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tv   News 4 at 5  NBC  September 12, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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on the same day that al qaeda leader aman zawahiri released a videotape releasing a tape of al qaeda's number three, alibi was killed in a drone attack in june and he was a libyan. president obama vows to punish those responsible. he was comforting members of the foreign service with a personal visit to the state department. >> we will not waiver in our commitment to see that justice is done for this terrible act, and make no mistake, justice will be done. >> muslim leaders here in washington are also condemning this attack. >> and they agree that those responsible should be punished. christ gordon is here. >> well, today, former diplomats, and muslims here in washington told me that ambassador chris stevens was a man of honor. dedicated to progress and freedom. that he was a career diplomat who was passionate about his
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mission in the middle east. flags fly at half staff at the state department and other federal buildings in the nation's capitol. after the assassination of u.s. ambassador christopher stevens and three other american officials who were killed trying to evacuate staff during an attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi, at the headquarters of care the washington-based muslim civil rights and advocacy organization are condemning what they call the disgraceful killings of american diplomats. >> the killings of our diplomats deserve condemnation and should be brought to justice. this attack is inexcusable and cannot be justified under any justificati justification. >> reporter: this video of ambassador stevens was posted on the website in libya, when he took over the post earlier this year. >> i had the honor to serve as the u.s. envoy tohe libyan opposition during the revolution and i was thrilled to watch the libyan people stand up and
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demand their rights. >> reporter: ambassador stevens was a moving force in the u.s. partnership with the new libya. >> his enthusiasm, his unbridled sense of hope and love for the libyan experience. he is the machin who actually walked the streets of benghazi. he has seen the revolution in eyes that probably even libyans haven't shared. >> reporter: mark ginsberg is a former ambassador to morocco. >> he was one of those people who dedicated his life to reconciliation between the arab and the united states. he was a peace corps volunteer. he joined the foreign service and obviously committed his life to not only reconstruction and rehabilitation of arab societies, but also focused on libya quite a bit. >> in speaking to americans, and muslims today throughout the washington area, we heard the same message over and over. they hope that the assassination
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of ambassador stevens does not derail the partnership between the united states and the new libya. wendy and jim? >> christ gordon, thank you. we will be continuing to follow this story. we'll have more on the deadly attacks. the violent protest in the middle east, and there is also new reaction to this. you can also stay up to date on for the second time in three weeks, prince george's county is dealing tonight with the murder of a high school student. both crimes remain unsolved. pat collins joins us from capitol heights. pat? >> reporter: jim, one killed in her home, another killed walking to school. two teenagers murdered in 21 days. there's a lot of worry here. in two separate incidents, to prince george's county high school students murdered in the last three weeks.
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18-year-old markel ross, a junior at central high, he was involved in modeling, gunned down as he was walking to school yesterday morning. 17-year-old amber stanley, a senior at flowers high school. she, too, happened to be a model. gunned down inside her home in kettering on august 22nd. police say they have no evidence these murders are connected. no evidence the victims knew each other. the fact they were both models perhaps is just a coincidence. there are no motives established for the murders. but the murders of these teenagers have many other teenagers on edge. >> it's just very strange. now kids can't walk to school. >> stuff is happening in flowers, all over. it makes each one of us think,
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okay, am i going to be the next person at this school, or that school to die next? >> i'm a little bit nervous. i just got to be more aware of my surroundings. >> reporter: do you find yourself looking over your shoulder more? >> yes. >> reporter: extra police at central high school today. some students here wearing special r.i.p. buttons in honor of marckel ross. murdered yesterday on old central avenue in capital heights. johnny thomas, a classmate and friend. >> for marckel to die this way, it's a lot. to see him go is -- >> reporter: you were a good friend of his, weren't you? >> it's hard, because he did nothing to nobody. he was like -- he was a very nice kid. >> reporter: so what's happening
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here? are these random? are they targeted? the investigation, it continues on. live in prince george's county, pat collins, news4. >> thank you, pat. alexandria police are searching for a woman who assault -- a man who attacked a woman on her morning run. she screamed, broke free and ran away. the suspect was last seen running toward van doren street. so far, no arrests. a debut today for a new mobile clinic will make a big difference to thousands of children in our community. this is a new health clinic on wheels to serve prince george's county. nbc 4 is the sponsor of the event. the death of a 7th grader from a treatable tooth infection is part of this push to get this clinic out on the road. our tracee wilkins explains why
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it will have such a big impact on young people who need it. >> reporter: these prince george's county students will have the chance that 12-year-old driver never had. >> how could a child who simply needed a dental extraction get to the point where he has lost his life? >> reporter: in 2007, a prince george's county resident, died after a severe tooth abscess progressed beyond repair. his mom, who was uninsured, could not afford the $80 extraction that could have prevented his bacterial infection. dr. joseph wright was on the team that performed the surgery. >> i think what galvanized the community is there are steps we can all take collectively. >> reporter: that's the idea behind what the county is calling a convoy of care, dental and primary health vans taking preventive medicine to the children at school. >> we started with one mobile van thatas out here, now we
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have eight that are going to visit 170 schools, providing great access, to not only dental care, but health care. >> reporter: it includes children's national medical center, mary's center and d'amonte project. >> i thi today's activities is just a wonderful example of the schools and our county government coming together and focusing on the health of our students. >> reporter: the trucks can provide health screenings and even teeth cleanings. but the vans are not meant to replace a regular doctor. this initiative provides more than care. >> they come on the bus a little hesitant, a little nervous, but they leave the bus wanting to be a dentist, wanting to be a hygienist or office coordinator. >> reporter: now, parents, students will be bringing home consent forms and school officials say it is imperative that you fill them out and send them back to the school. so that your kids can take advantage of these services.
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tracee wilkins, news4. >> great program. there is no cost to the county for the advances. a county spokesman said all children can receive treatment whether they're insured or not. let's head outside. wow, what a day. what a chilly morning. i got the sweatshirt out when i got up. >> oh, yeah. you had to shed it, though, this afternoon. doug kammerer is going to give us our first check. how hot did we get today? >> 80 degrees, the highest i've seen so far. and that is just a perfect, perfect day across the washington, d.c., metro area. temperatures out there right now of 80. dew point of 52. humidity only 38%. and winds out of the south at 7 miles per hour. not a cloud in the sky. and take a look at the numbers around the region, 79 in gaithersburg, 80 to the south in fredericksburg. the cool spot, 76 down there towards the river. this is going to be very similar to what we've been the last few
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nights. let's head to my hometown, out towards herndon high school in downtown herndon. 67 by 11:00. it will be another cool start to your day. and then another great one in store. will the weekend hold out? i'll show you that in just a minute. >> all righty. we're just getting started on news4 at 5:00. bigger and better, the next generation iphone hits the market. but is it worth making that upgrade? after the break we have a tech expert to break down the changes. plus, crimes of opportunity, thieves target several stores at a time when they knew the surveillance cameras were not working. and another rabid beaver goes on the offensive in northern virginia. hear from a woman who witnessed the wild animal chasing several kids.
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anncr: this casino's in west virginia.
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but it makes millions off marylanders every year. now they're running dishonest ads. why? because voting for question seven is a vote to build a... world-class resort casino in maryland. creating thousands of jobs and... ...according to the official department of legislative... services, hundreds of millions for our schools. while saving taxpayer money by cuttincasino subsidies. question seven. good jobs and better schools in maryland. not west virginia. drum roll, are you ready? apple puts rumors to rest today and unveiled the highly anticipated iphone 5. >> they say the new phone is bigger, lighter, faster than ever. software developer ben young is here to talk about the phone's new features. should we be impressed? if you have an iphone, do you really need the iphone 5?
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>> i like to say the iphone 5 is quite impressive. i personally am going to get it because i'm a software developer. i would highly recommend it if you have an iphone 4 to upgrade. >> why? it's so cool. >> it's got an 86 processor, so it's tremendously fast. it can launch apps up to two times faster. so they're a lot more responsive and speedy. it's got a bigger screen, so it's taller. they're going to take use of that for videos. it's close to 16 by 9, close to wide movie format. it's just a really impressive device. >> the charger, too, is updated, too. how does that affect docking stations? >> apple says for $15, that they're selling an adapter to change it. so a lot of the older devices can work. i think it's going to be fine. i think you're going to get into weird space, because i've been in hotel rooms where they thaf embedded in the wall. you may hit some funny spots. but i don't think it's going to be an issue.
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the dock is really nice because you can actually reverse it. >> oh, really? >> most importantly, how is the camera? that's all we're using anymore is the phone cam are. >> it's an 8 megapixel camera. it can actually do panoramic shots, you can get up to 24, 28 pixel panoramic shots by dragging it across the screen. in the front facing camera is a .9 megapixel camera. you'll get a nice front face. >> you've got both the android and smartphone. >> yes. >> which do you like better, and is this made to look and feel more like, say, a droid, a razr? >> it's not made to feel like that. apple does its own thing. i personally use my iphone more. i tend to gravitate toward that more. i really like the turn-by-turn navigation on the droid that i really like.
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but iowa six, which is the new operating system, is supposed to have something comparable. >> if you have the ipand and iphone, do you need the iphone 5? >> define need. >> i know. because everyone needs anything apple has. >> as a developer, i do. one thing very important to note that all of the apps are not necessarily going to utilize the bigger screen space. they're going to be letter boxed until you actually make sure that you update your app to fit the larger screen display. >> all right. ben young, thanks a lot. you know your stuff. stick around. >> this guy's going to be in line, you know. >> doug, we might need to do some upgrade. >> we've got the droid. you know, you said you hav both. i understand that. we've got the droid. you know what that means. we don't have to worry about all this fuss when it comes out? >> i have a blackberry. so i'm really in the stage coach era. >> and it's like this one, the
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first ones that came out. that's okay, wendy. >> it works. >> you'll get there, too. >> thanks a lot. >> thank you. nice day out there. >> he was good. don't leave. now it's on me. so now you can go. now you're good. nice job. he did well. out there right now, just the perfect day. how much of a perfect day was it? how about this? here's windy a little bit earlier with a friend. you have some good form. >> here's jim with his hat on here. >> wondering what to do. >> down by the potomac and the key bridge, just a gorgeous afternoon. if you were able to get out and about today, you know what i'm talking about. out there right now, current temperure 80 degrees, with the humidity of only 38%. winds out of the south at 7 miles per hour. once again, this is my perfect day, 80. low humidity. with abundant sunshine. it really doesn't get a whole lot better than this. this is my fperfect summer in
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late summer, early fall. out there today, around the rest of the region, everybody in the upper 70s. 79 in winchester. around 80s toward fredericksburg. no rain in our region. once again, as we widen out, we show you the eastern two-thirds of the nation, completely dry, from the mississippi all the way over towards our area. the only area of rain is a frontal boundary that will try to move our way. right now, it's in towards portions of nebraska and iowa. colorado seeing a pretty good storm from this one. denver, today, 50 degrees and rain. that's not so good. but for us, we have beautiful weather. high pressure, nice and mild across our region. high pressure sitting on top of us tomorrow. more sunshine on your thursday. watch what happens on friday, though. here comes that front. i think we'll see a few more clouds on friday. but i think this is going to be mainly a dry front. it has some rain to the west. as it comes across, watch the
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rain fizzle out here. can't rule out a sprinkle or light shower. i think this front will be a dry front. on saturday we're looking at more gorgeous weather. so once again, just a fantastic forecast right on in through the weekend. clear skies continue. temperatures 71 to 75 degrees. it will get cool once again early in the morning through about, say, 8:00, 9:00, down to about 47 to 60 degrees overnight tonight. by the time you get to 9:00, 10:00, nice and warm, temperatures warming up to around 80 degrees once again. it does look like these perfect days will continue right on through the weekend. 83 on friday. saturday and sunday looking good. and into next week, next week pretty good chance of rain monday and tuesday. but again, we've got a lot of time between now and next week. by the way, friday, i think the boss is coming to nationals park. friday night. >> that's right. big night down there. >> anytime you get springsteen and beautiful weather, pretty
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good. >> thank you. still ahead, a big day for some of virginia's top dogs. they have a big mission ahead of them. plus, how rahm emanuel's taste in music became a hot topic for debate with the chicago teachers strike. coming up in sports, we'll be joined live in our studio by a local olympian bronze medalist, after his impressive performance in london. at 6:00 tonight, we found gas prices at nearly $9 a gallon. we'll find out what's behind this east coast controversy at [ romney ] this president can ask us to be patient.
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this president can tell us it was someone else's fault. but this president cannot tell us that you're better off today than when he took office. [ female announcer ] here in virginia, we're not better off under president obama. his defense cuts threaten over one hundred thirty thousand jobs, lowering home values, putting families at risk. the romney plan? tax cuts for middle class families. north american energy independence.
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create over three hundred forty thousand new jobs for virginia. [ romney ] i'm mitt romney and i approved this message. he's here and wearing his newly won hardware. >> we're talking about terrence jennings. dan is here with an interview with a tae kwon do master. >> oh, yes. you know, from teenage mutant ninja turtles to -- >> he's not ready.
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>> i'm ready. terrence jennings, he likes teenage mutant ninja turtles and now he's an olympic medalist in tae kwon do. how has life changed for you? >> it's been intense. a lot of appearances and little things like that. but for the most part, not too much. just came back home and visited family and friends and celebrated here a little bit. >> i'm going to lean in. because this is the only way anybody's going to be able to hear me. how often did you get back home to alexandria? >> the last year, once or twice. it's been intense training in miami, florida, with our national team coach. it's been intense training out there. once or twice this last year, actually. so very little. >> now, when i was over in london, i was very anxious to see your first match. it was in the morning. you lost. and then you had to wait all day to find out if you were going to fight again.
5:25 pm
and then you fight again and they have to go to instant replay, like it's the nfl, to figure out if you were going to medal. what was that like and what were you thinking going through that process? >> after the first fight in the morning, it was a really long wait. all the way until, i want to say 8:30 that i found out i would get a chance to fight for the bronze medal. we actually did some fake tournament situations at the training facility in miami. we were there one morning from 7:00 a.m. to 8:30 a.m., going through what an olympic day would be like. as far as that, i felt like i was very prepared for that. we went back to the hotel. we hung out. we watched the fights. i napped. i ate. i tried to relax and keep my mind off it until i found out if i was in or out. that last -- when it came down to the last match, and he gets tied up, and it goes to replay, i mean, i remember my coach telling me, talking about a strategy for my overtime. he said, focus. this is what we want to do. i'm like, no, no, i want those three points right there.
5:26 pm
i want those three points. like at the same time i'm looking over at hirs shoulder for the guy to give the thumbs up. it was a very intense feeling, just to have to be standing there, waiting to see my fate being decided if i have to fight another two minutes or this is going to be the end. it was pretty awesome. like the buzzer beater. >> it was amazing to see that you had to wait all day, and then you came back and won in that dramatic fashion. in london everybody had a favorite different experience outside of on visly winning your bronze medal. what was the best experience? >> the opening ceremony. af athletes being around each other. >> what are you going to do with that gear? >> i'm actually waiting for a box to arrive at my house in miami. i don't have olympic stuff for days. a lot of people will be getting gifts very soon. a lot of stuff -- a lot i want
5:27 pm
to keep because of lifetime memories. but a couple of t-shirts and hats. we got something like 25, 30 different hats from ralph lauren alone. >> what an amazing experience. terrence, congratulations on the medal. he plans on being back at the olympics if rio in four years. >> we like the shirt, too. that is one cool shirt. >> handly could never get into that shirt. coming up, crimes of opportunity. >> i'm darcy spencer live in clinton. we had a big power outage over the weekend. some business owners feel thieves took advantage, one of their security systems were down. we'll show you what they were after coming up in a live report. at a fairfax county park, children go running after they were chased by a rabid beaver. the second time the wild animal has been involved in an incident like this in just two weeks. and now police are saying beware of beavers. the story ahead. wide load on a heavy load in america. but mitt romney plan, a middle class to $2,000 more a year in taxes. multi-millionaires like himself hits the middle class harder... bigger break. forward for america? this message.
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a fast forward to our headlines. the u.s. evacuated all personnel from benghazi after christopher stevens was assassinated. three other americans were also killed in yesterday's attack. the white house is investigating. if this was a targeted terror attack or the work of an angry mob. police in prince george's county are investigating the murders of two high school students within the past three weeks. yesterday morning 18-year-old marckel ross was shot as he was walking to school. late last month, 17-year-old amber stanley was gunned down in her own bed. the price hasn't changed, the 16 gigabyte phone starts at
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$199. the new phone will be in stores september 21st. fast forward to doug. on days like this, i believe we should have, you know, let the weather team off for the day. not a whole lot to say. it's beautiful out there. plenty of sunshine. temperatures around 80 degrees. satellite and radar right now, not a single cloud in the sky today. and it's going to continue to be like this the next couple of days. there is a cold front moving through friday evening. i'll let you know what that brings for us coming up in just a couple of minutes. can i take the rest of the day off now? oh, okay. we have some breaking news now. there is a shooting reported at morgan state university in baltimore. one man has been shot on campus. again, morgan state university in baltimore, reports of a shooting. details coming in. we'll give it to you as we get more of it. some businesses in prince george's county say they were ransacked in the aftermath of those storms last weekend. thieves moved in while the power
5:33 pm
was out last saturday. storm owners tell us they targeted copper piper. darcy spencer has more on these crimes of opportunity. darcy? >> reporter: tim, apparently when the power goes out, so do surveillance cameras at many businesses. business owners tell us they were targeted as a result of that. this is what they were after, copper pipes and wiring. >> they broke the gate and got in. >> reporter: he said thieves went behind his shell gas station on old branch avenue in clinton saturday and stole the copper piping off his air conditioning unit. >> we paid about $2,400. it's up and running now. less than $10 for that. >> reporter: it happened after severe storms left thousands of petco customers in the dark. some businesses say they felt thieves took advantage of the power outage. because when the power went out
5:34 pm
the security cameras went to black. >> we didn't have no power, so that was the main reason ne did it, because they know they can't get electrocuted and the cameras are not working. >> reporter: next door thieves did the same thing at the 7-eleven. they climbed on the roof and damaged several air conditioning units to get the copper pipes. there's a lot of damage here? >> $25,000, $30,000. >> reporter: how much copper did they get, what was the value? >> $20 worth. >> reporter: copper thieves recently hit the clinton station shopping center causing more than $100,000 in damage. the new units have these cables wrapped around them. if someone cuts those cables, a signal sets off the alarm and police are called to respond. >> we added more spotlights outside, wireless cameras and signs. just to deter any future issues from happening again. >> this here is raw material. >> reporter: dick said his metals company has been hit by
5:35 pm
thieves numerous times and wants police to take the crime more seriously. >> i've called to report the incident and they ask, do you want us to write a report? and i says, i want you to come out and write a report. well, we don't have time for that. >> reporter: the victims we spoke to today say they're confident that the thieves sold that copper for scrap. at this point, no arrests have been made. reporting live from clinton, darcy spencer, news4. in maryland, a business owner arrested and accused of running a fencing operation out of her hair salon. esther goodwin would tell thieves what she wanted them to steal. police say she then purchased the stolen items and would sell them out of her salon. investigators uncovered about $20,000 worth of merchandise from purses to perfume to jewelry. two women in woodbridge are accused of running an unlicensed day care center with 21 children in the home at one time. police arrested akneela
5:36 pm
yesterday. they discovered the children were anywhere from 3 months old to 4 years of age inside the home and seven of the kids were strapped inside car seats sitting around the house, including in the bathroom and in a closet. the children were released to their parents. the women are charged with seven counts of reckless endangerment. historic day for some very special dogs. the bureau of alcohol, tobacco and firearms graduated its 100th class of canines today in virginia. the dogs are trained to detect flammable liquids and explosives. atf's director said the nose of a dog is the best tool they have to keep people safe. >> explosive detective canines are the single best tool that we have to detect explosives, far above any technology that we have developed. >> these dogs are used everywhere from fire scenes to airport security check points. the class will be assigned to
5:37 pm
thailand, and will also work with the u.s. marshal's service. >> look how well they get along. historic farmhouse in herndon, virginia, was on the move to make room for new construction. chopper 4 shot this video as they prepared to move the house to the new location just a few hundred feet away. that large home marks the new spot. the developer bought the property back in 2006 and plans to build a whole new community around it. we're told this structure predates the civil war. and was originally built as a summer house for a d.c. resident. a man stabs another guy. we don't know why he did that. plus, kegs, stones and suitcases filled with lead. meet the guys getting a workout [ romney ] this president can ask us to be patient.
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this president can tell us it was someone else's fault. but this president cannot tell us that you're better off today than when he took office. [ female announcer ] here in virginia, we're not better off under president obama. his defense cuts threaten over one hundred thirty thousand jobs, lowering home values, putting families at risk. the romney plan? tax cuts for middle class families. north american energy independence. create over three hundred forty thousand new jobs for virginia. [ romney ] i'm mitt romney and i approved this message. right now more on the breaking story out of baltimore. one male shot on campus in an area between the student center and the theater. these live pictures from the chopper right now. police tell us the man was shot in the stomach and rushed to the hospital.
5:41 pm
an alert has been sent to the campus community asking people to avoid the student center. again, that student shot shortly before 5:00. we'll keep you up to date on this story as it comes into news4. children come into foster care for all reasons. >> kendra hopes to be adopted and she's hoping for a family that will love her as a daughter. and accept her baby as a grandchild. barbara harrison has their story. >> reporter: kendra is a very good mommy to her 16-month-old toddler. but as a recently turned 15-year-old, what kendra needs is a mom herself. she's been in foster care since she was 13. kendra's baby was born a year later. right now, they live in a home and school for teen moms. kendra has continued to work toward her goals as a hard working student. >> she loves to play basketball. she's doing beautifully in school.
5:42 pm
we're very impressed with the progress that she's made in school. >> a, b, c, d -- >> reporter: her baby is a bright 15-month-old and reflects the time and care kendra is putting into raising her. they were invited for a little shopping spree and they asked a stylist to help create a mommy and me look. >> we're with leslie. >> reporter: leslie found a number of looks for both kendra and kimani. kendra wanted things to wear for school. >> wow. >> reporter: kendra says she wants to go to college, and some day become a lawyer. her teachers say they know she can do it. but she could use the love and encouragement of a parent, or parents. both kendra and kimani spent lots of time in the dressing rooms and both found outfits that were perfect for them as a duo. >> let you take the outfit home with you. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> reporter: barbara harrison,
5:43 pm
news4, for wednesday's child. >> if you have room in your home and your heart for kendra, or another child please waiting, please call 1-88-to-adopt-me or go to when we come right back, for the second time in as many weeks, a beaver attack in northern virginia. this time it puts several children at risk. plus, a last-minute change to the "snl" cast for this fall. how the presidential election how the presidential election brought a former
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i'm barack obama, and i approve this message. mitt romney's position ontion women's's dangerous. vo:mitt romney and paul ryan would get rid of planned parenthood funding. and allow employers to deny coverage for cancer screenings and birth control. we can't afford to let him take away our choices... to take away basic health care. vo: both backed proposals to outlaw abortions...even in cases of rape and incest. i don't think that women's health issues have faced a crisis like this in decades.
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but it makes millions off west marylanders every year. now they're running dishonest ads. why? because voting for question seven is a vote to build a... world-class resort casino in maryland. creating thousands of jobs and... ...according to the official department of legislative... services, hundreds of millions for our schools. while saving taxpayer money by cutting casino subsidies. question seven. good jobs and better schools in maryland. not west virginia.
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breaking right now. a shooting at morgan state university in baltimore. one man was shot right on campus shortly before 5:00 this evening. these, again, live pictures from the chopper, in an area between the student center and the theater. police say the man was shot in the stomach. he has been taken to the hospital. no word yet on his condition. you should know an alert has been sent out to the campus community asking people to avoid the center center. we'll bring you much more as it comes in throughout the evening. for the second time in two weeks, there has been an incident involving a rabid beaver in fairfax county. this latest encounter was saturday at the hidden pond nature center. that's in springfield. a beaver jumped out of the water and ran after a group of children. richard jordan is live with reaction from the people who were there. richard? >> reporter: the word is out, many people out here say they feel they need to be aware of
5:47 pm
beavers. park officials say in this most recent case there were a group of children, about 15 of them, they had just finished fishing, hanging out by the dock when the beaver comes up to them and lungs at a 4-year-old girl. a pond covered in duckweed harbored a beaver, frightening some people in west springfield. last week another 50-pound beaver went on the attack. >> we're a little nervous and hesitant to go down to the pond. >> reporter: the beaver appeared following a kids' fishing competition. this woman said she didn't observe the animal acting aggressively, but witnessed a animal control officer come up on it. lillian peterson was attacked by a rabid beaver when she swam in lake barcroft. she had to fight him off. >> he came out of nowhere. >> reporter: fairfax county
5:48 pm
police called it rare. >> haven't seen anything like this. to have two within a few days of each other is highly unusual. >> reporter: but for some regular park visitors, the anomaly is cause for concern. >> i think we'll probably sit this one out and not go down to the pond for a couple of months at least. >> reporter: park officials say beavers typically shy away from people, so if you see one coming at you, that's a good sign it might be habies. coming up at 6:00, we'll take a look at how common rabies are here in the area. richard jordan, news4. doug, what's the latest on the weather? >> jim, latest -- >> i don't know. >> that's the latest. not a cloud in the sky. high temperature of 80 degrees. you have no idea what's going on over here. these two -- yeah. 80 degrees right now with abundant sunshine. humidity only 38% right now. it is simply gorgeous out there, with the winds out of the south at about 7 miles per hour.
5:49 pm
fairfax county, coming in around reston at 77. right now camp springs at 76. rockville, the warm spot in montgomery county, at 84 degrees right now. a lot of 77s. gaithersburg, baltimore, all 77 degrees. no rain. i think we are going to stay dry right on through the weekend, and into early portions of next week. so we're looking very, very nice as far as that is concerned. you may want to water your lawn. not going to see any rain from mother nature. 49 in winchester. these are overnight low temperatures. once again, when you wake up tomorrow morning, it will be on the cool side. not bad. 60 in washington. this is around the 6:00, 7:00 a.m. number. by around 9:00, add another five degrees to these numbers. so we start to get very comfortable as you make your way out and about tomorrow morning. tomorrow afternoon, 82 in washington. 80 in gaithersburg. 78 in winchester. and 82 in culpepper.
5:50 pm
the mountains this time of year really, really quite speck st k spectacular. if you're looking to do mountains or the bay, looking good. if you're heading out to the west, the bluemont fair in western portions of loudon county, a beautiful next couple of days for you folks. september 15th and 16th is the fair. once again, that is looking great. as we look toward the next few days, 83 on your friday. dry and beautiful saturday and sunday. but then here comes what i think could be a pretty potent storm next monday into tuesday. temperatures in the 70s. a good chance for rain. >> all right. thank you, doug. new rivals for the fighting irish. that's just one of the stories trending right now. >> the atlantic coast conference grows by a new member. the fighting irish of notre dame will become a full-fledged member of the acc in all sports
5:51 pm
except football. notre dame will play five games each year against other teams in the conference. chicago mayor rahm emanuel said he doesn't care for the band nickelback. a city teacher on strike held up a sign that said emanuel liked the canadian band. a strike supporter snapped a picture, and you guessed it, it went viral. today an emanuel spokesman said emanuel does not like the group. funny man jason will return to "saturday night live" for the last few months. he would not confirm if he would be back. today sedekis confirmed he would be back this saturday. family guy creator seth mcfarland is hosting the show. the latest way to toughen up your exercise routine, the strong man workout. it involves lifting kegs, cement blocks and lots of other
5:52 pm
grueling devices. we checked it out at primal fitness in northwest d.c. and asked these strong men, what's your workout? >> amazingly fun, way to incorporate big awesome heavy throwing around of weights in a way that's going to motivate everybody and get them as fit as they can. basically the type of things you can imagine doing if you were out in everyday life, picking things up off the ground, carrying them for distances, that kind of thing. today we've got a couple of a different spots. we have a farmer's walk where you grab two heavy dumbbells or barbells in your hands. kind of like carrying suitcases, except they're going to be 250-pound suitcases in each hand. we have the yoke. you have to support this swaying that it does. we'll put about 500 pounds on that. the toughest one is probably the yoke. body position as well as putting that much weight on your back compresses it. >> we're doing the keg load and
5:53 pm
keg carries and presses. pick it up, put it over your head. do it as many times as you can do it. stone loading, we've got big atlas stones up to about 250 pounds today. we'll get them up onto boxes anywhere from mid-chest to chin level. >> it definitely pushes you to find out what your limits are, and helps to kind of establish things that you never thought you could probably ever do. >> it's a good stress reliever. you come in, you know, whether it's good day, bad day, you know, you work out and i just feel better when i leave. >> if you want to to be better, you need to do them harder in training. >> wow. you don't have to be a muscle-bound body builder to do the strong man workout. jesse wood at primal fitness tells us they adjust the amount of weight a person is lifting so that it's safe and doable for all fitness levels. i'm into toning after that.
5:54 pm
>> i'm into picking up a bottle of wine. the three surviving members of led zeppelin are among the winners of the 2012 kennedy center honors. known for the classic and quite lengthy song, stairway to heaven. also being honored at the 35th annual celebration of the arts, david letterman, actor dustin hoffman, of the graduate fame, buddy guy and natalia markarova. a disturbing attack inside a deli. >> a man is stabbed in the back side as he waits in line. tonight at 6:00, we have team coverage of the embassy attacks from the white house to the middle east. actress kathy bates has made a surprising revelation about her health. and a guy in manassas got a big
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
new york city police are looking for the guy who stabbed a customer in the buttocks at a deli on monday. this was caught on the store surveillance camera. you can clearly see the man stab the customer several times and walk out of the store. there's no reason for this. the victim says he does not know the stabber. the victim is going to be fined. my goodness. hundreds of thousands of kids missed another day of
5:58 pm
classes in chicago, as the nation's third largest school system is still at a stand still. >> as nbc's kevin tibbles reports now, the teachers strike has parents still scrambling while heated negotiations continue. >> reporter: a sea of red in chicago as thousands of striking teachers clog city streets in a massive show of solidarity. >> we did not pick this fight. we did not start this fight. >> reporter: while days of intense bargaining have negotiators disagreeing on how close the two sides are, 400,000 chicago kids will once again today be out of the classroom. >> i do believe that it was totally avoidable, totally unnecessary. it was a strike of choice. and it's the wrong choice for our children. >> reporter: hot-button issues remain, how the teachers are evaluated and hiring new teachers versus those who have been laid off. while the children's fate is negotiate behind closed doors, parents hustled to keep them
5:59 pm
occupied. >> if it goes into next week, we'll find ourselves challenged. >> we do homework at home. >> reporter: while classrooms sit empty, children just want to know why. >> i have a new teacher. and i only have her for four days. i want to see her again. >> i miss my teacher. >> classroom sizes and working conditions are also among the issues under debate. now coming up at 6:00, breaking news, a shooting on a maryland college campus. right now, new questions about the motive behind the attack in libya that killed the u.s. ambassador and three other americans. there are reports this may not have been a spontaneous attack over a new film about islam. >> make no mistake, we will work with the libyan government to bring to justice the killers who attacked our people. i'm jim rosenfield. >> and i'm doreen


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