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tv   News4 Today  NBC  October 9, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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a best of three series for the nationals after a rough day on the diamond in st. louis. >> coming back home, hoping to win. what kind of weather are we going to give them? >> not short pants weather. >> i bet they'll have on long pants. >> it's going to be better tomorrow. up around 70 degrees. going to be doing better. the fact is we're going to be riding the roller coaster on temperatures the next couple of days. climbing, moving back down, climbing again. so it's 60s and 70s over the next couple of days. we're not going to see any 80s coming up i don't think any time soon. take a look, see what's going on satellite and radar. you can see the moisture there streaming through. indeed, those are rain showers still making their way from southwest to northeast. still fredericksburg, still fairfax, prince william, howard, montgomery county, all wet right now. we're at 48 with showers, generally light showers falling throughout the area right now. later today, at 8:00 a.m., i think that rain's going to be
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gone. still some clouds left around the area. mostly cloudy. the winter chill, you're going to need the jacket at 42 to 49. i'm expecting a little more sun by the time we get to the noon hour today. 52 to 55. still chilly out there. as you look at 5:00 p.m. for your afternoon commute, partly sunny, feeling like november. 57 to 60. i'll have a look at your four-day forecast coming up in ten minutes. let's start off by checking the rails. if you're taking metro, mark or vre, no reported delays on the rails. the roadways, if you're traveling along i-270, we'll travel together. your travel lanes are even. i'll give yo a live look as you make your way into germantown area. no issues southbound or northbound. nice and clear. connecting to the beltway, again, nice and clear on the inner and outer loop in montgomery county. we'll check travel speeds. traveling on the inner loop of the beltway making your way from i-270 to i-95, driving 56 miles per hour, i would like to tell
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you, give yourself extra time. drive slower. the roads are wet. right now that drive will take 10 minutes. present. virginia is once again drawing attention from the presidential campaigns today. first lady michelle obama will visit the commonwealth. she will speak to supporters at the loudoun county fairgrounds in leesburg this evening. candidates and their spouses are making a strong push in the state. mitt romney and his wife ann both made multiple campaign stops there yesterday. the first lady's event opens to on the public 2:45 this afternoon. >> president obama will try to appeal to young voters again today. he'll visit ohio state university in columbus. he's been to more than 30 college campuses this year alone. this will be his fourth visit to a campus in ohio in recent weeks. the president flies to the battleground state from california where a series of fund-raisers helped generate millions of dollars for his campaign. republicans are focusing on another battleground state,
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north carolina. senator john mccain and house speaker john boehner are some of the gop leaders who will campaign for mitt romney in the tar heel state. the republican presidential nominee will visit north carolina later in the week. he campaigned in virginia yesterday. romney criticized president obama's foreign policy. he also vowed to be tougher on iran and help rebel forces in syria. foreign policy will be the focus of the next presidential debate which takes place next week. 5:03. family and friends are mourning the death of a missing fairfax teen. brian glenn disappeared last week. his body was found yesterday in a park. glenn's family issued a statement saying the discovery was a great shock and they need to let the investigation run its course. investigators are looking into the exact cause of death but sources tell news 4 they do not believe it is suspicious. today former d.c. council chairman kwame brown is making
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an unexpected court appearance for apparent violation of his plea agreement. brown pleaded guilty in june to bank fraud and campaign finance violations. as a part of that believe, brown is required to check in and be truthful with authorities and disclose his personal finances. the u.s. attorney's office is not commenting on the reason for the hearing. brown on still faces up to a year in prison. problems may still persist in d.c.'s tax office five years after it was rocked by the largest embezzlement scandal in the city's history. "the washington post" is reporting auditors have warned district cfo about the issues. including poor tracking of tax payments, dummy accounts set up with fake social security numbers, and lack of management oversight. this comes five years after a mid-level manager was caught stealing millions through phony tax return refunds. the nats' pitching struggles against the cardinals.
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st. louis' offense dominated the nationals, hitting four home runs en route to vehicle tee. the series is now tied at one game apiece with the series shifting to the nation's capital for the final three games. dan hellie has a recap from st. louis. >> good morning. all that went right in game one for the nationals did not in game two. starting pitcher jordan zimmermann struggled big-time giving up five earned runs in three innings of work. so this is the second straight game that a starting pitcher has struggled and that was the strength of the nationals team this year. >> definitely tough. i wanted to go out there and go deep in the game, try to get out of here with two wins. you know, i didn't do my part. i feel like, you know, the starter doesn't go and do their part, it snowballs with the relievers sometimes, that's kind of what happened today. >> you work all season to get home field advantage. and, you know, and we got it. we're going home with the series tied. and get a chance to play in front of our fans.
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and go back home and, you know -- it's what it's all about. so we did our job while we're here, split the series, and we'll head home. >> we wanted to get one win out of here. that's what we came in trying to do. last night was a tough game and we played hard and we were able to pull one out of this road trip. >> it's easy to play when they're waving the white towels for you. hopefully when we get home our fans are ready for us and, you know, they bring it kind of like they did. >> here's the deal. the series tied one game apiece and that really was the goal for the nates when they came here. they knew they had to get at least a split here in st. louis. the next three games are at home. so you could say, advantage nationals. starting pitcher for game 3, wednesday at 1:07, is edwin jackson. the ball hit the other way and into right field. he will score without a throw,
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3-1 baltimore. >> i'm going to bet orioles fans are feeling pretty good today. the o's beat the yankees 3-2 in game two of their american league division series. this win evened the series 1-1 games. game three tomorrow night in new york. all right, sticking to sandusky's message to america. developments surrounding the brawl that ruined a pair of wedding parties. the navy built out of metal. that's not keeping nasa's mars rover from having a sense of humor. started out like yesterday but will we see a warm-up?
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"and what's your name?" "oh, it's flo." "and what do you do?" "oh, i sell insurance like no one else." "oh, that's nice." "thank you." now, that's progressive. call or click today. more proof the mars curiosity rover has a sense of humor. oh, no, i dropped my keys. that was on the photo sent back of a small item found in the sand. the commentary was added later via twitter. the rover testing the item to figure out what it is. members of the rover team believe it's a piece of plastic that fell off the rover. or could be keys, i don't know. >> everyone loses his or her
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keys every once in a while. >> you move it around, things just fall off. >> the rover's busy up there. time for weather and traffic on the 1s. >> veronica johnson telling us about more cold air and rain. >> that's right. we're hoping that the rain's going to be out of here soon. probably by around 7:00 a.m. but if you're going to be stepping out of your door any time soon, in the next two hours, it is wet and you'll need the umbrella. take a look at the temperatures around the area. acostia and bening, 48. laytonsville, potomac, 45. port washington, 47. then you'll see temperatures rise to 50 by 10:00 a.m. then partly sunny, 56 to around 62 today. checking roadways, things look still pretty nice as you are about to head out of the house. 66 as you make your way past dudley. traveling eastbound as well as westbound, clear outside the
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beltway. roads look nice. as you travel along 29 in maryland, no issues as you make your way to the beltway in both directions. 5:12. talking tough. the threat north korea is making against the united states this morning. >>. >> also why the sky's the limit for one daredevil trying to land his na
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what jerry sandusky is saying about his child
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5:15. in a few hours jerry sandusky will be sentenced for abusing 10 boys over a 15-year period. from his jail cell, the former penn state assistant football coach made a surprise plea for claiming his innocence. nbc's danielle lee joins us live now from the center county courthouse with more on what we can expect today. >> reporter: you may be able to see behind me people are already lining up at this courthouse for this hearing that is going to begin at 9:00 this morning. we are expecting jerry sandusky to speak again. last night he made an 11th hour plea on the penn state college radio. this is really the first
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unedited look we had gotten into sandusky's thoughts. he sat at this courthouse for days saying absolutely nothing during his trial. the only time we did hear from him was during the nbc interview that didn't go well. then just last night he releases a roughly three-minute statement and what is telling is equally important, what he doesn't say to what he did say. he offered no apologies but only proclaims his innocence. listen to what he had to say. >> they could make me out as a monster, they can treat me as a monster, but they can't take away my heart. in my heart i know i did not do these alleged disgusting acts. >> reporter: jerry sandusky could face anywhere from 60 to 400 years in prison for 45 counts related to the sex abuse conviction. we are expecting to hear from six of the eight victims who testified during the hearing today and all those comments will have weight when judge cleland decides what
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gi. he's already preparing for an appeal. also five men accterredism states will appear in court. ham sa al masri is accused of conspiring to establish a terrorist training camp in oregon and masterminding plots to kidnap westerners in yemen. two other men have pretrial conferences on charges they helped bomb embassies in tanzania and kenya. others are facing charges in connecticut. congress is prepared to get to the bottom of what led to last month's deadly attack at the u.s. consulate in benghazi, libya. a house committee will hold a hearing tomorrow on the issue. one of the men in charge for security for diplomats in libya is expected to testify. he claims the deaths of ambassador stevens and three other americans could have been avoided. woods says the state department was withdrawing security forces
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despite his concerns the situation there was getting worse. north korea making a new threat against the u.s. it claims its missiles can reach the u.s. mainland as well as the u.s. territory of guam. north korea has accused south korea and its allies of plotting a war against that country. south korea just announced the u.s. has agreed to let it have longer-range missiles which can strike anywhere in the north. most missile experts say north korea has not mastered the technology to launch a missile capable of hitting the u.s. the conflict in the middle east now playing out right in new york city's subway system. two religious groupsproduced these new ads which began appearing yesterday in new york. they urge people to choose love and stop bigotry against muslims. the ads are in response to controversial pro-israel ads which compare muslim extremists to savages. that controversial ad now also up in some metro stations in the washington area. the american freedom defense initiative produced the ads. metro had resisted putting those
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posters up because of security concerns. a federal judge ruled the transit agency was violating that organization's first amendment rights by refusing to put up the ads. a new jersey man faces charges for his involvement in a wedding brawl. a hotel guest at the society hilscher ton in philadelphia captured part of the fight between two wedding parties on his smartphone earlier sunday morning. police booked 26-year-old matthew safka on charges including inciting a riot. he suffered concussion in the fight. two other people were ticketed for disorderly conduct. more people could be arrested. looks like dirty could be good. a new study says being too clean -- i'm so uncomfortable with that. a new survey says being too clean could be bad for you. doctors say if you're in a normal environment and you're not exposed to germs, overusing hand sanitizers might make you more susceptible to infections. doctors say a super-clean lifestyle could be partly to
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blame for the rise in the number of people with allergies and asthma. >> agree with that. pretty soon you'll be able to see the calorie count wheni do buy a soda from the vending machine. coke, pepsi and dr. pepper are rolling out machines that will feature calorie counts on the buttons of the machine. the machines will launch in chicago and san antonio next year. the american beverage association says the machines will remind customers to consider lower calorie alternatives. do you think there will be a rise in the diet coke and diet pepsi and all those drinks? >> i think people have to take responsibility for themselves. do you have to put the numbers on the machines? remind people? you know what you should and shouldn't be eating or drinking, come on. >> all right. 5:21. >> if i don't want to know, i don't want to know, don't put the numbers there. >> ignorance is bliss. 5:21. veronica johnson started off with some rain, chilly out there, veronica. >> it is. i'm going to leave that other one alone. keep on moving through weather here. sunrise today 7:12.
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and when it comes up, i think this rain will be out of on here. 48 degrees. we've got showers still falling throughout the area. the wind out of the north at 7 miles per hour. the fact that we do have light winds, it's keeping fog from forming. showers still in fredericksburg into d.c. and annapolis. you can see on the back edge of this that it is starting to dry up a bit. and coming to an end in spots down south. i-95 like around riff mond. but showers probably hanging on until 7:00 a.m. this morning. so for your afternoon, we're chilly. it's going to feel a lot like november around here. 57 to 60 degrees. kind of like yesterday. yesterday we hit a high of 55. today just about 5 degrees higher. as far as your evening goes, partly cloudy. still chilly. warm jacket needed. 48 to 54 your temperature. i do think that overnight the winds will be a bit lighter. so maybe saying that fog tomorrow morning.
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take a look at your four-day forecast. from 60 the high today, being on the school cool side, to 70 tomorrow. we'll hit 70 ahead of the next front that is looking as though it will be a dry front, not bringing rain. we'll be in the 60s thursday and friday. should have a lot of sunshine around the area on thursday. if you are looking for some rain right now, our next best chance is monday. so before that rain, this upcoming weekend, 66 on saturday. 75 degrees on sunday. i'm loving this upcoming weekend right now because it's definitely looking warm. for at least one more day today it's going to be cool like november. still checking the roadways. it's looking like a good commute. right now i'll give you a look as you're traveling in prince george's county. checking local roads, not seeing accidents, no road work. a live look past 214 and ritchie road, your travel lanes are
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open. traveling along i-270, here's what it looks like. you're starting to hit the brakes. as you make your commute toward 109 southbound, this is where you're heavy on the brakes. delays start right around urbana and continue southbound. good news, not seeing any accidents. once you pass 109 around clarksburg road, the lanes open up and you're clear all the way to rockville. help wanted at general motors. the carmaker says it will hire as many as 1,500 people to work in a new computer technology center near its headquarters in detroit. it is one of four tech centers gm is in the process of opening in the u.s. as part of its move to bring its i.t. department in-house. as many as 10,000 people could be hired in the next three to five years. pickup truck drivers, chrysler is recalling 44,000 trucks because of a defect that could cause a crash. the vehicles affected are 2009 and 2010 dodge dakota and ram 1500 pickups. traffic safety officials are
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concerned a rear axle nut could loosen causing drivers to lose control. chrysler will notify owners and provide a new nut that should fix the problem. apple will reportedly release their long anticipated smaller tablet in less than a month. the company is said to have ordered 10 million ipad minis. insiders say the official announcement will come october 17th and go on sale october 2nd. the new tablet will be around 7 inches compared to the larger 9-inch ipad. apple dominates the tablet market but is facing competition from amazon and microsoft who both released smaller and less-expensive tablets. redskins are confident robert griffin iii will be okay. the rookie quarterback was injured on this play in the third quarter. he was woozy afterwards and never returned to the game. rg3 did meet with neurologists yesterday and he will be
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monitored doing physical activity today. he still has to pass neurological tests before being cleared to play or practice again. >> we really needed him. you could just tell, as soon as he left the game, what a difference it made. we're hoping he has a speedy recovery and he heads back to the field. 5:25. today, one daredevil is set to attempt a world record. >> he will literally head out of this world to try it. felix baumgartner from austria will head 23 miles up to attempt the highest parachute jump ever. he'll jump out of a balloon over new mexico and will freefall at speeds of 700 miles per hour. that's just crazy. he's trained for this jump by practicing at heights of 13 and 18 miles high. by comparison, a boeing 747 flies only at 2 1/2 miles up. if you're flying higher than a boeing 747, something is not right. >> you're not supposed to do that. >> no, you're not, it's not
5:26 am
safe. >> it will take him three hours to fall, basically, from the edge of space. >> falling for three hours? the mother in me, it's giving me a lot of anxiety >> god bless you. >> >> 5:26. getting a boost. how big an impact mitt romney's debate performance is having on the upcoming election. why a woman accused of running an unlicensed day care is facing more charges this morning. it definitely feels like fall this morning. this is what we're waking up to. what you can expect along the sun rises with weather and traffic on the 1s.
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looking at the stories making headline is a the 5:29, friends and family mourning the death of a fairfax county teen found dead days after he disappeared. kwame brown making an unexpected appearance in court today. nationals are hoping hometown fans are the recipe for success in their playoff series with the cardinals. we'll have more throughout the morning. first, good morning to you. >> welcome back to "news 4 today" on tuesday, october 9th. a live look outside for you this
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morning. i had rain coming in. veronica says things are getting better. >> true confession. >> as opposed to a lie? go ahead. >> true, i put the heat on in my car. >> i had the heat on in my apartment yesterday all day long, cranked it up a little bit too, socks, sweat pants. >> we're wimpy. >> i can't do cold. >> slippers, long johns. >> i think it's the first chill that gets you the most. it's like, okay, i'm not prepared. >> yes, yes. >> but for today, it is chilly out there. not starting out in the 30s as was the case yesterday around the area. we're starting out at 48. you can see there in d.c., it as little wet. will be for about another 2, 2 1/2, 3 hours. i wanted to show you mid-atlantic temps. take a look at new york, philadelphia, down into ocean city and virginia beach. the numbers here running in the low to upper 50s. inland, we're in the 40s and low 40s all the way into elkin. you see rising temperatures.
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that's because more of a east-northeast wind, closer to what that water temperature is for the atlantic. around here 45 degrees. gaithersburg only, alexandra, i think the rain is going to be moving out. still chilly. 45 to 49. still overcast as that rain just ends. by noon today, 52 to 55. maxing out this afternoon, 57 to 60 degrees. 5 higher than yesterday. still a little chilly. i'll be back in 10 minutes. if you're traveling the roads, still looking pretty good. wet roadways, that's what you're dealing with, give yourself extra time. as far as congestion or accidents not bad. traveling along the dull less toll road, your travel lanes are open as you make your way towards the beltway. you're nice and clear. even as you head from the dulles toll road to the interchange,
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taking the beltway both directions, no issues right now. travel lanes are open. let me show you the rails. if you're taking the mark, a minor delay on the brunswick train, 11-minute delay. metro and vre aren't reporting delays at this time. the first lady will make her way to northern virginia to campaign for her husband. michelle obama will speak to supporters at the loudoun county fairgrounds in leesburg this evening. both presidential candidates and their spouses are making a strong push in the commonwealth with less than a month until election day. mitt romney and ann were both in the state yesterday. the first lady's event opens to the public at 2:45 this afternoon. mitt romney's strong debate performance last week already had president obama on the defensive. now it also has the president trailing in at least one poll. a new survey by pew research shows mitt romney now with a 4-point lead over the president, 49% to 45%. in the same poll taken a month ago, mitt romney actually trailed the president 8 points,
5:33 am
51% to 43%. now, that was just as that hidden camera video surfaced of the gop nominee's 47% comments. the new poll also contained good news for mitt romney on other fronts. his favorability now at 50% for the first time in a pew poll. and the former governor also saw gains among hispanics, women, and voters under the age of 50. the race for virginia's u.s. senate seat is getting personal. tim kaine and george allen squared off in a live televised debate in richmond. allen, a republican, criticized kaine for accepting a j a chairmann governor of virginia. >> how does the governor take on a second job that sends him all over the country, giving partisan speak ofs, while over 100,000 jobs are lost in virginia? >> i'm proud of the fact that when i was governor at a very challenging time, we did a lot to bring businesses to virginia and to have a profile that was significantly greater than other
5:34 am
states. >> both men are former virginia governors. they're hoping to replace democrat jim webb who isn't running for re-election. d.c. residents, today is the last day you can register to vote by mail. people who live in the district must postmark their voter registration applications by today. applications are available online and at public libraries, firehouses and police stations. anyone who misses today's deadline can still register to vote during early voting and on election at their polling place. election day is tuesday, november 6th. 5:34. one man is in critical condition after a shooting at a montgomery county home. police were called to the 1100 block of good hope drive in silver spring last night. they say the homeowner got into an argument with a man and a woman. during that fight, the homeowner shot the man who then drove himself to the hospital. the homeowner was also hurt in that fight. he is expected to be okay. montgomery county police are trying to figure out what caused a man to die while in police custody yesterday afternoon.
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officers arrested a man in clarks burg who was reportedly being violent and erratic. he resisted arrest but police got him under control with pepper spray. a short time later the man started to lose consciousness and was pronounced dead. a woman accused of operating an unlicensed day care in her may that is has home facing three new charges of child abduction. tara loop was arrested last week. police added abduction charges after learning she had nine children in her home, not six as first thought. she allegedly moved three of the children to a neighbor's house before police arrived without their parents' permission. all were under the age of 4. two games in. both the nationals and orioles are tied in their sea reese. returning to the hometown faithful after a rough game two against the cards. nationals scored early but st. louis quickly responded. jordan zimmermann struggled going three innings and giving up five runs.
5:36 am
cardinals offense jumped all over the nats. pitching staff cruising to a 12-4 win. after the game the nats said they're happy to be heading back home to d.c. >> a different atmosphere, it's going to be our fans our stadium. it's going to be more comfortable for us to be playing there. >> we're excited to go home. you know. be able to clinch there. >> because you're at home you feel like you're in the driver's seat? >> definitely. you're 1-1, you're going home for three games. you're even now, going home, it's definitely a positive thing. >> game three is tomorrow at 1:00 p.m. edwin jackson will pitch for the nats. chris carpenter for the cardinals. that ball is lined to right. one run is in. two runs are in. the orioles lead it 2-1. >> orioles now even in their playoff series with the yankees. the o's won 3-2 last night in baltimore. chris davis drove in two runs with that hit in the third iing. mark reynolds rbi in the sixth
5:37 am
proved to be the game winner. game three tomorrow night in new york. >> happy the nats are coming back home. >> yes, looking for good things from both teams. 5:36. new concerns about a deadly meningitis outbreak. why thousands more could be at risk. there could be no place like home but why dorothy's famous ruby slippers won't be calling the district home for a while. brace yourself for another chilly morning, your forecast is next.
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beep-bop-boop-bop boop-beep. [monotone] she says, "switch to progressive and you could save hundreds." call or click today. welcome back. take a look at this. try lugging one of these guys home from the pumpkin patch. a giant pumpkin contest in austria has a winner. it weighs more than dwe1,200 pounds. a 19-year-old who grew it has only been farming for four years. beginner's luck. it's nowhere near the record, a farmer in rhode island set that last week, a whopping 2,009 pounds. >> that is a green thumb? >> absolutely. >> or a lot of fertilizer? >> how do you take it home? >> on a flatbed. >> what do you do with it? a great jack-o-lantern. carving for days. >> a lot of carving.
5:41 am
5:41 on tuesday morning. a live look outside, still a lot of clouds hagie ining tough out there. >> a lot of clouds and some wet weather still hanging tough. we still have showers left over from yesterday. light showers, kind of misty at times if it's not actually coming down in your area. but we are in the 40s instead of the 30s this morning. around the area you can see 45 degrees right now up in rock vim. 48 in d.c. 46 degrees in bellevue. 45 great falls. the rain should end around 7:00, 7:30. 46 at 8:30. great falls. a bit of sunshine today as we get into the low 50s by around lunchtime. think we'll top out right around 60 degrees today. doing much better tomorrow. we'll have a look at the weekend forecast coming up in ten minutes. right now, a look at what's going on in area roads. breaking news in our area. if you're making the commute along 236, twist bound lanes are
5:42 am
blocked at annandale road because of the crash. hopefully we'll be there within 20 minutes or sooner. let's head down virginia. you are starting to hit the brakes as you head northbound from stafford heading up toward triangle. that's where your delays are. a live look as you make your way past joplin. sluggish in this area. as you continue, it is stoop and go. your next set of delays on i-95 is when you make your way past lorton. cars are starting to hit the brakes. 5:42 is our time right now. still to come, a salmonella scare involving peanut butter is growing this morning. the latest product being pulled from shelves. not the place to hide out. the surprise discovery firefighters made under the hood of this car. ♪
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♪ ♪
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[ male announcer ] combine the pnc cashbuilder visa credit card with a qualifying pnc performance select checking account and earn 75% more than cards earning 1% cash back on almost everything. when president obama couldn't. first, my energy independence policy means more than three million new jobs. many of them in manufacturing. my tax reform plan to lower rates for the middle class and for small business creates seven million more. and expanding trade, cracking down on china,
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and improving job training takes us to over 12 million new jobs. i'm mitt romney, and i approve this message. 5:45.
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another death linked to that deadly meningitis outbreak. the centers for disease control says at least 105 people have been sickened by that rare fungal infection. nine are dead, two of those deaths in montana and virginia. health officials linked the outbreak to steroid shots used for back pain. the shots were made by a specialty pharmacy in massachusetts. the cdc telling doctors to stop using any drugs made by that pharmacy. this form of meningitis is not contagious. another recall linked to a salmonella outbreak linked to peanut butter. talenti chocolate peanut butter cup gelato. giant has not received reports of illnesses. take the receipt to giant for a full refund. at least 35 salmonella cases in 19 states, including maryland and virginia, are now linked to a peanut company in new mexico. sunland incorporated shut down its nrm plant after the fda confirmed salmonella was found
5:47 am
there. the company provides products at trader joe's, giant, whole foods and target. pepco reached tentative agreement on a contract with its union workers. the full membership has to vote on that contract. neither side providing specific details about the new deal but the union president is recommending that members approve it. you've seen the ads for and against expanding gambling in maryland. now get ready for same-sex marriage debates to heat up on the airwaves. >> marriage. the union of a man and a woman has served society well for thousands of years. marriage -- >> this is the first ad from the maryland marriage alliance which opposes same-sex marriage. question 6 on the state ballot. marylanders for marriage equality will begin airing ads in support of the question starting tomorrow. both groups have spent months raising money to pay for the ad blitz during the final month of the campaign. maryland's governor is making a push in support of question 6. he held a rally with ravens linebacker brendan at the
5:48 am
federal hill grill in baltimore. they watched monday night football in supporters. maryland, maine, and washington state are holding referendums on gay marriage measures next month. the supreme court is back in session and the justices will rule on several key cases including whether race should be a factor considered in college admissions. tomorrow the nine justices will hear the case of abigail fisher who says she was denied admission to university of texas in austin in 2008 because she's white. among those who will be in the courtroom, relatives of hinan sweat who sued the same college after his admission was blocked because he was black. relatives say affirmative action is still needed to assure equality for minorities. six students will head to juvenile court for an extreme case of bawlying. six male students are accused of sexually basically assaulting other students off school property. in the meantime, they've been allowed back in class and that's caused some parents to keep their children at home from school because they fear for
5:49 am
their children's safety. a montgomery county high school athlete may have suffered a spinal injury during football practice while the jv football player practiced yesterday at poolsville high school. a crew flew him to a local trauma center with serious but nonlife threatening injuries. last check he was in stable condition with his parents at his side. investigators trying to figure out what caused a fire at an indoor practice facility under construction at university of virginia in charlottes fill. fire broke out yesterday afternoon sending black smoke into the air. officials say crews were working on the building when the fire started. "the richmond times dispatch" reports a worker was installing rods when insulation and tar on the roof caught fire from drilling sparks. the facility was scheduled to open next august. let's check in with angie with breaking news. >> we have an amtrak and mark train alert for those traveling this morning. the penn lite as much as has
5:50 am
been suspended north of martin airport due to power outage. this is affecting amtrak trains as well. it looks like your service is disinterrupted between wilmington up to baltimore. right now, no alternate is in place. one of the smithsonian's most popular features is leaving today. the ruby slippers that actress judy garland wore are being sent to london for a special exhibit. the shoes will be shown with dorot dorothy's blue and white gingham dress. it's the first time the dress and shoes have been together since the movie was filmed in 1939. the slippers will return to d.c. late next month. one of my favorites at the museum. >> at which point i'm sure the curators will say, "no place like home." >> my daughter was dorothy last year for halloween. >> did you borrow the slippers from the museum? >> if i could have, i would have. >> oh, come on. >> first ladies' dresses and everything else. >> while the alarm is going off, security's chasing her.
5:51 am
>> i love making headlines. >> right. all right, guys. we're trying to get this rain out of here. so at least we can have a fairly decent day today. it is wet. we already talked about the fact that we drove in this morning with the heat on in our car. temperatures currently 48 with showers across the area. a little bit of wind too. a little bit of breeze that's just adding to the chill. from fredericksburg to areas around waldorf, leesburg, you're wet. annapolis wet. up into baltimore. hears a look at the back end of the rain. so i'm still expecting this to end by around 7:00 to 8:00 a.m. this morning. most locations. this will all be moving up to the north and east, up toward delaware. chilly conditions at the but stop. 45 to 49. sun's up at 7:12. as showers move out, there will be cloud cover around on. today, quite a bit of cloud cover. at times we could ever so briefly turn partly cloudy. so here's a look at your future weather. by 2:00 today, some cloud cover
5:52 am
around the area. a few breaks giving us a partly cloudy sky, partly cloudy overnight. first thing tomorrow morning, a few clouds still calling it partly cloudy. temperatures not quite as cold or low as they've been. wednesday, we'll see this front move through. ahead of the front, nice, mild temperatures. feeling more like october on wednesday as we get up to a high of 70 degrees. for today, right around 60. feeling like november for sure. chilly. you're g to need that jacket. partly cloudy, chilly, 48 to 54 degrees. here's a look at your four-day forecast. from 60 today to 70 tomorrow. still dry conditions for the remainder of the work week, thursday and friday. 64 your high on thursday. 67 on friday. again, turning a bit more seasonable toward the end of the week. this weekend, oh, nice. sunshine, 66 to 75. still following breaking news on the road, if you're making your commute along little river turnpike at annan detail,
5:53 am
all your lanes are blocked by the crash. eastbound lanes are affected as well as westbound. alternate route for you trying to make your way to the beltway, it may be best to jump on braddock. your travel lanes of open in this area, good news. on the inner and outer loop, nice and clear, no issues to report, no accidents at all. travel speed on the inner loop, nice at about 60 miles per hour to get to the dulles toll road. that drive just taking about 14 minutes. have you noticed it? the stink bugs are back. farmers and scientists say those pesky insects have arrived in full force in maryland. the agriculture department says the population of stink bugs in frederick county is up 60% from a year ago. that number is not as high as in 2010 when stink bugs were everywhere. researchers are looking at options to combat the problem here. including introducing insects that are predators of the stink bugs into the area. the rockville town square is
5:54 am
getting a new high rise with a hotel, apartments and shops. montgomery county officials announced a $4 million grant from the economic development fund for the project. the new construction will happen on a parking lot at east middle lane and monroe street on the former site of the rockville mall. the new 14-story building will include a cambria suites hotel with 300 apartments above it. it will also include affordable housing units. developers say it has been a long time coming. >> we are ecstatic to see this happen. we've been looking for a hotel for downtown rockville for decades. literally decades. this is truly a dream come true. >> the county and developers still need to work on a deal to replace the parking slots before the project can move forward. county officials plan to hold a ground-breaking ceremony next month. the project is expected to take two years to complete. 5:54. if it can go wrong it has for american airlines. for the first time the airlines ceo is talking about the carrier's troubles.
5:55 am
cnbc live with that story and more. >> the ceo of american airlines is acknowledging it's been a rough few weeks for passengers. but he says the carrier is working through its issues. american, which is currently in bankruptcy, saw its on-time performance drop to 59% last month. as rivals such as delta, southwest, and us airways were all above 85%. the airline has blamed delays on pilots filling out extra maintenance requests amid a contract dispute. american grounded one-third of its boeing 757 jets last week after seats came loose on three separate flights. facebook doesn't want you to "like" something, it wants you to "want" it. the social network site is teaming up with seven retailers including neiman marcus and victoria's secret to test a "want" button. users will be able to create wish lists of products like clothes and home furnishings and this could lay the ground work
5:56 am
for facebook to make a push into e-commerce. although now, for now the company won't collect a fee if you purchase an item from a retailer's website. we'll see. 5:56. if you're in search of an extravagant holiday gift, look no further. neiman marcus will unveil its annual christmas book nope for featuring expensive and often out rage just fantasy gifts including a $420,000 tour of european flower shops on a private jet, and a $250,000 handcrafted mahogany speed boat. the catalog has his and her gifts which have included everything from airplanes to camels. i could go for the tour of the flower shops in europe if that's something you're looking for. >> isn't my affection enough? why do we have to have a catalog with all these things? >> things. your next, is that enough? good question, let me think about that one. >> looks like it's enough. the cold weather has everyone looking for ways to
5:57 am
keep warm. >> and that is how a kitten got himself into a pretty tight spot. the 3-week-old kitten was hiding in a car's engine compartment in beltsville. the driver called prince george's county firefighters when he heard the meowing coming from his car. firefighters banged on the car's engine a few times and the kitten came out of hiding. one of the firefighters is going to adopt the cat. maybe the guy in the shorts with the firefighter's jacket on. they decided to name it columbo becae it was found columbus day. >> we're looking at the cute kitten. why is that man wearing shorts? >> it's a little odd, that's all i'm saying. it's chilly and he's got the coat on. >> we're glad the kitten is okay and has a new home. 5:57. ahead, what some maryland state troopers reportedly did during an orioles playoff game. breaking news from overnight. a threat from north korea. it is starting off a little wet out there. 49 degrees, cold out there for some as well.
5:58 am
5:59 am
and now, from washington's leading news station. this is "news 4 today." they could take away my life.


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