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tv   News 4 at 5  NBC  September 18, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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just south of the airport. pretty big rains around leanardtown, st. leanard city. rain fall rates 1 to 2 inches per hour. we have winds 30 to 50 miles per hour. where will these go? they will work their way offshore across the bay. now that said, there's going to be some showers behind. once that first line goes through, the threat of severe weather will be over. we'll come back and tell you when we'll clear out. >> we'll look forward to that. out following the rain and flooding all afternoon. he's live in frederick and he drove right up to the scene of a pretty dangous situation. wow, scott, that behind you looks tremendous. >> knocked a tree down across 395. you're looking at me from the dash cam in frederick county. you can see this huge walnut tree that came down and crossed route 355 here right inbetween
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urbana and the city of frederick. the bridge is right beyond that. as you can see, the road is completely shut down. this tree, the victim of some of those winds that topper was talking about earlier in frederick county. let me take you on a tour of the day. there's been a lot going on. lots and lots of accidents today. here's one of them that i witnessed at shady grove. a couple people injured here. looked like wet roads probably had something to do with this one. lots of power lines down. not widespread, but spotty locations. this one out in the brookville area, smoking wires down, the local fire department keeping tabs on things there. the city of frederick, there's a big flood on west patrick street in front of the west frederick middle school. and that one actually drowned a couple cars. by the time i got there, the crews had pulled all of the debris out of the drainpipes and the flash flood had passed. that was a serious trauma in
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frederick today. these are isolated problems, but a lot of them dotted around the area. flash flooding, wires down, and as you can see here on route 355 between urbana and frederick, trees down. it's going to be there for a while. reporting live from the dash board camera, scott broom, 9news now. >> a power line situation there as well. i know you know to be careful. lesli. >> now we head to a community in d.c. residents in the bloomingdale neighborhood experienced so much damage that they dread seeing clouds in the sky. residents are bracing for the worst. >> lesli, one of those neighborhoods where they were preparing for the worst and simply hoping and praying for thbest. you see the workers out here trying to get storm drains cleared because of possible more rain to come later tonight. let's go to the tape and show you what it's been out here since early today. the heavy equipment was in
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place throughout the day at rhode island avenue northwest. d.c. water department employees were cleaning out the catch basins of debris so the rain could make its way to the sewers and drains below. too much rain too soon and the drains will be swamped, spilling water back out into the streets, into the basements, and into the bathroom. >> whenever there is a flood, i got it. >> and you are expected to get it again? >> yes. >> we have plenty of sandbags. >> merchants have been through the floods at least four times this year alone. >> put a sandbag in the front door and we take precautions, you know. >> and hope for the best. >> sandbags are being delivered today. door to door by front loaders well before the storm hits. >> it's going to be bad. we all need to learn how to swim. >> crews stationed at many of
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the others at the storm station and our major facilities. in addition, i have crews out throughout the district. >> standing here with me now was terri quinn, she is president of the bloomingdale civic association. the council member is across the street. i have to ask you this. what did you make of this quick move to get the sandbags out and storm drains cleared? what did you think about what they were doing today? >> it's good we are getting the attention we need in terms of preparation beforehand. but we are also going to need much more work on the back end to make sure that when we do have another storm, our residents have the assistance they need and that includes financial assistance, as well as assistance from ddot, and other agenesis as well as the assistance in terms of fixing the problem from d.c. water. >> this is very stressful. every time you hear the weather report, you get very uneasy.
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you have to have the sandbags in place. a lot of people are not home right now. they're at work. >> i think one of the things that has gone unnoticed is how many times we've had to rush home from work to get here and protect our home. and i mean, that's a whole other level of stress. certainly you are exactly right. directly impacted is incredible. >> we should point out, there's a long-term solution. that's the biggest system underneath. you need something a lot sooner. >> we absolutely do. we need financial assistance. neighbors who haven't finished repairs and here we have a fifth one looming. in addition to that, we also need a midterm solution that will fall somewhere, much closer than that 12 year solution. >> okay. we're going to stayhere with you and decide what they can do. terri, thanks a lot.
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we'll have the councilman talking to us at 6:00. >> all right bruce, thank you. some of the worst weather rolled through prince georges county at 3:30 this afternoon. that storm covered a tornado warning. so far, we have not heard of anything touching down. ken is live where one tracked right into a house. kenny. >> reporter: right into a house. unfortunately, this is where they were. every time our area gets hit by storms, let me show you this crashing down. this is an old tree. different trees here on the property. this is the biggest one. you can see just how large it is. let me come over here down to the bottom of it. it's uprooted. you can see just how big the bottom of the base of this tree is. take a look at the legs of it now. let's go up the way and you can see the top end of the tree where it came down on top of the house. that corner, i'm being told by
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the homeowner is being forced by bricks and concrete. if it wasn't for that, maybe this tree would have completely crushed the house. this is a living room area and a master bedroom area that has been crushed. we're told inside of this house, there is a lot of leaking going on. as you can imagine, there are large holes. but once again, you can get an idea of how powerful the winds are. you can see this tree and some of the splintered wood. gives you an idea of how large this tree was. makes you wonder how strong the winds were. there was no one hurt. the person inside is safe. bad news is, this will be expensive and take a while to get this thing cleaned up. >> it all happens in a split second. ken, thank you. our crews were also in alexandria this afternoon where at about 3:15, the skies went
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black. hard rain blew in sideways as winds appear to top 50 miles per hour, cars pulled off route 1 for 15 minutes. the traffic stopped. everything came to a halt because of poor visibility. there was street flooding, but it drained quickly. lots of after school activities canceled because of the weather hit right at that time. here's the list we know of so far. in maryland, prince georges county, and frederick county canceled all their after school and evening events. you can find a complete list on and of course, the storms have left many without power. here are the latest outage numbers. dominion, virginia, reports nearly 5,000 customers don't have power and bge has 15,000 customers without power. most of them live in the baltimore area. and we want to hear about the weather you see through the evening. log on to
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click on weather and choose submit storm report. you can send in pictures as well. >> at least one person has died during today's storms. an adult woman, she was driving on the road in mcclane and lost control of her minivan. police say the car then skidded, struck a tree, and burst into flames. the woman was burned to death. detectives are trying to determine if speed or a medical condition or everyone alcohol were factors in the crash. and now an update on the double shooting in prince georges county that claimed the life of a 25-year-old woman. police have now arrested that woman's exboyfriend. 33-year-old michael jerome stewart. stewart shot brittany and another woman on sunday morning. mckinley died at the scene. investigators say stewart waited for the women outside their home in capital heights and started firing. and now we move on to politics because just when he was hoping to reset his campaign, mitt romney has been
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back on the defense for the last 24 hours. you see in a secretly taped fundraiser, the republican presidential candidate writes off nearly half of americans his victims that he's not so worried about. bruce leshan went one on one with the reporter who got ahold of that tape and there's more to come. >> that's right. david is actually already out with a new sound bite in which romney contradicts u.s. policy going back to the clinton administration and suggests that the isreali palestinian conflict is unsolveable. this is really been a bomb shell for the liberal magazine mother. washington bureau chief says stay tuned. >> mitt romney in salt lake now promising this time to let cameras into a fundraiser after his awkward moment caught on a secret recording in may. at a $50,000 a plate fundraiser at the home of a hedge fund manager, romney told supporters that nearly half of all
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americans pay no income tax. that they are all obama supporters, dependent on the federal government. >> they believe they are entitled to healthcare, to food, to housing. you name it. the entitlement. and they will hope for this president no matter what. >> half of the public is moochers and parasites. >> was that person part of the 47%? >> he figures it plays terribly for the romney campaign. >> it shows a 1% or gated community. >> now corn and mother jones are out with more from romney, the republican nominee suggesting a two state solution to the arab israeli conflict is
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impossible. >> i committed to the elimination of israel and issues that it's no way. >> it's the wrong approach to say we can't do anything about it, so we'll kick it down the field. that's not leadership. >> whoever has released it, certainly appreciate it if they release the whole tape. >> it won't help him. >> president obama, of course, had his own awkward moment four years ago when he accused midwesterners of being bitter, but that was of course much earlier in the campaign when the memory had a chance to fade. even some conservatives are slamming romney with david brooks of the "new york times" comparing him to the out of touch millionaire from giligan's island. >> lots to recover from. thank you, bruce. appreciate it. in 15 minutes, romney's running mate, paul ryan, will kick off a two-day swing.
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tonight he is speaking to supporters at a victory rally in new port news. then ryan heads to south we know, virginia, for a report in danville. a new washington post poll out today shows the republican ticket trails the president by ain't eight points. speak of president obama, he's up in new york hosting a fundraiser and he'll be appearing on the late show with david letterman. you can watch that on wusa9 tonight after 9news at 11:00. then on friday, he'll hold a grass roots rally at the stadium in woodbridge. has the home of potomac nationals. tickets are needed to get in. you can pick them up for free at the stadium or president's campaign offices in woodbridge and mas that sac. >> mana manassas. >> the chief at the center of the investigation speaks out about the event that terrorized our area. >> don't say we didn't warn you. get ready for the awful, nasty,
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really gross looking stink bugs. can sex offenders live near schools? what about bus stops? i'm peggy fox with new concerns out there. i have some answers for you coming up.
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right now, the chicago teacher's union is meeting trying to figure out whether they will end their strike. the union kept up the ticket line because it hadn't had a chance for all debt tails. that put parents in a bind. >> could your child school bus stop be near a registered sex offender's home? a mom in arlington county called with that concern because she had been felt ignored by school officials. arlington school officials move thad bus stop and as peggy fox reports, another local district has done the same thing moving a bus stop away from a sex
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offender. >> concerned that a registered sex offender lives near her daughter's school bus stop. susan was successful in getting arlington schools to move it a few blocks away. however, the move came only after 9news reported on the situation monday. >> as long as they change the stop, i'm happy. >> the man lived in her neighborhood by checking on the virginia state police sex offender registry. sue culpeper knows there are 20 registered sex offenders living in the 22180 zip code. that's where fairfax county's elementary is located and where her children used to attend. >> my kids are in middle and high school. i still watch the bus stop or one of my friends was around the corner. she keeps her eye on the bus stop. to make sure they are safe. >> many states have laws. virginia's went into effect in 2006 and makes it illegal for certain sex offenders to live
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within 500 feet of schools or daycares. we found no law here, anyway, that would prevent them from living near bus stops. in fairfax county, 1500 school buses transport 110,000 students every school day. since there are hundreds of registered sex offenders living in the county, the school spokesperson says moving bus stops away from them isn't always easy. but they did recently do it. >> residents would contact us and will consider making the change. >> peggy fox, 9news now. >> as you just heard him say, it is their policy to consider those requests in fairfax county, but they will not move bus stops automatically if they impact children's traffic safety. lesli. >> it is the pests that won't rest with the smell from hell. the stink bug. and it appears they are about to launch a new invasion. experts say stink bug numbers
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were down earlier this year from the year before, but as temperatures started to rise, so did their numbers and now they are on a roll. >> as the season warmed up, we started to see increasing numbers of stink bugs and many field crops and the vegetable patches. they completed their second generation, so i think it may be a pretty good year for stink bugs as they enter homes in the fall. >> professor ralph says expect these bugs to peek inside your windows and making themselves at home over the next three weeks. >> i haven't seen any in my neighborhood for quite some time. >> last year we were vacuuming them out of the window sills, but this year they won't be as bad. >> they just linger. >> you don't have a bunch at your house. >> we are still looking at the potential for severe weather. let's start with a shot. this is actually the live video
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here from nats park, around nats park. winds 30 to 40 miles per hour. and of course, you know, the nats are trying to play tonight. we'll let you know if that gets in tonight. all right, now we'll show you damage earlier today. this is sent to us by kelly, thank you, kelly. you can see a tree down. suitland parkway just before silver hill, and a guy in the middle of the road there. that was not a huge tree, but enough to block traffic. we still have this tornado watch east of 95 until 7:00. quite frankly, i think this is toast now. maybe extreme southern maryland. there's still a slight chance of some, maybe some small tornadoes. i think the main threat here, we talked about this earlier this afternoon, straight line winds. we are talk about winds 60 miles per hour. that was pretty much the deal. we still have flood warnings. these are flood warnings in montgomery county until 5:45.
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flood warnings in frederick and leesburg and loudoun county and clark county and frederick county, virginia, that means the rivers are over their banks. it's more a river thing than across the street. still do not cross the street by foot or car. we'll zoom in and this is the heaviest activity down into southern maryland. still good rain, st. leanard and lusby. see the red? they are across into the water. we are in good shape. this is the line that had the severe winds with it. now that is east of the immediate metro area. that said, we have some left over showers. we aren't going to clear out right away. the threat of severe weather is 95% of us. we'll back out and put this into motion. there's going to be showers and still some yellows. moderate rain rolling through. but the heavy activity rolls over toward the delmarva, out toward the beaches. we're in much, much better shape than we were a couple
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hours ago. look at all the storm reports. we had trees down. trees down around alexandria. flooding in montgomery county, and trees down over toward bowie. indeed it was a rough afternoon for most of us here in the metro area. a live look outside michael and son weather cam. still some rain drops on the lens. temperature 70 downtown. 66 the dew point. winds are still south, southeast at 8. the front, not quite through the downtown area yet. when the winds go northwest, the front is through. so next three days, cooler tomorrow. 72. spectacular on thursday. upper 70s, mostly sunny. nice on friday, we had a drop yesterday, we'll keep it dry. next seven days. well we have saturday, some showers possible at night. i think the day will be fine. temperatures still nice. low 80s. fall arrives early in the morning. and sunday, redskin home
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opener. cooler, low 70. watch that right here on channel 9 and cooler on monday and warming back up. my hunch is, they will cancel this tornado watch any minute for the rest of us. >> that will be good. >> okay, thanks a lot. >> up next, new protests bubble up in response to that antiislam video that caused a fire storm on youtube.
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protests continuing around the globe against an antimuslim film produced in the united states in thailand. 300 people protested in front of the u.s. embassy in bangkok. many yelling down with america and god is great. the government condemned the film had nothing to do with it and many websites are restricting access to the video or blocking it all together. protests over that video also raised in other parts of the muslim world.
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in india, demonstrators stomped on the american flag and set cop cars on fire. >> in pakistan, they tore down a billboard and clashed with police outside the u.s. consulate. but the protest turned deadly in afghanistan. a suicide bomber rammed a car full of explosives. an islamic militant group said the attack was revenge for the film. u.s. officials are urging world leaders to speak out against the incident. >> we can all condemn this reprehensible video, but it should never be an excuse for violence. >> a branch of al-qaeda is calling for those protests to continue and egyptian prosecutors are issuing arrests for people linked to the film's production, including people here in the united states. coming up, we're going to show you how to keep criminals from robbing you blind before you toss out your old electronics. it's one of the most popular
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songs of the hour. see how mid midshipman -- >> and live with the police chief, charles moose.
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next month, our area marks a somber anniversary. it's been nearly ten years since a pair of snipers terrorized our area. montgomery county police chief
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became the internationally recognized face of the investigation. today, he sat down were a candid conversation with andrea mccarren. how is chief moose doing? >> we remember him from being on television all the time. today he seems to be doing great. he is relaxed. he is retired and living in tampa. like the rest of us, he will never forget those terrifying 22 days of october 2002, including his lowest moment. >> we'll always be shooting of their child on the way into school. that's such a low, low, blow. >> former chief charles moose is pensive, but there is no doubt in his mind when the random attack crossed the line. >> i think at least personally, i've done some things, maybe i should be shot. maybe other adults have done things that they aren't proud of. but no 13-year-old has had enough life to do anything to deserve being shot.
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shot on his way to school. i mean, that was the worst moment ever. >> ten years later, he still squirms when recalling an intense fear that haunted him at the time. >> what if we don't catch him? i think that, you know, turned into energy, turned into motivation, but when i look back. i'm happy i'm not that guy. >> after malvo and mohommed were locked up, the chief had no contact with either and opted not to witness mohommed's execution. >> i didn't have a desire to be at the execution. >> chief moose deflects praise and redirects it to whom he considers the area's unsung heros. schoolteachers. >> teachers all knew the kids needed him. they came to work. >> during the sniper crisis, area teachers had their highest attendance record ever. he will never forget that or the lives that were altered for ever. >> we may think of it in
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blocks of time, five years, ten years, but the victims, they live with it every day. >> and as for that little boy who was shot and wounded in the sniper attack, moose says he is now 23 years old and he is doing fine and he says any time malvo wants to go chest to chest with him, he is ready. >> i got to ask you, if he had today's technology, the investigation would have gone better? >> we discussed that. with twitter and real time information getting out, plus all of the cameras we have everywhere, he believes it would never have taken a full 22 days. >> all right, thanks, andrea. let's go back to you, lesli. >> thank you, derek. and andrea. prominent ministers will be among those taking part. coats is a minister of baptist church in clinton, maryland,
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and those ministers scheduled a news conference on friday. maryland voters will decide in november whether to uphold a gay marriage law approved by lawmakers or whether they repeal it. >> most of the time our commuter alerts warn you about construction, accidents, things that could mess your drive up. today we have good news for drivers in georgetown. today, mayor vincent gray, councilman, jack evans, and d dot cut the ribbon to mark the completion of the project that started almost 19 months ago. crews rehab the street and infrastructure and renewed the streetcar tracks around that historic intersection. d.c. councilman is guaranteeing trains will run late during the playoffs. evans told wtop he assures metro will stay open as long as needed to get everybody home. when asked how he knows that, evans responded with quote, because i am making it happen. he didn't say who would pay for the extra service.
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the transportation department reports the number of delays on the tarmac were up during the month of july. and ddot says 28 planes were stuck on the ground for more than three hours. complaints from passengers were up in july as well. the agency says it received nearly 2500 of them and that is up 50% from june. airlines can be fined nearly $28,000 per passenger if a flight is stuck on the tarmac for more than three hours. mcdonald's is serving up more than fries. the chain debuted its mcnoodles on the menu. the asian inspired dish comes with vegetables, salad, and chicken. the company says noodles are popular in austria where it has vegetarian only restaurants. some merchants don't want to deal with groupon. 1/3 of 100 merchants say they don't plan to do business with the daily deal internet company again. investors are worried that demand for the deals isn't as strong as it was before.
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groupon shares fell 7% after those survey results were released. it lost 2/3 of its value since going public last year. 30 million, that is the number of computers people get rid of each year and it's higher for cell phones. if you are about to upgrade to the new iphone 5 or something else out there, don't make the mistake of not wiping away your personal data. that's an easy way to do it and we're going to show you how. more than likely, your name, bank account, and credit card information is stored on your personal computer and your phone. recycling those devices without erasing that information is asking for trouble. >> you are literally giving your personal information out to the criminal world. >> best way to protect yourself, erase it all. have an iphone, go to settings, click on general, then select erase all content and settings. computer expert says erasing
5:37 pm
data on an android phone is more complicated. you go to setting, choose privacy, then you have to consult the online manual for the next steps. to erase a personal computer, you'll need to down load software. a good choice is from >> you down load the software and put it on to a cd. then you put the cd into the disk drive and follow the directions to erase the contents. >> apple's operating system comes with software to erase your files. >> put it into the disk drive and reboot it. >> once the computer is booted up, choose utilities, then disk utility. select hard drive and hit erase. and think again if you believe you do not have enough time to wipe your device. >> criminal enterprise live off personal data. they love a hard drive they can get their hands on. >> after you erase your
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computer, double check to make sure everything is gone. also cell phones come with some external cards. if you don't plan to keep the card, erase that as well. >> still to come, panda alert. the national zoo releases new video that shows its newest aryal. top. >> these tornado watches have been trimmed yet again. it covers extreme southern maryland and also the northern neck until 7:00. but again, the threat is over. we'll talk about that and talk about what happened at nats game tonight, too. >> but first, new office space that gives you a new meaning to bridge work. we'll explain next. and don't forget, we're always on at we'll be back.
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if you think your cube call is bad, check out what these people in new york call their office. picnic tables and benches under a bridge in brooklyn. these people chose to work here. the company called loose cubes came up with the idea as an alternative to expensive office space. right now, these people in brooklyn get to use the space for free, but the company will charge a subscription starting later this fall. >> that's what i was thinking, we'll need some heaters. >> dancing and the u.s. naval academy. you may think they are too dignified to throw down. >> navy has its football home opener against vmi and in tradition, some produce spirit video for the game. ♪ [ music ] yeah, that's the academy doing
5:42 pm
style. the music video, the reenacted scene ended their spot with go navy, beat vmi and derek was off the hook with this. you can do it. you have to do it. >> do i look like david gregory out here? >> he does it when the camera is not on. >> and if there's actual music. still to come, a very touching scene between a toddler and a live gorilla. but first -- >> a big win in a french court for will and kate. that story is just ahead.
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and that, my friends, is the sound of our new panda cub. if you look closely, you can see the new guy or gal. now zoo officials are keeping a close eye on the pair. these guys are under 24 hour surveillance and they say it will be weeks before the vet can get in there and examine the cub and make sure everything is okay. prince william and his wife, kate, have won their legal battle in france. a court ruled today that no more topless photos of the
5:46 pm
duchess of cambridge can be published. more details from london. >> reporter: the royal couple was all smiles on the last leg of their south pacific tour. and it's not just adoring fans making them happy. french court sided with will and kate. it ordered the gossip magazine, closer, to hand over all topless photos of the duchess of cambridge and the court locked the publication of more paparazzi pictures. fined more than $13,000 a day if it doesn't comply. the court called it a brutal display of the couple's intimate moments. on friday, the magazine printed photos of kate sunbathing without a bikini top during a vacation at a remote, private villa in the south of france. palace lawyers are filing a criminal complaint against the unnamed photographer. they called the court ruling against the french magazine a wonderful victory. >> there's a sense that we have a prince that is standing
5:47 pm
up for his right in a way charles never did for diana. >> despite the court's ruling, the french magazine still won. the photos were a huge sales boost. this man says british tourists bought a will the of the magazines because they can't get access at home. an irish tabloid and celebrity magazine printed the photos. it sends a message to anyone thinking of exposing the royal couple. these are the kinds of images of the future queen the palace wants the world to see. in london, rita for cbs news. >> former italian prime minister, sylvia owns both the french and italian magazines that published the photos. >> some kids can be shy. then there's the boy. he asked, with the help of a customs and border protection helicopter. it seems his father works at the agency.
5:48 pm
the principal says the event was completely authorized, at least from his point of view. clearly it wasn't authorized by customs and border patrol because an investigation is underway. not a good use of taxpayers money and time. >> the nats game is postponed. the double header tomorrow. they felt, enough is enough. exactly. let's start with -- we're still under a red alert. we are about to bring that back down. we have southern maryland, st. mary's county, calvert county, and the northern neck in a tornado watch until 7:00. that's going to go away here shortly. but for the time being, we'll leave it up for now. the rest of us, we have showers to contend with. we're in much better shape. here's live doppler 9,000. here's a severe line that crossed the metro line between 3:00 and 6:00. this is the same line that produced winds up to 60 miles per hour and knocked down a will the of trees.
5:49 pm
lots of reports of trees down. it is moving into the dell marva. there's light activity toward warrenton and up 270. not much, but a little bit. so the heavy activity is pretty much gone. let's go ahead and zoom in. we have some good rain around 301, south of st. mary's city and everything headed up to the north and east. we'll widen back out a little bit and put this into motion and show you where the computer takes the rain fall the next hour or so. everything moves to the east. the individual cells move northeast. actually weakening a little bit, which is good news. so we're in pretty good shape. i wouldn't be surprised to see this watch canceled in a couple minutes. this is tree damage, you can see all the tree damage around the metro area. flooding around rockville and silver spring. we have flooding in frederick and hagerstown. this little system had everything. wind and floods and not much lightning. all right, live look outside.
5:50 pm
michael and son weather cam. and we're looking at 70 degrees downtown. dew points in the mid 60s. winds south, southeast at 8. the winds haven't changed. front is to our west. that's one chance we have to keep rain chances in. 60s across the board. 68 in bethesda. 67 in great falls. 67 in fairfax. and 68 out toward bowie. so, watch to the east until 7:00. damaging winds east of 95. flood warnings in effect. big storms are gone by 8:00 and cooler overnight. now we'll take you through the future cast here. 5:45, see the activity across the delmarva. everything scoots across. you may have reasonably large showers until 8:00 or 9:00. the big activity gets out of here east of 95 and everything begins to clear out as we go through the nighttime hours. so again, pretty much, we're in good shape right now, except for maybe extreme southern maryland.
5:51 pm
the next three days, code green, why not? cooler tomorrow, 72. a touch of fall. a jacket on the kids in the morning. spectacular. low 80s, nice on friday. next seven days, saturday the bulk of date is fine. maybe showers at night. fall arrives at 10:49. 82 for a high. the skins home opener, cooler. low 70s sunday and monday. you can watch the game on channel 9 and back up to 79 with sunshine on tuesday. so essentially we are okay. we'll give you the sound when it's all clear. >> okay. counting on it, top. the nationals back in town after a rough road trip and guess what? no game. they'll have to wait until tomorrow to get back on the winning track. tonight's game have been called, but kristen berset is live where hope springs eternal. they can get this thing turned around. >> exactly. we are still here and it's good news. the nats get an extra day off to recoop and relax a little bit, perhaps. they did get more good news before the big announcement. that is regarding second
5:52 pm
baseman, danny. he had an mri on his left shoulder. it revealed just a bone bruise, which is much better than the torn news. i spoke with him a little while ago. he got a cortisone shot and can feel it working. he is going to try and swing the bat tomorrow and see how he feels. he is day-to-day. this is the best case scenario. something he has been dealing with for a little while now. >> i thought, you know, i thought maybe it would go away. but kept going, it wasn't getting any better. at that point, i think figured there's something else going on. >> i'm joined now by nationals reporter for great news regarding espenoza. not leaving him for a long time, anyway? >> first of all, they'll have to see how this shot affects
5:53 pm
him. if he's able to really get some strength back in the shoulder. he felt like he's been a little slow getting to the ball. he hasn't been able to get to the ball, but he doesn't have the strength to really turn on pitches and get where he wants them. they'll have to see how the cortisone reacts. assuming all goes well, he's been a big power force. that batting order, a will lot of power potential. >> with no gain today, what does this do? does it throw them off their rhythm or good news? >> they aren't going to have a day off. yesterday was their last scheduled day off. it will give them another day to rest up. they missed the last four games. he is taking batting practice today, hopes to be in the lineup and ready to go tomorrow. it will give those guys another chance to rest. >> what we have seen from this ball club, the way it turned around, davey johnson, manager of the year perhaps? it's a viable possibility, but what do you think? >> it's definitely a
5:54 pm
possibility. davey has done a great job. there's a lot of talent in the batting order as well. but davey has done a nice job managing all the personalities and instilling a sense of confidence. they are out there every day, even when these guys are struggling. >> it's been so great to watch. so great to follow and report on as well. maybe even bryce harper, rookie of the year., we appreciate it. i'm kristen berset, back to you guys in the nice, dry studio. >> thank you, kristen. still ahead on 9news now, topper shutt tracking the latest developments in our storm report. we'll have live team coverage. >> and the story of enduring love. we're going to tell you the amazing amount of support they are both receiving. plus, obesity in america and we are pointing a dismal picture of health in america. we'll talk about it when we
5:55 pm
come back.
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5:57 pm
a shocking preduction in my health alert. if the current trends continue, more than half, 50% of adults in 39 states could be considered obese by the year 2030. it's an astounding increase from obesity rates today. two groups that tracked health trends in the country. the trust for america's health and the robert wood foundation
5:58 pm
company rely on state by state surveys to come up with this prediction. the burden won't just be felt by those getting heavier. >> between 48 and $66 billion per year in healthcare spending in the united states. 43 states will see a 10% rise in healthcare costs. nine of these states will see a rise of 20%. these are huge increases. >> the analysis offers a way to turn things around. heavier people reduce their bmi by 5%, millions avoiding obesity related diseases. and on the note of weight loss, we told you about the approval of a new drug, a new diet drug that offers a one, two punch in promoting weight loss. that drug hits the market today. >> i heard of other programs before, i've been trying to lose weight for the past ten years. >> amy is a montgomery county resident who struggled with
5:59 pm
losing weight and keeping it off. >> i find that whenever i'm stressed, i eat more. >> newest weight loss weapon is available through prescription starting today. it was approved by the fda in july and one of the most anticipated weight loss products in at least a decade. >> we haven't had a drug really in 13 years that has come out that is associated with more than a few percentage points of weight loss. this drug is actually been associated with 10% weight loss, which is a very big number. >> it is a combination of two active ingredients. topamax, which makes you feel fuller and fentramine, which suppresses appetite. >> patients are very excited about it. particularly in those that tried over and over again to lose weight without success. and do not want to have gastric bypass. >> amy says a new weight loss tool wall benefit her tremendously. but it is not in her


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