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tv   News 4 at 6  NBC  September 11, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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attacked and since the courageous took down that plane in shanksville, pennsylvania. across the country and in our region it's been a day for simple ceremonies. danielle leigh joins us live from new york. >> reporter: good evening. right now, organizers are getting ready far tribute of light that will be a final memorial for the victims on this 11th anniversary. >> jack dennis yagoda. >> reporter: tears and raw emotions filled september 11th ceremonies around manhattan. >> we feel like we were with him because this was the last place that he was. he's very missed. >> reporter: for those who lost loved ones, the pains following the terrorist attacks that sent planes crashing into the world trade towers remain fresh 11 years later. >> linda jones. >> reporter: at ground zero, families acknowledged each victim one by one. >> and my father, james amato. >> reporter: about a thousand people listened in silence, filling the area between the national memorial now marking where the world trade towers one
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stood. >> they were taken away us from us all too early, and we miss they wi them all. >> reporter: many members of congress stopped business to honor them on the front steps of the capitol. >> we vow over in forget. standing shoulder to shoulder. >> reporter: at the white house, president obama participated in a moment of silence. late aert the pentagon, he offered hope following a ceremony remembering those killed when a hijacked plane targeted the building. >> no single event can ever change who we are. >> reporter: those same themes of courage rang out near shanksville, pennsylvania, where passengers fought to keep a plane from crashing the capitol. >> we've not forgotten the heroism of your husbands, wives, sons, daughters, mother, fathers.
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>> reporter: so many fighting for a country they believed in. despite the pain, there are isle signs of healing. this new world trade tower i'm standing in which should be complete in just over a year is a sign to many the city is beginning to move on. danielle leigh. now back to you. >> u.s. troops in kabul, afghanistan, marked the anniversary of the terror attacks at several memorial services. in october of 2001, the u.s. and allies invaded afghanistan. the goal was to oust the taliban regime for sheltering al qaeda leaders who planned the 9/11 attacks. military leaders told the troops today that u.s. forces are still focused on a mission to make the world a safer place. here in washington, people gathered at freedom plaza downtown for a national day of remembrance and service. it honored 9/11 victims, fist responder, and veterans. chris gordon will have more on that and other local xhem rags in the next half hour. to other news now, a high school student left home to walk to school this morning and was murdered minutes later.
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tonight police are looking for the person who shot and killed 18-year-old marckel ross in capitol heights. tracee wilkins is live at the scene tonight with more on a bright student who still had a rough time at school. right, tracee? >> reporter: yes, he absolutely did, jim. he was walking down that sidewalk on his way to high school when he was shot and killed this morning. now, school officials say that this was a bright man who was very outgoing and well liked, but he had his enemies. his mother says that the bullying got so bad at one point it impacted his safety and his schoolwork. >> reporter: i moved him in anne arundel county for a better life and felt like he was old enough to be able to protect himself a little bit so i brought him back up here. >> reporter: the ross family moved from anne arundel county to district heights in 2009. elizabeth ross said her son had a hard time adjusting and was actually left back a grade. she says his issues were social. and last year he was bullied by a group of boys. miss ross says the bullying was
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so intense she took her complaints all the way to the board of education. >> always want to fight every time he see them, they saying something to him. >> reporter: she believes the troublemakers dropped out. marckel was making honor roll and he was involved in track, rotc and the school's modeling club. this morning on his way to central high school, he was shot and killed. police say they have no motive and no suspects. >> detectives are actively working this case. we are looking for witnesses, anyone who may have seen anything at about 6:50 this morning on old central avenue. >> reporter: police cadets combed the scene for evidence. those detectives interviewed family and students at the school. the principal of central high says he was an outgoing student who will be sorely missed. >> a young man who deserved to live. >> reporter: grief counselors from around the county were brought in to support students. meanwhile, marckel's family is beginning the process of living their lives without him. >> what can i say.
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i wish it would be me rather than him. >> reporter: prince george's county police are offering up to $25,000 in reward money for any information that can lead to an arrest and indictment in this case. in capitol heights, i'm tracee wilkins, news4. two men had to be flown to the hospital after a double shooting in southeast d.c. police say the victims were shot just after 2:00 this afternoon. this was in the 400 block of atlantic street southeast. they're expected to survive. detectives are still looking for suspects as well as a motive. >> there is money missing from the campaign account of d.c. council member at large michael brown. we're talking about a lot of money. darcy spencer is at the wilson building tonight with more on what council member brown says happened and where the police investigation stands at this point. darcy? >> reporter: doreen, it certainly is a lot of money. i had to ask the council member how could someone allegedly steal more than $100,000 from his campaign, a campaign worker,
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and not know about it? he said he was looking at campaign reports but not the bank statements. when he did, he realized something was wrong. he called it a violation of his trust and said it points to the need for more controls. d.c. councilman brye michael brn for the first time revealed that more than $113,000 was stolen from his campaign fund. when he diovered the missing money in june, he said he fired his campaign treasurer and reported the theft to police. the former treasurer has not been charged with a crime. >> the person who embezzled from the campaign was someone who had been working with me for more than half a decade. it's someone that i had extreme confidence in as well as many members of elected officials not just here in the district of columbia but in this region who this person had worked for. clearly i was wrong to have trusted that person and i'm deeply regretful. >> reporter: according to a statement released by brown's campaign, a preliminary audit revealed 33 unexplained expenditures in the name of
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hakim sutton, the committee treasurer. news4 found multiple expenditures called unexplained expenses ranging from several hundred dollars to $5,000 to hakim sutton on a report that was filed with the office of campaign finance. at a press conference today, brown said he wants the person responsible for the theft to be prosecuted. >> we are confident that the target of this investigation will be arrested, prosecuted, and convicted because of all the information we provided to the police. >> reporter: the theft left brown's war chest nearly bare. he now has about $18,000 cash on hand for his november bid to keep his at-large council seat. in addition, the d.c. board of elections says brown did collect enough signatures to appear on the november ballot. his opponents challenge the authenticity of some names on his petition. >> yesterday the board formally rejected the challenge and dismissed the allegations of any wrongdoing whatsoever. >> reporter: councilman brown says he is committed to
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recouping those moneys that were stolen from the campaign. he says he certainly hopes he can get that money back so it can be used before the november election. he says he doesn't know what the money was used for. d.c. police are actively investigating this case but no charges have been filed. live from the wilson building, darcy spencer, news4. a d.c. council member says major league baseball is to blame for the stalemate between metro and the washington nationals not ted learner and the ownership of the team. councilman jack evans say the league is worried if the nats pay to keep metro open it sets a precedent for tooerms in other cities. the issue started three weeks ago when thousands of fans had to leave the stadium early to get a metro lyde ryde home. the game ran late because of a rain delay and extra innings and metro was about to close. >> it's not the issue of the money. it appears to be the issue of the precedent. collectively there's a lot of parties interested in resolving this and moving forward because
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frankly with a team as good as the nationals and the playoffs, maybe even in the world series, we don't want to a sideshow of the metro being involved. >> metro requires a $29,000 deposit per hour to keep the system open. if enough riders use the system, all or part of that deposit is then refunded. another gorgeous, cool day. we could get used to this. storm team 4 meteorologist doug camera has more on conditions right now. hey, doug. >> we could get used to this and we should be able to for the next couple days. the weather just perfect. let's show you the temperature. it doesn't get much better this. a perfect afternoon. no rain to talk about. not going to see any rain anytime soon. i think we'll be dry all the way through the rest of the week. the weekend, however, could be a little bit of a different story.
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we'll talk more about that coming up in my forecast. as you move through the night on the, along the potomac, georgetown, where the temperatures should be around 75 degrees at 7:00 tonight. that's in the city. many areas will wake up into the 40s. what to expect in the next couple days in my forecast. coming up on news4, bracing for leslie. one community's already dealing with severe weather before the killer storm has even arrived. heartbreaking stories out of syria right now. and actress angelina jolie gets emotional after a visit to a refugee camp there. >> i've been speaking the last two days with the people from syria, and what they describe on the ground, hearing it from them is so horrific. and some drivers in maryland have figured out a way to go have figured out a way to go thro
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actress angelina jolie serves as a special envoy for the united nations refugee agency and she spent today at a
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refugee camp on the turkish border. she was talking with syrian women and children about some of the horrors they've endured. at a news conference later, she said the stories were so horrible she thought she might not be able to talk about them. here's nbc's ann curry. >> reporter: unhcr special envoy angelina jolie arrived at the refugee camp drawing a crush of media attention to the crisis just as it intensifies. standing with jordan's foreign minister and the u.n.'s refugee chief, she spoke after meeting with refugees on the border last night and in the camp today. she said they told her chilling stories. >> little children, i asked what they saw and they described body parts separated and burning people being pulled apart like chicken. that's a little 9-year-old said that. >> reporter: the united nations has confirmed atrocities are occurring inside syria. how much frustration do you have that you're unable to reach
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these people still inside syria running for their lives? >> ie been speaking the last two days with the people from syria. and what they describe on the ground, hearing it from them is so horrific. the people of syria are asking who's on their side. >> reporter: today, unhcr chief tony gutierrez says 200,000 syrians have spilled across the border into jordan alone in the last 18 months. it is clear that this crisis may be far worse than the world fully realizes. ann curry, nbc news, near the jordanian/syrian border. now the latest on a story that's still developing. u.s. marines and other embassy guards are on high alert in cairo right now. today about 200 protesters came together outside the embassy. some of them climbed a wall and tore down an american flag. egyptian soldiers helped the marines contain the protesters and restore order.
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according to news reports in cairo, at least one warning shot was fired, but there are no reports of injuries. the protest follows several days of reporting in egypt on a film that is said to insult the prophet mohammed and is said to have been produced in the u.s. the taliban's taking responsibility for a deadly attack on a u.s. base in afghanistan. rockets destroyed a naito helicopter at bagram airfield last night. three people were killed. they were afghan intelligence workers. two naito personnel were hurt. security around kabul is tighter since the bombing. it all happened just a few hours after the u.s. handed over control of the prison at the base. 3,000 suspected taliban inmates are now the responsibility of afghan authorities. back here at home, time's running out for congress to keep the nation from going over the so-called fiscal liv. today house speaker john boehner delivered a serious warning about the prospects for a deal and as jim handhand steve hande there was a second financial jolt.
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>> reporter: democratic and republican lawmakers stood together to remember 9/11 but they're so far apart on the budget deal they need to make. the top republicans said they might fail. >> i'm not confident at all. >> reporter: if it isn't settled by january, everyone's taxes rise. and deep cuts get triggered in defense and social services. the economy takes such a big hit, it's called the fiscal cliff. moody's investor services warned today, if the current budget negotiations fail, moody's would expect to lower the rating of u.s. t-bills like rival standard & poor's did last year when congress gridlocked. led by mitt romney, republicans are focused on the defense cuts, charging president obama is to blame, even though republicans agreed to make them automatic if there's no budget deal. >> the president should be called upon, asked what is his plan, how is he going to lead to
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make sure that our military is not hollowed out. >> reporter: democrats have a plan. agree to tax the rich more, avoiding pentagon cuts, the moody's downgrade and the fiscal cliff. they say it's republicans giving up and adjourning next week. >> it's like you're facing a it catastrophe and saying, well, we just don't have time to address that. we've got to go home and campaign. >> reporter: democrats will, too. job one is getting re-elected. looks like facing the fiscal cliff will have to wait until november. i'm steve handelsman, news4, capitol hill. tropical storm leslie is over the atlantic tonight after slamming newfoundland, canada. leslie left a path of destruction across the northeastern part of that province today. some buildings were tossed around. nearly half a million people are without power. so far, no injuries reported. some parts of newfoundland had widespread flooding even before leslie hit.
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two years ago, hurricane igor killed one prn and left widespread damage in this same area. >> amazing pictures there. >> that looks awful. >> sure does. on the other hand, around here, we couldn't -- spectacular. >> i really don't see how a day gets much better. i really don't. you have low humidity, plenty of sunshine. >> ice cream maybe? >> ice cream would be good or a saturday or sunday. maybe that would be the case, too. >> or how about a double? >> a double. >> yeah. >> a double what? >> a double day. >> like two in a row. >> yeah. >> i'm giving you five in a row. >> all right. >> whoo-hoo! we are looking at a beautiful day. yesterday was gorgeous. today was gorgeous. there is doreen's double as we look at temperatures across the area. not just cool today. we saw a high of 78. that's only three degrees below average. but look at this. 57 degrees for a low temperature this morning. that is the coolest morning since may 15th. over three months ago. we have not been into the 50s
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very much. over the last three to four months really. 48 the overnight low. in leesburg. 46 in winchester this morning, 45 in frederick. many waking up to temperatures in 40s. a cool start to your day. i think this is where you'll be again during the morning tomorrow. if you needed the jacket tomorrow -- or if you needed it this morning you'll need it again tomorrow morning. 78 degrees the current temperature out there. this tuesday is quite terrific across our region. right now -- nothing as far as the rain is concerned. we're not going to see any rain anytime soon. believe it or not, we don't have any rain across the entire eastern half of the nation. chicago, st. louis, memphis, cincinnati, atlanta, we all need a little bit of a break. we've seen a lot of big storms across the eastern half of the nation. we need to calm down.
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we're doing that right now. high pressure just anchored across our region and that high pressure is dominating. it will continue to do so right on through the night tonight in through the day tomorrow. more sunshine and more nice weather. same deal goes on thursday. the high just sitting across our region right on through the day friday before it begins to lift off to the east to allow another storm system to come in. that one coming in for saturday. but, but not going to be a big storm at all. i'm only expecting to see a very slight chance of some shower activity late in the day on saturday. this evening, no chance of that happening. a few clouds, a great evening. temperatures 69 to about 73 degrees. winds on the light side. sun goes down, things will cool pretty quickly. by tomorrow morning we're back into the 40s in many locations, 44 in some of the coldest areas to about 57 in the city. another cool start. yeah, you'll probably need that jacket through about the 8:00, 9:00 hour. once that sun comes up, the sun will be able to warm things up very quickly tomorrow. i think a little warmer. mostly sunny and just about
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perfect. temperatures 77 to about 82. light winds again. through the next couple days -- we watch a little system on saturday. once again, that system should stay far enough to the north that most of us remain dry. still have to put in at least a 30% chance of a shower for now. saturday and sunday, sunday around 82 with the sunshine. monday looking good. then watching what could be a fairly potent storm next tuesday. but that is still a week away. when i say potent, i don't mean strong, damaging thunderstorms. it just could mean some pretty good rain around here, which wouldn't be a bad thing, on a tuesday. if we're going to get sunshine this tuesday, maybe snow next tuesday -- i mean rain, rain. >> snow. time warp. >> getting carried away. >> my fall. just a little rain next tuesday. >> this is what happens to the meteorologists when there's little weather. >> a snow cone maybe.
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>> that's what i have to talk about today. beautiful. nothing here. >> thanks, doug. coming up, thousands crowd the streetins in chicago in a pavement protest that could keep students out of school for days. no leniency for murder. coming up in sports, why the redskins defense is thanking rg3. the ravens flying high against the bengals. anncr: this casino's in west virginia.
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justice tonight in one of the deadliest attacks in d.c. history. >> a judge sentenced five men involved in a shooting two years ago. pat collins is at d.c. superior court with sentences and reaction from the victims' families. pat? >> reporter: doreen, they were involved in the systematic slaughter of innocent people, and today, today they paid the price. three of these guys will spend the rest of their natural life in jail.
6:27 pm
a day of reckoning for the five men linked to one of the bloodiest weeks in the history of washington crime. orlando carter. they said he was the mastermind of the murders. sentence -- life without parole. jeffrey best. the prosecutor said he repeatedly lied about his role in the murders. sentence -- life without parole. robert bost. the prosecutor says he has a long criminal history. sentence -- life without parole. sanquan carter. the prosecutor says no room for mercy for him. the sentence -- 54 years. he'll be over 70 before he can get out. lamar williams. he supplied the murder weapons, but he didn't pull the trigger. sentence -- 30 years. reaction now from some of the victims' relatives. are you satisfied with the sentence? >> not really, but to know that
6:28 pm
three of them will never have a chance to be on the street again and the other two, they'll be very old when they do have a chance to come on the streets. >> reporter: three got what they deserved, you think? >> three, yes. >> reporter: the other two? >> as far as the justice system is concerned. >> reporter: and the other two? >> i guess they still be old men when they come out. >> reporter: they went through the trial dressed up like college frat brothers with fancy eyeglasses. but today, today was orange prison jump suits. and they're likely to be clothed like this for some time. now, this dates back to march 2010. five dead, nine wounded in a shooting spree that began in a dispute over a missing fake diamond bracelet. the trial went on for 2 1/2 months. there were 100 witnesses, a thousand pieces of evidence, and 150 guilty verdicts.
6:29 pm
now the sentencing and an end to this high-profile murder case. >> i am just grateful that we got the justice for our children. like i said, so many other families out here, their perpetrators never got arrested. >> reporter: it's been a long time, about 2 1/2 year, since the south capitol street massacre. tonight i think we can finally say case closed. live at superior court, pat collins, news4. an 18-year-old student was shot and killed on his way to school in prince george's county this morning. marckel ross was a junior at central high school in capitol highs. grief counselors are on hand for classmates and faculty. ross was known for being a popular and active student, though his mother says he's had trouble with bullies in the past. police have no motive and no suspects. thousands of chicago teachers and their supporters marchd through the streets
6:30 pm
today, a sign that a strike may be far from over. it's day two of the strike. one of the issues, the city's plan to tie teacher pay increases to student test scores. in the meantime, some 400,000 students remain locked out of their chicago classrooms. at ground zero today relatives read the names of those who died in the attack on america 11 years ago today. in previous year, elected officials were included, but organizers wanted to keep the event free of politics. this year's krould was smaller than previous years. about a thousand people attended the ceremony. the memories of that day are front and center for people in our area. there were prayers and song for the lives lost here. for many it's also been a day of service, of reaching out in support of veterans and emergency first responders. chris gordon has more as washington remembers. >> cydc! >> this group of volunteers is donating service to the community for a year. they are part of the 9/11 national day of service and
6:31 pm
remembrance held at freedom plaza. >> we've honored our first responders, as we well should, and i hope we can encourage more of your young people to become first responders and frankly, also, chris, to become teachers. >> reporter: as the mayor addressed the audience at the commemoration, john wesley watched from the sidelines. his fiancee, sara clark, was a d.c. teacher on the flight that crashed into the pentagon. why was it important for you to be here? >> because volunteerism was so important to sara, number one. and number two, volunteerism for me has been so important in my healing process since 9/11. >> reporter: lest we forget the u.s. capitol was a target of terrorism on that tragic day 11 years ago. the hijackers of united flight 93 intended to come here and crash into the capitol and might have done so were it not for the bravery of passengers on board. because of their efforts it crashed in an empty field in shanksville, pennsylvania, killing all 44 on board. >> the reality, this city may be targeted all the time.
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and our first responders are aware of that. they're diligent. they're well prepared, well equipped, and always rise to the occasion. we want to thank them every chance we get. >> reporter: in the maryland suburb, prince george's county community college hosted its 9/11 nation dal day of remembrance with poems, music, and songs. flags draped a wall with notes of remembrance leaving a living legacy of that day 11 years ago. bells rang out as the town of vienna, virginia, and the american legion hold their memorial for those who died in the terrorist attacks. chris gordon, news4. >> nightly news with brian williams with will take a look at how other cities across the nation are marking september 11th. ron allen reports from ground zero coming up after this broadcast. ravens owner art modell was remembered today for his role in
6:33 pm
nfl history and the lives of players. the funeral for modell took place at baltimore hebrew congregation. maryland governor martin o'malley was among hundreds who paid their respects. ray lewis, ray rice, and other ravens players also attended. modell is credited with growing the nfl through television. also often criticized in cleveland for moving the browns to bawl. modell died thursday at the age of 87. a change on i-66 has commuters seeing red. the new color is an alert to drivers they might be in the wronlane. news4's julie kerry talked to drivers about whether they're getting that message. >> reporter: i-66 just outside the beltway just got a makeover. you condition miss what's happened in the far right lane. >> i think it's on shoulder. it's like an orange color. i don't know. it's orange or some kind of different colored pavement. >> reporter: for the record vdot calls it red clay colored.
6:34 pm
ice a special surface coating designed to draw attention to the sometimes you can use it, sometimes you can't right shoulder. what do you think it means? >> i have no idea. >> reporter: a green arrow comes on to permit shoulder use. the rest of the time a red x wards drivers away until they get close to an exit. trouble is, some drivers make a break for the lane early. others roll in uncertain. the red clay color is meant to make things more clear. >> that new color is to let drivers know this is a special lane that those green arrows and the red xs are referring to. >> reporter: how is that message working? >> i don't like the fact that you can't use those lanes so i don't want to get the message. i'm going to ignore it. >> reporter: others are taking notice and playing it safe. >> unless that green arrow is there saying that it's cool, i don't mess with that lane. >> i'm staying in the middle like the old man.
6:35 pm
>> reporter: vdot has reinforced the hov lanes here painting on a big double white line to deter drivers from jumping in just anywhere, something car poolers complained was slowing down traffic. drivers say they're noticing more than the red lanes and white lines. they are getting a smoother ride. that's thanks to a $48 million resurfacing project under way. in fairfax county, julie kerry, news4. thousands of drivers in maryland are skipping tolls and the government is doing little to make them pay. according to "the washington post," 15,000 drivers owe more than $500 in missed tolls and fines. the maryland motor vehicle administration hasn't suspended any car registrations for toll cheating in more than two years. at least 650,000 drivers have reportedly skipped tolls over the last five years. that means the state is out nearly $6.7 million. lot of money. coming up on news4, an ex-con figured out how to get the irs to give him a lot of
6:36 pm
money. and a special veteran shares her secret to a long life. doug, the weather. >> it could not be better unless you like snow. that's not coming up anytime soon. but there are some cooler numbers.
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man who's a leverage in the professional wrestling world is in c collapsing during a tv program. jerry "the king" lawler had a heart attack in montreal last night. he was announcing a match for wwe's monday night raw at the time. he had wrestled in an exhibition match less than an hour earlier. the 62-year-old underwent an ang jo plas ti today according to the "l.a. times." he rose to fame in the '70s. he's known for his feud with comedian andy kaufman. the internal revenue service is giving a former swiss banker $104 million for helping bring in tax cheats. bradley beshgenfeld told the government about what went inside ubs bank's wealth
6:40 pm
management division. he spent two years in prison for helping americans hide their money overseas. he was released last mth and is under house arrest now. his lawyers say the $104 million reward should encourage more people to become whistle-blowers. a trail blazing army veteran celebrated a special milestone today. it is alice dixon's 105th birthday. she deployed to europe during world war i irk as part of an army battalion known as 6-888. it was the only battalion comprised of all african-american women. they delivered billions of pieces of mail to soldiers fighting in europe. the veterans affairs medical center in northwest d.c. honored her today. she talked about the secret to her longevity. >> you have extras, give somebody something else. be kind to people and share. that's why god let me stay here this long. >> dixon says growing up with eight siblings helped her learn to share. she's the oldest surviving
6:41 pm
member of her unit and one of the oldest surviving veterans of world war ii. >> looking good. >> looks great. >> and dan hellie has a look at sports. >> gio gonzalez not just leading the nats but leading the league last night against the mets. and rg3's number-one fan might just be his own defense. we'll tell you why.
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hello, everybody. welcome back. i'm meteorologist doug camera. beautiful afternoon. 78 degrees, winds calm, plenty of sunshine. temperatures are going to go down a little bit tonight. it's going to be a fairly cool morning. 72 in gaithersburg right now. 80 in rockville. 72 in reston. herndon, centreville, right now at 74 degrees. a nice evening, no rain. not going to see rain on the radar all week long. i think the next best chance for rain will come on saturday. that chance only a small chance. i think most of us will remain on the dry side.
6:45 pm
overnight, this is where we'll be early in the morning. this is about the 6:00, 7:00 temperatures. about 57 in washington. by around 9:00, temperatures will begin to warm up. if you have a jacket on early, you'll be able to take it off fairly quickly. this is where we'll be in the afternoon. 82 leesburg, manassas and culpepper. 81 d.c. upper 70s back along i-81. just about a perfect, perfect wednesday. tomorrow. wednesday. dr. hellie still die seconding the game. right? >> why not. always wanted to be a surgeon. when you have something as pleasant as rg3 to talk about, why not? the most pleasant surgery of all time. possibly nobody is happier to have him on the team than the redskins defense.
6:46 pm
the skins dominated time of possession against the saints, which always makes the defense's job a whole lot easier. the skins "d" has been overshadowed a bit because of griffin's record-setting performance, but the guys on the other side of the ball should not be overlooked. minus that blocked punt, the defense only allowed drew brees and company three touchdowns. that's not much for the high-powered saints. it could have been because the skins were so fresh. >> we was getting a lot of rest. offense was moving the ball, scoring points. we haven't had that in a long, long time with the redskins. it's good to watch, you know. when we on the sideline resting up. that's why we was able to be effective once we got back out there with three and outs sometimes. >> i don't know what else to say. it makes it easier because you know the offense will control the ball, control the clock, move the ball and put up points. maybe you can will be a little more aggressive, maybe you can take not more chances but just, you know, you can let it hang out a little more.
6:47 pm
>> play all day at that pace we played. we dominated the ball. that was the key. that was the key. the way the offense played and the way the secondary played. our front seven has got an lot of credit and we from edicted we would carry the team but the secondary played great and the offense played great. >> almost expecting rg3 to fly in here with wings or something at some point. >> like an angel. >> amazing the accolades he's getting all over the country, really from everybody. you have to hope it lasts a little while longer. >> let's pause to enjoy this moment. >> let it marinate. i think everybody's enjoying it. it's been fun. redskins expected to put nick sundberg on injured reserve with that broken arm. they've signed justin snow to take his place. monday night double dip last night. we learned our neighbors to the north have a pretty good football team. in baltimore, a touching pregame tribute to the ravens former owner art modell, who passed away last week. we pick up the action in the
6:48 pm
second quarter. ravens up 10-3. i think joe flacco going to make some noise this year. great pass to anquan boldin for the touchdown. flacco 22 of 29 for 299 yards and two touchdowns. third quarter, baltimore up 27-13. and you know in baltimore the ravens defense will not be one upped by the offense. so there's ed reed picking off andy dalton. a 34-yard interception return for the score. reed breaks the all-time interception return yardage record on the play. and the ravens go on to win 44-13. game two of "monday night football," norv turner and the chargers in oakland taking on the raiders. first quarter, oakland up 3-0. chargers quarterback philip rivers airs it out to former tennessee vol and new orleans saint robert meacham. 46-yard hook-up. san diego would settle for a field goal. second quarter, more rivers. we're tied at three now. and this is just a great individual effort by the quarterback, creates some space,
6:49 pm
steps up in the pocket, and then hits malcolm floyd for the six-yard touch. rivers, 24 of 33 for 231 yards and a touchdown. the chargers win 22-14 over the raiders. baseball time. nats in new york looking for win number 88 on the season. that's nice to say, isn't it? jordan zimmermann on the mound facing knuckleballer r.a. dickey. last night, it was gio gonzalez making his pitch for the cy young award. on the bump for the natsz looking for win number 19 on the year. bottom two, jason bay, can i help you, sir? no, thanks. just looking. six strikeouts over six innings of one-run ball for gio. top three, nats up 1-0, ryan zimmerman trying to get a hit in 14 straight games and that's exactly what he does. a home run of the two-run variety. check out the guy going for the ball. how old do you think -- is this a man or a child? what do you guys think? >> both. [ laughter ] >> yeah, i don't think he lasted
6:50 pm
long in that game. his 21st home run of the year. nats up 3-0. top four, same score. ian desmond having a career year. home run number 22. that leads all major league middle infielders. the nats beat the mets 5-1 and gio picks up his league-leading 19th win. >> couldn't have been done without the defense and the offense. a lot of these guys go out and it feels like they work twice as hard when i'm out there. you appreciate that and realize what's going on. hopefully we continue to known pile up more wins. >> he did have great stuff and battle and gave me a good six innings so i was pleased with that. great win. i think we eliminated the mets from the pennant race, didn't we? yeah. i figured that. that made me a little happy. >> no love for the mets there. it's been a pretty good year for the britz. they win the tour de france, then they did a fantastic job hosting the olympics. and last night scotland's andy murray wins the u.s. open, the
6:51 pm
first major championship of his career. murray beat novak djokovic in the semifinal back in august. that had london just rocking. first set tiebreak, djokovic serving near court. trouble with andy murray's return. andy comes with a little drop shot here. then he finishes him off. aha. fellow scotsman sean connery is loving it. that's how you do it, andy. fifth set, after blowing a two-set lead, murray serving for the match and djokovic hits the return a wee bit long. andy murray can't believe it. he put in a lot of time. took 4:54. murray wins his first grand slam title at the u.s. open. and this of course on top of his gold medal in london. well deserved i think for andy murray. people happy for that. >> good for him. coming up, what a las vegas promoter planned to do with a childhood home of muhammad ali. >> and follow news4 online.
6:52 pm
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a boy in ukraine has earned some major bragging rights for doing this. not one, not ten, not a hundred.
6:55 pm
4,000 push-ups in a row. yes. 4,000. enough to set a new world record in his country. most people can barely do one push-up let alone 4,000. at the end of the marathon, he raised his overworked arms in victory. officials presented him with a much-deserved certificate documenting his incredible achievement. did we mention he's just 7 years old? >> the next day somebody -- >> he couldn't move his arms. >> poor guy. >> interesting form, too. you know that guy jared the subway weigh loss guy? well, tonight at 11:00, we're going to meet christine of starbucks. the 66-year-old alexandria woman lost 85 pounds after she says she ate three meals a day at the coffee chain. three meals a day. >> not bad stuff. >> no. she says if you skip some of that stuff, the muffins and the scones and all that, there are actually some healthy food choices and it has worked for her.
6:56 pm
tonight on news4 at 11:00, she dishes the secret of her starbucks diet. >> okay. >> that's pretty cool. >> i don't know. >> maybe. >> one-woman story. >> no heavy cream. >> yeah, i guess. so, you know, maybe we should talk about something else since there's no actual weather out there. >> there is a winter storm watch in effect right now. pikes peak, colorado. that's really only significant weather in the entire country. that's what's going on. i went to facebook and twitter and i said send me your adjectives. exquisite, stupendous, swell. three is not very good. tweet me. it is a beautiful afternoon, but take a look at the morning lows tomorrow. that is a very nice shot right there along the tidal potomac and by the airport. 57 degrees the overnight low in washington tonight, 46 in leesburg and 48 in culpepper. if you needed the jacket this morning, you will need it tomorrow morning, too. it will be a little on the chilly side. but it's not going to stay that way. temperatures tomorrow will be
6:57 pm
warming up to around 81 degrees and plenty of sunshine, 83 on your thursday, 82 on friday. saturday, around 81. there's a slight chance of a shower but only around 30%. right now i think that storm may just miss us to the north, which means we may have the next six or seven days continue to stay on the dry side. >> a lot of those jackets are now in the lost and found. >> i know, right? >> you start out with them and they're discarded. thanks, doug. a real estate investor from las vegas says he has big plans for the boyhood home of the boxer muhammad ali. ali was born in louisville, kentucky, in 1942. at the time, he was cassius clay. he didn't take the name muhammad ali until he became a muslim in 1964. the house was purchased for $70,000 by an investor from las vegas who says he's a big fan of the former heavyweight champion. the historical plaque was placed outside the house a few months ago. the new owner says he wants to go much further than that and restore the house to the way it was when the clay family lived
6:58 pm
there. >> that's nice. thank you. thanks for joining us. nightly news coming up next. >> see y she's using more. he's using more. america's appetite for energy is growing. nuclear energy is part of the answer to meet this demand. nuclear energy facilities in 31 states already provide reliable and affordable electricity for one in 5 homes and businesses,
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