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tv   News 4 at 4  NBC  August 15, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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winning tonight's powerball drawing. plus the three little rules that could be the secrets to you losing weight. good afternoon, i'm pat lawson muse. >> and i'm bauer ra harrison in for jim handly this evening. there are quite a few stories for you in a moment. but a scuffle at the family research council office ended with a security guard shot and wounded, and the suspect gunman in custody. the shooting happened in the lobby of the conservative group's headquarters in chinatown, it's also where derrick ward is with more on the unusual discovery inside the suspect's back pack. >> reporter: indeed we are getting more confirmation, possible motivations, including a report that the gunman, the person that they have in custody
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h had. it's a building that houses the family research council. that is a conservative organization and there are also other tenants in that building. >> once he was confronted by a security guard, he opened fire. the security guard was struck. he's receiving treatment. he's in stable condition. the security guard and others wrestled the suspect down to the ground, and he is in custody. >> reporter: now, law enforcement sources tell us that the man actually entered the building claiming to be an intern. it's when the guard asked to look into his bag that the gunman produced a handgun.
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we're told there was several magazines of ammunition. sources also tell news4 that the motivation could have been something this organization said regarding the whole chick-fil-a controversy. they would not speak of motivations when they first spoke. we know the gunman is a local man. we'll have more later for you on that. we also have a statement from tony perkins, head of the family research council. he says that police are investigating this, and they are saddened by this tragedy that's befallen one of their family and their main concern is also for the family of that guard who remains, as we are told now, in stable condition. police and federal sources are calling him a hero. we understand even after being shot. he managed to wrest the gun from the gunman, and held him until other authorities came.
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police are not say the gunman is under arrest, but being talked to, a is the security guard and several other witnesses. that's all for now. there will be more on this developing story coming up later. wee live in northwest, derrick ward, news4. we're going to bring you continuing coverage on the shooting investigation. we have live team coverage on "news4 at 5." our other big story tonight, the weather. doug kammerer is tracking more storms headed our way. doug? >> more storms out there right now, coming through portions of northern virginia. vite now mostly back to the west of the washington, d.c. area, we are seeing some sunshine. outside right now, 85 degrees. temperatures on the cooler side than they have been over the past couple days. what am i talking about? well, back into the west, 77 in winchester, 79 in martins burg, there has been some cloud cover back that way.
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where we are seeing the country right now, expect to see showers and thunderstorms. we have them making their way through virginia. just to the south of winchester around la ray, and shenandoah county, southern portions of chenshenandoah county under fla flood warnings. some fairly strong storms, if you look at frontroyal you'll see those in about the next 15 to 20 minutes. down towards st. mary's county, a severe thunderstorm watch in effect for that area until 10:00 tonight. many areas will see showers and storms. how about mclean coming in with temperatures around 79 at 7:00, i do expect a few showers and storms around that time there, waking up tomorrow morning under plenty of sunshine with a low temperature of about 70 degrees. wait until i show you the temperatures in some of the other suburbs, in just a minute. today millions of americans are crossing their fingers and
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clutching their lucky charms. they're hoping to be the lucky winners tonight. news4's angie goff spoke to some. >> here in they expect to sell more than 1 million powerball tickets. now that it stands at an eye-popping $320 million. it will be the fourth largest jackpot in lottery history, $320 million up for grabs, a cash payout that would be more than $12 million virginia lottery officials say -- many buy with a plan to win. >> i'd give money to all the,
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and i would hire people to take care of my house. >> i probably would rest for about a year. that's what i would do. >> reporter: the manager here at the 7-eleven tells me he's bringing in three extra employees to help brace for today's volume. to put this in perspective, the only larger jackpot than this one is back in february when an 81-year-old grandmother struck it big, $336.4 million. after taxes, she walked away with $210 million. in arlington, angie goff, news4. >>if you're playing powerball, the odds aren't exactly in your favor. the chances are 1 in 175 million, a 1 in 5 million chance of winning a million. the odds of winning $10,000 or in 649,000, the chances of winning a $4 prize, 1 in 110. good luck. an expanded gambling bill narrowly passed the maryland
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statehouse. governor o'malley gave his approval s news4's melissa mollett shows us what's next. >> martin o'malley, signing a bill to expand gambling in the state. the bill would allow table games at current locations, as well as new construction and give tax breaks to five existing casinos in the state, but voters would need to approve the new casino site, something that county executive believes they will do. >> now it's up to the citizens, which is what we wanted all along. i feel good about our county and our future. it's a great day. >> reporter: if the ballot passes statewide, but not here, table games would be allowed, but not a new casino. residents would have to brace for more crux here here at national harbor. >> personally i don't gamble that much. i play lottery every snow and
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then, but that's not my thing. >> well, i'm really not in favor of casinos, but it seems like it would bring a lot of money into the county, and i know that we need a lot of money for education here in prince george's county. for that reason, i probably would vote for casinos. >> lawmakers called in for a special session, debated the bill for seven hours yesterday alone. if voters say yes, the number of slots will be on part with loss in las vegas and the first new venue could open in 2016. >> yeah, i would vote for it. >> reporter: supporters say it could bring in up to $200 million in extra revenue a year. some are not buys it. >> i'm not an expert, gull none of the projections every seem right. >> reporter: he says he will vote against the plan. >> i just think that there's enough in the county itself, as well as surrounding states that
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you don't need one more, and i think there's other things you could build that would be more beneficial. >> reporter: over the next few months, no doubt, prince george's county voters will be bombarded with all kinds of ads vying for their votes. in annapolis, melissa mollett, back to you. coming up at 5:00, tracee wilkins is live at national harbor. here why a county leader believes it's so important to solving problems in that community. thousands of young immigrants are lining up around the country in the hopes of winning -- to qualify immigrants have to come here when they were -- have to have come here when they were under 16 and must have lived in the u.s. at least five years. news4's darcy spencer spoke with local immigrants applying for the waiver.
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we'll hear what it means for them in a live report coming up at 5:00. now to presidential politics. the contest has suddenly become personal, a lot more personal. here's steve handelsman. >> reporter: president obama was still in closely contested iowa, sounding upbeat. >> first of all, i want you to know, i kind of like the term "obama care." because i do care. >> reporter: in five days mitt romney has gone from upbeat to upset, showing it in ohio. >> so, mr. president, take your campaign of division and anger and hate back to chicago. >> reporter: obama staffers called romney unhinged. one analyst said he just let his emotions show. >> it's irritation. i think he was overcome by it. >> reporter: why? critics are blasting romney's pick of paul ryan. romney's polling poorly in key states. he's still under attack in the
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super pac ad that even some democrats call unfair, and romney went off on president obama. >> his campaign strategy is to smash america apart and then try to cobble together 51% of the pieces. >> reporter: mr. obama too has made the contest more personal. on tax cuts for the rich. >> governor romney expects you to pay for it. >> reporter: joe biden told an audience romney would roll back bank regulations and put them back in chains. romney doubled down on cbs. >> the president's campaign is all about division and attack and hatred. >> reporter: a new side of romney. >> candidates are human beings and they show human emotion. they generally suffer for showing too much emotion, though, particularly anger. >> reporter: politicians now that's the rule. sometimes it's hard to follow. even though mitt romney's had a disciplined record of controlling his emotions. i'm steve handelsman, nbc news watch. when "news4 at 4" continues,
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miley cyrus gets people talking with herbold new haircut. even el enis trying it out. plus chad johnson charged with head-butting his wife. with head-butting his wife. an unexpected request from
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chad "ochocinco" johnson said his's grateful for his supporters. first he was arrested on saturday, charged with headbutting his wife during a domestic dispute. she filed for divorce on tuesday, ending the 41-day marriage form to make matters worse, he was released from the dolphins. that somber moment was documented in the hbo series "hard knocks." >> it's not just last night. it's where we are as a program and where you are and where we are headed, i don't see the mesh right now, and you know, i wish it was different. i wish i could tell you
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something more encouraging, but you know, i think it's best for both of us we kind of part ways at this point in time. >> johnson and his wife were featured prominently in the series. last night chad johnson tweeted he hasn't had to tread water in a long time, and he thanked his family and his friends and his fans for, quote, keeping me afloat. bobby brown is making a chance. is janet jackson using her mom as an execution to get money? >> here is georgia alfredas from the russ parr morning show on wyoys, we know they're getting divorced, vh1 has pulled the reality show, but what else can you tell us? >> we're hearing a rumor that he was cheating on her way before while they were engaged. but that's hindsight we are
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going to hear she's going to continue doing the basketball wives' show. shani o'neill does this show, and she told tmz, evelyn did, that she's disappointed that chad hasn't said, you know what? i did there and apologized to her. he said i want to thank my fans and friends, but never said anything to evelyn. she's kind of upset about that. >> i can imagine. >> let's talk about bad blood between another celebrity couple that has become uncoupled. kim kardashian and kris humphri humphries. >> they're going through divorce proceedings as we speak. they're not in court, their lawyers are in court. what i think is hilarious is how shady chris hue y kris humphrie are. they sent a subpoena in a box
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from nordstrom. he wants an anullment and she says, i spent $250,000 on lawyer fees, you'll have to pay for that, and her people are saying, what do you want? we have an iron-clad prenup. they both got hundreds of thousands from the wedding, plus signed a $24 million signing for basketball. >> he wants her to pay him? >> apparently. her people are saying, what do you want? >> wants another payday. >> maybe so. >> he must be hurting. >> that $24 million, that goes quick, you know. let's talk about bobby brown, the ex-husband of the late whitney houston. apparently he's getting his act together against? >> he's in rehab. maybe it will stick. he was arrested for dui five months ago in los angeles. he's saying this time he really,
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really wants to make this happen, wants to get sober. >> let's hope he gets that together. meanwhile, the jackson family mess, the executors of the estate are asking for head from one of the siblings to pay one of the siblings' bills? >> really gentleman janet jackson is dating a billionaire, the most successful of the jacksons, but apparently her mom spends a lot of time in her las vegas home, so the executors are asking a judge to pay her rent partially, her mortgage, a partial payment monthly. she's like, mom spends time there. i don't know if this is because the executors of the estate are trying to get the rest of the family off their back? i don't know in janet or her mom requested this, but this is odd.
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>> justidoes his will provide t care of his mother? >> yes, if does. >> we'll see what happens. now, janell monroe. >> janell monet, you might know know her, she always wears tuxedos, but she is being feature in the september "vogue" and the new cover girl. this is her look, but she's not a household name, but she'll be one after we see her ads. this girl's really talented, underground, a great sound, and she's beautiful. i'm excited to see somebody different-looking in a cover girl ad. >> i'm glad you tell me she's not a household name. >> she really is underground, yeah. >> we like the look. what do you want tomorrow? >> school's getting ready to
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start. some of us have hair issues, so maybe you want to get your wig together -- i mean haircuts. >> i like your hair. >> thank you. >> watch and wear, right? >> exactly. nothing else i can do with it. >> georgia, thank you. coming up on news4, condoleezza rice strikes a pose. how the former secretary of state got into modeling i want plus doug is i'm barack obama and i approve this message seen this? mitt romney claiming the president would end welfare's work requirements? the new york times calls it 'blatantly false' the washington post says: "the obama administration is not removing the bill's work requirements at all." in fact, obama's getting states to move twenty percent more people from welfare to work. and president clinton's reaction to the romney ad? it's just "not true." get the facts.
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it shaped up to be a nice day. >> not bad at all. some areas let's look, let's show you what's going on. how is the day shaping up? a nice day to get outside. right now we have seen the coolest day so far in the month of august. how about that? we stand at 85 deges out there. just about every day has been around 90 degrees or higher. 85 at the airport. winters out of the northwest at
4:25 pm
about 10 miles per hour. the rest of the region a little bit cooler. back to the west, here's where the rain is, making its way just out of shenandoah county. it has a flash flood warning in effect until 6:15 there. that's where you start to see the rain, trying to make its way over the mountains yesterday, i think we'll have an easier time today, but the best chance will stay down to the south. in through portions of southern
4:26 pm
maryland. if you're north of washington, don't expect too much. you also see right here this is where the severe thunderstorm watch is, and includes parts of our beaches out toward ocean city and down towards portion -- the thunder, that's what we have out there, but watch what happens, the front races onto the east. we're looking at a beautiful day. i think tomorrow will be spectacular, bundened sunshine, bright blue skies the i think we'll get to 90 degrees, but then on friday, we'll see another front move down, still rather waerm, most of the day on friday, there will be a chance for shower. tomorrow morning, waking up to
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great numbers, nice and cool the suburbs, maybe down into the upper 50s for the first time this month, 70 around the city. tomorrow afternoon mostly sunny, warm, low humidity, just a great day. to about 91 degrees. i'm skipping the beach forecast, because it's great there tomorrow and i don't have time. 91 on your thursday, 82, though, coming up sunday or saturday and sunday, watching out for a potential storm that could make sunday more on the we had side. the big word there, "nice" as we head into next week. there's only two days of 90s, it is rest in the 80s. too bad you don't have time to go to the beach tomorrow. still to come, the three rules that could make it easier for you to lose weight. >> plus the
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. welcome back to "news4 at 4." i'm pat lawson muse. >> and i'm barbara harrison in for jim handly. now to a developing story. we've just learned the name of the man suspected in the shooting at that family research council this morning.
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he's identified as floyd corkens. we're told he purchased a gun legally in virginia five days ago. a security was shot and wounded when he apparently tried to stop the suspect in the lobby of the group's headquarters on g street northwest. news4 also learned the suspect was carrying a backpack that contained promotional material related to the chick-fil-a's controversy. there's no word yet about a motive. a pitbull puppy in new york is in the hospital today with a broken neck. somebody put him in a plastic bag and threw him out of a moving car over the weekend. >> thankfully someone else called for the whole thing and called for help. we have more on why the doctors thing the pet might have been part of a dogfighting wring. >> reporter: he gave us a weak yelp from his cage at west islip emergency vet clinic. it's all he could muster.
4:32 pm
>> he was in severe shock, crying in pain from his neck injuries. >> reporter: authorities are looking for the person that died the dog inside a plastic back and threw him out of a moving car over the weekend. luckily someone called the whole thing and called police. >> what if that good samaritan tried to help him. >> in addition to broken vertebrae and bruised lungs he suffered as a result, the doctor said he had infected bites around his neck that indicate he may have been used in illegal dog fights. he's still sports bandages and receiving around the clock pain medication. but he's also being sent prayers and well wishes from supporters who want to see him survive. >> it's unimaginable. you just can't fathom why or how someone could do this.
4:33 pm
>> suv fox county's spca is offered a reward for any information that leads to an arre arrest. the doctor says the dog has another three to four months to recover, and at least 15 requests eager to adopt the pup. >> he gives us kisses. he's going to be a good dog for somebody. >> the veterinarians say the dog also came in with fleas and weigh the about ten pounds, well below what is normal for a 3-month-old pitbull puppy. testimony continued today in the trial of former illinois police officers drew peterson after the defense decided to stop seeking a mistrial. peterson told the judge this morning to go ahead with proceedings. his attorneys became upset when prosecutors went against judge's orders talking when an order for protection. he's accused of killing kathleen savio, and also a suspect in the disappearance of his fourth
4:34 pm
wife, stacy peterson. prince philip is back in the hospital, buckingham palace says he's suffering from a recurrence of a bladder infection. he's been taken to a hospital in scotland the the duke was forced to miss part of his wife's diamond jubilee celebration when he was hospitalized with the initial infection in june. prince philip is now 91. ist something that millions of americans struggle with every day. a new study says it can be done, as nbc's aditi roy reports, it's three simple rules. 34-year-old jessica mcdowell is already breaking one of the rules for losing weight. >> i'm on my way to five guys. >> reporter: brand-new research published finds women who eat out at lunchtime at least once a week don't lose as much as women
4:35 pm
who eat in regularly. lunch seems to be the worst. >> i'm not going to have anything else that's kind of fattening for the rest of the day. >> reporter: she says today's takeout burger is a special treat. she usually eats salads and sand wishes brought from home. >> there was a time when i weighed close to 200 pounds. i've kept that off for many, many years. >> reporter: she lost 50 pounds ten years ago following the lunch rule, and two others recommend it in the new stud,. don't skip meals and keep a food log. >> probably one of the strongest predictors. >> reporter: dr. gary foster says the study which focused on women 50 and up is good advise for anyone trying to trim down. itches most of the guidance is eat this, don't eat that. i would argue most people know what to eat and what not to eat. what they don't get as much help
4:36 pm
with is the how. these are very applied how tips. now, to recap the three rules according to the academy of nutrition and diet etics, don't skip meals, limit eating out and keep a food log. always consult your doctor before starting any plan. >> do you think we could skip lunch? >> i don't think so. we get too hungry in the middle of the day. there's more to come. an 81-year-old woman in virginia survives a horrifying accident. how she rescued herself after spending hours trapped underneath a lawn mowers. and husband and wife's unusual diagnosis. unusu[ male announcer ] the choice on debt... mitt romney's plan: huge tax cuts for millionaires, tax breaks for oil companies and corporations that ship jobs overseas, adding trillions to the deficit. president obama's plan: a balanced approach that asks the wealthy to pay a little more, eliminates tax breaks for outsourcing and oil subsidies,
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cuts government spending, and reduces the deficit by four trillion. two plans. your choice. [ obama ] i'm barack obama and i approve this message.
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as 81-year-old virginia woman survived a frightening ordeal. she was pinned under her riding lawn mower for five hours. >> when she realized no one was going to rescue her, she dug herself out with a broken bucket. >> i was facing death. >> reporter: she never thought mowing the yard would be dangerous or nearly deadly. >> all you need to do is let
4:40 pm
your guard down for a minute and those things happen. >> reporter: mitchell had also enjoyed mowing homestead. she calls it the holy hills of home. but everything changed. mitchell says she had mowed the family cemetery, a path for her golf cart around the property, was going up the hill when her riding lawn mowers started malfunctioning. >> i turned around to back out, and it just fell over the top of me. >> reporter: her leg was pinned, then she says things went from bad to worse. >> the tractor was smoking. i was sure it was going to burst into flames any minute. i said, god, i don't want to die look like this. >> reporter: that's when the copd patient tried to yell for
4:41 pm
help. >> the voice just spoke to me and said, martha, no one's going to come, no one's going to come for you to help. >> reporter: since she couldn't move the 600-pound mower, she decided to dig a trench to get her leg out. >> i kept digging, digging, digging, five hours i was there. >> reporter: now she's recovering with bruised organs, a hip broken in two places, a crushed pelvis, about you not a broken faith. >> i've had so many miracles in my life s. but this was statistic closest that i saw death in the face. >> that's megan gorhy reporting. she dragged herself into the house after the accident. >> and finally called 911. two days later when the pain became too unbearable to take. what a brave woman, though.
4:42 pm
>> good thing she survived. when "news4 at 4" returns, a remarkable story from inside the colorado movie theater shooting. how two best friends risked their lives to save each other. and doug has an update on
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if you live in northern sup
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all the time i have? >> a few more seconds. >> good. let's show you exactly where those storms are. a very nice right now, probably one of the most pleasant days outside right now we have seen all month long. highs today only 85 degrees right now. temperatures of that 85, winds out of the northwest at 10 miles per hour. what we'll see out here as far as temperatures go, 81 in reston, 82 in rock ville. nice and cool in gayers burg. we're looking at very nice numbers, really not a lot of human yesterday, so today so far the coolest day we have seen. most of them right along 81 here
4:46 pm
they will make their way in toward fauquier county, and they may actually fall apart. we'll have to wait and see. there would be more instability. sown to the south and east, also portions of the northern neck, we're looking at a severe thunderstorm there. upper 50s for many of you. you're going to wake up to a nice morning. then tomorrow afternoon another nice day. a high around 91. everyone will see sunshine. late thunderstorms coming in after the 5:00, 6:00 hours, 82
4:47 pm
on saturday, then look at next week, temperatures very nice, only in the 80s not a ball forecast. >> they both have been diagnosised with breast cancer. >> the alexandria couple has raised four sons. >> i told you i had a lot of honeymoons. >> and brood of grandkids. my, they have been busy. >> they certainly have. >> reporter: after 5 a years of marriage, an unexpected first
4:48 pm
for them. both were diagnosed with breast cancer. >> i immediately went to my family doctor. >> first betty in 2008, and as luck would have it, this past june, so did bill. >> reporter: what was your reaction? >> pretty much like you look right now, whoa, what was that? >> betty is cancer free. >> i came out of it whole. >> reporter: bill is undergoing chemo. >> she never told me it was contagious. >> reporter: after the shock wore off support was instantaneous. >> whenever i went for whatever they were doing, he would be with millennium. i'm doing the same with him. >> >> he told his friends don't ignore the lumps. they're joined by faith and humor, of course, and winning this rare battle together, one laugh at a time. erica wenceslas, news4.
4:49 pm
according to the cancer institute, it is still rare in men. male breast cancer makes up less than 1% of all cases. a sense of humor can always heal things a bit faster. good for them. >> we wish them well. coming up, ellen tries out miley cyrus's wild haircut. plus former secretary of state turned fashion model? details about condoleezza rice's new gig. coming up tonight at 5:00, exclusive video of the fbi searching the car of the man police say shot a security guard at a conservative christian lobbying group here. plus hear from the good samaritan who helped pull a police officer from a burning police cruiser. tonight at "news4 at 6," something went wrong with the military's wave rider. it was supposed to reach hypersonic speeds. find out would the flight turned out to be a flop.
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4:52 pm
by now you've probably seen this. the new look for miley cyrus, so ellen degenerous is trying it out. you can see it on her twitter page. she went ahead and photoshopped it on her own head. asue from a few dramatic angles, it's not too different from her
4:53 pm
old blond hairdo. what do you think snimplts not too sure. former secretary of state condoleezza rice is showing off a much more casual side since leaving national politics. she's making her modeling debut for the nfl's line of women's clothic. she says she's proud to show her passion for the cleveland browns. other women include serena williams and i advantagea trump, all picked because they are considered role model for girls. enchts she wears the jersey well. >> it looks good. up next, two best friends risk their lives for each other.
4:54 pm
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
we want to update the story of two young men who give meaning to the term best friends forever. they were victims of the shooting rampage. one was hit by a shotgun blast. her best friend refused to leave her behind. here's kristen dahlgren. >> reporter: in the face of unspeakable terror. >> there's smoke, there's explosions, there's blood, there's death, there's guns being fired. >> emerged a story of enduring
4:57 pm
friendship. >> you never know how close you are to somebody and how important they are to you until you test yew friendship and literally say you were both willing to lay down your lives for each other. >> reporter: they answered that question in a colorado movie theater as bullets began to fly. >> just boom, boom, boom, boom. >> reporter: alley was hit. >> i couldn't get up. >> reporter: in all that chaos -- >> i see him up there, and i'm hearing him yell at people. >> reporter: she never let her side, putting her own hands to slow the bleeding. >> you have to go, she says, no, no, i'm not leaving you. >> reporter: when the s.w.a.t. team arrived, she helped carry her to an ambulance and safety. days later when the president visited aurora, their story helped lift a nation. >> as tragic as the circumstances of what we have seen today are, as heartbreaking as it is for the families, it's
4:58 pm
worth us spending most of our time reflecting on young americans like ali and stephanie. because they represent what's best in us. >> ali and stef are far from your typically national heroes. they met working at victoria's secret. >> just standing there folding panties. >> reporter: they are not changed by their visit from the president. >> it was exciting, but more exciting is just being able to see her. >> being alive and being together. >> reporter: ali has a lot of healing ahead, but just like in that movie theater, she won't be alone. her best friend isn't going anywhere. kristen dahlgren, nbc news, denver. now at 5:00, a shooting at a conservative group's head cars in d.c. a gunman opens fire inside the family research council. a security guard is hailed a
4:59 pm
hero. was it worth the gamble? a major hurdle cleared to bring table games to casinos in maryland. >> the most terrifying thing. >> plus hear from this good samaritan who helped save a police officer trapped after a fiery crash. good evening. i'm in for wendy. >> and i'm jim handly. we begin with new details about the virginia man suspected of shooting a security guard at the family research council. der echas the latest. >> reporter: first of all, the man who police have taken into custody has been i filled 28-year-old floyd corkens from northern virginia. sources tell us that he was carrying a nine-millimeter handgun that he purchased legall


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