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tv   News 4 at 11  NBC  September 2, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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off the top, flooding and lots in the district. one guy had to be fished out of the water after heavy rains moved through. plus, one metro station shut down. service on parts of the green
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and yellow lines suspended after water seeps onto the tracks. good evening, everyone. we have team coverage tonight. meteorologist kim martuchi watching the storms, but want to begin with darcy spencer in bloomingdale neighborhood of d.c. i feel we were out there covering flooding a month ago? >> reporter: that is true, jim. imagine if your neighborhood flooded not once, not twice, not three times but four times over the last several weeks, that's what's going on here in the bloomingdale neighborhood. a few hours ago, rhode island boulevard was covered ein walte. a news 4 cameraman was there as fire and ems crews rescued a man trapped in his car by a flash flood on rhode island avenue in bloomingdale neighborhood in northwest washington. take tine safety on the zodiac on the flooded roadway. >> it is mind-boggling.
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i got out here and saw the state of the streets. hearing from neighbors, i was just. i can't wrap my brain around what is going on in this moment. >> reporter: heavy rain measured in the inches, fell quickly, shutting down rhode island avenue and surrounding streets. basements were flooded. several submerged cars were also towed away. the fourth flood here in bloomingdale since july. that's when floodwaters pushed sewage into homes and flooded basements. this deja vu its getting hold for flood-worn residents. >> prior times the water would come up and go down within ape shoape -- a short period of time. this was here. wa water was here over an ohour. >> reporter: the mayor gray set up a task force. terry quinn, president of the bloomingdale sieve icivic association -- >> i have to believe we will get to solution and short term remedies for neighbors. >> reporter: what the general
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manager of d.c. water had to say about this latest disaster. >> what's happened. a very large amount of rainfall has fall in a short period of time. we do not think it is a matter of clg eclogged trains. the sheer quantity of flow is more than pipes can handle and kau e caused flooding. >> reporter: floodwaters have receded in the bloomingdale neighborhood. residents are still trying to assess the damage from this latest flood. >> heavy rain caused flooding on the tracks at shaw-howard metro station. metro completely closed the station to drain the water there. all train service, georgia avenue and mt. vernon square suspended. metro says the stations will not reopen until gnotomorrow mornint 7:00 a.m. let's get to our meteorologist, kim, lots of rain, more on the way for tomorrow, right? >> yeah, unfortunately, jim. a tropical air malss.
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lots of moisture to be wrung out. nature of the storm is slow moving. when you have moisture and, they don't move quickly that lend itself to flooding. at this late hour, rappahanack county. and let me show you who is under the gun. northern virginia. leesburg leesburg, extending to fairfax, and woodbridge. also moving over the metro d.c. area and the beltway. heaviest rain there a. lolong eisenhower. and heavier rain. north of leesburg, route 15 and 287. d.c., get ready for round two. another round of heavier rain, unfortunately is moving in your direction. and off to the west, we still have tropical showers coming down out towards warrenton, fred rick, and winchester. coming up i will pinpoint details of your labor day forecast. i will tell you how much more
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rain we are expecting and how many more days this event is expected to last. hint, it is not ending any time soon. jen. back to you. >> i hear you, kim. all right. president obama will travel to louisiana tomorrow. to get a firsthand look at damage caused by hurricane isaac. more than 200,000 people across the state are still without power in the aftermath of that storm. several communities are still under several feet of waltter. army corps of engineers is looking if the upgrade after katrina caused flooding in other areas. before heading to louisiana, the president continued his campaign push in colorado. he spoke to a large crowd of students in boulder today. president obama is on a four-day swing through a series of battleground states. tomorrow, make a quick stop in ohio before moving on to louisiana. as the president continues to campaign his party prepares to nominate him for a second term. the democratic national convention officially begins tuesday in north carolina.
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there was plenty of action today. news 4s, jim vance, live in sherry lot as delegates arrive. lots of company arriving, vance. >> hi, jim. in fact nearly 6,000 delegates rolling in to charlotte over the next few days. several few thousand are on here or on their way to report on or protect or protest the democratic national convention. 2,000 officers from all over the country have been brought in to beef up the charlotte police force, an effort to keep the peace. the city has so far been accommodating of anticipated protestors here with a wide range of issue, so wide, one is inclined to conjure up marlon brando, and "the wild one" where the store keeper asked him one day, just what are you protesting? to which brando replied "what you got?" matter of fact this convention doesn't officially start until tuesday. at which time, the delegates
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here will bear witness to an indisputable fact of life. that is, some are more favored than others, and as it regards seating. tom sherwood has the report. >> single file. not double. single. >> you can follow us right now. >> in the time-warner arena. hoard of delegates were anxious to get an early look where their convention seats are. among them virginia state democratic chairman, brian moran of lex lex. >> i think the republican convention, kvirginia delegates got prime seat argh you having prime seating. >> we are receiving a great deal of attention. >> moran was beaming on the convention floor. a prime spot for a state that could help swing the election. but for the district of columbia and maryland, two very democratic places, they're way back into the convention hall. no matter where they sit, though, the democrats are gathering with one thought in mind. a second term for barack obama.
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>> a lot of excitement on the ground. we're feeling optimistic. we have got to got to work and make sure, we are successful november 6. >> reporter: at the democratic national convention in charlotte, i'm tom sherwood, news 4. >> life sometimes just ain't fair. tomorrow is labor day. except for cops, firemen and news reporters of course, nobody works on lay bore day. that include delegates to the convention. tuesday they get done to business and we'll be here to cover it. jim. >> you are working tomorrow, right, jim? >> yes, like i said, cops, firemen and news reporters. >> right. all right. we'll see you tomorrow. thanks. >> all right. >> new details on a prince george's county police officer facing assault charges. we now have the surveillance video that led to the charges. the footage was taken from a store in brentwood, maryland. it shows an officer striking a man with his gun. right here. you can see a flash.
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that is the gun going off. and because of this video corporal donald taylor was charged with second dag saegree assault. police say taylor lied, he claimed a man tried to rob a gas station attempting to take his gun. the suspect, 19-year-old, spent four months in jail until prosecutors dropped the charges. we spoke with his attorney today. >> well the video contradicts what the officer originally wrote in the charging documents. it shows the that my client didn't lie. my client is not a criminal. put his face on television and said he committed the crimes and he didn't. >> reporter: the man and his attorney have filed a lawsuit against the police department and corporal taylor. rockville man died this afternoon in the swimming pool in his backyard. 59-year-old man was found by his wife around 3:15 this afternoon. she asked her daughter to call 911 while she tried to get him out and do cpr. ems responded a short time
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later. kia was taken to a nearby hospital. pronounced dead a short time later. one person in custody tonight after a deadly stabbing in southwest washington. happened last night, 1:00 morning in the 1200 block of delaware avenue. a few blocks from the nats park. the man was stabbed in the chest. take tune a hospital. died of his injuries. the victim's name not released. coming up next at 11:00. disaster at an air show in iowa. we know the name of the pilot who crashed his soviet-era plane this weekend. fall is great time to use leftover vacation days and we have a look at some of the best travel deals. >> coming up tonight on redskins final the we look back at a promising preseason athe team gets ready for the saints one week from today. we are talking baseball. news of the strasbourg shutdown as the nats' ace takes the mound against the cards. and a wild ride, downtown
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sun myung moon died. founded the unification church. his religious movement began in the 70s and spread around the world. the church is probably best known for mass weddings. officials for the church say moon passed away monday. two weeks after being hospitalized with pneumonia. he was 92. we are learning new information about the pilot killed during iowa's air show.
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glen smith was flying in formation with two other jets yesterday when he faeld iled toe a turn and crash. smith was the newest member of the hopper flight team. pilots said he had 25 years of experience. hundreds were watching when the plane went down. the ntsb is investigating the crash. for many, labor day is about enjoying cookouts and enjoying the last day of summer. but for others a tam ime to remember those who fought for our countrien world war ii. the ceremony held at the world war ii memorial on the wall. held to xhcommemorate the anniversary of vj-day, the day the allies defeated japan in 1945. including a wreath laying ceremony and performance from u.s. marine corps brass quintet. former campaign aide to vincent gray will be back in court next week. he will appear on tuesday to be sentenced. gore pleaded guilty to three
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campaign finance violations. and, a federal charge of obstruction of justice. he faces 12 to 18 months in prison. the first three campaign workers who pleaded guilty as the part of an investigation into gray's 2010 campaign. the mayor has not been accused of any wrongdoing. back to school week for hundreds of thousand of students in d.c. and virginia. schools in fairfax, loudoun, are lington, alexandria, tuesday. and students have already started classes. i hope they don't have too much home work over the holiday weekend. if you are not one of the 33 million people traveling this labor day weekend and still have vacation days to use. you are in luck. chris clackum has a look at the best travel deals out there this fall. >> reporter: those of you planning for a late summer get away later this month or next, pat yourself on the back for being smart. after labor day travel has become the most pleasurable of
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the pleasure travel season. >> this is the time when the temperatures are still nice. there are no crowd. and you are going to find great bargains. and many destinations, not just here in the united states, but even in the caribbean, and in europe. >> reporter: in london, for example, hotels are 60% cheaper than they were during the olympics. >> we have got all of this hotel build-up in london. that is now empty. so the crowd are gone. lot of empty rooms. a lot of good deals. >> reporter: the prices at domestic destinations drop dramatically after this weekend. >> places like colorado, the theme park destinations, even some of the city destinations, like chicago and d.c. >> reporter: even in hawaii, luxury hotels and resorts will be charging rates 40% lower than what they were just last week. airfares went be dropping much before october. but the lower cost of everything else can offset that. in places where there is still a month of summer left.
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>> still have excellent weather in that first couple of weeks of september. pricing is so much better. >> experts say, post labor day travel may be more attractively priced this year, due to the unstable economy. chris clackum, nbc news. here at home. the wet weather couldn't stop the annual labor day cononcert. it had to be moved inside. everybody now. the concert was moved to eisenhower theater at kennedy center. officials made the decision earlier today because of the threat of bad weather. thankfully didn't impact the crowd. national symphony played to an all most packed house. that was a good decision to move it inside. >> smart move. >> absolutely. i can't imagine with the flash flooding. i mean, children's hospital in d.c., jim, had nearly 3 inches of rain in 20 minutes. >> outside i hope you mean. >> yes. >> outside children's hospital.
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>> insane. insane amounts of rain. >> large amounts in a short period of time. >> we saw what happened. >> cars underwater. we saw the metro tracks. still going to get a little more rain tonight. make not the same rate falling from the sky. more rain pushing into the d.c. area. inside the beltway. inside d.c. proper. it's grit to see. here are some of doppler estimates so far. rappahannock, 4 inches. flash flood warning until 12:15 tonight. d.c. about 3 inches or so. that's the case for balls mill, fauquier county. allenes fresh. charles county. metro d.c. south of town. west of town. that's where we have been hit hardest. northern suburbs not so much. there is time. look at the wall cloud we had tweeted, tonight. southern maryland weather news. over laplata, did not produce a tornado. scary looking skies there for a while. really the heavy rain garnering
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all the attention. here is the latest radar. zoom in and show you that the intensity is letting up a little bit. but still, soaking rainshowers. fairfax, loudoun counties. arlington. beltway right here. sneaking in through annandale. 35. right of my drive home tonight. that's where the soaking rain is. this extend northward, brunswick, leesburg right now. route 15. and as we take you, we are getting you ready in d.c., for round two. as you see, the light rain right here. but some moderate rain will likely push over downtown d.c. in the next couple hours. there is still tropical showers for our western viewers. in winchester. pushing into the eastern panhandle of west virginia. so, we are not done -- and we won't be any time soon. 70s keep us company during the overnight. rather soupy we well have a few 60s out there. north, west. martinsburg. winchester. luray. rest of ussen the mu ein the mu.
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high humidity. chances for storms. let me take you hour by hour. pinpoint, what it will do. we can start off damp. not raining in the morning. throughout the day, showers will be around. and this is going to be the case as we head into tuesday. as well. you can keep an eye on the time line right here. maybe, some periods of just clouds. wednesday starts to look better. don't hang on to the thought bubble too much. look at the afternoon. all the green on the screen. that is rain. and how much ran are we tain? several inches today. last night an inch and a half. between now and i have extended this out toward about wednesday. we are going to be seeing maybe, another half inch. minimum. to 3 inches, additional rain. on top of what has fallen. this will probably wipe out any
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rainfall de -- rainfall deficit. when you include what we have had today. and they will be in the murky weather with showers and thunderstorms. not the best of the labor day holiday weekend there. tropical showers, thunderstorms, that's why they're heavy. they have isaac connection. that's what is going on tomorrow. 79/84. you want to see the extended forecast. got it right here for you. when do we finally dry out. i am stick with friday. i don't think thursday is a washout by any chance. much better by, by thursday. but, friday, saturday. look relatively safe. and then -- we turn our back and sunday have h sunday has another chance. a week of weather headlines and heavy rains i am afraid. >> umbrella handy. raincoat handy. >> have a good labor day. not in labor, unless you are ready for it. >> i am not ready, but i am. you know what i mean. >> i know what you mean. thank you, kim. have a good night. >> you bet. >> coming of in sports. we know the official shutdown date for steven strasbourg.
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date for steven strasbourg. the nats' ace, get buying with anncr: it'll start out as concrete and steel... but it'll become so much more. a new world-class resort casino in prince george's county. two thousand construction jobs to build it.
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four thousand permanent, good-paying jobs when it's done. hundreds of millions for maryland schools... real oversight to make sure the money goes... where it's supposed to. but none of it will happen unless we vote for... question seven this november. vote for question seven. and help build a better future for maryland.
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the time is almost here. take a little rest, right? >> yeah, we knew this was coming. fans, a lot, don't got to do it. now becoming official on steven strasbourg. here are the numbers on steven strasbourg. strikeouts. 195. innings pitched. 156. number of starts left. two. friday at home, and then september 12th, at the new york mets. strasbourg and the nats looking to take 3 of 4 against the cardinals. top four. help from the d. runners at the corners.
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ryan anderson skies one to right. bryce harper under it. allen craig, tests the rookie, that is a bad move. great tag by curt suzuksuzuki. bottom seven. game tied at 2. ian desmond at the dish. clutch. rbi single to center. jerry perez. nats win, 4-3. their 81st win of the year. passing last year's total. 80 victories. incredible ending. bottom 9. two outs. 40-year-old chipper zones. hits a walkoff three-run homer off jonathan papplebaum. braves down 7-1 in the game. against the phillies. score five in the ninth. win 8-7. his ninth walkoff homer of his career. braves now trail the nats by 6 1/2 games in the nl east. speaking of people close to retirement. andy roddick taking on fabio
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fanini. second set tie-break. roddick in the far court. look at this beautiful winner. his wife, brooklyn decker is loving it. she is very happy. after dropping the third set, roddick, serving for the match in the fourth. fanini send him into the net. roddick his win. and retirement will have to wait. he advances to the fourth round. where he will take on seven seed, juan martin delpotro. coming of in a few, hellie and cool spech co cooley. mark reynolds, big series, os/yankees. and tiger woods and rory mcilroy, in a hunt to didn't deutsche bank championship. and another major champ says "not so fast." all on "redskins final." and a big race for them.
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nascar. he just won that race. >> all right, lou. thank you. >> no problem. >> coming up next -- got to see the online sensat
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new in the net sensation, bringing new meaning to in the doghouse. a website, a few pictures off doorable pets doing very bad things with notes attached as to what they did wrong. now there are hundreds of pictures and millions of views. people just can't seem to get enough. i only behave on tv. that one says. this inspired our newsroom to,
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there is the rosenfield dog. >> yours? >> yes. because he likes to roll in the mud after i have a bath. >> great. >> and he did that while a guest at my sister and brother-in-law's house. >> hilarious. >> once he is accepted on the site. you've will be able to see him too. lots of bad, bad dogs. >> he'll be wooelcome back. >> funny site. >> need to get him a super soaker and let him get a shower. >> or jump in the pool. that's our
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