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tv   News 4 at 4  NBC  August 10, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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. get ready for more rough weather tonight, folks. good afternoon, i'm jim handly units i'm pat lawson muse. we've had stormy weather today. the area is starting the weekend much like its weathered part of the week. >> last night brought flash floods and power outages, too. now we're in for more of the same. veronica johnson joins us with the first word. >> we've been watching quite a bit of cloud cover. it's the cloud cover that's kept our storms from happens. in other words, the heating hasn't really had it today. take a look at the satellite and
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radar loop. we're finally starting to see more and more breaks around the area, especially from fred ricks, and back off to the west. it's the breaks that give way to a bit of heating and the possibility of those storms forming, as the cold front starts to step into our area. just north of petersburg, we have thunderstorms extending up into western maryland. i do think we have a chance, really a better chance coming our way after 5:00 and 6:00 p.m., lasting until about 10:00 or 11:00 p.m. the radar loop going down to petersburg, so now rather quiet across the area. after about 5:00, 6:00, the possibility of some strong storms that could be bringing heavy rain to the area. we'll get some lightning and possibly high winds. we're at 82 in gaithersburg, 86 in culpepper, 85 in la plata, so warming up in some areas. there's your storms on your good
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night forecast, for 5:00, 7:00, 9:00 and even 11:00 p.m., but i think the balk of the storms will be from 5:00 to 9:00 or 10:00. this weekend, improving. we'll look at the warm conditions expecting next week. we had the big heat, the storms, what will next week bring in we have that in a couple minute. we have breaking news from dulles airport. chopper 4 is on the scene where two planes have come into contact with each other. here's a live picture from the scene. this is being confirmed by an airport spokesperson who was unable to provide any other details. >> the incident happen about 3:20. these pictures from chopper4, one was a united jetliners, the other lufthansa. again there are no injuries here, this all unfolded about 3:20 this afternoon. a lot of vehicles out there
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right now. well, heartbreak for an american family going for gold in london today. the disappointments continue for brother/sister olympic hopefuls. >> but the success of the u.s. women's soccer team could impact the sports here at home. mark barger joins us live. >> reporter: it's been a busy day. things are starting to wind down, but there's a lot of buzz about the women's soccer victory now. they have won four of the five gold medals awarded in soccer during, but there's a lot of talk about what this means for women's soccer in the u.s. a pro league has had trouble sustaining success in the u.s., but there's hope this would gather more support in the u.s. and foster an even -- i want hey, what can we expect as we wind up there in london, mark?
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>> reporter: well, we have more track and field coming up. we have relays tonight in primetime. the men's 4 x 400 will be tested as well as the women's 4 x 400, and oscar pistorius, the blade runner from south africa, he will be competing in that event. men's pole vault and platform diving. as a team they medals in synchronized diving, and will be competing individually tonight. >> mark, let's talk about tie tae kwon do. what happened to this family? there was such high expectations. >> definitely so. unfortunately both of the lopezs came in with injuries. that's something we did not know until today. they didn't want it to be public knowledge. they didn't want their competitors to capitalize on the
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injuries, but both were hampered definitely today. and i can tell you it was heartbreaking on for both of these. normally they're very accommodating with the media. they went to the mix zone today, and did not talk to the media. it's a heartbreaking thing. the family has won five medals in all since 2000 when the sport was introduced into the games. to come away with no medals is just wrempling for them. >> usain bolt one of the biggest names and personalities. he's proven himself. so what's next for him? >> well, he says he needs new inspiration. the natural question, can he do it in three? he says he has no intention of retiring, but does want to be retired by the age of 30. coincidentally the closing ceremony in rio in 2016 is his
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30th birthday, so he's set the stage for maybe a triple-double in the olympics. he says he needs more inspiration. i'm mark barger, live in london. >> before you go, tell us where we stand with the medal count? >> actually the u.s. is still in front, though it's basically neck and neck with china. i believe the united states has i think it's 26 gold medals. forgive me, i've misplaced my note. u.s. is looking good to pick up several more over the weekend, probably the volley ball team for women and the women's basketball team and men as basketball. they will play spain hopefully for the gold on sunday. we'll see. >> mark barger, thanks so much. a devastating day for member of the mt. pleasant baptist church in gainesville, virginia. at around 4:30 this morning, flames ripped through the
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135-year-old church on lee highway. firefighters found flames shooting through the roof. fortunately no one was inside at the time. the inside suffered extent ink smoke damage. two bibles survived. >> the firemen came out and said here's your bible. they were able to save the bible off a table. >> this is a community church, and all of us field it's not a total loss, but all of us feel the pain of having this happen. >> investigators say the fire appears to have started at the back of the church. they are still investigating to determine the cause. church members are vowing to rebuild. less than a week after a gunman opened fire on worshippers in the sikh temple near milwaukee, family and friends paid their respects to the six gunned down. jay gray has more on today's
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emotional service. >> reporter: they are the sounds of memories and mourning in wisconsin, six worshippers killed during an attack at this sikh temple last weekend. >> we are united by a shared sense of loss, but also by a common belief in the healing power of faith. >> reporter: the huge turnout was a sign of unity in this shattered communities. deal with their loss and mounting evidence that the shooting rampage was fueled by hate. >> it was reportedly a member of the hammer skin, racist skinhead group, which is an extremely violent skinhead group. >> tt person was 40-year-old army veteran michael page. >> balding man with glasses may have gone inside with a gun and there were shots fired. >> reporter: away opening fire, page was met outside by police. investigators say he ambushed the first officer on the scene, shooting him nine times and leaving him critically injured before a second officer shot page in the stomach.
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down, officers say page turned the gun on himself firing a fatal shot to the head, as police and federal agents now continue their investigation, the search for answers also continues in this community that now finds its hope in the strength that comes from being together. >> as many of you did, i heard love driving out hate, and the reaction of the members of the oak creek sikh temple, who revealed their peaceful faith to the world. >> reporter: a faith pushed to its limits, but still refusing to break. jay gray, nbc news. tonight the sikh community will gather in maryland to honor those killed in the wisconsin massacre. dozens of people will come together to hold a candlelight vigil as a sikh temple in silver spring. there was a similar memorial earlier this week across from the white house. in wisconsin tonight, thousands again expected as a visitation and wake for the victims. an out-of-control wildfire
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has burned 900 acres in san diego county, california. the blaze is burning in a rural part of the county, that is home to mostly ranches. it was sparked by multiple lightning strikes during yesterday's storm. 60 people have been evacuated. the fire is only about 5% karen. officials expect triple-digit temperatures this weekend will make containment difficult. additional crews have been called in to help. now the race to the white house. today the focus on mitt romney and his vippial pick. his choice will tell voters a lot, and may be especially crucial now that new policies show him trailing this week. >> reporter: mitt romney off the trail today in boston, choosing a running mate with his campaign in a slump. three new polls show romney trailing president obama by seven points or more. is he off message? romney's put up an ad about welfare and an ad about religion. he took an overseas trip.
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it was marred by gaffes. conservatives are demanding that romney prove he's focused on the economy. >> is he going to respond in a 2007-2008 style, that you cave to the right, or will he be a tougher, firmer romney? >> reporter: the big test is his veep choice. "wall street journal" is pushing controversial paul ryan for the larger vision, and romney echoed that when asked who he might choose? >> i don't think i have anything for you on the vp running meat, other than i expect a person with strength of character, vision for the country. >> reporter: paul ryan's vision is shall rimpging medicare to cut the deficit. he's to the right of romney which, if history is a guy also make ryan a likely running mate. >> it's almost an ideological, if you're perceived as the
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moderate. attacking the president for an ad by the independent pro-obama super-pac, blaming romney for the death of a worker's wife, years after bain capital fired the worker and ended the coverage. that issue is sure to disappear the instant he names his running mate. the guessing is next week or the week after, paul ryan or maybe somebody else. i'm steve handelsman, news4. virginia is getting a lot of extra attention, because it's shaping up to be one of the top battleground states in the country. campaigns for both candidates are concentrating on it this weekend. julie carey reports at 5:00 and 6:00, romney campaign starting off the bus tour. we have a special edition of hollywood headlines coming up. >> the latest talk about who's in the running for the open seat for a judge on "american idol." plus what randy travis was doing before he was picked up
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for drunk driving. going just minute by minute. i don't even know if i close my eyes if i'll wake up again. >> and a family's grief over the lost of two young victims of a
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we might be seeing more of ryan lochte. is it a weekend wedding? joining us is -- brad pitt
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angelina jolie, we know they're going to tie the knott. the question is, when are they going to do it? >> i'm headed to france now. aisle dressed for the wedding. you didn't get invitations? we hear it's happening this weekend. they're trying to say it's brad's parents 50th anniversary, but lots of friends are coming in town to hang out at their shatto in the south of france. >> so really they're going to do it? >> that's what they say, i wouldn't want to get married on my parents' anniversary. that's why i'm thinking this isn't going to happen, but i think that's their way of trying to trick us. >> maybe a false start. >> i'm going anyway. i'm dressed, eye going. >> they are trying it out. rumors, this time the latest in his revolving door. who's next on the panel? >> it's interesting. diddy a couple years ago before his ex-girlfriend j. lo got the
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gig said, hey, i would really like to do it. now they say he's in the running, and nick jonas has also confirmed he's in the running. i like diddy, but he had that tv so "making the band" and he was really harsh. i don't know, we might like nick jonas better. i don't know. >> do they need harsh? >> they're missing simon and also that randy jackson may be playing a different role, maybe not a judge. >> so no mo yo-yo. >> yeah, dawg, that was great, dawg. beyonce and jay-z are masse headlines, at the top of a list. >> highest paid couple on "forbes" list. they made $78 million. who do you think made the most? >> beyonce. >> it was. next yesterdgiselle and her husm
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brady. next is the beckhams. fourth is -- i've forgotten. it's the beckhams, and then we've got will and jada pinkett smith are on the lith. me and my husband, yeah, we're fourth on that list. there you go. there you have it [ laughter ] on the flipside respect i think this guy is looking for some bail money. randy travis, there are new details about the country star's latest arrests this week, this story gets stranger and stranger. this compares to -- now he's smiling in this one. >> yeah, on the newest one, he has a black eye. he must like to do a lot of things in the nude. he was us arrested with a dwi in the nude, but before that, he walked into a convenience store, totally in the buff, bought some cigarettes and walked right out like he was wearing clothes. here's the situation.
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in this day of inns that gram, twitter, facebook, i know somebody has a picture. i'm waiting for it. i really like him. >> he has to write a song about this. >> i'm really disappointed. >> do you want to see those picture? >> there's something going on there. we would like to see much more of ryan lochte, and we will be, at least we're hearing that. >> his agent has confirmed he's thinking about doing some reality tv. i don't know what's going to be on this reality show. her mom says, no, not really, but i'm thinking, yeah, probably really. he says definitely two, maybe three. he wants to do "dancing with the stars" and wants michael phelps to do that with him. >> huge ratings for that. >> i would love to see them on "dancing with the stars." if they can swim i would think they can dance. but i can dance and can't swim. >> you can't swim with two left
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feet, though. >> yeah, that's true. >> thanks, georgia. >> great tos on you a friday. see you next thursday. coming up next on news4 an olympic-size party. the super-rich are
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plan ahead if you plan to take metro this weekend. track work could set you back as much as half an hour. on the red line both the medical center and bethesda stations will be closed there will be shuttle buses between groves nor and, on the orange lines single tracks between foggy bottom and stadium. on the blue line trains will share tracks between foggy bottom and the cemetery. and a heads-up. if you plan to use i-66 in fairfax county this weekend, starting at 10:00 until 4:00 on month morning, the east and westbound ramps of i-66 to southbound fairfax county park
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wei will be closed for paving. this is part of the interchange project there. the southbound fairfax county park wei will be down to one lane between fair lakes circle and route 29 interchange. signs will direct you around the work. transportation officials are urging you to avoid that area in possible. after a wild night last night, plenty of rain, we could be if for more stuff? >> we could be in for strong storms and very heavy rain tonight. like last night, because i drove through some of it at times, we could be looking at a blinding rain in some neighborhoods, because the atmosphere has the potential to unlot moisture in a short period of time. right now we're not under a severe thunderstorm watch, but that could change. we could reporter see some scattered warnings come up. we have blue sky and clouds bubbling up as of late, not earlier. earlier we did get rain come through this area. take a look at andrews air force
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backs, patuxent river maryland, and over an inch half in ft. belvoir. on radar right now, quiet throughout most of the area. it's off to the west. down south of hancock maryland to the south and west toward kaiser, we have some storms that could be produces a bit of hail, definitely a big soaking rain there as well. ruckersville south, this area starting to produce some moderate rain, but the main part of the line into west virginia, areas around beckley and around bluefield, areas just west of roanoke, virginia right now, that's where the main weather front is. ahead of it, the dew point temperatures are high, it's awfully soupy. that means we could be wringing out a lot of moisture. our best chance of storms will be after about 6:00 this evening, 5:00, 6:00, then
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continue through the evening, 9:00, 10:00, by 11:00, things start settling down, but we're talking not widespread coverage, some scattered storms there will be, though. some clearing for tomorrow morning. we're going to start to see the humidity drop, some fog early tomorrow morning. right now we're at 87 look at the spin, the front extending out down from it, and behind it a little cooler air, certainly more refreshing air, because the humidity is much lower back here in areas of ohio and around jackson down through kentucky. that front will come on through tomorrow. we're going to be looking at a partly sunny sky by the asp. showers mainly east of i-95, and then a great day on sunday, with sunshine very, very nice and best day out of the weekend. forecast for the evening, 78 to 83 degrees, tomorrow morning we're partly cloudy, areas of
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fog, 68 to 76, so you'll need that umbrella for the evening. not for tomorrow morning. keep it, though, in your back pocket. there could still be lingering showers. 85 to 89 degrees for tomorrow, but really a great second half of the weekend. 90 for monday right now. we'll look at the extended forecast. if you're heading to the beach, one last weekend before school starts in many areas, we'll look at that forecast. still to come on noti"news4 4," a harrowing experience. and a new report out today on the drought and the price we'll be paying for it
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. welcome back. i'm pat lawson muse. >> and i'm jim handly. at 4:30, now in the news, an early-morning fire destroyed the mount pleasant baptist church. fire officials say it likely began at the back of the church and flames spread to the roof. they're looking to determine what caused the fire. today hundreds gather to pay their final respects. attorney general eric holder and wisconsin governor scott walker
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spoke at the memorial. tonight dozens of people will hold a candlelight vigil at a sikh temple in silver spring. on the second half the mitt romney's ticket, he's up in boston meeting with advisers behind closed doors. analysts say the choice of the vp may be especially important now that three new polls show he's trailing president obama by seven points or more. romney will be campaigning here in virginia tomorrow. stocks turned higher in the final minds despite more worries about world economic growth. the nasdaq went many two points, and the s&p had a six-game winning streak for that index. the survivors of a small plane crash have posted new videos. this video has gone viral. here's tom yam mass. >> reporter: it was all smiles
4:32 pm
for nathan williams and three of his buddies in stanley, idaho. the group had been hiking in a remote wilderness area back in june. they both turned on their cameras with no ink listen of the hairoing experience they were about to report. williams said warming temperatures made it different to get enough lift. the small plane started to lose altitude. after three minutes they crashed, slamming into trees. the pilot's son was one of the passengers. >> within five seconds we're upsidedown. >> reporter: at first it wasn't clear if everyone survived. stunned the men got off plane, the pilot seriously hurd with a broken jaw, fractured cheek did not bone and broken ribs. >> we certainly feel like we were watched over that day. >> reporter: part of this video is too graphic to show on tv, but the cameras continue to roll
4:33 pm
after the survivors waited for help. week after the ordeal, the men agreed to post the video for friends to see, never guessing it could go viral on youtube and, where this plane crash has been played more than 1r million times. >> the first time you see it, it's surreal, it's full speed. it's seven seconds. not much time. we probably watched it a couple hundred times. >> a frightening perspective. the pilot is expected to fully recover from his injuries. the nate wide drought continues decimating corn crops. farmers got just half an inch of rain just last month. they say that's as much as they typically go ahead in a week. the ago consult tough department says it would see the lowest average yield in 17 years. fewer crops mean higher prices at the grocery store.
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the price surgeoned by as much as 23% last month, driving up world food prices by 6%. new rules are in the works to protect homeowners who send their mortgage payments to servicing companies. the government is pitching the changes to help cut down on unexpected costs and shoddy service. under the new rules, they would have to provide clear monthly statements, warn borrowers before their interest rates go up, credit payments promptly and correct any errors quickly. agencies would also be required to do whatever they can to help delinquent borrowers avoid foreclosure. the new rules are open for public comment until october 9th. they'll be finalized in january. there's a lot more to come on "news4 at 4." a popular social media site makes changes to the membership rules form. plus the apps you'll
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pinterest, the fast-growing social network is relaxing the registration policy. new members can join by using a facebook or twitter account or with an e-mail address. before the policy change, people needed an invitation from an existing user. you can collect and share images with their friends and family. of course, it's back-to-school time. while you're picking up
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last-minute school supplies you may want to shop for the apps. a lot students may find helpful. >> for example, the ihomework helps serb it sinking between your mac and devices, and it's only 99 cents. >> can it do your home work? >> i don't think so. has come up with a free app. it's a dictionary and thesaurus that helps with writing and spelling words. also a free wiki-panionapp. just in time for back to school, tax-free week in maryland kicks on the this sunday. you won't have to pay the additional 6% state sales tax on the items. however, accessories like
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jewelry, purses and belts aren't included. it does not include school supplies either. tax-free week ends next saturday, the 18th. always a lot of deals. when news4 continues, they are not popular at airports, but will it become a fashion necessity? and the hottest tickets to the olympic games aren't op for the games. some are for the parties to
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doug will be here later, but we're watching the radar, the skies. no warnings right now, but if anything are issue, you need to take cover right away, and it means that storms are right there in your area perhaps. if it's your county issued. 84 degrees the temperature right now in gaithersburg. take a look at warrenton, virginia, 89 degrees right now. so that's some of the late warmth that we're talking about. the atmosphere taking its time warming up. we've had that top on the pot for much of the day, that being the cloud cover, but now, well, now some sunshine, and we're seeing a few more storms breaking out to the south. a couple lines go back all the way to where the actual cold front ises. and little georgetown area.
4:43 pm
so right there up to the north, that's our colloidest storm right now. it's after we get into the 6:00 however where we'll see more scattered strong storms fire. for tomorrow your highs will be into the 80s. tomorrow we're still talking about some cloud cover around the area, and the po templeal for more showers still, especially south and east, especially at the beach. take a look, 88 degrees for tomorrow, saturday still humid saturday. it's not until we get to sunday when we start to see the humidity drop. at the beach, and even right here, 88 degrees for a high on sunday, it is going to be very, very nice on sunday. the other thing about this weekend is that we do have some showers to talk about saturday night and sunday morning. that would be the perseid meteor shower. it should be great viewing, if you want the longest and brightest meteors look toward the southeastern sky. a nice weekend coming up.
4:44 pm
90 degrees for monday, still some sunshine, and 30% chance for some late perhaps afternoon storms coming our way on tuesday. but notice next week we don't have any high heat coming our way. right now it doesn't look as though we have any huge storm systems for next week. i think we'll see things quiet down a bit. >> we need that. good to hear. >> thanks, veronica. imagine shopping for clothing, finding the perfect fit without trying on a single thing. >> you could get more shopping done like that. there's a new piece of technology that makes this possible. it's being launched this week at a store in silicon valley. scott budman reports. >> reporter: we've been the boot cut from sevens, more of a mid rise. >> reporter: no breaking news here, shopping can be a pain, even if you know your size, clothes are still something of a mystery. >> you step inside the scanner. >> reporter: what if you knew your exact mesh you remember in a way only a high-tech futuristic body scanner could
4:45 pm
tell you. >> i think it will make people pause and wonder, what's that? >> reporter: that is the 3-d scanner from bodymetrics, first of its kind in america sitting inside the bloomingdale, where 16 sensors direct from the xbox kinect, scan you, to help you shot faster and more efficiently. >> how do you know what jean makes you look good. so we do it by doing this body math in process, it helps you find one or two jeans that will fit and flatter you. >> reporter: bodymetrics admits it's inspired by apple, and it looked a little like what apple may make if it made scanners. >> by bringing the technology element into it, it hopefully solves a problem for women to really find that coveted pair of jeans, and that's really what we're hoping to offer the customer. >> reporter: as for privacy
4:46 pm
concerns, yes, your measurements are taken, then you can either delete them or keep an account and shop from home. >> once your body is mapped in one store, you can go to other stores, go online and just shop for garments that fit you. >> reporter: think of it as a futuristic fitting room that will make you a more accurate shopper. now, the company that makes the bodymetrics scanner says they have been using it in london for the past three years and say it now accounts for 20% of all the premium denim sales at that store, so they're selling a lot of jeans like this. >> and if the jeans shrink or we gain weight, then you have to go back in and get recon figured. >> can't blame the machine. >> no, you can't. hey, coming up next on "news4 at 4," much more ahead, a close call when a fisher man's boat sinks. i'm wendy rieger. coming up on "news4 at 5," we're
4:47 pm
staying on top of breaking news this afternoon. two planes clip each other, the second incident at our local and i want in just a week. and an alert took in fairfax playgrounds keep going up in flames. dan hellie is in london. he talked to another gold mealist from our area.
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it was a scene out of "jaws" a stranded fisherman floating in the ocean while a shark circled nearby. he had been treading water for hours after his boat sank. grant taylor has this dramatic video. >> reporter: this was the moment the 7 news helicopter spotted a missing fisherman, exhausted and struggling to stay afloat. ivity on board with nick scott and cameraman david cooper. i'm looking at him right now. waving to us. you can see the relief on his face stark naked in the water. we're just waiting for the aircraft to drop him a lifecraft. we're trying to chase sharks away from him. we spotted a massive hammerhead shark, probably about 20 meters from him. we're trying to use the chopper
4:51 pm
to drive that shark away. >> reporter: the 49-year-old man was one of three mates who went fishing. shortly after he was found alive, one of his colleagues was found, but couldn't be saved. all day the search continued for the third man. for the survivor, it was a race to get him to safety. as the pilot maneuvered the helicopter, a recent kei plane drove a life raft. minutes later -- >> there's the -- just pulled up alongside of him. he's slowly -- >> he can't move. >> he's not even move in the water. they're reaching order from the side of the boat. they just pulled him on to some stairs. he is safe, finally after all of this, he is actually safe. >> this is the men's boat, washed up on a reef.
4:52 pm
they set off at 11:00 yesterday morning. it's believed they got into trouble midafternoon, swamped by two large waves. a relative of the men raised alarm after they failed to return last night. the survivors was flown to perth, and tonight he's in royal perth hospital being treated for severe hypothermia. >> wow, he deserves a swimming gold medal. that's swimming in fear. >> he sure does deserve that. virginia native gabby douglas captured hearts across the country when she won gold. >> today the olympic champion's grandparents are speaking up about her win and what it means to them. mae and rayfield douglas went all the way to london to cheer on gabby and celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary. unfortunately they never got tickets. they watched her from the hotel room. it was due in part to her spiritual upbringing. >> she won first place. she said i want to give honor to
4:53 pm
god. she had not forgotten her roots. >> it comes from god almighty, all right? now, that talent can stay raw and undeveloped because you don't do anything about it. >> the grandparents say their only sads in with her success is her training takes her out of virginia, making it tough for them to see her. some of the fanciest yachts in the world are docked in london. many of thog megaluxury boats will be the site of megaparties for the closing ceremonies. >> the biggest 1 over 150 feet lock. it's preparing to host several team usa parties over the next two dates. it's called "octopus" and owned by microsoft other than paul allen. just docking it costs a lot, about $100,000 a week in london. the dingies are huge on that
4:54 pm
thing. still ahead, a good student and rising start on the football field, one of two young victims of a deadly house fire. now family members are talking about their grief. we'll
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
grief-stricken members of a family are speaking out about their loss. earlier this week a 15-year-old athlete and his 5-year-old niece both died in a house fire.
4:57 pm
s shomari stone has the latest. >> just pray for us. >> reporter: surrounded by her husband and sons, she's fill with agony. >> numb to mea feet. >> reporter: as she mourns the loss of her son, the 15-year-old attended fair month heights high school known as a quiet, good stewed in the school's i.t. program. he died in a house fire in capitol heights. >> at this point i'm going minute by minute. i don't even know if i close my eyes if i'll wake up again. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: fire officials tell us the fire started due to an overloaded extension cord attached to an ac unit and other
4:58 pm
items. 5-year-old kid gone, 15-year-old gone. >> this is not something i would wish on anybody. officials with the prince george's county school system are also mourning the loss, and they say some staff and teachers are planning to go to the funeral. next at 5:00, the latest on breaking news at dulles airport this afternoon where two planes touched, and a severe thunderstorm warning in our area. tonight as 5:00, two planes clip wings. that led to a lot of passengers being removed from their flights. a clerk beaten and stomped. >> and startling act of vandalism. who was setting play grounds on fire in fair fox county. good evening. >> those stories in just a bit,
4:59 pm
but we begin with weather. storms are rolling in. we now have a severe thunderstorm warning. let's get to doug kammerer. >> guys, right now looking at those storms, not a lot around our area. that's the good thing, but there is one storm, and it has become severe. we'll zoom right on in. we'll show you where this is, toward the pan handled of west virginia. morgan, berkeley county, in through maryland under a severe thunderstorms warning until 5:30. this kludge the hedgesville area, and just to the west of haguerstown, and to the north of martinsburg. if you're traveling i-70 this afternoon, be on the lookout. this is just one of those storms that i do expect to come through here, throughout the rest of the evening, things are just starting to kick off here. i do think we do have a fairly busy evening ahead. i do not think, however, this will be a widespread severe weather event. that's very good news. we


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