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tv   Today  NBC  September 22, 2012 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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>> jack hanna's "into the wild." brought to you by nationwide insurance and the columbus zoo, partners in conservation for over 30 years. >> hi everyone. i am jack hanna coming to you from my home at the columbus zoo. welcome to "into the wild." when it comes to wildlife destinations, south america is tough to top. it has it all. today we are heading deep into the jungle as we search for animals. >> wow! look at that! >> no! >> adventure. >> turn around and look at this. >> and always a few laughs. >> next on "into the wild."
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>> northeast peru in the heart of the jungle, the largest protected area in peru. it has a huge diversity of wildlife from prehi storic birds to the giant river otters and dolphins. we traveled here by way of a unique cruise ship. one of the highlights was the boat that we took. house boat. but i have never seen a house boat this tall. it was unique and neat. i have been to the amazon before but never that far up. it is like 200 miles up there, deep into the amazon. it was phenomenal. victor was our guide. how are you doing? i am jack. >> good morning. i am victor. >> what we were about to see, i
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had no idea that it ever existed in the world. we took off and went up to the ranger station which is right there. the check-in station. >> yeah. >> what do we have here? >> outside the ranger station little turtles that they were ready to release that day. >> what kind are these? >> fresh water turtles. >> these are endangered? >> this one used to be endangered. these turtles were almost extinct a few years ago until the rangers and the volunteers started working. there is a big, big number of them now. >> after checking in with the rangers we headed up the river. if we were lucky we might find pink river dolphins. >> i saw nothing.
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>> wow! look at that. >> no. dufind one? >> almost at the very top. >> right there. how did you know it had three toes? >> their body. it is much bigger the two than the three-toed. >> it looked like a bunch of leaves. >> this started moving for us. it was incredible to see how long these arms are >> wow. look. >> let me see. it is moving. >> perhaps the most active one i have ever seen in my life. >> really? >> you are looking right at me. >> that was a great find. great find.
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>> thank you. >> shortly after we saw the sloth in the tree we moved up the river. and saw commotion. i saw leaves and stuff moving in the jungle over there. >> you see? way up there. look. >> boy, you have good eyes. >> even as we were going up the river it was pointed out that they were go to show us some walking catfish. >> go see if they have a live walking catfish. >> look. >> wow. look at that. prehi storic catfish walking. >> here they were all of these walking catfish. we are talking like dozens. >> i can't believe they got that many. look at that. >> i had to see one walk.
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they took the catfish and put him on the floor of the boat. >> he is walking. see there? that is how they walk. they can't have enough rangers to cover this park. these fisherman know they can't allow poaching because it affects their livelihood and how they feed themselves. seems like victor spotted wildlife around every corner, but he wasn't done. >> there are no bats there. a little grove on the tree. that is amazing. look at that. a bat. >> now, are they going to stay there during the daytime? >> they are go to fly out in search of mosquitoes. >> that had to be the best camouflage i ever saw in the animal world. >> there is more. >> don't worry about it. >> they are not vampire bats. >> they are good bats. they feed on mosquitoes only.
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>> one the reasons we wanted to go there is to see the pink river dolphins. many people go there and never see them. >> we see flashes of them up there. >> you look over there. >> he will come up for air. >> and they told us the chance of seeing them, they would never guarantee it. when you hear that you probably will never see them. we came thousands of miles to see this. >> yes. >> and there it goes again. >> yes. >> right there moving its way to the left. >> you have to catch them though. >> right. >> coming up -- >> wow! >> they were so pink i couldn't believe it. >> oh, wow. >> next on "into the wild." [ thunder crashes ]
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>> the national reserve in peru is packed with wildlife. our guide, victor, has a keen eye for spotting hard to find animals but still haven't found the pink river dolphins. >> by the time you get there and get set up it is gone. we are talking like a second. >> he said by the time that you say something they are gone. >> yeah. >> i said this is how we will see them, this is not going to work too good. you know something, we have been up there so long we hit it lucky. >> look, ahead of us. really big. >> wow snmplet right there in front of us. they are coming right towards us. >> they were so pink they couldn't believe it. >> oh, wow! wow!
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>> i think i going to die. wow. >> one thing is the ridge on the back goes like this. it is not a fin sticking up. it is different to see that flat back on it. >> oh, beautiful. >> wow! >> they don't usually have that. only the first two weeks of their life, the newborn babies. it is a lot of work to protect the baby, the calf. >> it made our trip complete. we had already seen so much before. to add this to it, that was the epitome to see the pink river dolphins. >> after the pink river dolphins we decided for a quick pit stop at a nearby ranger station. this is the ranger house here, sue.
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>> victor, what are you doing back here? >> my gosh. >> look at this. >> can i feel them? >> yeah. go ahead. >> my gosh. those are like razor blades. >> that is right. >> do you want to try? >> no. i just finished breakfast a long time ago. >> i will try one tiny little bite. >> sue! >> if you want to live out here you have to learn to like this. my gosh, that is so good. >> my favorite part is the eyeballs. >> knock it off. >> so tiny. i ate the whole thi. >> delicious. >> and he said this is the best. that is interesting. i got to taste this.
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i said you are crazy. >> i want to taste it. >> sure, go ahead. >> you are nuts. >> it is good. it is good. >> wow. >> i think it is your turn, next. >> no jack's turn. no way. we will get ready in the boat. you finish your stuff. >> i will save the other eyeball for you. >> go ahead and finish them. >> how are you doing it? >> no. >> coming up -- >> what is it? >> unbelievable. >> what is it? >> unbelievable. >> next on "i'm done!wild." "are you a cool mom?" i'm gonna find out. [ female announcer ] swiffer wetjet's pads are better than ever. now they have the scrubbing power of mr. clean magic eraser so you don't have to get down on your hands and knees to scrub away tough, dried-on stains.
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>> we are visiting the national reserve deep in the jungles of peru. we have already seen tons of wildlife, including the rare pink river dolphin. up next our guide, victor, wanted to show us a giant river otter. >> there is the giant river otter. >> sure enough victor and them go giant river otter. i go that is not even funny. sure enough, there they were. >> right there. on the big log. >> that is an otter? >> yeah. >> i can't believe we are seeing it. >> wow. >> very rare. >> very lucky to see that. >> jack, they are moving. >> it is something that even up
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there with the pink river dolphin may be higher than that as far as how rare it is. >> that has to be so special to know that endangered animal is here. >> can you imagine seeing river otters and pink dolphins in the same day? >> no. >> there are only 100-200 in the world. >> they were already killed for the skin. >> yeah. >> they were all hunted. there are just very few left. >> look way down there and there is a pink river dolphin between the giant river otter. to see a giant river oter and a pink dolphin on that day is like winning the lottery. i don't know what the chances are, 1 in 1 million. i don't know. after that we decided to call it a day. on the way victor spotted something floating in front of us.
7:17 am
>> what is it? oh, no. >> a manatee. >> oh, no. >> it is a manatee. >> oh, no. >> i don't believe this, sue. >> unbelievable. >> look. we see a dead manatee right there there. perhaps there is only 120 left in the reserve. i don't know what happened. >> i can't get over it. >> it looked like a natural death. they do eat manatee there. it is a major source of food for people who live there. they are a very, very threatened animal in that part of south america. >> i have never seen manatees in the wild. >> you haven't? >> i haven't. >> never have seen a manatee in this reserve. >> that means that they are so rare.
7:18 am
>> but there is again an animal you don't see that many of. this national forest seemed to keep coming forthwith creators that are some of the rarest, if not the rarest on the planet. >> i never thought in a million years that i would see the pink river dolphin, river otter and a manatee. i bet you won't ever see that again. >> i have never seen the manatees in the wild. >> victor had to report it to the ranger station. sure enough as we come in there, these two guys or four of them. coming out of the jungle with these anacondas. >> my gosh. >> i don't believe this. >> it is huge. >> ask him where he got it. >> go up there to see the thing and that thing literally jumps out of the arms. i don't know how he did it. there are two guys holding it. >> oh!
7:19 am
geez! >> man, i tell you what, i jumped faster than i jumped in my entire life. i had been bitten before. i wasn't going to let it happen again. >> it is all crooked. >> i am surprised. >> you get it from the ground and get it from the head. >> once we had seen the anaconda they realized they were not go to get it. they put it on the ground there. >> three. four. five. six. seven. eight. nine. 10. 16-17 feet. a beautiful animal, isn't it? >> beautiful. >> boy. thank you. and conda. the last stop we had, because i am interested in villages. this was a place that nobody
7:20 am
went to. >> i know there are 10-12 families there. we have never been to this village before. we will surprise them. they will welcome you there. >> look at this. >> roberto. >> it just blew my mind how survival is something. the amazon river can rise feet in hours, even get to up where these things were. they can get up there. that is why all of these are on stilts for that reason and snakes and other animals. >> how long have they lived here?
7:21 am
>> 12 years. >> talk about how people live on less than a dollar a day, you can now understand it. >> here sue. look what she brought you. >> oh, sweetheart. gracias. >> you know i feel so fortunate. but then again, i know they feel fortunate because they are so welcoming, telling us about how they were cooking. you saw what they lived off of, the land. their medicines, their waters and foods. whatever it was, it was right there. very few boats ever get to go up here. we left there with a good feeling of how these people live. it is unbelievable how they can sustain life on so little. we all need to learn how to do that ourselves. i must say that after 25 years of doing television about
7:22 am
animals and traveling the world that this has to be one of the top 5 days of my life when it comes to the animal world. seeing the pink river dolphin, which nobody thought we would see. the giant river otter. seeing the birds and the sloths in the daytime. the list goes on and on. >> can you imagine seeing river otters and pink dolphins in the same day? >> no. >> on any of our trips around the world, wherever it may be, i am not the expert. it is the guys we meet there, like victor. they really make the show. this guy loves his job as much as i do what i love doing. i love it pretty much. he is one of the greatest guides that we have ever had. >> i think i am going to die. >> wow! >> thanks to victor and everyone there our trip was one of the most educational and
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certainly one of the most memorable trips we have ever had. >> coming up -- >> we are looking at everything that we can think of to find out why they are not breeding well. >> next on "into the wild." matt's brakes didn't sound right... i brought my car to mike at meineke... ...and we inspected his brakes for free. -free is good. -free is very good. [ male announcer ] now get 50% off brake pads and shoes at meineke. [ male announcer ] new icy hot arthritis lotion. powerful encapsulated menthol gets icy to dull pain, hot to relax it away. power past pain. in taste, freshness, and nutrition? easy. it's eb. eggland's best. better eggs. it's eb. we know where they'vr.
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has twice the everyday grease cleaning ingredients of one drop of the leading non-concentrated brand... ♪ [ crowd cheering ] clean 2x more greasy dishes. dawn does more. so it's not a chore. >> jack hanna's "into the wild" is brought to you by nationwide insurance and the columbus zoo, partners in conservation for over 30 years. >> if you love animals like i do you take the passion to heart through your actions. that is exactly what my friends at the columbus zoo have done with the many projects they support around the world. the columbus zoo is dedicated to preserving and protecting
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wildlife across the globe, in africa, asia and across the world supporting field work for otters. >> here at the zoo we have a breeding pair of otters and they successfully have had three litters. that is very important because otters, across the board, never have bred reliableably in zoos. we are looking at reproduction, diet, everything we can think of to find out why they are not breeding well. >> working with the conservation partner in peru, columbus zoo is supporting field research and education efforts to teach the locals that marine otters are a species meaning a healthy population means a healthy ecosystem. >> what is going on in peru, the otters are competing with the fishermen. they have not been looked at in 30 years. it was important to get a census because we know they are
7:28 am
starting to decline. with that decline we feel education is the key because the human population is getting larger and larger. >> thanks for joining me on today's adventure. from the columbus zoo, i am jack hanna. see you next time when we go "into the wild." production assistance is provided by -- woman: in 1990, in severn, maryland, the daughter of a clergyman was discovered by a music industry insider while pumping gas at a service station. the odds of her getting signed and spending 11 weeks at #1 on the u.s. singles charts? 1 in 19 million. the odds of this former church choir singer going on to sell 40 million records? 1 in 15 million.
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jarod: i'm jarod miller. all my life, i've been exploring the animal kingdom. sometimes it's tense, sometimes funny, but always amazing. now i want you to join me, because when it comes to exploration, it's best just to jump right in. [laughs]. [monkey screeching]. some people say that hollywood is for the birds, and today we're going to prove them right. i'm going to introduce you to an amazing array of performers that are also our avian friends. wendy: now, i want you to blow your bubbles. [wazoo the bird makes sound of bubbles popping]. telephone's ringing. [wazoo makes noise like ringing phone].
7:31 am
jarod: we're in westwood, california. i'm here with -- among a lot of birds -- including my friend, wildlife wendy. she's going to tell us all about what it's like and how you go about training birds for film, tv, and for live shows. wendy, how you doing? wendy: hi, i'm good. jarod: good to see you. wendy: welcome to my nest. jarod: i know, i know. wendy: this is kaspar. jarod: now, kaspar, kaspar is a cockatoo, right? wendy: a cockatoo. he is a smaller version of the normal size. they're usually a lot bigger, but he is full-grown. jarod: right. wendy: and he's very dramatic. jarod: someo's sending you a bill there. wendy: oh, this is chico. you're so fowl. come on, stop that now. jarod: he is fowl. wendy: he is. they all are. jarod: f-o-w-l. wendy: that's right. [laughs]. you're so funny. jarod: oh, you like that one. see, kaspar likes my jokes. wendy: that's right! jarod: now, kaspar's a cockatoo. he's a goffin's cockatoo, right? wendy: goffin cockatoo. jarod: they're one of the smaller varieties, you were saying. wendy: that's right. jarod: and like all psittacines, or parrots, very smart bird, right? wendy: i think the cockatoos are, hands down, probably one of the smartest birds.
7:32 am
he knows how to get out of every single cage i've ever put him in. jarod: really? [laughs]. wendy: he is very, very smart and devious, too, sometimes, but he's also very sweet and affectionate. jarod: now, wendy is known nationwide for not only the performing birds that she brings on, but also, too, you're a performer yourself. she educates the public throughout the country on not only, you know, the majesty of having these birds and working with them on a daily basis, but also, too, the proper care and really what it takes to work with such intelligent parrots. wendy: yeah. over the past 12 years, we've been touring around the country doing state fairs, festivals. we also educate at schools and libraries, and really bringing awareness and appreciation for these birds, and also people learning about them, and also how intelligent they are and how talented they are. kaspar, you want to play dead? phh! [jarod laughs]. look at that. but don't worry. he's going to come right back to life. there he is. jarod: there he is. in addition to all the education work that wendy and her birds are continuously doing and spreading that message, we're talking about animal actors, and some of these guys are, you know, they're famous bird actors. wendy: they are, they are.
7:33 am
kaspar was in 'being john malcovich' with cameron diaz and john cusack. and he's also currently on 'hip hop harry' on discovery kids, as well as chico the toucan over here. jarod: wow, look at him. wendy: yeah. jarod: so, anyways, what are some other things that he likes to do? wendy: well, as you know, he did the -- he spreads his wings on cue. jarod: like an eagle, right? wendy: yeah, he can wave. kaspar: kaspar. wendy: kaspar. he says his name. jarod: hi, kaspar. wendy: he'll shake hands with you. nice to meet you. [laughter]. wendy: oh, and he plays basketball. jarod: oh, let's watch this. wendy: this is cute. you know, we all... jarod: hey, i have that same basketball net in my backyard. wendy: can you reach the hoop, though? [laughs]. jarod: yeah, nothing but net. wendy: all right, well, kaspar is going to show you his version. jarod: okay. wendy: let's see. jarod: all right, kaspar, ready? wendy: uh-huh. jarod: he's a cheat. he can fly. that's cheating. wendy: we call it using your bird brain. jarod: he is using his brain. how big is a bird's brain, by the way? wendy: it's very small, actually. it's kind of like the size of a pea. i mean, these are all feathers, what you're looking at. jarod: right. wendy: their body is just so, so tiny.
7:34 am
jarod: can we have him do one more basketball shot? wendy: sure. i know he wants to do it. you want to do it again? he's like, 'well, i'll think about it.' jarod: you should name him larry bird. wendy: larry bird. [laughs]. jarod: he'll be awesome. wendy: he could probably teach larry bird a few things. come on, kaspar. 'i think i can do it.' there you go. sound effects: defense! nice, two points. [cheering/applause]. jarod: hey, josh. i just want to say i appreciate all the hard work that all you guys are doing. i'm giving you just a little, a little extra. all right, don't tell anyone else. don't spend it all in one place. hey, thanks, kaspar. saved me another buck. next on animal exploration... my attempt at a little affection takes a turn for the worse. and later, this parrot plays a joke on me. [ thunder crashes ] [ male announcer ] if you think all batteries are the same... consider this: when the unexpected happens, there's one brand of battery more emergency workers trust in their maglites: duracell. one reason: duralock power preserve. it locks in power for up to 10 years in storage. guaranteed. so, whether it's 10 years' of life's sunny days...
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just grab your portion and freeze inside ziploc brand freezer bags for unbeatable protection. ♪ perfect portions from ziploc. sc johnson. that's why i give them carnation breakfast essentials. it's packed with 21 vitamins and minerals and protein so kids get the nutrition they need to start the day right. carnation breakfast essentials. good nutrition from the start. but why doesn't it last? well, plaque quickly starts to grow back. [ dr. rahmany ] introducing crest pro-health clinical rinse. it actually keeps your teeth 91% clean of plaque even at 2 months after a dental visit. new crest pro-health clinical rinse. wendy: these are not in the parrot family. they're in a family called the soft bills. but you know what it is? it's hollow. it's built like a honeycomb, full of air pockets. so when he, like, nibbles on me,
7:37 am
it doesn't hurt at all. jarod: right. wendy: and they call them soft bills, because they actually eat soft food. jarod: okay. wendy: and i'm going to toss him a little of kiwi. and in the wild, they will actually toss fruit to their mates, a potential mate, as a way of kind of getting a date. jarod: you need to know the natural history and the natural behaviors of these birds and replicate it in captivity. wendy: that's right. and his disposition is very different from the parrots. where parrots are more perching birds -- they're happy kind of just sitting on one branch -- notice how he's constantly moving. jarod: he's constantly hopping. wendy: always hopping around. i mean, you want to hop around? boink, boink, boink. jarod: this guy is amazing. can i throw him a piece of fruit? wendy: oh, sure. jarod: all right. wendy: and i've got to bring this up. you know toucan sam? jarod: oh, yeah. wendy: the froot loop cereal bird? the song always went 'follow your nose wherever it goes, a beautiful smell.' jarod: right. wendy: well, this is not his nose. jarod: right. wendy: it's his bill. jarod: where's his nose? wendy: his nose -- look at those nostrils. jarod: wow, look right there. can you guys see that? those are his two nostrils in the back. wendy: those holes, those are nostrils, and they're for breathing and breathing only. he does not have a sense of smell.
7:38 am
in fact, none of these birds do. jarod: right. wendy: just the vultures. jarod: do they have a sense of taste, though? wendy: very little. jarod: okay. wendy: they have about 600 taste buds, where humans have 9,000. jarod: wow. now, a toucan has a really unique tongue. wendy: they do. jarod: it almost looks like, it almost looks like a blade of grass. wendy: a blade of grass or a piece of cable tie or something. jarod: wow, look at that. wendy: you know, he just kind of sticks it out to the side. i think he uses it for feeling. jarod: he seems very dexterous with it. wendy: he is. jarod: you know, just like our fingers, i mean, he grabbed that. here, wendy, throw this to me and see if i can do this. see, i can't even do that. i'll bet -- you guys should try that at home. i don't think anyone could really do that, but this toucan can do it with his giant bill. amazing. now, chico here, has he done any film work or any acting yet, or are you preparing him? wendy: he did do an episode on 'hip hop harry.' jarod: okay. wendy: kid's discovery channel. jarod: great. wendy: he's only a baby. he's three years old still. jarod: wow. wendy: they don't live as long as the parrots. [kaspar squawking]. oh, kaspar, we'll get to you in a moment. these soft bills live about 25-30 years. jarod: okay. wendy: and, you know, they also need a lot of room, a big cage, because they're so mobile. jarod: right. now, chico aside, we've got all these beautiful macaws behind us. we need to, we need to be introduced to everyone. wendy: they are feeling left
7:39 am
out, yes. we cannot slight you guys. you're absolutely beautiful. gilligan is a military macaw. these are both rescued birds. jarod: he seems very militant. wendy: yes, he's very militant. he is the drill sergeant of the family. she's the goofball. look at her flirting with you. halley is a catalina macaw. she's actually a hybrid. jarod: yeah. wendy: a cross between a scarlet and blue and gold. you want to do a flip, halley? sometimes the birds, you know, i train them to do tricks, and sometimes they come up with tricks all on their own -- and this was haly's creation. why don't you show us how you do your flip? there you go. jarod: wow. wendy: i wouldn't even think to train them to do that. jarod: did you train that one to bite? wendy: no. [laughs]. he came with that bite. jarod: oh, he came with that. wendy: however... jarod: yeah. wendy: come here. jarod, he really is the most dependable bird in our act. he can give you a kiss, too. [bird squawking]. just stand there, put your head up, and a big... [kissing sound]. there you go. jarod: so, how many pounds of pressure is in a macaw's beak? wendy: i think it's about 300 pounds of closing pressure. jarod: about 300 pounds right here. [bird squawking]. fan: oh, my god! i'm a huge fan. can i have an autograph? jarod: sure, let me find a pen.
7:40 am
fan: not you -- him. thank you. jarod: coming up on animal exploration, i have a little fun with my cameraman, but the last laugh is on me. and later, this bird has better math skills than me. wendy: what's 12 divided by 3? wazoo: four. i'm done! "are you a cool mom?" i'm gonna find out.
7:41 am
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♪ ♪ ♪
7:43 am
i'm bill loveless, sunday on "platts energy week," hard times for coal in the u.s. and what republicans are calling a th's sday l. jarod: now, macaws, they're big, they're beautiful. how about let's talk about vocabulary, because a lot of the trained behaviors that you demonstrate, obviously, everyone knows parrots can talk. wendy: right. jarod: is it really talking, though? wendy: it's mimicking. jarod: okay. wendy: as far as i'm concerned. i've never seen a bird really be able to carry a conversation. now, for example, they can say the appropriate thing at the appropriate time. when i'm walking out the door, my bird pepper will say bye-bye. what i did is, without even knowing it, i trained her that,
7:44 am
'cause i was always saying bye-bye. so she was basically beating me to the punch. jarod: right. wendy: and that's what a lot of it is. like, people think that they're having long conversations -- what are you doing? jarod: yeah. wendy: it's really not so. it's just they're mimicking. jarod: they're mimicking. wendy: and it's just the muscles in their throat that allow them to make these sounds, and it's really amazing that they can do that. macaws are not the best talkers. they're more squawkers, to be honest. [jarod laughs]. jarod: and screamers. wendy: yeah, in the show, they do a lot of the trick performing. jarod: can we see some of that? wendy: absolutely. jarod: all right, great. all right. wendy: ready? jarod: so, wendy, halley's going to show us a really cool trick? wendy: really cool trick. jarod: all right. wendy: in fact, very patriotic. she likes to say that she is proud to be an american. [drum roll]. wendy: there you go. jarod: ah, bless her heart. wendy: bless her heart. thank you, my darling. jarod: when you're training a bird, deciding what kind of behaviors you're going to mold, whether they're from another home, or if you rescue them from somewhere, or just one that you're raising yourself, they kind of have these natural behaviors. is it important to take upon what they're already doing and then enhance that with some shaping behaviors? wendy: oh, sure.
7:45 am
i mean, that's a lot of the times, the birds train me. i look at what they can do. and, for example, when halley did her flip -- kaspar is just very animated and likes to turn circles. so i thought, oh, that's kind of fun and cute. and it was really easy to get him to do on cue. obviously, i'm using a treat. it's a sunflower seed. they only get it when they're working, and just using it to kind of draw him to this, you know, to make him circle. and now i don't even have the sunflower seed, and see if he'll still circle. jarod: wow. wendy: so like that. jarod: it's amazing, 'cause it's part of its food reward, but then, because they're so intelligent, a lot of it is just you've got to make it fun for them. wendy: it is. it is fun for them. like i said, it's mental stimulation. and they love the praise. he loves the food, but i think he enjoys getting the praise and, you know, the love and affection. jarod: now, with training any bird, obviously, wendy, your number one, you know, bargaining tool is going to be food, right? wendy: absolutely. it's the best way to get the consistency out of the animal. we call it the primary reinforcer; and with them, it's
7:46 am
a sunflower seed. jarod: now, it works with birds. can it work with other animals, and people, and stuff like that? wendy: sure, sure, as long as, as long as it's a food that they like. jarod: matt, come here! this is matt, my sound guy. i want to see, you know -- he knows some stuff, but i want you to see if you can train him with some behaviors a little bit. wendy: we'll start with something simple. you like sunflower seeds, matt, don't you? oh, yeah. okay, just follow it, follow it, follow it. and there you go! piece of cake. jarod: way to go. matt: say, wendy, jarod's always making me look like a jerk. is there anything i can do to get back at him? wendy: well, as a matter of fact, you know what we do for the animals, actually, for the birds? for movie work, we put peanut butter in their beak to make them look like they're talking. matt: really? wendy: and they dub in the audio. matt: i think i've got an idea. thanks, wendy. wendy: no problem. jarod: hey wendy. wendy: hey. jarod: i've got a question. all right, so if i was a
7:47 am
hollywood director, and i called you, like, a couple of days ago, and i'm like, listen, i need a bird to say whatever, you know, and you need to teach this bird this, how quickly can you teach a bird to say a specific thing so they can use it on camera? wendy: well, we get that kind of call all the time. and the truth is you really can't train them to say something you'd want instantly. so, i'll show you the trick of the trade. this is what we do. we take peanut butter -- they love peanut butter. she takes a little bit -- and watch how that beak just moves. you can then dub in whatever sound you want. jarod: oh, yeah, her mouth is just going away. it's awesome. wendy: yeah, you should try some of it. it's really good. matt [over-dubbing jarod's mouth movements]: my name's jarod miller. i'm the animal exploration host, and i'm so cool -- not as cool as my sound man. so stick around for more animal exploration. exotic birds like these two are beautiful and entertaining. but having a pet bird, like caring for any pet, is a huge responsibility. wendy: there's so many things involved in taking care of birds, and most of them may not
7:48 am
be very obvious. jarod: and what might be even harder to figure out is when your bird is feeling a little under the weather. unlike most common pets, birds don't really act sick when they're feeling sick. wendy: the reason for this could be that they have a natural instinct that prevents them from showing any sign of weakness. jarod: if a bird is sick or unhealthy, he really doesn't want to show this off, because it would make him more vulnerable to a potential so if you own a bird, you have to be vigilant. if your bird looks like he's starting to get sick, he's probably been ill for awhile, and you should take him to the vet immediately. wendy: and, hopefully, you can catch the early warning signs before this happens, though the signs aren't very obvious. watch for changes in your bird's behavior, like more sleeping, and singing and talking less. jarod: if your bird sits for long periods of time with his feathers all fluffed up or cuts back on eating, he may have an illness. wendy: and if you have any concerns, you may want to seek an expert's opinion, because if you wait too long, it could be too late or very expensive. jarod: that's right. so be a good bird keeper and keep a close eye. and remember, your pet depends
7:49 am
on you. announcer: need more animal excitement? check out our website at jarod: when animal exploration returns, these sound effects are out the wazoo. wendy: hey, now you're scoring big on a video game. [wazoo makes sound effect like a video game]. nice. who are you, really? country? rocker? glam? take off that mask and see! clean makeup won't fake up... won't clog your pores so it lets your skin breathe. it lets you be you! flawlessly. clean makeup. from easy breezy beautiful. covergirl. [ male announcer ] sponges take your mark. ♪ [ female announcer ] one drop of ultra dawn has twice the everyday grease cleaning ingredients
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wendy: now, we all want to see the more traditional style of basketball. jarod: right, right. wendy: that you've probably seen in bird shows. jarod: sure. wendy: come here, handsome. now, the only thing that he doesn't know how to do... jarod: do you want me to take kaspar? wendy: yeah. jarod: come here, kaspar. okay. wendy: yeah, just shoo him off. the only thing that he doesn't know how to do is dribble. jarod: okay. wendy: see? traveling. but look it. jarod: he is traveling. wendy: that's right. jarod: wow! wendy: but still... jarod: that's awesome. wendy: very impressive. right. jarod: but if you get a call
7:52 am
from, let's say, a producer or a director, and they're like, 'okay, we need a bird to do a, b and c.' depending on the behavior, how long does it take to do that? wendy: it really, it depends on the bird and the trick. jarod: okay. wendy: what they're asking for. like i said, this took about two days with gilligan. jarod: mm-hm. wendy: this is something that took three months with halley, because look, it's scary, it's on wheels! jarod: right. wendy: oh, my gosh! jarod: what are you going to do? wendy: what is that? jarod: are you going to teach her to iron? wendy: but, you know, basically, i started by just taking seeds and putting it on the scooter... jarod: okay. wendy: she doesn't, you know, she's not so afraid of it. jarod: right. wendy: she's like, oh! jarod: it's all about association, like a good... wendy: and acclimation, yeah, getting them acclimated to something new. now she's like, ooh, let me see. i think i could drive this maybe. and, look. you know, within three months, three short months, we had her scooting all the way. jarod: but it was really like two months after the training wheels came off, right? wendy: that's right. [laughs]. this is something that he does in the show. he's going to go up that ladder, and he has a job. he's on a mission. oh, he's not done yet. what do you want to say? jarod: he looks like he's going to do something. wendy: yeah, he's on a... all right, it says, 'welcome to our show!' jarod: wow!
7:53 am
wendy: what i did, how i trained it, i didn't start him at the bottom of the ladder. i actually started him up here. jarod: right. wendy: and trained him how to unroll the sign. jarod: oh, so you just worked backwards. so... wendy: exactly. jarod: if someone said, 'i need a bird to unroll a sign,' so you train that first, and then you work on his entrance. wendy: and then you work him down here, so he knows where to go. jarod: so what's next on the docket? wendy: well, you know, people always want to know, do i have birds that talk? jarod: mm-hm. wendy: first question out of everyone's mouth. jarod: do you have birds that talk? wendy: i do, i do, jarod. in fact, well, she's -- oh, she wants to talk to us now. jarod: she's been talking the entire time. wendy: her name is pepper! jarod: this is pepper? wendy: she is 27 years old. i adopted her when she was 15, and she's, quite frankly, the diva of the family. so she has to have her very special goody popcorn. hey, pepper, would you like to say hello? pepper: hi, pepper! wendy: there you go. jarod: wow. wendy: very nice. now this took four years to get her to do this on cue. jarod: to get her to say, 'hi, pepper.' wendy: she said it all on her own when i first adopted her, but to get her on cue, that's a whole other story. jarod: right. wendy: yeah. jarod: now, to train a bird to go on cue for talking, i mean, obviously, you know, the food again. you reward her after she does it. but how do you get her to -- that's my question. i mean, is it all about like you give her like a command? or how does that work?
7:54 am
wendy: well, what it is, is you listen. jarod: mm-hm. wendy: and when they make a sound you like, you reinforce it with a treat they like. with her, finding the treat that she liked was the most challenging part. jarod: mm-hm. wendy: it started with dried papaya. it went through corn. it went through safflower seed. jarod: mike and ike's... then jolly ranchers, then... wendy: chocolate. just kidding. no, no chocolate for the birds. jarod: yeah, don't feed chocolate to the birds. wendy: but popcorn is her favorite, and now she kind of likes these as a nice little snack, too. and she's actually learning to sing. jarod: really? [pepper squawking]. wendy: all right! you want to sing? pepper singing: i'm a pretty bird! wendy: i'm a pretty bird. jarod: oh, that's nice. wendy: she wrote it herself. jarod: did she? wendy: yeah. jarod: she's a composer and a performer. wendy: yeah. ahh! wendy: anything else? pepper: ahh! wendy: there. [jarod laughs]. and that's all she does. and that's another thing, jarod. jarod: right. wendy: is that you can go out and get a parrot, but there's no guarantee you can train them to say whatever you want them to say. jarod: right. what movies did she do? wendy: 'mcbride, the chameleon murder.'
7:55 am
it was with john larroquette on the hallmark channel. jarod: oh, okay. wendy: okay. she's also been a winner on pet star on animal planet. jarod: really? right. [bird squawking]. wendy: i know, they're jealous. all right, this is wazoo. she's a congo african gray. jarod: now, i know, and i've heard, too, that congo african gray, best talking bird you can find. wendy: that's right. they do have the best natural ability to mimic. and she does -- not only does she do words, but she also does, like, sound effects and whistles. jarod: okay, great. wendy: what's your name? wazoo: wazoo. wendy: wazoo, telephone's ringing. [wazoo makes noise like ringing phone]. good. now there's someone at the door. [wazoo makes sound like someone knocking on door]. wendy: very good. can you call the doggie? [wazoo whistling]. yeah. hey, now you're scoring big on the video game. [wazoo makes sound effect like a video game]. nice. is there water dripping? [wazoo makes water noise]. i guess so. now why don't you blow your bubbles? [wazoo makes sound like bubbles popping]. there you go. [jarod laughs]. all right, let's give him a raspberry. [wazoo gives raspberry]. that was nice and juicy. jarod: that was a juicy one, wendy. wendy: open up a bottle of champagne. [wazoo makes popping noise]. very good.
7:56 am
give everyone a kiss. [wazoo makes kissing noise]. nice kisses. and are you excited? [bird in background squawking]. [jarod laughs]. somebody is. are you excited? wazoo: woo-woo! wendy: that's right. jarod: nice. wendy: do your chicken. [wazoo clucks]. good. how about a kitty cat? here, kitty! [wazoo meows]. nice. how about a monkey? [wazoo makes monkey sound]. very good. [jarod laughs]. and are you good-looking? [wazoo whistles]. jarod: now, you say wazoo is quite the mathematician, right? wendy: yes. in fact, i wonder if you know the answers. jarod: okay. wendy: hm, this should be tough. jarod: math's easy. wendy: okay what -- try division. okay, what's 12 divided by 3? wazoo: four. jarod: four. wendy: well, that's -- she's a little quicker than you. jarod: okay. wendy: all right, let's try something really tough, okay? what's the square root of 16? wazoo: four. jarod: four. wendy: isn't she good? jarod: okay. wendy: you're pretty good, too. jarod: okay. wendy: she's also learning spanish. jarod: okay. wendy: what does cuatro mean? wazoo: four. wendy: and do you like to golf? jarod: i do. wendy: oh, good. she can help you out. because what do you say if jarod hits the ball over a tree? wazoo: fore! wendy: that's right. [jarod laughs]. now, you want to finish up with a little andy griffith? [wazoo whistling andy griffith show theme song]. that's right. [laughter].
7:57 am
so she's a good girl, huh? jarod: she is good. we saw some incredible animals, but there's no substitute for seeing them in person. here's some other places you can visit. those birds were absolutely amazing. from riding a scooter, to singing, even playing basketball, it takes a lot of time and effort on the part of not only the birds, but their amazing trainers like wendy. thanks for watching. and remember, every day is an exploration. announcer: closed captioning provided by... matt's brakes didn't sound right... i brought my car to mike at meineke... ...and we inspected his brakes for free. -free is good. -free is very good. [ male announcer ] now get 50% off brake pads and shoes at meineke. [ male announcer ] new icy hot arthritis lotion. powerful encapsulated menthol gets icy to dull pain, hot to relax it away. power past pain. in taste, freshness, and nutrition? easy. it's eb. eggland's best. better eggs. it's eb. matt: i think i've got an idea. thanks, wendy. wendy: no problem. [laughter]. jarod: good one, matt. thanks, wendy.
7:58 am
[laughter]. fan: i'm a huge fan. can i have an autograph? jarod: sure, let me find a pen. fan: oh, not you -- him. [laughter]. fan: okay! oh. thank you. [jarod laughs]. good!
7:59 am
8:00 am
i'm anthony mason. >> i'm rebecca jarvis. here a few of the stories we're looking at on cbs "this morning saturday." a very taxing day for the romney campaign. ann romney has a scare in the air. her husband decides to release his 2011 returns. we'll look inside the numbers as early voting begins in the 2012 presidential campaign. >> mauling at the famed bronx zoo. a man leaps from a monorail into the tiger's cage. only quick action by zoo keepers may have saved his life. >> rarely do you get to see a random act of guidance. we'll tell you one by a canadian
8:01 am
bus driver that left his passengers in tears. ♪ fly me to the moon >> a living legend in the sky. the nation's longest serving flight attendant, served celebrities and presidents in a career that lasted more than 60 years. he'll tell us what it was like to fly so many miles that he could have gone to the moon back 40 times over. all that and so much more on cbs "this morning saturday," ptember 22, 2012. >> good morning, welcome to the weekend. nice to be with you. >> great to see you. we want to begin this morning with a scare on the campaign trail for mitt romney's wife ann. her plane was forced to make an emergency landing in denver on friday after the pilots discovered that the cabinet was filling with smoke apparently from an electrical fire. firefighters and police were
8:02 am
then there when the plane touched down. no injuries were reported. >> mrs. romney and her husband made good on a previous campaign promise friday. they released their 2011 tax returns. january crawfo jan crawford has the numbers. >> reporter: good morning. democrats have been making an issue out of romney's taxes since january when he released his 2012 returns in a preliminary estimate of his 2011 returns. democrats have been saying he should release more years of returns than that. romney is saying that's it. he points to the fact that john mccain only released two years when he ran four years ago. romney did provide a little more information yesterday to try to counter his critics. the 2011 returns totalled nearly 400 pages and showed what everyone knows. romney is rich and he pay as lot of taxes. romney made $13.7 million last year, almost all of it from investments. he paid $1.9 in federal taxes.
8:03 am
romney gave a lot to charity. $4 million last year or nearly 30% of his income. answering his critics, romney answered this allegation. >> the word is out he hasn't paid any taxes for ten years. >> reporter: romney released a 0 year summary by the accounting firm price waterhouse cooper saying romney owed and paid taxes every year. >> what an honor to be here with you. >> reporter: the tax returns were released while romney was campaigning. romney struggled to get his message back on the economy. he's been on the defensive all week over comments he made in a secretly recorded may fundraiser when he said 47% of americans who don't may federal income taxes are government dependents. that fueled criticism of his campaign, but in an interview with scott pelley for "60 minutes," romney said the buck stops with him. >> that was me. that wasn't the campaign.
8:04 am
i've got a very effective campaign. doing a very good job. but not everything i say is elegant. and i want to make it very clear, i want to help 100% of the american people. >> reporter: now paul ryan had a tough time yesterday. he was booed at the aarp convention in new orleans when he said a romney administration would repeel the president's health care reform act as a way of saving medicare. >> thank you, jan. let's take a closer look at campaign 22 now. for that we turn to john dickerson who is in our washington bureau. good morning, john. >> reporter: good morning. >> to start with, why release the tax returns now? pretty rough week for the romney campaign. were they trying to get this out waste? >> yes. he had to do it. the clock is ticking on this race. this has been a terrible week. why not just put all your bad news in one week, turn the page next monday. >> it is bad news for the romney campaign or what's the headline
8:05 am
coming out of this? >> you know, you're right bad news wasn't the right phrase. it's been an issue the democrats have been trying to stick him with and they keep bringing it up and when it's a slow day they can go back to this. this is an effort to take it off the table. the headline is, depends who you are, if it's deposition he only released one year and didn't release everything to his first passbook as a child. the republican news coming out of this political news is that he spent millions of dollars on charities and he has his whole life. one of the i wanting things he paid a higher tax rate than was necessary in order to conform with a promise he made on the campaign trail that he would never pay a rate lower than 13%. >> the romney campaign spent most of the week trying to get beyond the 47% remark he made in that speech to donors or potential donors. have they moved past it? paul ryan got booed yesterday. are they making ground here?
8:06 am
>> no. in states where they are stabilizing things and they tried a couple of things to put the president on the defensive. this tax story, you know, getting it out of the way that takes another day. the challenge here for the campaign, each day that goes by is to try to seize the news cycle, get back on track and they haven't done that yet. next week governor romney will start with a bus tour in ohio as they hope will kind of, again, turn the page, get back on his message which is the my and he's a better one to improve it. >> early voting is starting now in several states. cbs estimates 44 million, a third of all the ballots cast are going to be cast in these next couple of weeks before election. so what is that going to do for the candidates and does it benefit one over the other >> this is an important story. early ving is taking place in a lot of these important battleground states. so what to look for here is the campaigns will go into states to get their voters out, get their
8:07 am
votes banked and they can follow and track who has voted in the various areas, they know who is likely to vote for either democrats or the republicans. and be the point there sue don't have just one shot at them, one election day shot you have a multiple week shot where you can get people to turn out four. you'll see candidate travel pegged to where early voting is starting or where if it's already started the campaign thinks things are going slowly they need to get their team out. if they can get their supporters out they can shift message, shift resources to swing voters in that state or other states all together. >> john dickerson, thanks so much. tomorrow tonight "60 minutes" will devote the entire hour to both candidates for president. steve croft will speak to president obama, scott pelley will talk to mitt romney. demonstrators storm several parliamentary military installations including two belonging to the groups
8:08 am
suspected of having attacked the u.s. consulate. kris stevens was killed in that consulate. elizabeth palmer is in benghazi this morning. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. well it's a quiet morning in benghazi but that's an uneasy quiet after this citizens protest against the parra military overnight turned into a violent showdown. it started as a simple protest. the people of benghazi coming together to send a message to the armed groups who control their city, and who attacked america's consulate ten days ago killing ambassador chris stevens. the message is we had enough. overhead libya's military showed support for the crowd. things remained peaceful until after dark when core groups of protesters decided to enforce their message. they besieged several of the militia bases that dot the city and pushed them out.
8:09 am
then they got into their cars and headed out to the suburbs to the main parra military base and that's when things got ugly. in the case of forced entry, looting and the militia fighters melting away into the night there was shooting in all directions. there were casualties, that much is clear but we still don't know how many were wounded or killed. now we just learned that that base that was stormed may in fact have been the official libyan military base and arms depot. that shows you the level of confusion here. in a situation like that the confusion can very easily turn into widespread fighting once again. >> elizabeth palmer, thank you. the protests over that anti-muslim film go unabated more than after a week they began. this morning several people were injured in bangladesh when police and muslims clashed. on friday 19 people were killed
8:10 am
in pakistan. also on friday rallies were held in 12 cities around the world. joining us now is bobby ghosh. he wrote the cover story on last week's attack in libya. first it's been 12 days now since that attack. why is this still going on at this degree? >> good question. it's just that this is not spontaneous violence. groups that are involved, that organized the violence and brought it out into the streets and what we saw in pakistan overnight where 25 people were killed and violence, people coming late to these protests. last week it was mostly in the arab world. this week there's a sense in other parts of the muslim world more outrage. we're seeing that played out particularly in pakistan. >> pakistan should be one of our biggest allies in that portion of the world. is that a big concern and how big should it be. >> it's a concern for the obama
8:11 am
administration, not just pakistan but in so many other countries where we expect that the arab spring would bring, has brought democracy and that would make thing easier for foreign policy. it's made things more complicated. the problem sue have a weak government and different political groups that want to go out in the street and challenge their own government and they use a movie like this as an excuse to get out there and do this. >> something that's provocative. helps them provoke a demonstration. >> that's right. >> the state department has spent money here trying to do damage control, they put out some ads, $70,000 they spent. president obama appeared in one, hillary clinton as well. in your view is that a waste of time and money. >> because it's coming so late in the conversation, absolutely it's a waste of time and money. this is not is going to work when you react to violence that's already taken place in the street. what the state department needs to do, what the administration needs do is to be part of the conversation all the time.
8:12 am
pakistanis -- >> how do you do that? >> there are many ways of communicating and there's large budgets the state department has at their disposal. pakistanis shouldn't hear just from the obama administration after something like this has taken place. the united states is spending billions of dollars in aid in pakistan. pakistanis should be hearing about that pretty often, about all the good work that the united states does. when the pakistani receives something directly or indirectly that comes from american aid they should know about it and quite often they don't. so, yes, you want to do damage control. i understand the urge to do damage control but too little too late. >> then what for u.s. interests in the middle east >> get in the conversation. there are lessons to be learned. the main lesson is you can't allow extremists in any society ours as well as theirs to dictate the conversation. we keep saying where are the
8:13 am
muslim moderates and why don't they speak up. some of the responsibility falls on us as well. we have to be part of the conversation and they have to hear from us all the time. >> here in new york a man is in critical condition after he was mauled by a tiger at the bronx zoo. it happened on friday after the man lead from a monorail and landed in the tiger's pen. jim axelrod reports. >> reporter: it was a typical friday afternoon at the bronx zoo. a 25-year-old visitor to the park identified as david was riding mojo -- monorail when he climbed over the fence. >> he made a deliberate effort. he jumped from the car. >> reporter: he landed in a tiger exhibit and was attacked. fire extinguishers were used to scare the tiger off.
8:14 am
>> he was totally cognizant, followed their instructions. >> earlier this week he post ad series of photos of tigers and other wildlife. one with a quote we have more to fear from other people than from animals. he suffered puncture wounds to his back and broken bones and brought to a local hospital in critical condition. the tiger will be put back on display. >> the tiger did nothing wrong. did nothing wrong at all. >> despite the incident the zoo's direct orcalled at it good day because the ti gear is still alive. the victim is still alive. the staff responded exactly as it was trained to do. for cbs "this morning" saturday, i'm jim axelrod. >> become a global ritual, the new iphone hit the stores and the lines formed around the block. michelle miller is here with the latest with the i frenzy. >> apple stock close up $1.39 on
8:15 am
friday finishing at $709 on the new york stock exchange. good news for the company, perhaps better news for the nation's economy. the lines wrapped around apple stores worldwide. smartphone junkies anxious to be among the first be among the new iphone 5 shelled out cold hard cash. market watchers say it could fwuft economy by $3.2 billion. >> iphone 5 bumped the gdp by half a percentage point which is incredible. no other single product notified needle. >> reporter: pre-orders for the phone hit 2 million shattering records for the previous model. estimates for sales this weekend have hit 10 million. >> this is what people have been waiting for. 4g connection which is faster.
8:16 am
>> reporter: but like previous generations, the iphone 5 is not perfect. >> they booted off google map and put in their own map. it's not complete. a lot of errors. you got roads on the water. kind of a mess. >> reporter: this week competitors like market leader samsung tried to expose any chunk in apple's armor. it launched a series of commercial mocking the iphone frenzy. >> is that a samsung? >> it is. it's pretty cool. >> coolest phone anywhere else. the other companies are trying to fight back. >> reporter: bottom line, everyone from chip makers, accessory manufacturers, and telephone companies are sure to benefit from the rising tide of iphone sales. if their stocks go up in value, if you always say, rebecca that's also good news for anyone
8:17 am
with a 401(k) -- >> that's what we like. >> thanks. american airlines is apologizing to its special customers for extensive delays and the 300 flights already cancelled this week alone. the airline officials told advantage club members the reason delays are due to the increase in maintenance writeups by our pilots many right at the time of departure. our maintenance teams are responding appropriately to such reports which may cause interruptions in our schedules. american said it plans to cancel up to 2% of its flights through october and blames the pilots union for calling in sick. the union says there's no organized sick out or work slow down and joining us now is a travel reporter for "usa today." great to have you with us. so what is this? how is this going to turn out for american airline and for the passengers who are flying it? >> right. that's the big question everyone wants to know. this whole situation has started, there's no love lost between frankly any of the front line worker groups at american
8:18 am
and management. and the pilots are the most upset. it start when american voided their collective bargaining contract. the bankruptcy and pilots are not happy about it. now whether what's happening now is in response to that is it depends on who you believe. so, you know, i think it's really interesting. now for passengers, you say 2% of the schedule, 300 flights a week it sounds like a lot. that means two of every 100 flights. the chances it might affect your flight small. but if you're connecting to thrown and you need to be there for a wedding or something and you can't reschedule it's significant. >> what are the issues that are actually dividing the ownership and the pilots at this point? >> right now it's just, the pilots want new management. i talked to the pilots union yesterday and a spokesman said, they listened to all of their complaints. so what makes this better? the answer is a merger with u.s. airways which is what they've thrown their weight behind.
8:19 am
they dislike the management at american and have for a long time. i don't know that they can mend the relations and they are pushing a merger with u.s. airways. >> u.s. airways came to them in the beginning when american went bankrupt and said hey let's make a deal because they knew they had to have the pilots on board. happens for people who do have their flight cancelled? >> american, i think is starting to recognize both the actual problems for passengers and the whole pr mess right now. so they are allowing people to basically, they are giving refunds if your flight is cancelled more than two hours and now lowered it to one hour. you get your money back if you don't fly. >> can you fly another snarl >> you can fly earlier on stand by. if your flight is impacted they will do their best to put you on another airline. the other airline flights are full. party of three or four people there's only so much you can do. >> holiday season is coming up. should you book american? >> think again the chances are
8:20 am
small but if you need to be somewhere and you can't reschedule can't get there late it's something to consider. >> all right. thank you so much. capitol hill resembles a ghost town this morning. congress went home friday so members can campaign for the november 6th election. the earliest pre-election getaway in 52 years. democrats and republicans could not resist sniping at each other. democrats gathered on the capitol steps to complain they were only in session for eight days since they returned from summer vacation. >> dry lightning is expected today in oregon and washington sparking fears that even more fires could be ignited in a region battling nearly a dozen wildfires. thousands of firefighters have been working for weeks trying to contain the blazes. at least one firefighter had been killed battling the fires in washington. the fires have burned at least
8:21 am
180 square miles in washington and oregon. space shuttle "endeavour" is in los angeles for retirement. "endeavour" arrived on friday on top of a 747 jet. it will be moved on a flat bed truck to a museum in a few weeks. "endeavour" orbited the earth 25 times before nasa retired it and the entire space shuttle fleet last year. >> if you need an example of the perils of facebook, riot police were out in force in one small dutch town friday night to control about 30,000 people who showed up after receiving a facebook invitation to a 16-year-old girl's birthday party. reports say that she failed to mark the invitation private. it went viral and police were forced to move the girl and her family to an undisclosed location. come to my birthday party, sweet 16. >> who goes to a birr day party for somebody they don't know. i don't know. it's 21 past the hour.
8:22 am
>> hey my parents are going out of town. let me show you guys what we got. we got to talk about the first day of fall. we're changing seasons today. today is when the sun is directly over the equator. that happens at 10:49 this morning. equinox is a lain term for equal. we got on the satellite radar picture wet weather in south florida. good size system about 2,000 miles in diameter. spots around the wisconsin/minnesota border, little bit of light snow overnight. a possibility. here's what i got for that area. trenches cold, 20s and 30s from bismarck to waterloo. that's a quick look at the national weather here's a quick look at your weekend.
8:23 am
all right, everybody. make at it very happy first day of fall. anthony and rebecca, back over to you guys. >> coming up don't rush into retirement. practice it first. we'll tell you how to do that and how to fatten your nest egg at the same time. >> hamburgers, chocolate, pizza, a few of my favorite things but also the foods we crave most. with obesity rates soaring we look at what we crave and why we do and how to control those urges before you put your health at risk. you're watching cbs "this morning saturday".
8:24 am
8:25 am
some stories make you stop and think what would do i. a very heart warminger to to tell you about a bus driver on his route in winnipeg, canada. his bus was full of passengers when he saw a homeless man walking down the street.
8:26 am
what he did next brought tears to his passengers. >> he's with us this morning.
8:27 am
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
sheep in australia decide to go shopping. shepherd were escorting them when they took a wrong turn and ended up in a sporting good store. >> i'm surprised it's not the apple store. waiting in line for something. >> welcome to cbs "this morning saturday" i'm anthony mason. >> i'm rebecca jarvis. good morning. >> there are a few times in our lives when we get to witness amazing acts of kindness. our next story is one of those. a bus driver in winnipeg, canada brought his passengers to tear when is he stopped his bus to give a barefoot homeless man the shoes off of his feet. >> reporter: this bus driver was doing his job on tuesday just
8:31 am
like he's done every day for the past four years. for the 38-year-old who was born in boston and raised in new prince wick, canada this day was going to turn out differently. >> suddenly the bus driver yelled hey buddy. he got off the bus and went up to a man. >> reporter: that's when he took off his shoes and handed them to the homeless man who had been walking barefoot. >> one. ladies sitting in front of me got up and asked him or said to him that was the most amazing thing i've ever seen. >> reporter: so moved by what she had seen denise campbell wrote about it on a community news blog. from there it went viral. the story of the bus driver who literally gave a stranger the shoes off his feet have people talking every where and speechless. the winnipeg homeless shelter heard about the story and has been looking for the man who received the shoes. so far without luck. >> the good news about this story is that there was somebody in need, and whether they were down on their luck or homeless or whatever, somebody took the
8:32 am
opportunity to make a difference in that person's life. >> reporter: and chris doubleday and the mayor of winnipeg are with us. welcome to you both. thank you so much for coming down and being here this morning. chris, let me start with you. what about this manmade you stop your bus? >> i'd seen him the day before, and there's nothing i could do at that time. and usually when i get up in the morning, i have a few rituals. one was if i see somebody in need or with a disability i ask the lord to help them out. second act, there was something i could do at that time, i was pulling up, the light was red, downtown, and i seen the gentleman walking across the street. and in his bare feet. you could tell, you know, being two days that he was sore. so i just put on my four ways and pulled the bus over and asked the guy where's your
8:33 am
shoes. he said i don't have any. i said if i give you a pair of shoes will you keep them so i gave him mine. >> you get back on the bus. all the people are watching you with tears in their eyes. >> didn't know. i wanted to finish up my route and get back to, get back to transit unnoticed hopefully. >> you weren't looking for attention for doing this. >> no, not at all. not at all. >> mayor, you heard about this. you wrote him a letter. what did you say? >> well, i think you have to appreciate that's an act of compassion that probably raises the bar to a brand new standard. and, you know, it should make us all, you know, think about what others are going through and trying to give somebody a hand up. winnipegers are known for their compassion. we're the highest in volunteer and giving. what chris did is phenomenal. everybody is talking and thinking how they can do more for others as well. he's a hero in my eyes and proud
8:34 am
to be his mayor. >> and in ours. what else in your community mayor are your seeing as an outcome. are people lining up to do acts of kindness. >> people are talking about it. psychologically people realize if this is what chris did maybe we can do more. in reality we can do more. chris is a true inspiration to winnipegers and many more because of you who are basically telling his story and it was done just on the spur of the moment. >> have you tried to find this man? >> i haven't had time, but i haven't seen him since, you know. i just haven't seen him again. there's thousands of us work at transit and each one of us would have done the same thing. >> we don't know where he is at this point? >> i have no idea. >> what is your hope for him w now? >> i hope i directed his life. maybe it can make his life
8:35 am
easier. >> chris doubleday and the mayor thank you so much for being with us this morning. great story. >>. now we want to turn to lonnie quinn with another check of our weather. >> let's talk about where i see dynamite weather. 70% of our country will do just fine. northern great lakes low pressure system spinning in cool air for places like minnesota but some pretty good wet weather from albany down to say charleston, west virginia will be a wet day. then go down here to south florida. this all part of a big cold front that's offshore and that front is making a move to the northeast. you're thinking even though there's rain in florida, moving to northeast that will be clear. look at the tail. it goes down the yucatan. wet day for south florida. fall begins at 10:49.
8:36 am
a little over three hours from now. quick look at the national picture. here's a closer look at your weather for the weekend. make it a great days rebecca. coming up next there's always been one rule as you prepare for retirement. >> how much is left of the nest egg? >> nothing. give or take a thousand. >> give or take a thousand? >> yeah. >> listen, listen -- >> i feel like i'm in the twilight zone. >> we'll tell you how to
8:37 am
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♪ millions of baby boomers are heading into retirement and some are fining out that it is harder to dothan expected. our senior financial adviser came up with a clever idea. why not practice your retirement so you're fully prepared when the time comes. she's here to explain. great to have you with us. good morning. what is practicing retirement? >> practicing retirement is first and foremost about protecting your 60s. making sure that you enjoy every year of that decade. so how are you going to do that if you're behind either financially or emotionally you're not ready to retire. so practice retirement is all about starting to play, starting
8:41 am
to retire before you stop working. >> you do both at once? >> you do both at once. >> you have to have significant savings already to do this. >> it helps if you saved four to eight times your salary by the time you're 60. that's ideal. why? then through the decade of your 60s you will be able to replace ultimately 75% or so of your salary. >> part of your idea is you divert funds that would have gone into your 401(k) to spending on life in the 60s. the question then becomes, those what happens if the market tanks, if you god forbid lose your job or get sick. >> well, if the market tanks you're still going to have social security on your side. social security does not depend on market conditions. social security goes up every year you wait by about 7% to 8%. >> which is one reason in addition to the market and job market why people are waiting
8:42 am
longer and longer to retire. >> why people ought to wake up when it comes to taking social security. if that's the kind of boost you get for every year you wait you ought to think seriously about when you take it. >> it's worth it. seems kind of counter intuitive to spend this money before you retire, right? >> you're putting time on your side is really what you're doing. it's not about the spending, it's about the time. when you give yourself time for the nest egg that you did accumulate to continue to compound and potentially grow, depending on how the markets do, and you're waiting to take your social security, which is going up by about 8% every year that you wait plus inflation. so putting those two together and then thinking about the fact that contributions don't have the same impact if they don't have time compound. >> what about catch up contributions? you hear conventional wisdom is if you're not saving enough for retirement over multiple years
8:43 am
then once you get into your 60s that's the time to do contribution catchups in your 401(k) zmipt be. we're not saying you shouldn't be contributing. in fact if you're going to get a match from your employer, absolutely you contribute at least that much. and people are different. some feel uncomfortable not continue to contribute. >> so you look at your own individual situation. >> everybody is different. >> thank you. appreciate it. ever had a day when you really craved something sweet? >> believe it or not twinkies have an expiration date. some day very soon, my twinky gauge will go empty. >> when we return how to control those cravings so you can keep your weight in check. you're watching cbs "this morning saturday". energy bill down to size?
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right. the ones from oregon that are only ripe for two weeks the year. >> yeah. i waited all year for this. oh, this is fantastic. makes your taste buds alive. like having a circus in your mouth. come on. take a taste. >> i don't want it. >> take a taste. >> don't want it. look at this table of temptation. people can't control their cravings for food whether it's
8:48 am
fruit or cake or candy are in danger of putting on weight. it's predicted half of americans in 39 state will be obese by 2030. is there a way to control your food cravings. joining us from chicago is dr. daniel ahen an award-winning psychologist author of "use your brain to change your age." first of all why do we get these cravings to begin with? >> initially they were to help us crave thing we needed. but that was a long time ago. food has been hijacked by flavorists that they know how to put together certain combinations of fat, sugar and salt to actually work on the morphine centers of your brain and they can be totally addictive if you are not careful. >> for the people who are capable of turning down cravings, is it that they have fewer of them or is their brain programmed differently or what
8:49 am
is it about these people who, for example, go carb less or don't eat saturated fats that differ from somebody like me who does eat them and craves them. >> you just talked about obesity. a more a person's weight goes up their pleasure centers go down. so if you don't become vigilante on what you actually put in your body they can really get away from you and get out of control. >> so how do we actually battle these cravings. what are we supposed to do? >> okay. a couple of things that are really important and it starts by getting at least seven hours of sleep at night. people who don't get that much have lower blood flow to their brain, which means they are going to make more bad decisions. you start the day with breakfast, but have some protein in the morning because what protein does is it helps balance your blood sugar throughout the day. you also, people think of artificial sweeteners as free. but what we've seen is they
8:50 am
actually activate cravings, and in studies rats who were given artificial sweeteners versus sugar actually gained more weight. there's also some supplements, green tea, chromium can be helpful. but the most important thing if people actually stop using foods that trigger their cravings so think of sugar and pastries is stop using things that trigger them. >> you'll grow out of enjoying them. as far as men and women go, do they crave differently? >> they do. we just did a study in comparing the brains of 10,000 males and females and female brains are just much busier, much more active. they are going after sweets more than men because we find that raises the chemical called
8:51 am
serotonin. >> if you deny yourself cravings for long enough will eventually they disappear? >> you know, sometimes it actually happens very fast. in as little as three or four days. if you start, you know, getting rid of the bad food in your diet, is your taste buds begin to come back and you stop craving or thinking about food. what's really crazy is, you know, i love my grandchildren long for them. but food cravings actually get into the same part of the brain so people begin to long for things like chocolate or blueberry muffins. and just because ate blueberry muffin, we know blueberries are good for the brain, blueberry muffins are not good for the pran. people lie to themselves all the time. >> i figured that out. thank you for being with us this morning. >> kind of like carrot cake.
8:52 am
snowboard get your carrots in there. >> coming up next why you might want to change your atm pin code. >> 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. >> stupidest combination i've heard in my life. the kind of thing an idiot has on his luggage. >> what's the combination >> 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. that's amazing. i have the same combination on my luggage. >> that and other stories behind the headlines when cbs "this morning saturday" returns. we continue to accept express scripts and medco plans.
8:53 am
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here's my mocute. routine. then new activia breakfast blend. a great way to help start the day. it's hearty with twice the protein of regular lowfat yogurt. mmmm... new activia breakfast blend. time for a look behind the headlines and a few stories you might have missed this week. most popular atm pin codes. cracking your code can be as easy as one, two, three. when it comes to selecting
8:56 am
passwords people show an extreme lack of imagination. 11%, 11% chose one, two, three, four. the next popular code four, one, one, one. more than 25% of passwords could be guessed by using a combination of just four numbers. >> that's really embarrassing. number two, new jersey bans smiles on driver's licenses. smiling interferes with the states new facial recognition software. the motor-vehicle department is asking people from the garden state to removes wide-open. >> driver almost eaten by a giant fish. the diver goes to grab his catch and a much larger fish appears out of nowhere and snactches it. diver doesn't give up. but he loses the battle. luckily he's okay.
8:57 am
the other fish not so much. he's food. >> almost fish food. we'll be right back. [ harry umlaut ] here we go.
8:58 am
8:59 am
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