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tv   News 4 Today at 6  NBC  September 27, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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out to our north and west. this stuff is moving off toward the east. occasional heavy downpour here which may come across hagerstown in another 45 to 60 minutes. low 60s in the shenandoah valley. touch of fog out toward warrenton and culpeper. they're also in the low to mid- 60s. we have 68 in town and the warm spot, the naval academy at 71. so a mix of sun and clouds today, potentially some late afternoon, more likely after dark showers and storms. there are your highs, mid-70s north. mid-80s south. 6:00 straight up. monika samtani with timesaver traffic. looking better or worse? you know what? it's looking a little better actually. north of the beltway we're looking at a live picture in the four corners area from our kevin king. he tells me that this is westbound university boulevard at royalton road where pepco is working on some power lines that were brought down with an early morning accident. although traffic is getting by, that activity may thereby for a while. you can see the crews and the cones set up. so be aware of this as you head out the door this morning
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toward four corners and down to the beltway on university boulevard if you're planning to head in this area north of the beltway. we'll go over to our maps now. the beltway looks great. no problems all around town i'm happy to say. you have got an accident, though, northbound i-95 right before aquia harbor. it's in the left lane and apparently already closing slow traffic. stay to the right to get by. head out the door a tiny bit early to deal with that one. once you're beyond that, a little yellow forming in woodbridge. we'll take you live to 395 northbound here at duke street. traffic moving well. this time we'll head over to the other side of town. no problems to report on 270 with the exception of the slow traffic and a live look outside once you're beyond 121, it looks like this at falls road to the point where the lanes divide. i'll be back with more coming up. mike and andrea? >> thanks, monika. we'll see you then. this morning the news every football fan wants to hear. the regular refs will be back on the field tonight. >> just before midnight they
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announced a deal. kristin fisher is live outside of fed ex. good morning, kristin. >> reporter: good morning, andrea. finally, right? the next time the redskins play here at fed ex field, the real refs should be back on the field officiating the game but this is not a done deal just yet. this is only a tentative agreement that still needs to be ratified by the referees union over the weekend. but it is enough to get the real refs back on the field for tonight's game in baltimore. so huge news there. it's news that broke very late last night right around midnight. and n.f.l. 's commissioner roger goodell released a statement shortly afterwards that says this agreement supports long-term reforms that will make officiating player. the teams, players and fans deserve consistency and quality in officiating. we look forward to having the finest officials in sports back on the field and i want to give a special thanks to the n.f.l. fans for their passion. now it's time to put the focus back on the teams and players
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where it belongs. now this statement, this agreement comes after two full days of face-to-face talks thanks to that terrible call during monday night football. that got the two sides back to the negotiating table. and just hours before an agreement was reached, terry mccauley, a real n.f.l. referee said this on our newscast about one of the big sticking points in the negotiations: pengs. >> yes, the economy has changed. things have changed but very to remember one thing. the n.f.l. is not like caterpillar. they're a virtual monopoly with an antitrust exemption and making record profits. so contributing 60% less to our pension through a defined contribution was simply sunnable for us and it -- simply unacceptable for us and it was a take it or leave it deal for them. >> reporter: current pension plans are going to remain in place through the 2016 season. then it will be frozen and replaced by a defined contribution agreement starting in 2017. finally the referee salaries
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will increase from an average of $149,000 a year to $205,000 a year by 2019. again not a done deal just yet. still needs to be signed. but what a huge sigh of relief for the players, the coaches and the fans who have been so upset after the bad call on monday night football. so big news in the sports world today. i'll have more coming up at 5:30. back to you. 6:30. >> let's not go back. kristin fisher live at fed ex field this morning. back at 6:30. well, the regular refs will be back on the field tonight when the ravens host the browns. our kristin -- kristen berset will be there live starting on 9news now at 5:00 p.m. we want to know what you think about this deal. leave your thoughts on our facebook page. we'll share some of your posts coming up at 6:30. montgomery county police are looking for a gunman in an overnight shooting. the victim was shot nearby and able to stumble to this cvs drugstore on montgomery village
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avenue. medics rushed him to the hospital with several gunshot wounds. no word on his condition this moing. happening today, u.s. park police will try to flush out new clues about a cold case. they are offering a cash reward in the hit-and-run death of 27- year-old ebony johnson. johnson was hit by a car crossing suitland parkway. the driver took off. police have identified the car as a late 199 on acura rl. also today, virginia lawmakers will dig into this summer's unrest at uva. you'll remember school president teresa sullivan was forced to resign in june. that led to weeks of protests until dr. sullivan was reinstated. there will be a town hall meeting tonight in charlottesville to talk about what happened and how to stop it from happening again. pepco's major union is saying no to a labor deal. the ibew local 1900 said members voting by a 5-1 margin reject the offer.
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pepco called it its last best and final offer. the union called the contract deficient. pepco says it wants to continue negotiating but the union could be headed toward its first strike since 1985. the district's public service commission approved a rate increase that pepco requested, although not all of it. it will raise the average residential bill by about $2.6 on a month. this was a controversial move since people are still mad at pepco for the recent outages which lasted for days. the group one d.c. protested outside the meeting. >> pepco asking the residents of washington, d.c. to foot half of the bill to put in jowngdz ground lines? we're not giving them anything. >> pepco had asked for about $5 per household. it got approved to raise its rates in maryland as well. jessica doyle is here with another your money report. >> a scam involving social security she's talking about. >> that's right.
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seniors living on social security can be extremely vulnerable. that's why this latest scam is so terrible. identity thieves are targeting seniors and the new scam is leaving some social security resip yens -- recipients short on cash. the thieves are getting their hands on personal information like a full name and bank account number. then the crooks fraud dentally reroute the -- owe fraudulently reroute the ben fingerprints to their own accounts -- benefits to their accounts. home prices are showing signs of life. prices dropped by a third the last five years. analysts now predict that prices won't bounce back to their peak till 2023. on the upside real estate in the washington area has held up a lot better than other parts of the country. former mayor adrienne fenty is now poised to potentially make a lot of money.
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a lot. he's joined a silicon valley venture capital firm as a specialize have. it's called andreessen horowitz. he will provide advice on dealing with local governments. yeah, that could mean big paychecks rolling in for him. even though it's a part-time job. >> when you hear the word venture capital, it rings a bell. >> and mark andreessen. he's a big, big name out there. our time is 6:08. enjoy the views of the washington monument. learn how the landmark will be covered up for rehabilitation work. >> howard said it's going to be dry most of the day. we could get some rain as we head toward the evening hours. he'll explain when we expect that to come. weather is coming up. >> it's the most detailed view of our universe ever captured. nasa used theubble telescope
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to create this view. >> you're looking at the extreme deep field. there are about 5500 galaxies all caught in this one shot. a big thanks to our friends at the goddard space center so we can see this.
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howard here with your weather first. we're watching showers and storms north of town but looks like a mix of clouds and suns. highs in the low 80s. showers and storms returning mainly after dark. your drive home temperature still warm, around 80. here's a live look from our sky 9 in four corners on the westbound side of university boulevard at royalton road. you can see the two right lanes are still blocked with the accident cleanup. pepco is working on bringing back power lines there that were affected in the accident. watch out for those delays as well. i'll have more coming up in my next report at 6:17. mike and andrea? >> thanks, monika. it could be 18 months before the washington monument reopens. a boston-based company was announced yesterday as the one which will head up the rehab project on the landmark.
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>> monument suffered major damage in last year's earthquake and as andrea mccarren reports, enjoy the view now because it's about to go away. >> it's beautiful. i'm glad it didn't fall down. >> reporter: barbra and jerry hanes snap photos after scaffolding free washington monument while they still could. >> we knew there was damage with the earthquake. we're used to earthquakes in california but here i know it's a little different. >> i said wow. i have to say this registered 7.4 on myrick ter scale. >> reporter: now -- my richter scale. >> reporter: now two men who each visited the washington monument as children are now leading a team that will repair it. >> thrilled to death. we're very chilled. in many ways it's -- very thrilled. in many ways it's something you wait your life for. >> reporter: scaffolding will go up within the next two months with the same design that was used for the monument restoration in 2000. >> i've heard from a number of people that they liked it so much, they wanted to keep it in
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place. i can assure you we will take it down as soon as the project is complete. >> reporter: the project is challenging. the heaviest damage to the monument between 475 and 530 feet considered the most difficult area to access. andrea mccarren, 9news now. >> some of you might remember when the monument looked like this in the late 1990's. that's the scaffolding put up during rehab work then when it was lit up at night the monument looked like it was built with glass blocks. it took two years and $34 million to rehab the lincoln memorial reflecting pool. there's one problem. it doesn't reflect now. that is because there is a thick, nasty layer of algae growing in the water. there you have it. >> it's getting worse. >> it's not a health problem or safety problem but it looks diusting and doesn't smell so g. the pool has a filtering system that's supposed to take care of the algae but the park
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service says the system just can't keep up. >> the filtering system is taking out a lot of it but there is -- we were surprised by the magnitude of the algae so we'll have to actually manually remove some of the algae. >> who gets that job? the park service? >> you, mike. >> the park service will adjust the ozone levels in the water. they say that will help correct the problem. they can't use chemicals because the water flows back into the tidal basin and they need to keep it fresh and natural. >> we had a problem like that in frederick with the carol creek after that job was done up there. made it beautiful up in frederick but i remember being thrup a few summers go. -- being up there in a few summers ago. i'm not sure how they fixed it but the water seems more bubbly now. we start you with the bus stop forecast because it is muggy and mild. seen a few showers north of town. along the maryland-pennsylvania border. right now most of that stuff, the heavy stuff anyway has
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raced in toward delaware away from us. still a few showers in western maryland and parts of the eastern and western panhandle. temps running in the 60s. with the mild start it's going to be a warm day. notice sunshine mixing with the clouds. 81 at 3:00. the high about 82, maybe 83 with the 6:00 p.m. temperature of 78. as we get into the latter part of the afternoon, we'll have showers and storms return from west to east. this morning you can see the storms we were talking about as they have raced in toward delaware now headed toward jersey, southeastern pennsylvania. we still have some light to occasionally moderate showers occurring out to our west and northwest. hagerstown west on 68. hancock, clear spring, those areas. this is tracking again well, well north of washington. paw paw, maybe agent heavier shower just off to our west will be coming through the next few minutes. temps are up there. 65 in college park and laurel this morning. it's 63 in gaithersburg. 64 leesburg. and even off to the south temps in fort belvoir at 63.
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over at andrews, good morning, scott and the gang. 67 out there this morning. outside on our michael & son weather camera, we have about 45 minutes or so till sunrise. this is tysons corner, cloudy skies, 68 degrees. no wind to speak with the humidity at 81%. our dew points have risen into the 60s. we don't have the cool, crisp fall feel to the air as we did earlier in the week. there are some colder temperatures. you see them up here in the northern great lakes with low 40s, some 30s and this frontal boundary stretched out will slowly slide through so 80s today. we'll dprop into the 70s -- drop into the 70s over the next few days with a couple of showers here and there. 82. it's going to be a warm one. looks like scat erld showers and -- scattered showers and storms return for the first part of tonight. if you're going to the ravens game, could be some showers coming through. 60s to upper 50s for lows. upper 70s tomorrow. afternoon showers or storms. saturday around 70. it will be cooler, maybe a shower south, 74. still a shower threat.
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6:17. here comes monika with timesaver traffic. a couple of problems around town. in montgomery county first of all, been telling you about this early morning accident. a car hit a utility pole. brought down two poles with it. on the westbound side of university boulevard, you'll still see the effects of it. i'm going to step out and show what you it looks like live here at royalton road westbound on university boulevard where the two right lanes are blocked. pepco crews are on the scene trying to fix the problem. in the meantime you have one lane squeezing by there on the westbound side. luckily eastbound lanes are open as you head toward four corners and the beltway. we'll go back over to our maps. this time to the south side of town. northbound i-95 right here, the accident before ie kwai ya harbor -- aquia harbor sits on both shoulders. it is causing some delays although your lanes are open. a tight squeeze getting threw that there with all the activity. you're okay in woodbridge across the occoquan river. no problems in spring field. one last look outside, this time in springfield where you have the minor delay heading for 395 and again through
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landmark. i'll be back with more traffic coming up at 6:25. back to you guys. it's coming up on 6:19. next in sports, both the nationals and orioles know chicks dig the long ball. >> they were happy last night. wait till you see these highlights. right now we want you to dig into our question of the morning. most men and women say this is the number one turnoff whether it comes to dating. is it a, bad manners, b, bad breath, or c, being married? >> facebook friend jimmy says it's a, bad manners, b, bad breathe, c, being married shouldn't even be on this poll. i'm certainly not going on a first date let alone keep dating a married woman. >> thank you, jimmy. keep the guesses coming. we'll have the answer at 6:53.
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welcome back. 6:22. your weather first. a relatively quiet but muggy morning. we've had some nice, crisp mornings but not today.
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temps are in the 60s so you'll probably leave the jack ceats at home. -- jackets at home. we're expecting the clouds to mix in. temperatures by 3:00 in the low 80s. those will be the highs for the day. some late afternoon and evening showers and storms returning. annual dray ya and -- andrea and mike? >> thanks, mike. the nationals could win the rubber match with the phillies tonight. >> gio gonzalez goes for win number 21. that would be a franchise record. >> the nats used the long ball last night. first inning bryce harper launches one to left center field. it's his 20th homer of the season and it put the nats up 2- 0. in the 2nd, ian desmond hit a home run. nats beat the phillies 8-46789 starter john lannam improved to
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4-1. a former philly got booed louder than normal when he came to bat in the ninth. the phillies pitcher gave a little chin music which those mean philly fans loved but werth got the last laugh hitting a two-run single. the magic is definitely back in baltimore. the orioles did something last night they hadn't done since 1985. how about hitting seven home runs in a single game. chris davis and manny machado both went deep twice. 5-2 the final score there. baltimores remain a game and a half back of the yankees in the nl east. their magic number to clinch a wild card spot is five now. check this out. might not be something d.c. and baltimore fans want to see, however, the orioles are on the front cover of the latest issue of "sports illustrated." plenty of the nats and the redskins in there, too. the problem, though, the so-
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called s.i. cover jings. any time a team appears on that cover, bad luck follows. hopefully that will not be the case. straight ahead, the latest on the deal that's making football fans happy. >> plus, the presidential campaign is all about virginia today. learn where the president and mitt romney will be making stops. >> right now monika tells us where commuters are making stops along the roadway. >> it's been slow in four corners north of the beltway with an early morning accident. pepco crews are on the scene trying to fix the problem with only the left lane getting by westbound university boulevard here at royalton road. i'll be back with more traffic coming up in a few minutes at 6:30. you're watching 9news now.
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we're back at 6:29. this is the place to always get your weather first. here's a live look at the bridge. lots of sparkling headlights. thanks for starting your thursday with us. i'm mike hydeck. i'm andrea roane. meteorologist howard bernstein is live on the weather terrace with our forecast. howard? >> it's nice out there, milder than it has been in the 60s so you can leave the jackets at home. you might need the rain gear up north. we've been watching a few showers straddling the maryland- pennsylvania border. we have a lot of breaks in the overcast. clearing out here in d.c. as you can see from our michael & son weather camera looking to
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the east. a pretty sky this morning. by lunch time 79. i think we're going to see more sun than the icon indicating at 9:00. this afternoon's highs in the low 80s and still 79 at 5:00. there is going to be a threat for some more showers and storms later. this morning we've watched activity which has moved across our northern suburbs and it is moving away from the area now, although there's a few more showers back in western maryland, parts of west virginia. temperatures as i said mild, muggy. 71 in annapolis. 61 in winchester. it's 64 hagerstown and 62 fredricksburg. we are going up to the low 80s. some of the showers and storms tonight might affect the ravens game. more on that coming up. right now inside to monika with timesaver traffic. a couple of accidents i need to tell you about. one is in northeast apparently involving four vehicles at fort totten and missouri avenue. another one up in maryland fenton at wayne. so watch out for both of those if you're traveling in either of those areas right now and i'll keep you posted of course on those situations. you've also got quite a bit of
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slow traffic now on 270 as you head in from frederick. it's going to be slow off and on as you head to clarksburg. in fact, we'll take a live look at route 109. it just looks normal, slowing down at 109 all the way to 121 and then of course it just gets a little bit better as you head toward germantown and rockville. we'll take another look around town. if you're planning to head over to the bw parkway or route 50, there's been one issue that's inbound route 50 inside the beltway. there's been a disabled vehicle causing some slow traffic. the bw parkway as you can see slows down right now as you head into the northeast corridor and i'm going to show you a live picture. i've been telling you all morning long about this situation in four coarns. this -- four corners. this is westbound university boulevard at royalton road. pepco is on the scene of an early morning accident with the cones set up. the left lane is getting you through. i'll be back with more coming up at 6:43. back to you. >> thank you, monika. of:31 now. the -- 6:31 now. the presidential campaign is all about virginia today. both major candidates will be
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in the old dom minution. just before noon republican mitt romney will visit an american legion post in spring field. at the same time the democrats will be welcoming president obama to virginia beach. he'll rally supporters at the farm bureau live venue. the. has a four-point lead in the commonwealth. our partners at cbs this morning are getting a look at the campaign from someone who knows pretty well how these things go. sharply rose joins us live from -- charlie rose joins us live from new york with a preview. who's that? >> good morning, mike and andrea. once again you get it right. senator john mccain will be with us in studio 57 and we'll ask him what mitt romney needs to do to gain some momentum. outrage is growing if passengers on american airlines. 700 flights have been canceled in the last 11 days. we'll talk to an airline spokesman who says pilots are to blame. all that and more when we see you at 7:00. >> thank you, charlie. we will be watching. the big story this morning,
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the n.f.l. referees are back. the league reached a deal to end the lockout finally. >> all it took was that debacle monday night. kristin fisher is live at fed ex field with more on the story. >> reporter: yeah, it's about time. the n.f.l. and union leaders have been trying to renegotiate the terms of this agreement for almost a year, since last october. they've been going back and forth and one of the big sticking points has been the issue of pensions. finally just before midnight last night, it seems they finally came to an agreement on that issue. they finally reached a compromise. here it s. the collective bargaining agreement. the biggest point would probably be the fact that the referees are going to get to keep their current pension plans in place till 2017. then they will be frozen and replaced by a defined contribution agreement starting in 2017. and then finally the referees' salaries are going to increase from an average of $149,000 to
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$205,000 by 2019. that agreement was reached only after two full days of face-to- face negotiations following that bad call during monday night football. if all goes as planned, that will be the last game that the replacement refs will officiate. the real refs said to be back on the field tonight in baltimore. just a few hours before the news broke, terry mccauley, a real n.f.l. referee said in our newscast they're ready to go. >> we've been studying. we're aware of all the new rules. we've been working on tests and keeping ourselves in shape. we're ready to go at a moment's notice. we could from our perspective do it. it would be up to the league. >> reporter: so the real refs are ready to go. you know the coaches, players and the fans could not be more excited that finally a compromise has indeed been reached. keep in mind this agreement is only tentative. it's not a done deal just yet. the members of the union still need to ratify it over the weekend but not before the real refs are back on the field
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tonight. i think it's safe to say, andrea, the entire nation breathing a collective sigh of relief this morning. everything can go back to normal. andrea? >> so just think if seattle had lost, we'd still be talking about the strike maybe. who knows. kristin fisher live at fed ex field in landover, maryland this morning. this seems to be a theme among facebook friends this morning when it comes to this story. denise writes, real football is back. yes, yay, football is back. linda kept it simp hall with just yay -- simple with just yay. the story got 49 likes. leave your comments on this story or any story on our facebook page. right now three suspects are behind bars for the beating and robbery of a man named thomas maslin. he's the capital hill man who was attacked and left for dead last month. authorities say the suspects were out on bail in connection with another robbery the same
6:36 am
night that maslin was attacked. the victims were all robbed for their cell phones. >> the same three suspects were arrested following a robbery the same night and charged with robbery. in that case it was an armed robbery. they were released pretrial and now are being charged with mr. maslin's armed robbery. >> police have identified the suspects at 21-year-old tommy branch of fort washington, maryland, 18-year-old michael moore of landover, and an unidentified juvenile. we could soon find out funeral plans for the family of four found dead inside their home in herndon, virginia recently. people who knew the pederson family -- peterson family held a vigil last night. 57-year-old albert peterson shot his wife kathie and their two sons before taking his own life. counselors were at westfield high school where 16-year-old matthew was a student. his 13-year-old brother christopher was an eighth
6:37 am
grader at rachel carson middle school. decades after a brighter future was promised to the people of anacostia, a symbol of the neighborhood's decay is coming down. mayor vincent gray started the demolition wednesday at the skyland town center in southeast. renovation plans for the center began in 1989. the city is clearing the site. wal-mart will anchor a new shopping center there and it should be open by 2000 -- open by 2015. metro begins looking interest its future today, far into the future. it's launching a campaign called momentum: the next generation of metro. the transit agency wants commuters to weigh in on how the transit system will change in the next 30 years and how it will shape our region. that will include the silver line to dulles airport and eventually the purple line across maryland. part of looking into the future will include how metro will solve the problems plaguing the system today. time now 6:37.
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we have 68 degrees here in northwest washington. howard says another warm day coming your way. >> highs in the 80s with a chance of rain this evening is straight ahead. we'll take a look at the weekend. >> jessica is in the kitchen working on something there. >> any plans for the weekend? how about great beer and great food. i'll tell you where the fun is at. that's coming up next. you are watching 9news now.
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welcome back. it's 6:42 and 68 degrees. quite a lot of activity to tell you about. really all around town. i'm going to start off first with the north side of town. been telling you about this problem on the north side in four corners here at university boulevard at royalton road where pepco crews remain on the scene of an incident there that happened in the 3:00 hour. so watch out for that eastbound lanes of university boulevard are open. if you're planning to head inside the beltway, you want to know there's also a problem university boulevard at piney branch road. that's a pedestrian struck right here inside the beltway.
6:43 am
so a serious situation there as well with police on the scene. let's take a live look outside and show you what it looks like if you're planning to head here. this is in west falls church from our sky 9. an accident on the outbound side of route 5 at alan street. looks like traffic is stopped for the time being. quite a lot of equipment on the scene here as well. outbound route 50 at alan street from our sky 9. back to our maps, this time down in virginia on the northbound side of 95. leftover slow traffic trying to get past ie ai ya harbor -- aquia harbor. there was an early accident. this time across the 14th street bridge in the distance there, looking pretty but a little bit of slow traffic trying to get to that point across the potomac river. i'll be back with more traffic at 6:58. back to you. 6:43. bad enough traffic but at least rain isn't complicating it. but will we see more rain today? >> probably not until later today, tonight. we're still running 7 inches below normal since the beginning of the year, even though things have greened up. we'll take the rain.
6:44 am
we need rain on a semiregular basis. so that's not a bad thing. timing, though, may interfere with some of your plans, especially if you're going to the ravens game tonight. you may get rained upon. our bus stop forecast, looking pretty good out there. just a few showers well to the north. otherwise it's a mild start with temperatures in the 60s this morning. then we're about 17 minutes till sunrise. 7:01 now but nice, bright sky off to the east. we're going to see a mix of sun and clouds today. noontime temperatures near 80. it will be a warm one with highs in the low 80s. maybe 85 toward fredricksburg, 75 hagueerstown. then the evening hours and the nighttime hours. that's when showers and thunderstorms potentially could be moving in. we've seen a bunch of showers and storms this morning well to our north. now into southwestern jersey. that's the stuff that came through hagerstown and frederick and westminster. got some lighter showers now off to the northwest from hagerstown back into parts of west virginia and western maryland but this stuff much lighter than what we saw a few showers ago. going to stay well north of us. temperatures are in the 60s from low 60s gaithersburg and
6:45 am
winchester. culpeper 59. a touch of fog also in warrenton and culpeper. outside on our michael & son weather camera looking east, you see the clouds breaking up. we have 68 degrees with calm winds and humidity up there at 81%. we'll continue to watch these showers and storms move off toward the east and the northeast ending up with partly to mostly sunny skies for a while. look what happens late this afternoon into the evening hours? showers and storms north and west. start to move east. i think they're going to be a little farther east so they could be in d.c. and baltimore here by 9:45. that would be smack in the middle of thursday night football up in baltimore. we'll watch that. with a front nearby, a couple of rain chances still with us over the next few days. so 82 today. late afternoon, evening showers and thunderstorms returning from west to east. we dip into the 60s tonight. maybe some upper 50s north and west. tomorrow chance of a shower in the afternoon, 78. isolated showers south on saturday with highs only around
6:46 am
70. sunday 74. still a shower threat. and monday comfortably cool, 72. jessica, what a great name for a restaurant, beer and barbecue. >> you're liking that, huh, howard bernstein? here's something fun for you to do this weekend. do you like beer? do you like food? well here's an option for you. living social is hosting its second craft beer and food truck festival this saturday and sunday back by popular demand. here to tell us all about it, we have john from the new belgian beer company and dan from living social. thank you both for coming in and for bringing us food and beer this morning. we're going to start with dan. tell us all about this event that starts saturday. >> right. we're really excited. living social is taking over the fair grounds outside of national stadium. we're turning it into the city's largest beer garden. we're bringing in 50 of the best craft breweries in the country. over a hundred different beers, fleet of food trucks. it's going to be a great event. >> john, you're part of the 50 craft beers that will be on
6:47 am
hand. tell us what we have laid out here for us. we're doing a pairing of food and beer. >> correct. this is one of my favorite things with the industry. i've got two styles of beer today. one is our flagship right here, this beautiful bottle. we chose to pair it with red hook lobsters, lobster roll. >> i need to do this for the viewers. this is the tough work i do for you people at home because i love you. >> kind of the idea behind the pairing was-- >> very good-- >> just really strength with strength. so the beauty of satire, it's very well balanced, soft beer when it comes to the taste and aroma. that's what i found with the lobster rolls. then the second option, it's very really vanity to the season -- relevant to the season. i feel like it's fall in a bottle. it's called redoctober. it has a beautiful combination
6:48 am
of a roasty, kind of carmel notes but you also get this bitter dryness. >> you're pairing that with the barbecue. i tasted boast of these on the break. it seems beer you pair just like wine. a heavier beer with a hef year food, light -- heavier food, lighter beer with a lighter food. >> correct. >> i imagine there are still tickets available and some music to be had as well? >> absolutely. we're actually really excited. we just announced that the dan band will be performing live. you may remember them from old school and the hangover, the wedding band. they're going to put on a great show. we're really excited to have them there. tickets are stale available. all you have to do is go to slash better-- beer fest. the v.i.p. option opens one hour early at 11:00 a.m. and general admission will open at noon no everyone else. >> how much does it cost?
6:49 am
gldz 35 -- $35 online. >> thank you for coming in and bringing us beer and food. we have more news ahead. stay with us. you're watching 9news now.
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welcome back. 6:52 this thursday morning. we have nice looking skies out to the east. a couple of clouds out there but a good looking morning. 79 by noon. we'll go into the low 80s. 5:00 79. watch out late this afternoon and this evening we see a return for showers and thunderstorms. michael? >> thank you, howard. it is thursday, september 27. here's a check on the news before you go. former d.c. council chair kwame brown will head to court next month. he'll have a hearing on what's only being called an unspecified violation. brown will be sentenced in
6:53 am
november for bank fraud and campaign finance violations. the n.f.l. 's regular referees will be back on the field tonight in baltimore. the refs and the league reach add deal to end their lockout just two days after a botched call ended the monday night football game. bryce harper hit his 20th home run ever the season last night. -- of the season last night. also hit an rbi triple. the magic number to clinch the division is now four. it is 6:53. we want to get the answer to our question of the morning. the question is most women and men say this is the number one turnoff when dating. is it a, bad manners, b, bad breath, or c, being married? >> grab an al toyed, people. -- altoid, people. bad breath is the answer, b. >> i'm surprised by the lack of marriage answer. daily deals time. we're getting you discounts just in time for autumn. e-bay is offering you 61% off a
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leaf blower and mulcher vacuum. you can purchase this one today for $57.99 plus free shipping. you're finding this on e-bay's daily deals section of the website. go to the movies for 48% off. pay $13 for two tickets to the movies at any regal entertainment group theater or you can double the deal and get four tickets for $26. this is one of the most popular deals on group yo. the blue ridge shadows golf club in front royal, virginia has a golfing package for you and three of your friends. it includes unlimited golf, a cart rental, range buckets, four hot dogs and four cold drinks. all of this for $160. 60% off. this deal is available on the capitol deal. if you have an offer you've seen or you're a local merchant with a deal for our viewers, i would love to hear from you on facebook. one more check on weather and traffic is next right here on 9news now.
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one more thing before we go. we're still arguing about it which means you're still talking about it at home. >> we're just discussing. >> how long do you think the refs when they come back are going to have their little honeymoon before they get chewed out by the fans. >> first call in the game. >> monika said she felt sorry for the replacement refs, where do they go now? >> they go back to where they work. >> i think the n.f.l. brought this upon themselves in my opinion. they asked for it, they got it. it's on goodell and the league. >> they got it for sure. >> game on. weather wise we're in decent shape today. had a couple of showers and storms overnight north. we'll see more returning late this afternoon if not this evening which could affect tonight's game. hopefully more so than the referees. temperatures in the low 80s for
6:59 am
highs. tonight 50s and 60s. showers possible tomorrow afternoon, 78. then saturday we might be taking a raindrop out pushing it south with the high then only around 70. big story of the monk has been in four corners on university boulevard near colesville road where work continues on an early morning accident. 270 southbound off and on delays here at route 109 toward clarksburg. a quick look at northbound 395. slow in landmark. cbs this morning is coming up next. senator john mccain is going to give his take on the presidential campaign. >> howard and i will be back in just 25 minutes with a live update on traffic and weather. >> while you're at work, get updates on news, weather and traffic by visiting us we'll see you tomorrow morning friday, bright and early at 4:25. have a great day. good luck to the ravens and the refs.


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