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tv   News 4 at 5  NBC  September 27, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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the replacements gave the seattle seahawks a touchdown and win when in m saw it as an -- when many saw it as an interception for the green bay packers. >> you never want to see a game end like that on a controversial play. >> certainly the ending of monday night's game was the pivotal point in getting this done. >> reporter: the new deal ends a three-month lockout and gives refs a pay boost from $149,000 a year to 173,000 next season and $205,000 by 2019. the two sides compromised on retirement benefits. many players and coaches are glad to have the refs back but analysts don't expect the love fest to last long. >> the players and coaches will be glad to have them back. somewhere in the 1st quarter with the first blown call even with the most competent officials they will be booed. >> reporter: the referees are expected to vote on and approve the new deal this weekend. randall pinkston, cbs news, new york. >> that new deal also allows the nfl to hire new officials for training and development
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and move out others who may not do as well later. the reaction to the referee return was overwhelmingly positive, if not down right giddy. our own matt jablow continues our team coverage with that part of the story. >> you would have thought from the enormous smiles on the players' faces that the redskins had just won the super bowl. sorry, not yet. instead the smiles, they were beaming because of the return of the regular refs. >> you always say you don't miss something until you go without it. >> it was a jubilant redskins locker room today in ashburn where the return of the referees was all people were talking about. >> they got the deal done, excited to have them back. >> reporter: some were more vocally than others. what was your first reaction when you heard the strike had been settled with the refs? >> i said hallelujah. >> reporter: but all agreeing it was a very good thing. >> they know their positions. they know the rules. >> reporter: for the players in particular.
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>> thank you, lord. >> reporter: and for the game in general. what was your first reaction when you heard the refs were coming back? >> great. it's awesome. i saw it this morning. >> they keep everything under control. a couple weeks back they had players doing dirty plays against us, stuff like that. those things won't happen when you have the real refs back in. >> reporter: though they might be the most excited people to have the referees back, the mayors clearly aren't the only ones we coming the -- the players clearly aren't the only ones welcoming the refs back with open arms. >> it's about time. >> reporter: to a person every football fan i spoke with today said they can't wait to see the regular refs patrolling the field. >> all the blown calls and stuff makes people want to turn away from football. >> the game should be played between two teams. they shouldn't have refs deciding outcomes of games. >> touchdown! >> in case you keep track of assignments, the names of the officials for sunday's redskins game won't be announced until time on sunday.
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sunday-- sometime on sunday. >> we should note the regular referees will officiate the first game of the season in tonight's browns/ravens game in baltimore. we'll is livework on -- have live coverage on that later in our newscast. >> we have thunderstorms up to our west and meterologist topper shutt is tracking them as we speak. >> looks like a dry commute home, but a different story later and that could impact the ravens game in baltimore. let me start with doppler 9,000. it's quiet around the metro area, but to the west essentially along the i-81 corridor, pretty good thunderstorms there, a severe thunderstorm warning in effect for page and shenandoah county until 5:45. there's a couple big storms out to the woodstock area and front royal and just to the north of winchester. so another storm is just headed for the northeast. they won't make much eastward
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movement. they'll generally follow the track up i-81 and later tonight they begin to move eastward toward the immediate metro area. we'll come back and track them for you and tell you what that means for the ravens game and if they hang around for tomorrow morning's commute. right now three men are in court for the vicious and brutal beating of a young father walking home in capitol hill after a nats game, but could detectives have broken the case over a month ago? d.c. police have had a key piece of evidence for weeks but failed to trace it. bruce leshan just stepped out of d.c. superior court minutes ago. >> reporter: the key piece of evidence is tc maslin's iphone. it turns out that police confiscated it from some suspects in another armed robbery that very same night back in august when maslin was beaten nearly to death. now if police had turned it on and looked at it, they would have found pictures of maslin's
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little baby boy on it. th would have found messages to his wife, but for some reason they did not turn it on and look at it until three days ago. relief on capitol hill at news of the arrests in the brutal attack on thomas maslin. >> i think it's really good that they got them. >> reporter: the young father was walking home from a nats game august 18th, stopped at the tune inn for a drink and then was beaten so badly in the head that he is still hospitalized, blind in one eye, unable to walk or feed himself. >> i was relieved for the family and it also felt good knowing our neighborhood was a little safer and this maybe not happen again. >> reporter: d.c.'s police chief announced the arrest of three suspects wednesday night. >> i can't say enough about how heartbreaking it is to see that something as simple as a piece
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of property or a cell phone will cause someone the type of injuries and grief that these three individuals have caused the maslin family. >> reporter: police now say that the same night that they attacked maslin the three young suspects robbed two other men near l'oreal plaza in adams morgan and got caught. police say they found maslin's iphone on one suspect, but they did not trace it, not until a tipster recognized one of the suspects' white hyundai from surveillance video and police finally closed the loop this week, six weeks after maslin was beaten and left for dead on capitol hill. >> a phone, a phone, you know, a phone, it's just despicable. >> reporter: so the suspects just went before a judge here. i saw them briefly and then before i had to run up here
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very quickly. they seemed calm considering the nature of the charges against them. we have a sketch artist down there. 6:00 we'll show you what they look like, but i can tell you their names are tommy branch, 21 years old from ft. washington, michael moore, 18 of landover and sunny cudie. he is 17 but is being charged as daunt and he allegedly admitted to the police -- adult and he allegedly admitted to the police that he took a fake em out beebee gun and he slammed it into the back of maslin's head. >> absolutely hard to fathom. thank you, bruce. governor mitt romney was back in battleground virginia speaking to veterans at the american region post in springfield. as peggy fox reports, mr. romney began his speech by hammering president obama for the job losses handled under sequestration cuts coming the end of the year.
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>> reporter: governor mitt romney talked of his support of cutting defense spending. he said it would be up thinkable cutting defense spending now. >> the world is not a safe place it. remains dangerous. >> reporter: governor romney explains to have a strong military a strong economy is needed. >> our economy needs to be reinvigorated and the president has laid out his plan. it's a continuation of the old plan. we can't afford four more years of the last four years, all right? >> reporter: governor romney not only said that he would stop shrinking the military but would add to the active duty force and one of the figures came when he quoted ronald reagan. >> peace comes through strength. i want to have a military that's so strong no one wants to test it. >> the people that are out there fighting these wars, we owe them support forever and i think governor romney is totally supportive of that. >> reporter: but that's not the opinion of veteran jim dillard who represented springfield for 30 years in the virginia house of delegates. >> now they talk about cutting
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the domestic spending by 20%. if they do that, that's $11 billion cut to veterans programs and i don't think veterans ought to be ones to pay for tax cuts to the wealthy and so we need a president who is going to look out for veterans, who will look out for the middle class and lead us back to prosperity. >> i need your help. we've got a win in virginia. >> reporter: peggy fox, 9 news now. president obama also campaigned today in virginia. the president was in virginia beach where he used romney's tax returns to make his pitch to middle class voters. >> my opponent thinks it's fair that somebody who makes $20 million a year like him pays a lower rate than a cop or a teacher who makes 50,000. don't boo. vote! >> rooted in the belief that growing our economy -- >> the obama campaign is launching a new tv ad in
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virginia and in other battle ground states. dozens of protesters from paul over the country made their -- all over the country made their way to d.c. and to the national headquarters of modern giant fannie mae to voice concerns about what they call unfair foreclosure practices. we are joined live with more on that. >> reporter: the protesters were demanding immediate action from both fannie mae and freddie mac to help keep families in their homes. five people were arrested as they tried to send that message. >> what a do we do when the banks attack? >> fight back, people united. we'll never be defeated! >> reporter: in front of fannie mae headquarters protesters tried to draw attention to the national foreclosure crisis. >> we're going to beat that bank attack! stand up fight back! >> reporter: they hope by using their voices out here it will create change in there. >> it's just unbelievably wrong. it should not happen. >> reporter: those out here
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came in from cities across the country, but their story is the same. they are in a fight to keep their homes. >> they're not taking it. i don't care what it takes. >> reporter: debra harris injured her back working for the fire department here in d.c. that caused her to fall behind on her mortgage. she says the bank promised to help her with a loan modification, a promise they didn't keep. >> been in my house 17 years and near going to tell me no, you -- they're going to tell me no, you can't have your house now and you're not even working with me and you decide i'm not going to be bothered. we're just going to take her house anyway. >> reporter: the protesters say this is a way to keep people in their homes. they want the banks to reduce principal to the current market value of the homes, to stop evictions and allow residents to buy back homes at their current value. an air force veteran believes fannie mae and freddie mac have the power to make it happen. >> this country asked veterans to serve their country and we did it willingly. we thought it was our duty and
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then to come back home and have other people in this country try and take homes away from veterans, it's not going to happen. >> reporter: protesters eventually made their way into the street blocking wisconsin avenue and forcing police to act. >> at wisconsin and quebec. >> you are actually blocking passage. >> get on the sidewalk. >> reporter: after several warnings police arrested five people. >> everyone needs to be on the sidewalk. >> now they want to evict me and i am here to say that i am not going to be moved! >> reporter: now fannie mae put out a statement that's saying they don't want foreclosure to happen either that, they're really bad for everybody involved. fannie mae reached out to some of the protesters today and said they would meet with them that. meeting did happen and fannie mae said they would look into some of the cases that were brought up during that discussion. >> hopefully more than just talk comes from those meetings. thanks. right now metro is announcing a deal to provide
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late night service following washington's nationals playoff games. we'll take you there live in 9news. >> reporter: israel's prime minister demands a red line over iran's nuclear development.
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caught on tape two men wanted for burglarizing a downtown d.c. store. this is surveillance video taken early yesterday morning inside the all in one market in the 300 block of p street northwest it. shows two men break through the door, grab some merchandise and leave the same way they came in. they got away in a light colored older model conversion van. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu addressed the un general assembly today.
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>> netanyahu is pressing for what israel calls a clear red line on iran and its nuclear program. >> reporter: israel's prime minister used his address to the un general assembly to push for tougher sanctions for iran to have a nuclear program. >> to understand what the world would be like with a nuclear armed iran, just imagine the world with a nuclear armed al- qaeda. >> reporter: he said if iran crosses that red line, it should face military intervention. >> i believe that faced with a clear red line, iran will back down. >> reporter: former israeli ambassador to the un dan gillerman called the speech israel's wakeup call to the world saying time is running out for iran's nuclear ambitions. >> we see it as a very immediate danger. the u.s. thinks there's still time. >> reporter: the prime minister said he is confident that israel and the u.s. can
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chart a path forward over iran. he and president obama are expected to talk by phone friday. the president of the palestinian authority mahmoud abbas also addressed the general assembly accusing israel of ethnic cleansing. netanyahu called the speech liablous. abbas also pushed for an upgrade in palestinian un status from observer to nonmember state. >> netanyahu is meeting with secretary of state hillary clinton tonight. she has said the u.s. is not ready to commit to drawing those red lines netanyahu is calling for. after eight years on the job fairfax county police chief is stepping down. chief david rohr will become the county executive for public safety and he'll not only be responsible for overseeing the police department, but also fire and rest couric public safety communications and
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office of emergency -- and rescue, public safety communications and office of emergency management. fast flowing water waist high and thing life on mars, today nasa -- waist high supporting life on mars. today nasa scientists found evidence that it was all once there. this has been debated for years, but nasa says this fresh evidence might end that debate. so what is it? images beam back from curiosity that show a scattering of pebbles and gravel that suggests they were carried down a stream or a river for several miles and smoothed along the way much like you'd see right here on planet earth. >> topper and anita, are you buying that evidence? >> we were like well, who knew? i don't know do. you? >> we're not the experts on that. >> we are not. >> but on the weather. >> some clouds here, storms off to our west. >> you can feel it blowing in.
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>> let's start with the radar because we're looking at some pretty hefty storms again along the i-81 corridor. we have some new warnings out. i'm trying to post them on the bottom of screen. warren county is under a severe thunderstorm warning, as is hardy and also they've extended shenandoah till 6 p.m. the good news for us anyway in the short term is that the commute will be dry. so i think everybody makes it home before the big storms roll in unless you're coming along i- 81. we'll zoom in a little bit more and the heaviest activity really right along i-81 down toward strasburg and up toward cross junction. a lot of lightning and also hail. you see this kind of color which means pretty much a given for hail and probably the reason why they've issued the severe thunderstorm warning. that's around woodstock. we're south of 66 here, south of steven city and just south of strasburg. we'll move up north, big time store around papa with hail and
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very heavy rain. magenta indicates hail. the red indicates big time rain, probably an inch to 1 1/4- inch an hour. so we've got heavy rain to the south, southeast of cross junction. again they'll roll through here we think a little bit later tonight. we'll talk about that in a second. live look outside, our live weather cam brought to you by michael and son, looking west now, 81, clouds are roll in. dew points are coming up to the 60s, winds out of the southeast at 14. so more like summer, storms possible tonight. a few could be heavy or severe, still warm tomorrow. the weekend a bit unsettled but not enough to really change your plans. here's our futurecast. 5:15 tonight we see all the storms to the west of us that. looks pretty racket. we advance it. now we see kind of a solid line trying to move through the metro area around 9:00, 10:00 and in does extend up into baltimore. good news is the heaviest activity should stay just south
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of the stadium, but that said some showers are still possible. then after that 11:45 they just kind of die out and then tomorrow return to at least partly sunny skies and tomorrow we're not going to have the instability. so just maybe a shower tomorrow, not so much a thunderstorm. next three days code green through the weekend. that's good. 80 tomorrow, maybe a shower, 73 on saturday, a few showers and then 75 on sunday with a few showers as well. next seven days monday, well, the nats are in town and it's going to be nice, low 70s. it warms up again next week. tuesday we're back in the upper 70s and then 80 as we get into wednesday and then we get passed that, thursday we're 83 with maybe a -- past that, thursday we're 83 with maybe a shower thursday. again some isolated heavy weather tonight primarily 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. everybody gets home before it hits the immediate metro area. >> sound good, top. coming up -- sounds good,
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top. coming up her childhood bravery put her in the history books. today a historic donation from one of the little rock citizens. >> a car slams into a utility pole. we'll be right back.
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sky 9 flew over an early morning accident that caused delays this morning in silver spring. a car struck two utility poles near the intersection of university boulevard and dennis avenue. it was around 3:30 a.m. and the impact brought those wires down into the roadway blocking traffic for directions at a time most of the lanes open in time for the morning rush. the driver was not seriously hurt. pepco crews were called in to repair the fallen lines. a change in maryland's safety seat law goes into effect monday. children who are under 8 years old and weigh more than 65 pounds will no longer be able
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to ride in a car without a safety seat. the law now requires children under 8 to be in that safety seat unless they are 4 feet 9 inches or taller. here's a question. does your teenager drink? all right. it will be another weekend for metro track work, some delays for riders. on the orange line there will be no service between the vienna and east falls church stations and on the green line trains will not run between the southern and branch avenue stations. buses will be provided both locations and trains will single track on parts of the red and yellow lines. this month marks the 55th anniversary of the desegregation of little rock central high school in arkansas and today one of the three remaining members of the little rock nine donated some of their school items to the national museum of african american history and culture.
5:27 pm
carlotta walls lanier was the youngest of the nine and among the items donated, the matching skirt and blouse from her first day of school, her report card and diploma from high school. a new exhibit opens tomorrow at the newseum from the white house photographers annual competition. all of them capture people and events that helped shape the world in 2011. the exhibit includes videos featuring interviews and the winning photographers. does your teenager drink? wait till you see what it's doing to their brains. these are actual scans. coming up, the damage they're doing now could haunt them down the road. >> and nats fans have just scored huge. coming up we'll tell you who is dishing out the money to keep metro lines open late during playoff games. you.
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we've got some breaking news on a deal to keep metro open late if the washington national playoff game goes after the usual shutdown hour. our ken molestina is live at the navy yard ballpark station with the details. all right, ken, who is paying the bills? >> reporter: living social, derek. they're a very popular local company. they decided today to dish out the money, nearly $30,000 an hour. that's the deposit that metro requires to keep their lines open for an additional hour.
5:31 pm
so living social has stepped up and they're taking the cost. they say this is something they're doing for d.c., for the fans here in washington. so really it's kind of a win/win for everyone. listen to their ceo. >> i think everybody just wants to do the right thing for the fans and figure it out and take out that uncertainty. so it worked out pretty well. >> reporter: of course, this was a highly debated issue, a topic here locally, everybody trying to figure out who was going to pay the bill and how these fans were going to get to and from the game using metro late in the evening, but again living social stepping up taking care of that cost. another thing, we're hearing if the game goes on beyond that additional hour, they say they will also pay for the cost of that. >> does this count for as many games as the playoffs may run? >> reporter: that's correct. as long as the playoffs run and the nats are playing and the fans need metro to stay open late, they are saying they will pay for that. >> thank you for the good news.
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parents, 9 wants you to know the earlier your teenager start drinking alcohol, the more likely he or she is likely to develop a dependency. research reveals that the brain is changing dramatically during adolescent years establishing critical cognitive functions like decision making and impulse control, but as andrea mccarren reports, alcohol can have a tremendously negative effect just as the teen brain is the most vulnerable. >> reporter: an iconic anti- drug ad of the 1980s. >> this is drugs. this is your brain on drugs. any questions? >> reporter: no questions at all about the impact of drugs on the brain and now there's new research that reveals the dramatic effect of alcohol on the developing brains of adolescents. this image shows the brain of a 15-year-old who doesn't drink. >> where you see a lot of color and it's bright, that's a lot of activity. the brain is functioning. it's very active.
5:33 pm
the teen-ager who didn't drink heavily, his brain is functioning at a high level. >> reporter: and this is the brain of a 15-year-old who is a regular drinker. >> the teen who was drinking heavily is not very active. it's not functioning at a very high level. >> reporter: the contrast is startling. as is the impact of regular alcohol consumption on the day to day activities of a teenager. >> there are about a million high school students each year who consume five or more drinks at least five times a month. as a group, they are much more likely to engage in behaviors that put themselves and other people at risk. >> their brains start to struggle at performing basic tasks like the things that you would do in school such as working memory where you have to learn some information, keep it active in memory for a little while and use it. >> so they're more likely to drive after drinking which means that they're more likely to be in crashes. they're less likely to wear safety belts. they're more likely to carry weapons and be in fights and be injured in fights and more
5:34 pm
likely to experience sexual assaults and more likely to attempt suicide. >> reporter: only in recent years has research revealed that the adolescent brain is still developing from age 10 to 20 and that alcohol consumption can play a critical role. >> there are nearly 700,000 college students who are assaulted by another drinking college student every year. >> reporter: as kingston point out, that's more than the pop -- points out, that's more than the population of washington. >> imagine if everyone in the city of washington were assaulted by a drinking college student, that would be on the front page of the washington post and on tv stories night after night until something was done. >> reporter: consider what's happened with tobacco. a major public health turnaround took place when people learned smokers weren't just harming themselves, but others who were breathing second hand smoke. >> i'd be willing to argue the secondhand effects of alcohol misuse are much more immediate and dramatic than the secondhand effects of tobacco. >> reporter: one case in point? 40% of the people who die in
5:35 pm
crashes involving alcohol are people other than the driver and the younger the drinking drive, the higher the percentage of -- driver, the higher the percentage of those killed or injured. andrea mccarren, 9 news now. >> still unclear whether the damage alcohol causes to the adolescent brain stays there, whether it's permanent, but 1 thing is clear. long term studies that followed heavy drinkers 10 years after they left college found they were far less likely to have high paying or prestigeous jobs. the new book by harry potter author j. can. rowling went on sale today. not only is -- j.k. rowling went on sale today. not only is it her first full length book, it's her first novel for adults. a casual vacancy is about the death of a local government official and includes references to drugs and sex. the book/no. 1 on and is getting mixed reviews. want some tv with those frees? mcdonald's is putting something new -- fries? mcdonald's is putting something new on the menu, television. the fast food giant is launching the m channel in its
5:36 pm
restaurant featuring news, sports, entertainment, even local programming. right now the m channel is only being shown in a handful of stores, but it could expand nationwide within the next 18 months. coming up a man's facial hair becomes a not so secret ingredient at an oregon brewery. top? >> we have some showers and thunderstorms off to the west. we're okay in the immediate metro area. let me show you radar. some of these are producing hail. we have reports of hail in shenandoah. is here all headed up east, northeast up 81. >> up next a store clerk brings a four-pack of beer to a knife fight and wins. >> don't forget, we're always on at stay with us. we'll be right back.
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caught on stap a store clerk uses what he has -- tape a store clerk uses what he has to protect his business. this is video from inside a convenience store in ft. orange, florida. a man armed with a pocketknife and his shirt pulled over his head runs in and grabs cash from the register. that's when a clerk grabs a four-pack of beer and starts throwing. >> reporter: so you hit him with the can? >> yeah. he got scared and run away. >> reporter: you scared him? >> yeah. >> well, that would be robber drops the knife, the money and ran off with the clerk right on his tail. police later arrested that suspect at his home. the clerk says he didn't think twice about going for it because it was the only weapon he had handy. you never know what somebody will do with a can of beer. from the story of a beer can throwing clerk to abreu
5:40 pm
master making beer using his beard -- a brewmaster making beer using his beard. >> it's an ale harvested from the salt and peppered beer of the brea master, but this ain't -- brewmaster, but this just ain't any old beard. john meyers' beard hasn't been cut for 34 years. >> we had our lab guys take a couple of swabs just by putting a q-tip in here or taking a little clip off. i don't know what i thought about it. i said whatever. >> they lost like eight q-tips in that beard. amazingly the lab guy did find a yeast cell just kind of living and growing inside meyers' beard. he did some fermentation tests and the beard beer was born. keep in mind, ladies, you're not actually drinking the bad itself. you're drinking beer that happens to -- the beer itself. you're drinking beer that happens to have yeast that came out of the beard. >> that's supposed to be
5:41 pm
better? that's just crass. >> i've got nephews younger than that guy's beard, but still. >> i'll try to read the next story. the state of new york tries to break up a somewhat unusual girls volleyball team. >> but first imagine only being able to see around a black hole in the center of your vision. up next the early warning signs of the no. 1 cause of blindness in our health alert. [ harry umlaut ] that's one creamy muller.
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[ male announcer ] muller. the european for yummy. tonight's health alert, imagine having this in your line of sight all day long. this is what macular degeneration looks like and some 10 million people in the u.s. have it. what is amd and are there ways to keep this age-related blindness at bay? joining me now is dr. aziz kenathar, an ophthalmologist. what's happening? why the black spot? >> macular degeneration affects the retina, which is the most important part of the inside of the eye. the tissue begins to break down and people lose their central vision just like in the video. >> there's something called wet or dry amd. people hear that a lot. >> the macular degeneration always begins as the dry type. that's the tissue breaking down. 10% of the time patients can
5:45 pm
have small blood vessels grow underneath the retina. those blood vessels bleed very easily and fluid accumulates in the macula. that makes people see distortion, makes it hard to read, hard to drive, very hard to do lots of things. >> so a lot of our viewers are thinking what can i do to keep this from happening to me? >> the strongest risk factors for macular degeneration are age and genetics. we cannot change those two things, but we can live a healthy lifestyle, eat lots of fresh fruits, dark greenleafy vegetables, fish, nuts. smokers are two to three times more likely to have macular degeneration. >> so we've got another reason to quit smoking. >> absolutely. >> what about the treatment? is it better to get treatment right when you see the first sign? >> absolutely. the sooner, the better. if you have the dry type of macular degeneration, vitamins can be recommended to decrease the chances of you getting the wet type. >> even just taking vitamins
5:46 pm
can keep my vision better industry this? >> absolutely it. can decrease the chance, absolutely. >> i was reading about a tiny telescope that sounds like science fiction. do you do that? >> that telescope is very cool. it's so tiny it can be delivered directly into the i'm everything the patient sees in front of them will -- eye. everything the patient sees in front of them will be magnified and use their other eye for peripheral vision. >> there's the telescope and also i would imagine medication. >> there are lots of medications. the wet form makes 90% of the permanent vision loss for macular jean racing, but the medications are great -- degeneration, but the medications are great for stablizing the disease and 40% of the time can improve the condition. >> thank you, doctor. not a moment too soon. hi. >> we're waiting for you. thanks for showing up,
5:47 pm
appreciate it. some clouds now, nothing here but big storms off to the west. >> we are seeing some signs. it has a thickness in the air. >> a little more humid, too derek having a bad hair day. >> leave my head alone. >> we've been watching the past three or four hours in the shenandoah valley along i-81 where most of the activity has been. eventually they'll move a little farther east. they'll leave us alone the next couple hours, which is good news. everybody can get home. we'll zoom in a little bit, big time lightning, too especially just around winchester, either side of winchester and also up toward papa. you see this color. this indicates some hail. we've had reports from spotters of hail in shenandoah county, no doubt about that. so we've got a little hail south of front royal and southwest of steven city and a little bit of hail just to the
5:48 pm
southwest and south of tom's brook. everything is moving northeast for the time being, individual cells anyway. got some pretty big rain. this is red and orange. that's an indication of rainfall rates. now we have rainfall rates about an inch per hour just north of 40 and essentially straddling the mason dixon line. that also is moving northeast, but eventually the whole line of storms will move eastward. we'll track that for you in a second. our cam scam, looking west there, clouds on the way in, dew points in the 60s, not as comfortable, winds southeast at 14, pressure steady 30.09 inches of mercury. let's talk about what's heading our way. a little touch of summer again, storms possible tonight. a few could be heavy, a couple could be severe, still warm tomorrow. the weekend a little unsettled, but do not change your plans. a couple showers are possible saturday and sunday, but keep your tee times and the walk on the canal, not a big deal.
5:49 pm
here's our futurecast. now we'll track them for you. we've got storms out to the west. we'll advance it and the storms try to move through the area between 7 p.m. and 11 p.m. now they're extending into baltimore with moderate to almost heavy rain. there will be some showers at ravens game tonight. good news, will be warm with lows in the 60s, game time temps in the 70s. after that we clear out, have a mix of sun and clouds tomorrow with a slight chance of a shower friday. i think storms are out of the question, though, tomorrow. next three days code green, still warm tomorrow, 80, maybe a shower, few showers saturday, 73, a few showers sunday and 75 but not enough to change your plans. next seven days the nats come back into town monday. it's going to be great, low 70s, fantastic. then we get into tuesday, temps start going up again, upper 70s. watch the little system to our south, some clouds possible tuesday night and 80 wednesday, maybe a shower thursday,
5:50 pm
temperatures going back to the lower 80s. so it's going to stay warm for a while. a girls volleyball team in yonkers, new york is fighting to keep a boy on the squad. jensen daniel was allowed to play on the girls team last year because yonkers high school doesn't have a boys team, but now the state changed its mine. officials say daniel is too strong -- mind. officials say a daniel is too strong and would have an adverse effect on the competition. daniel says he and his teammates bonded last season and the girls want him to stay. the real nfl refs on the field tonight when the ravens take on the browns in baltimore, but that is not the only story tonight. kristen berset is live at m and t stadium with a preview. sort of like the browns playing the browns. >> reporter: somewhat, yeah, derek. the refs are back. they got the deal done. they will be here tonight. the headline judge for tonight
5:51 pm
will be here. joining me now live a good friend of mine rob long, cohost of the vinny and rob show on 105.7 the fan here. they were able to get this deal done late last night. are you surprised? >> i'm surprised if you take me back maybe a week ago, i would say yes, i'm surprised, but after seeing what we saw on sunday night football right here at m&t bank stadium and then the very next night on monday night football, you knew something had to give because it was chaos. it was chaos in the five. so after monday i would have -- in the nfl. after monday i would have placed a wager less than two weeks before this thing is over with. >> reporter: kind of forced their hand a bit. when we see the regular officials, what's the difference we might see in the game? >> first you may see for the first time in nfl history that without sarcasm referees get a standing ovation is no. 1. i think you'll see a game go a lot smoother. what hasn't been smooth, the continuity has been bad. i think the no.
5:52 pm
1 thing, though, the word trust. i think you'll see less tension between coaches and officials because you know this, the coaches didn't trust those officials. i think you'll see less friction, less dialogue tonight between coaches and officials. >> reporter: players, coaches, fans are going to welcome them back with open arms, but coaches said in the past they know these referees at some point sometimes tend to game plan for who they're going to have. i feel like they're going to be under a microscope obviously. they're going to be happy they're back, but how are they really going to be perceived the moment that they throw a questionable yellow flag? >> i think the honeymoon period will kind of give them a buffer. i think the first comebacks there will be that honeymoon -- couple weeks there will that be hobby moon period and then we'll go back to -- honeymoon period and then we'll go back to life as we knew it with people complaining about officials, but i think the first two or three weeks everything they do will be justified just because they're missed. >> reporter: now, of course, there's a game going on here
5:53 pm
tonight as well. this week torrey smith, his second game after his brother passed. you were out at owings mills this week. how is he? how is his confidence? how is he doing after the big win sunday going into today? >> torrey is a very emotional guy. i think you'll probably see him still filled with emotion as he was sunday night, but he's a very focused young man. that was the best game he's played since he was at maryland. i think you'll see the same torrey smith tonight. i actually saw him in the tunnel. he's going to play well. >> reporter: it's going to be exciting to watch, ravens/browns, more on tonight's game coming up at 6:00. i'm kristen berset. back to you guys in the studio. coming up on 9 news now at 6:00 the beginning and end of his professional baseball career came with one pitch. we'll tell you about his seven year struggle to make it back to the majors. >> the government and private sector working on an effort to create a first of it's kind
5:54 pm
u.s. weather commission. we have the details. >> plus many families struggle to pay off massive credit card debt. we'll tell you the best card to help you reach that goal.
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
seniors who receive social security are finding themselves short on cash. identity thieves are targeting them by getting their hands on their names and bank accounts. then the crooks reroute the benefit to their own accounts and prepaid debit cards. this is taking off just as the
5:57 pm
social security administration prepares to switch from paper checks to direct deposit. the economy may be slowly recovering, but business is booming for banks. they still send out plenty of credit card offers counting those rewards and cash back and low interest rates. checked out about 50 cards, more than that actually, and found that some are really good for people struggling to pay off their big credit card debt. robert mathumby hasn't bought a family christmas tree in two years. eating out is a rare treat. it's all an effort to chip away at his $10,000 credit card debt. >> i've been really making efforts to pay them down, you know, two or three times more than what the minimum payment that is due. >> reporter: but with the 16 and 22% interest rates, he barely makes a dent. for families like his, financial experts recommend transferring the balances to a card with a lower rate.
5:58 pm
>> you can often find cards with very low interest rates, even down to 0 for balance transfers, but look carefully at the terms because they can vary a lot from card to card. >> reporter: you're often charged a balance transfer fee, 3 to 4% up front and that 0% or low apr often lasts 12 to 18 months. the chase slate card is good for people who can pay off the balance quickly. it has 0 interest for 15 months and no transfer fees in the first 60 days. >> but if you calculate you won't be able to pay off your debt that quickly, you're better off with a low fixed interest rate. >> reporter: one of the best credit cards is the pin fed promise. it currently has a low apr of 4.99% on transfers made before the year end and it has no balance transfer fee, but you must be a member of the pin fed credit union. it will cost you $15. if robert does transfer his balances, he should try to get another card for any new purchases and he will need to pay that one off in full every month to avoid going deeper in
5:59 pm
debt. now a rewards or cash back card is a better choice if you pay off your credit card balance each month. consumer reports recommends the american express blue cash preferred card. you will have to pay a 70 five dollars annual fee. an -- a $75 annual fee. a d.c. judge just ordered three young men without bail in the near fatal beating of a young father on capitol hill it. took police weeks to solve the case, but they say the young maryland men admit they attacked tc maslin for his iphone. bruce leshan live at d.c. superior court with the latest developments. there have been a lot of them. bruce. >> reporter: there sure have, anita. sketch its bill hennessy is just -- artist bill hennessy is just done with his sketch of the courtroom. these young men now face two armed robbery charges. this is sonny cudie and he allegedlad


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