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tv   NBC Nightly News  NBC  September 27, 2012 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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hour, but line is pushing east. big storms on the other side of 50. when you see these colors, these magentas right around marshall, that's hail. they've had hail in them all day. we have eyewitness reports of hail. we'll zoom into this storm just north of 50 pretty close to midburg around leetown and st. louis road. that's big time possibly damaging hail as this storm pulls off to the north and the east. we will come back, talk about when they'll clear our area and if they'll affect the ravens game. again severe thunderstorm watch until 11:00. we've got more breaking news tonight at 7:00. the california man behind that anti-muslim film that sparked deadly protests all over the world has been arrested. nakoula basseley nakoula was picked up on a probation violation. in 2010 he was quicked of federal check fraud. he's been -- convicted of federal check fraud and he's been in hiding since his film the innocence of muslims
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sparked the violent protests. the film depicts muhammad as a womanizer, fraud and child molester. the nfl regular refs are back. a tentative deal has been reached ending the lockout that started in june. that is especially good news for the ravens. they've got a game with the browns tonight. our own kristen berset is at m&t stadium in baltimore with more on that. what's the story? >> reporter: hey, derek, yeah, that's right. the league wanted these real officials back as soon as possible. so they said the deal was done early this morning like you said, but they haven't officially signed anything. commissioner roger goodell lifted the lockout so they could have the officials back for tonight's ravens/browns game, big deal. things will try and get back to normal. many of the changes with the real refs back may not be completely obvious to viewers, but you may notice it's smoother and a quicker paced game, less stoppage to figure out what's going on. more importantly it's about the
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trust that the players and coaches have with these officials. now the two sides worked hard to end this lockout, one that went a little longer than expected. >> i think there was pressure on all of us to get an agreement from the get go. i don't think anybody wanted to go into using replacement officials. i don't think the officials wanted to come off the field. >> reporter: now gene serator is the head official tonight entering his 10th year with the nfl re f-ing these games, so both teams tonight in good hands. i'm willing to bet tonight will probably be some of the warmest welcomes that these referees will ever get and probably for the rest of the season today and this weekend, but everybody is glad to have these real officials back in the game. we're live at m&t bank stadium. i'm kristen berset. back to you in studio. >> funny you should mention that warm welcome because you don't have to be a football fan
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to know players and referees don't always see eye to eye. in fact, the players' attitude from officials usually ranges from extreme indifference to absolute malice, but not today. today those referees are every nfl player's long lost buddy as in glad to have you back, old friend. >> reporter: i'm matt jablow at redskins park in ashburn where the return of the referees was all most people were talking about. >> you always say you don't miss something until you go without it. >> they got the deal done, excited to have them back. >> reporter: some more vocally than others. what was your first reaction? >> i said hallelujah. >> reporter: but all agreeing that it was a very good thing. >> they know the positions. they know the ruplayers in particular. >> thank you, lord. >> reporter: and for the game in general. what was your first reaction when you heard the refs were coming back? >> great. awesome. i saw it this morning. >> they keep everything under control. i mean a couple weeks back you had players doing dirty plays
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against us, stuff like that. those things won't half when you have the real refs back infant. >> reporter: though they might be the most excited people to have the referees back, the players clearly aren't the only ones welcoming the refs back with open arms. >> it's about time. >> the ruling on the field is reversed. >> the game should be played between two teams. they shouldn't have refs deciding outcomes of games. >> go, refs, go, that was matt jablow. now the names for the officials for sunday's redskins/tampa bay bucs game won't be announced until sometime sunday. in other sports news, a big win for nats fans today. a local company is stepping up paying the tab to keep the metro open an additional hour during the late night playoff games. living social says they'll fork t the nearly 30,000 bucks to keep metro open an extra hour. this will allow riders to get home even if the late night playoff games go past metro's normal hours of operation. so while it is awfully nice of
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living social to step up, why didn't the nats fork over the dough? the city paid for their stadium. fans paid for their bills and it's their game. on the other hand, you could argue they provide the game, do they have to give you a ride home, do? the ride to mcginty's mailbag begins with our address, we'd love to hear from you on that. a d.c. judge has ordered three young men held without bail in the near fatal beating of a young father on capitol hill. it took weeks to solve the case, but now police say the young maryland men are admitting they did attack tc maslin for his iphone. bruce leshan was in court today with the latest. >> reporter: the sketches take you right inside the courtroom the three young men relatively calm considering they are now facing two armed robbery charges. you can see handcuffs on them. this is sonny cudie who allegedly admitted to slamming tc maslin, that young father,
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in the back of the head with a fake em out beebee gun. this is michael moore who has allegedly admitted to punching maslin to the ground and tommy branch who was allegedly driving. relief on capitol hill at news of the arrests in the brutal attack on thomas maslin. >> i think it's relief that they got them. >> reporter: the young father was walking home from a nats game august 18th, stopped at the tune inn for a drink and then was beaten so badly in the head that he is still hospitalized, blind in one eye, unable to walk or feed himself. d.c.'s police chief announced the arrest of three suspects wednesday night. >> i can't say enough about how heart braking it is to see that something as simple -- heartbreaking it is to see that something as simple as a piece of property or cell phone will cause someone the type of
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injury and grief that these three individuals have caused the maslin family. >> reporter: police now say that the same night that they attacked maslin the three young suspects robbed two other men near l'oreal plaza in adams morgan and got caught. police say they found maslin's iphone on one suspect, but they did not trace it, not until a tipster recognized one of the suspects' white hyundai from surveillance video and police finally closed the loop this week, six weeks after maslin was beaten and left for dead on capitol hill. >> a phone, a phone, you know, a phone, it's just despicable. >> reporter: at d.c. superior court, bruce leshan, 9 news now. new tonight at 7:00 a renoir bought at a flea market for season bucks turns out it will not be auctioned off saturday in alexandria after all. you see, this painting may have
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been stolen decades ago. a washington post reporter was dig around this week and discovered documents in the baltimore museum of arts library showing the painting was there from 1937 to 1949 and in 1951 it was stolen. tonight the fbi is investigating. is there more than one mona lisa? some folks think so. we'll show you the painting some believe da vinci painted years before the famous one that now hangs in the louvre. >> reporter: what do local veterans think of governor romney? they get a personal meet and greet today in springfield. i'm peggy fox.
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swing state virginia on the minds of both president obama and mitt romney and today both of them spent the day campaigning there. peggy fox caught up with romney as he spoke to veterans at the american legion in springfield and he began his speech hammering the president for the
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job losses predicted under sequestration cuts that may come at the end of this year. >> members of the american legion, thank you. >> reporter: governor mitt romney talked up his support of defense spend. he said cutting defense spending -- spending. he said cutting defense spending now should be unthinkable. >> the world is not a safe place. it remains dangerous. >> reporter: governor romney explains to have a strong military, a strong economy is needed. >> our economy needs to be reinvigorated and the president has laid out his plan. it's a continuation of the old plan. we can't afford four more years of the last four years, all right? >> reporter: governor romney not only says he would stop shrinking the military but would add to the active duty force and one of the biggest cheers came when he quoted ronald reagan. >> peace comes through strength. i want to have a military that's so strong no one wants to test it. [ applause ] >> the people that are out there fighting these wars, we owe them support forever and i think governor romney is totally supportive of that. >> reporter: but that's not
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the opinion of veteran jim dillard who represented springfield for 30 years in the virginia house of delegates. >> they talk about cutting the domestic spending by 20%. if they do that, that's $11 billion cut for veterans program. i don't think veterans ought to be the ones to pay for tax cuts for the wealthy. so we need a president who is going to look out for veterans, look out for the middle class and lead us back to prosperity. >> i need your help. we've got to win in virginia. >> reporter: peggy fox, 9 news now. president obama spent his morning campaigning in virginia beach and used romney's tax returns to make his pitch to the middle class voters. >> my opponent thinks it's fair that somebody who makes $20 million a year like him pays a lower rate than a cop or a teacher who makes 50,000. don't boo. vote! >> president obama won virginia
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in 2008, but the state went solidly for the republican candidate in the 10 previous presidential elections. there are six more days of campaigning out there before president obama and mitt romney have their first presidential debate. >> there is a possibility we could see some severe weather this evening. topper will have the latest when we come back.
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well, if you're north or west of town, you may be getting a little sign of the tough weather out there, top.
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>> it was 85, kind of a touch of summer today. well, we've got summer thunderstorms. in fact, most of the metro area is under a severe thunderstorm watch until midnight. let's start with that. we'll show you the watch. it covers just about everybody. it doesn't quite go up to frederick county, but it's not like the storms know to stop at the county line. it goes all the way to the bay in anne arundel county, prince george's, the district and southern maryland. the darker yellow, those are severe thunderstorm warnings which cover a good portion of fauquier county, prince william county and loudoun county. we'll talk about that in a minute. here's a look at radar and the lightning, a lot of lightning with these storms. this is the last picture, a tremendous amount of lightning southwest of leesburg north of warrenton. that's as dangerous as anything else. so when you hear thunder, get indoors. big time storm around marshall. he would jump 50, get on the other side of -- we'll jump 50, get on the other side of 50 very close to aldie, this magenta color indicating hail. some of it could be actually
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damaging. we'll go down to this storm around marshall and there's big time hail. this is just heavy rain which could cause flash flooding. we've got primarily two threats with these storms, hail and heavy downpours. we'll zoom back out and this is the warnings now in effect. you can see it covers aldie and covers almost a good chunk of loudoun county and a little tiny chunk of montgomery county, but my hunch is we'll see this expanded on the west side of 270 in the next hour or so. we will keep you posted on that. temperatures, 76 right now, dew point 64. so it is more like summer than fall, no doubt about that. severe thunderstorm watch until midnight. the storms contain hail. they contain heavy rain. the good news is they should be out of here by 1 appear. weekends a bit un-- 1 a.m. weekends a bit unsettled, but not enough to change your plans. right now we see the storms lined up to the west. we'll put this into motion.
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they move through at 9:30. the good news, they begin to weaken. you're seeing less red and orange, which is good, but you're probably going to see a shower at the ravens game tonight. by 12:00, 1:00, just a couple sprinkles left and then tomorrow a mix of sun and clouds. we don't see any convection tomorrow, yes, maybe a couple showers, but we do not see any thunderstorms, though, friday. for tonight shower or thunderstorm possible, some heavy or severe, mild, lows in the 60s, winds south at 10. now tomorrow morning partly sunny, mild. you'll need your sunglasses, 60s and 70s. that's the starting temperatures in the 60s, winds westerly at 10. by afternoon pretty nice, partly sunny, warm, a few showers possible, not a thunderstorm, though, high temperatures around 80. winds turn northwesterly at 10. next three days code green, green and green, still warm tomorrow, maybe a shower but 80, a couple showers saturday, 73. keep your tee times, a couple
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showers sunday, 75. keep your bike riding times. next seven days, monday nats come back into town, beautiful, low 70s. we're looking at mid-70s on tuesday, 80 on wednesday and temps on thursday with a couple showers in the low 80s. so no real super fallish air heading our way and consequently we've got storms. we did not call this weird news, but it might as well be. it's a guy that loses his four fingers in a wake boarding accident and a couple weeks later a fisherman catches a trout and guess what he fines in its belly? the man's pinky -- finds in its belly? the man's pinky. >> everybody asked me were you able to put them back on. i'm like no, we couldn't find them. they're fish food. that's what i've told people. but then he said you're never going to believe this story, but there was a fisherman at prius lake and i knew instantly what had happened. >> police were able to find the
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pingy's owner. they used -- pinky's or. they used fingerprints. at first he said i don't want it back, but now maybe it can be reattached and apparently it was well preserved because it was cold in that lake. >> that makes sense. >> obviously the fish just kind of swallowed it with no chewing. >> probably pruney, too. >> you got to think. could there be more than one mona lisa? up next we take you overseas where this painting that looks just like the mona lisa has everybody talking and speculating.
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move over, money allis ashes everybody talking about an older version -- mona lisa, everybody talking about an older version of you. we have the report from london. >> reporter: researchers in switzerland unlocked a secret vault to reveal what they say
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is an earlier painting of a younger mona lisa. >> the great artist leonardo da vinci did, in fact, paint two versions of the mona lisa portrait. >> reporter: the mona lisa foundation was set up to prove it. experts spent three decades doing x-rays and detailed examinations to back up their claim. >> we have discovered that it is, in fact, the same woman in both paintings. it is lisa garadini delgiacondo. >> reporter: the painting hung in a home in england a century before being finally discovered. a collector bought the painting and brought it to his studio in a london suburb. that's where the mona lisa gets its name. it was kept here until the 1st world war when it was sent to the united states to keep it safe. some art experts are skeptical mona lisa has a twin. they argue it's more likely an anonymous painter who was
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trying to copy da vinci. >> i've seen the infrareds and the x-rays. they are not characteristic of what leonardo does in these paintings. >> reporter: about 6 million people visit the louvre in paris each year to see the mona lisa. museum officials would not comment on claims of a second portrait. the debate will likely linger. the swiss foundation says it will not sell the painting or reveal who currently owns it. >> the mystery goes on. historians with the mona lisa foundation believe da vinci painted the earlier portrait 10 to 12 years before the original mona lisa. >> another quick look outside where things are booming and turbulent. >> let's start with the watch that covers the entire metro area until midnight, the severe thunderstorm watch. the deeper yellow is a warning in loudoun county, prince william county, fauquier county and a little sliver of montgomery county. we will track these for you all
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night. of course, we're always on at >> thank you, top. i'll be right back here at 11:00 along with anita. you'll want to be here then because russ ptacek will have that food report. wait till you see what local restaurants he's on today and you don't want to dine out until you do. don't forget you can log on any time on www.wusa9.comful we'll see you a bit later. bye bye.
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"entertainment tonight," the worldwide leader in entertainment news. lindsay lohan's mom comes to "e.t.." her first interview about her unusual behavior with dr. phil. >> have you cried over this dr. phil interview? >> many, many times. i could cry right now. can i go home right now? >> emotional. embarrassed. >> and telling "entertainment tonight" her side of the story. >> that makes you look, quite frankly, under the influence of something. >> little tie and little shoes. the 500-pound man wheeled on to "the x factor" stage. then -- >> absolutely awful. >> emmitt smith and former cheerleader melissa rycroft on the nfl referee debacle. >> they're back, finally. usher's ex-wife opens up to me about the tragic death of her 11-year-old son.


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