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tv   News 4 at 5  NBC  July 31, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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>> very calm. usually always in the right spot. likes to think the game. >> so reminiscent of kerri and misty, the u.s. two-time defending gold medalists. he knows how to make those big plays when it really counts. respond to that first set loss. >> already 16 digs for rogers to go with 18 kills. >> monster numbers. >> now phil dalhausser ready to crank it up. herrera. and herrera fizzles one by. >> every time we see herrera come back after a time-out, after a side switch, he's got a little more pep. gets that rest, gets that
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refocus. >> gavira at the net. herrera playing defense. and rogers down the line. it's so hard not to break on rogers. you have to really be disciplined if you're the defender. once you break, you're dead. watch herrera back here. takes one move. right there. you start the wrong way, you can't recover. >> todd rogers, he's seen that peripherally. >> herrera over the top. rogers thought dalhausser was going to take it. and it drops in no man's land. 15 kills for herrera. rogers and herrera battling.
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and herrera says, nope, can't make it on that one. >> so different than the japan match we covered the other day. there's such a rhythm to this team. when people serve todd rogers, he's the best passer out here. passing to the best setter. and then such control. the match two days ago was chaos. phil passing all over the place. todd not as good a setter. such a different rhythm tonight. >> 16-9, the americans. and that serve out of bounds. >> phil dalhausser torn in two directions tonight. on one, he wants to get that jump serve rolling. he wants to get it hitting for the rest of the tournament. on the other side, probably the smart play is to keep the ball into herrera and not go for too much. >> dalhausser, the set off the net. and rogers rolls it out of bounds. so rogers now 20 kills in 35 attempts.
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they've committed 11 errors. uncharacteristic. the crowd having a good time here. rogers and herrera working hard. and the cut shot has not been there tonight. usually a brilliant shot. one of todd's best. >> what the spaniards did is exactly what the americans have been doing. they've served todd rogers short, take away the approach. and then you're right. that cut shot usually so golden. he's been hitting it short. he's got to miss long on that. >> after a big runup by the americans, spain has come back. scored 7 of 10 here. herrera. dalhausser's got it. look out below. gavira with a dig! dalhausser trying again, nobody up, and he puts it away. i'm a little surprised at rogers and dalhausser.
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why wouldn't they -- when they serve rogers short, why can't he just pop that up to dalhausser there and have him hit on two? >> he told me that's something they've been working on. i think the issue is they have to commit to it. you can see in that rally, todd's passing is already backing up, thinking he's going to hit. he's got to sell out and make it so that phil's got to hit on two. >> rogers and dalhausser tells us they weren't comfortable doing that in beijing. but they felt more comfortable doing it here. they've worked on it, as kevin detailed. and herrera looks completely spent. 18-12. i'm sure he's thinking now, save my energy. let's get it to that third and final set, and i'll try to trcrk it up and maybe we can surprise them in the third set. dalhausser blocks it. gavira cuts it.
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>> gavira is such a fun player to watch. he did not play volleyball growing up. he was actually a junior champion bochycalled pancake. a game they use iron balls to hit a smaller ball. much like bochy ball. at 17 he was the second ranked player in all of spain. someone asked him one time, what is it like playing with herrera? he said it's an honor to play with him. but it should be an honor to play with me because i will make him the vice president of patanke. vice president. 19-13. the americans have played a much better second set. first set was disaster. give spain credit. they came out and surprised the americans. rogers with the dig. herrera, whoa!
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and herrera souffles one into the cheap seats, but he got the touch. so a point. >> the knuckle, so much control. then phil dalhausser actually in the net at the end of that play. >> so no touch detected? >> but in the net. >> maybe a mini touch. didn't matter. it's a point. 19-14, americans trying to wrap up the second set. rogers at the net. and grinding it out is pablo herrera. >> so fun to watch. we talked about penaripa. the style of volleyball. all about the control. look at the bottom of the jump and seeing where the other team is. >> 19-15. americans not out of the woods yet. they need a kill. rogers. to gavira. and he puts it away.
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americans are sitting on a time-out. they better use it soon. spain on a bit of a run here. >> one of the dangers, this is not a team that panics. if anything, they underplay things. and sometimes they may wait too long to call a time-out. >> todd rogers, much like phil jackson. old lakers ball coach. doesn't like to call time-outs. thinks it's a sign of weakness as rogers spikes it through. >> the difference between this second game and the first, he's bringing out the fast ball that he didn't bring in that first set loss. >> so the first set point for the americans. todd rogers and phil dalhausser. rogers will serve it. so a good rotation for the americans with dalhausser at the net. short serve, no.
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and herrera shanks it under the net. and that is it. so a big win in the second set for the americans. but spain still has a chance as we'll set up for set number three to decide this match. one of the things that todd rogers does well is utilize his line shot. good look at it right here, kevin. >> so good. sets it up with a fast ball. you can see the defender running to the right and slapping it down the line. really good peripheral vision. for the americans, i think the key is two things. phil dalhausser has to keep that set off the net. rogers has been having a hard time when the set is too close and the block can grab the ball. todd rogers on the other hand, he needs to bring the fast ball out. sometimes he's getting a little too cute when he should be bringing power. and the other side, the spanish,
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it's all going to be about how does pablo herrera come out in the third set. how is the knee looking and whether he's going to be able to use the craftiness to overcome the physical disability. >> rogers and dalhausser, herrera and gavira. u.s. and spain, both been defeated. czechoslovakia. one set to 15. win by two. the americans, the second seeded team in the olympics. spain at 11. expect herrera to crank it up. he's a gamer. he will start serving gavira at the net. here we go. rogers. and rogers puts it away. spain trying to back off and dig. and rogers. >> you see the play -- the plan is to go short to rogers again. but i like what rogers starting
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off with. start off with the fast ball. establish the power game. >> rogers the serve. a short serve back to herrera. gavira goes on two. rogers with the dig. and he snaps it down! so todd rogers doing what he does best. digging lips in the back court. >> that's a special play that he's even ready for that. the serve goes to herrera. looks to be three contacts. instead gavira, i love that play going on two. rogers aware and ready for it. >> credit a nice bump set by phil dalhausser. now herrera. so herrera is going to give it everything he's got here in the third and final set. he had the knee injury. he sat out. it swells up after every match. but at this point spain has to go for it. swelling or not. the right knee of pablo herrera.
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gavira goes to dalhausser. and dalhausser taps it in the corner. so dalhausser, i believe, looks much better than he did two nights ago against japan. a little bit more rhythm. a little bit more feeling. >> got some of the nerves out. also not as much wind tonight. it's been a much more ball control game rather than a game of error. >> 3-1, united states. dalhausser. rips it! gavira, good pass. and he knocked o eed it out. dalhausser brought his hand down. gavira perhaps looking for the touch. didn't get it. so a side change. this is the third and final set. united states and spain battling here. spain won the first set. the americans big in set number two. and the usa with a 4-1 lead on
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the first side change. so drama tonight on the olympic court. phil dalhausser continues to serve. and he's got it! the ace. >> this american team, when they play with urgency, is the best. that's three aces from phil dalhausser. >> 5-1, our score. and spain calls the quick time-out. we'll come back -- comebacks in this tournament have been plentiful. interesting note, 14 of the 19 three-set matches won by the team losing the first set, which is what todd rogers and phil dalhausser have done. >> look at the spray going on. one of the reasons why herrera's able to get back out and feel better, that's the cooling spray
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that actually works on inflammation. >> i've seen that used in the nba. the don't hurt no more spray. herrera and gavira trying to hang with the americans. you can see todd and phil much more animated now. >> and you can see what he wants phil to do is he wants to keep that right hand on the line. but press the left hand into the angle on herrera. let's look for that. >> so a little bit of blocking maybe for phil. keep the hands spread. try to take both angles. >> on a play like that, the hit for herrera is off the head right down the middle. >> would he be able to try that? we'll see. 5-1. terrific right down the middle to dalhausser. over the top, dalhausser retrieves. rogers keeps it in play. another attempt for pablo herrera. and herrera somehow got that
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through. >> what he's doing tonight is so difficult. he's making it look easy. but it's only because he's got such skills and such vision. able to change that arm speed all the time. here he just gets phil on the way up. >> incredibly gutsy performance by herrera. 5-2, united states. rogers. and gavira dives. chance for a point on transition! rogers, and gavira taps it down, the freebie. >> actually herrera cutting it out even more. see that knuckle. see that course vision. such touch. that's so hard to do. on the beach we're not allowed like indoor to use an open handed ding. you have to go with the knuckle. short and deep with the knuckle. >> herrera 21 kills on 45 attempts. he's got ten digs and two blocks. americans by two. rogers off the net. and another cut shot into the
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net. rogers struggling with that shot, and spain catching up quickly. three in a row. >> back to back off each shot that have been ineffective. the problem is as he looks to go to the fast ball now, spain is probably looking for just that shot as well. >> they're playing him for the shot. let's see if herrera drops this time. nope. he stays up. he's into the net. rogers went back to the cut shot. and this one went over. and that would have been down. in olympic beach volleyball, you're not allowed to touch the net at any time. herrera in there big time. >> so intriguing to see him go back to the shot that just didn't work. hardly anyone able to do that out there. you have to have so much confidence in your read and your ability. >> 6-4, usa. another short serve to herrera.
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and over the top, rogers pokes it over. gavira on two. got it! i like what gavira is doing. any time he can, trying to help out his partner and go on two. >> and his partner's committing to that play, right? that's something todd could learn from this. here on the play, he is splitting them up. he's not even taking an gavira,t here. >> numbers adding up for both teams. 6-5, united states. spain with the serve. and the serve is there. rally scoring, that service error really costs you a point. in the old days of side-out scoring, that was just a side-out for the americans. but no point. you like rally scoring generally? >> love it. >> certainly moves the game along. makes it intense right from the start. >> and it's easy to understand.
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>> gavira, just out of bounds. and another point for the united states. >> that point set up from the phil dalhausser serve. volleyball is a lot like real estate. it's all about location, location. and the serve makes for some bad locations on spiking. >> now, dalhausser, who likes to serve his jumper right down the middle, and hard. there it is. too long. if you're wondering, the court is 52 feet long and 26 feet wide. and the net height for men is 7 feet, 11 5/8 inches, if you're keeping score at home. 8-6. rogers, got it. off gavira. out of bounds. so the americans make the side change at 9-6. >> another transition.
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the set now to the middle. todd rogers taking that set earlier out on the right hand side. this is his plan "b." midstream adjust. always good to have that back-up plan. >> there is no technical time-out in the third set. but each team has one at its disposal. down the line, rogers. dalhausser, cut shot, yes! phil dalhausser, by the post an acrobatic play. >> off a great dig from rogers, sets it up with a short serve. makes the great run. and then even though the net shakes, you're allowed to make that play. after you contact the ball, you can run into the pole like phil does right here. >> 10-6, united states. >> look for the short serve once again to herrera. >> herrera gets it. and he rams it, looking for the touch, no. out of bounds. another point.
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herrera is giving it his all. but the americans now on a 5-1 scoring run. >> that swing, he's actually going for the hands of dalhausser. just misses it long. >> relentless serving. to herrera. who cuts it back. lucky for herrera, and some of the older players in the tournament, that there is a day off in between to recover and rehab and ice, therapy. >> but if six weeks hasn't been enough, can't think that a day and a half is going to be enough either. >> yeah, good point. 11-7. rogers. keeps it in play. joust. and the americans into the net this time. >> once again, rogers making a play that's pretty standard. a little more difficult. he doesn't pass well, and then phil compounds the error with
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that tight set. >> spain still back by just three. going to 15. another tight set. rogers, and dalhausser works its up. and dalhausser says, my bad. phil is considered -- he's certainly the best big man setter on the beach. and maybe the best setter period. but his sets way too tight tonight. >> there are two different standards on setting. two things you're focusing on. one is the release. you want to make sure it's a legal release. the second one is the location. his release has been great. location, not so much tonight. >> 12-8. the united states by four. now dalhausser. herrera. and pins it deep. you can do a lot. if you have shots and you have
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some knowledge, you have some experience, you can get by. >> and he has all three of those. plus he has a silver medal, so he shows he's a pressure situation player. >> 12-9. rogers. going on two is dalhausser. so dalhausser a little bit anxious, i believe, about todd's hitting. but he's also a little bit anxious about his own setting. tried to go on two. and suddenly spain within two. so a bit of nervous time for the americans. 4-1 scoring run. another tight set! and spain with the block! >> one of the knocks on phil's setting is he does not get his feet to the ball. you see him leaning into it and falling down. if he took a couple of quicker steps, he could go straight up and down and keep that set off the net. >> the americans with a time-out coming. todd rogers, the player coach for rogers and dalhausser, has
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seen enough. the americans will sit down, still up by one, but struggling. >> if i'm the spaniards i keep the pressure on todd. you've got to serve tough, though. because the key is making phil dalhausser move his feet to set the ball. on the other side, if i'm todd roj rs, i'm going to pass a little higher. i'm going to try to get my big guy some time to get under the ball and phil dalhausser has to keep the set off the net. >> united states one of the favored teams here in london. alison and emanuel the top seeded team from brazil, they have been brilliant so far. germany in pool c, they are undefeated. jake gibb and sean rosenthal, number one team in the world in 2012, had a hiccup last night, losing to poland. so that pool is troubled. the dutch in pool "e" looking good at 2-0.
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finally, pool "f," santos undee feeted. the americans, perhaps the biggest play of the match right here. 12-11, united states. looking for some offense. rogers, and it's dug! and gavira can't get there. >> textbook play for the u.s. perfect pass. phil dalhausser gets his feet to the ball. stops his feet, sets it high and then something we've been talking about all night long, todd rogers brings the fast ball. >> 13-11 now. united states trying to close out. they'll send dalhausser to the net. herrera expecting to get the ball. he does. rogers with the left. herrera stumbling, and he puts it away anyway!
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grinding it out. >> mistake for phil to drop off the net. todd rogers really in a good defensive zone. stay up there, frame the block and give your defender a chance to make the play. >> phil caught in no man's land. so now spain will serve on a chance to tie. third set, play to 15, win by two. crowd has come alive. they sense drama. rogers. he's blocked! still in play! into the corner, score! and the spaniards are hot! >> tight set leads to the block. the spanish stop play here in the net. you can't do that. they froze, arguing to the refs. then you'll see he's late getting to the ball. >> they thought there was a
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lift. they are blowing up here. >> have to be very careful. they already got warning. >> was it a lift or not? >> perfect pass. dalhausser gets his feet there. this is the play here. not a lift, but a double. it hits rogers on the chest and then the arms. you cannot touch the ball two times successively. >> rogers trying to scoop that up in an awkward way. and i think the united states got a break there. >> you have to finish the play. wait until the whistle blows. they had a chance to make that. >> so spain stopped playing for just a moment, and it could cost them. we'll see. united states with its first match point. crowd booing. they don't like it. herrera. cross court, yes. and the crowd now has turned on
5:26 pm
the americans. and they are pulling for the spaniards. the underdogs. >> this is a spanish team that feeds on emotion. they've been going to todd rogers. he's been solving it. but phil dalhausser has to keep the set off the net. >> here we go. second match point. united states could end it right here. rogers, for the win. got it! the united states hangs on! and defeats spain two sets to one. despite a gritty effort by silver medalist pablo herrera and his partner, adrian gavira. >> and he is not happy. he hasn't gone over to the officials to shake their hand. he threw his hat in disgust. going to pick it up now. >> gavira shaking hands with the officials. not sure if herrera will go there. there's gavira.
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herrera, and he is yelling at the officials. and i don't blame him. it's a shame the match has to have a noncall right at the end. but the spanish players have no one to blame. i guess they do in the officials. but they stopped playing, and that's one of the cardinal rules of volleyball. continue to play until the ball is dead. >> so many times these players, they try to politic with the refs. they try to applicate their side. but the best time to do that is after the ball has been decided. the play has been decided. you can't do it in the middle of the play like that. >> so the united states hangs on. losing the first set, they rallied in set number two. and pablo herrera continues to berate the officials. one more time. let's take a look.
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rogers blocked here. and he is going to scoop it up. kevin? >> right there it hits his chest and then his arm. and then you see herrera in disgust. >> so the united states gets a break. and they take advantage of it. it is still going out -- still going on here on the olympic court. spain in misery. the united states hangs on, 15-13. >> all right, chris. so a dramatic comeback win for the defending olympic champions, todd rogers and phil dalhausser at horse guards parade in beach volleyball. that'll do it for our daytime crew here in london. olympic primetime with bob costas is coming up in just about 2 1/2 hours. don't forget to download the nbc olympics app and follow this evening's broadcast on your smartphone or tablet with a
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primetime companion feature. al michaels, dan patrick and the gang. we'll talk to you tomorrow from london. this is the plan for back to school. introducing share everything, only from verizon. a shareable pool of data
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to power up to 10 different devices. add a smartphone like the samsung galaxy siii, so everyone in your family can enjoy unlimited talk and text. the first plan of its kind. share everything. get your student a samsung galaxy nexus for $99.99. leading news station this is news 4 at 5:00. social media is spoiling the result of the olympic games, what some are doing to avoid the outcomes before it is shown on nbc. >> today the mystery in the sky unveiled. good evening. administstorms are moving i
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area. storm 4 meteorologist how much longer is this going to last? >> we are looking at rain coming through parts of the region. that rain we are seeing very heavy rain out of that. that rain into portions of northern virginia and in towards maryland. the heaviest storm right over prince william county here. these storms also have history of hail reported around the sterling area. all seeing hail. now towards northern portions of montgomery county in towards howard county. that heavy rain will continue. strongest storm right now beginning to move in towards fairfax county. i will continue to keep you posted on all of the storms over the next hour and a half. the storms may have sparked a small blaze. firefighters got a call this afternoon about possible
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lightning strikes at this house in the 1700 block of 18th street northwest. there were flames shooting through the roof. a community is trying to come to grips with an awful crime. a 32-year-old man apparently killed his wife and two year old daughter before he took his own life. this happened this morning on candle light court. pat collins reports. >> reporter: how can you murder a two-year-old little girl? your own daughter. today this upscale home became a house of horror. a man goes on a killing rampage and then tries to burn the place down. family and friends embracing and hugging each other as they try to work through the grief of this double murder suicide. on a court named candlelight in
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a development named fairview estates police say a man murdered his 31-year-old wife, murdered his two-year-old daughter and then set fire to his house before shooting and killing himself. the gunman identified as 32-year-old frank hayward jr. joe is his next door neighbor. >> very good neighbor. >> reporter: for this to happen? >> it is shocking for me. >> reporter: 12-year-old frank hayward iii survived. they say he is in critical condition. jacob swik is a close friend. he and his father showed up at the scene and with his dad's permission i talked to jacob. >> he tells people about how his parents are in fights a lot and how sometimes he gets mad at his
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parents. rrth police say there was an adult relative who got out unhurt. they didn't say how that came to be. this happened around 8:30 this morning. police got a call and responded like it was a hostage situation. neighbor patrick davis saw the cops make the move. >> there was an armored vehicle that sat there for a while and then pulled all the way up to the front door. >> reporter: what investigators found inside this house they will not soon forget. >> it is horrible. i have seen a few in my s.w.a.t. team days. these are the worst case scenarios. you want to do something to help and there was nothing else we could have done. >> reporter: this couple has a long history of domestic problems. more on that coming up at 6:00. in calvert county i'm pat collins news 4. a passenger died when a
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driver smashed into a tree here in chevy chase this morning. the driver lost control of the car. the driver is critically injured. millions of people watched the new golden girl, misi franklin win last night. nbc ran a promo showing her celebration after she won. nbc sports said clearly that promo should not have aired at that time. we have a process in place and this will not happen again. we apologize to the viewers who were watching and didn't know the results of that race. >> so how are people finding and avoiding who won the olympics before nbc's prime time coverage? twitter, facebook and text alerts are giving us the results before nbc is showing the events. christ gordon tells us how
5:36 pm
people are enjoying the games. >> spoiler alerts. most people we spoke with today say they want to hear the stories of the competitors and see the drama unfold and root for their favorites without knowing if they are going to win or have their dreams dashed. when you couple modern technology with delayed tv broadcasts it can be a challenge. union jacks says their tv screens are showing all olympic games. they are attracting fans that want information. >> i would prefer not to know. i would like to treat it like it is live. >> when i do watch the olympics it doesn't bother me to know the results ahead of time. i like to watch a competition even if i do know. >> reporter: you don't block social media? >> i do not. if it is an event i am interested in i will seek out the results. >> reporter: and then there are those that want results but not
5:37 pm
at the expense of olympic drama. >> i check online through my iphone or on the internet, on the computer or looking at the games on the television. >> reporter: do you want to know the results before you see it on tv? >> i wouldn't watch it if i knew the results. >> reporter: social media loves spreading the news but it can come at a cost. this tweet says spoiler alert. >> i had my niece in town and it was exciting. yesterday i learned everything in advance and it was like okay. great. gold medal. not as exciting. >> reporter: sometimes it is not technology but a slip of the lip. justin lang said it happened when his wife returned home from work last night. >> i said did you hear franklin won the gold? she said are you kidding me? i hadn't been paying attention all day for that reason.
5:38 pm
the race was so close that it bummed both of us out. >> reporter: did you watch it anyhow? >> absolutely. >> reporter: do you think it diminished her enjoyment? >> no it was still a mail biter. today michael phelps competed in the 200 meterer butterfly. tonight the race will be shown on nbc. late this afternoon as swimming results began coming into our news room someone yelled don't look if you don't want to know. i'm not saying. >> it came on my black berry. and i said it to my producer and started screaming don't tell me. it's dangerous these days. information makes you crazy. the women's gymnastics final highlights starting at 8:00 tonight. we will have michael phelps for you and the 200 meter butterfly. don't miss the action tonight from 8:00 until midnight and a
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special edition of news 4 at 11:00. i already know don't tell brett. he screamed at me. i was like did you know -- >> i heard it. coming up at 5:00. the dangers of children exposed to radiation. our special report ahead. >> reporter: an up close look of what we
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not a good day for beach volleyball here outdoors. >> especially right downtown. the metro area got hit hard by showers and storms and hail. had a lot of lightning, as well. want to show you what we shot from chopper 4 as the rain came through. you can see the rain shaft coming down around the metro region. we saw it coming right across d.c. and across the white house. got a report around china town. talking about pouring down
5:43 pm
rainfall. got a couple of reports of hail. out there still raining in parts of the region. 84 degrees the current temperature. winds out of the southeast at about 9 miles per hour. temperatures around the rest of the region. you can tell where the rain it. 72 in winchester after rain cooled air there. here is where the rain is now. you can see numerous showers and storms. most of us have remained on the dry side today but a lot of us saw the rainfall. i'm talking about areas right around metro d.c. d.c. was under one big thunderstorm earlier. still storms through fredrick county and northern portions of montgomery county. this is probably one of the strongest storms. intense lightning. i don't have lightning on there right now. watch what happens when i put the lightning on. boom. there it it is around
5:44 pm
centerville. also just south of the city of fairfax making its way towards the north. watch out around the rusten area. damascus, mount airy seeing very heavy rain. this heavy rain will persist for a good 15 to 20 minutes before it begins to move off. never drive through flooded roadways as the rain continues to come down. warm temperatures here with showers and a few thunderstorms today. tomorrow same scenario. very warm with scattered showers and thunderstorms. not everybody is going to see them but if you do see them they may be quite strong with very heavy down pours. thursday a little bit better as far as rain chances go. i do think the heat is going to return during the day on thursday and into friday as we get back into the 90s. towards the next couple of daying 88 degrees tomorrow with a good chance of showers and storms. thursday just hot, a high of 89
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degrees. 94 on friday. saturday coming in with a high temperature of 96 degrees and right now i'm thinking temperatures are going to stay on the warm side as we make our way through sunday, monday and into tuesday, as well. we have hot temperatures coming up and rain, as well. biggest chance will be tomorrow. new studies find that children who are exposed to radiation from high tech imaging like ct scans are more likely to develop cancer laterer in life. hospitals are working to minimize the exposure without sacrificing the quality of health care. >> i got a booboo from a car accident. >> reporter: when he suffered a severe brain injury from a car crash knew he would have a lot to come. he didn't want him to be exposed to radiation.
5:46 pm
>> we already have so many issues to deal with and to have one more additional thing to deal with that was definitely a big concern. >> reporter: at least 4 million u.s. children undergo ct scans every year. researchers say about 1/3 of the tests could be replaced by scans that don't use radiation like mris and ultrasounds. since ct scans are quick many doctors often opt for ct. >> the major concerns are that radiation may have secondary cancers. >> reporter: researchers have found links between ct scans and cancer. one study showed children under the age of 18 with two to three scans of the head had three times greater risk for brain cancer and lueukemia.
5:47 pm
>> the child has a longer life expectancy. you maybe take another 20 to 40 years to redevelop. >> although studies may sound alarming doctors say used appropriately ct scans can be life saving and parents shouldn't be afraid of them. >> they should ask the question is this necessary. >> reporter: he is the chief physicist at hopkins working to develop a program to minimize kids' exposure to radiation including using quiet rooms to calm kids down before the mris. >> i was so brave. >> reporter: he has now under gone two mris without a problem and his mother says she is thankful. >> i think the whole idea of safe imaging and making people
5:48 pm
aware of the kinds of things to reduce any exposure to unwanted thing i think is helpful. >> reporter: news 4. >> a lot of these recent studies were looking at kids who got the scans ten to 15 years ago and the technology has improved greatly since then. machines are using much lower doses of radiation. we have another weather warning out there. where are we talking about? >> fairfax county including the city of fairfax and around 123 and then right towards fairfax and including areas like oakton in about 30 minutes this storm moving at about 10 miles per hour. a lot of rain associated with this. a lot of lightning associated with this with potential of rains upwards of 40, 50 and 60 miles per hour. heads up around fairfax in about the next 15 to 20 minutes this storm will be on top of you.
5:49 pm
right now right over 123 around the fairfax station area. coming up next it was
5:50 pm
5:51 pm
germs may be lurking in your hotel room. do you really want to know? a black light will reveal everything. liz crenshaw shows us some house keeping crews are using these black lights and other high tech tools to spot and sanitize their guest rooms. don't miss shining the light on hotel germs tonight on news 4 midnight after the olympics. workers with paid sick leave
5:52 pm
may be healthier than those without it. a new study chose access with paid sick leave are 25% less likely to get hurt on the job. stressed employees that continue to work may be tired or on medicines that cause drowsiness. people who work in construction, manufacturing and health care industries appear to benefit the most. we are still penn state what students rallied around their football team this morning at the beginning of the team's first workout of the new season. a crowd clapped, cheered and carried banners. this is the first workout since the ncaa imposed sanctions on the school in the wake of the jerry sandusky scandal. quite the pickle of a commute for drivers after a crash wound up with cucumbers all over the beltway.
5:53 pm
virginia state police tell us the driver of a car hit a truck while changing lanes and that truck went after a tractor-trailer which hit an suv and overturned spilling cucumbers around the westbound lanes. no one was seriously injured. relief is coming from northern virginia drivers. v dot reached a contract to start the work on the express hot lanes. construction starts next month. it should be completed by late 2014. the entire project expected to cost $925 million. people were rattled by yet another earthquake shortly after 1:00 this morning. 2.4 magnitude hit around 6 miles southeast of mineral where the 5.8 quake hit last august. no reports of injury or damage from today's shaker. some called it the beltway
5:54 pm
ufo. an up close l
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
you're watching news 4 at 5:00. today we got a closer look at that alleged ufo on the
5:57 pm
beltway last month. you will recall facebook and twitter went crazy. it was actually a drone. drones have been around since the 1930s. we get the latest from melissa. >> reporter: it looked like a space ship. it was shrouded in secrecy. it had drivers tweeting, scratching their heads dubbing it the beltway ufo wondering what is that. that was an unmanned aircraft. now at the naval air station our closest look yet. there are only two in the world. both are here for testing. they capture images and can fly above 40,000 feet. >> this aircraft flies itself. it takes off by itself. it flies around the preplanned mission and will come back and land all on its own. it is controlled via keyboard and mouse.
5:58 pm
there is no direct stick and throttle control like a manned aircraft. >> reporter: come fall this will be the first drone stationed out at sea. >> what is unique about this aircraft is nobody has ever operated an unmanned system on an aircraft carrier. >> reporter: it is a system that could be fitted with weapons. take a look behind me. it has no tail. it has fold up wings and much shorter and wider than your standard drone so it could more easily fit on an aircraft carrier. >> for an aviator it is an odd looking airplane. >> reporter: this one took its first east coast flight on sunday. on the tarmac controlled by this device and from the air by computer. it is smaller in person than you might imagine. both came from edwards air force base. right now they are just demonstration drones. does it make you cringe when
5:59 pm
people call it ufo? >> it doesn't make be cringe. it is unmanned flying object. it is just not unidentified. >> now we know this $1.5 million drone program runs through 2014. they could end up on display at the smithsonian. now at 6:00 we are on storm watch tonight. live in london a big night for team usa. michael phelps going for a record. the women's gymnastics team going for the gold. we are getting a new look at the man who kidnapped cal ripken's mother. >> a child rescued from a car on a hot summer day. we will begin with developing news after another round of storms. a light


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