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tv   News 4 at 11  NBC  September 14, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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>> announcer: this is breaking news on news 4 at 11 kwlok. >> tonight, more deaths and angry demonstrations in the middle east and africa.
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seven people have been killed and the violence shows no sign of letting up. >> violence also rocked an allied air base in southern afghanistan where prince harry is stationed. two u.s. marines are dead tonight. nbc's chief pentagon correspondent will join us with new details about that attack. the out rage against america keeps growing tonight overseas. >> protests have spread to more than 20 countries. one of the most violent in tunisia where ta mob tore down n american flag and raised a black banner of al-qaida as four americans murdered on attack returned home. richard engle begins our coverage. >> reporter: u.s. diplomatic out posts now appear to be easy targets. in yemen, for the second day, furious protesters decide to storm the embassy burning american flags as riot police
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fire water cannons. gunshots can be heard. why? because they say the u.s. isn't doing enough against the makers of that now infamous antiislam video. in tunisia, demonstrators set fires by the u.s. embassy gate. and in sudan, protesters turned their rage on the british and german embassies. those countries had nothing to do with the video. but they're foreign western powers. and for the mob, that's close enough. in cairo, the government called off massive demonstrations. the president went on television to urge calm. but clashes near the u.s. embassy continue. authorities had to build a wall to block an access road. there were demonstrations today in nearly 40 cities across the region and beyond. but as bad as it looks, the demonstrations were generally small. but in what will have implications for embassy
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security worldwide. radicals are now looking for even softer targets, attacking today here in egypt, a u.n. mission and also several american chain restaurant ins the region. >> a solemn sceremony today as the bodies of those four americans killed in libya returned home. marines carried the flag-draped caskets as they arrived at andrews. president obama and secretary of state clinton spoke at the ceremony and praised all the men's service. they were killed in that attack in the u.s. embassy in benghazi. >> now, more on an attack that killed two american service members in air base. it a it's the same base where england's prince harry is stationed. reports say the prince was not hurt. nbc news chief pentagon
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correspondent joins us by phone. first, mitt, can you tell us more about what happened this in that attack? >> well, officials tell us that this was a complex attack. in other words, it went on for some time. very well organized. it involved small-arms fire, rocket fire and some mortar fire at camp bastion. now, tragically enough, two u.s. marines were killed in that attack by presumably th the taliban. but what drew world attention, of course, is this is where prince harry who just arrived on his second four-month tour for the british military is based there at camp bastion. now, what was odd about this is that when he arrived, the british military itself issued a
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press release and even video of harry there in an hipachee helicopter. now, in previous visits, there was no public announcement. they did not reveal his location for his own safety. so it seemed rather odd at the time. and immediately after the british made the announcement, the taliban issued a statement saying they would do everything in their power to eert cither ce or kill prince harry. and there's no clue yet as to whether prince harry was the target. but it is a very bizarre coincidence. >> and a challenging situation for everyone involved. thank you, jim. >> you bet. >> a man stalks a woman on metro then sexually assaults her at gunpoint just a few blocks awaif. tonight, d.c. police are releasing this surveillance video.
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jackie benson is at the deanwood metro station with the story. >> reporter: this is security camera video from the deanwood metro station in northeast washington thursday, september 6th, aroun:00th, around 1118 p. train pulled into the station. watch the suspect. he's wearing the polo shirt. he timed the walk through the tunnel so that eventually, he and the victim were alone. he followed her two blocks to 45th north place and sexually assaulted him. this is a computer-generated sketch of the suspect created from information from the woman who was attacked. he was in his early 20s, medium complexion. women who use the deanwood station told news 4 they are unaware of the crime. some expressed frustration at not seeing more of a regular police prensz here in the early
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morning hours. >> when i'm coming here, someone was following me. they were talking to the police and it's the second time i got followed. >> at the times i do come through, i do see cops. usually u it's some type of incident. >> reporter: it's not clear whether this crime may be connected to any other similar incidents in the area. there is a $1,000 reward for information in this case. reporting from northeast washington, news 4. >> now to a story you saw first here on 4. a brazen robbery at a high-end boutique in chevy chase. four men stormed into the saks store and ran off with designer handbags. they jumped sbo a car. but as one witness told pat collins, the store employee wasn't letting them get away that easily. >> she runs out. runs in front of the car. and she does like this. and the car is moving. i said oh, please, don't hit her.
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and then she runs to the door and she's trying to hold the door. >> last month, a similar robbery was recorded just across the street. police say the suspects got away with about $75,000 worth of designer handbags. >> tonight, a security guard hon no erred for his bravery. he took a bullet and wrestled the gunman to the ground. shamari stone has his story. >> reporter: this is where that shooting happened right here in this lobby. tonight, you're going to hear from the courageous security guard who stopped the gunman. a standing ovation for leo johnson as he walks center stage with his arm in a sling recovering from a gunshot wound. the family research council security guard accepts a faith,
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family and freedom award for his heroism. >> how did it feel to receive that award? >> wasn't expecting it. >> and he wasn't expecting his life to change on august 15th. that's when police say floyd lee corkins, ii shot him in the arm. >> were you scared? >> actually, i've probably never been more calm. >> investigators say he walked into the headquarters with a handgun, extra ammunition and 15 chick-fil-a sandwiches. he didn't like the facmily research council's politics and fired. >> i had to act. >> reporter: tonight, a month later, he says divine intervention saved his life. >> if it weren't for the lord, i wouldn't be here before you guys today. to see the out pouring of lov i
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and support really makes me feel good. now, as for his next court appearance, it's on october 1st. in northwest d.c. in front of the family research council's headquarters, shamari stone, news 4. >> a deputy chief told whur radio that tips from the community haven't gotten them any closer to solving the murders of amber, stanley or marquel ross. ross's mother attended a me moral service at central high school today in capital heights. marquell was shot to death walking to school on tuesday. >> i'm praying. if it wasn't for all of my support, i don't know if i could make it. it's hard. it's hard. i want to know who done this to my son and why. >> this mourning, officers
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handed out fliers where amber stanley was killed. a gunman shot her in her bedroom at 10:00 at night. >> d.c. neighbor who is have complained about standing water and mosquitos breeding could soon get some relief after a news 4 report last night after resident's west nile virus concerns. they say the problem around 10th and m streets northwest is because of these canopy keepers, they're called. they provide the slow-drip systems for watering trees provides them for people who promise to maintain them. volunteers are being reminded to clean the basi out at least once a week to avoid creating still water. >> well, enjoy the weather while it lasts, folks. rain is rolling in after the weeke weekend. we could get quite a bit of it. >> that's right. it is going to be a hard weekend or at least the hardest part of your weekend will be figuring out what to do. the pressure is going to be on: it's always harder to get that
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list down for the weekend when you know the weather is going to turn soon. and it will. behind me, you're looking at a storm system that will be making its way up the coast on monday and tuesday of next week. as early as sunday, late, we're going to start to see come clouds roll in. this area of low pressure will be making its way up the koesz. we're talking about not just rain, but a lot of rain that could fall in parts of the area. and we could get some wind with it u too. details on how much and where the system is going to set up. >> coming up, a cold case sold tonight. more than half a century after a little girl's murder. >> controversy brewing a drink named after marion berry pulled at a d.c. bar. >> the royal family furious. how they plan to fight back. >> and the boss takes center stage. stage. details behind bruce this message. experiences classrooms. sizes don't matter... by 20%. teaching to some test... he personally cannot relate to. education, children.
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a racially-charged drink name is off the menu. they were serving a cocktail called marion berry's dirty asian summer punch. the city's office of human rights voted the bar take it down this week. the bar's owner told the
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washington post it was meant to stand up to disparaging comments that barry made about asian business owners last spring. >> being an agsz business owner, it was his response to that. it was all a just. no one ever took it seriously. >> the pug faced a $10,000 fine. >> new trouble for a local, undocumented immigrant who said he was scammed out of his winning lottery ticket. his lawyer says he's now being detained by imgragsz. because he doesn't have a social security, he asked the coworker to claim the $450,000 pay out. he claims that co-worker kept the money. he's suing now for fraud. it's one of the oldest cold case murders to go to trial in u.s. history. tonight, a man who worked as a
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washington state police officer has been convicted of killing a 7-year-old girl in illinois 55 years ago. jack mccullough said he took the train to chicago to get a medical exam before joining the air force. a former colleague contacted the police in '08 and found the unused train ticket. >> tonight, the future king of england is suing a french tabloid over topless pictures of his wife. the french magazine "closer" published pictures of kate middleton taken with a telephoto lens while she and william relaxed at a private estate earlier this month. a statement from the royal family called the incident reminiscent of the worst excesses of the press and paparaz s
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paparazzi during the life of the late princess dianna. veronica is here with our weather. >> we're on a roll. monday right now is looking lousy. tuesday is looking very lousy. let's get into the details of it. out there today, we had a gorgeous day. once again, some warmth. our highs were in the low 80s. now, we've got a weather front that's approaching the area. on the other side of that front, it's going to be a little coolerment not just for tomorrow, but for the weekend. the average high, 81 degrees. i think most neighborhoods tomorrow will be below that average temperature. as far as what it is right now, reagan national airport, 72 degrees. the other thing i'll see with this front is the moisture that's in the air. just a tad humid today. you've probably noticed it. we've got 63 right now in frederick, maryland.
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66 in college park. 61 degrees in heron and hanging onto 68 degrees in leesburg, virginia. that front? oh, you've got to look hard. just light showers and sprinkles just east of frostburg, maryland right now. you've got some bigger rains down to the south around arkansas in texas. that's all part of the next weather system that's going to be arriving here again early next week. for tomorrow, some sunshine. nice conditions as high pressure moves in. that high pressure hangs on for most of sunday. i think by late sunday, we turn over to a partly cloudy sky and by first thing monday, i think we're going to be very cloudy. we're starting to see some showers showing up. right now, i think our heaviest rain will come monday night, tuesday morning. and i think our heaviest rain will be setting up in areas from
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washington county maryland down through sts like loudoun unty. 1-3 inches of rain possible. not severe weather, but still winds up to 30 miles per hour. for tomorrow morning, take advantage of it. start planning. gorgeous, 54-63 degrees. beautiful with sunshine. just nice and mild again. 75-80 degrees for your saturday. and in terms of what it will feel like out there, sunday is not going to be much different. the only thing about sunday, we're going to see more clouds move in later in the day. it's been a while since we've had a rain event down here. but we are going to get it next week. this is, of course, when you start to see that kind of pattern. the hours of rain. fall has arrived. 73 for wednesday. >> we're going to really enjoy this weekend while we have a chance. thanks,ve
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thanks,veronica. >> the longevity foundation's second annual gala. he was the local foundation supporting research for lung cancer and it provides information and resources to patients and care givers. congratulations, cameron. >> looking spif fi in a tuxz there. coming up in sport, byrce h
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hands down in hotlanta. starting out their series, you said intense, but not ugly. >> no, actually, it was like one of those playoff moments where you're, like, wow, this is what it's going to feel like. haven't had a playoff baseball around here since 1933. they had the chanszs to put the finishing touches on a division find tonight. the nats had 41,000 cheering against them. the tomahawk going strong. the more desperate team gets it done. ross debt wiler on the mound. bottom 2, looking good. he gets opposing pitcher swinging here. only problem, medlin was dealing, too. top 4, dan any espinoza goes down looking. medlin with a career-high 13 strike outs over 7 innings. but he did make one mistake. he's going opposite field for
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his 19th home run of the season. 19th for the 19-year-old. and that ties the game at one. still tied, bottom of the 9. two on, he'll chop this one to short. but desmond's throw, oh, way off the mark. the game-winning run on the th error. the first place orioles out west tonight taking on the a.l. wild card contender. right now, it is tied at 2 in the fifth inning. they're headed to the edward jones done for the 4:00 game. they haven't started 2-0 on the road since 1999. the team might have to find a way to make that streak come to an end without the services of they top deep thread wide receiver. a lot of standing around all week at practice today. his right foot has been sore.
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garcon did take part in a few drills but is listed as questionable. the coach says he'll be a game time decision. if he feels like he can go full speed, he will return to the line-up. otherwise, second-year wide receiver robinson will get the start. friday night football in loudoun county. the john champ nights hosting central. here you go, listen for you, jim. they swarm in the end zone for safety. first-ever points at home. it's 2-0 champ. all-central after that u it's 23-2 falcons. bouzer hooks up for a 30 yard touchdown. more than 4 t.d. passes in the game for the qb. late fourth quarter, tonight's margin, they want a touchdown and they get one. 5'10", 205 pound wrecking ball. that's the first t.d. at home. even though it's a great start,
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it's 30-9 central, the final. and jason dawson who is very calm for his team getting the first points at home as champs.
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a sold-out crowd tonight. bruce trending all night on twitter. that's right, the boss is in town. ♪ >> bruce springsteen and his band wrapping up a performance before 38,000 fans.
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they performed at the wrecking ball tour. that's quite a show. >> still a high energy performance there. >> that's going to do it for us. have a great weekend, everybody. "the tonight show" is headed your way next. heavy load in america. but mitt romney plan, a middle class to $2,000 more a year in taxes. multi-millionaires like himself hits the middle class harder... bigger break. forward for america? this message.
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