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tv   Meet the Presss Press Pass  NBC  September 2, 2012 11:30am-11:45am EDT

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i'm david gregory and this is special edition of press pass from the republican convention, it's been a crucial week for republicans as they try to reintroduce mitt romney to the american public and "press pass" gives you an all-access pass, we look back at my stand-out moments with my interviews with the party's big names throughout the week. i sat down with the republican party chair who was revealing about his party's goals for reaching the voters and telling mitt romney's story over the week. we'll see if this message has registered. here i ask him about the state of the race as they head into the convention. >> i think if we're exactly where we are going into election day, we're going to win. if we're tied, we win. barack obama loses. people know what barack obama
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has to sell. and they know that he didn't deliver what he said he would deliver and i think that's a big problem for him. but independents don' generally break toward the incumbent. they know what barack obama promised, they know what he delivered. they know that the economy is in the ditch. so i like where we're at. >> what is mitt romney have to do? we've talked about biographies, he's got to reveal more about himself. and that's been said a lot and i think it's crucially important. there's also as you said, independent voters, undecided voters, softly committed voters who feel that washington doesn't work and they're right about that and nothing will change. what does mitt romney have to say to folks who are going to be watching him about how he actually gets things done. how he, not only does he have a vision for the country. how he has a road map in washington to get it done under these circumstances. >> i think the mitt romney story is a story of a guy who lives his life on metrics, setting
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goals and meeting goaltends. the president came in in 2008, giving all of these great speeches and great promises, none of it came true. the problem with obama's story and where mitt romney's story plays in, he's a person everything he has done in his life, he's riz ton incredible leadership and part of the mitt romney story this week is telling the story about a guy who got involved in his church, became the leader of his church. got involved in the olympics and ended up running the olympics and saving the olympics. he got involved in politics in massachusetts and ended up being the governor of massachusetts. and think flourished. and i think the idea of putting a person in office who has proven an ability to make promises and keep promises is something i think that is very important in this debate. i've said and it's not just a line, i reilil really believe t that barack obama is not real any more to the american people.
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it's a terrible place for him to be. because part of the thrust of obama in 2008 is that here was this person, i know people say it, but here's a guy whose entire brand was bringing the country together and being different. >> part of my conversation with republican party chair, reince preibus and john sununu. >> it sarts with the president, you don't get bipartisanship oozing up. it has to start at the top. this president with his rhetoric, with his inability to sit down and converse in detail with republicans. his attitude at the meetings he had, speaking down to paul ryan who could have been his greatest asset in the process, this president doesn't know how to do it. mitt romney was governor, with 85% democrats in massachusetts. he got them to put a bunch of
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together to cut spending, cut taxes, in a state where cutting spending and cutting taxes is a mortal sin. >> wait a minute, george w. bush had a reputation for reaching across the i'aisle in texas as well and ha happened when he got to washington, complete polarization and gridlock as well. my question to you is if democrats come in and there's a republican president, and they say like mitch mcconnell, our priority is to get mitt romney voted out of office, which can mitt romney do that barack obama couldn't. >> mitt romney knows how to sit down with someone and analyze the problem and find the aspects of the problem that are common ground. the democrats like to criticize this guy for making a lot of money. you don't make a lot of money without knowing how to sit down with people who may not agree with you to start. but end up agreeing with you at the end and that's what mitt romney brings to the table. >> obviously governor romney wants to talk a lot about the economy, and just what you're talking about, who can turn it around. and yet there seem to be,
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they're not side issues because they're core demographic issues that are affecting the party. i talked to former governor jeb bush about it. the standing among hispanics. a real liability for the party. >> the party understands that long-term we've got to continue what has been a long effort to reach minority groups like the hispanics and the hispanics are very entrepreneurial. >> to their credit, they probably have a better record of being entrepreneurs than some second and third generation americans here. they like to create jobs for themselves and they are ilg to take the risks. they came to this country for a reason. the party is trying to focus on that aspect and i think it's beginning to resonate. there is going to be a better turn-out for hispanics to republicans than president obama realizes, they will cast their votes and then we'll talk about the numbers. >> based on what?
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rupert murdoch is saying look, romney ought to come out with a pathway to citizenship for hispanics in this country. that's not where the republican party is right now. >> that's not true, the platform includes for example a recognition that we've got to do a better job on guest passes for workers, there's an expansion and commitment to expand it. there's an aspect of the platform that addresses easing the process on visas so we retain the talented folks that come here to study and we encourage them to stay here. so the party is moving in the right direction. you're not going to solve the immigration problem in the hot rhetoric of a presidential campaign. and the travesty of all of this is that president obama sat on his hands for four years, before he did anything as a president to make it easier for some of the young people who through no fault of their own are in the united states and by virtue of education, service in the military a lot of us feel that they have earned a right to stay here. >> that was former new hampshire
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governor, john sununu on "press pass," we'll take a break and be back with more from the republican convention in tampa, including my interviews with former rnc chair, hailey barbour and kelly ayot.
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we're back with our special look at our daily "press pass" conversations from the republican convention in tampa. up next your my interview with the former mississippi governor, hailey barbour. he clearly sees a change coming
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for the party. let's watch. >> i'll be 65 in october and i've been in mitt romney's party for a long time. we made the generational shift 12 years after the democrats. they dominated the caucus in 1988. we nominated george w. bush in 2000. we had world war ii veterans until 2000. and you're seeing that here. you're seeing all of these young, smart attractive articulate people who are pushing guys like me out. and i don't mean throwing me out. i mean succeeding. and chris christie. susanna martinez, ryan sandoval. ricky hailey. >> in the course of that transition, does it have real appeal in the middle of the electorate? >> the answer is clearly yes. and particularly in this election. because in the middle of the
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electorate, thanks to the obama administration, has been a failure. >> the first night of this convention was in part reaching out to women. reaching suburban women and if you listen to ann romney, it was reaching out to moms and suburban women. describe in the way you thought she sma mai have reshaped this dialogue and even the perception for the party? >> well i think she makes a big difference with women because women know one thing -- there's nobody that knows as much about a man as his wife. and if you want to look down into somebody's heart and soul, that's the best microscope you can do it through. she's very, very good. very real. made some factual points that those people never imagined. pregnant and with a little baby and you know, i thought the part, i can identify with that used the ironing board for the dining room table. i thought she was very, very good. of course women are more, 53,
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54% of the vote. we've got a big gender gap. we're ahead among men and obama is ahead among women by eight or ten points and the issues that we think are really important, we think are, is important for more important to women than anybody, they're the ones who pay the bills. they're the health care chief in their families and the things that their children are going to have to pay for, i think women very much identify with these issues. that are women's issues. because they affect women's lives. >> former rnc chair and mississippi governor hailey barbour at the convention. we end with another prominent republican woman front and center at the convention. new hampshire senator kelly ayot.
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>> why should american voters beieve that the republican party has moved beyond where it was paying for you know, two wars, which a lot of conservatives believe amounted to profligate spending, t.a.r.p. was extended under this president. bailouts for the banks. all of these things, the prescription drug benefit under medicare. what is the evidence that this party has moved beyond that? >> i would tell you this, i would think the evidence of that is the 2010 election. so many, so many of us ran, including myself, and you know what, i've acknowledged that when we look at the debt, this is a bipartisan issue. that republicans spent too much and democrats spend too much and you'll hear paul ryan talk about that. >> he voted for all of those things and he's number two on the ticket. >> when you look at leadership, look at what paul ryan has done. when you've had harry reid in the senate saying it would be foolish to pass a budget. at least he put forward ideas, real road map. so you can criticize it. but where are the ideas on the other side?


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