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tv   News 4 Today at 5  NBC  September 6, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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warm start, hot afternoon coming our way. 84 to 87 degrees by noontime today. most of the area's going to be dry, but can't rule out, again, that little isolated shower coming through, maybe even a pop-up thunderstorm. so, for your afternoon, we get up to 92, 93 degrees, but it will feel like 95 to 96 degrees today. hot one today, hot one tomorrow. i'll have your four-day forecast coming up in a couple of minutes. right now, traffic with danella. thanks, veronica. traveling around the beltway, this "first 4 traffic" report looks good because overnight road work looks to be gone. let's travel i-66 together if you're making the commute, really from the bypass as you make your way towards the beltway, nice and clear. inside the beltway, 66 not seeing any problems for you. a live look at spout run parkway in both directions. again, not seeing anything slowing you down. 11 minutes to get from the beltway to gw parkway as you travel eastbound. you're at about 60 miles per hour right now. and if you're taking the rails, i'm checking them. so far, they're open, but no reported delays along the metro, the marc or the vre.
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aaron and eun, back to you. >> thank you, danella. 5:00 a.m. now. the democratic national convention wraps up tonight with a speech from president obama. he'll officially accept his party's nomination at time warner cable arena in charlotte. the president was supposed to speak at a much larger football stadium, but organizers moved it to the arena because of a threat for bad weather. legates officially renominated president obama for president yesterday. and they'll do the same with vice president joe biden today. the vice president got a quick walk-through about four hours ago at 1:00 a.m., once the delegates left. 'll speak tonight and accept the vice presidential nomination shortly before the president takes the stage. former president bill clinton says he is confident barack obama will win a second term. >> i hate to break it to you, but we're going to keep president obama on the job! >> clinton officially renominated president obama last night. he told delegates that the president has taken steps, the crucial first steps toward an economic recovery, and he is the
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right man to finish the job. >> he inherited a deeply damaged economy. he put a floor under the crash. he began the long, hard road to recovery and laid the foundation for a modern, more well-balanced economy that will produce millions of good, new jobs, vibrant, new businesses and lots of new wealth for innovators. now, are we where we want to be today? no. is the president satisfied? of course not! but are we better off than we were when he took office? >> president obama joined clinton on stage after the speech. >> and the president may not be the only speaker who will electrify the crowd tonight. "roll call" is reporting that gabrielle giffords will lead the pledge of allegiance this morning. the former congresswoman's spokesperson is confirming that giffords is in charlotte for the dnc. giffords resigned from congress
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in january, about a year after she was wounded in a shooting spree in arizona. our jim vance and tom sherwood are in charlotte, of course. they will have live reports from the dnc tonight on news4. the secret service is looking into claims that someone stole mitt romney's tax records. romney's political office in tennessee received an anonymous letter. it demanded a payment of $1 million to prevent the records from being released. the letter included a flash drive which secret service confiscat confiscated. romney's accounting firm says there's no evidence any of his tax records were stolen. romney's campaign isn't commenting on the possible theft. some breaking news now. an explosion in western turkey killed at least 25 soldiers and injured 4 other people. the blast happened at an ammunition depot during an inventory check. a turkish news agency reporting that they were moving hand grenades when the grenades suddenly exploded. officials say the explosion appears to be an accident. today, prince george's county police will padlock a
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banquet hall for occupation violation. police say they've been called to the rendezvous hall multiple times, including for an assault sunday morning. the hall has been issued $20,000 already in citations. the department of environmental resources plans on issuing three more $250 tickets today. police in manassas warning residents to be on the lookout for burglars. they say somebody's been breaking into homes near does not freyz road and prince william parkway. police suggest you lock your doors and windows, even when you're at home. they also recommend keeping your porch lights on and using motion sensors. today, drivers who use the dulles toll road can weigh in on a plan that would double what they pay to use the highway. the washington metropolitan airports authority holding its first three public hearings tonight at stone bridge high school in ashburn. the agency has proposed raising rates from $2.25 to $4.50 over the next three years to help pay for metro's silver line. drivers who can't make the meeting can weigh in online on
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the airport authority's website. in an effort to further repair its image, the group that oversees the metro silver line project has terminated the contract of the former board member. mwaa cut ties with riley, who was given a $180,000 contract just months after leaving the board for health reasons. it was part of a series of ethics reforms passed yesterday at the airports authority's meeting. the changes stem from a federal audit that detailed lavish and questionable travel spending. the man who brought the ravens to baltimore is in the hospital this morning. art modell is reportedly gravely ill at johns hopkins. modell's praised in maryland but vilified in cleveland after moving the browns to baltimore back in 1996. he eventually sold all but 1% of the ravens. the ravens team spokesman did not know modell's position, but a cleveland television station is reporting that the 87-year-old's vital organs are failing. a traffic alert now for drivers in northern virginia. a busy off-ramp in tysons corner
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will soon be back open. at 5:00 a.m. tomorrow, crews will reopen the ramp from southbound 123 to westbound route 7. drivers have been using a temporary ramp. the regular rp had been closed while a tunnel was being built for metro's silver line. 5:06 now, 76 degrees. a neighborhood on alert. a man bruised and beaten is sharing his story. and the airline known for low fares that's now on the way to our region. plus, hot and sticky weather. is relief on the way soon? storm team 4 meteorologist
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welcome back. almost all cars make funny noises from time to time, but one plattsburgh, new york, woman heard meowing coming from her bumper. stacy drove nearly 100 miles with a kitten lodged on the front of her car! pulcifer got the kitten out and adopted it, naming it pumpkin. the cat suffered burns onts ears and may need to have one leg amputated, but otherwise is in good health. poor little girl, or guy. what do you think? >> i don't know. the visual that story creates for me of the cat on the bumper? >> nine lives. surviving is what pumpkin is doing. okay! good for pumpkin. >> glad she's okay. we are of course this time
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of year tracking the tropics all the time and it's been kind of active out there. new developments happening as well. >> that's right. storm team 4 meteorologist veronica johnson has more on hurricane michael and what's happening in our forecast. hi, veronica. >> hey, there. yeah, guys, it just became a category 3 hurricane, so winds well over 100 miles per hour. not so much michael to worry about, but leslie for bermuda saturday night. hurricane leslie, probably a strong cegory 2 storm as it approaches saturday night to areas around bermuda. they're expecting right now 120-mile-per-hour wind gusts and 30-foot seas with heavy rainfall in and around there. so, bermuda, for us, we're going to get the rough surf and rip currents coming our way for the weekend and early part of next week. on radar, we've got that rain right now, frederick and buckeystown and leesburg, headed towards clarksburg and the poolesville area. light showers, mt. airy, gaithersburg, headed towards eldersburg, those light showers. we're in the 70s this morning,
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73 to 79 degrees. a warm start again, not quite as muggy this morning, but the humidity will be returning this afternoon. high 84 by noontime. the hometown forecast for columbia, maryland. 87 topping out at 3:00. notice that most of the day is going to be dry and quiet, but there is the possibility of an isolated shower coming through. today's high 92, feeling like 95. more heat for friday, but then it's a weekend cooldown as the front comes through saturday with some rain saturday afternoon between 2:00 and about 6:00 p.m. a little wet. let's hit the roads again with danella sealock. >> thanks, veronica. right now, we have to head down to fredericksburg, virginia, i-95 southbound as you approach 3. just a little slow here. overnight the situation was paving, and that was slowing you down, and it should be complete, but i'm still seeing just a small delay as you make your way toward plank road. let's head northbound this time, i-95, taking a look at prince william parkway. no issues in this area, nice and
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clear really in both directions, southbound as well as northbound. you are picking up just a little bit of volume, no major delays. in fact, your travel speed from prince william parkway as you make your way to the beltway, about 63 miles per hour, that drive just taking 13 minutes. now, heading over to the rails, seeing a minor delay, brunswick east marc, six minutes, train 870. good news, metro and vre, no delays reported right now. aaron and eun. >> thanks, danella. the time is 5:12. ahead, the celebration one city is planning for olympic athletes. and why some people are against the precautions to prevent a disease from spreading in their neighborhood. los, the aftermath of isaac. what the storm
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a bank employee kidnapped and strapped with explosives.
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anncr: it'll start out as concrete and steel... but it'll become so much more. a new world-class resort casino in prince george's county. two thousand construction jobs to build it. four thousand permanent, good-paying jobs when it's done. hundreds of millions for maryland schools... real oversight to make sure the money goes... where it's supposed to. but none of it will happen unless we vote for... question seven this november. vote for question seven. and help build a better future for maryland.
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d.c. police are looking into whether two attacks near eastern market are connected. the most recent attack happened early tuesday morning. this man, casey adams, says he was walking near north carolina avenue and 3rd street southeast on the phone with his wife. suddenly, two men jumped out and attacked him, demanding his cell phone and money. adams says these incidents should be a warning for other people to be safe late at night. >> i'm seeing single women walking down the street at midnight. i'm seeing single guys walking down the street at midnight. so, hopefully, this reaches them that it's important not to be alone, even after midnight. >> adams suffered a nasty gash over his eye from that attack. d.c. police investigating a similar incident that happened about two weeks ago. two men attacked a 29-year-old man just a few blocks away from tuesday's attack. police have increased patrols in that area to try and catch the suspects. the georgetown man suspected
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of killing his socialite wife is competent to stand trial. a psychiatrist at st. elizabeth hospital say the 48-year-old albrecht muth has stopped eating but is competent enough to understand the charges against him. muth is accused of killing 91-year-old viola drath last year. muth is expected in court today and his trial to start in oft october. the canadian man charged with a deadly shooting at an election rally for quebec's premier will be in court today. 62-year-old richard bain is accused of opening fire at the montreal building where pauline marois was giving her victory speech. one person died and another was wounded. he was arrested wearing a mask and bathrobe, apparently. police are still trying to figure out a motive for the shooting. this morning, police in los angeles looking for suspects who kidnapped a woman from her home and then forced her to rob the bank she manages. the robber strapped what appeared to be a bomb to her chest and sent her into a bank of america yesterday morning. the woman called 911 shortly after the robbery. the bomb squad determined that
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device was not a real bomb. police say at this time they have no reason to believe she was in on the bank robbery. the suspects got away with an undisclosed amount of cash. no one was hurt. 5:17 now. a falls church woman is expected to get out of the hospital today after a frightening encounter on a fairfax county lake. 83-year-old lillian peterson says she was finishing up a swim on lake bancroft tuesday night when a 50-pound beaver came out of nowhere and started biting her. peterson credits a friend nearby for saving her life. >> i started screaming, and my friend, mike, was out there fishing and he heard me and he came over, and he pounded him with his oars. >> fairfax animal control euthanized it after saying testing showed it was rabid. peterson says she will never swim at the lake again. 18 after the hour now. loudoun county considering an unorthodox tactic to help reduce the spread of lyme disease.
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the county is looking at aerial spraying of insecticides over local parks. loudoun county leads virginia in cases of lyme disease. last night, the loudoun lime commission voted to recommend that spraying. the board of supervisors takes up the issue on monday. some county residents, though, are against it, saying there are health risks that spraying insecticides where kids play. the centers for disease control says 2012 will be the worst ever for the west nile virus. at least 87 people are dead and the cdc says that number is expected to go up. nearly 2,000 cases have been reported so far this year. 48 states have reported the virus. texas has been hardest hit with at least 43 deaths so far. the gulf largely escaped the wrath of hurricane isaac, but now the storm has exposedil and tar balls left behind by the 2010 bp oil spill. big waves created by isaac revealed buried tar mass along a stretch of beach in louisiana, an area that appeared to be all cleaned up. a 13-mile stretch of beach in
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that area has been closed. hundreds of bp employees are still working along the gulf coast to clean up from the oil spill from 2010. well, you can now see part of the space suit that neil armstrong wore to the moon on display in northern virginia. for the next two weeks, the gloves and visor worn by the astronaut during that historic first moon walk can be seen at the national air and space museumn san chilly. those items are normally kept in storage. neil armstrong died last month. there will be a public memorial service in his honor on september 13th at the washington national cathedral. all right, just about 5:21, time for weather and traffic on the 1s. >> storm team 4 meteorologist veronica johnson in for tom this morning, and we're still looking at some clouds hanging tough out there, veronica. >> that we are, almost like the last couple of mornings. i'm hoping to get a little wind, too, like the last couple of mornings. sticky one, for sure. we're at 79 degrees right now, your dew point temperature at 74 degrees. so, real close numbers yet again
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with that light wind. and on storm team 4 radar, we've got some showers showing up. you can see that most of them are on the north and west of our area. we've got a few little isolated ones just east of waldorf right now, around southern areas of st. mary's in calvert county. just to the north side of the beltway there, a little shower that's moving to the north and east, so it will be heading over 495 north of gaithersburg. you've got some rain that's moving away, but i think we'll see the showers hang on until 7:00 or 8:00 a.m. this morning. i think we're going to dry out for a little spell, then have a chance for a passing shower or maybe even a thunderstorm this afternoon. here we are at noontime today. overall, again, partly sunny, and overall, mainly dry today. big story is the heat. we're going to be heating up with some sunshine and humidity. it's going to feel more like 95 degrees. isolated shower comes our way for tomorrow. and then a weather front, a strong one comes through saturday afternoon. that's what will take the temperatures way, way down. it's going to feel like fall.
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today, 89 to 93 degrees. it will feel sticky, like 95 and 96. your evening will clear out, 75 to 82 degrees. your four-day forecast here and your seven-day forecast, from the low 90s thursday and friday. saturday, 87 degrees your high. and then we're way down into the upper 70s for highs sunday, monday, maybe even tuesday. it's going to be delightful next week with finally low humidity moving in. danella? thanks, veronica. right now checking out the "first 4 traffic" report, we'll start in the district. i'm looking for accidents and seeing no reports in the district. travel speeds around the beltway look really good as well. here's a live look ativan doran street, as you travel from van dorn street to the wilson bridge, you're at about 64 miles per hour. travel lanes are open both directions. traveling in prince george's county as well, not seeing a lot of volume. it is increasing in the sense of it's more than, let's say ten minutes ago, but nothing really slowing you down right now. you're at about 58 miles per
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hour, nine minutes to get from route 50 as you make your way to i-95. and checking on montgomery county, continuing on the outer loop, nice here at connecticut avenue. your travel speed 58 miles per hour. ten minutes to get from i-95 to i-270. i'm also back in ten minutes with another look at your traffic. aaron and eun, back to you. >> thanks, danella. the nfl season off to a strong start, just not for the defending super bowl champs. the new york giants fell at home to division rivals the dallas cowboys last night, 24-17. it was a bit of revenge for the cowboys, who lost to the giants in the last game of the season last year. dallas quarterback tony romo made all the difference, throwing for 307 yards and three touchdowns. meanwhile, giants quarterback eli manning was sacked three times. 22nd career home run for bernadina. bryce harper, deep left center! see you later! >> wow! the nationals' offense continues to stay hot into september. maybe it's the weather. the nats clobbered six home runs
5:24 am
for the second straight night, crushing the cubs 9-1. six homers tied a franchise record. in addition to the offense, gio gonzalez went seven strong innings for his 18th win of the season. the nats go for the four-game sweep tonight. first pitch is at 7:05. baltimore is set to celebrate the achievements of some of maryland's greatest olympians. the city plans to honor michael phelps and katie ledecky as well as other olympians and paralympians at at amphitheater. mary rollins blake and governor martin o'malley will attend that event. phelps ended his career with a record 22 medals overall. ledecky set an american record in london and took home her first gold medal at the age of 15. starting today, there is a new airline flying out of baltimore washington international thurgood marshall airport. the first spirit airline flight will arrive today at bwi marshall beginning daily service to dallas-ft. worth and ft. lauderdale. spirit is a discount airline
5:25 am
known for low fares but they charge fees for luggage and other services. the airline recently pulled all its flights from reagan national airport, adding comparable flights at bwi marshall. a new study says teen smoking is on the rise with the popular kids. researchers at the university of california surveyed nearly 2,000 high school students. they found popular students were more likely to smoke than their peers with fewer friends. smokers who were popular also tended to pick up the habit at an earlier age. and you remember the old movies where you always saw, you know, the cool kids had a pack of cigarettes rolled up in their sleeve. >> i don't remember that. >> "grease"? you know, danny -- >> i did love "grease," i'm just teasing you. >> the images have been around over time. >> i think there is pressure in hollywood and commercials not to have celebrities and stars, especially young people, smoking on camera. >> that's true. not so popular anymore. >> no. the time is 5:25. coming up, democrats try to rally the base as their convention peaks with the
5:26 am
president's big speech today. a live report from charlotte is next. and reports for alternative transportation around the district. coming up, how you can weigh in today. president clinton: this election to me is about which... candidate is more likely to return us to full employment. this is a clear choice. the republican plan is to cut more taxes on upper-income... people and go back to deregulation. that's what got us in trouble in the first place. president obama has a plan to rebuild america from... the ground up, investing in innovation, education... and job training. it only works if there is a strong middle class. that's what happened when i was president. we need to keep going with his plan. president obama: i'm barack obama and... i approve this message.
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anncr: it'll start out as concrete and steel... but it'll become so much more. a new world-class resort casino in prince george's county. two thousand construction jobs to build it. four thousand permanent, good-paying jobs when it's done. hundreds of millions for maryland schools... real oversight to make sure the money goes... where it's supposed to. but none of it will happen unless we vote for... question seven this november. vote for question seven. and help build a better future for maryland.
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looking at the stories making headlines right now at 5:28. a change of venue for president obama as he prepares to accept his nomination at the democratic national convention. dozens of people are dead after an explosion in an ammunition depot in western turkey. and drivers get their first chance to weigh in on a plan to double prices on the dulles toll road. we'll have much more on those stories throughout the morning, but first, good morning to you. i'm eun yang. >> and i'm aaron gilchrist. welcome back to "news4 today" on this thursday, september 6th. as we take a live look outside this morning, you can see the clouds that we saw yesterday still hanging tough for us, and it's also still muggy and humid out there right now. >> is it going to rain? >> we're trapped. >> it feels like it's on the verge of raining. >> trapped. very good, eun yang. >> see? i'm paying attention. >> there are some showers out there this morning. i'll be outside in about an hour's time, so probably still some showers left hanging on. we have some sprinkles, too, right inside the beltway, but the real showers have been north and west of the area, kind of
5:30 am
making their way through. you can see around college park, heading toward areas in southern laurel right now. those sprinkles around ohio drive to new york avenue and even around the gainesville area, you can see light showers currently making their way to the north and west. so, the bulk of the activity, again, north and west of our area. temperatures for rockville, maryland, good morning! 74 degrees right now. college park coming in at 76, fredericksburg, virginia, at 74, district heights 71 degrees your temperature right now. here's a look at your four-day forecast. for today, we're going up to a high temperature of 92 degrees. 93 expected to be. just an isolated shower, maybe even a thunderstorm today as well as tomorrow. so, the rain now, then we'll go dry, then the possibility of more rain for the afternoon. but big story, the heat and the cooldown for the second half of the weekend. let's look at traffic again, area roads with danella sealock. thanks, veronica. in this "first 4 traffic" report, we're heading to prince george's county, checking out cameras in the area and also
5:31 am
accident reports. so far, looking quiet traveling along 301 and also 5 as well. in fact, 214 looks good, making the commute in ft. washington as well as accokeek not seeing anything to warn you about just yet and your travel lanes look to be open. i'm back in ten minutes not only with a look at your rails, we'll head to 270 and check things out there. aaron and eun, back over to you. >> thank you, danella. tonight, president obama will accept his party's nomination for re-election. his highly anticipated speech will wrap up the democratic national convention. la night, though, it was former president bill clinton who electrified delegates with a 50-minute speech. nbc's tracie potts is live in charlotte for us this morning. it wasn't supposed to be a 50-minute speech, but tracie, we're talking about bill clinton. >> it was bill clinton, and also the applause stretched out the length of that speech. nonetheless, he was making the case of why he thinks president obama deserves four more years, essentially saying that he could have never turned around the economy in just four years given
5:32 am
the situation that he was handed. now, we got a big surprise last night, also, because even though we're not supposed to see the president until tonight, he made a surprise appearance on stage at the end of that speech. and here's what president clinton had to say about why he thinks the president should be re-elected. >> i want a man who believes with no doubt that we can build a new american dream economy driven by innovation and creativity, by education and, yes, by cooperation. and by the way, after last night, i want a man who had the good sense to marry michelle obama. >> reporter: people still talking about mrs. obama's speech here. and speaking of here, we are inside the arena because, of course, all of today's events have been moved here after the threat of thunderstorms. they moved it from that open-air stadium a few blocks away. the problem is, thousands, tens of thousands of people had
5:33 am
tickets to see the president and won't be able to fit in this arena. it's just a lot smaller, so lots of disappointed people, some of them volunteers who worked extra hours to get those tickets. aaron? >> all right, tracie potts live for us in charlotte. thank you. democrats are also rallying behind sandra fluke, the women's rights activist and recent georgetown law school graduate who also spoke at the dnc last night. she warned the crowd about what this country would be like if mitt romney wins the election. >> an america in which access to birth control is controlled by people who will never use it. an america in which politicians redefine rape and victims are victimized all over again. >> fluke made headlines earlier this year when rush limbaugh insulted her for testifying
5:34 am
before congress in favor of a plan that requires insurance companies to cover birth control. democrats are hoping they can use the convention to catch up in the fund-raising race. party leaders are meeting with wealthy donors to try and convince them to give more money. chicago mayor and former white house chief of staff rahm emanuel has even stepped down from his honorary position with the obama campaign to help raise money for a pro-obama super pac. mitt romney and the republicans have out-raised the president and democrats for three straight months. and our own jim vance and tom sherwood have been in charlotte all week and will have live reports from the dnc tonight on news4. republican vice presidential nominee paul ryan says he supports prayer in public schools. ryan was in utah for a fund-raiser yesterday when he made the comments. he says he supports prayer in schools but only if individual states approve the issue. mitt romney's campaign has not clarified if he agrees with ryan's position. romney will be on nbc's "meet the press" this sunday for an exclusive interview with david
5:35 am
grego gregory. it is romney's first appearance on the show since 2009. he will tape that interview in new hampshire this weekend. you can watch "meet the press" this sunday at 10:30 here on nbc 4. and law enforcement officials in virginia want to stop illegal cigarette trafficking in the commonwealth. the state crime commission issued a report yesterday. cigarette trafficking is a growing problem in virginia. that's because smugglers can buy a pack of cigarettes for less than $6 in virginia, then sell it for up to $14 a pack in new york city. cigarette taxes are much higher in new york and federal officials say the high profit margin is attracting organized crime. a d.c. man is suing police after his smartphone was swiped. earl staley says he was waiting on a bus in southeast when he saw a police cruiser hit a motorcycle it had been chasing. then the officers hit the rider until he lay bleeding on the ground. staley says when the officers saw him taking video, they took his phone. when he went to pick up the phone at police headquarters, the phone's memory card was gone. in july, d.c. police issued a
5:36 am
reminder to officers, telling them people do have the right to take pictures and video with their phones. d.c. police not commenting on this case. today, residents will get the chance to sound off on a plan to expand the h street car line to the minnesota avenue metro station or the benning road metro station. tonight's meeting is being held at the department of employment services along minnesota avenue at 6:00. it is open to the public. the project is estimated to cost around $200 million. if approved, the street car line should open next year. it is 5:36 now on this thursday morning. coming up, preventing plane collisions on the ground. how plans for a new system resembles systems already in some newer model cars. and surprise find in a maryland couple's backyard that experts say fell out of the sky. we're going into fall, but it feels a lot like midsummer out there right now. how long will this stickiness last is the question? veronica's back with your
5:37 am
forecast next. you're watching "news4 today."
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"and what's your name?" "oh, it's flo." "and what do you do?" "oh, i sell insurance like no one else." "oh, that's nice." "thank you." now, that's progressive. call or click today. a big upset in the u.s. open. roger federer is out, losing to sixth seed tomas burdick.
5:40 am
burdick dominated the top-seeded federer, who has won the u.s. open five times. burdick moves on to face andy murray in the semifinals. well, it was a bad day on the playground for a little boy in china. take a look here. this is a 3-year-old who apparently got his finger stuck in a metal plate at the top of a slide. >> oh. >> firefighters tried to lubricate his swollen finger. wow, they got really close, didn't they? wouldn't come out that way, though, so they had to use saws, files and even a hydraulic spreader to get that hole big enough to pull his finger out. after about three hours, they finally did imagine to free the little boy. as you see here, he was pretty upset about all this. >> poor guy. >> but no serious injuries for him. >> he's going to be scarred for life, though! i'm not going back to that playground. >> definitely not the slide, for a little while, at least. >> he'll recover. kids are resilient. all right, 5:41, time for weather and traffic on the 1s. >> we are watching some showers move into, through the area, right, veronica? >> that's right. so, for anybody heading out the door in the next couple of
5:41 am
minutes, umbrella weather yet again for this morning here. so, we start with the radar, storm team 4 radar. take a look at it. we've got showers that have been sliding from southwest to northeast, leaving leesburg headed toward poolesville and barnsville area. damascus, mt. airy, you'll probably get more rain, shepherdstown, too, a little wet. shaan chilly to reston, showers and also showers around cheverly in the buoy area. very scattered and light this morning. your temperature sits at 79 degrees with a mostly cloudy sky. again, humidity with us, and it's going to be a little higher by the afternoon. temperature, especially, yesterday we got up to 89 to 90, today about 89 to about 93. it will feel like 95 to 96. even today we're talking about a heat index, right? kind of odd to see that so late here in the summer. 93 the high on friday. so, the relief comes this weekend. upper 80s on saturday. i think we'll have a weather
5:42 am
front that will bring us some showers, maybe even a thunderstorm between about 2:00 and 5:00 p.m. on saturday. much cooler on sunday. let's see how cool we're doing on the area roads now. danella? hey, veronica. first, let's start with metro. the situation at the metro station, all the escalators are broken at this time. they're down. let's head over to a minor delay, about ten minutes, brunswick east train number 870 and metro and vre aren't reporting delays right now. to the roadway, traveling along i-270, you know how it goes. you're slow out of frederick already as you make your way southbound. not seeing any accidents. that's good news. you're at about 35 miles per hour out of frederick. delays continue past 109. then it gets a little better, 64 miles per hour at clarksville roond then smooth driving for you as you continue through the galthersburg area, even rockville connecting to the spur. no issues to report at this time. eun and aaron, back over to you both. >> thank you, danella. >> 5:42 now, 76 degrees. attention ford suv owners. the fire concerns that could have you scheduling a trip to
5:43 am
the dealership in the near future. and he is not your average world leader. the stunt that had russian president vladimir putin strapped to a hand glider, next.
5:44 am
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5:46 am
welcome back at 5:46. today the figure skating coach accused of fondling one of his students will be in court. a 16-year-old student claims that genrich sretenski kissed and fondled her during a competition in lake placid last year. news4 uncovered the civil lawsuit in prince george's county. it says the incident happened inside sretenski's hotel room. it goes on to say that he sent 500 text messages to the girl, professing his love for her. the victim's family is speaking out through their lawyer. >> i don't know if he's done it before and got away with it, i don't know if he plans to do it again. all i know is he's not going to
5:47 am
do it anymore to my client. >> sretenski's lawyer says the coach denies the allegation. this morning police are asking for your help to solve a sexual assault in northeast. a woman was walking along taylor street near catholic university on monday when she was attacked. she told police that a man pushed her to the ground, sexually assaulted her and then ran away. a 12-year-old maryland boy accused of killing his foster sister has to wait until october to learn his fate. the boy and his defense team entered an alfred plea to involuntary manslaughter charges yesterday in court. now, the plea does not admit guilt but concedes there is enough evidence to convict. the boy is accused of beating his 2-year-old foster sister to death in ft. washington back in july. a court date is set for october 23rd to determine if he should remain in custody or be released to his parents. an anne arundel county father faces drug charges this morning. paul brooks called police tuesday night after his 5-year-old son stopped breathing. he claimed the boy had accidentally taken methadone.
5:48 am
the boy is expected to be okay. officers found cocaine, marijuana, heroin and meth inside brooks' sevhome and also found two loaded guns. today a new juvenile snis center will open in washington. the drop-in center is on south capitol street about a block from national park. the center is an option for juveniles awaiting trial and being monitored by probation officers. it will include a training center focused on food preparation and web design. the center will also have tutoring, mentoring and prevention education. 5:48 right now. chaos and confusion, that's how the ntsb describes the scene during a close call at reagan national airport in july. a 14-page report says a regional air center in virginia asked that planes be able to land in reverse direction on one runway because of an approaching storm. a tower supervisor misunderstood the request, however, causing two planes to line up on the runway as another was attempting to land. airport officials say, however,
5:49 am
that the planes were never on a collision course. the faa has since banned airports from reversing the traffic flow on runways. the ntsb also hoping to avoid more collisions like this one that happened last year at jfk. the transportation board wants to see airlines install ground warning systems on large commercial planes. they are recommending that the faa require things like cameras mounted on wing tips to avoid the collisions. there have been several incidents where planes have collided while taxiing over the past year and a half. the faa has 90 days to respond to the request. police in arizona can now ask suspected illegal immigrants to show me your papers after a federal judge clears the way for the controversial law to take effect. the requirement has been at the center of a two-year legal battle pitting the white house against arizona republicans. a supreme court ruling earlier this summer sided with the state, but opponents had tried once again to block it, claiming it will lead to racial profiling of hispanics in the state. a human rights group says
5:50 am
it's uncovered evidence the u.s. performed waterboarding much more frequently than originally believed. human rights watch says libyan exiles told them cia officials used waterboarding to get to moammar gadhafi. former president george w. bush maintains waterboarding was used only on three al qaeda operatives. this new report comes days after the justice department announced it would not bring criminal charges against any cia agents who used waterboarding in the past. happening today, you have the chance to see some of a world-renowned wire here in washington. the little singers will perform at the smithsonian's national museum of african art. the all-boys choir is on a national tour to raise money to rebuild their school that was destroyed when the deadly earthquake rocked haiti in 2010. the choir has performed at the kennedy center and lincoln theater in the past. residents of a resort area in costa rica are beginning to clean up this morning from one of the strongest earthquakes
5:51 am
there in two decades. a 7.6-magnitude quake shook the coastal province yesterday and sparked landslides and knocked down buildings. state tv reports that 22 people are hurt, no one was killed. a hospital had to be evacuated because of significant damage. the country may have been spared greater damage because the quake struck so deep. more than 25 miles below the earth's surface. so, we've seen him track tigers, we've seen him pose with polar bears. now russian president vladimir putin can say that he's flown with birds. the russian leader put on a baggy white costume and a large white helmet before flying his small plane surrounded by young siberian cranes. the purpose of the flight was to prompt the birds to follow the plane, preparing them for their migration route. is he in there by himself? >> i think so. >> okay. this is part of a program to protect the endangered birds. and i guess sometimes the president just has to do these things himself. >> it looks scary to me.
5:52 am
all right. 5:51. >> oh, there's somebody else. >> oh, there is somebody, okay. 5:51, weather and traffic on the 1s. storm team 4 meteorologist veronica johnson with the forecast today. >> just little wet weather out there right now, so not a big deal. i had some calls moments ago when i said thunderstorms, the lady says, oh, my gosh, are we getting severe weather? no, not at all, but we have showers this morning. i think these will hang on for a couple hours, probably until 7:00 or 8:00. so, storm team 4 radar. let's go ahead and zoom on in. you can see showers around northern areas of fairfax county, to the north of gaithersburg and north of leesburg area. and these are all reported spotty areas of light showers. these are making their way northeast and moving away from us. but again, showers, we could still have them around until 7:00 or 8:00 a.m. 79 is your temperature. high humidity this morning. that temperature at reagan national airport for today, again, we're going to get a break. and then we could see some more isolated showers, maybe even a
5:53 am
thunderstorm or two. this morning, showers, because we've got that easterly wind. by this afternoon, we're going to see the wind around to a more south and southeasterly direction, and right along the front is where we've got the best chance for seeing maybe those isolated showers. so, south of d.c., south and east of d.c. for your afternoon hours. partly sunny your sky condition. it's going to be hot, low and mid-90s today. heat index a couple degrees higher than that. for friday, same deal, could see an isolated shower around our area. there's a 30% chance. then the weekend, there's a front that will come in. the front will give us some rain and send the temperatures way down on sunday, and that really is the setup for next week. so, today, 89 to 93, feeling more like 95, 96 degrees or so. your evening, we're down to 75 to 82 and skies will be clearing out. four-day forecast here, two days in the low 90s. saturday, 87 your high, chance of rain for the afternoon. sunday, 79. and upper 70s going into the
5:54 am
early part of next week. danella? your "first 4 traffic" we'll start with the rails. if you're traveling metro, still seeing entrance escalators down at the foggy bottom metro station. metro has requested bus service, so keep in mind, that's a long ride that you're not going to be able to take. you're going to have to take the stairs there. checking bridges in our area. first, 11th street bridge, not seeing volume in either direction right now, but inbound as you cross over the sousa bridge, i did see volume here earlier, outbound as well picking up some steam. crossing the american legion bridge, no issues in this area. and if you're making the commute 14th street bridge, nice and clear heading into the district. aaron and eun, over to you. >> thank you, danella. 5:54 now. a bethesda couple is keeping a wary eye to the sky after making a surprising discovery in their backyard. sarah wagshaw noticed what appeared to be a gas cap while mowing her lawn and they discovered it came from a military aircraft.
5:55 am
the couple wanted more information because they were concerned about parts falling from the sky but got no answers from the faa. >> if there are caps, fuel caps coming out, that means the fuel is leaving, and that's evaporating in the air, and pollution problems and other kind of problems. so, he really felt it was important to talk to somebody who was an official. >> well, wagshawl says there is a database of aircrafts that have had similar parts fall off but says she would like more to be done to make sure the caps are put on correctly in the first place. one of ford's most popular suvs is being recalled again. latest issue with the 2013 escape is in models with a 1.6-liter, 4-cylinder engine. the problem is the engine plugs may not have been installed properly and can fall out, then fluid can leak and cause the engine to overheat or catch fire. ford is offering to fix the problem at no cost to owners. the carmaker recalled more than 11,000 2013 escapes two months
5:56 am
ago because of a fuel line problem. a big announcement from amazon today, and it could be about the next generation of ereaders. cnbc's shachar tia brantley is joining us with more. >> reporter: good morning, eun. nokia and google rolled out their new phones on wednesday and today it's amazon's turn to pull back the curtain. the company is hosting an event in santa monica, california, this afternoon. jeff bezos is expected to unveil a new version of the kindle fire tablet, which is nearly a year old. other rumors have amazon possibly showing off an apple tv-like device or a docking station to allow you to transfer video from the kindle fire to your tv. and disney is targeting the youngest demographic, babies. the media giant is opening its first disney baby retail store today in glendale, california. the baby market is huge! sales of infant and children's clothing is a $10 billion market in the u.s., and there are about
5:57 am
1.6 million new moms each year. now, the flagship store will also be a testing ground for new products. and guys, disney plans to put a baby section in its more than 200 u.s. disney stores, another reason to shop. >> like we need any more! all right, thank you. the extreme summer heat may have been bad for a number of crops, but it means a popular autumn fruit is ready to be picked a bit early this year. apple farmers are busy harvesting this year's crop several weeks ahead of schedule. they say it is the earliest they can ever remember apple picking season starting. farmers say last winter's warm weather followed by a warm summer and warm spring and hot summer has all their crops way ahead of schedule. peaches and plums among them as well, apparently. i like plums. >> i like peaches. fruit salad! all right, some strange things go on display from time to time at local museums. at 6:00, why one is showing off some famous meat. and dramatic video of police risking their lives to save an
5:58 am
elderly man who could not get out of a burning car. how this ended. and we have sticky, humid, yucky weather out there. consumers today have a legitimate concern about the chicken they eat. they want to know more about how they were raised, what they were fed. we spend a lot of time on the feed because a chicken is what it eats. [ jim ] this seal verifies we feed my fresh all-natural chickens an all-vegetarian diet including corn, soybeans, and marigolds. we actually ask the usda to come check us. we have never fed steroids or hormones and never will. no blood meal, no meat and bone meal. yuck. no animal by-products. it means when you put my chicken on the table, you know where it came from.
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