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tv   News 4 at 5  NBC  September 24, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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>> not just for the zoo, but for all the people that come here tosee the pandas. >> that's pretty sad, because they go through a lot of work to get a baby panda. and here one is taken away just like that. >> it's sad to be just born and last a few days anthere's so much patiantici. >> may shonn is under 24 hour surveillance. she is found cradling a toy. she was a good mom. in fact, the only thing dr. murray can rule out with any certainty is the cub was not crushed to death. there is one other silver lining. >> if we can determine what caused this death, then we'll be able to help prevent future deaths in the future and it will help not only take care of our pandas here in captivity, but worldwide. so that is the silver lining. >> the panda house just behind me is closed to the public. it will likely stay that way for at least another week. but zoo officials say it will be two weeks before an official
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cause of death can be determined. at the national zoo, i'm quest kristin fisher, back to you. >> very tough time. our team coverage continues now live from the national zoo. that is where we are joined by the zoo's associate director of animal doctor. thanks for chatting with us. what we know about the condition, fluid in the abdomen, abnormal coloring of the liver. what do these things mean and do they tie into things that baby pandas might have? >> we don't really know. we'll know more in a couple of weeks. we sent the fluids from the abdomen as well as the tissues from the liver for more analysis. >> do we know the gender of the cub for certain now? >> we're 99% sure that it was a female based on the gonads. we have to look at the cells
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from those organs. >> okay, do you have a sense of why in captivity or in the wild infant mor mortality among the giant panda is so high? >> actually, only about 20% for females and 25% for males and we really don't know what the mortality rate is for other bears. so the wondrous thing about this is that we were able to watch a panda birth and then mother rearing with the technology that we have. it's amazing that we were able to do that. >> it is amazing. i was wondering if you could tell us anything about the condition ofhe mother panda. people use the word grieving. is that accurate to say that the giant panda is grieving? >> well, you know, we are just starting to learn about animal
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emotions. the scientists has defined animal emotions and we know that one of the emergent emotions is love and the other emergent emotions might be grief. and we certainly see that with elephants and other intelligent animals. bears are intelligent mammals and i would expect that is some form of grieving. >> how about the future of the giant panda breeding program at the national zoo? she may have a few good years left. is this something you can try again next year? >> sure, it's a good question. just as the american government owns bald eagle, the chinese government owns all the giant pandas. and so certainly the future of this program and the future of this bear is up for discussion with our chinese colleagues. >> all right, dr. don, thank you for your time today and we look forward to more information so we can understand better what went wrong for this giant panda and her new cub. of course we were all very excited, like i'm sure you were
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at the national zoo. >> yes, thank you for being concerned with us. >> all right. we move on to tragedies for three teenagers who were headed to school this morning in fauquier county. the car they were in crashed on route 644 and that left 16-year- old ian hefflin dead at the scene and his 14-year-old sister seriously injured. a third teenager lost control of the vehicle and slammed into a tree. he was not injured. some bad apples at bollou high school triggered a big problem. before it was all over, there were hospital transports and a few angry parents. our bruce johnson was dispatched to ballou to sort all this out for us. >> reporter: one of those stories where it looked worse than perhaps it really was. emergency responders from the d.c. fire department were dispatched in mass to ballou senior high school in southeast today. >> we had hazmat students come
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in. >> three students were sent to hospitals. after eating apples that had been supplied by their teacher during class. >> hazmat unit tested the apple. >> this parent was called to the school to pick up her sick child. >> i have a big problem with it. >> what do you think? >> teacher shouldn't have brought in apples. >> students said it was a spanish class. they had good things to say about the teacher. there were 25 students in the class. most did not become ill. >> what was the reason for bringing the apples? >> because she got them off her farm. >> she was share something. >> yeah. >> they were good. >> volunteers said food is brought to the school all the time and there are some guidelines. >> the school has promoted healthy eating for all of the kids. but the thing is, they aren't allowed to bring any junk food, any sodas. >> there was still no official word on what caused the students to become ill. bruce johnson, 9news now.
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the fire department says none of the kids really appeared seriously ill. so that's good news there. absolutely, anita. should maryland utility companies be allowed to collect a surcharge from you, their customers, during the 24 hours after a major power outage? that is something now under consideration by the state's public service commission. andrea mccarren sat in on the hearing this afternoon to tell us more. >> reporter: is this a matter of principle. as one commissioner said, charging customers a special fee when they are sitting in the dark without electricity is like pouring salt into their wounds. despite the chaos that ensued in many parts of the state after june's duracho, maryland's utility company say taking away their ability to collect the surcharge to the first 24 hours after a storm is an unfair penalty. >> there are fixed costs that still have to be covered. again, the commission looked at this last year, after hurricane
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irene. they made a decision this january that it was appropriate for the utilities to collect for the first 24 hours. after that, it wasn't. >> lawyers for the utilities point out the surcharge only kicks in when there has been a major outage affecting at least 100,000 customers. and they need the extra fee to help balance losses. it's an estimated 49 cents for each bg and e customer. >> it isn't everyone the number of dollars. it's the idea that the customer has had tremendous damage that occurred. >> residents argue they lost money, too, on unrefrigerated food that spoiled. meals out, hotel and pet care costs, along with gas generators. >> the customers have to then say, oh, by the way, not only are you going to get the company, you have to pay the company the amount you didn't receive. >> no one is sure how soon the commission will make its decision that could be a matter of weeks or months.
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hopefully, before the next big storm. in baltimore, andrea mccarren, 9news now. >> one of the energy companies noted that montgomery county residents pay a monthly energy fee, but no one raised questions about that. >> mitt romney was on 60 minutes last night and he insisted that his campaign does not need a turn around. and today, the republican presidential nominee plowed ahead with his economic message and hit president obama for comments he made on that very same program. tara with more from the white house. >> derek, nationally the race remains tied. the push is on now to win over voters in key battleground states who can help swing the election. hundreds of flag waving supporters greeted mitt romney's plane as it taxied to a rally in pueblo, colorado. >> mitt romney. >> reporter: the gop white house hopeful is looking for votes in the battleground state, where a new poll shows president obama with an edge. >> the american people cannot
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afford four more years of barack obama and that's why i'm going to become the next president of the united states. >> romney pounced on the president's 60 minutes interview where he used the phrase, bump in the road, to talk about recent events in the middle east. >> these are not bumps in the road. these are human lives. these are developments we do not want to see. this is time for the president who will shape events in the middle east, not just be merciful or be mercy of the events in the middle east. >> the white house pushed back against any suggestion president obama was characterizing the deadly attack on the u.s. consulate as a bump in the road. >> that assertion is desperate and offensive. the president was referring to the transformations in the region. >> the president's campaign is rolling out a new ad attacking romney for saying 47% of americans who don't pay federal income taxi themselves as victims. >> maybe instead of attacking others on taxes, romney should
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come clean on his. >> ad is airing in ohio, where paul romney is launching a campaign bus tour. and the first of three presidential debates is set for october 3. at the white house, i'm karen, derek, back to you. >> looking forward to that. thank you. president obama is in new york where tomorrow he will address the u.n. general assembly and the clinton global initiative. mitt romney will speak at the clinton global initiative tomorrow. >> still ahead, out of the woods? residents try to save the last remaining section of forest in tyson's corner. >> we'll let you know the if the kids need a jacket for the bus stop. up next, a new study could lead to major breakthroughs in the way women are treated for breast cancer. our health alert is next.
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jth topping our health alert, new genetic findings on how breast tumors are the same and how they are different could change treatment in the future. >> tonya was just turning 36 when she found a lump in her breast. it was stage 2 cancer. >> from the time i was diagnosed until now, i say i'm going to be okay. >> a year after her surgery and chemotherapy, new research could give doctors insight into what caused her ma malignancy.
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they were able to separate cancers into four distinct types. each of those types reveal unique genetic road maps to what drives the cancers to grow. >> when we look at a woman's tumor, we can ideally identify the causes of her tumor and then give her the therapies that target those particular causes. >> one of the most significant findings involves the aggressive type of breast cancer mingo had, known as triple negative. >> these women have a higher risk of recurrence or a higher chance of their cancer coming back. >> cancer cells are genetically more similar to ovarian cancers than other breast cancers which could mean ovarian treatments are the better therapy. in the meantime, doctors describe the findings as stunning. a giant step toward understanding the root causes of breast cancer. >> the study published online focused on early ma
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malignancies. the whole project is called the cancer atlas. through which scientists are trying to unravel the weaknesses, the weak spots of 20 different kinds of cancer. tonight on 9news at 11:00, join me for a medical mystery that has consumed a local man's life. his body suddenly starts to change and morph, kind of like the incredible hulk. >> people will get past the swelling, swollen hands, swollen face. it can be fatal. >> what brings it on and his best shot at controlling this mysterious disorder. join me for this health alert tonight at 11:00, lesli. the new york city department of education is making the morning after pill available to high school girls at 13 city public schools. now under this catch pilot program, girls as young as 14 will be able to get the plan b emergency contraception without their parents permission. notices are going home to parents with information about how their daughters can opt out. the speaker of the city council says she supports the program
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because high school students are sexually active and they are getting pregnant. not everyone agrees. >> you have to opt in to donate your organs, okay? you have to opt in. parents need to opt in with informed consent. this is not just giving a condom to a young person. this is talking about a chemical hormonal drug cocktail. the parents have a right to know. >> and we know that in new york city public schools, about 40% of young people are sexually active. and while we totally encourage them and believe it's so critical that they talk with their parents. not all young people can or feel they can. yet they are sexually active and looking at how we can protect these young people. >> new york city schools already distribute free condoms to kids. gentleman. >> oh, yet another wonderful day in the neighborhood out here. in fact, everybody's neighborhood. >> everybody's neighborhood, exactly. now it is clear, as you can
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see. >> no clouds at all. >> it's dry, no hair day. temperatures are going to fall like a stone. get a light jacket. >> i did bring a jacket just for them. let's take a live look outside to our michael and son weather cam. we're looking at a crystal clear evening. just fantastic. now the temperatures are in the 60s, okay? 68. and the dew points are the in 30s. this is the first time this season we've had dew points in the 30s. sot air is getting dryer and dryer and that means it's going to get colder and colder. winds will calm down. right now westerly at 10 and the pressure rising 30.16 inches of mercury. with the dew points in the 30s, clear skies, probably our coldest night so far. i may have to adjust the temperatures. may be too generous with the temperatures. pretty quiet. a little disturbance. we have a disturbance in the central plain states. that will be a cold front that will approach our area on
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wednesday. and play cat and mouse with us on thursday and friday. and that means some unsettled weather thursday and friday. now we're in good shape right now. clear skies. it will stay generally clear tonight and have mostly sunny start tomorrow. temperatures in the 60s. 68 in rockville. 67 in great falls. a little bit below average. 66 in vienna. 65 in college park and 66 out in bowie. all right, still like fall. chilly again tonight. sweater for the kids at the bus stop. no doubt about that. grab the sunglasses for tuesday and it will be warmer on wednesday. a little touch of summer, in fact, by the middle part of the week. for tonight, clear skies, chilly, open the windows, but not too far. the only thing keeping lower than that would be the southwest winds. by morning, mostly sunny and breezy with a chilly start. get a jacket for the kids. 40s and 50s. winds will pick up a little bit southwest 10 to 15. that's a warmer wind. by afternoon, a very nice day.
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partly cloudy, breezy, milder. highs around 75 and winds continue southwest at about 10 to 15. tough day to beat tomorrow. so the zone forecast, we're going to get oakland in the low 60s it looks like. about 70 in cumberland. mid 70s hagerstown, martinsburg, and winchester. culpeper, upper 70s tomorrow. leesburg, 75, 76 in fairfax. 76 downtown. mid to upper 70s into southern maryland. 76 by the water for annapolis. and a small craft advisory goes into effect tomorrow evening. that said, it will become choppy by tomorrow afternoon as the southwest winds pick up. go up 270, boom, you are in the mid 70s. a fantastic afternoon tomorrow. so, the day planner, 46 to 56 to start. that's chilly. 68 to 72 by noon. that's nice. and then 72 to 76 by evening. that's great. next three days, green, green, and green for our 9 weather
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alert codes. nice tomorrow, 76. we got a shower or thunderstorm in on wednesday, but temperatures go back in the low 80s. low 80s are going to be a thing of the past. so enjoy the warm weather. a couple showers possible, not a big deal. showers possible, 35 as a frontal boundly remains. the frontal boundary remains on friday. some showers are possible on friday with a lot of clouds. got the ravens playing thursday night in baltimore. temperatures probably in the 60s, but showers a possibility. good news is, less of a chance north of town. then we get into the weekend, we might see a nor easter on saturday and sunday. rain and showers possible on saturday. rain and showers should end on saturday. 71 on sunday. and the nat in town on monday, maybe a shower. temperatures in the low 70s. take you up to lake michigan. check this out. this is a waterspout, which is a tornado over water.
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violently rotating column of air. i don't see any boats around, but kind of cool. that's kind of cool stuff. not too often you see lake michigan, calming down in the south. so, there you have it. going out tonight, you'll need a jacket, but it's spectacular. >> love this crisp, fall weather. >> look at that weekend, good grief. time to tweak that. >> let's hope for that. okay. coming up, a flight attendant and police officer both have explaning to do after a gun goes off inside a busy airport. >> but up next, firefighters are struggling to contain a growing wild fire that has already destroyed homes and forced evacuations. we'll be back.
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a wild fire in san diego is now destroyed 20 homes and damaged ten more. the flames erupted yesterday in california. that's a rural area in the southeastern section of san diego county. now, that fire has spread to 2,000 acres. people who live there are under mandatory orders to get out. firefighters are worried the high winds today could fan the flames even higher. what caused all this?
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we don't know yet. >> for the third time in one week, officers seized cocaine out of dulles international airport. here's a picture. it's the latest bust of a got guatamalan character. they found six pounds of koa tan hidden inside blocked sugar and soup mixed packages. the bust comes on the heels of two other seizures from two other carriers. each was let go, sent back to guatamala and banned from returning to this country for at least five years. a gun accidentally goes off. a flight attendant is sited for putting that gun through a check point. investigators say the flight attendant forgot to take a gun out of her purse before leaving for work. they noticed the gun when it was being screened and they called police, but the gunfired when the officer was unloading it. nobody hurt, the flight
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attendant did have a permit for that weapon. the officer is now being retrained. a plan to build a walkway for metro to the walter reid national military medical center got a big boost today. members of maryland's delegation presented a $40 million check for a new pedestrian tunnel. now that underpass will eventually provide a safer way across rockville pike for commuters and visitors who use the medical center metro station to get to walter reid. >> coming up, a handful of students never get to class after their bus crashes on the way to school. also ahead, an organization helping those down on their luck get back into the work force. we'll have one man's story in today's hero central. i'm peggy fox in tyson's corner where the last remaining woods are under threats of being turned into a road.
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the last major green space in tyson's corner is under threat from what else? development. >> fairfax county is setting a plan to build a four lane through it, even though the parkland should be protected. peggy fox has more from tysons. tom and his dog walked the maintained trails through
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courthouse spring branch park every day. he is now part of the civic association coalition, 2,000 homeowners strong lob big to save what many thought would never be touched. >> the road would be right here next to the stream. a continuous chipping away at the woods, until the woods are gone. once they are gone, they are gone for ever. it would be a shame to lose such a beautiful little set of woods in the middle of tyson's corner. >> the massive tyson's redevelopment plan will make the area more dense with high- rises around the metro rail, bringing 100,000 new residents. transportation planners trying to pro vent gridlock want to build another exit from the dulles toll road and one of three preferred options cuts right through the park. >> if you don't have the street, it floods. >> whatever you felt here, the roadways, the buildings, the houses, the highway if you are connecting it to. that's what it is about. that's what flood prevention is about. >> pam, president of the
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greater tyson's green civic organization says considering option three goes against the county's comprehensive plan. >> reason the county even owns these woods is because a number of property owners deeded it to them over several years. with the understanding that the woods and the stream would be for ever protected. >> cap oliver's wife's family needed 18-acres of the park back in 1978. >> the expectation that this stream and this parkland would stay here for all generations so that people could walk through. there's lots of people who walk through here. >> the fairfax county park authority is also opposed to option three and so is chairman sharon bulva. >> i agree with the rest. it's not a good option. and however, when we are seeking federal funding for transportation projects, we are required to evaluate as many
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options as are feasible. >> final decision comes out of the board of supervisors. you saw what chairman sharon thinks of option number three. i'm peggy fox, 9news now. >> connect the boulevard behind the new bed, bath, and beyond and will be extended and expanded. so much for the silver line decreasing traffic in that area. >> we have an update on a high school student recovering after being hit by a police officer's cruiser friday night in gaithersburg. investigators say 15-year-old richards was hit by a police cruiser right after a football game. police were reresponding to several reports of fights. the officer behind the wheel has been placed on administrative leave. three other officers who stopped to help richards are also on leave while police continue their investigation. cons counselors were on hand. a school bus accident sent
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four elementary school students to the hospital this morning. let's take you to the scene. that bus and two other vehicles slammed into each other this morning at great falls road and maryland avenue in rockville. the kids were headed to richie park elementary and four of them, as you heard, were taken to the hospital. two adults were hurt there, too. the driver of the suv involved in the crash was sited for failure to yield. another violent crash in southeast washington left one man with some very serious injuries. this happened after 11:00 last night at the intersection of southern avenue and bening road. the vehicles caught fire after the impact and as you can see, it appears both cars are a total loss. a second person is said to have some nonlife threatening injuries. it's not clear what caused this wreck. >> according to a recent study from the department of housing and urban development, the washington metropolitan area has more than 13,000 people who have no stable home. one organization looks to empower homeless people by
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matching them up with a job and a temporary place to stay. today, j.c. hayward salutes the community council for the homeless at friendship place. >> there isn't a dediscrimination, but there's a dediscrimination in terms of your age. why would an employee want to hire somebody, 61 years old, when they can hire somebody that is 24, 25? >> two years ago, joule julias prince found himself homeless and in need of a job. >> i found a lot of applications online. and a lot of times if you go to a program or some place and you get an inside contact person, that helps you get hired quicker. >> a job placement program under community council for the homeless at friendship place. the program helps the homeless rebuild their lives by preparing them for the job search process. >> yes, some folks also need
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to learn how to interview for a job. how to present themselves. what to wear. we actually help people get dressed for interviews, if need be. we do every possible thing to make a person successful. >> aim higher's workshops allowed prince to polish his resume, know what employees are looking for and practice mock interviews. >> i found the program to be very uplifting. >> after six months of unemployment, prince now works for the marriott as a bellman. >> he's a very motivated individual. very diligent in his efforts. he maintained deployments with me, made sure to follow me all the time and just really did a good job at the interview. >> prince has been outstanding at his job getting the employee of the month award last may. >> it's not embarrassing or down to fall. but to stay there is what is
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perplexing. you have to get up. >> i'm j.c. hayward, 9news now. >> got to get back on your feet. friendship place provided temporary housing so he could get on his feet. today, he lives with his wife in a rented apartment. aimhire has placed 52 people in jobs since june of last year. if you want to know more about friendship place, go to coming up, beer lovers shed a tear over a huge spill on a texas highway. top. >> we are looking at a beautiful day. pollen, we got a break on some things. we'll take you out. below for frees and mold spores, but grasses and weeds are in the moderate range. until we get a frost here, it's going to be with us for the next few weeks. we'll come back and talk about, well, a little touch of summer heading our way. we'll tell you when. but up next, a truck driver walks away after escaping that crash through his windshield. wow. caught on tape. we'll be back.
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here's something you don't see every day. caught on tape, a driver walking away from a head con
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crash after flying through his truck's windshield. this is dash cam video in russia. check it out. there's the driver. comes out through the windshield. truck was trying to make a left hand turn when another truck on coming slams into the back of the turning truck. the driver of the on coming truck that catapulted through his right windshield. he lands on his feet. check it out. >> and i'm good to go. i planned it that way, okay? he scratches his head because he can't believe what went on. he is unscathed. truck, not so good. >> a truck driver is safe after an accident left his vehicle dangling over the edge of a bridge. >> this is in southern brazil over the weekend. the highway patrol there says the man lost control over the rig on this bridge over a dam before the car stopped him abruptly. he hit the guardrail. his trailer spun around. hung on to the side of the bridge and you see the
5:40 pm
aftermath there. bbc news reports the driver plunged into the dam below. somehow he survived. rescuers lifted him out of the water with a rope and the crews are working to clear away that mess. what a survival story he has to tell. >> no kidding. beer lovers, you may want to avert your eyes. this crash might be enough to make a grown man cry. a tractor trailer carrying nearly 8,000 pounds of bud night, natural light, and busch beer in san antonio yesterday. doesn't sound so great. police say the driver took the exit too fast, causing the truck to topple. the driver was not hurt. the cleanup shut down highway ramps for hours. what a mess. >> people were upset until they found out it wasn't that good of beer. >> that's what i was thinking. >> all right. still ahead tonight, they put up 30 points. but they still lost. we'll take a look at what is plaguing our washington redskins. but first, a major credit card company may be giving more than a little cash back to its customers.
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i'll tell you why.
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well, the discover card didn't fess up, so it's going to have to pay up. the credit card company settled a case with the government for $214 million. this was for pressuring customers to buy services and misleading them about those costs. the add ons include payment protection and credit monitoring. so now customers get to split $200 million, which breaks down to $60 a person. >> it's that time of year. it's time to choose a healthcare plan and consumer reports just analyzed 984 health plans and ranked them
5:45 pm
according to the national committee for quality assurances. big-name for profit companies like united healthcare, etna, and humana had bigger private plans at the top. the harvard mmo takes the top spot for the private plans. kaiser ranked best in the major private insurer and medicare categories. doctors say a popular item that could be in your backyard injures tens and thousands of children. pediatricians are telling parents not to have trampolines at all. >> irena takes her children's play time seriously. >> careful, guys. >> she bought a trampoline, but made sure it was the safest one possible. >> it is 8 feet in diameter. it allows enough room from kid to kid for them to not be too close together. >> the american academy recommends not having trampolines at home. >> they are unsafe. we see a high rate of fractures
5:46 pm
occurring as a result of using the trampoline recreationally. >> in 2009, there were 98,000 trampoline injuries. the problems occur when there are a bunch of jumpers at once. it socially the youngest children, 5 and under, who end up hurt. the academy says trampolines that use nets and pads do not reduce the risk of injury. doctors also worry about head and neck injuries. >> those are the ones which really put people at risk for catastrophic injury, such as paralysis. >> if you still plan to use a trampoline, always have an adult present and only let one child at a time jump. spector makes sure her children are supervised. she takes steps to watch them properly, it is a risk she is comfortable taking. >> the american pediatric academy says you need to check
5:47 pm
your homeowner's insurance policy to be sure it covers trampoline injury related claims. tells you something, there. well, tis the season to find a retail job. wal-mart will bring on 50,000 new workers for the holidays and some of those temporary positions, those are going to lead to full-time employment. the limited, kohl's and target announced plans to hire more people to staff the floors and stock the shelves. guys. well top. >> oh my gosh. so great. it was a tail of two seasons. >> it was. it was a 50/50 weekend, but not normally. it was 50 summer and 50 fall. >> it was 100% great. >> which is rare. we went to fall and the first full day of fall was yesterday and it felt like fall. and today felt like fall. >> what about this weekend coming? >> we don't want to talk about that. >> it's the end of the broadcast. let's start with a live look outside. it is our michael and son weather cam. crystal clear. temperatures are generally in
5:48 pm
the 60s. a little bit below average. 68 officially downtown. look at the dew point in the mid 30s. so, that tells you that the air is very dry. what does dry air do? it can warm up quickly. so, it's going to cool off quickly tonight. all right, temperatures in the 60s. 68 in rockville. 68 in latensville. 65 in vienna and fairfax. 68 in college park and 65 in bowie. so these temperatures are actually about 5 to 8 degrees below average for this time of day and this time of year. well still like fall, chilly again tonight, the kids will need a sweater at the bus stop and we found that if you lay it out the night before, there's no argument in the morning. grab your sunglasses tuesday and then warmer on wednesday. a little touch of summer again on wednesday. for tonight, clear and chilly. open the windows, but again, not too far because we are talking 45 to 55. winds out of the southwest at 10. the winds will calm down and it will turn out of the southwest
5:49 pm
tonight. in fact, lows, plenty of 40s. this may be generous. i may not be low enough in places like gaithersburg. it could be more like in the low to mid 40s. we'll keep you posted. 51 in college park. 50 in bowie. you get the picture. it's going to be a chilly night. 47 in reston and fairfax. 46 in sterling and 45 out toward leesburg, middleburg, and also manassas. so, by morning mostly sunny, breezy. a chilly start. jacket for the kids, good idea. those southwest winds, 10 to 15 will warm it up quickly tomorrow. especially as we get into late morning hours. temperatures will be higher. partly cloudy. high it happens around 75 and winds southwest at 10 to 15. all right, zone forecast. all six zones are on our website. 62 tomorrow in oakland. you'll have frost again tonight. 70 in cumberland. mid 70s in hagerstown, martinsburg.
5:50 pm
maybe 74, 75 in winchester. then 75 in warrenton. 75 in manassas, leesburg probably 75 also in fairfax. downtown, mid 70s. mid to upper 70s into southern maryland. small craft advisory goes into effect tomorrow evening for the bay and title potomac. rockville, gaithersburg, and also frederick. temperatures uniform. now the day planner, chilly start, 46 to 56 at 6:00 and 68 to 72 by noon. so again, warmer at noon tomorrow than it was today and 72 to 76 by evening. just great. all right. next three days, we got code greens going. nice tomorrow, 76. maybe a thunderstorm wednesday, but concentrate on the 82. that's nice. showers on thursday, mostly cloudy. only about 75. we kind of stay in this unsettled pattern. friday, more showers, 72. ravens are in town on thursday night. showers and 60s. nor'easter could develop on saturday and sunday. that will make temperatures
5:51 pm
right around 70. left over showers on monday, but milder. back in the low 70s. maybe a shower, nats return home next monday. so we have things to tweak. better we start out this way than start out picture perfect. >> i don't know. we have some work to do, topper. >> well, redskin fans, we have yet another week with a tough loss. >> robert griffin, iii, and the rest of the offense put up 31 points. 31 points. but it wasn't enough. kristen berset joins us with the struggles on what used to be the redskins strength, the defense. kristen. >> that's right, in recent years, the defense has been the least of the redskins problem. it has been the offense and the lack of scoring. but as we saw yesterday, that's not the case anymore. rg3 and the offense flourished while the defense let one too many big plays get past. >> and back there is mohommed who will go deep and he's got
5:52 pm
green and that's going to be all the way. >> i can't believe, execute a game plan. and one of the things going into the game that we were trying to do is eliminate the big plays and we did a good job of doing that. >> we gave up too many big plays. we have to watch the film and see who plays better, and as a total group coaches their players, get it fixed and fixed fast so we don't see ourselves continue to lose games in this fashion. >> the numbers say it all. over the first three games of the season, the redskins defense has given up over 100 points. forced most in the league. and they rank near the very bottom in total defense. something this unit isn't used to. >> since i have been around, the defense has been the big brothers and we kind of go and expect each and every year to be the top ten defense and giving up 30 plus points every game is very embarrassing to us. >> what makes matters worse is
5:53 pm
the defensive struggles over shadow the offensive successes. in the same amount of time, rg3 scored more points than any other team in the nfl. >> last year, we argue among each other to get 14 points, ten points, you know, 21 points was a great day. so you know, to see this offense go out here week in and week out, and you know, the defense just go out there and totally drop the ball. it's definitely frustrating for us. >> we have work to do. now sunday's loss makes it seven straight losses at fedex field for the skins. it's that home field advantage that the skins can't take advantage of. coming up, we have more on the skins struggles, plus one of the coaches finds himself in hot water. >> a home field disadvantage. thousands of folks are expected to pack national stadium once the playoffs begin. that's the home field
5:54 pm
advantage. the event over paying to get them all home. i'm bruce leshan in clinton, maryland, a violent robbery in this parking lot was the prelude to the sniper killing spree a decade ago. first, a big week here on wusa9 as cbs debuts its lineup. a preview of tonight's brand- new hawaii five-0. that's next. ah.
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hawaii five-o comes back for its third season on cbs and it happens tonight. here's a preview from the cast in their own words. >> there's a lot happening in this first episode of season three. in this episode, we have low fat, we sort of supersized it. it's a big, big episode. it's probably our biggest to date. taped to a chair in the middle of the ocean. >> she puts them in a way that was a dirty cop and managed to find a way to get back at her while he was still in jail. >> malia is in shock. he tried to find a way where he could save both his wife and his cousin and was successful at half of the equation. >> the good news is, you got time to save one of them.
5:58 pm
the bad news, the other one is going to die. >> i need an ambulance, now. >> things happening everywhere. we have to tie those things up. >> we pick up literally from the next beat walking in and seeing his mom for the first time and embracing his mom for the first time in twenty years. >> i know you have a lot of questions. >> faked her own death twenty years prior to protect the lives of her family. she was an operative and assassin in the cia. >> you can call me mom. someone should. >> you know, for a woman who died in a car bomb twenty years ago, you are remarkably well put together. >> she was on an assignment to kill the father. >> mom has an agenda. what is she doing? mcgarrett doesn't trust her, believe everything she is saying. >> he has a will the of questions and anxiety and
5:59 pm
confusion. how did you meet his father? >> he was an assignment. >> you were ordered to kill him? >> it was more complicated than that. >> we have time, so why don't you uncomplicate it. >> you can see season three's premier of hawaii five-o tonight at 10:00. it caps off an evening of premiers. how i met your mother, partners, two broke girls and mike and molly and all of that is followed by 9news at 11:00. >> this is 9news now. >> only on 9, sniper victim nightmares faded now. he will never forget the bang that served as a violent prelude to those sniper killings that shook our entire region. bruce leshan talked this morning and wow, it is hard to believe we were both here ten years. >> remember how scared we were? >> people were ducking behind their cars. >> just pumping gas, you know, going shopping. dropping our kids off at school. over three weeks


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