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tv   News 4 Midday  NBC  September 7, 2012 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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good morning, everyone, and welcome to "news 4 midday." i'm barbara harrison. >> and i'm keith russell. it's friday, september 7th. let's get right to the big story. a sex scandal is rocking one of our area's most prestigious football programs. five players reportedly off the team for hiring prostitutes on a team trip. "news 4's" tray sigh wicee wilk more on the investigation and reaction from the community in hyattsville. >> the entire community is trying to wrap its mind around exactly what happened and now we're hearing from parents and also the principal of the
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school. >> the school community is saddened and hurt by the actions of these few who do not reflect the community. >> it's a private boy's school with a respected reputation and stellar athletic program. now it's dealing with an unfortunate turn of convenients first reported by "the washington post." >> the incident referred to in the newspaper occurred after 5:00 a.m. on saturday morning. the school first learned of it on tuesday afternoon and began an investigation. five students and their families were notified that they would face disciplinary features. >> according to the post five football players are accused of hiring prostitutes. according to the paper, a parent of one of the accused player said the boys snuck the prostitutes in for sex after the last bed check around 5:00 a.m. a source close to the school's investigation sayed the mother who reported it blames the school for her son's actions. the parents we spoke with today
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disagree. >> i've known the school for more than a dozen years and they handle themselves as best they can. they turn out a lot of fine young people. >> every tree is going to have a few bad apples. it's tough to watch 24/7. >> reporter: there were 18 chap roans and 55 players on the trip and the principal says expectations were made clear to the players. >> as on all trips we conduct room checks an monitor hallways. the last checks were at 1:30 a.m. saturday morning and the hallways were monited until after 4:30 a.m. >> reporter: while the school cannot comment on how the players have been disciplined but two have left and two have been recommended for expulsion and a fifth faces a disciplinary hearing today. >> the school stands behind our coach elijah brooks his staff and the staff that monitors the
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trip and the students. >> reporter: that was a huge win for the dema that team. they won 52-14. they have another game planned for tonight in annapolis and that game will go forward as scheduled. in hyattsville, i'm tracee wilkins, "news 4." it's going to be a messy weekend. megan mcgrath joins us with more on the delays. megan. >> as metro riders will tell you, these things, cell phones, they don't work very well down if the stations and in the tunnels. some of the work that's being done this weekend is designed to improve that to boost cell coverage in the system, but in order to get that work done, they're going to have to close a long stretch of the redline, and that's going to mean some headaches for riders all weekend long. planning to ride the redline this weekend? well, i think again. major track work is closing a large section of the lean.
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instead of hopping a train, you'll be boarding a bus. >> it will impact me. it will impact my work. i guess they have a good reason for doing so, i hope. >> reporter: no redline service between dupont circle and the novon-galla novon-galla novon-galladet service for sunday. only open to glenmont traffic. three stations open entirely. and it's only blue and orange lines for metro center. at gallery place, green, and yellow are the only options. for those who ride the red on the weekend, it's going to be a tough one. >> i'm probably not going to be doing anything coming this way. i was really relying on metro, and, you know, weekend traffic is pretty bad, so -- >> you're going to stick close to home. >> yep. kind of have to. >> it's a big inconvenience. we're putting a lot of money into the system. i mean there's got to be other
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options. >> reporter: wheel inconvenient, metro says, the pain will produce positive results, newly installed fiberoptic cable will boost cell phone coverage and workers will perform needed track maintenance and third rail upgrades. now there is a nationals game on saturday afternoon. while nats stadium is on the green line a lot of fans begin their trip on the redline and transfer over. those folks are going to want to make some plans this weekend because while there are buss that will get you around the closure spots there not as fast as trains so you're going to have to build extra time in your trip. this is going to be in effect all weekend long until sunday evening when the system closes. hopefully it's scheduled to be back up and running as normal on monday in time for morning traffic. back to you guys in the studio. >> all right, megan. thank you. drivers will be able to find some relief this weekend at one of the areas most congested
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interchanges. tomorrow two new ramps will open connecting the dulles access road to the beltway's inner and outer loops. here's a look from chopper 4 right now. drivers from the access road used to have to cross several lanes of traffic to exit the beltway causing major traffic headaches. the ramps were built as part of the beltway's expressways project. >> we know it's been a busy morning. >> it always is on friday morning. let's find out what's going on. danella, good morning to you. >> good morning to you. it was pretty bad this morning. i think friday would usually be better but it was a terrible commute. right now things look good. let's check travel speeds. traveling on the dulles road eastbound, you're going 58 minutes, taking six minutes. connecting from the dulles toll road to the interchange, 59 miles per hour, 13 minutes to make that drive. and crossing over the 14th street bridge, we'll take a live look. first, 395 northbound you're at 53 miles an hour to get to the
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14th street bridge. nice and clear as you commute into the district. not bad at all. also the key bridge looks a lot better. this morning, inbound, a mess right now. smooth sailing. barbara and keith, back over to you. >> okay. thanks, danella. turning to the weather now, the sun is out out there. it's nice to see it. >> yes, it is. we're heating up quickly. storm team 4 meteorologist veronica johnson in for tom kierein with the first forecast. veronica, i guess i can say two words to people this weekend. chill out. >> chill out. yeah, that will certainly be good for early sunday because it's going to be mighty chilly compared to where we've been. we're talking about summer.ake . that's how our temperatures are going to feel this upcoming weekend. hey, don't you like this morning. we've got sunshine throughout the area compared to the storms that went through the area yesterday. blue sky on radar. here's the wait looks. it's clear across our area with a few showers that made their way off to the east.
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those have died out. a little cluster of clouds around northern spots of west virginia. might see a sprinkle or two there today, but we will be dry today. temperatures throughout the area right now, 79, rockville, 80 in college park, 85 in reston, watch what happens when i put on the heat index values, what it feels like right now. anywhere from 81 to 91 and 92, dulles to reston. so, humidity still out there, and for today as we hit 91 degrees, it will indeed feel a little warmer. so some humidity for today. we're going to see a big drop come this weekend. we'll talk about that fall drop we're going to get in a up canal of minutes. barbara, keith. >> thank you. we'll see you in a little bit. >> all right, veronica. this morning the naacp demanding answers after a district heights police officer shot a man who was already under arrest. police say they arrested calvin kyle for trying to steal a motorcycle yesterday afternoon.
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they say kyle tried to run away. that's when police fired. kyle was shot in the back. we spoke to a witness who tells us she saw the whole thing. >> three police cars came up. he was not forced to fire at that boy. >> very disturbing when an officer -- when an individual gets shot. >> kyle's condition is not known at this time. the officer who shot him, sergeant johnny riley was placed on leave during the investigation, which is routine. the investigation is being handled by prince george's county police. and new today a weaker than expected jobs report has wall street mixed and could have huge consequences on the presidential election. u.s. employers added just 96,000 jobs last month, far less than the 136,000 projected. the unemployment rate dropped from 8.3 to 8.1% but only because people gave up looking for work and the nation's work force is at its lowest level in 31 years.
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ere will be two more jobs report bfrg voters head to the polls but many are expected to have made up their minds by then. and we've learned several schools in our region are among the best in the nation. the education department just put out its 2012 blue ribbons schools list and that list includes blessed sack rah mel school and maryland has essentially too. the department recognizing crofton meadows elementary, rachel carson and st. petersburg and white howl in buoy. looking over to georgia it includes arlington traditional elementary and holy cross academy both in fredericksburg. the national blue ribbon schools program recognizes schools at high level or where the achievement gap is narrowing. >> to them we say congratulations. >> isn't that great? >> keep it up. >> indeed. >> the time now, 1110, midday. coming up. from the convention to the campaign trail, how president
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obama plans to keep on with his message while the republicans mount new attacks. and a very different [ romney ] this president can ask us to be patient.
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this president can tell us it was someone else's fault. but this president cannot tell us that you're better off today than when he took office. [ female announcer ] here in virginia, we're not better off under president obama. his defense cuts threaten over one hundred thirty thousand jobs, lowering home values, putting families at risk. the romney plan? tax cuts for middle class families. north american energy independence. create over three hundred forty thousand new jobs for virginia. [ romney ] i'm mitt romney and i approved this message.
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republican challenger mitt romney are following similar campaign trails today. the president and first lady left charlotte about an hour ago. he'll speak at a museum in portsmouth, new hampshire, this afternoon. then he'll travel to an event at the university of iowa, ames, iowa. mitt romney is beginning his day in iowa and finish with rally in new hampshire. his plan is to release more than a dozen new television commercials today. as for president obama's campaigns, he's counting on his partiy's support for his
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re-election. last night his theme, this country needs to work together. nbc's tracie potts has more of the highlights from charlotte ♪ will it make it easy on you now ♪ >> reporter: after a final night of music, jokes -- >> i know it's an empty chair. it makes you nervous, double it -- >> reporter: and speeching including the vice president. >> this man has courage in his soul, compassion in his heart and a spine of steel. >> reporter: president obama laid out what he called a choice not just between two candidates but two visions. he rallied against too much government. >> we don't want handouts for people who refuse to help themselves and we certainly don't want bailouts for banks fwl break the rules. >> reporter: he took some jabs at mitt romney. >> feel a cold coming on? take two tax cuts, roll bag regulations and call us in the morning. >> he cited major accomplishments. >> osama bin laden is dead.
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>> and talking about the awe stow industry. >> they can't build them fast enough. >> reporter: the bulk of this speech aimed at the middle class. >> i refuse to ask middle class families to give up their dedekzs for owning a home or raising their kids just to pay for another millionaire's tax cut. >> reporter: the president called for a million new manufacturing jobs, cutting the growth of college tuition in half and reducing the deficit by $4 trillion. >> i ask you tonight for your vote. >> if he gets another chance. today it's back on the campaign trail to new hampshire. tracie potts, nbc news, charlotte, new hampshire. >> and in less than 30 minutes mitt romney's wife ann will host one. she started competing as part of her therapy for multiple
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sclerosis. loudoun is considered a swing county in the battleground state of virginia. prince harry is back in afternoon. he'll spend the next four months in the hellman province area. he's employed as an apache helicopter gunner. this is his second tour. he had to cut his first tour because his new assignment leaked to the media. this assignment comes weeks after nude photos of harry appeared, having been taken in the las vegas area. and we're talking about the weather here in washington area. >> i've got three words. >> should we be excited. >> that was one of the words. we were going to play charades, but go ahead. >> i like charades. >> hot today. >> cooldown coming. >> exactly. cooldown coming. we've got summer, we've got storms, and we've got fall coming all in this very short span of our weekend. >> i wanted to see how you were
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going to act that out. >> well, keith was eager to play. >> i took away one word. >> yeah, you did. all right, for today we're getting the summer because things are really warming up out there. we've got a bright blue sky, sunshine, and nothing in the way today to get in the way of us hitting that mark. yesterday we had the early storms and yesterday those clouds lingered. i know you probably were disappointed we hit 950 degrees. we hit like 8 5rks 86 degrees across most neighborhoods but sunshine now, we've got a temperature of 81 degrees with a southerly wind blowing through the area. other locations for you. arlington, virginia, 82. right now it's 83 in quantico. purcellville, virginia, you're 84. and up to 86 in north montgomery. 86 degrees right now. on the radar, it is quiet throughout the area. storm team 4 radar expanded out. head to the west. head into indiana because there are some storms coming through northern indiana just east of
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chicago, areas throughout central illinois. that is the front that's going to be moving through our area. these storms associated with it. some powerful storms likely to bring damaging winds. you can see south of ft. wayne, indiana, they're under severe storm warning and think we could have a handful of warnings coming our way saturday afternoon and saturday evening. here we go for today. your futurecast nothing but sunshine. might be a little weak, isolated shower in some of the high spots of west virginia for today. we start your saturday with a clear sky and some sunshine. clouds will be on the increase. i'll stop it at 6:00. right to the west of d.c. so we're talking about late afternoon on saturday, those storms coming in. the potential for high winds. possibility of some isolated hail. certainly some downpours and lots of lightning. so you'll really want to pay attention to the weather saturday afternoon and evening. the storm quickly races east of us so by sunday morning we're left with sunshine and much cooler air that's going to move in. by the time we get to sunday
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morning our temperatures will be in the 50s and low 60s. we'll max out at about 78 degrees. upper 70s for your the second half of the weekend. here we go for the rest of the afternoon. a touch humid, 81 to 91 degrees. for the evening we're mostly clear. we'll see the numbers fall to the mid-70s. four-day forecast for you. there's the switch. it hapns on sunday. but a lot of folks are going to call that nice. this is going to be the setup really for not just monday of next week but for much of next week. we'll take a look at the extended forecast in a couple of minutes. >> all right. sounds good. >> so much for charades. >> thanks a lot. still ahead on midday "news 4." why they're warning about zom e zombies. this neighborhood has a new look with a chance to see it along with live music,
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anncr: it'll start out as concrete and steel... but it'll become so much more. a new world-class resort casino in prince george's county. two thousand construction jobs to build it. four thousand permanent, good-paying jobs when it's done.
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hundreds of millions for maryland schools... real oversight to make sure the money goes... where it's supposed to. but none of it will happen unless we vote for... question seven this november. vote for question seven. and help build a better future for maryland.
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there is a lot going on in the district this weekend including a a september tradition which is the adams morgan day festival. the annual festival includes live music, international food and a whole lot more. the president, lisa duperrier. do i say it right? >> answer to either. >> so happy to have you with us. >> i'm glad to be here. >> most people think of it as being food but it's a lot more than that, is that right? >> actually food is a relatively minor part of it. what we're hoping this year with the 34th annual, it's a time to rediscover adams morgan. >> these because a lot of new things have been done. >> we have a lot of beautiful streets cape and the festival does have art, dance, and food, but you can rediscover new
11:25 am
businesses and some of the long-time businesses, and the group we're going to hear from today, the trio, they're coming from the florida stage, which is our latin -- it has brazilian, samba contest, salsa, all latin. the florida stage is american, american roots, and we actually have grammy-nominated singer this year. >> wow. the festival always sort of highlights the international flavor of the adams morgan neighborhood, is that right? >> we're basically a synergy of diverse cultures and our festival whether it's dance and music celebrates all different cultures at one time and that's what's unique. >> we've got the treo with us. they're brazilian music. let's have a listen and a little taste of what we can expect.
11:26 am
♪ ♪ >> beautiful. fantastic music. and you're actually from sao paulo. >> yes, i am. >> quickly come on back in, lisa, and tell us where exactly people should go to see it.
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>> everybody should come between 18th street between florida avenue and columbia road. it opens early at 10:00 a.m. the main festival is from noon till 7:00. >> fantastic. thanks for coming. thank you all for being here. i'm red for it. sounds like the weather is going to be beautiful for sunday. we'll find out in a minute. keith, back to you. >> i'll be there because that sample is hot. coming up in the next half hour of "news 4 midday," sideswiped on a highway. hear from the maryland state trooper who survived the blow from a tractor-trailer. plus, too cute. the hurricane survivors now in need of new homes. and sunny skies for a change. change. veronica johnson is back. i'm barack obama, and i approve this message.
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mitt romney's position on women's's dangerous. vo:mitt romney and paul ryan would get rid of planned parenthood funding. and allow employers to deny coverage for cancer screenings and birth control. we can't afford to let him take away our choices... to take away basic health care. vo: both backed proposals to outlaw abortions...even in cases of rape and incest. i don't think that women's health issues have faced a crisis like this in decades.
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anncr: it'll start out as concrete and steel...
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but it'll become so much more. a new world-class resort casino in prince george's county. two thousand construction jobs to build it. four thousand permanent, good-paying jobs when it's done. hundreds of millions for maryland schools... real oversight to make sure the money goes... where it's supposed to. but none of it will happen unless we vote for... question seven this november. vote for question seven. and help build a better future for maryland. right now on "news 4 midday" stocks are mixed on a weaker than expected jobs report. only 96,000 jobs were added last
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month, far less than the 136,000 projected. unemployment did drop to 8.1% but only because more people stopped looking for work. president obama and republican challenger mitt romney have similar campaign schedules today. the president is traveling to new hampshire right now while romney is in iowa. later today they'll switch with romney in new hampshire and president obama traveling to iowa. a maryland state trooper is lucky to be alive after a terrifying accident. all caught on his dash cam. i've got to admit. this is hard to watch. trooper was making a traffic stop onnterstate 70 in washington county. a tractor trailer sideswiped his car and clipped him. he's currently undergoing fiscal therapy to his arm, back and shoulder and post concussion
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syndrome. >> sometimes i look at it and don't think the light is at the end of the tunnel but i'm able to walk, doing a lot of physical therapy to try to get back. >> doctors are not sure when trooper avila will return to work. the truck diver paid a fine for breaking the move-over law. it requires drivers to lower their speed and move over to the next lane when they see an emergency vehicle on the shoulder. d.c. is still looking for a car that hit a metrobus and then drove off. it happened around 9:30 last night in naylor avenue. five people on the bus were hurt. they're all expected to be okay though. police are looking for a blue sedan with tinted windows and chrome wheels. we're following a developing story in china. at least 50 people are dead, hundreds more injured from an earthquake in the southern part of the country. the 5.6 quake struck around midnight our time. officials evacuated 100,000 people and at least 20 homes
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have suffered damage. at least 60 aftershocks hit the area. rescue teams are having trouble reaching s the country as landslides have blocked roads in more rural areas. california also had an earthquake this morning. the 3.5 quake rattled the beverly hills area. firefighters say there are no damage or injury reports. this is the second minor earthquake to hit l.a., at least in that area this past week. almost a dozen dogs left homeless after hurricane isaac are in d.c. now. nine rescued aet the washington animal rescue league yesterday. they're transporting dozens of dogs to shelters with available space. four of the dogs are puppies and will be ready for new homes in a couple of weeks. the adult dogs are being checked out to see when they will be adopted. >> you know the great thing about adopted a pet, i adopted a cat. they love you for ever. they're so happy to have a home.
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>> yeah, i guess that is true. that's great. i'm glad you did that. did you bring him with you from philadelph philadelphia? >> they travel too. it was part of the package. part of a package deal. >> we're going to check in with veronica johnson now on the weather and see what's happening out there. >> what's the part of our package deal. >> it's great out here. in fact, today's one of those good days where you don't mind walking the dog because the humidity is down a bit. it's down from over the last couple of days and we've got a lot of sunshine out here right now. we're in the 80s currently. there's the blue sky with the monument in the distance. 87 to 91 degrees your high temp for today. yes, we're talking about it being hot today. by the time you go to the game if you're one of the lucky few, you know, this time we've taken on the cubs. we've beaten the cubs. for today, it's 86 at 7:05 p.m. looking good and feeling hot with, again, the humidity in the air.
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i'm watching a storm in the gulf of mexico that could bring rain. i'm watching michael. it's small. not going to hit land. leslie will be brushing bermuda, east of bermuda this upcoming weekend. as a strong category 1, maybe a weak category 2. for that area it means coastial overwash possible. for us, rip currents. coming up, taking a look at the weekend events going on and the forecast, big nation's triathlon this weekend. >> okay. a lot going on this weekend. thanks a lot. we'll see you when you get back in here. >> can't wait too hear about that. the newly launched mars rover is on the move. take a look at this image shot from above the planet. it shows the rover curiosity making its way along the martian surface leaving tracks on the red plan e. the satellite also shows the rover's mark. curiosity will spend the next two years on mars to determine if the planet -- something we all want to know, did it once
11:36 am
support life. today nasa will perform another test here on an unmanned spacecraft. crews at langley research center will drop the o'ryan into a tank of water to test the impact of that spacecraft. this is video from earlier on the craft. tests began last summer on the unmanned capsule. nasa is hoping to launch o'ryan in 2014. it will go farther than a spacecraft has gone in more than 40 years. you've about heard of prepearing in case of earthquake, flood, or fire. what about an azombalypse. fema recommends having a evacuation plan, challenge of clothing, fresh water, and extra medication on hand. let's check on the traffic and see what's going on out there. folks escaping what's going to be great day, danella?
11:37 am
>> right now they look really good. no zombie evacuations happening. if you're traveling on i-95, really clear in both directions in maryland. from 216 traveling southbound in maryland to the beltway you're at about 64 miles an hour. that drive taking just 9 minutes. traveling the beltway in montgomery county, that's your out. clear. s outer loop from i-95 to i-270 not bad at all. 56 miles an hour. as we head down to the beltway in virginia, barbara and keith, clear here as well. no issues to report. back over to you both. >> all right. thank you. a person in west virginia is among three confirmed deaths linked to a virus at yosemite national park. the cdc says 12,000 people may have been exposed to the virus between june and august. the disease spreads through deer mice. campers who stayed at a certain cabin at yosemite park are more at risk. health officials did not release information about the victim's identity at west virginia, only
11:38 am
that the person visited the park back in june. health officials confirmed d.c.'s first west nile death this year. we're told that an elderly man died from the virus. it comes a week after maryland reported 21 cases an its first death from the infection which is commonly spread by mosquitos. virginia has had five confirms cases but no fatalities so far. >> it is a busy time of year for cosmetic surgeons. august and september. very popular months for getting surgery that will change your looks forever and make you look even younger. dr. steven hobbing is here to explain. it's something we've talked about for a while. rhinoplasty, the shaping of the nose, nose jobs. why is it so prevalent? >> well, because it doesn't look like a nose job anymore. it's really nose reshaping so it's much more subtle, much more natural looking. the recovery is faster, and the techniques are greatly improved over previous decades. >> august and september, hot
11:39 am
months, hot months to have this done. >> yes. >> why so? >> well, i think for a number of reasons. people use their holidays, their vacation times to do this because you do wear a splint for a week and you really can't go to week. congress is out, so a lot of people on the hill come down and get their work done during that period of time. students, teachers, it's a good time before the school year starts to take advantage of those months to get things done. so all of these things seem to focus in on september and really august. >> for something like that, you obviously have to do it when you have some free time. what's the recovery time? when do people feel comfortable from your vantage point of getting back into the community? >> well, good question. again, that's why people try to do a holiday. it's more than a weekend because you do have bruising, you do wear a splint. but, again, with the advanced techniques we have today, people are back to work within a week. sometimes ten days. >> look at these before-and-afters.
11:40 am
>> this is very dramatic. this is a gentleman who had trauma. he was baseball player. this guy was a soccer player. he had trauma too. as you see we recontoured his nose. it just looks natural. it looks like the nose he could have been born with. that's the goal of today's rhinoplasty. not looking like a knows job just looking like a gnarl result. >> and obviously people being happier with their self-appearance. what are the risks? >> well, there are risks for sure. the biggest risk is infection. less than 1%. bleeding. again, less than 1%. perhaps for rhinoplasty the most common problem is having some sort of aesthetic irregularity, something that doesn't quite heal the way you want. that can happen in 2% to 4%, requiring perhaps another operation or a little touch-up. >> why do you recommend people wait until they're 18? is that a magic number? >> well, it's a magic legal number. they can sign the consent and their parents don't have to sign
11:41 am
it for them. so i think there's a psychological advantage to having the person being able to consent themselves. honestly for rhinoplasty, a lot of people -- a lot of teenagers going off to college, they might be 16, 17, will have the procedure and their parents will sign for them just because it's a great time. you're moving to a new set of friends, a new environment, so that's a very common time for teenagers to have their noses done. >> dr. hopping, one thing i want to ask you. what's the common sentiment of a person when they come to you verbally and when they leave you? >> well, oftentimes it's a -- you know, this is not life and death to them. they've thought about it. it may be a young lady who's -- young girl who's inherited her father's nose. it works great for him, but in our society it doesn't work too well for her. for men, again, it may be an oversized nose they want to reduce or maybe they've had trauma from an athletic injury
11:42 am
or something like that and they want to take care of it. some people have breathing issues that need to be addressed. all of these are possibilities. it's a myriad of things. some people we do rhinoplasties in the 80s. people who are in their 70s and 80s. they thought it about it psychologically throughout their whole life and they want to do it. we age. if you lift it up a little bit, bingo, you look younger. >> dr. steech hopping, he nose his business, he knows his craft. thanks for stopping by. 11:42. ahead on "news 4" midday a look at what's at the movies, plus
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president clinton: this election to me is about which... candidate is more likely to return us to full employment. this is a clear choice. the republican plan is to cut more taxes on upper-income... people and go back to deregulation. that's what got us in trouble in the first place. president obama has a plan to rebuild america from... the ground up, investing in innovation, education... and job training. it only works if there is a strong middle class. that's what happened when i was president. we need to keep going with his plan. president obama: i'm barack obama and... i approve this message.
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tonight if you're going to nats park, key words rj enjoy. your last chance to see steven strats burlg take the mound this season. he'll start at home against the marlins. all the debates whether the nats should be shutting them down in a year that's postseason bound and could end with a world series run. that's the plan he and the nats
11:46 am
are sticking to it. that means he'll finish the season having pitched around 170 innings, roughly ten shy of the mark the team said would take him to the max. today's top business headline, u.s. employers added just 96,000 jobs last month. we're going to check in with cnbc's jackie deangelis with how the markets are reacting to that. hi, jackie. >> good morning, barbara. with trade in session under way they're focusing on this, in light of president obama's speech last night. the unemployment rate fell to 8.1% from 8.3% in july, but let me put these numbers in context. wall street was expecting 130,000 jobs to be added, so the pal rolls in um beer is being viewed as weak, and the question is why the unemployment rate ticked down. the main reason, a sharp drop in the size of the labor force. wall street's also looking past the headline number feeling that the earnings data was even worse, average hourly earnings
11:47 am
were flat for the month while for the year the rate fell to 1.7%. that's unchanged from the prior month but extraordinarily low levels. stocks have been trading flat for much of the session after a big rally. right now the dow is lower by ten points. expectations that today's data is prompted by easing from the fed. that's helping to limit some of these losses. back over to you. >> all right. thanks, jack key. tonight rival tv networks will come together for the annual stand up telethon. all four networks plus a dozen cable networks will air it for free. it will air tonight at 8:00. ♪ >> i read your book. i liked it very, very much. >> thank you. i really do appreciate it. >> it's a star-studded affair
11:48 am
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coming up, the daughter of an amish bishop talks about visiting new york city for the first time. plus meteorologist veronica johnson, she ooh back with
11:50 am
anncr: this casino's in west virginia. but it makes millions off marylanders every year. now they're running dishonest ads. why? because voting for question seven is a vote to build a... world-class resort casino in maryland. creating thousands of jobs and... ...according to the official department of legislative... services, hundreds of millions for our schools. while saving taxpayer money by cutting casino subsidies. question seven. good jobs and better schools in maryland. not west virginia.
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a new reality series is
11:52 am
topping the show on tlc, the mcfly report. this is a really interesting story. i've been hearing about it. breaking amachine. >> now that they brought honey boo boo, they're taking amish kids and bringing them to new york city too see how they react to real life. >> we heard from one of them on the "today" show. let's have a listen to what she had to say. >> my first reaction was like it's so loud. >> it is that for sure. let me turn to shannon and eric. what made you want to do a series like this. i have to ask you did you have concern about exploiting young people who have not been exposed to this media culture, this spot light? shannon, aisi'll let you take t. >> we were actually in lancaster and were employee deucing and reached out to an amish cast
11:53 am
member. each had already planned on leaving and it was something that was important to them. >> now, this premieres sunday night. the first girl we heard from is actually the daughter of a bishop, an amish bishop. can she go home after this. >> they're allowed to leave for a certain time and then it's dees sigs time. do you stay out of amish culture -- >> so they can return. >> yeah. >> that geesd. so they have a choice. >> yes. >> let's move on to a first for alexandria in our neighborhood. tell us. >> last night was old towne alexandria's first night ever fashion night out. it was to get people to shop. it was old towne's first time and it was really great because old towne is known for their incredible boutique's district. this culminated at the tore bee dough factory last night. hundreds showed up.
11:54 am
it was a really cool, really ruckus night for alexandria. >> did people shop afterward. >> they shopped, ate, drank, there were parties. there were giveaways. it was as fantastic time. it will be a first of many for old towne. >> the mtv video awards were held last night. it sounds like there was a big draw for one direction. >> they won a bunch of awards. they won the most tweet-worthy and share-worthy video. they're all freaking out about it. big vma news. there's video of rihanna and chris brown having a little lip lock. they're the ones that are very, very -- >> they're just good friends though right? >> exactly. that's what they've been telling us. they're very publicly separated and it was a huge thing when he and she got into a conflict. >> was it a passionate lip lock? >> i don't know. it's a telestrator on football.
11:55 am
>> she opened the -- >> she did, mm-hmm. >> and talked about performances coming to our area. >> yes. so she opened vmas last night. she won video of the year. it's almost like they planned it. she announced her tour this morning. she'll be coming to baltimore in march and the verizon center in late april of 2013. >> i won't have to ask if you're going to be there. >> i will be there absolutely. >> are they sold out? >> no. tickets go on sale, i believe, next week. so we have some time. >> it's not until next spring. >> next spring, march and april. >> let's talk about lady gaga. she announced over twitter she'll be at the very i oizon c in 2013. >> let's have a look at that. is it real or supposed to look like it? >> it's real meet from the vma awards in 2010.
11:56 am
they assured me that they dried it out and they painted it to look back to its normal meatiness. it's going been o skpiktd for two weeks, a whole exhibit about women who changed music. >> and they're showing some of their clothes. >> interesting that they picked that. she's had really unusual outfits in recent years. >> its like the jerky dress now if they dried it out, right? are you going to see the jerky dress? >> yes. me and the meat dress on facebook. i'll get a picture. >> great to see you, tommy. >> great to see you barbara. >> keith, what's going on there? >> seems like a meaty preview. i'm ready. let's take a look at some of the stories we're following on "news 4" this afternoon. pat lawson muse is joining us. what's coming up? coming up at 4:00, a four-legged hero. how a dog helped find a doctor who spent four days missing in the woods. also the company that's helping parents keep track of
11:57 am
teen aing drivers by following those teens on the roads. that's sure to be really popular with the young folksful those stories and all of the latest on this day's news coming up on "news 4" starting at 4:00. keith? >> pat, can't wait to see you. >> all righty. >> we have time for a final check on our forecast. sounds like we've got a lot coming up. >> i'm told i can call you v.j. >> everyone else does. a little heat for us today. 87 to 91 degrees, the high temperature for today. but if you're going to be up early sunday morning, i'm going to be here at the nation's triathlon, yes, i will. i'm doing the biking leg of it 40rks-some miles. the forecast, the water temperature, first of all, with start out at 75 degrees for the swim part of it. 61 to 71. that is cool, but at least we're going to have sunshine and there may be even a little be it of a breeze blowing too as the front comes through late saturday. so today 91. 79 on sunday. and again on saturday, late, we
11:58 am
could get some real strong thunderstorms in here, with maybe some wind and some very heavy rain. next week, nothing but sunshine right now. hopefully that won't change. >> sounds good. the wet center is having its annual butterfly release honoring people who have passed away. is that good for tomorrow. >> up until 4:00 or 5:00 tomorrow. >> thank you. >> a chance for everyone to spread their wings. that's "news 4 midday." thanks for joining us. be sure to tune in at 4:00, 5:00, and 6:00 for all the day's news. [ romney ] this president can ask us to be patient. this president can tell us it was someone else's fault. but this president cannot tell us that you're better off today than when he took office.
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