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tv   Today  NBC  September 9, 2012 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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good morning. twisters in new york city. violent storms across the northeast send off two tornadoes in the big apple while flooding in new england and knocks out power to tens of thousands in washington, d.c. we're live on the scene. part of a passenger plane fall inside a residential neighborhood. how did this happen? jamming in jamaica. our trip filled with family, old friends and a lot of fun.
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today, september 9, 2012. good morning. welcome to today on a sunday morning. i'm lester holt. >> i'm jenna wolfe. we'll get to comments about lester's dancing, but i was on the rooftop of my apartment building last night and these black clouds came roaring in. you don't see that here in new york city at all. it looked fierce, really fierce. >> and then i got the text of tornado warning. i thought, not in new york. and then, boom, two of them. it takes a lot to surprise people but residents were shocked when two tornadoes touched down, one in brooklyn, one in queens. luckily, no one was seriously hurt. >> they were a part of the severe storms. we'll have more.
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the trifle a century. o.j. simpson struggling to try on a glove during the murder trial and now a member of simpson's team fires back at allegations that johnnie cochran tampered with the glove. a little girl is recovering after contracting the deadly disease. we'll hear from her and findut how she got it. this week marks the finale of "america's got talent." i had a chance to go behind the scenes of the show. i will catch up with judges howard stern and howard will open up about whether he's coming back for another season. >> looks like fun. >> i did. >> perform at all? >> no. talk about doing a show like that live. not an easy task. we want to begin with the storm that ripped through the
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northeast, spinning off two tornadoes here in new york city. the weather channels reynolds wolf is in brooklyn where one of those tornadoes touched down. >> reporter: you're right, there were two of them. one at breezy points, queens. you had a trees standing here, less than 24 hours ago. 60 feet in height. the wind came through and knocked it over. the two tornadoes that affected this area were actually just a tiny part of a large system that affected millions of americans. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: home videos showed the funnel cloud off the ocean and bearing down in queens new york and a residential neighborhood in brooklyn. >> it ripped across all the cars. i watched the roofs fly off. >> his roof flew up and hit the
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neighbor's roof i live by. >> reporter: in a flash, trees came down, roofs came off. anything not secured slammed into homes. a chunk of bricks just missed a sleeping baby. people had a half hour advance warning. there were no serious injuries reported but they have a big mess to clean up. nearby, the u.s. open suspended play and fans streamed out of the tennis center to escape the potential danger. farther out of new jersey, rutgers football fans ran for cover. the size of the storm caught weather experts offguard. >> it was way off, about seven, eight times average the number of reports. stormed occurred ahead of a cold front spanning from canada to gulf of mexico. >> reporter: pockets of destruction as far south as fairfax, virginia. a dozen people were hurt and
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four hospitalized as hundreds ran for cover in prince georges county, maryland. these are not the classic wedge tornadoes you see in the plains, a mile wild. these were small, especially near breezy point. widest point of 50 feet. to be honest, it was smaller, no less terrifying. >> recommend >> reynolds wolf with the weather channel, thank you. we were talking about weather. now we're going to turn to politics and the race for white house, mitt romney and president obama are pounding the street across the nation. david gregory got a chance to sit down with romney on saturday in virginia, romney's first "meet the press" interview in three years. good morning. >> good morning. >> i want to get to your exclusive interview with romney but first i want to talk about the jobs report. it wasn't good but you wouldn't
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know it looking at the polls. romney continues to pressure president obama on the economy. where does that factor in? >> this is critical. if people blame president obama for the state of the economy and the state of the jobless rate, i think it's very difficult for him to prevail. the whole thrust, the whole argument of his convention was to say, i know it's bad, we're turning a corner and i need more time. i go back to bill clinton saying no president could have turned this around in four years. the argument is patience and time. if you can do that, it seems the president can take on the push from romney. >> your sit down with mitt romney, the defense department could see a budget cut unless congress can come up with a
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budget deal. i want to run a sound bite from romney and let's talk about on the other side. >> i want to maintain defense spending at the current level of the gdp. i don't to want keep it down, as the president's down. this sequestration of the white house, which is cutting our defense, which is an extraordinary miscalculation -- >> the republicans agreed -- >> i thought it was a mistake. the president was responsible for coming out with specific changes to the defense budget. he has violated the law he, in fact, signed. the american people need to understand how it is that our defense is going to be so badly cut. >> mitt romney clearly calling out his own party. did that surprise you? >> and his running mate, by the way, who defended that deal. let's make sure we determine the times. sequestration is an automatic cut that comes to defense spending january 1. also cuts to social programs as
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well. so republicans and democrats would have to compromise to extend the debt ceiling after that huge fishgts you recall, last summer. these were things republican leaders agreed to. you're seeing separation from romney and his other republican leaders. that's an important point because it gives you insight into whether or not mitt romney is prepared and how he would approach forging some deal on the debt that he would have to deal with if he becomes president right away. >> let's talk about schedules. mitt romney is in virginia talking about defense spending where there's home to a lot of military bases. obama is in florida talking about medicare, calling out romney and ryan. both talking about swing state issues. not just the economy. is that what this election in the next couple of months of campaigning is going to turn into? >> i think there will be other issues, i don't think anything eclipses the economy.
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but medicare is another area preside important for the president. i get into this with governor romney as well. the whole pop significance for republicans, their approach in medicare is to introduce competitive bidding to drive down health care costs and ultimately save the program. this is a battle over what will ultimately save medicare. you can bet a lot of seniors are paying attention to this, even other voters in their 40s or 50s are paying attention. people depend on this program. you hear the president talk about it saying, hey, i'm going to protect the program. >> david, thanks. you can see much more of david's exclusive interview on "meet the press" later this morning. we want to get a check now of the morning's other top stories. we'll say good morning to msnbc's alex witt at the news desk. >> something strange fell from the sky over washington and a lot are thankful it didn't fall
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auto them. landing gear door from a boeing 757 crashed to earth. the size of a refrigerator door didn't anyone or any houses but brought out the neighborhood, the police and the faa, which is investigating. texas health officials confirm a woman tested positive for hunta virus. she was infected cleaning a home from a tv show about hoarding. there's been an outbreak at yosemite nark park. contract talks between chicago and going down to the wire. tougher teacher evaluations which are at the heart of the national debate over struggling urban schools. doctors say they'll need to operate in the next day or two on tulane safety devin walker. he is in stable condition after
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fracturing his spine in a head-to-head collision with a teammate during saturday's game in tulsa. tulane finished the game but lost 45-10. overseas, at least 44 people have been killed in waves of attacks with iraqi security forces. the talk threatens the stability of the government nine months after the last u.s. troops left. sadness at buckingham palace today. one of the queen's corgis which appeared in a james bond sketch, has died. 13-year-o 13-year-old's death now only leaves corgis in the palace. >> 13 years, that's like 750 math. stephanie ab ris back with weather center forecast.
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>> leslie will skirt to the east of ber mud d showers and wind from this. it does look like it will intensify as it moves away from cooler water and become a hurricane as it heads it into the northern atlantic. how is the rest of the u.s. shaping up? much calmer and quieter. we are feeling the 90s all the way into montana. here's a look at what's happen outside your door. >> i'm nbc4 chuck bell. we're off to a bright and sunny start, but nice and cool on the great outdoors. 54 now. winchester and front royal. 57 for culpepper. 66 in st. mary's county this morning. he's your forecast, plenty of sunshine now. fair weather cumulus clouds this afternoon. can't rule out a 10 or stephanie, thanks. everyone probably remembers
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where they were 17 years ago when the verdict of the o.j. simpson case was announced. now, one of the prosecutors in the case is casting doubt on a key piece of evidence. diana has more from los angeles. >> if it doesn't fit, you must acquit. >> reporter: the phrase that defined trial of the century. the l.a. jury bought the argument after they watched o.j. simpson try on a pair of bloody gloves, which barely made on his hands, prosecutors say he wore the night he murdered his ex-wife and ronald goldman back in 1994. now a bombshell accusation by assistant prosecutor. >> what i think happened is the defense manipulated that glove so it did not appear to look as if it fit. >> reporter: during a panel discussion last week at new york's pace law school, christopher darden claimed defense attorney johnnie cochran was the culprit.
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>> i think johnnie tore the lining, there were additional tears in the lining so o.j.'s fingers couldn't go in the glove. >> darden is lying and he's lying to cover up his own competence. >> reporter: alan dershowitz was sitting next to darden when he made his comment. >> 17 years ago chris darden made one of the greatest blunders as a 20th century lawyer. he asked o.j. to try on the glove without first asking the judge to ask him to try it on outside the presence of the jury so he could have easily seen it didn't fit, but he didn't. >> reporter: darden declined nbc news' request for an interview. simple son is serving a maximum of 33 years in prison for kidnap and robbery. cochran passed away from a brain tumor in 20 05 and darden has gone into private practice.
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prince harry is in afghanistan getting ready to take on taliban and his training is moving full speed ahead. atia is in cable. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we're hearing prince harry finished a two-day course and roadside bomb awareness. it's tomorrow we expect he'll start his apache-related training where he is going to refamiliarize himself with the helicopter in afghanistan, which shouldn't be too hard because we hear he's an amazing pilot. it's a big milestone for prince harry. he's now finished with the first round of military training in afghanistan. the 27-year-old prince arrived in the volatile helmand province on friday for the start of a four-month military deployment. it's his second tour of duty here. he'll be flying apache
8:19 am
helicopters in charge of the deadly arsenal which includes laser fired missiles. >> he's in danger as in any of our forces are, in helmand in particular. he's a helicopter pilot. he's been well trained for that task. >> reporter: harry was last deployed here in 2008. but the army kept it a secret for fear he would become a taliban target. but his mission was cut short when an australian gossip magazine leaked pictures of the prince in combat. he's been itching to get back ever since. his deployment comes weeks after he was letting loose in vegas. >> i think he was in vegas because he knew he was going to be deployed. >> reporter: those embarrassing shot, some in the nude, weren't present for the prince or the palace, but he's been making up
8:20 am
for it since. last weekend he attended an event for sick children and their families. royal watchers say his mission in afghanistan has nothing to do with rehabilitating his image. >> i think that this is in any way a pr stunt that he's gone to the front line in afghanistan as apache pilot to make up for the pr disaster of vegas. >> reporter: returning to military fatigues, harry's royal duties and partying will be put on hold as he takes on the most important role of his life, as a soldier. prince harry will be in the thick of it in helmand province and in just as many danger as his fellow service members so no royal treatment in afghanistan but he's not asking for any. >> not at this point he's not. still to come on a sunday edition of "today," we'll hear from a little girl who survived a near death experience with the bubonic plague. ve lemon in my w.
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hi, everyone. good morning. 8:26 on this sunday, september 9. right now, around 19,000 people are without power after
8:27 am
yesterday's storm. pepco is reporting about 4,500 outages in d.c. montgomery county and prince georges county. dominion has around 13,000 customers still without electricity and bge says about 1,500 of their customers are still in the dark. later today, yeardley love's former school will honor her. they'll dedicate the $1.2 million field during a ceremony today. the ceremony includes prayers and a speech from her family. love was found dead in her apartment two years ago. her on again off again boyfriend george huguely was convicted of killing her. i didn't know strawberries where in season right now.
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where it's supposed to. but none of it will happen unless we vote for... question seven this november. vote for question seven. and help build a better future for maryland. a day of strong storms makes way for some cooler temperatures. meteorologist chuck bell is in the storm center4 with the forecast. >> good morning, richard. good sunday morning to everybody out in the news4 nation today. a chilly start, compared to yesterday morning. yesterday, we were in the 70s to near 80s. this fine morning we are in 50s to around 60 in most of the western suburbs. mid 70s inside washington itself. and on the whole, i think you're going to like today a whole lot more than yesterday. we'll have a mix of clouds and sunshine this afternoon which may lead to one or two quick little showers up in pennsylvania or west virginia. i don't think we need to worry about rain here in town. for tomorrow, move it up, 100%
8:30 am
sunshine. nary a cloud. >> looks good, chuck. we have a full hour of news, weather and a preview of today's we're back on a sunday morning, september 9, 2012. it's grandparents day today, so grandma and grandpa or nana and papa, whatever you call them, give them a call and tell them you're thinking about them. we have a great crowd on hand. i'm jenna wolfe alongside lester holt. still to come, doesn't seem true but we're talking about the bubonic plague. >> a 7-year-old girl contracted the disease. it's obviously very rare. one of just a handful of cases reported in the country every year. we'll hear from her and find out why she's so lucky to be alive.
8:31 am
>> lester and i had a wonderful opportunity to go back to jamaica. i was actually born on the island and so were lester's grandparents. we had -- wow. what the heck is going on? we traced our roots, learned more about our special connection to this caribbean island. we obviously did jogging in water shoes. and i had a famous neighbor, very famous neighbor and his name rhymes with rob barley. >> i love we're talking about going back to roots and then -- on the boat. >> that was a poignant piece. >> a tiny moment. then i get a behind the scenes look at "america's got talent" as we gear up for this week's finals. i met several contestants and the men who could make or break their dreams. and we have a very special show coming up next sunday here on "today." we're celebrating 25 years of "weekend today."
8:32 am
we'll look back at the show's beginning and some of the more memorable shows and we'll catch up with some favorite former anchors have been part of your weekend mornings since 1987. >> a lot are going to stop by. it's going to be a crowded sofa. >> they might bring in extra chairs. let's get another check of the weather. >> three girls on a girls trip and yesterday they were on the top of the empire state building when the storms came by. >> oh, my goodness. ponchos were blowing over our head. we were screaming and hollering. it's her first time. we just stayed right out in it. >> you know you could go inside. >> now we know. >> let's take a look at our forecast. thankfully it will be much calmer along the east coast and the rest of the the big story will be the heat in the west. still very warm. as we head into day tomorrow, it stays very benign.
8:33 am
they see a lot of sunshine from coast to coast, border to border. here's a look what's happening outside your door. >> a good sunday morning to you. i'm meteorologist chuck bell. off to a nice start this morning, temperatures mostly in the 50s, 60s across the area. but still a lot of 50s left on the map this morning. tomorrow at this time, there may be 40s. today, a mix of clouds and sunshine. ten-minute shower north and west. that's all you need to worry about today. full sunshine all the way through the week. >> we got a little cutie, aden celebrating his tenth birthday. you can check out your birthday forecast 24 hours a day at of course, it is football time. yes! we are fired up here about sunday night football. forecast for mile high, clear and breezy, a fantastic night for football. who did you want to win?
8:34 am
steelers down on that end of the plaza. jenna, over to you. >> thank you. it's been a summer of rare and unusual diseases, from the huntavirus to legionnaires' disease and now a girl is roving from a disease you associate with the middle ages, bubonic plague. >> how are you doing? >> good. >> reporter: 7-year-old sierra downing is sitting up, playing with legos and hearing her doctors what they want to hear. how are you feeling? >> good. >> reporter: feeling good after a scare with the bubonic plague that nearly took her life. doctors say she contracted the rare disease after coming into close contact with a dead squirrel during a camping trip in colorado. >> i wanted to bury it. >> she didn't touch it with her hands but she had set her pink sweatshirt nearby.
8:35 am
what we think happened is the fleas jumped from the squirrel to her little warm body or her sweatshirt. then had she tied on the sweatshi sweatshirt, the fleas bit her. >> reporter: the symptoms were first flu-like and within days her fever shot up to 107 degrees and she suffered a seizure. >> she was laying there listless. >> reporter: her dad rushed her to the hospital and she was eventually transferred to rocky mountain hospital for children in denver, where doctors scrambled to make the diagnosis. >> i did a literature search and found a case very similar and had symptoms. >> reporter: even with the right antibiotic, she was still fighting for her life. >> we thought we were going to lose our little girl. >> reporter: with round-the-clock treatment she pulled through. cases of bubonic plague are rare but still exist. nationwide health experts say there are just a handful of cases each year. >> it's more taking the appropriate precautions other
8:36 am
than being worried about somehow there's going to be a big outbreak of the plague. that's simply not the case. >> reporter: meanwhile, she's expected to fully recover and says she'll be more careful with animals next time. >> i won't go near it. >> reporter: for "today," michelle franzen, nbc news. up next, going back to our roots. lester and i head back to the stunning island of jamaica. a place where we both have deep ties. ♪ [ female announcer ] with depression, simple pleasures can simply hurt. the sadness, anxiety, the loss of interest. the aches and pains and fatigue. depression hurts. cymbalta can help with many symptoms of depression. tell your doctor right away if your depression worsens, you have unusual changes in behavior or thoughts of suicide. antidepressants can increase these in children, teens, and young adults.
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there is something jenna and i have in common, jamaica. my maternal grandparents were born on the caribbean island. >> and i was actually born on the island. we recently returned there together to retrace our roots and visit some old family and friends. ♪ >> for centuries, jamaica has been calling. ♪ one love ♪ one heart let's get together and feel all right ♪ >> from european settlers to today's american tourists, if you didn't know any better, you might have mistaken jenna and me for. >> but hold on. this was no boondoggle. >> the catamaran was close to
8:39 am
the line. >> really it was to explore our jamaican roots. mine began here. >> you think they're going to remember you? >> if they don't remember my face, i can guarantee you they'll remember my voice. >> we're at the maternity ward of kingston's hospital where i was born. baby wolfeld. that's me. does that say normal? normal. it's all right this. >> that you were normal. >> that i was normal. contrary to what a lot -- >> you're a real jamaican. well, i have no birth claim to the island, however my maternal grandparents were born, raised and married in jamaica. six years ago i made my first journey here with my american-born mother. this is where your mother grew up? >> that's the house. >> on that trip we traveled to rural manchester on our own
8:40 am
emotional journey of discovery. >> i never thought i'd see it. i didn't know it was still here. you know, it's just like now i'm home. this is -- this is just unbelievable. >> never thought i'd see this. so, when my mom and i came here we were really telling the story of her mother, my grandmother. now we're in spanishtown. >> do you still have family here? >> we don't know a lot about my grandfather. he was one of 14 kids born to an indian from calcutta, white english person. his father died when he was very young. very poor. this is where they were from. >> meanwhile, i left jamaica when i was 5 but i returned often over the years. things looked familiar as we
8:41 am
went to the neighborhood where my family lived to reunite with special people. nila, back in my toddler days, a neighbor and second mom, who last saw me when i looked like this and when i had a vastly different personality. >> you're so different on tv now because when you were here, you were so shy and -- >> no. >> are we at the wrong address. >> jenna was the sweet little, always perfectly dressed. >> one of those sons, andanino, my first unofficial boyfriend. here he is trying to hop a fence to impress me. here i am looking in the opposite direction. >> he was a bigger boy, so he had to look up to you. >> oh. >> we jamaicans never forget the family. once a family, no matter where they are, they are still family. >> later, a stroll through the
8:42 am
courtyard by my old apartment brought back sweet memories, especially of one neighbor who couldn't keep the music down. >> you would hear the drums going. we would say, who is making all this noise. >> who was it? >> bob marley. >> can you believe that? >> yes. >> so when he brags he likes reggae, i know reggae. >> she grew up with it in her backyard. >> that's right, bob marley was jenna's neighbor. now we're at the museum, which was his house, in the shadows of where you lived. how did you end up being born in jamaica? >> my father had a leather manufacturing company, they moved it to jamaica. they had leather buttons. this is where i called home for many years. >> i never set foot in jamaica until i was an adult. when i got there, i met plenty of extended family. >> great to see you again. i would like you to meet jenna.
8:43 am
>> i've seen you on tv. >> scott wilson is my second cousin. guess what? he's a broadcaster, too, a voiceover announcer. >> and turns out scott is also a record producer. and he invited us to sit in on a session for a new reggae cd. ♪ >> reggae, jamaican soul. ♪ >> its music, easy pace and beaches is what jamaica is known for. kingston is a port city. no fancy resorts here. but if you stick with a local -- >> we're going to a little key called lime key. it's not much more than a sand bar, but it has a little bit of vegetation on it and it's big enough for everybody to come on weekends. >> you can actually dock right on the beach. >> or swim.
8:44 am
woo woo hoo! ya man! >> it was a grace place for me and scott to reflect and connect. >> jamaica is smaller and everything is intense, no. we're related and i feel like i've known you forever, but the bonds of family in jamaica are traditional really. >> before we left like key, we insisted scott teach us the local dialogue. >> how would you say, we had a wonderful time can't wait to come back. >> ya sweet can't wait for power. >> that's very good. >> yeah. >> you sound -- >> you said it right. >> you sound like a cartoon. >> he sound like as like a new >> one useful phrase scott didn't teach jenna -- >> slow down. how could we possibly leave this
8:45 am
island without tasting one of its most daring offerings. bobsledding. at ochoa rios -- >> de say slow down? >> yes. slow down is a fitting response. not just to the bob shred, but to life in general. >> the jamaican way of life where the rhythm of ray geggae the waves will welcome you always. >> i want to go back. >> every 52 weeks, that shouldn't be a problem. >> the bob shrsled thing didn'tk fast but you were driving and you had the control -- >> eee! that's lester. >> you weren't aware of the brakes -- >> no brakes. can we thank our producers who did great jobs with us shooting. that's me. >> back in your shy period. >> back when i was super shy.
8:46 am
and i wore long dresses, apparently, because that was fancy back then. >> even folks you're not related to, there is a welcome home quality to jamaica. people are warm, embracing. >> and their way of life is so peaceful and still that everything is laid back and easy, just smiling. it all just falls off your shoulders. >> we paved the way for another paid trip. >> just like new york city. as "america's got talent" gets ready to crown the newest winner i go backstage and meet with the two howards who will make or break their dreams. for " double miles you can "actually" use. but with those single mile travel cards... [ bridesmaid ] blacked out... but i'm a bridesmaid. oh! "x" marks the spot she'll never sit. but i bought a dress! a toast... the capital one venture card. fly any airline, any flight, anytime. double miles you can actually use. what a coincidence? what's in your wallet? [ all screaming ]
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on the hit summer reality "america's got talent" the
8:49 am
competition is fierce and the talent gets better have week. i got to see the frenzy firsthand during last week's semifinal round as the performers prepared to go in front of millions of americans and pretty tough judges for a chance in this week's finals. >> reporter: the performances range from electrifying to down right dangerous. and the atmosphere falls somewhere between a sporting event and a rock concert. here we are, on the stage at "america's got talent" and the show is about to begin. ♪ >> reporter: the contestants, put their hearts and souls into their brief few minutes on stage. backstage, hours before air time is a show in itself. free for all with an eclectic group of performers, including judge and comic, howie mandell.
8:50 am
the parrots are prepping, the dancers are stretching and 10-year-old sebastien, a maricci singer is warming up. how do you feel? >> i feel good. i feel we have a chance. >> reporter: the chance is six acts to compete in the finals. on a scale of one to ten, how do you think you did? >> i think i did ten. >> reporter: the fans vote but judges, howie mandell, sharon osbourne and newcomer howard stern have a chance to sway the population. >> i knew you had it in you. >> reporter: who are you afraid of the most? >> howard. >> reporter: what judge scares you the most? >> probably howard stern. >> reporter: the controversial radio show host faced skeptics as he sat on the seat. >> marry a rich guy.
8:51 am
sharon did it. worked out fantastic. i'm on a live show, so it shows you miracles can happen. >> reporter: do you like it? >> it's a blast. it's harder than i thought it would be. >> reporter: the challenges are unique. judging a variety of talents. ♪ >> make some noise! >> reporter: and age groups. you've got performers in this show ranging in age from 10 to 49. which is more difficult, cutting the heart out of someone who this may be their last shot or disappointing some kid? >> for me it's the last shot guy. a guy who might be turning 50. it hasn't quite worked out for him yet and he's getting success, he's starting to see the finish line and then suddenly telling him, i don't think it was good enough, is hard for me. a young kid you can say, you've got your whole future ahead of you. >> reporter: finalist tom has been performing stand-up comedy
8:52 am
for over 20 years, looking at that last chance for a big break. >> i was a political science major. >> reporter: you guys are professional funny men and i feel sorry for any comedian that takes the stage because you're judging them at a much different level. >> no. i think we're good at identifying it. this i think we have comedians going further than they have ever gone. >> reporter: to impress the judges and the 10 million viewers watching at home, these acts are pulling out all the stops. whether it's happy tears -- >> i'm really happy because i feel we did amazing. >> reporter: -- or those from disappointment, one constant is host nick cannon, always at the contestant's side after the judges' review. at times you're out there, when people have gotten bad news or great news -- >> yeah. i'm the on-set character. >> reporter: but no therapy needed for these acts.
8:53 am
they've made it to the finals and one more performance. a winner will be crowned this week, but the judges could be coming back for more next season. so if it works out, you want to come back? >> do i, i do. it's great. >> he's trying to say we're brilliant, amazing. >> between howie and myself we have 400 years of show business experience. >> and we know what we're doing. >> but who are we to judge? >> the two-part finale of "america's got talent" begins wednesday here on nbc. the winner will be announced on thursday. look for special guest appearances from justin bieber, green day and neo hey! did you know that honey nut cheerios
8:54 am
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. we want to say hello to christopher, starring on "covert affairs," playing a blind cia operative whose techie genius and killer instincts make him indispensable to the agency. that's a great setup. >> thank you. >> tell me about aggie. he seems to be the fan favorite. what's an appealing character? >> he's kind of a guy everybody wants to know. people ask me all the time, i wish i had an aggie in my life because he's honorable, responsible, a great friend -- >> and he's blind. >> he's blind, yeah. >> he manages to do all that blind. >> exactly. which honestly is something people with disabilities do all the time. it's one of the special things about this part is i'm able to portray, you know, a veteran with disabilities in such a positive light and remind people how capable people with disabilities really are. >> there's a big game changer
8:57 am
coming up. you're nearing the end of the season. tell me what's coming up in the next episode. >> the last episode ended. i'm sorry if you haven't seen it yet. i'm about to spoil it but he got shot twice in the chest. >> so much for my weekend. >> well, i guess i can erase my dvr. >> so now this episode, she's being framed for treason and aggie is her champion. he's outside fighting for her when she can't. >> you made your directorial debut and your staff had fun with you. they passed these out. >> yeah, my crew made these. you can have a mask. >> well, christopher, thank you so much for coming by. i might as well be blind because you can't really see much from this. all the best of luck. >> thank you so much. >> fantastic. having fun? >> yes, it's a blast. >> you can catch new episodes at
8:58 am
tuesday, 9 p.m. central, on usa network. we're going to leave you today with "sports illustrated" with the athletes that participated in the paralympic games which wrap up tonight in london. ♪ ♪
8:59 am
♪ people are still recovering from the wild day of weather in and around the district. in d.c. at least ten downed trees are causing problems for residents. in fairfax, three homes were damaged with dozens of electrical wires are down. and right now, about 19,000 people are still without power in our area. at one point more than 150,000 customers did not have electricity. all because of these storms. good morning, everyone. i'm richard jordan. >> i'm a


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