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tv   News 4 at 6  NBC  September 24, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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killed ten people and really terrorized all of us. >> and you saw something? >> just a little shadow to my left, and before i could turn my head, this window exploded. >> paul still has his lucky green car. >> he would run from the back and he stood right here and shot right through the window. >> he was leaving his pizza joint in prince georges september 5, 2002, when lee malbo shot him five times with a .22 caliber handgun. you can hear larufa pleading for help on a 911 call. >> there's been a shooting in a restaurant. a guy came out from behind the store and shot paul. >> malvo and mohommed made off with $3600. >> little known fact, it was the proceeds from robyn laruffa
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in this parking lot that financed the sniper's killing spree. they used laruffa's cash to buy that old chevy caprice. they used his laptop to map spots to ambush their victims. laruffa recovered quickly and just as scared as the rest of us as the snipers carried out their deadly work. >> and the irony is, i was already shot by the people i was scared of. i didn't know it. >> just as amazed when police caught the snipers at a highway rest stop weeks later. >> the fact that they caught them and found my computer in that car, then your brain just doesn't know how to take that. you say holy macrel. >> hello. >> he skipped mohommed's execution. >> i didn't want him to steal another day of my life. >> look at kyle, he's getting into it. >> he is retired now, enjoying
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the grandkids. he once told then sniper victim, brown, the nightmares eventually fade. mohommed is dead, malbo is locked up for life, but there is still evil out there. >> i think it could easily happen again. >> he still thinks about it a lot, but it does not haunt him anymore. >> we are going to hope he is wrong. how did he recover so quickly after being shot so many times? >> it was a 22. those are little rounds, but let me tell you, it wasn't easy physically. for a number of months, he had this intense contraption that held his arm in place and he still has, you know, pieces of these rounds. he says if he goes through an x- ray, people are like, what the heck is that? he cannot have an mri because that would react with the metal that is in him. >> quite a story, thank you. >> back to you. >> d.c. police are refusing to release a copy of a 911 call
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made after a shooting at the downtown headquarters of a conservative christian lobby group. this happened back in august at the family research council. floyd lee is charged with wounding a security guard. police say that 911 call is part of an on going fbi investigation and the department does not have the technology needed to block sensitive portions of the call. anita. >> a batch of apples brought in by a teacher at ballou high caused an emergency disaster response. three kids became ill after eating the apples. they were transported to a hospital. several more were treated at the scene. tested the air and the apple, found nothing suspicious, but the remaining fruit was carried away for further testing. the teachers shouldn't have brought in the apples. so that's the problem that i had with it. >> you don't think teachers and vol tears volunteers should be bringing in food from the outside? >> i don't think she did it?
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>> did you taste the apples? >> good, delicious. >> fire officials on the scene did not believe the student illness to be serious, no official word from the school system. the teacher told emergency responders the apples came from her family farm in pennsylvania. arlington county police are investigating what they are calling an attempted enticement near patrick henry elementary school. it happened friday afternoon in the 2800 block of 8th street south. police say hispanic man with dark hair in his 40s approached a ten-year-old boy. he tried to lure the boy into a car. the boy was able to run away. anyone with information asked to call arlington county police. this just into our newsroom. remember that mural on the side of the dog grooming shop down in arlington isn't the owner would claim the picture of the playful dogs and bones was just art and her right to free speech. the county was arguing that it amounted to advertising and could be banned. well, we just learned that the mural was painted over today
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after that owner lost her fight. >> and tonight, scientists at the national zoo do have some clues as to what may have happened to the six day old panda cub over the weekend. they are no closer to knowing exactly the panda cub died. >> every loss is hard. this one is especially devastating. >> me i xiang did have free fluid in its abdomen. >> there was a liver component to the death, but we won't know until we get the slides slides back and our pathologists are able to examine that. >> the cub's mother, mei biang
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did come out. that's what she usually does. >> panda exhibit at the zoo was closed to the public, but we did catch a few glimpses of the father bear and someone left a condolence card outside the pen. >> that's pretty sad, because they go through a lot of work to get a baby panda and here, this is, you know, one is taken away just like that. >> four u.s. zoos have pandas. the first set arrived at the national zoo back in washington in 1972. a gift from china in honor of president nixon's visit to that country. they did successfully mate once before and gave birth to the cub tai shon. only a few thousand are believed to remain in the wild. >> let's hope that the next time things work out a little bit better. >> we can only hope. now the zoo does say it believes the little cub was a female. it will be about two more weeks before they finish that report. pandas bred in captivity have a
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mortality rate of 18% in their first two weeks of life. baseball's playoffs won't start for another two weeks, but when they do, one big question looming over the region is will metro stay open late for those nationals games isn't the team said it wants the city to pay. metro's $29,000 deposit for additional service. but the city thinks the team should foot the bill. d.c. mayor, vincent gray, says it's a regional issue and virginia's governor says he agrees. >> we don't want anybody stranded. we do want to try everywhere possible to make sure services are expanded. the games are at 8:00 or so, there will be a lot of people getting back at 11:00, 12:00, we want to make sure that service is available. we'll find a solution. i think in the big scheme of things, there's broad regional interest in making sure our fan base is supported there and perhaps if everybody is able to contribute a little bit, we can get this done. >> nationals have a magic
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number of five to win the national league east division title, but the team has already clinched a spot in the playoffs. well organizers of this week's madonna concerts are willing to foot the bill for metro to stay open late. pathe deposit for an extra hour after last night's show. it's also going to pony up more dollars for tonight's second appearance by the material girl. and madonna's tour is putting the spotlight on the acrobatic sports, flak lining. you can learn more about that at >> coming up on 9news at 7:00, rick perry's bid for the white house was plagued by misstatements. now the author of a new book and the texas governor have an explanation. we'll have the details for you at 7:00. all right, we'll see you then, derek. still to come in this half hour, daredevils or just plain dumb? we'll explain this video coming
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up. top. >> crisp, beautiful day. chilly start and a nice finish. here are the numbers. below average on both counts. 70 and 56 goes in the books. 77 and 59 are the averages. you might remember the high, 99 set two years ago. record 39 set back in 1963. we'll talk about how chilly it will be tonight and a touch of summer isn't heading our way before the week is out. >> but first, major meetings at the united nations and protests against the u.s. continue around the world.
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: best the backdrop of the violent protests, the largest meeting started in new york today. >> stacey reported the 67th meeting of the united nations general assembly involves 120 heads of state. >> as the 2012 united nations general assembly gets underway. iranian president is already making news by scolding the u.n. security council. >> the security council has failed to establish justice and ensure sustainable peace and security in the world. >> iran is facing international scrutiny and u.n. sanctions for its nuclear program, with israel calling
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for action. alaskait may arise tomorrow. the president is also likely to mention the unrest in the muslim world. this morning, secretary of state, hillary clinton, talked about the assassination of the u.s. ambassador in libya and said the world will not tolerate mob violence. >> the people sent this message loudly and clearly on friday. when they forcefully rejected the extremist in their mist and reclaimed the honor and dignity of a courageous city. >> president obama is fielding criticism for skipping bilateral meetings with world leaders, but making time for an appearance on a daytime talk show. >> they have telephones in the white house. we talked to the president of egypt. he talked to the leader in libya. we don't need a meeting in washington just to confer with leaders. >> right now, most of the world's leaders can be found in new york. i'm stacey cohen reporting.
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the county's own plan calls for this parkland to be protected. why is it at risk of being paveed over? we'll tell you more when we come back.
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back now is a health alert about the threat of west nile virus today. the virginia department of health confirmed a second death in northern virginia to this illness. the victim is described as an adult who lived in fairfax
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county. we don't know a lot more than that. this year, one person died in d.c. three in the state of maryland. development in the form of a four lane road could spell the end of the line for tyson's corner. i'm peggy fox in tyson's corner where the last remaining woods in this area are under threat of having a road put through them. >> it's a beautiful resource to have here used by the neighborhood, used by office workers in tyson. >> the massive tyson's redevelopment plan will make the area more dense, transportation planners want to build another exit from the dulles toll road and one of three preferred options, option three touched right through the park. >> this should never have even before part of the proposal. it should never be an option because of all the environmental reasons. and because the county doesn't want it. >> fairfax county park authority is also opposed to option three and so is chairman sharon bulva. >> it's not a good option, and
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however, when we are seeking federal funding for transportation projects, we are required to evaluate as many options as are feasible. >> peggy fox, thenews now. caught on tape tonight, you might call it daring or you might call it stupid. three men waited 35 days to shoot this video at the volcano. they followed a waterway just about 100 feet from the water flow to get this close. and at their closest point, they could stand the heat for six seconds. their specialized suits let them stand on the edge and shoot this video for over 40 minutes. and our producer had me come look at this before we put this on the air. and you see one of those guys. you may not see it here. they are casually drinking a little water, taking in the scene. >> you have to hydrate. >> do you see this? who would want to get this close? >> i think it's pretty cool. >> would you do that?
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>> with a specialized suit, this is a once in a lifetime thing. >> you have to hydrate. it's very important. the second thing -- >> any time you go near la va, you have to hydrate. the guy you see isn't as smart as the guy filming it. >>you go on, i'll get a cool video. you go closer. >> i'll stay back here, you go over there. >> all right, it's what they call in new england a spakla. if you head out, don't forget a sweater. let's start with a live look outside. i do not get tired of looking at this shot. crystal clear to our weather cam. high was 70. we are 68 right now. and i'll tell you what, we have a dry air mass and the winds are calm. rethink these lows. right now, we'll stick to them. when you have dew points in the 30s, that's an indication of how cold it can get at night, if you can keep clear skies,
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which i think we're going to do. currently, everyone is in the 60s. i mean, 6 had 4 in bethesda. 65 in great falls. 63 in vienna. 68 in college park. one of the warmer readings and 64 over in bowie. so, still like fall, which works out well. it's our second full day of fall. chilly again tonight. again, kids need a sweater at the bus stop tomorrow. you'll also need your sunglasses and it will be warmer on wednesday. a touch of summer on wednesday and we don't have many of those days left. clear and chilly tonight. not too far, 45 to 55. winds out of the southwest at 10. so lows tonight, you know, rockville, gaithersburg, fairfax, you're all in the 40s. this may be high, but you get the picture. going to be a chilly night. 46 in gaithersburg. 51 college park. 50 in bowie. 45 out toward leesburg, middleburg, and manassas. tuesday morning, mostly sunny, breezy with a chilly start. 40s and 50s.
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winds turn and pick up out of the southwest at 10 to 15. by afternoon,partly cloudy, breezy, milder. highs around 75. and winds southwest at 10 to 15. next three days, code green, green, and green. 76 tomorrow. a storm or shower possible on wednesday. still a pretty good day. 82. some showers on thursday. temperatures go back into the mid 70s. now the next seven days, that front is going to be bisecting the metro area will keep it unsettled on friday. showers possible. temperatures in the low 70s and if a nor'easter develops, we'll see it struggling. 71 on sunday. nats in town next monday. 73. ravens in town thursday, showers in the 60s. >> not sparkle. >> there's a whole lot of stuff going on this weekend. you have to go now. work on it. go do some stuff. >> meteorology magic. >> and then maybe put some of that magic on the redskins and
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maybe your next game won't be like the last game. >> a little crazy. we had another one yesterday and another loss. mike shanahan today speaks out about the late game penalty that cost the team a cost at victory. plus, the nationals get back on the winning track. we have that game for you coming up next.
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and now, 9sports with kristen berset. >> the nationals, this close
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to clinching the division. the countdown is on heading into today's series finale. the magic number is at 6. taking in today with some marines. they had lots to cheer about today. jordan zimmerman dealing, struck out seven, allow just one run over 6 2/3 innings. the nats at the plate getting done, too. bottom of the fourth, two on for ryan zimmerman. he brings it home. nats up 7-1. then they add a little pad in the 5th. curt double based, knocked down a left field line. nats win it big time 12-2. the ultimate goal, i guess you could say. a month or so ago, whenever i talk about it. we have a ways to go, but keep playing baseball and hopefully it will happen soon. >> for the second week in a row, a costly penalty cost the redskins the game. this time around, wasn't a
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player involved. it was the coaching staff and the nfl is looking into what happened. kyle shanahan was called for an unsportsman like conduct after disagreeing with the referees that the game was over. but it didn't end there. kyle shanahan chased the rest into the tunnel and reportedly shouting some very unkind words at them. today, his dad addressed what happened. see if you can make any sense of it. >> he thought the game was over and i think he shared that with you. we knew the game shouldn't be over. what i was trying to do is get a personal foul, talking to the official. is he trying to get one more play and explain what the rules are in the national football league? and so you guys can evaluate that, but i was very upset at that time as well. >> now kyle shanahan didn't release a statement through the redskins that reads in part, i was frustrated and in the process of trying to get answers from the officials, i conducted myself in the wrong way. my emotions got the best of me.
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i know my responsibility. this will never happen again. new england head coach also under review after grabbing a referee's arm after last night's loss to baltimore. belle -- >> they didn't beat west virginia, but they did play much better than expected. something positive to take away and that's something else. freshman, stefan diggs has been named rookie of the week. the council fee no scored on two of them. digs reported a second state game. it is monday and time for our game of the week poll. some big rivalries to pick up from this week. we have scherrwood, urbana, plus three huge matchups, northern virginia, just go to
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>> hope they don't get rained out. >> that's it for us.
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>> pelley: tonight, president obama says there's no doubt about what caused the murder of a u.s. ambassador. the libyan president today called the deaths of four americans a huge tragedy. elizabeth palmer is in the middle of the still-ongoing violence. john miller has the investigation. we asked mitt romney about those candid comments that have shaken up his campaign. is it just that when someone is running for president in this day and age you can't always say what you believe? dr. jon lapook on a discovery that experts say could lead to a cure for breast cancer. and mark phillips with a killer for the irish republican army. she's told us her story, but will the police get to hear it. captioning sponsored by cbs
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this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: good evening. president obama said today the united states is gathering evidence in the murders of the u.s. ambassador to libya and three other americans, but he said "there is no doubt that the assault on the u.s. consulate in benghazi this past september 11 wasn't just a mob action." evidence is growing that the murder of ambassador chris stevens was planned and targeted. in new york today the president of libya met with secretary of state clinton at the united nations. he said that the libyan people had lost a friend. a year ago in libya a bunch of ragtag militias overthrew the dictator moammar qaddafi and it's one of those militias that's suspected in the attack on the americans. that attack was apparently the last straw for the people in benghazi. elizabeth palmer reports the citizens there have risen up to
6:32 pm
throw them t militias out. >> reporter: furious citizens took matters into their own hands. on friday night, crowds overran bases controlled by extremist militias in benghazi and drove them out. by dawn, three bases were just burned-out shells. during the battle to topple colonel qaddafi last year these same men were seen as heroes. but since then many have set themselves up as vigilantes. operating from bases like this one which, after the militias fled on friday night, was secured by the regular army. was this built as a prison? soldiers showed us a grim jail where they say the militia fighters locked up whoever they felt like. it was that kind of rough justice that drove hundreds of young men in their cars to storm an even bigger base. that's when the looting and the shooting started, catching us in the cross fire.
6:33 pm
we managed to get away, but others weren't so lucky. at least 30 people were injured and 11 died. in the chaos it was impossible to tell where the ousted fighters escaped to, including members of ansar al-sharia, the group suspected of attacking america's consulate. but even if the police knew where to find them, says jalal elgallal, a businessman and activist, they're too afraid to arrest them. so they're scared? >> they are. and anybody that says otherwise is lying. we're all scared. so there's a good chance these suspected perpetrators won't be investigated, let alone arrested or tried. it's a distinct possibility. >> pelley: liz palmer joins us now in benghazi. liz, i wonder, is the u.s. consulate being guarded now? is there anybody there? >> yes. it was unguarded for about 48 hours after the attack and then the libyan defense ministry sent round about five guards who sit
6:34 pm
in a row of chairs along the main gate and don't let anybody in. i was able a few days ago to convince them to let me stick my head round just to have a peep inside but they haven't let anybody inside since 12 days ago. >> pelley: liz, thanks very much. our correspondent john miller is joining us now. he's a former assistant director of the f.b.i. and he's been talking to his sources on all of this. john, why has the f.b.i. team not made it to benghazi yet? >> the f.b.i. team arrived there late last week in tripoli, but in talking to the local government there-- and that's the way these things go overseas is you are working with the host government and the libyans have looked at the situation there and said introducing a couple of dozen americans into a brittle environment back in benghazi into that compound is something that would be pretty tough to secure. so they keep saying we're working on it. >> pelley: we saw evidence of
6:35 pm
that in liz's piece just then. i wonder, have the libyans said no to the f.b.i.? that they're not allowed to go there? >> you worked in the region there. nobody ever says no to a guest. what they say is "we're working very hard to get you what you want, tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow." and there's no reason to doubt their sincerity that they will get them a crime scene in benghazi, which is obviously compromised. but a lot of the action in benghazi, the witnesses who were there, the intelligence officials, the government officials they need to be dealing with so they're getting plenty done but they need to get there. >> pelley: john, thank you very much. president obama made his remarks in new york today. he was in new york for the united nations general assembly meeting. more than 120 world leaders are in town for that, but the president is not scheduled to meet with any of them. nancy cordes is at the u.n. with more on that. nancy? >> reporter: well, scott, simply put, the white house is prioritizing the president's reelection bid.
6:36 pm
most major leaders will be here all week. the president will here just 24 hours and he'll spend much of that time away from this gathering. after landing in new york this afternoon, the president headed straight for a sit-down. not with visiting leaders but with the ladies of "the view" for an interview to air tomorrow. >> america's commitment to israel will never waiver. >> reporter: last year at the u.n. general assembly president obama held 13 one-on-one meets with major leaders. but in year diplomacy is taking a backseat to campaigning, despite a worsen civil war in syria, rising tensions between israel and iran, and the recent attack in libya. >> the president and the libyan government have been staunch partners to the united states. >> reporter: in the president's absence, it was secretary of state hillary clinton who met with libya's president today as well as the presidents of egypt, afghanistan, and pakistan. white house spokesman jay carney
6:37 pm
was asked repeatedly about the president's schedule today and pointed out mr. obamas hosting two receptions for world leaders tonight and speaks with them on the phone all the time. >> the fact of the matter is the president does not wait for an annual meeting to have consultations with meetings with foreign leaders. they will continue. >> reporter: the president will lay out his priorities for the u.n. general assembly in an address at this event tomorrow, then he's heading back to washington, d.c. a few hours later before a campaign swing through ohio on wednesday, scott. >> pelley: our research shows it's been 20 years since a president has been to that meeting and not met one on one with a foreign leader. nancy, thanks very much. as we count down the days to the election-- there are 43-- we are keeping an eye on the few states that could go either way. those so-called swing states that will decide the race. the latest polling in ohio shows the president slightly ahead of mitt romney 51% to 46%. the margin of error is 3%.
6:38 pm
in florida, mr. obama leads 50% to 45% with a margin of error of four points. and in colorado it's essentially a tie. the president leading 48% to 47% margin of error three points. last night on "60 minutes" we devoted the entire hour to a conversation with the president and governor romney. in one interview, we asked governor romney about his controversial comments to a private group when he said he didn't care about trying to attract the votes of 47% of americans. we were talking in an interview a few weeks ago and i remember the quote. you said that you had a passion for all the people of this country. end quote. and then we see ther is run tishsly recorded video in from that fund raiser in which you suggested that you didn't care about 47% of the people because they're dependent on government
6:39 pm
and they won't take personal responsibility for their lives. which is the real mitt romney? >> i care about 100% of the american people. and i'm in this race for the poor, for the middle-class. the only way you're going see america come back and provide the kind of future that we want to pass along to our kids is if we're able to create the economic prosperity and the freedom that brings people from poverty back to the middle-class and helps the middle-class have a brighter prosperous future. >> pelley: so why did you say that? >> i was talking about a very different context, the political context of which is the group that you focus on to try and get the undecideds to get behind your camp. my campaign-- and you've heard me give speeches time and time again-- is about the 100%. >> pelley: is it just that when someone is running for this day and age you can't always say what you believe? >> oh, you always-- you say what you believe. now and then you don't say it very elegantly or you get tongue
6:40 pm
tied and mix it up and say something you don't mean and then you have to go back and say "that's not quite what i meant." but my record speaks much more loudly than any word that that someone is going to take off a tape. that record sr. that i am in this race to help the people of america. >> pelley: governor romney will be campaigning in ohio tomorrow. in afghanistan the taliban are turning a deadly attack on a joint u.s. british base into a propaganda victory. bob orr tells us about a new video that surfaced today. >> reporter: the seven-minute video released by the taliban purports to show the final stages of planning for the brazen attack on camp bastion. insurgents, wearing what appear to be u.s. military uniforms, are shown cutting through a chain link fence, a tactic used in the assault. another scene shows enemy fighters in an operational planning session. one of the commanders uses a white board and crude sketchs to describe the location of aircraft and fortifications on the british-run air base.
6:41 pm
in great detail, the leader describes how the attackers will split into three teams, each with specific target assignments. and the tape contains messages, lasts will of some of the fighters who clearly didn't expect to survive the assault. this man, speaking in english, accuses the united states of attacking islam. >> reporter: the september 14 nighttime raid was the most destructive enemy attack in the decade-long afghanistan war. 15 insurgents armed with automatic weapons and rocket-propelled grenades destroyed six harrier jets and attacked fueling stations. these pictures, taken by the taliban the morning after the attack, show fires continuing to burn. all but one of the enemy fighters were killed, but so
6:42 pm
were two u.s. marines. sergeant bradley atwell and lieutenant colonel christopher raible died during the hours long fire fight that ended the assault. the video was e-mailed to the media by a taliban spokesman so it's impossible to tell from the tape when or where it was made or if the men in the video, scott, actually took part in the attack. >> pelley: bob, thanks very much. the u.n. secretary general, ban ki-moon, had asked iran's president not to say anything derogatory about israel during that general assembly meeting this week. well, mahmoud ahmadinejad ignored that today. he called israel a passing phase with no historical roots in the middle east. he also addressed the nuclear issue new a cbs "this morning" interview with charlie rose and norah o'donnell. >> you did not deny you are building a nuclear weapon? >> ( translated ): how many times should i repeat this? >> reporter: please repeat it. please tell me what iran is doing. >> ( translated ): what would we
6:43 pm
do? what would we do? let's imagine that we have an atomic weapon, a nuclear weapon, what would we do with it? what intelligent person would fight 5,000 american bombs with one bomb? >> reporter: with respect, mr. president--. >> ( translated ): the united states government says that they are in possession of 5,600 modern bombs. history has shown that the iranians are very smart. also, because of our beliefs, we do not believe in a nuclear weapon, we are against it. >> pelley: watch for more of that interview with mahmoud ahmadinejad this wednesday on cbs "this morning." scientists have found a major clue to the mystery of breast cancer. this man could be the world's luckiest driver. and what we know now about the baby panda that died at the
6:44 pm
national zoo when the "cbs evening news" continues. two years ago, the people of bp made a commitment to the gulf. and every day since, we've worked hard to keep it. bp has paid over twenty-three billion dollars to help people and businesses who were affected, and to cover cleanup costs. today, the beaches and gulf are open for everyone to enjoy -- and many areas are reporting their best tourism seasons in years. we've shared what we've learned with governments and across the industry so we can all produce energy more safely. i want you to know, there's another commitment bp takes just as seriously: our commitment to america. bp supports nearly two-hundred-fifty thousand jobs in communities across the country. we hired three thousand people just last year. bp invests more in america than in any other country. in fact, over the last five years, no other energy company has invested more in the us than bp. we're working to fuel america for generations to come. today, our commitment to the gulf, and to america,
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has never been stronger. throughout our lives. one a day women's 50+ is a complete multivitamin designed for women's health concerns as we age. it has more of 7 antioxidants to support cell health. one a day 50+. to support cell health. until i had the shingles. i have never encountered such a burning sensation... it was like a red rash. like somebody had set a bag of hot charcoal on my neck.
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i had no idea it came from chickenpox. it's something you never want to encounter. for more of the inside story, visit it's eb. want to give your family the very best in taste, freshness, and nutrition? it's eb. eggland's best. better taste. better nutrition. better eggs. it's eb. >> pelley: scientists are tellin hat a new discovery could lead them to a cure for breast cancer. they found an important clue in the genetic code for the disease. their new report is in the journal "nature", and we asked dr. jon lapook to tell us more about it. >> reporter: it's been a mystery of breast cancer treatment: why
6:47 pm
do many women with the same disease have such different outcomes? a comprehensive genetic analysis of breast cancer led by dr. charles perou has provided a key clue. >> this study, again, really confirmed that breast cancer is not one disease but it's at least four different diseases. and what we found here are now some of the genetic causes of these four different diseases and that's really important. >> reporter: it's important because knowing specific genetic changes that allow a tumor to grow gives researchers specific treatments to target and a drug that works for one type of breast cancer may not work for another. >> now we're getting at the root causes of these different diseases which should really individualize medicines. >> reporter: one surprising result from the study? a rare but deadly form of the disease called triple negative breast cancer has a genetic makeup similar to ovarian cancer. >> so some of the treatments that we might be trying for this type of breast cancer could be used for ovarian and vice versa.
6:48 pm
>> pelley: that could be good news for women like gail garfield schwartz who was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer seven years ago. >> if drugs can be targeted to known, really, really aggressive really, really dangerous cancers then it will be a great outcome. >> do you plot them on here? i >> the study has provided a framework for the next generation of clinical trials and hopefully a cure. >> reporter: this is the fifth major tumor to be genetically mapped. along with cancer of the brain, ovary, colon and lung. the goal is to get the molecular blueprints of all major cancer types. >> pelley: progress. thank you, john. this was a sad day at the national zoo in washington after a newborn baby panda died over the weekend. zoo officials told us need the cub was just a week old and it had liver problems. it's not clear, though, if that led to the death. more tests are being done to determine that. the cub weighed just four understands and was no bigger than a stick of butter.
6:49 pm
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♪ and get the all day pain relief of aleve in liquid gels. >> pelley: we got a look today at the s.a.t. scores for members of the high school class of 2012. many are college freshmen now. but the results show that more than half of those who took the test-- 57%-- are not ready for college. the average reading score is the
6:52 pm
lowest 40 years. the college board-- which administers the test-- says a more rigorous high school curriculum could help boost those scores. spain is having the worst wildfire season in a decade. 2,000 people were forced to flee their homes east of valencia in the early morning hours. heavy winds fed the flames that glowed across the hillside. so far no one's been hurt. the cause of the fire is under investigation. we don't you have been report on minor traffic accidents on this broadcast, but we have to make an exception for this one in russia. have a look. a truck making a left turn got slammed by another one coming the other way. the driver of that truck went through the windshield and somehow landed on his feet-- seemingly unhurt. confused, but unhurt. a killer for the irish republican army tells us her story and implicates a famous
6:53 pm
politician. next. [ female announcer ] a classic meatloaf recipe from stouffer's
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starts with ground beef, unions, and peppers baked in a ketchup glaze with savory gravy and mashed russet potatoes. what makes stouffer's meatloaf best of all? that moment you enjoy it at home. stouffer's. let's fix dinner. >> pelley: the war between catholics and protestants in northern ireland ended more than a decade ago, but a new battle has broken out over an oral history that contains some of the irish republican army's
6:56 pm
deepest secrets. mark phillips spoke with a woman whose voice is on the tapes-- a woman who once killed for the i.r.a. >> as they always say, the victors write the history. >> reporter: this is the history delours price is talking about, when catholics and protestants were at war in northern ireland and when delours price and her sister marion were i.r.a. fighters trying to force the british out. >> we were the first wave to go over. >> reporter: delours price carried the i.r.a. bombing campaign to the heart of london. now living in dublin, she's trying to carve out her own version of history and settle some scores. she's told her story-- along with other former i.r.a. and british loyalist fighters-- to researchers from boston college on the promise that the interview tapes would be held in the b.c. archives until the
6:57 pm
interviewees had died. northern ireland's police, though, want the tapes now and an american court has ruled they can have them. but the supreme court may yet decide. the bomb that delours price set here at london's main criminal court killed a man and injured hundreds. she did time for it. but the reason the police want to get their hands on her recorded boston college testimony was for her admitted involvement in another crime-- the kidnap and murder of a mother of ten. one of the so-called "disappeared." jean mcconville was accused by the i.r.a. of being an informer. she, among many others, was driven across the boarder to the irish republic and shot. the i.r.a. revealed where some of the bodies were buried. so you drove her across? >> i drove her across. >> reporter: did you understand what the likely consequences of your delivering her-- >> i was aware that that would possibly be-- that that would be her end, yes. >> reporter: this many years
6:58 pm
later, does it bother you? >> no. no, not at all. >> reporter: like her art work, delours price sees the world in broad strokes. if she's prepared to admit her role in the fight she thinks others should, too. people like gerry adams, now a member of the irish parliament and a major figure in the current peace deal. he's always denied ever being in the i.r.a., but delours price says he gave her her orders. >> he sent me to london. who sent me to london to blow it up? >> reporter: who? >> gerry adams. >> reporter: gerry adams, now peacemaker, is sticking to his story. delours price-- unrepentant fighter and at some risk to herself-- is sticking to hers. mark phillips, cbs news, london. >> pelley: and that's the "cbs evening news" for tonight. for all of us at cbs news all around the world, good night. captioning sponsored by cbs
6:59 pm
this is 9news now. >> the heartbreaking death of the giant panda cub at the national zoo over the weekend tops our news. vets say the mother, may mei xiang. they have found clues, but they don't have a definitive answer. >> every loss is hard. this one is especially devastating. >> mei xiang raised the alarm early sunday morning. that cub wasn't smothered, but had free fluid in the abdomen, which is unusual. and its liver appeared abnormal. >> this can suggest


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