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tv   News 4 Today at 430  NBC  September 13, 2012 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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cathedral's websites. armstrong died last month and will be buried tomorrow. later this morning, maryland's public service commission will review how well local power companies handled outages in june. thousands were without power for days after the powerful storm. the panel will hear from pepco, bge and others. >> i correct myself, neil armstrong will be buried at sea tomorrow. 4:31. tom is here and it's a sort of broken record we like, tom. >> yeah, i can listen to it all day. >> more to come. and we are going to have another gorgeous day, starting again cool, but not quite as cool as it has been the last couple mornings. a little more humid with a southeasterly wind. right now, clear sky. look at that. it's down into the mid 50s in prince gorges s -- prince geos
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county, fairfax. farther south in southern maryland as well as across much of maryland and virginia, all those areas in the dark green are in the 50s and it's dipped down to near 50 in some of the highlands out in west virginia, along the chesapeake bay as well, down into the low and mid 50s this morning. clear under a cool sky, still in the 50s. sunrise 6:48. by noontime, should be another beautiful day for an outdoor lunch. low humidity with sunshine. a few clouds popping up in the mid afternoon, but highs around 80 by mid afternoon. bill back with the hometown forecast in ten minutes. if you're traveling on the roads, still dealing with some construction. let's start with the interloop and outer belt of the beltway around university boulevard. left lane is blocked in both
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directions, but that road work should be ending soon. also, had construction on the inner loop and outer loop, this time at kennelworth avenue. you can see the travel lanes are open. at one point, just one lane was getting by. as you're approaching 201 in both direction, you may see a bit of a delay. also, crossing over the wilson bridge, it was temporarily closed for about ten minutes. it's now open, but just to give you a heads up, in both directions, you may still see just a bit of -- just some volume as you make your way across, but again, travel lanes are open. we're following a developing story out of egypt this morning. protesters are once again demonstrating outside the u.s. embassy in cairo. this video just into our newsroom this morning. they are much more subdued than tuesday's protest there. and in benghazi, libya, the violence led to the death of the u.s. ambassador to libya and three other americans. this was all sparked by an internet video apparently made
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by an american that is critical of the prophet muhammud. the attack that killed ambassador chris stevens may have been coordinated and planned, not just spontaneous violence. they think terrorists took advantage of protests to launch their attack. a team of about 40 marines specializing in anti-terrorism in tripoli to beef up security around the u.s. embassy there. meanwhile, the pentagon moving two warships to the libyan coast. they give the military more flexibility to launch any mission that president obama might order. the president won't say whether he's even considering military action in libya. he does say that justice will be done. >> what we have to do now is do a full investigation, find out the facts, find out who perpetrated these terrible acts and bring them to justice. >> the white house says president obama has spoken to the presidents of libya and egypt and urged them to continue
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working with the u.s. to make sure diplomats are safe. >> the bodies of ambassador stevens and the three other americans killed are on their way back to the u.s. the plane arrived in germany before heading to the united states. other victims who were injured in the attack were also on boor board. the attack in libya is leading to vigils and memorial services around the world. one of those services took place last night just outside the white house. the man who organized it grew up in falls church and took a year off of george mason to become a freedom fighter in libya. he knew ambassador stevens personally. >> he was really enthusiastic about being there and he was also very enthusiastic and excited about libyan-americans coming and helping. i remember him specifically telling us, the few libyan-americans that were there, that he's very proud as an american that we're here as americans helping out this revolution.
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>> stevens is the sixth u.s. ambassador killed on duty. the last one was adolph dubs who died in afghanistan in 1979. virginia will be decision 2012 central again this week. republican nominee mitt romney will hold a rally at van dyke park in fairfax today at 11:30. his running mate ryan will be in the commonwealth tomorrow. his trip comes after controversial comments. romney called the white house disgraceful for an early statement on the attacks which romney said sympathized with the attackers. he is standing by the comments. >> the embassy of the united states issued what appeared to be an apology for american principles. that was a mistake. i believe that when a mistake is made of that significance, you speak out. >> the white house fired back saying that it was shocked that romney tried to politicize the attacks.
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michelle obama will also be back in virginia today campaigning for her husband. mrs. obama will speak to supporters in richmond at the center stage carpenter theatre at 2:00 this afternoon. then she will head to fredericksburg where she'll speak to the campaign's grass roots. the president meanwhile is trying to gain some ground today in one of the most hotly contested swing states out west. president obama arrived in aurora, colorado, last night after a campaign speech in las vegas. later today he will speak at a grass roots rally in golden, colorado. golden is located in jefferson county, which helped the president to win in 2008, but was previously considered a red county. that is making it a popular battleground with both mitt romney and paul ryan having visited in recent weeks. d.c. councilmember michael brown's former treasurer is denying brown's implications that he stole more than $100,000 from the brown campaign. brown came forward about the missing money earlier this week. he also said he had fired hakeem
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sutton as treasurer when he realized most of the money was gone. sutton's attorney says his client didn't steal anything and even suggested the councilmember used sutton to cover up his own mistakes. brown never actually said sutton stole from the campaign but does say he expects the police to file charges soon. two prince william women face several charges each after police arrest them for running an illegal daycare center. police say they were in charge of at least 20 children in a home in woodbridge. they're accused of leaving at least seven babies strapped in their car seats. some were placed in a closet, in a bathroom. all of the children were under 4 years old. >> to hear that a provider was unlicensed with 21 children in their home was very, very shocking to me. so my heart bleeds, because to hear something like that is very shocking.
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>> none of the children was hurt and they were released back to their parents. the two women face seven counts of reckless endangerment of a child. ahead on news4 today, million-dollar mistake. why this man says he hit the lottery jackpot but never saw a cent of the winnings. concerns in northern virginia after another incident involving a rapid beaver. weather changes are on the ho
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there he goes. and a ball lifted to left center. bryce harper is there. number 89 for the nats. >> the nationals' first place lead is now up to eight and a halfes. they shut out the mets 2-0 last night. the second blplace braves also lost. the nats are off today but they'll open a big weekend series against the braves in atlanta tomorrow. moving right along. >> you know, eight and a half -- just give it to them. close enough. at this point in the season, come on. >> it's so exciting. >> it doesn't work that way. 4:41 is our time. you know what does go our way? the forecast. tom kierein is in the weather center. >> starting off this thursday morning again under a clear sky. a flittle fog in some areas.
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reagan national now is 63. hometown forecast, prince william county, by 6:30 near 60. by noontime, soaring into the upper 70s with bright sunshine. hour by hour for the whole region today, should be reaching 80 degrees by mid afternoon. not a lot of humidity. very pleasant. enjoy. and a look at the weekend. into next week, the seven-day outlook in ten minutes. a look at traffic now. >> still checking out cones in the area. let's head right now to virginia. if you are traveling this time on 123, you cannot get on the beltway, inner loop or outer loop. should be open around 8:00 a.m. also traveling around the outer loop of the beltway, you cannot take the left exit to the arlington belt ramp. good news, taking the outer loop of the beltway had just one lane getting by, the left lane getting by.
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those cones are up. and your travel lanes are open in that area. back in ten with another look at your traffic. back to you. still to come, the decision today that could put the big gulp on an endangered list in new york. plus, why drivers caught speeding in one area
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chicago mayor rahm emanuel says it's time to get the city's 350,000 students back in the classrooms, while the chicago teachers union and the school board negotiate. chicago teachers are striking for a fourth day. the two sides have been unable to reach an agreement over a new contract. the impasse remains a new evaluation process for teachers and a policy on rehiring teachers that have been laid off. the union is playing down the chances of a quick resolution.
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we may be saying goodbye to the big gulp in new york city. an 11-member panel for the city's board of health expected to vote on a proposed soda ban introduced by michael bloomberg. it would prevent places from selling sodas and sugary beverages in containers larger than 16 ounces. that panel expected to approve the ban. you'll soon be able to see how many calories you're eating when you head to the golden arches. mcdonald's says it will start listing calories on menus in more than 14,000 restaurants next week. a new federal regulation will require all restaurants to post the information next year, but mcdonald's decided to work early. they say it is to help educate customers. the world's largest fast-food chain is testing healthier menu items. the long wait is over for the iphone 5. the computer giant unveiled the
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much anticipated new phone yesterday. some of the features include a bigger screen, faster processor and 4g connections. but the phone has left some apple lovers grumbling. it includes a new smaller port, which means you'll have to buy a new adapter for your car charger or home speakers. it goes on sale september 21st. get in line now, aaron. >> nope, not doing it. this morning, an undocumented immigrant is coming out of the shadows in an effort to claim a lottery prize he says a friend ripped off. ramon ortiz says two years ago, he bought a maryland ticket with a $1 million jackpot. ortiz doesn't speak english and doesn't have a social security number. he says he asked a legal english speaking co-worker to claim the $450,000 payout. she did claim the prize and kept it, apparently. ortiz now suing that co-worker. the co-worker filed a petition with the courts to have the case thrown out but that was denied. and take a look at this man.
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police arrested him at the tacoma metro station. he's accused of videotaping women up their skirts while asking them for directions. detectives think there may be more victims, including some younger than 18. if you think you may have been targeted, call the tacoma park police. this morning, police are trying to solve the murders of two prince george's students killed within three weeks. the latest case happened tuesday. someone shot and killed markell ross while he walked to school in capital heights. last month, the gunman shot and killed amber stanley inside her home. both were good students and role models. both say there is no reason to believe the shootings are connected, but some students say they're worried. >> this stuff is happening at central. stuff is happening at flowers. all over. it makes each one of us think okay, am i going to be the next person at this school or that school to die next? >> police do not have a motive for either shooting. this morning a business owner faces charges for selling
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stolen hair salon products. police arrested esther goodwin. officer say they found $20,000 worth of stolen goods when they raided her salon. they believe she placed orders with professional thieves to steal what she wanted. some northern virginia residents are hesitant about heading to local ponds or lakes because there's been another rabid beaver attack. the second in two weeks. the latest incident happened at the hidden pond nature center in springfield. that was on saturday. witnesses say they were at a children's fishing competition when the beaver showed up. it lunged at a 4-year-old girl. an animal control officer eventually shot and killed the animal. fairfax county police call these recent attacks extremely rare. >> i went back to 2000, it's 12 years, and hadn't seen any type of situation where we had had some sort of aggressive beaver attack, a human. to have two within a few days of each other is highly unusual.
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>> this attack follows one a couple of weeks ago at lake bar kroft. a rabid beaver attacked 87-year-old lillian peterson as she was swimming in the lake. she is now out of the hospital. the cdc says america is on track for the worst year ever for west nile virus. despite mosquito season winding down, infections are expected to continue into next month. texas has been hit the hardest with nearly half of the infections. health officials from coast to coast are spraying insecticides to prevent the spread of the disease. want to turn to tom now for an early look at our forecast. how are we looking? >> it looks great. i was kayaking on the potomac a number of years ago. i had a beaver attack me. i was in my kayak and apparently was too close to the hut or something. here it came. its nostrils were flaring, its eyes were angry. i got the heck out of there. >> it's a good thing you're a
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pro. >> they can be mean. this morning, we're starting off with a beautiful weather pattern again. take a look now around the region under a clear sky. we have temperatures -- it didn't hurt me. had my paddle ready, though. and it was slapping its tail, too. take a look now at the temperatures around the region. in the dark green, we're in the 50s and it's in the 60s where you see the lighter green where they'll have some heat building. but not here. still another beautiful morning under way. most areas, maryland, virginia, eastern shore, into west virginia just in the low to mid 50s now. here's how the day is stacking up for your morning commute. sunrise 6:48. by 6:00 a.m., still in the 50s. much of the region under a clear sky. a little bit of fog perhaps in some of the rural areas. by noontime, sunny again with low humidity. we'll have temperatures into the low to mid 70s by mid afternoon. it will be climbing into the upper 70s to right around 80
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degrees. by 5:00 p.m., back down to 80 degrees and still low humidity in place. sunset this evening is at 7:19 and we will have temperatures tomorrow morning down to near 60. four-day forecast looking like a pleasant pattern continuing into the weekend. we'll have increasing clouds tomorrow. highs reaching near 80 during the afternoon. friday night, there's only a slight chance of a few sprinkles. sun back on saturday, near 60 in the morning, near 80 during the afternoon and still comfortably dry. great for outdoor recreation and work and fun. we'll have highs reaching the mid 70s sunday afternoon, partly cloudy. then the next chance of rain looks to be perhaps on monday afternoon and evening and perhaps off and on, a few passing showers on tuesday. high 70s each day. i'm back in ten minutes. now your first 4 traffic. >> checking things out on i-270. if this is your commute, not
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seeing any delays to concern yourself with. in urbana, 66 miles per hour as you make your way southbound. northbound clear through clarksburg. as you continue southbound towards gaithersburg, no issues to report. i'll give you a live look as you make your way through west mont governor romneyry. clear as you connect to the beltway. make your way this time from i-270 to i-95, at 59 miles per hour. drive just taking ten minutes. 4:53 now. tonight is the final public meeting to discuss planned rate increases on the dulles toll road. it will eventually cost 4:50 for a one-way trip. the money will help funding for the new metro line. there's a little bit of a silver lining if you get a
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speeding or red light camera ticket in montgomery ticket. now you don't have to worry about late fees. the maryland district judge ordered the district to stop charging those fees because it may violate state law. the county had been charging a $25 late fee if drivers didn't pay within 30 days. it's bad news for the county, which made nearly $2 million just in late fees last year. if you try to cheat maryland's tolls by blowing through easy pass lanes, your name could end up in the hall of shame. state transportation officials working to find out if they can publicize the names of toll cheats and suspend vehicle registrations of repeat offenders. lawmakers are also work on legislation to crack down on drivers who don't pay. earlier this week, "the washington post" reported that nearly 650,000 cars owe nearly $7 million in unpaid tolls. >> wow. try to shame people into doing the right thing. >> yeah. how much money would it cost to publicize those names, though? >> those tickets are pretty
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high. i don't know why people wouldn't just stop the pay the toll. yeah, versus you get a $50 ticket. it's now 4:54. 64 degrees. coming up, not holding back her anger, the response one grandmother gave police after being stopped for speeding. first, though, how you can save now on your upcoming travel plans for the holiday. plus, why you may have
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you think gas prices are high here. well, check out these prices in new jersey. prices are 8:99 a gallon. about 50 gas stations in new jersey and pennsylvania are selling gas at more than $8 a gallon! yikes. station managers are protesting what they call a pricing scheme by lukoil. they claim they force franchises to pay higher prices than their competitors. that's a lot. >> you can't pump your own gas in new jersey. i wonder if that has anything to do with it. if you haven't bought your flight home for thanksgiving yet, there is still time to save me money. the cheapest flights for thanksgiving will go on sale next week. thanksgiving falls on november 22nd this year, and that is a little more than ten weeks away. reports the cheapest days to fly are monday, before the hollywood day, and on thanksgiving day itself.
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>> toys 'r' us is getting ready for the holiday season with a new reservation system. the system will allow customers to receive e-mails when they can pick up the toy in stores. it's also beefing up its layaway service as well. the company says it's trying to avoid the shopping chaos of the past few years when frantic parents would scramble at the last few minutes. does anybody remember tickle me elmo and the lengths that parents went to? back alley transaction, cash money. it was crazy! >> but all these little devices the stores come up with, the manufacturers need to make more. >> but they're smart, it drives up the price, the demand. >> and you get the publicity. >> there you go. >> stay with us. news4 today continues right now at 5:00 a.m. and now, from washington's leading news station, this is news4 today.


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