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tv   News 4 at 11  NBC  September 30, 2012 11:30pm-12:05am EDT

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like the skins were going to be victorious today but as he did last week, rg3 marched down the field on the final drive of the game but this one had a happier ending. the tampa bay bucs roared back. with less than 2 minutes to go, rg3 took command, marched down the field and into field goal range using his legs to get there. nothing is certain. billy cundiff missed three field goals on the night. but this one sailed right through. redskins beat the bucs 24-22. >> for me, it felt like it was a real test, and i really felt like it was something i was looking forward to, which sounds kind of crazy again. you miss three kicks and a lot of people want to say let's get the game over with. but for me i wanted the chance to prove to my teammates that they can trust me. >> we'll have more on the redskins win in game on overtime. nationals also having a rough
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day. wyler who was the starting pitcher when the nats clinched a spot in the playoffs couldn't help his team clinch the division today. he lasted less than three innings. dave owens is in st. louis. he'll join us coming up a little later. for the first time in 15 years, the baltimore orioles are headed to the post-season. they've done all they can do to secure a spot. tonight, their fate lay in the hands of the los angeles angels. we've got all that for you plus the guys james brown and the guys from nfl today will join us in game on overtime and join us from new york. >> the question tonight, can we trust that kicker? thanks for joining us. have a great week, everybody. bye.
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coming up tonight on game on overtime. >> robert griffin, iii, here we go. >> a nail biter in the sunshine state. rg3 works his magic on the final drive. >> it says a lot about him. not too many rookies can do this. >> cundiff saves the game but is it too late to save his job. we've got expert analysis on today's big win. >> i turned to my guys and talk about the ravens. >> plus the guys from nfl today weigh in on the ravens first quarter action. >> and beltran goes deep. >> no champagne shower in the show me state. the nats head back to d.c. with a division title still up for grabs. >> finish the deal off and you know, get back at home and it
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will be a lot more exciting. >> the birds flying high today but will they land in the playoffs? the americans choke on the links. a look at their epic collapse. better watch out, ray lewis. bryan dawkins is coming through. i don't know what that move is called. back to game on overtime, everybody. we have a jam-packed show for you tonight. i'm kristen berset. dave owens is in st. louis. we'll hear from him in a few minutes. first the redskins avoid walking the planks in tampa today after giving up 18 straight points to the buccaneers. rg3 orchestrated a final drive to put his skins back at 500. before the game a scary moment. look at this, brandon merriwether running after a ball collides with robinson. robinson unconscious a little bit. both ended up sitting out of the game. to the action, first possession of the game, altread morris --
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alfred morris steamrolled. a few plays later rg3 takes it himself. gets hit at the goal line. fumbles the goal but pierre garcon jumps on it. up 7-3. kicker billy country tiff, rough -- cundiff, rough night. the field goal soars way right and there were a couple more like that. off an interception, rg3 takes it himself. this time no problems. redskins up 14-3. their very next possession, a handoff to alfred morris, again the rookie unstoppable, gets through the crowd to wide-open spaces. 45 yards for the score. skins led 21-3 at halftime. in the third, rg3, here he finds joshua morgan in stride. great catch, good for 17 yards. the redskins fail to score on that drive. then the possession, tampa's josh freeman heaves it up for
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an open mike williams. williams making nice moves, eluding the skins defenders. 60 yards on the play. four receptions, 115 yards for quill williams today. a few plays later, third and goal from the 6 yard line. the come back, freeman finds vincent jackson in the end zone. bucs cut the lead to 8. time winding down in the third. redskins trying a little trickery. to brandon banks, back to rg3, throws down the field to paul for 30 yards. tampa challenged it was an illegal forward pass and won. didn't work out but still fun to watch. in the fourth, bucs threatening. takes it in for the score. the bucs attempted the 2-point conversion but miscommunication blows it apart. skins hold a 2-point lead. tampa hit a field goal to take the lead. here's your rg3 orchestrating this 2-minute drill to almost perfection. 20 yards setting autopsy field goal for billy cundiff. remember he already missed
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three field goals. from goat to hero, this one is good. the redskins pull off the victory, beating tampa bay 24- 22. mike shanahan talked about his kicker after the game. >> obviously, you miss too many, you know, your employment's not very long, but i was really pleased with him to miss three field goals and still keep his focus and come back and make the game winner. >> it's tough for a kicker to maintain his job when you miss four kicks. yeah that's a given. it's the nature of the business. it's really just to try to put your best effort forward the next kick. >> we all had a feeling he was going to make it, even though the day wasn't so great for limb. he came up ---great for him. he came up big when it mattered. >> washington's first regular season victory in tampa bay since 1953. rg3, a touchdown. josh freeman good day. 2439, 299 yards with an
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interception. vincent jackson, six catches, 100 yards and the redskins come home to face the perfect atlanta falcons next sunday. joining me now in studio to break down what we saw from the kevin and rock show, 106.7 the fan, we've got to talk about the final drive. rg3 took command and drove them down the field. >> we hear he didn't even have his headpiece working. he did it all on his own. it's not surprising. everyone already talked about how intelligent he is and how great an athlete he is. he's got this cool, calm, laid back personality and it's transferred on the field and working out tenfold for the redskins. >> what about, we've talked a lot about rg3 running too much, getting hit too much. he said today it wasn't nearly as physical a game. were you pleased with the amount that we saw from him today? >> today walls a lot better on him taking unnecessary shots, especially when he was running. we talked about it earlier. just him continuing to do so i think will put him in harm's reach. and i don't think it's something we really want him to
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keep doing. i really hope they pull back and scale back a little bit on his ability to run. not his ability to run but just running, period. and planned runs. let's use his arm. >> we saw him be a little bit smarter today, avoiding the collisions, avoiding the tackles, getting out of bounds. thank goodness at the end it got them in the field goal range. but we don't need to see him get hurt. the rookie, alfred morris. so impressive to me. >> can i just say fantasy team? >> i don't have him on. i tried getting him after the first game but everybody already claimed him. but just -- >> it's unbelievable. you want to say six round pick. we've had a lot of those. you say, tom brady, particulars round pick. but shanahan is good for getting these guys, diamond in the rough. they said he had a fumbling problem in college but it hadn't been a problem with the redskins. let's continue to see that type of thing as the season goes
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along. >> billy cundiff, missed from 57 -- you miss three field goals in one game. yeah he hits a game winner. >> twitter blew up and everyone was like he earned himself another week. my thought process is i never want to see anyone and i will never promote anyone losing their job, but you don't bring a guy back another week to give you a chance to lose another game. he had an opportunity. there are other kickers out there who would fight and love to have his game. i think you don't give him another week to lose possibly next week for you. >> this isn't the only time he's done it. we know it happened in baltimore. he was one for five before that final field goal in the first four games. i mean, that's too much of a liability for them to have. >> we know kickers are a dime a dozen. when your only job is to kick field goals and you can't do that, let's get you out of here and get someone else who can. >> rocky, thanks so much. we'll look at the skins opponent for next week, the falcons taking on carolina today. let's look at those highlights. we've got them in the fourth once we look at the highlights.
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atlanta has beat carolina in the last four or five times, so they have their number. this one a little bit closer though. in the fourth quarter, carolina takes the lead. newton throws, a nice catch and a score on that one. falcons down one late but a 40 yard field goal and that's the game winner. falcons win by 30-28. all right, the washington nationals back after their final road trip of the season. they failed to clinch the division title but, hey, that just means a chance to celebrate with their hometown fans. they were just leaving it for you guys. if they play better than they did today. a rough day for them. bases loaded in the first. a fly ball to right. jayson werth kind of on a bad angle. that ball rolls into the corner. all the runners come in. trying to get greedy. gets gunned out at home. 7 runs allowed by detwiler today. in the fourth, nats trying to
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rally. bryce harper, shot to right center. that is home run number 22 for the rookie. nats did score four runs in the fourth to pull within three but in the bottom of that same inning, carlos beltran answers with his second home run of the game. cards win this one big, 10-4, and the braves won today, too, so the nats magic number stays at one. >> i didn't throw any strikes. i walked like, what, five people in two innings. you can't have much success doing that. >> he was throwing. he didn't use all his pitches. he's got a bad habit of doing that occasionally. he uses a two seamer and didn't go in, didn't pitch. >> detwiler picked up his 8th loss. bryce harper one for three with the homer. five and a third innings, nine strikeouts and carlos beltran's big night. two homers. nats return home to close out
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the season and i can't believe we're at the end of the regular season against the phillies. all right, nationals fans are feeling an attitude. hundreds of them traveled to the show me state this weekend in hopes of seeing their team clinch the division. of course, no celebration but they still had a good time. dave owens caught up with some of them as well as the players in st. louis. >> well, nick looking forward to get the pins taken out in tampa tomorrow. again, left sider field, way back. goodbye, home run. >> well, here's the way to describe what happened in st. louis this weekend. how about phhhh. the nats played like a team that wanted to win. st. louis played like a team that needed to win. the results, they were pretty ugly. >> we've got to play the type of baseball we know we're capable of doing. we didn't do that today. bounce back tomorrow. >> it would have been nice to have this one for the clinch and everything, but you know, we're back out there tomorrow and throwing tomorrow, right.
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got a good shot with them. >> we've had rough outings before and come back good. we'll be fine. >> how about nats fans? sunday pregame, they had visions of a clinch party. >> attitude is in the house; is that right? >> yes, it is. >> attitude is definitely in the house. we're locking up the first place to be. >> you get emotional. we talked before. >> i told you i was going to cry. >> what a difference a few hours makes. >> reporter: so everyone leaves st. louis disappointed. the players, positive spin. they say glass half full. >> tomorrow is a new day. we'll gather up and go after them. >> it's better to clinch it at home. >> reporter: for reporters like me, that can only mean one thing. i love you but i've got to go back to washington, d.c. later, everybody. >> at least he was still having fun out there. the baltimore orioles, they had a great day. they sweeped the red sox to stay in a tie for the first in the division, then on their
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flight down to tampa, this is not so great. their charter flight had to make an emergency landing in jacksonville after somebody reported smoke. thankfully it was just precautionary. it was actually the oven in the kitchen area that had started smoking. so everybody's okay. they're en route in tampa bay. orioles began the day with their magic number down to two. in the first, leadoff home run. jump out to a 1-0 early lead. then in the fifth, birds up 5- 1. chris davis homers for the fourth straight game. baltimore takes a 6-1 lead. tim johnson in for the save. he gets wade to ground out. this guy unbelievable. major league leading 50th stay for johnson. the yankees won today. the angels won today. the o's remain tied for first in the east and depending on what the angels did tonight if they go to the playoffs.
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>> it was fun. today really reminded me of '08 when the brewers made it and we stood out on the field and waited for a game to en it kind of brought back flashbacks. >> our goal now is to figure out a way to play more baseball games at camden. i would love to hopefully see you later. we'll see. >> we'll see. now, as i said, the orioles needed the rangers to beat the angels tonight in their second game of a double header to clinch a playoff spot and they got their wishes. rangers closer gets the final out. the baltimore orioles in the first time since 1997. two teams from the dmv. got to love it. still to come on game on overtime, more coverage from st. louis. dave owens goes one-on-one with nationals outfielders michael morris. plus nfl today join us to break down the ravens first quarter performance when game on overtime returns.
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>> the nationals are headed back after a less than successful road trip. they didn't get to clinch the division but they get to celebrate with their fans. they can do it against the phillies in the next three days. our dave owens was in st. louis. he caught up with mike morris after the game. >> how difficult is it to play against teams that have to win? you guys, you want to win, you want to clinch, but have to win? >> you know, i don't think we look at it like that. you know, we're just playing to win just like they are. it was a tough game. you know, like i said, they came out. they came out swinging and jayson werth started the game off with a double right there. we thought we were going to get things rolling but they came back and they got to our
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pitcher. >> do you sense a psychological let down because so much was made of clenching and magic numbers. do you sense a little bit after psychological matter? how do you get the edge back as you go back home and you've got to win a ballgame? >> you know what? i don't think we've even thought about stuff like that. >> really? >> we're just playing to win. you know, the series and stuff. it's fortunate that, you know, we didn't win today, but tomorrow is a new day. we're going to gather up and go after them. >> be nice to get it done in front of the home fans, huh? >> absolutely. >> thanks a lot, mike. appreciate your time. back to you guys in the studio now. >> thank you, dave. while the nats, skins and o's work today, the baltimore ravens enjoyed a much deserved sunday off. they opened the season playing four games, three of those in primetime in just 17 days. it's a brutal way to start the
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season but they came out of it at 3-1. our friends at nfl offered a bare analysis of the ravens first quarter performance. >> thank you so very much as i turn to my guys to talk about the ravens coming off of the win over cleveland. boomer you were there? >> right, i've done two of their games. they were flat against the browns. flying against the bengals. i think they stole one away from the new england patriots. this is a much more offensive oriented team than the ravens of history. what that means, it means that joe flacco has now come into his own. they are trusting him with cameron being very aggressive with the play calling. i would like to see them use ray rice a little bit more running the football, because they're now pass happy, believe it or not. this is the ravens. their next game will be against kansas city. they are a better football team. flacco is a better quarterback than castle. i believe they'll get to 4-1. >> i agree with you. people are always asking me what's wrong with the ravens defense? their defense is not as good, but the offense is better.
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one of the main reasons, he was defensive player of the year. he was the one guy any time you needed to, you knew he could get home and get to the quarterback. but there'll still a whether -- they're still a very good football team. they go to the road, take on kansas city team who struggled with matt cassell. >> i think when you look at baltimore. this is an offensive football team. it's the same way in mitts burg. pittsburgh. they turned into an offensive football team. they have weapons like with joe flacco. i think they're getting a little weak on the defensive side of the ball. the only pressure you get is up the middle. they're so hard to beat at home. they've got great leadership in ed reed and ray lewis. even on the offensive side of the ball. they've got a lot of playmakers. tori smith now, the young kid
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on the outside. getting jacobi jones, it gave them a third receiver on the outside. there's a lot of weapons. i think they beat kansas city. i think right now it's a team they have to try to sustain it>> so what's left to say? >> whatever you want to say. >> what about john harbaugh the coach? do you like him? >> i do. i like the baltimore ravens and because their offense has gotten better, it's helped their defense. even though they've gotten older, joe flacco is proven in big ballgames he can be the quarterback that can take them to a superbowl with their weapons. colby jones has been contributing a lot more. you've got to love ray rice, the type of player he is. if joe flacco is struggling, he can kind of take over a ballgame. it's nice to have a guy you can turn around and hand it off to, and give it to him 25, 30 times in a game he'll get you 100 yards. that's what i like about the baltimore ravens, going into
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kansas city, to see the way kansas city played today. they turned it over six times. they turned it over half that many times against the ravens they'll lose. >> quick question. how do you keep from falling in love so much with the passing game and utilize a weapon like ray rice? >> i think they have shown when he is not involved in the game, they kind of get out of whack. the other thing that happens is, then you put the pressure back on your defense. when they go 3-out with that no huddle, this is a defense that can use the rest. i think ball possession. they've thrown the ball deep a lot. i would like to see them use more of the short passing game almost like the running game, because ray rice is really good out of the back field, too. i think you've got to keep him involved in the game. >> it's really hard to run the football when you have a franchise quarterback. he's thought of as a franchise quarterback. and you always say, put the ball in your best player's hand. they think joe flacco is their best player. >> look what new england is trying to do now. they're trying to run the ball
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to take a little pressure off. throwing the ball too deep too much, i don't think i've ever heard that. >> i think it's throwing it deep, which i think is good, but you have to be able to run the football to have balance. you need balance. >> these guys can talk football all day long, and as you know, we are here every subpoenaed at noon on eastern on the nfl. but right now, let's take it back to kristin. >> we appreciate it, guys. still on come on game on overtime, the collapse that had the twitter verse going crazy today. how did the americans lose the ryder cup when game on overtime returns after this.
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>> it was an epic collapse on the links today that sent the twitter world on fire. the united states headed into today's final round of the ryder cup with a four-point lead but poor play combined with a european rally spelled disaster for the americans. it was an exciting final day no matter what side you were
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rooting for. but tps are it was heart break for the united states. they defeat the united states 4 1/2 to 13 1/2. this has only happened once, this kind of come back, back in 1999 and then the u.s. was victorious. nascar up in dover, delaware, for the triple aaa 400. he would go on to win in dover. one more break to wrap things up on game on overtime. stay with us.
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welcome back. here's your care first injury
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report. redskins safety brandon merriwether having mri on his knee. wizards john wall out eight weeks with a knee injury. he said it's been bothering him for a little while. that will do it for game on overtime tonight. i will be live from nats park tomorrow, monday, to see if they can finally clinch the division. thanks for staying up with us. i'm kristen berset. have a great night.
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