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tv   News 4 at 6  NBC  August 1, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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. boxes of ammunition in his croften apartment.
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ne that neil prescott charged with misuse of a telephone, a misdemeanor. ch charged that way, because maryland doesn't have a felony threat law. state's attorney angela brook says she wanted to do more. >> i believe when people threaten violence, especially in this day and age, he ought to facing felony charges, not just misdemeanor charges. >> reporter: it was last week that neil prescott, who they say was in the process of getting fired, called the pitney-bowes office, said he was the joker and threatened to blow everybody up. that came on the heels in the mass shooting in colorado, where
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a man with hair colored like the joker killed 12 people and wounded 58 others at the showing of the new batman movies. and police moved quickly to get him sent away for a mental evaluation. >> it's hard to measure what you prevented, but all the elements were here. that we believe that a tragedy was averted in this case. >> the prosecutor says all of prescott's weapons were obtained legally, but if convicted of this telephone charge, he would be prevented from legally owning a gun. his mental evaluation could also disqualified him from legal gun ownership. >> we're not walking away from this individual, by any means. >> reporter: prosecutor alsobrooks says she'll try to get lawmakers to pass a felony threat law. live in upper marlboro, pat
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collins, news4. thanks, pat. police are trying to figure out who made a pipe bomb that exploded in blacksburg, virginia. it appeared early this morning just a few blocks from the virginia tech university camp tuesday. investigators say the bomb exploded in a residential neighborhood and did a lot of damage to an suv there. police in blacksburg and bureau of alcohol, tobacco and fire articles are investigating. people who live in that neighborhood are still a bit shaken up. >> well, it's very scary, and this is just simply an incident we don't need. >> investigators say it doesn't appear to be connected to virginia tech in any way. the family of a maryland woman who disappeared in aruba will hold a service in her memory tonight.
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giordano spent several months in a prison in aruba in connection with gardner's disappearance, but a judge released him for lack of evidence. gardner's body has never been found. fire units rushed to the scene and rescued people who were trap. there were no reports of injuries. the monsoon season runs june 13th through. doug is keeping an eye on conditions at this hour. right now a pretty nice shot with winds out of the south. temperatures around the rest of the region, they're looking a lot like this all around the region right now 89 in fredericksburg, but only 69 up
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towards martins burg into west virginia. that's because we have a couple strong storms coming through the panhandle of west virginia just to the north and east along i-81. so if you live around win chest erbil. a lot of lightning associated with the storms. i'll come back later to talk about the storm threat through the rest of the evening, plus just how high our temperatures will go through the weekend. we are in the fifth full day of the 2012 olympics. look at the torch in london tonight. that's where some of the competition was marred by a bit of a scandal. eight athletes have been kicked out. we have more on that and the rest of the day's events. >> good evening, jump. front page news, chinese accused
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of match fixing. too punishment was swift. >> scandal at the olympics. four doubles team in badminton. they were disqualified after being accused of intentional throwing matches. a very clear message has been sent to oath athletes that we expect sporting behavior and proper competition. >> reporter: that was on display today at hampton court palace, the cycling time trial, where kristin armstrong won her second won sec tiff gold medal. it was the usa's tenth gold of the games, on a day when host nation great britain won its first, in the women's rowing pair. princes william and harry were on hand to lead the nation's
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celebration. >> we came here to win a medal. we just went and did our jobs. >> reporter: not faring as well venus williams, eliminated in straight sets in singles, she still has a shot at a record gold metal when she pairs up with her sister venus. . but the morning asp with michael phelps moved forward. not moving as well, the mayor of london, who got stuck on a zipline. this is a day of jubilation. they're on the board. god save the queen. had to give you some idea of how freaked out britons were that they didn't have a gold medal today. here's another headline, but
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finally the gold drought is over. jim, back to you. >> mark, thanks. stiff upper list as they say. tonight the gold will be in the men's gymnastics all around. and how a series of missteps has given team usa an opportunity for a bit of redemption. what's old is new in the heart of d.c.'s adams morgan neighborhood. the building was first opened in the mid 1980s, but had fallen into disrepair. three years ago residence we are relocated, now the building reopens with a mix of traditional public house, along with units that prepare residents for home ownership. half of these united states are going to help families who want to become homeowners be trained and nurtured into becoming a homeowner.
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i'm grateful to be here. i love the way it's growing, and thank ugh to every who brought me back home. now to a tax showdown on capitol hill, a substitute amendment introduced by house democrats has failed to win approval. the vote came moments ago. the democrats' plan is identical to a bill senate democrats passed last week, and the president supports. steve handelsman is on capitol hill with more. steve? >> republicans win, but this vote was not really aimed at december 31st. after which, if nothing is done, automatically everybody's taxes are set to go up, something that nobody here wants. instead today's vote was aimed at november 6th, the election. so was today's campaign swing by the president. >> ohio is a keep state, and as
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president obama arrived, a new poll showed him six points ahead of mitt romney, who the president hammered on taxes. >> he's asking you to pay more, so that people like him can get a big tax cut. >> it's the number one obama theme. keep tax rates the same, but hike taxes on families making more than a quarter million. democrat eclawmakers backed the president. >> it is high time that we started making the tax code fair for those who work hard and play by the rules. >> but republicans voted to keep all rates unchanged. >> now is not the time to engineer fairness. now is the time for us to keep taxes low. but that can't pass the senate. how speaker boehner complained
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that twoiers president obama wanted all rates the same. >> economic growth is worse now, but now campaigning for a tax hike on small businesses that ernst & young says will cost 700,000 jobs. >> reporter: out campaigning to end tax cuts for the rich and take a shot at his opponent? >> in order to afford just one $250,000 tax cut for something like mr. romney, 125 families like yours would have to pay another $2,000 in taxes each and every year. >> it would be the same theme tomorrow in virginia and in florida where the president is also running six points ahead. >> reporter: after the election and it's sure there won't be anything definitive, congress has just seven weeks to make a deal to prevent everybody's taxes from going up on the first day of 2013 they include a
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controversy atman dade starting today, businesses must make sure their company's health plans provide free contraception services for female employees. insurers are also required to provide welfare checkups, plus screenings to counseling for domestic violence. like the contraception services, the wellness checks and screenings must be free of charge. coming up, a visit to a fast-food restaurant today may reveal your stand on same-sex marriage. there was a holdup on one 7-eleven store after another. a scare in the aisles of a drugstore led to an unusual takedown at the back door. olympic fever is spreading. jung nim nasties are excited. i love you guys.
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thank you for following my road
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. the largest blackout in the world is now over. traffic signals are working again, trains are running in india. more than half that country, 670
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million people, were in the dark for two days. india's power minister said local governments caused the failure by using more than their allotments of electricity. the country's president is promising to put power infratrier programs on the fast track. for some today, lunch represented more than a chance to grab a bite to eat. chick-fil-a is at the center of a debate after remarks by the company's president. well, some customers are boycotting, others are making a special ever to show support. >> reporter: chick-fil-a precious day. some customers came to express support for traditional marriage. >> the fact that marriage should be between a man and a woman. >> reporter: that's why you're here today. >> yes, i am. >> reporter: a religious or political view? >> a religious and political view. >> reporter: this is a larger than usual crowd. not everyone here is to express
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their political support. >> while though i don't agree necessarily with what he said, i think everybody is entitled to their own opinion. >> reporter: the controversy doled after dan cathy said we are very much supportive of the family. it's to treat every person with honor, dignity and respect. going forward, our intent is to leave the policy debate over same-sex marriage to the government, and political arena. mayors in boston, chicago and washington, d.c. said they don't want chick-fil-a to expand to their city. >> there's no place for people who are homophobic here in the district of columbia. eugene del gaudio disagrees with the mayor. >> you're not allowed to impose your political views on companies on the left or the right, and we can't discriminate
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against a company because of their political beliefs of their executives or employees. >> reporter: some people came to support freedom of speech. >> i don't necessarily agree with it, but i'll be here on friday when the gay side comes in and does what they want to do. i support their side, too. >> reporter: this friday there will be a doctor-demonstration at chick-fil-as across the country, organized by supporters of same-sex marriage. in sterling, virginia, chris gordon news4. right now same-sex marriage is legal in six states and the district. voters will decide on a referendum in november. the transportation security administration's new deputy administrator is promising to fire screeners who violate policy. john he lynn can i testified today on a subcommittee, it was
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in response to recent incidents of misconduct, including tsa screeners sleeping on the job and accepting bribes from drug smugglers. >> i'm going to sit here and tell you i'm not going to tolerate misbehavior or criminal conduct. we will take propose action, i give i my word. >> he emphasized that fewer than 8% of travelers who contact tsa actually register complaints. doug's here with a look at our weather forecast. not too bad. >> this is exactly what we expect in late july/early august. not what we expect in january, that's for sure. >> not at all. a little tired with these late olympic nights? >> it's been tough doreen. we'll see you tonight at midnight. heat across the area after a high temperature today of 91. you can see the cloud cover out there and see the building
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cumulus. we call them cumulus-congestus clouds. our afghanistan high is 88 on this first of the month of august. july will go down as the second warmest month ever, at least in recorded history, so simply amazing. we're talking, but last year was the warmest month. 2010 the third warmest. so we're talking about extreme heat. as far as our numbers go across the rest of the region, currently sitting into the 80s, as we move on through the area. my clicker, obviously asleep at the wheel, too, as we move over toward the computer, just to make sure this continues to work out. winds out of the south right now at 7 miles per hour. we do have some showers and thunderstorms, and you can tell where those are by the temperatures. 81 in sgaters burg, 81 in
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leesburg, but only 69 right now in martins burg, west virginia. because of that, we are seeing some of that rain move right over the region. you can see exactly where that rain is, back along i-81. most of maryland okay, but frederick county, a pretty strong storm here. we'll do a couple zooms for you. this is a storm that did have a severe thunderstorm warning with it through 6:00, this is dying out now. this one is now taking on some of the strength. lewistown, around thurlmonth, a lot of lightning associated with it. no warnings with this storm, but continuing to move off to the east. down to the south, another storm right along the river here, right along quantico, and then the air base back here, and also as we look towards i-95. satellite and radar showing what we're seeing across the region. that's really about it.
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behind it, not much going on. that's going to mean good news. what is going on is the heat. 106 in wichita, 100 in st. louis, 95 in memphis. that heat is going to try to build across our area. we won't see the rain tomorrow as this front will help dry us out, but that front will allow the heat to move back in. back into the mid 90s. slight chance of a shower, most of us will stay dry. only chance will be back towards the mountains possibly. same deal goes on friday, a slight chance of shower activity, and back towards the mountains, but friday even warmer, as highs get into the mid to upper 90s. partly cloudy, warm and muggy. temperatures 82 to about 85 degrees. tomorrow morning mostly clear, nice and warm start, 64 in the cooler suburbs to about 73 in the city. tomorrow afternoon just hot and a bit humid. under light winds, the heat
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continues. but then 93 on saturday, 92 on sunday, about a 30% chance of showers and thunderstorms each day. not a washout, do not cancel any plans. if you're thinking about heading toward the beaches, it's looking good, too. tomorrow, of course, is thursday veronica johnson will be in somebody's backyard tomorrow. >> sounds good. thank you, doug. coming up tonight, a bald eagle. >> a driver is on the run after a woman was run down. and chick hernandez will introduce us to the redskins other quarterback. i got the chance to start my own business.
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i know what it's like to hire people and to make ends meet. from those experiences, i had the chance of running the olympics. the games were in real trouble. there'd been way too much spending. and in massachusetts i found a budget that was badly out of balance. our legislature was 85% democrat. and every one of the four years i was governor, we balanced the budget. i want to use those experiences to help americans have a better future. we believe in our future. we believe in ourselves. we believe the greatest days of america are ahead. i'm mitt romney and i approve this message.
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all over this country last night there were little girls who stayed up late just to watch the fab five. >> some not so little girls were staying up laid last night. the president called them to
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congratulate them on their win, and we caught up with some local gymnasts today. young gymnasts are flipping out. the sight of a gold medal-winning team usa is inspiring. these young ladies say they stayed up late to watch the competition and believe their olympic dreams are possible after watching the fab five. >> it makes me want it more. >> reporter: getting to that olympic platform takes commitment. katie has been training since he was 3 years old. the vault is her favorite event and says she's more encouraged now. >> it motivates me. if i want to be like them, i have to work hard. >> reporter: an olympic year always boosts enrollment at
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gymnastic centers, but business is booming. >> all right. okay. >> reporter: gymnast can be contagious. i got in on beginning lessons. i had a little help. >> hold, hold, hold. all right. step down. have i good. >> reporter: gymnastics is a serious commitment. watching the world's winner is a lesson in technique and perseveran perseverance. >> i like gabby douglas. she's just so confident, you can't bring her down. >> they're all just so good. i don't know, they're so amazing. >> reporter: the desire to succeed lifted by watching others hold gold. >> it inspires me a lot. i think i might be in the olympics one year. >> reporter: richard jordan, news4. tonight they will crown a winner in the men's gymnastic individual all around. the gymnast we're told is is from japan, but he seems to be a
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bit off his game. jim handly is at the super screen can more how this had be an opportunity for americans. >> team usa has had its share of missteps. >> you know, we did start off slow, and had our mistakes, but we never, ever lost that fight, never lost that usa spirit, which is always fight and always go for the ultimate gold, which is to win. >> reporter: that was danel lisl danell leva. he was born in cuba, and moved to florida. he is the 2011 world parallel bars champion, and he won his first u.s. all-around championship last year. john orozco is also one to watch. he was a black belt in tae kwon
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do by the age of 10. his dad decided to get him started in gymnastics. >> my main motivation, my main source of motivation is my family. the reason i have taken this so far is because i wanted to create a better line. >> a 19-year-old new yorkers, 5'5", with a less may that includes being the u.s. all around champ. find out took at 8:00 on news4. and you'll learn more about john on "nbc nightly news with brian williams." orozco is a gymnast who has beaten incredible odds. his story is coming up. right now at 6:30, west nile virus is back with a vengeance. the centers for disease control says more than 250 cases have been reported in 42 states. most human cases were reported in texas, oklahoma, mississippi, and four people have died.
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experts say the best way to protect yourself is to wear repellant. people should also empty anything outside that has standing water where mosquitos could breed. the man accused of threatening hi co-workers is charged with misuse of a phone. police found an arsenal of weapons at his ham lost week. prosecutors say they charged him with a misdemeanor, because in maryland, there is not a felony threat law. on capitol hill, the republican-run house is now voting on a bill that would extend income tax cuts for a year. an alternate proposal introduced by how democrats today was voted down. in ohio president obama pushed the democrats' plan which would raise taxes on the rich. as things stand, all tax cuts are set to expire in january. a woman from herndon, virginia was killed last night. police are now looking for her husband. his name is fiszun jebartios.
6:32 pm
he's the registered owner of a vehicle that's been abandoned. it's believed to have been involved in the woman's death. derrick ward has our report. >> reporter: please responded to the 600 block of center street. there were calls reporting a car crash, but the scene quickly revealed there was much more. at the scene they found a woman who had been struck by a vehicle. she was pronounced dead at the scene. >> reporter: it started here where the victim was struck and ended about a block away where is the vehicle struck several more cars, and then this took a strange twist. the driver had gotten out and run away, but please determined the camry was registered to the husband of the victim form he's been identified at 32-year-old gebretatios. >> we would like to talk to him. >> reporter: at the home there were three small children.
6:33 pm
>> very young, in good health, and they've been turned over to child protective services. >> as the car owners deal with their own losses, jose cabrera looks at it in perspective. >> a car you can fix or buy a new one, but a life is more important. >> it hurts for the people and her family, i wish it could be different. >> reporter: derrick ward, news4. we have new details on this story that have just been released. in the last half hour, police say they found the body of a man near the scene of that hit-and-run accident. that man has not yet been identi identified. a stricter drunk drive law will take effect in the district today. the maximum jail time is now 180 days. that's six months. fines are up to $1,000. the law also lowers the bleak alcohol limit for bus, taxi and truck drivers that limit is now down to 0.04. commercial drivers caught drunk also face at least five days in
6:34 pm
jail. breath tests eventually will be reinstated with new oversight. please stopped using them after finding they game inaccurate results. that was a couple years ago. for now police will be using blood and urine tests. police in the district, prince george's county and laurel are working together to figure out who robbed five 7-eleven stores overnight. they happened between 1:00 and 4:30 a.m. police in the district have released these surveillance pictures. it happened about 4:30 this morning. police say they think these two men are respond for all five of the robberies. there's been a spike in violence in southeast washington this week. a 20-year-old man is nopd after being shot in southeast overnight. the shooting happened before 2:00 this morning at bening road and g street form he's expected to be okay.
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so far nobody has been arrested. d.c. police are investigating a double shooting. this is the third shooting along alabama southeast in two days. police say two men were shot before 11:00 last night, one was shot in the head. the night before, two teenagers were shot one block away from this shooting. another man also was shot on alabama avenue. all three victims are expected to be okay. so far nobody has arrested. police aren't saying whether any of these shootings are connected. there is a peeping tom in northern virginia. police say he may be a repeat offenders. the most recent incident occurred monday night at a restaurant? boston mall in arlington. a young girl using a rest room saw a man peeping over her stall. that man ran away. police say there have been at least two other similar incidents recently. a difficult announcement for prince george's county executive. he says his wife christa has
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early-onset alzheimer's disease. she's only 52. baker revealed he is sharing the news to send a message that mental health disease is not the end nor does one need to be embarrassed or ashamed. he says his wife will continue her ceremonial responsibilities, but sometimes will need to be in more familiar surroundings. coming up on "news4 at 6," a police officers is being hailed a hero after he responded to a call about a vicious daal. an eagle stretching its wings again. what about our weather, doug? >> some showers and thunderstorms out there, including a brand-new one right here.
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gore vidal has died at the age of 86. he was a fixture on tv talk shows and gossip columns as he vacationed with the kennedys, mick jagger and paul newman. his nephew says he died of knew monday jas light night. a bald eagle is now stretching its wings. the wildlife center of virginia released the bird today. a crowd of onlookers cheered.
6:40 pm
apparently she fell out of the next too early. after months of rehabilitation, the bird is now strong enough for fend for itself. the wildlife center plans to release another eagle tomorrow in richmond. a special honor today for a baltimore city police officers who rescued a defenseless dog, officer dan waskovich got a report of a vicious dog. when he went to the scene, the dog was under attack. officer dan recognized the dog named bo wasn't going to hurt anyone. he had an instant connection with bo, and decided to adopt him a few days later. he's a great dog, full of attention and love. >> this poor dog just needed someone to love him. >> today the baltimore humane
6:41 pm
society offered him with a compassionate service award. rescue officials say his calm response probably saved bo's life. >> he looks just like my son's dog lola, as sweet as she could be. getting acknowledged for his talents off the field. and a kid from virginia got
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welcome back, everybody. postally cloudy skies out there. 88 degrees across the area, winds out of the south at 7 miles an hour. heat index 91, a bit on the warm and humid side. the clouds actually building. 80 in reston, 87, 9 in rockville. huntingtown -- the exception, gaithersburg at 79 degrees. we've seen some showers and a few thunderstorms developing, even a few heavier showers and a few very strong storms into the panhandle of west virginia. those have died out almost completely, bringing in shower then down to the south, right around centreville, just off to
6:45 pm
the east this one does have some lightning, not too strong. another one right over quantico and the marine barracks here temperatures overnight into the mid 60s. 73 inside the city, so a nice night once these clouds get out of here. tomorrow plenty of sunshine, highs in the mid 90s. heat index about 97 to 98, so the heat is going up. all right. thank you, doug. while dan is in london with the olympics my partner is telling the rest of the sports. >> stuck with me again. it's hot out there again. training camp continuing. sixth day of it now. comcast sports net's chick hernandez just finished his wind sprints for the day. [ laughter ]
6:46 pm
>> that really is laughable, isn't it, chick? >> i wouldn't be laughing if i just did a sprint. i'd be doing the sports from my backside, vance. jamal brown finally got the mri results. not bad. the sore hip does not need surgery, but the right hip is extremely sore as well. he's still on the p.u.p. list. ryan kerrigan, stephen bowen and london fletcher got a rest today. while the rest of the steam does work out today, there was a buzz around training camp. here's why. your head coach, mike shanahan was the victim last night during rookie skits. here's a coach with a couple super bowl titles. lo and behold, his fourth-round quarterback, kurt cousins did a drp-dead perfect impression of his coach that will not be soon forgotten. >> it was an inside joke. none of the stuff i said would be funny to you guys, it comes from team meetings, but i was
6:47 pm
surprised how well it was received. some of the coaches said it was the best they had seen in 20 years. >> your back upquarterback apparently did quite the impersonation of you last night. >> he did. too good. man, he had me down perfect. yeah. if you've got thick skin, you won't last in that meeting -- no, he was really good. >> he acted just like me, which is embarrassing at times. yeah. >> it is good they can laugh. you see what happens when they don't have to worry about a lockout or other things. hopefully the camaraderie will last. >> it does make a difference. >> it does. >> save the drama for your mama. >> wow. >> thanks, chick. we're going to go to baseball. they're playing the phillies edmund jackson going to the mouchbd. ryan zimmerman is out of the
6:48 pm
lineup again. adam laroche will return after sitting out yesterday. the nats could have used those bats last night. they were shut out for just the fourth time this season. strassberg is looking for one number 12, but last night just didn't have his best stuff. phillies up 2-0. that was only the beginning. to the top of the fourth. jimmy rollins, drove this one deep into right field. bryce harper slams right into the wall. he goes down, but got back up. cliff lee came into score. inside the park home run for rollins. strassberg -- strasburg allowed -- afternoon baseball now, o's and zach britain trying to sweep the yankees. trouble in the second, the os down 2-1.
6:49 pm
derek jeter sing eld. casey mcgehee scored. going to the bottom of the third, new pitcher, kevin gregg, facing robinson cano. gave them an 11-1 just after three innings. yanks go on to win 12-3. okay. here is our olympic spoiler alert. as we've been telling you this week, if you don't want to know what happened today in london, this is the time to turn away. this is the sports report. we report what happened. wendy rieger did not turn away yesterday, so she got blasted away. hopefully doreen will heed my warning today. high your eyes. >> no, i'm listening. >> talk among yourselves while we do this.
6:50 pm
the guy's name is matt mclain. he's bringing home a medal as part of the men's 4 by 200 relay. he swam yesterday. he graduated from potomac falls high school and the university of virginia. he helped the u.s. win the heat, but then watched in the finals as michael phelps and team usa brought home the gold. he gets one, too. dan hellie caught up with him today. >> that's cool. >> reporter: a little different. what was it like watching, knowing that you had a chance to get a goal? >> it was awesome.
6:51 pm
you know, i nigh my teammates would take care of it. to be on the relay was a huge honor and do what i could to help the team. it would have been nice to be on it, but to be a part of it was a huge honor. >> reporter: what will you do with your medal? >> i probably will leave it at my parents' place. >> reporter: just hanging out there. a special case? >> probably not. >> reporter: you don't seem as excited as i thought you might be. >> i am excited. i just have a different way of showing it than most people. i like to try to be even-keeled as much as possible with this sort of thing, refocus and move on. >> lighten up! >> versus noticed that all of the swimmers at that level look lie professional volley ball players. >> they're huge. >> all over 6'7". >> they made dan look smalls. >> venus lost today, but serena
6:52 pm
is still in it. we have a lot coming up. a wild police chase with a driver in a smartcar? >> what? get ready for another action-packed night for olympic coverage. tonight at 8:00.
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some workers at a rite aid store got an unwelcome visitor, a snake slithering around inside the drugstore. by the time the emergency crew got to the scene, the reptile had already made its way out the back door, animals -- i think we mean animal control authorities managed to capture it. no one is clear how it got in there. >> it looked lie a red coral snake, and i think they're poisonous. >> it's a make, that's all i
6:56 pm
need to know. at 11:00, a tribute to remember a woman who vanished? aruba. and a show the support for chick-fil-a all across the country, all amid a recent uproar. and a table tennis rally that just won't end. you'll want to see this one. dan hellie will report from london tonight after the olympics. and doug's here with one more check on our weather forecast. >> one more check looking pretty good, as we come to the end of our show here. 9 on to 95 degrees, as you look out during the day. mostly sunny and hot, a bit human. can't rule out a slight chance of a thunderstorm across the area. i do think we'll see mostly dry conditions tomorrow. i think we'll see even more heat. tomorrow the heat index could approach 97, 98, but on friday that could be upwards of 100 degrees. so friday going for 96, 93 a
6:57 pm
saturday. 92 on sunday, about a 30% chance of showers and thunderstorms both saturday and sunday, but not a washout. don't cancel any plans. this weekend looks like a great time for the beach. monday, tuesday and wednesday of next week temperatures still above 90. if we hit 90 the next seven days that would put us into the mid 40s as far as days of 90 degrees oar better so far this summer. we're just getting started with the monday of august, which can also be a fairly hot month. >> as we know well. thank you, doug. the car was smart, the driver not so much. not every day you see this kind of vehicle being pursued by police. when the cops asked the driver of this smart car to pull over, he took off down the interstate. he led police on a chase. despite being in a tiny two-seater, police say the car got up to 92 miles an hour.
6:58 pm
eventually he surrendered. one neighbor said it was odding to a really big guy driving such a small car. >> looks like something
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