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tv   News 4 at 11  NBC  August 6, 2012 12:00am-12:35am EDT

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>> and so you would be, if my calculations are correct, in your senior year in college by the time or about to be a senior in college by the time you head for rio. >> yes, exactly. but i haven't even started thinking about that yet. >> you haven't had too much fun here in london, have you? >> oh, no, i don't believe in having fun, no. >> i appreciate that. a serious, somber focus, that's the way to go. >> that's all we're about here, laser focus. >> missy, why don't you just end the segment? i think you could do it. what would you like to say to the american public as we say good night from london? that camera right there. >> thank you guys so much for watching. we love you and team usa is so proud to represent you guys and hopefully we've made you proud. thank you for watching and i hope you guys have a great week. >> that will do it. >> yeah. ♪ i know our work out here
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>> go, missy! ♪ i know i wouldn't be here >> thank you so much for all your support and i love you all more than you know. ♪ you know one day i will be standing tall ♪ >> missy franklin! in her first individual ---ing going to be gold? yes! ♪ nothing in your heart will be a dream with me ♪ ♪ where would i be >> missed you guys so much. ♪ if you didn't believe
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after the olympics, a gunman opens fire inside a house of worship. the latest on a shooting that left seven people dead at a
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now, from washington's leading news station, this is news 4 at 11:00. a stunning upset in women's gymnastics. the vault takes out several competitors, including teesam
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usa's mckayla maroney. a police officer caught on tape hitting a man as he's taken away in handcuffs. but first, deadly violence in a house of worship. a gunman opens fire inside a sikh temple. worshippers calling outside to loved ones. >> the situation, it was terrible. really terrible. the people who are attacking us, they're scared. they cannot speak loud. >> tonight, police in oak creek, wisconsin, say the fbi is investigating the shooting as a case of domestic terrorism. authorities aren't releasing the gunman's name. he was shot and killed by police. officials tell nbc news he was in his early 40s and served in the army. they say he had radical views, but did not appear to belong to any organization, or --
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>> police searched a home where they think the suspect lived. >> andy rosegen has the story. >> what did we do wrong. is this a madman. a guy who just flipped? did he hate us for our appearance? >> reporter: the shooting happened at the sikh temple between services. the gunman walked up to a member and shot him. people were hiding wherever they could and calling out on cell phones. >> she called very quick and whispered, she said don't come. there's a shooting here. >> reporter: even the temple president hiding in a locked closet could not escape. his nephew tells us the president tried to stop the gunman and was shot. >> when my uncle got shot, he was lying on the floor. so he picked up the phone. they were locked in the bathroom. >> reporter: emergency vehicles and s.w.a.t. teams swarmed the temple. the first officer on the scene got into a gun battle with the suspect. another officer showed up, shot the suspect dead, but the first
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officer was shot multiple times. >> because of the heroic actions of our officers, they stopped this from being worse than it could have been. >> reporter: many of those who were in the temple at the time of the shooting gathered in a nearby bowling alley telling police whatever they could about the suspect. they will be shaken up for a long time. >> i talked to those people. they're really scared. and when i see their face, and when i talk to them, even their bodies are still shaking. >> reporter: while they grieve here in southeast wisconsin, president obama and mitt romney both weighed in, sending their condolences as well to the victims. the officer who was shot multiple times is expected to recover. now, the sikh religion is not related at all to the muslim religion. but since 9/11 there have been a number of attacks on seek seikh thought they were muslims. >> in fact, the sikh faith has roughly 27 million followers worldwide. with the majority living in india.
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there are about half a million here in the u.s. observant sikhs do not cut their hair. devout men also cover their head with turbans. prayers and condolences from the sikh community around the country. darcy spencer spoke to sikh worshippers in rockville today who worry about a possible motive. >> reporter: at the guru foundation in rockville, a prayer service to reflect on the shooting that claimed several lives at a sikh temple in wisconsin. >> it's shocking. >> reporter: she's a first generation american sikh. she says the shooting has brought about a sense of anxiety in the community. >> you don't know what to expect tomorrow if you walk down the street. you know, i'm an american citizen. and if i walk down the street and somebody's like, you look different, i'm just going to shoot you, it's scary. i think everyone has rights. >> reporter: police have not yet released a motive or even the
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identity of the shooter. but they fear the gunman was driven by hate. >> we are pretty sure this is a hate crime. because there is so much ignorance and people mistake us of either being taliban, or part of the al qaeda, because of our turban and beards. >> a lot of the people are trying to know here what happened, how it happened, and who was the person, and what was the cause of this. and people are anxious to know. >> reporter: one of the core principles of the sikh faith is openness, but now it could be a vulnerability. temple leaders say they'll have to rethink their security. >> we will struggle with it and hopefully find a solution, not to have people turned away. but at the same time, have the security needs met. >> reporter: members of the sikh temple plan to hold a candlelight vigil tuesday evening at 7:30, when they'll
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continue to pray for the victims of that shooting. in rockville, darcy spencer, news 4. >> we'll bring you updates throughout the night on nbc now, to a news 4 exclusive. tonight, we have video of a laurel police officer hitting a man in handcuffs after an arrest early this morning. >> hey! >> a bystander shot this video outside the laurel station bar and grill. police responded to the restaurant for a reported fight. as they were taking the man away in handcuffs, the officer clearly hits him. they thought the officer's actions were excessive. >> i ain't trying to get in that man's business, i don't want no problem with either one of them, he was handcuffed and didn't deserve to get hit upside the head three times. >> the police chief was immediately notified.
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laurel police have opened an internal investigation to review the officer's actions. let's turn to the weather. late night showers moving in. so what does that mean for the morning commute? here's chuck bell in storm center4. >> good evening, everybody. after a busy night of waiting for more rain drops to move in, they are in fact moving in. showers are primarily to the north of the city of washington. up towards 270, into parts of southern and central frederick county and maryland. those are moving eastbound. you folks over in mount airy, they're coming your way. the strongest cells for now are in northern delaware and southern new jersey. those are away from us, and continue to move away. there are still a few rumbles of thunder to be heard across the mountains of west virginia. nos late, late, late night showers will be sneaking in over the next couple of hours. but they should be out of here in time for the monday morning commute. i'll give you the rest of the forecast coming up.
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tonight a d.c. yoga instructor beaten in a possible hate crime is thanking people for their support. large group gathered in mer rid ran hill park for a fund-raiser yoga class. michael hall and his boyfriend were attacked by a group of teens last month in northeast washington. hall was hospitalized with a broken jaw and cheek bone. he didn't have any insurance. but thanks to donations from local yoga groups, hall is able to pay his bills. he's donating the extra funds to a yoga charity benefiting victims of attacks. >> as someone who now knows firsthand how paurlful yoga can be, we can maybe effect chain. the fund in the district, to make sure other individuals have funds to help them when this happens to them, god forbid. >> police are investigating hall's attack as a possible hate crime. still no arrests in that case. giordano could have his
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indecent exposure thrown out. robin gardner vanished in aruba last year. giordano was held for questioning but was never charged. in may he was arrested in an unrelated case. he and a woman were found naked in a car in annapolis. giordano was charged with indecent exposure. prosecutors say no crime was committed. a traffic alert that could spell relief for thousands of commuters in our area tomorrow. the beltway opens in its new configuration with five lanes in each direction between the wilson bridge and springfield. it's all part of the wilson bridge project. the old bridge had only three lanes in each direction. at the end of the year, the 495 express lanes will open between springfield and the american ledge bridge. that means the entire virginia portion of the beltway will have at least five lanes each way. at the olympics, it was the difference between gold and silver.
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u.s. gymnast marks d kayla today. she had trouble with the landing on her second vault. it came as a shock after her nearly flawless performance during the team competition earlier this week. >> yeah, i'm definitely not really happy with myself with what i did today. obviously you're not going to get a gold medal if you fall on your vault. that's the way it goes. i am happy i have a silver medal. but i am not happy with how i did today. >> going to take a live look at lon do where dan heely is right now. in just five minutes, he'll have the latest on the fastest man in the world. usain bolt. and andy murray's big win for the host country. also ahead, one giant leap for mankind, a new achievement that could help nasa discover if there was ever life on mars. and if you're looking for a deal, it's not just about where you shop, when you shop could make all the difference. we're going to tell you which
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you don't need an olympic-sized pool. or an olympic-sized stadium. you just need an olympic-sized audience. put your goals on the line, online. get started at powered by ge. in just about an hour from now, the mars rover curiosity expected to arrive on the red planet. nasa's preparing for a landing around 1:30 a.m. that's after a 350 million mile journey.
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scientists say the landing is one of the riskiest ever. but if all goes well, curiosity will spend two years gathering data and will help scientists figure out once and for all if in fact there was life on mars. this project comes with a $2.5 billion price tag. back to the olympics now. and one of the most anticipated events of the games, the 100-meter dash. the winner dubbed the fastest man in the world. dan hellie is in london with all of the action today. >> reporter: they call track and field athletics. and once again in the main event, usain bolt stole the show. he silenced all the critics in the 100-meter dash. running in sixth place at the halfway point turned on the jets and dusted the field. bolt said he came into the olympics and wanted to be a living legend. mission accomplished. his teammate from jamaica wins
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the silver and justin gatlin takes home the bronze. 9.63 was his time, setting a new record. he joins carl lewis as the only men to defend their the olympic title in the 100-meter dash. >> it was wonderful. i came out to do the job. i just do my best. >> reporter: at wimbledon, serena williams won the doubles title with big sister venus. the first player since venus back in sydney to win both the singles and doubles titles at the game. the big story on the court was murray. he made up for his runner-up position in wimbledon to win the gold medal. londoners were watching on big screens and cheering. he won what he called the biggest match of his career. >> for me, it's the biggest one in my life, that's for sure. >> reporter: andy murray rests
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up for a week or so and then heads to new york for the u.s. open, where he is still looking for his first grand slam title. usain bolt can take a day off before he runs in the 200 and tries to win yet another gold medal. for now, dan hellie in london, reporting from the olympics. >> i think bolt earned that day off, don't you? here's a look at the latest medal count at last check. china has retaken the lead with 61 medals overall. team usa just one behind with 60. in third, great britain with 37. followed by russia with 35. and coming up tomorrow, in primetime, more finals for gymnastics for the men. the men's 400 meter. men's springboard diving and men's beach volleyball all starts at 8:00 right here on nbc 4 tomorrow night. if you're looking for a bargain online, you could get a better price depending on which day you shop. the website extra found monday is the best day to
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find the best deals on electronics. wednesday brings the best deals for jewelry. book worms should make their purchases on saturday. if you need a new home applia e appliance, maybe a refrigerator, washer, dryer, you better hold off until sunday if you want the best price. >> a lot of shoppers are out there on sunday shopping for re fraj raters, microwaves and ovens. >> ladies, if you're looking for a new purse, or your guy is going to look for a new purse for you, thursday seems to be the day to save an average of 36%, just by waiting until thursday. >> it's not a purse, it's a european leather carry-all. that's what was on "seinfeld." >> i missed that episode. but this guy has an encyclopediaic mind for that kind of thing.
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including temperatures, highs, lows. >> here's what i know about today. 98 degrees, about eight degrees warmer than it needed to be. late this morning, into early afternoon, the blazing hot sunshine was out there. and we soared into the upper 90s again today. if it weren't for the clouds building about 2:00, 3:00 in the afternoon, we had 100 dead in its sights. thankfully the clouds moved in. more importantly, rain showers brought the us needed rain drops across the area. if only it could have been more of a soaking rain. more rain on the way. august, very nice night 80 degrees still here at midnight. temperatures actually gone up a little bit since the rain ended. dew point temperatures, in the mid-70s. so 81% relative humidity now. 80 in annapolis. 84 in st. mary's county. anywhere near the chesapeake
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bay, bay water temperatures in the 80s right now. out to the shanen do a valley, in the low to mid-70s. plenty of clouds in the morning tomorrow. scattered showers bubbling up along noontime and continue through much of the afternoon hour hours. tomorrow should stay in the 80s thanks to all the extra cloud cover. here's the rain for now. not much going on in the city, but there are showers now, northern montgomery county, southern frederick county, maryland, howard county, maryland, all those are eastbound showers at this point in time. not expecting any severe weather during the overnight hours. i can't rule out one or two rumbles of thunder. stanton, virginia, all getting in on the rain showers now. the strongest cells with thunder and lightning are headed out to the jersey coastline. and there's generally an end to the rain moving across far
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southern parts of pennsylvania. overnight, the rain showers around. all part of that weather front which is going to sag just down to our south. by mid tomorrow afternoon, with the front hanging around, it will act as a focusing mechanism for focusing showers once again. the front inches further down to the south into tuesday. i think it stays just far enough to the south where we're dry for most of tuesday. but again, with it that close by, southern maryland, fredericksburg, may have to worry about rain drops. washington northbound, tuesday is looking probably like the nicest day of the week. if you're headed down to the beach, a little on the stormy and rainy side tomorrow. sunshine and warm weather into the rest of the week. for the overnight hours, showers and thundershowers gradually coming to an end late tonight. not much in the way of a severe weather risk. 6:14 the sun up in the morning. tomorrow, more clouds than
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sunshine. no severe weather threat for tomorrow. so that's welcome news. cool day on monday. back into the 90s tuesday and wednesday. and steamy again, mid-90s for thursday, friday, hopefully next weekend back down closer to average, highs back into the 80s. >> that would be nice. chuck, thanks. coming up in sports, steven strassberg getting it done today for the nats. ♪
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and i thought "i can't do this, it's just too hard." then there was a moment. when i decided to find a way to keep going. go for olympic gold and go to college too. [ male announcer ] every day we help students earn their bachelor's or master's degree for tomorrow's careers. this is your moment. let nothing stand in your way. devry university, proud to support the education of our u.s. olympic team.
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strasburg working too hard. >> it's hard to think that they're going to shut him down.
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everybody is counting. >> can't they just stretch out his rotation? >> that's the question everyone's asking, but that's not what they're doing right now. if anyone is keeping track, stephen strasburg has pitched just over 121 innings. that leaves about seven starts before he could be shut down. now, no one knows exactly what that magic number is for the nationals, but it probably means no strasburg in the play-offs. after watching him with another solid outing today, that is a shame. taking on the marlins, strasburg getting it done on both ends this afternoon. top of the first, have a seat. carlos lee, no runs allowed, in six innings of work. in the bottom of the second, strasburg at the plate. how about a little hit. he ropes it into right field. jason worth and denny espinoza score. the nationals have a 2-0 lead. kind of gets you thinking maybe the nationals could use a clutch bat like that in the play-offs.
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a couple batters later, who has been hotter than adam laroche lately. pretty much nobody. oh, jim said me. he just knocked in a score. nats up 4-0. they go on to win 4-1, and take the series. so davy, might we see shots down the stretch after all? >> i don't know, but somebody said when we shut him down, can we keep his bat? we'll use him as a pinch-hitter. highly unlikely. >> i don't think we're that far along. i think they're starting to pitch me more like a hitter. it's kind of cool, because they respect me a little bit more at the plate. but we've got a lot of guys capable of getting the job done. >> come on, let him pinch-hit. tampa, os, rays. that dog is styling. pretty quiet for the bats today. scoreless in the tenth. taylor teagarden gets ahold of
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one. this one goes on a ride. but it stays in the park. mark reynolds, not exactly fleet of foot. but he'll score. or else take the 1-0 lead. that is your final. birds now move into sole possession of second place in the al east. well, finally we all got our football fix as the nfl preseason opened tonight with a hall of fame game in canton. but what would be the beginning of a season be these days without some sort of work stoppage? nfl officials are unable to come to terms with the league. so bring in the replacements. saints taking on the cardinals. shaky start for the replacement refs. he incorrectly announced the result of the coin flip. you've got to feel bad for the guy. in the first quarter, there's drew brees. he passed to thomas, running hard, who takes it down the ride sideline. broke some tackles. rumbles for about 20 yards. a couple of plays later, handoff to mark ingram. takes it down to the 3.
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he would punch it in to give the saints a 7-0 lead. they go on to beat arizona 17-10. we've spent the past nine days bringing you the names of olympic athletes who have medaled in london. but tonight it was an athlete who finished dead last that captured the attention of the world. south african oscar pistorius base the first amputee to compete in the olympics. in the 400 meter, the story, he finished las. but a classy move by james, immediately after james walked over, and he asked to exchange name bibs. pistorius obliged. what a memorable moment it was. pistorius is not done yet. he'll run in the 4x400 relay thursday. the united states has 48 gold medals after richardson-ross won in track and field. what a story that was. great to see him out there.
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he fought hard to have the right to be out there. >> he did fight hard. >> he had to prove it wasn't an advantage to have the prosthetic legs. >> he was so humble after the race was over. >> listening to that interview, he seemed happy just to be there, with a lot of olympians. >> they said he reached his goal, was to be here. >> he just wanted
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