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tv   News 4 at 11  NBC  September 1, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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first at 11:00, bolts of lightning over the district as severe storms roll through the metro area. good evening, everyone, i'm jim
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rosenfield. let's get to chuck bell with the latest tonight. >> we've only seen fortunately one severe thunderstorm warning in prince georges county, that has now expired. as of now no current watches or warnings to concern yourself with, what a light show it has been outside. check out some of the shots here from our city camera view. what a lot of cloud to ground lightning up in the sky today. very, very busy indeed. doesn't look like a lot on radar now, the storm is definitely losing indensity in the later night hours, that's welcome news for you folks in southern prince georges county, across much of calvert county, all the way down toward prince frederick. the good news is, that's really the big show in town, not much else behind it. tomorrow we're under the gun once again with all this moisture in place, a chance for more. summer soaker is coming up on your sunday. and maybe even more on your monday. we'll talk about all the rest of
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your holiday weekend forecast in a few minutes. we're following a developing story out of laurel tonight. a gas station clerk in the hospital. he was shot during an attempted robbery and tonight the suspect is still on the loose. darcie spencer reports from laurel. >> reporter: laurel police officers were called here to this skon gas station on old sandy spring road before 8:00 tonight for a report of an attempted robbery and shooting. police are confirming that the victim in the case is a cashier here at the exxon station. he was shot during this attempted robbery after apparently trying to fight him off with a chair. and police are telling me the suspect went inside the tiger mart at the gas station this evening and confronted the clerk who was not behind the glass there at the clerk's station. that's when some sort of struggle ensued and the suspect pulled a gun. >> apparently there was a struggle between the two and a chair was thrown? >> yes, at the time the suspect
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and cashier refuse d to give th money, a skuchl ensued and the cashier threw a chair and the suspect pulled out a gun and shot the cashier. >> reporter: the victim was shot in the upper arm area. he was transported to the local hospital, he is okay. the search for the gunman continues at this hour. in laurel, darcie spencer, news 4. utility crews in louisiana are working around the clock to try to get power back to residents affected by hurricane isaac. officials in baton rouge say 75% of residents have their power back, there's a lot more to do in new orleans and the sur rounding suburbs. in those areas, only about 40% of people have electricity tonight. power companies are warning residents it could be late next week before everyone gets their power back. the heat took a toll on fans at today's university of maryland football game. more than two dozen people in the stands started feeling sick.
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prince georges county police say they were all suffering from heat related illnesses. four of those people had to be taken to the hospital. they're all expected to okay. new chapter began today for the penn state nittany lions, more than 90,000 packed beaver stadium. fans were out in full support to show their support. it was the first time in more than 06 years, joe paterno was not on the coaching staff. it was not the best start for the new coach, bill o'brien, we'll have highlights in sports coming up in a few minutes. new information tonight in a murder mystery in prince georges county. we now know the name of the woman found dead wednesday in a park in beltsville. she's been identified as lizette martinez alvarez. they were able to identify her after they released some
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pictures of her tattoos. police have no suspects or a motive in this case. on the campaign trail, both presidential candidates spent the day in battleground states. in ohio, mitt romney likened president obama to a failed football coach. president obama fired back. >> reporter: president obama hit a sports bar in sioux city, iowa. on a tour of swing states before his convention. earlier in urban dale, he asked, did you watch the republican convention? >> don't boo, vote. >> reporter: mr. obama charged an obsolete message. >> there was a lot of talk about hard truths and bold choices. but nobody ever actually bothered to tell you what they were. they know their economic plan
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isn't popular. >> romney/ryan. >> reporter: in florida, mitt romney and paul ryan vowed again to tell hard truths. >> we will not duck tough issues or kick the can down the road, we will lead. >> reporter: ryan had been at ohio state on this football saturday. mitt romney in cincinnati, blaming barack obama for america's jobless. >> and again today, 23 million people are out of work or stopped looking for work or underemployed. let me tell you, if you have a coach that's 0-23 million, you say it's time to get a new coach. >> reporter: the current coach claims a winning season. and better ones ahead. >> we have more good jobs to create. we have more home grown energy to generate. >> reporter: democratic convention delegates are arriving in charlotte for a week of making their case to the nation. >> i'm steve handlesman news 4. >> reporter: news 4 will have complete coverage of the democratic national convention
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coming up in charlotte. jim vance and tom sherwood will both report from the convention, it starts on tuesday, they'll have live reports starting tomorrow night on news 4 at 11:00. the chief of staff for immigration and customs enforcement has resigned tonight. suzanne barr faced inappropriate sexual conduct. she says the charges aren't true, but stepped down anyway. barr has been on leave since last month. another security camera paid for by local residents has been installed in georgetown. it's the latest camera to go up in the neighborhood. as part of a community effort to fight crime. the camera was put up outside martin's tavern on wisconsin avenue. the citizens approved the installation of three more cameras. some people have a problem with this kind of monitoring. the citizens organization says video will only be turned over
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to police once a crime is reported. how you could save some cash on your next metro ride. the micro brew of choice for
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a welcome renovation project in d.c.'s petworth neighborhood. the safeway in the 3800 block of georgia avenue is going to be torn down to make way for a new residential and retail building. it's the latest in a series of high profile changes in the area. it's expected to be completed in
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2014. safeway will be closed starting next saturday. big changes to metro's smart trip cards took effect today. if you register your card online, can you link it to a credit or debit card. that will allow you to recharge your smart trip account automatically. riders will now be required to keep a minimum balance of $1.20 on the card. if you register your card within five days, metro will give you a $3 rebate. ♪ you may not know his name, but you probably know his songs. songwriter hal david died today in los angeles from complications related to a stroke. david along with his partner wrote dozens of top hits during the 1960s. both were recently honored at the white house by president obama earlier this year for their contribution to the arts. hal david was 91. next at 11:00, the preferred
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brew of the commander in chief. where to get the official recipe from president obama's own personal beer. a live look outside in washington right now, a little calmer after those storms rolled through the metro area. chuck's back with the forecast for
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summer is over and the wait finally ended today for college football fans. the terps getting their season started today against william and mary. thousands showing up to tailgate, cheer on the team and eat good food. howard university started its university off today against the moorehouse tigers.
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the parking lot filled up with fans, music, fun. we'll have highlights of both games coming up in sports. it could be in addition to your next tailgate. the beer enjoyed by our commander in chief. the recipes for the honey ale and honey porter brew were released today to the public. they were posted on the white house blog this morning by white house chef. they were released in part thanks to an online petition that gathered more than 12,000 signatures. i'm just wondering do they serve that at ste dinners? >> sure. >> in a bottle or in a glass. >> i'm going with glass. >> yeah. >> pinkie out. what a night it has been here in washington. >> we heard it outside our window here. >> rumbling. >> i knew something was going on, you didn't come over to tell me anything. >> i was busy tweeting radar pictures. busy night indeed, no doubt if you live from washington, d.c., to points south and east down
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into southern prince georges county, you have probably been wondering when all the thunder and lightning was going to end. it's just about done now. what a light show it was. there's a live picture now over downtown washington. the rain has eased up and all but ended now in downtown. not quite the case still, for you folks in southern maryland, down into calvert county, parts of southern anne arundel county. for the record, it was a says letter, 95 degrees, our high temperature today. all that heat energy was released with all these thunderstorms tonight. how much rain? 1.64 inches of rain. more than an inch and a half of rain at national airport, just in the last two hours, since 9:00. that's impressive enough. that 1.64 now makes this the rainiest day of the year so far. rainier than any single day so r in a year. and it all happened in two hours. 75 greys with lightning in the southeast sky. not much of a breeze for now,
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dewpoints in the low 70s, it feels like the middle of summer out there. 81 manassas. 82 fredericksburg. may have to wait until tomorrow for the rain. 71 rain cooled degrees in martinsburg, and parts of the panhandle of west virginia were hit hard earlier this morning with heavy rainshowers there. here goes our cluster of thunderstorms firing up. and then rolling southeast bound hardest hit, andrews air force base. and brandywine along route 301 in maryland. now these thunderstorms with quite a bit of lightning still, around calvert county. you folks stay put, stay inside, stay safe. these are rolling south and eastbound over the bay bridge. cambridge down toward salisbury, getting in on this action in the next little bit. we have a break in the action around town. we're not done with rain chances just yet. more rain in ohio. this out here, this big counter
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clockwise swirl was isaac at one time. all that tropical moisture has nowhere to go but eastbound. and that means us, everybody. we'll have this moisture to deal with tomorrow, and that big moisture out in the midwest coming our way for labor day and tuesday. headed out to the national's game tomorrow, the cardinals and nationals, first pitch is at 1:35. rain delay possible to probable at the game tomorrow. pack your rain slicker if you're going down. just showers tomorrow, but rain on labor day, and kind of stormy weather at the coastline on tuesday. not really the way the hotel folks at the beaches would rather have ended the summer. late night rumbles around here, and then shower chances increasing with the heating of the day tomorrow, and then we have to wait for all that tropical moisture to get in here as we head to monday. cloudy skies, scattered showers, turning quieter now that the big thunderstorms are done. low 60s and 70s. tomorrow mostly cloudy, showers likely at any point during the
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night. the afternoon will be busier thanks to the daytime heating. the rain chances, look at that. all the way down through the middle of the week. this is technically good news, we need the rain around here. >> technically, yes. >> nobody wanted it to come on a holiday. next weekend would have been infinitely better. >> it would have. coming up next in sports.
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we're going to get to college football, right? we have to start with what happened to the nats? >> the nats are too good. that doesn't mean they're going to win every night. it was a later one. >> you know, they can, and they have, but. >> are they back at it? >> i'm trying to lead into what happened tonight. the nationals came into this afternoon's game with 80 wins, we have a month left in the regular season. the cards take a wild one at nats park. we're going to show you how it went down. all smiles early, as jayson werth, bryce harper and the nats are looking for their fourth win in a row. brian zimmerman at the plate. the nats down 8-7. two on for zimmerman. he knocks this one down. werth comes in to tie the game. molina throws -- don't forget about the kid, busting in. he slides in safely, that gives the nats a 9-8 lead. same score, bottom 7, danny
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espinosa facing edward mohica who smacks one to center. espinosa, that big time hit, big time web gem for the cards. tied at nine, good matchup. the world series mvp wins the battle, singles to left, allen craig scores and that proves to be the game winning run. cards down the nats 10-9. steven strasbourg on the hill tomorrow afternoon. the yankees are ahead of the nats in the a.l. east. the maryland terrapins football team this year, a win is a win. his team is now halfway to matching last year's total number of victories. a new beginning for the terps, with a lot of beginners. perry hill is one of them. the true freshman getting pressured in the quarter right
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here. it goes to brian thompson. perry, one of three picks, he went 16 for 24, 125 yards. this is one of those completions right here. down 6-0 in the fourth quarter, on third down, he finds kevin dorsey who takes it to the tribe's 14 yard line. big game. two plays later, they go to the ground. here it,justice picket. he's going to untouch, run right into the end zone. maryland's first td of the year. terps up 7-6. late fourth quarter, tribe with the last chance. jeremiah johnson sacks, rapheal ortiz. maryland holds on to win it 7-6. here's coach ed sell after the game. >> one of the things that we talked about through the winter, the spring, the summer and preseason was finishing. and they very easily could have just folded their tents. but they kept persevering, they
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kept fighting, they kept scratching and clawing, and found a way to win. >> yes, they did. well, it's a family affair when the virginia cavaliers host richmond. first year coach danny rocco, his nephew is the starting qb for the wahoos. uva already up 9-0. there's michael rocco hooking up with darius jennings. look at the sophomore wideout turning on the jets. cavaliers take a 16-0 lead. they go on to win 43-19 over richmond. a new era for penn state football. no joe pa for the first time since 1949. the nittany lions looked good early. first quarter, mcgloin signs bill belten who punches one in for the score. penn state up 7-0. a big second half by ohio led by that quarterback right there,
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tyler tuttleton. ohio goes on to beat penn state. elsewhere, the irish eyes were smiling from dublin as navy falls to notre dame 50-10. howard edges moorehouse 20-9. it's always a hopeful sign when the guys that the skins cut are good enough for another team. and it didn't take long this year. the dolphins had claimed anthony armstrong off waivers. tim hightower still out of a job. mike shanahan said today it was a tough call. and hightower could be back, you just never know. as for who will be the featured back in the opener this year, the coach does know, but he's not saying. >> do you know who your starter is yet? >> yes. >> do you -- >> no. no. >> were you surprised? >> i don't know. it all depends who you think the starter is. >> who do you think the starter
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is? >> are we going to be doing this for ten days? >> we got eight days until the opener, actually. >> we have d.c. united in salt lake city. they had a lightning delay. what's the deal, weather everywhere. >> no better luck playing here. >> scoreless right now. >> scoreless at half time. >> thanks, carol. that is our news for tonight. thanks for joining us, saturday night live is coming up next. have a great night. stay dry this holiday weekend.
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♪ you're watching "fox & friends." [ cheers and applause ] >> welcome back to the third hour of "fox & friends." i'm steve doocy. and joining me, always is gretchen carlson and brian kilmeade. >> good morning. >> happy monday. >> everybody have a good en


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