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tv   News 4 Today at 430  NBC  September 25, 2012 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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doubt that that attack was not spontaneous. during an appearance yesterday on "the view." the president said there was quote, no doubt, the assault was more than just a mob action. the u.s. ambassador and three other american diplomatic personnel were killed in that attack. the attacks against the embassy in cairo, egypt was a subject of a meeting between secretary of state hillary clinton and president morrissey -- morsi. they also spoke about improving security in the peninsula near israel's border. the parking garages at dulles international airport are back open after a bomb scare led to police searches and stranded passengers last night. the garages were closed for several hours preventing passengers who had parked there from reaching their vehicles. the metropolitan airports thorpt said the airport was never -- authorities said the
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airport was never evacuated. should maryland utility companies be allowed to collect a surcharge from their customers during the first 24 hours after a major power outage? >> that's something under consideration right now by the state's public service commission. > reporter: this is really just a matter of principle. as one commissioner said, charges customers a special fee when they're sitting in the dark without electricity is like pouring salt into their wounds. despite the chaos that ensued in many parts of the state after june's derecho, maryland's utility company says taking away their ability to collect a surcharge for the first 24 hours after a storm is an unfair penalty. >> there are fixed costs that still have to be covered. again, the commission looked at this last year after hurricane irene and made a decision this january that it was appropriate for the utilities to collect the first 24 hours but after that it wasn't. >> reporter: lawyers for the
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utilities point out the surcharge only kicks in when there has been a major outage affecting at least 100,000 customers. and they need the extra fee to help balance losses. it's an estimated 49 cents for each bge customer gl. it isn't even the number of dollars. it's the idea that the customer has had tremendous damage that's occurred. >> reporter: residents argue they lost money, too, on unrefringe rated food -- unrefrigerated food that spoiled, meals out, hotel and pet ware costs along with gas generators. >> customers have to then say by the way, not only are you not going to get anything from the company but you have to pay the company for the amount they didn't receive because they didn't deliver you any electricity. >> reporter: no one is sure how soon the commission will make its decision. it could be a matter of weeks or months. hopefully before the next big storm. in baltimore, andrea mccarren, 9news now. three students of ballou high school in southeast d.c.
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had to be hospitalized monday after eat something apples that were brought in by their teacher. a hazardous terse iew -- materials unit tested the air and the apples and found nothing out of the ordinary. the remaining apples were taken in for further testing. a student hit by a police car friday night is now listed in fair condition at suburban hospital. police say 15-year-old jana richards was hit when she stepped on to the road between two police cars. they were responding to a fight that broke out after the football game there. an officer has since been placed on administrative leave. national zoo officials say the six day old panda cub which died had abnormalities on its liver and fluid in its abdomen, but the exact cause of death remains unknown. >> officials say they believe the cub was female although at this point they're not a hundred percent on that. they should know within the next two weeks. matt jablow has more on a eemotional week there. >> reporter: one day after the death of a baby panda, that one
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short week captured the attention and affection of people all across the washington area and beyond. >> there's so much that we can learn from everything about pandas. >> reporter: veterinarians at the zoo say a preliminary postmortem examination revealed certain physical problems with the baby panda. >> the liver by palpation, by touching felt a little bit hard in places. >> reporter: but they still don't know the exact cause of death. >> i don't think we can rule out anything at this point. >> reporter: what also isn't exactly understood is the country's long time fascination, some would say obsession with pandas. >> i think they're a charismatic type of animal. >> the panda pride. >> reporter: that goes back 40 years and the pandas were given to the u.s. by the chinese government. >> they're very, very cute. >> reporter: dr. smith is a psycho therapist from georgetown and says pandas' almost universal appeal has to do with not just how cute they.
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>> reporter: they're absolutely adorable. >> reporter: but how they invoke the fondness of childhood memories. >> the soft, cuddly, cute look of the panda brings back childhood memories. they gave us a sense of fun and play we all need in our lives. >> reporter: in case you're hoping to get that sense of fun and play sometime soon, the panda exhibit at the national zoo is expected to remain closed for about another week. matt jablow, 9news now. it's 4:35. here's a look at some other stories making news now. a wildfire in san diego county, california has turned deadly. fire officials found the body of an elderly man inside a house destroyed by the fire. the man was originally reported missing. officials believe he simply refused to leave his home when the evacuation order was put in place. so far the fire has destroyed 20 homes in a rural area near the mexican border and threatens several hundred more. the late neil armstrong is
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being honored by the navy. a new class of research vessels will be named in his honor. they'll be 238 feet long with on board laboratories on t. he flew never 80 combat missions in the korean war for the navy. the honor for armstrong also serves as a reminder to never stop discovering. the problem of the n.f.l. 's replacement eves is about to boil -- replacement refs is about to boil over. the saddle seahawks hosted the green bay packers. >> take a look at this video. less than five seconds left, the quarterback threw a hail mary. the receiver pate comes down. looks like a touchdown when you first see it but check out the replay. it shows that he pushed off in the end zone. there should have been a flag. it also showed the packer defender actually came down
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with the ball. >> pate says he had control too. >> the referee said it was a touchdown. the seahawks with a come from behind win, 14-12. people are a little upset if you're a packer fan. he has control of the ball there. comes down. he said he wrapped his arms around it. >> after. >> i heard him and he-- >> the video evidence is there. >> it was a perfect ending to my lousy sports weekend. >> the seahawks coach said good call. >> right, sure. let's move on. it is 4:37. we're in for another least another nice day. we just have to make it past --
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[ inaudible ] >> world health officials issue a new virus similar to sars. >> we'll bring you the story after d.c. man who suffers from a rare disease which causes his body to swell and grow beyond his control. >> another gorgeous day headed your way. we're back with your weather first in two minutes.
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welcome back. 4:40. your weather fir. grab a jacket -- first. grab a jacket. it's going to abnice afternoon -- to be a nice afternoon after the morning chill. a few more clouds this afternoon. what a nice day we've got on tap with highs in the mid-70s. i'll be back in a few minutes talking about increasing rain chances headed our way. right now we go to monika with a look at timesaver traffic. a minor accident. it does involve a tractor- trailer on the southbound side of i-270, the ramp from route
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121. troopers are on the scene. as you're on 121, volumes are still light heading down to the point where the lanes divide. i'll have more traffic at 4:47. it is 4:41. time for the first your money segment ever the morning. jessica doyle is off today. here is alexis christoforous with today's headlines. discover bank will pay millions in fees to several accusations by regulators that it pressured credit card customers to buy costly payment protection and credit card monitoring services. discover will pay $14 million in fines and refund $200 million directly to customers. stocks were lower to start the week on wall street. the dow slipped more than 20 points. the nasdaq fell 19. dragged lower by apple which lost more than 1% after selling slightly fewer newer iphones than expected. in the first three days of the product's launch, more than five million iphones were sold but ap wool have sold more if
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it didn't run out of supply at some stores. shares of facebook sank more than 9% after a report in the financial magazine said the stock is still too pricey and worth just $15 a share. facebook is trading just below $21 and went public in may at $38 a share. stay at home moms and dads may soon find it easier to get their own credit card. the consumer financial protection bureau is expected to propose a new rule this year that would make it easier for people without personal income to qualify for credit cards. banks and credit card issuers currently consider a person's individual income instead of household income when making lending decision. that's your money watch. for more, head to in new york, i'm alexis christoforous. when you give -- would you give the morning after pill to a high school student? >> when we flurn two -- when we return in two minutes, we'll tell you about a school system doing just that in order to curb teen pregnancy. we'll be right back.
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good morning. welcome back to 9news now. it is tuesday morning, 4:45. coming up in 3 seconds, howard is here. temperatures going up a little bit today? >> yesterday was beautiful. got to 70 barely. today will be in the mid-70s. maybe a few more clouds. hawed a good time yesterday? >> of course. >> i walked to the gym. >> today mid-70s. this morning i have to caution you jacket, sweater, sweat shirt, something. there's a big chill in the air. here's a look at the bus stop forecast with temperatures under generally clear skies running in the 40s and low 50s. lots of 40s out there. we do have an isolated 39 here or there as well. sunrise 6:59. we'll see the sun this morning and sun and a few more clouds this afternoon. your lunch time temperature of 69 degrees. 4:00 75. that will be close to the high for today. about 76 or so. this morning there's our 39 in
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cumberland. harrisonburg not much -- not that far behind at 42 with 56 at the patuxent naval air station. easton 51 along with hagerstown. montgomery county, 46. culpeper 43. it is definitely chilly out there. on the weather camera, great visibility. capitol dome looking nice this morning. 54 degrees in washington thanks to the warmer waters and itself asphalt and stuff right by the potomac there. southwest winds at 3 miles an hour and humidity at 72%. there's the clear skies upstairs. got a little warm front trying to push into missouri. look at showers and storms northern missouri and illinois. what you're not seeing is the cold front in michigan and wisconsin coming in towards areas of ontario. that frontal boundary will slide toward us and get hung up towards the mid-atlantic and pay a role in our weather with shower chances increasing over the next couple of daitz. future cast through -- of days. futurecast through lunch time, it's quiet. later this afternoon 6:00 p.m.,
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there's the extra clouds i'm talking about for the afternoon. a dry afternoon. you've got plans, soccer, little league or whatever, you just want to take a walk, should be okay this afternoon. tonight especially up in pennsylvania early, we'll see those showers. but after midnight, we could get a shower or two to pop, especially from d.c. north as the front gets closer to us. during the day on wednesday, looks like we'll be all right through lunch time and then in the afternoon again that front is going to try to get close to us so we'll maybe pop a shower or two north of town with the heavier activity staying north of the mason-dixon line. wednesday night maybe a shower there. this front is going to play with us until thursday. this may be a little farther south than this computer depicts. in that case we'll see some of shows thundershowers hanging out near -- those showers hanging out near us on thursday. exactly where it ends up will determine whether we get a few showers or not too many. here we are at thursday afternoon. notice the showers out to the
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west. as far as highs today, a gorgeous one. after the chill this morning we'll be pushing 77 in frederick. 76 in winchester and cumberland. 75 in annapolis and 77 in fredricksburg. the specifics on the metro forecast, well, today 76. a nice day. a few more clouds this afternoon. not nearly as chilly tonight. we'll be in the 50s and low 60s. 84 tomorrow with a threat for an afternoon shower or thunderstorm, although i think most of us will be all right. nice on thursday. we could see that early shower i think, more so than later on with high thursday maid 70s. then shower -- mid-70s. then shower chances with highs in the low 70s depending on where exactly the front ends up. here comes monika with timesaver traffic. good morning. a minor accident on the southbound side of i-270 at route 121 on that ramp there. that should be cleared shortly. i'll take you over to the northbound side of i-95 first. if you're planning to head up toward woodbridge and occoquan river into spring field, all of your lanes are open and no
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volume right now to deal with. we'll take a live look outside and show what you it looks like first here coming up from 644. this looks pretty good heading up through 395 and the 14th street bridge i'm happy to say. let's go back over to the maps to the south side of town. no problems to report coming out of bandywine, okay week, oxon hill to 210. no troubles around andrews air force base here. now to the north side of town. there is construction in place on the outer loop between 95 and new hampshire avenue but not really causing any delays. looks good here at university. i'll be back with more coming up at 4:55. back to you. the world health organization has issued a global warning for a newly discovered virus that they say is very similar to sars. the warning was made after a 49- year-old man developed kidney and breathing problems during a recent trip to saudi arabia. the bug is called the corona virus because it appears to have a crown when viewed under the microscope. doctors say the new strain causes symptoms which are
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similar to sars. in a sars outbreak ten years ago, more than 900 people died. some schools in new york city are now handing out the morning after pill. girls as young as 14 will be able to get plan b without their parents' consent. the program is part of a city wide effort to curb teen pregnancy which causes most young women to drop out of school. while some students say it's a bad idea, others argue that providing the pills does not encourage teen pregnancy but rather prevent it. an international team of researchers believes it knows why obese men are more likely to develop an aggressive form of prostrate cancer. a new study finds the fat surrounding the prostrate in overweight men can help tumors grow. scientists say the fat in obese men can affect the immune system and release chemicals that fuel cancer. a capitol hill man struggles with a very rare genetic disorder which can be deadly. certain triggers cause his body
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to expand and swell. >> when you see it, it may remind you of the comic book character the incredible hulk. anita brikman has more. >> if i catch the ball the wrong way or exert too much pressure on my hand, it will swell up to the point where you can't grab a pen. >> reporter: imagine living life every day knowing at any time your world could literally transform. >> i had an attack in the spring. it's very rare. it's estimated one in 10,000. realistically probably one in 60,000 to 70,000. >> reporter: 70-year-old david lund of capitol hill has lived that life for years. certain triggers like stress, fatigue and sudden movement can cause his body to blow up. much like the marvel comic character incredible hulk except this is isn't incredible at all. >> the disease will kill. it has a 20% fatality rate if
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it's undiagnosed. >> reporter: he suffers from hereditary angioedema or hae caused by a lack of a crucial protein in the body. this leads to uncontrollable swelling particularly of the face and airways. experts are still trying to figure out exactly what triggers the condition. >> we don't really know. there's something so stress clearly causes symptoms. trauma does. >> reporter: the swelling is extremely painful. david was diagnosed at the national institutes of health in the 1970's when hae was newly identified. now there are several treatments to control the attacks. >> there are four new medications that have been fda approved for hereditary angioedema. >> reporter: with the treatment david can enjoy his travels and sail on the chesapeake bay without too much worry of another episode. >> until recently he often was treated in the emergency room. now with the newer generations of medications, he's been able
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to self-treat which has been very nice for him. >> a side note. anita said david's son peter also has the same genetic disorder. our time is 4:53. time for the question of the morning. >> here it s. women are responsible for buying 80% of this item even though both genders use it. is it a, makeup, b, deodorants or c, shampoo. >> log on to the wusa9 facebook fan page and leave your response. we'll reveal the answer during the 6:00 hour.
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welcome back. 4:55. your weather first on this tuesday morning. chilly out there now. we have 40s in many spots with this 50s still in town. we'll be in the mid-60s by 11:00. nice this afternoon.
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a few more clouds than this morning with high temperatures into the mid-70s. monika? on i-66 lanes are open. no issues to report right now coming in from centreville to the beltway and beyond to the roosevelt bridge. all lanes right now are open. i'll be back with more traffic coming up at 5:01. back to you guys. public schools, firehouses, police stations, and city offices in washington, d.c. are now apparently a hundred percent wind powered. the announcement was made monday at a me are youable -- at a renewable energy conference. during the summer every city building was switched over to wind power. the switch helped the district win the environmental protection agency's green power community challenge. toys 'r' us wants to hire 45,000 seasonal workers across the country for the upcoming holiday shopping rush. that's nearly a 13% jump from 40,000 workers the company hired last year. toys 'r' us says part of the increase is to help fulfill some customer orders that are
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made with the new online shipping options. workers are also going to staff nearly 200 temporary toys 'r' us stores they're hoping for the holidays. a california judge has order add review of singer chris brown's probation. this comes amid questions about his travel and how many community service hours he actually has completed. concerns were also raised regarding a drug test which showed brown tested positive for marijuana. the singer remains on probation for the february 2009 beating of his then girlfriend singer rihanna. the cbs crime drama celebrates its premiere in new york. >> a former bond girl turns director and screen writer. teresa garcia has those stories and more in this look at entertainment. >> reporter: actor jim celebrated the premiere of person of interest in new york city. the show which centers around a machine that spies on people and tracks their every move is about to launch its second season. >> we have an enormous amount of setups like we do in film but less time to do that.
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i think that's brought a whole new level. >> reporter: cbs is launching its fall lineup this week. you can see person of interest thursday nights. former bond girl and ex-men star was in new york for the premier of her new big screen drama bringing up bobby. she wrote and directed the movie about a ukrainian conartist who tries to start a new life with her son in america. >> i wanted to play around a little bit with the idea of what it would be like to see the journey of a foreigner in the united states and oklahoma as someone who lives out a very skewed version of the american dream. >> reporter: the movie opens friday. pop star mickey ma national launched her hu perfume. her first fragrance is a mix of fruits, vanilla and musks. that's your eye on entertainment. teresa garcia, cbs news, los angeles. good morning. thank you for watching 9news
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now at 5:00 a.m. i'm andrea roane. good morning. i'm mike hydeck. good morning, monika. >> good morning. yes, i was at madonna last night. she came out at 10:30. >> a lot of consideration for your hours i see. >> i won't say how much sleep i got. >> you're doing great. well done. weather wise you may need a jacket or two depending on where you are. one of my weather watchers in old town maryland, down to 33. thank you for that report. that is some chilly weather out there. most of us are in the 40s here locally. here's a look at our day planner on this tuesday morning, the day after the big madonna concert. 69 degrees at noon with


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