped up in st. mary's county. one here maybe getting going, too, north of waldorf on the prince george's county line. for your day, have an umbrella handy. might have an isolated shower this morning. by 8:00, low to mid 70s. humid today. by noontime, low 80s. downpours this afternoon and th evening with thunder and lightning. more of the same on wednesday and thursday. a little hotter. settling down a bit friday. saturday, sunday, monday, each afternoon a chance of passing thunder showers. highs, low noingts and humid. right now i'm watch watching the bn. if you're traveling the outer loop of the beltway at van dorn. we have a multivehicle accident just on your right shoulder lane here. police are on the scene.
6:53 am
delays are as you head towards telegraph road. let's head over to the beltway in montgomery county. not too bad on the inner loop as you make your way past colesville road but the outer loop we are seeing some delays. in fact, travel speed about 33 miles per hour as you travel from i-95 to i-270. aaron and eun, back over to you. >> thank you, danella. we are in the olympic spirit. we went out to george mason university to try our lanhands a number of track and field events. live right now at the olympic calderon there in london. >> it was a very humbling experience. for our first event we took a stab at the javelin throw. check it out. ♪ >> teach us how to javelin. teach me how to do it better. >> women are always better. you should have learned that by now.
6:54 am
>> yes. >> hold the javelin really flat. your back foot almost like 45 degrees out. push off your back foot and straight up over top. >> yes! yes! >> nice. >> there you go. >> nice. >> now we're going to measure -- we're going to measure now. >> danella gets easily excited, if you couldn't tell. >> she had good form, great enthusiasm. you are a team player, team spirit. >> although i was the worst, right? >> no. >> you did very nicely. >> you were advanced baz you got it actually into the ground. >> nobody got hurt. >> there you go. >> we all survived. >> the little head thing you do, is that to stretch it. >> that's when you feel good
6:55 am
after you do it. >> all right. >> they did teach us, as amateurs, the idea was for it to land flat. not for it to stick in the ground. and we've got the official results in of how we did. danella got hers 30 feet 10 inches. we measured for you. eun, 37 feet and 7 inches. >> never mind. >> tom, 48 feet 2 inches. jason welling on the from george mason, 140 feet 7 inches. he wasn't even trying that hard. >> the olympic record is 90.57 meter, or 297 feet. which i was relatively close to. actually. >> by 100 feet. >> thanks for your fun comments on facebook and for being good sports with us. >> we had a good time out there. you can look forward to, we dit a little shot putt, the hurdles and other things. all of that to come as we move to the olympics. >> stay tuned. tom? >> we are doing the umbrella
6:56 am
throw later today. you're going to need it now though. don't throw it yet. we have a few showers popping up southern maryland now. the greater chance of any more rain will be the afternoon and theching. heavy downpour, thunder and lightning. more of the same wednesday and thursday. >> that is "news4 today." thank you for starting your day with us. >> the "today" show is next. we'll be back in 25 minutes
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