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tv   News 4 at 11  NBC  August 10, 2012 12:00am-12:35am EDT

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till tonight. >> well, you experienced it in person. now, one more time, take a look, here's the medal ceremony and the anthem, as we say good night, see you tomorrow from london. >> ladies and gentlemen, please stand for the national anthem of the united states of america. [ "star spangled banner" playing ] ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> hello, everybody. watching some strong storms coming through parts of our area. we are just getting started. more storms moving in. we'll keep you posted right here on nbc 4.
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tonight, rg3's debut. the good, the glimpses look great and the fan's reactions to it all. >> today, some severe weather. but tomorrow, everybody's going to get their chance as a bigger storm moves in. >> plus, the president's visit to the olympic training facility in colorado. and the wardrobe change for the restling mat. >> good evening. >> i'm doreen gensler.
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severe weather is rolling through our area. here is the scene in rockvirlle. the storm knocked down trees and knocked out power to thousands. >> at the height of this storm, there were 10,000 outages. right now, 5300 customers still in the dark. bge reports 640 outages, the majority of them are in baltimore county. dominion reports 100 outages. >> the weather had an impact on air travel. nearly 500 flights cancelled nationwide. right now, delays are up to an hour. the worst of the system isn't over yet. here's doug tracking the conditions. >> no, not at all. i think we have a very busy next 24 hours or so across our region. still, some sthuthunderstorms cg through parts of the area and then back towards west virginia and the i-81 corridor.
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that was the area that was hit very, very hard with hail and flash flooding and a ton of rain and lightning. a fairly strong storm here in portions of loudoun county. let's take you right in, you can see right around the warrington area. right around 66. that's where we're seeing the heaviest rain right now. look at this right here, you see this little boundary? that is a boundary of wind with probably 30-40 mile an hour winds getting ready to make its way through restin, oakton and right over toward the city of fairfax. take a look at these storms off to the west. this will come through tonight. this will come through tomorrow. numerous severe thunder stochl warnings and even tornado warnings. i'll show you what that means for your friday. >> robert griffin, iii's debut with the skins. robe robert griffin, iii would play
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in three series in the first quarter. 0 for 1 on his first drive. the first completion of his nfl career. to the skin's third drive, griffin getting in a groove. hooks up with the new wide out. two new guys kept it in fact. later in the drive, griffin hit garcon again. you can see why the team brought him in. the first touchdown pass of rg3's career. he finished 4 for 6, 70 yards, one t.d. red skins won 7-6. so robert griffin, how about this comparison with the nfl and college? >> well, it's the same thing. at the end of the day, this is what we do for a living. i play football for a long time. so the game hasn't changed. just the size of the people changed. and the talent level. so it was fun to get out there, run around and suit up for the first time, officially.
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and something i'll never forget. >> got to love it. rg3 delivered the win. how about the hype, though? could he live up to that? red skins fans were weighing in on the new franchise quarterback's performance. >> tonight is what fans have been waiting for since the skins acquired rg3. the first glimpse into what he was going to do for this team. fans are out in full force. >> pop a few tops, let the draughts flow. >> equipped with new hopes set on one player, robert griffin, iii. fans flex their support for rg3 as they watched him start against buffalo. >> i think he shows poise, confidence and leadership. >> reporter: sammy sullivan says you've got to show excitement. >> i think three years, i think
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we're going to be a contender. >> we thought campbell was going to do it. we always think someone is going to pull through. it's better than going into the season thinking oh, this is going to suck. >> reporter: and somewhere in the crowd, some brave souls, bills amidst the skins. >> we're going to be like the minority. >> do you know her? >> i do know her. >> talking smack? >> please, you haven't won in ten years? >> always room for that. >> we're going to get rg3. >> reporter: just three drives? a lot of people say hey, you know what, it's what is to be expected for a pre-season opener. you want to see more rg3, you'll have to wait until next week where he is expected to play the entire first half against the chicago bears. tonight, a little bit of a tease. in fairfax, news 4. >> a bloody confrontation in broad daylight today. police say a man who tried to
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break into a car stabbed the car's owner. the victim saw the break in happening from his office window. when he went to confront the suspect, there was a fight. police say the suspect stabbed the victim outside a fast food restaurant. the victim remains in the hospital tonight. the suspect got away in a construction van. >> the sudden loss of a rising football star. the 15-year-old athlete and his 5-year-old niece were both killed in a house fire. >> reporter: tonight, that mother is absolutely heartbroken. she lost her son, ricky colbe. a good student. a rising star at fairmount heights high school. >> just pray for us, that's all. >> reporter: surrounded by her husband and sons, pamela cole is
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filled with pain and agony. as she mourns over the loss of her son, ricky cole. known as a quiet, good student in the school's i.t. program. he died in a house fire in capital heights. >> i don't even know if i close my eyes if i'll wake up again. >> reporter: she sits in a hotel room. she lost everything she owns in the fire. the blaze also killed ricky's five-year-old niece, jane. he was trying to rescue his little girl. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: fire officials tell us that the fire started due to an overloaded extension cord that was attached to an a.c. unit and other items. well, fire officials say the family had a working alarm. it wasn't enough to get everyone out safely. >> 15-year-old little kid gone. 5-year-old kid gone. >> this is not something i would
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wish on anybody. >>. >> reporter: back out here, you can see that the bent front door is now on the front lawn. prince george's county school officials also tell us that they're mourning over this loss. they tell us that the staff and the teachers will plan to go to the funeral. school starts on august 20th. >> lawyers for the men charged with opening fire in a movie theater in colorado say he is mentally ill. that came during a court appearance today. lawyers for james holmes are reportedly building a case for an insanity plea. several news organizations asked a judge to unseal documents and release a gag order. prose cue tors, though, say revealing evidence could jeopardize their case. a pediatrician in delaware who appeared on the oprah show has been arrested after his daughter told police he subjected her to water boarding.
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the 11-year-old child told investigators he held her face under a running faucet to discipline her. they are charged with conspiracy and reckless endangermentment. he's been recognized for his research in near death experiences involving children. >> after a race for the white house, president obama is back in washington tonight after a two-day ship to colorado following a campaign rally. he met with future olympians and para-olympians there, including the wrestlers where he had to remove his shoes. >> just because i'm on the floor doesn't mean that you guys can start. >> very presidential. >> thank you, thank you. i just want to point out no holes in the socks. my grandmother would be proud. >> the latest polls show the president trailing mitt romney in colorado by five points. romney is keeping tight-lipp ep
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tonight about when he'll announce his running mate. >> i certainly hope i have a strength of character that adds something to the political discourse about the direction of the country. >> romney told nbc's chuck todd that this is a defining election. the paper ran an editorial urging romney to slekt wisconsin congressman paul ryan. he's the chairman of the house budget committee. virginia is one of four battleground states seeing an up tick in presidential ads this week. colorado, iowa and ohio are seeing a surge in tv commercials. mitt romney's campaign spent about $20 million on ads this week alone. >> the plan to bring a casino to prince george's county took another step forward today. the gaming expansion bill made it through a maryland senate committee on the first day of a special legislative session.
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supporters tap the jobs. critics worry about a negative impact including on businesses at the new maryland-live casino. if lawmakers passed the gaining expansion bill, voters will still get the final say, that would be in november. >> crash and burn. up next, detail behind nasa's extensive mistake. >> chaos on the commute after a bus driver tried to avoid getting a ticket. now she's in even more trouble. >> and sweet revenge for u.s. women's soccer. plus, a runner refuses to give up competing with a broken leg. up competing with a broken leg. dan[ male announcer ] in 1996,
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president clinton and a bi-partisan congress helped end welfare as we know it, by requiring work for welfare. but on july 12th, president obama quietly announced a plan to gut welfare reform by dropping work requirements. under obama's plan, you wouldn't have to work, and wouldn't have to train for a job -- they just send you your welfare check. and welfare to work goes back to being plain, old welfare. mitt romney will restore the work requirement, because it works. [ romney ] i'm mitt romney and i approve this message.
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a nasa prototype crashed and blew up into flames during a test flight today at the kennedy space center in florida. officials say it experienced failure with its guidance and navigation systems. nobody was injured, but the spacecraft is a total loss. nasa says it prepared for the scenario, already had a back-up craft in the works. >> a city bus drive is facing criminal charges for trying to avoid getting a parking ticket. the bus was apparently blocking traffic and refused to move. witnesses say the driver was eating a bagel. she faces charges of assault and battery with a deadly weapon. >> dulles airport is helping people find the quickest way to their flight.
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video analytics figures out how long you'll have to wait in a security line. cameras count the number of people who have yet to be screened. they also look at how long each screening takes. the wait-time is posted on monitors. airport officials say it will allow you to decide if you want to change to a faster line. the program is in place in the main terminals east and west check points. >> another day of major wins for the u.s. women in london in addition to the water polo team getting the gold, the women's soccer team got redemption in their world cup rematch. news first dan healy with the day's top olympic moments. >> there is no doubt taking on japan in the gold medal game. it was, of course, a rematch of last year's world cup final that saw japan down the u.s. on penalty kicks. tonight, the united states gets their revenge. in front of 80,000 fans, the
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largest olympic crowd for a women's soccer game. ever. she scored two goals, the first just 8 minutes into the game. the u.s. wins it 2-1, taking home their third straight olympic gold. they have now won a gold medal in four of the last five olympic games. >> we're the fittest team in the world. we're the fittest. we're the strongest and we'll fight to the end. we'll never give up. >> it's validation for all the hard work we put in this year. for all the blood, sweat and tears that we've shed over what happened last summer. >> i mean, we've got it back. we snatched our dream back and we're so happy. >> on the track, inside olympic stadium, bolt wins the first man to ever win two 200s at the olympics. in the semifinals of the 4x400 meter relay, mitchell broke his
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leg but he kept going. he could feel the leg but the adrenaline and the crowd just kept him moving. he still ran a split of 45 seconds and managed to hand off the baton. amazingly, the u.s. finished second advancing to the finals. mitchell was diagnosed after the race with a broken fibula. and we have to say congratulations to alexandria native terrance jennings. he comes back to win the bronze. julie zetland, the rhythmic gymnast, things did not go so well for her. she is 22nd out of 24. that will do it from here in london. guys, let's send it back to you. >> thank you, dan. >> in prime time tomorrow night, two really big races on the track. for the men, it's the 4x400 meter relay. that's a killer. for the women, the 4x by100
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relay. and in t pool, it's the qualifying round for men's platform diving. it all starts at 8:00 right here on nbc 4. >> still a lot of action left. doug is here with more about our weather. we're looking for some rain tomorrow. >> looking for some rain tomorrow. the potential is there for a pretty significant severe weather day. but one thing we want to point out. this is not a due ratio. that will not happen. will we see power outages? possibly. should you get ready for them? >> yeah. we'll show you what we are dealing with across the area. not a bad night in most areas. we're looking at dry conditions for most of us, however, there are some significant showers just off to the west out there towards dulles airport. reagan national looking okay. 95 degrees, that was the high temperature today. another day with temperatures above 95. this was the 27th day of 5 or
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higher. 77 degrees right now, winds out of the northeast at about 3 miles an hour. not too bad, as i mentioned. other locations, seeing that ranl. still very warm down to the south and east. 79 in fredericksburg. 70s as you move up to the north and west. here's where the rain is right now. you're seeing that rain and some lightning and some thunder there. i also want to show you this trail right up through loudoun county. this is where the heaviest rain is. right around 66 and 17 as we widen out here, where is this heavier rain going to go? well, about half way. it will be in about 9 minutes. and leaftown at about 28 minl uts. just passed the airport or over to the airport, loudoun county, you're already seeing some light rain. look what's behind here. here is next round coming through overnight tonight and
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into tomorrow morning. some areas will see very heavy rainfall. i'm watching out for this as we wind down here. a big area of some 4e6 i have rain. that's moving right in our direction. i wouldn't be surprised if we saw that right around rush hour. and then tomorrow afternoon, we'll see this. if we have some sunshine tomorrow, that could really bring in the severe weather. area of low pressure staying back to the west tomorrow. we will be in the warm sector once again, all it takes is that trigger. we've got that. we need some heat. if we need some sunshine, i expect to see some severe storms. by saturday, we can still see some showers, especially south and east of washington. but most of us should remain dry on saturday. and sunday is looking beautiful. tomorrow morning, mostly cloudy with storms possible. some of them will be heavy, 68-76 degrees. you probably want to leave your house a little early if you're
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making your way out to work tomorrow. tomorrow afternoon, mostly cloudy, storms likely. temperatures 85-90 degrees. another concern tomorrow, the potential is also there for some flash flooding. do not drive through flooded roadways. we start to clear out late in the day with a high of 87. we get to 88 on sunday. once again, a gorgeous day sunday. next week, the temperatures move back into the low 90s. once again, we're watching it for you. >> we've got a pretty nice weekend. >> at least sunday. >> all right, thank you, doug. >> still ahead, another death-defieing stunt for one of the flying walindas. over the next four months, you have a choice to make.
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not just between two political parties, or even two people. it's a choice between two very different plans for our country. governor romney's plan would cut taxes for the folks at the very top. roll back regulations on big banks. and he says that if we do, our economy will grow and everyone will benefit. but you know what? we tried that top down approach. it's what caused the mess in the first place. i believe the only way to create an economy built to last is to strengthen the middle class. asking the wealthy to pay a little more so we can pay down our debt in a balanced way. so that we can afford to invest in education,
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manufacturing, and home-grown american energy for good middle class jobs. sometimes politics can seem very small. but the choice you face, it couldn't be bigger. ♪ i'm barack obama and i approve this message.
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best news of the night may be he didn't get hurt. >> that's great news.
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you know, we're talking about it's just a pre-season? >> yeah. >> the deal with this is, though, it's finally the pre-season. we've got some football going. even with that, people were really excited about this first game when you could see robert griff griffin, iiii and people were trying to protect him. not a bad debut. skins took on the bills. rob ert griffin, iii would play only three series in the game. after going 3 and 0, he found leonard hankerson for the 12 yard game. that's the first completion of rg3's career. next play got in a little trouble. they'll fix that. george wilson recovered trying to score, but he was ruled down. check out the hustle from rg3, though. not going to take any chances. a turnover would lead to a bill's field goal.
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third drive, grif wgriffin woul turn it around. first touchdown pass of rg3's career. he finished 4 for 6, 70 yards, one td. and with more on griffin's debut, let's go off to ralph wilson stadium. >> reporter: rg3 showed poise under center and in the shotgun. bouncing back from 2, 3 unannounced and driving his team into the end zone. it's a start that ended with a bang. >> that first first down is always the toughest one to get. once you get that, you can start getting in a flow. offensive line got confident on that third drive and scored a touchdown. >> we needed it. we feed to go out there and put the drive together and show you what we're capable of. >> i thought he did an excellent job. he managed the game well. got us in and out of the huddle. formations.
12:30 am
his reads, his progressions, i thought he played well. he did a good job. >> the pre-season isn't about proving a player's worth, it's about assessing progress. and on this night, in 14 plays, rg3 proved he is well on his way. news 4 sports. >> that's game time. they've got a pretty good football team up the road, by the way. they were down in atlanta tonight. they're taking on thefalcons, baltimore down 14-0. flacco down. he was 9 for 12, 88 yards and that t.d. third quarter, game tied 17. how do you like that? off the play action, found daly thompson. a whole lot of scoring in this one. 31-17, the raven's won it. let's talk baseball. george zimmerman on the hill. he's won three of his last five. nats up 2-0.
12:31 am
zimmerman gets brandon barns swinging. he was on his game. michael moore is at the plate. crushed that ball. you could hear it, couldn't you? one of his two solo home runs in the game. that was more than enough of zimmerman. bottom of the sixth inning, justin maxwell is standing at the plate, justin maxwell, go sit down. matched the career-best 11 strikeouts. this one, folks, was a sweep. 5-0 victory. what are you laughing at? they have now won six in a row. are we on a roll or what? >> you and your sports terminology. >> home depot. >> home i got the chance to start my own business.
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i know what it's like to hire people and to make ends meet. from those experiences, i had the chance of running the olympics. the games were in real trouble. there'd been way too much spending. and in massachusetts i found a budget that was badly out of balance. our legislature was 85% democrat. and every one of the four years i was governor, we balanced the budget. i want to use those experiences to help americans have a better future. we believe in our future. we believe in ourselves. we believe the greatest days of america are ahead. i'm mitt romney and i approve this message.
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