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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  October 26, 2012 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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new information released just minutes ago from the national hurricane center on sandy. our area remains in the storm's path. good morning and welcome to news 4 midday. i'm barbara harrison. >> i'm keith russell. it's friday, october 26, 2012. tracking hurricane sandy. we are keeping a close eye on the storm. the bahamas are still feeling the e if he cans of sandy. the storm is responsible for at least 21 deaths, ten in cuba. let's check in with storm team 4 meteorologist, tom kierein. tom, when would we see the first
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signs of sandy? >> maybe on sunday. we have been saying the last couple days, sunday. there's been a wide variety of potential land fall areas with this particular storm. so, we are getting, though, a much better view on a greater likelihood of where to make land fall. it's a ragged looking tropical system and swinging rain bands into florida. sandy appears to be tracking to the north. it's interacting with the front, triggering rain in the midwest. both of the systems come together and will rapidly intensify as it gets near the atlantic sea board. winds of 80 miles per hour tracking to the north today and northeast tomorrow. as we get into sunday, taking a turn to the north. unfortunately, the latest trend is it's going to come inland perhaps around delaware bay, passing just north of the washington metro area. this is the very latest track. this just came in a couple
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minutes ago. coming inland looked like perhaps tuesday morning or monday evening. we'll have to keep an eye on that. unfortunately, we are right near the potential land fall. we'll have the details on what the effects may be, the impacts. all that is coming up. a look at the seven day is coming up. barbara? >> thank you, tom. power companies have been anticipated the storms all week. crews have been out checking the lines. the threat of sandy has plenty of people in washington doing their own prep to get ready. tony tull is outside pepco with more on how everyone is preparing. tony? >> reporter: good morning. it's interesting. with no definitive path for sandy, some folks are saying they are not too worried about it. some are taking it seriously saying they have water, food and supplies in case sandy comes our
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way. following pepco talking to them and the preparations they have been making. as you mentioned, they have been replacing lines, transformer, power poles to make sure they can do everything they can. again, it was the people around town they talk to today to wonder if they have the preparations necessary should sandy make land fall and cause mass power outages. the question is, are you ready? it's the buzz around town. hurricane sandy, is it going to turn left or right? with the possibility of severe wind, rain and flooding, many area residents are preparing for what may come sunday night. >> what do we need to do? what food shoup we have? what drinks should have we have? what do we need to keep tabs on? my wife used to work in emergency readiness. >> reporter: some folks are waiting to see what happens.
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>> it's a big shift in the weather so it's concerning to have such extremes, but, i think we will be okay. >> reporter: it's been a busy week for pepco especially the last 24 hours. the power company secured over 400 contractors, put out a request for mutual assistance. >> when there's a storm in texas, pepco reaches out. when there's a storm here, texas, north carolina, wherever, they reach out to us. >> reporter: they are out trimming trees, inspecting transformers and replacing power lines. service repairs should sandy make land fall and cause massive power outages. be prepared for the worst case scenario. >> we ar going to reemphasize this could be a long duration event as far as winds and rain. after that, it could be a multiday event. >> reporter: barbara, pepco was scheduled to have a news conference at 1:00 p.m. to let
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us know the updates they have as far as the preparations and what to do if sandy should make land fall. we'll continue to follow that at 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00. we are live downtown. >> thank you. metro is gearing up for the heavy rain and possible flooding. crews will put sandbags arnds the system where high water is possible. they will check draining, pumping stations. support personnel is expected to work throughout the storm. stay with storm team 4 for coverage for the next several days. we have complete coverage throughout this newscast on news 4 this afternoon and as well. don't forget to keep up with it on facebook and twitter through us. >> time to take a look at the midday traffic. >> let's do that. danella, are you getting ready? >> we have a couple issues on the roadway. northwest, police are still investigating an incident at the canadian embassy involving a
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suspicious substance in a letter. it's closed between 6th street and 4th street. northeast rhode island avenue, a crash. as you travel northeast, rhode island avenue is closed between 24th street to south dakota avenue. what you have to do is get off on south dakota avenue. keith, over to you. >> new this morning, police in leesburg are investigating a suspicious death. officers found a woman inside an apartment along edwards ferry road before 1:00 this morning. after the woman's family couldn't get in touch with her. she was in her early 20s. police are not saying how she died. no arrested have been made. right now, people in favor of expanding gambling in maryland are holding a rally at the proposed casino site. yesterday, a group opposing a plan held a rally in forest heights. question seven won't deliver on generating money. the campaign against question 7
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is misleading. meanwhile, the mgm casino is holding a rally at fedex field. they will be interviewing candidates. the job fare runs until 2:00 this afternoon. proponents of the maryland dream act are trying to raise support on college campuses. they held rallies at the university of maryland and prince george's community college. it allows them to pay in-state tuition. it pays residents more and pay more in taxes. some opponents say they can't afford to give in-state tuition to that many students. >> seven minutes after 11:00. coming up, our coverage of hurricane sandy continues. the latest from tom kierein and a live report from florida. the latest poll numbers ten days
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anncr: seven-hundred-thousand jobs. that's what the plan george allen supports... would cost our economy. newspapers called it "economically destructive." like allen's votes to give tax breaks to companies... that ship jobs overseas, his economic plan would...
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developing this morning, in afghanistan, at least 45 people are dead in a suicide bombing outside a mosque. five are believed to have been children. the explosion happened in a town as people were gathering to celebrate a four-day religious holiday. at least 70 were hurt in the blast. many of those killed are believed to be police with the afghan security forces including one commander and two local police chiefs. also developing, former italian premier was found guilty of tax fraud. a judge sentenced him to four years in prison. he's likely to appeal. the charges involve buying american film and tv rights outside the country. he faces charges he made a moroccan teenager for sex. he announced he would not run
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for a fourth term in office. right now, john mccain is campaigning for mitt romney in northern virginia. here is a live look at post 177 in fairfax. the arizona senator is hosting a town hall meeting there. he'll host another one in wood bridge this afternoon. romney is counting on mccain to help win over veterans. romney will remain in the heartland today. he flies from ohio to ames, iowa. the republican presidential nominee will return to ohio later in the day. he's said to appear with paul ryan in north canton. he spent yesterday in the the buckeye state. >> president obama will campaign in ohio on monday. he's staying in the district today. he returned late last night from a mare-a-thon 40-hour campaign trip. one of the states was illinois where he voted yesterday afternoon.
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today, the president will tape an mtv special where he answers young voters questions. one new poll shows romney gaining momentum nationwide. a tracking poll gives romney a 50% to 47% lead over the president. it's the first time during the campaign he's reached the 50% mark and the economy may be to thank for that. when asked who they trust to handle the economy, likely voters gave romney a 52% to 43% over the president. it's the first time he's had a clear lead on that issue. take a look at this satellite image from the international space station. this picture was taken at noon yesterday. at that time, sandy was 120 miles in diameter. >> tropical storm watches and warnings are posted for parts of florida. the weather channel's mike seidel is live in singer island,
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florida this morning. mike, what can you tell us about the precautions being taken there now? >> reporter: good morning, barbara. we are getting the brush by today as expected. a little rain moves in. the squalls will bring gusts upwards of 40 miles per hour and 50 miles per hour. we have had wind erosion. the beach chairs held on for dear life. they were flapping in the air. here is the big impact. this was expected and forecasted. a lot of beach erosion as i come toward the surf, this is not normal. this is what happened over the past day, day and a half. tides going out. walk up the hill, it's not a vertical drop off, but a slope. these five or six feet of beach have been lost on the coastline. that's not good. again, this all moves out. the winds blow offshore tonight and tomorrow. coming down to florida from the district, maryland, virginia suburbs for vacation.
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the storm pulls away. there will be a lot of wind on the backside. it's going to be windy in south florida. our attention turns up the coast to ocean city, maryland, new york city. an epic storm coming in monday and tuesday. we are afraid it's going to cut power to millions, wherever it comes in. north of there, devastating to the beach towns. back to you in d.c. >> that's what we are watching now. thank you. we'll be in touch with you throughout the weekend, i'm sure. storm 4 meteorologist tom kierein joins us with a look at what we're facing in our area. >> the important thing is prepare for power outages, i'm afraid. this is going to be the worst part of the storm for all of us as we have known with storms coming and going. we love the trees. every time we get winds of 60 miles per hour and higher, tree limbs snap, the older trees topple, we get power outages. sometimes it's out for days. that's what you need to do right
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now, on this friday, head out this afternoon or tomorrow for sure, for the latest and stock up on things you will need for extended power outages. there's the view from space. hurricane sandy, not a very organized storm. it's looking pretty disorganized right now. it is swinging some rain and heavy surf along the florida coastline where mike seidel was. it's going to be interacting with this front. this is what's causing it to intensify and get more organized as it tracks farther north. right now, it doesn't look like an impressive storm at all. the latest conditions, 80 miles per hour. it's slowing down now moving north at 6 miles per hour. the pressure has been holding steady. as it tracks north, this pressure is going to be dropping. the storm itself is going to be getting windier as it gets farther north. throughout the day, remaining a category 1 hurricane, this is
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the latest track. it may take a turn toward the northeast during the day tomorrow. as we get into saturday night, this is as of sunday morning, the track is east of hatteras. as we get into sunday evening, it's going to begin to move to the east of virginia beach and then take a turn to the north and west. right now, the latest trend is for it to come ashore. this is the time frame, 8:00 a.m. on tuesday. maybe a minimal tropical storm or a deep area of low pressure moving inland as a remnant tropical low and passing north of the area. it could track anywhere in this zone. there's a wide zone, a potential land fall from virginia beach up to long island. the greatest chance, it looks like the consensus is getting closer and closer that the storm is coming inland right along the delaware beaches and passing north of washington. so, at least we are finally getting consensus with what may
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be happening. doesn't look like the heaviest impacts are going to move in sunday afternoon and evening, the red soon. southern maryland, lower part of maryland, southeastern virginia with wind and rain. gusts of wind. beach erosion. moving inland monday and weakening a little bit. still packing a lot of wind. wind gusts of 50 miles per hour to 60 miles per hour in the eastern part of west virginia, covering most of west virginia and maryland up into pennsylvania. the wind may be causing scattered power outages. perhaps widespread power outages as we get into monday. unfortunately, it's going to take several days for that to get taken care of. rain starts sunday. becomes heavy late. strongest monday and tuesday as sandy moves in. temperatures under low clouds, low to mid-60s. the low clouds are going to be with us as we get into the rest of the afternoon. a few breaks in the clouds in
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the blue ridge. going forward, the rain beginning to move in here. the weather showing this area in color. it's the rain moving in on sunday. some of the heaviest rain on sunday afternoon and evening. these areas in orange could produce heavy downpours. cloudy and mild this afternoon. highs reaching 70. for this evening, a cloudy sky. cool. back down to near 60 by midni t midnight. four-day forecast, saturday, sunshine. not going to be around much. a lot of cloudiness. upper 60s then. we start to see the effects of sandy sunday, monday and tuesday. settling down and chilly as we get into tuesday, wednesday and thursday next week. it's important to stay tuned. doug, veronica will be here with the latest updates. every three hours we get new looks at it. stay with us. >> all right. sounds like it's going to be quite a weekend around here. thank you so much. >> keep it locked on storm team
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4 the whole way. >> we are going to check on the traffic again. >> what is the latest? >> problems in northeast and northwest. northwest pennsylvania avenue is shut down because of police activity. this closure is between 6th street and 4th street. as you make your commute, you are closed. this is between 24th street and south dakota avenue. you are going to force to turn on south dakota avenue. good news, outer loop of the beltway at 355 there was a disabled car there. it's out of the way. the 14th street bridge is nice and clear. back to you both. >> thanks. 11:20 is the time. georgetown's mascot and mos cot in training are going to join us after the break. how they are working together these days. >> so far, so good. plus hair loss in women. what are the causes and best treatments? treat[ male announcer ] if barack obama is re-elected,
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what will the next four years be like? one: the debt will grow from $16 trillion to $20 trillion. two: 20 million americans could lose their employer-based health care. three: taxes on the middle class will go up by $4,000. four: energy prices will continue to go up. and five: $716 billion in medicare cuts that hurt current seniors. five reasons we can't afford four more years of barack obama. i'm mitt romney and i approve this message.
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you thought the dog days of summer were gone? not today. this year, georgetown welcomed the bulldog puppy from california. you can hear them or the other one. jack jr. is joining jack as the bulldog mascot in training. the trainers are here this morning to tell us about the transition going on. let's first tell the people right here, this is jack. >> that is jack. >> it's been the mascot for the last nine years. and this is jack jr. >> this is j.j. >> how is the transition been going? >> wonderful. j.j. is a hit on campus. everyone wants to pet him. >> everyone wants to be the new kid on the block and he is the new kid on the block. >> jack has been the mascot
11:25 am
since 20036789 he had a leg injury? >> yeah. he tore his acl. he wasn't allowed to do a lot of hard -- even walking upstairs he wasn't able to do. they decided to integrate j.j. at the same time. >> what is the biggest thing j.j. needs to learn from jack? >> there's definitely a -- when you are as famous as they are you need to be patient and controlled in crowds. his first appearance was midnight madness. he loves balloons. there's a sense of control he will learn as he matures. jack is good at it. >> has jack shone a little jealousy? >> a little bit. it's normal with a dog. >> like a big brother. >> that doesn't want to pass over the spotlight. >> exactly. >> in terms of this mascot tag team, you guys also have to be a hit on campus? >> yes.
11:26 am
we are the heads of the crew. we take care of the 25 walkers that walk the dogs and take them to events. >> we coordinate events like nbc 4 and midnight madness, basketball games and football games. >> yes. >> we are going to ask you for a trick. you predetermined, it's going to be jack. jack is the lead dog here. jack jr., nice to see you. bye-bye. here is jack. this is part of the trick that you do in every game, eat the box? you put the opponent's team's logo. we are going hold the box today. this is eat the box. >> yes. >> now what happened? >> drop the box for him. >> go at it, jack. >> we would rather you not eat our box. >> he's so excited by nbc 4. >> he's tearing it up. look at jack go.
11:27 am
thank you. >> thanks so much. >> see you in the future, jack jr. it's 11:26 here on news 4 midday. coming up, the time line in path of hurricane sandy. there's more concern this morning with the latest model showing the storm hitting closer to our region. plus, we tell you why snowplows hit the road in prince george's county. we are g
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tracking hurricane sandy, we are keeping a close eye on the category 1 storm. the bahamas are feeling the lingering effects. the storm is responsible for 21 deaths, 11 of them in cuba. sandy has the potential to make an impact from virginia to new england. the governor declared a state of emergency in preparation for hurricane sandy in virginia.
11:31 am
we could start feeling that impact late on sunday. let's check in with tom kierein and see what to expect. >> what is the latest on the forecast? >> right now, sandy is very disorganized. not very impressive looking. the latest conditions on sandy. it has winds of around 80 miles an hour interacting with the front. as it gets closer, the pressure will deepen. it's going to deepen as it gets closer to us. maintaining strength and tracking northeast tomorrow. during the day on sunday, taking a northerly and northwesterly turn monday and tuesday. as it comes inland, it will weaken. it will still be strong enough to have winds gusting to 60 miles per hour. right now, there's increasing consensus that it's going to be coming in perhaps north of the washington metro area, coming ashore, perhaps on the delaware
11:32 am
beaches. that would be late monday into tuesday. storm team 4 four day forecast cloudy with highs around 70. then the effects of sandy in the form of wind and rain sunday afternoon and evening. unfortunately, we may have power outages. prepare for that now. back to you, keith. >> all right. keep us posted. news of possible flooding is what many people do not want to hear, especially for people in one virginia neighborhood who felt the wrath one too many times. megan mcgrath has more on how they are bracing for sandy. >> reporter: for the people in this neighborhood, it's like that movie "groundhog day". the same thing over and over. the storms come. the rain falls, houses flood and they are left with all kinds of damage. people around here are worried about sandy. >> it's over here. almost over here. you can see how i got them. >> reporter: he's put plywood
11:33 am
and waterproof tape over his basement windows. if it floods, he's hoping to keep the water out of his house. >> i'm going to get gas to put to the generator to be ready. >> reporter: residents in the huntington neighborhood are -- >> nervous. yeah. because every time it rains, we go through this. >> reporter: the huntington community flooded many times in recent years. residents learned what recautions they should take. headed to work, she got into her car parked along the curb in front of her house. when she returns tonight, she's parking far away of the large hill, a lesson learned after losing everything in the last big flood. >> i lost one of my cars, i lost everything i owned in the basement. >> reporter: residents are keeping a watchful eye on hurricane sandy. they are paying attention to a bond measure.
11:34 am
it would build a levee to protect the community from future floods. residents put up signs encouraging people to vote yesterday to the drain improvement bond. they hope it passed. >> we need it. it's a wonderful community. i have been here two years. it's a great place to be. >> we have water trickling down. we need money to trickle down to help us. we live here as well. people own homes here. we are part of this community as well. >> reporter: will the levee pass? it's expensive. $30 million. in huntington, megan mcgrath, news 4. for the latest on hurricane sandy and how your family needs to prepare, download the weather app search nbc weather in itunes or the android market. prince george's county crews prepared for a different kind of weather this morning.
11:35 am
some people may have awaked to the sound of snowplows as they did their snow and ice patrol dry run. it gives them a handle on what to do before they have to do it for real. >> making sure the vehicles, everything in the vehicles works. the plows, the salters, the spreaders, everything. >> allows the person to get familiar with an area they haven't seen for awhile and you can see problems. anything you can take care of now before the season. >> crews use it as a chance to check for problems with storm drains, trees and problems ahead of the arrival of hurricane sandy. family and friends say good-bye to a prince george's county police officer. he died last thursday after an suv collided with his cruiser in clinton. he was off duty at the time. the first viewing is tonight at 6:00 in clinton. he'll have another viewing tomorrow morning in temple hills
11:36 am
before his funeral. the virginia man accused of shooting a security guard at the family research council was back in court today. earlier this week, the 28-year-old was charged with terrorism for the august attack. it's the first time anyone's been charged with committing an act of terror under d.c.s terror act. he pleaded not guilty to the first set of charges he faced. another check on the midday traffic now. >> what's the latest you can tell us? >> i have some good news traveling in northeast. rhode island avenue was shut down and the closure was to south dakota avenue. it's clear. your travel lanes are open. let's head back to northwest now. still seeing pennsylvania avenue closed between 6th street and 4th street while police are investigating. taking the beltway in virginia, inner loop and outer loop is clear. this is a live look toward braddock.
11:37 am
no issues to report. accident free. barbara and keith, back to you. >> all right. it's one of the highlights of halloween season here in washington. boo at the zoo kicks off tonight. this is the 14th year for the halloween festivities at the zoo. it allows a safe atmosphere to trick or trit and see animals at the same time. ticket prices are available online or at the zoo. we posted a link on the news 4 today facebook page. the marine corps marathon is considered to be one of the best for beginners. tonight, the rookie runners will be honored. yes, in a big way. the marathon is holding a first timers pep rally at the hyatt ree jencie in northwest. they will talk to running experts, listen to live entertainment. more than 11,000 of the runners
11:38 am
will be first timers. hair loss is considered normal in men. some people consider it sexy, a bald head. hair loss in women can be devastating. dr. stephen joins us to talk about what is causing the hair to be lost and the latest treatments. there are some. that's good news for women, especially. >> good morning. yes, this is an equality that i don't think women are interested in achieving. it seems to be happening. 50% of women over the age of 50 have significant hair loss. >> this is new? it wasn't happening 20 years ago? >> the studies didn't suggest that. it's a more recent phenomenon. >> why? >> we're not sure whether it's stress or the fact people are living longer, whether it may have something to do with environmental. the majority of hair loss is due to, yeah, there are examples. it's usually herred tear, your
11:39 am
mother or grandmother. tight hair weaves would create significant hair loss. >> some of them are. >> you have to be cautious about that. that can make permanent hair loss. >> some women have high testosterone levels. we need to see our doctors and see what the reasons are medically that cause this. finally, there are drugs and things that can sometimes reduce hair loss. stress. the stress of going through a divorce, taking care of a loved one. they can cause our hair to thin. >> women lose their hair differently. men have the male pattern baldness. how do women? >> it tends to be more diffuse, more uniform. they keep their frontal hairline. they get thinning on the top. the good news is, these patients are excellent candidates for the treatments we have. i think we are going to talk about this later.
11:40 am
these are the various stages of hair loss. if you are losing 50 to 100 hairs a day, that's normal. if you are getting handfuls of hair, seek medical attention. >> the part line then you lose it all through there? >> the frontal hairline stays. >> what can you do to treat? >> there are great treatment options now. women have minoxidil or rogaine. it's a high blood pressure medicine. it's good for growing hair. works in 50% of women. we have niacin tablets good for your nails and hair. biotin sham peas and hair transplantation. >> that's the one sure thing? >> not everybody is a candidate.
11:41 am
one, two air graphs. it doesn't look like the pluggy look of the past. it looks very normal. we do 1,000 to 2,000 hairs. very effective. it is somewhat expensive. between 5,000 and $10,000. it's safe. done under local anesthesia. takes two to three hours. the hair takes six months to grow. once it's there, it grows and will stay. >> do you recommend the pills? >> it's the first thing we do. rogaine for six months then the tablets and niacin shampoos, then transplantation. >> i suppose insurance won't pay for that? >> not yet. >> we women have to speak up. thank you. it's good news to know there are some treatments out there. >> yes, it's a new problem.
11:42 am
an increasing problem but we have increasing answers. >> thanks for coming in. >> thanks. 11:41 is the time. still ahead, how soon we could feel the effects of hurricane sandy. bruno mars tells us w
11:43 am
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11:45 am
it's been awhile, but visitors in the big apple can once again see it all from the top of the statue of liberty. it was closed for a year as crews did republican novations. if you want to see it, it's only open thursdays through sundays and you need to make reservations ahead of time. stock prices for facebook have been sluggish from the beginning. now the employees could slow it down again. monday the current and former
11:46 am
employees have a chance to sell their shares for the first time since the ipo in may. the result could be too many shares up for grabs as prices were beginning to show promise. more will be able to sell off in november. small losses on wall street. let's check in with julia. she joins us with more on that. she has the rest of the business headlines, too. julia? >> good morning to you, barbara. stroks a waivering in and out of negative territory. now, they are all marginally lower. financials despite a pair of positive economic reports. right now, we have the dow and the nasdaq and s&p 500 down by a fraction of a percentage point. gep expanded at a 2% annual rate according to the commerce department. it's up from 1.3% growth. in other positive news, consumer
11:47 am
sentiment rose in october. the reading was slightly below the preliminary reading and shy of expectations. on the earnings front, apple's outlook fell short of forecast and third quarter ipad sales disappointed. amazon reported their first quarterly net loss in more than five years. dragged down in part by the slowdown in europe. the dow component merck topped. for wrc, i'm julia. >> thanks so much. >> the whole movement -- meeting again and again in different lives. >> past, present and future collide. they run into each other in different lives. it comes together to show how
11:48 am
one person's actions can go through time. how it sparks a revolution centuries later. it's rated "r." a young surfer sets his sights on the biggest waves. based on a true story he seeks out gerard butler to teach him how to ride the waves. it could be a life changing or life ended lie. it's rated pg. a teenage treat turns into a parental trick. she gets invited to the hottest halloween party in town. her mom has other plans, putting her in charge of her little brother on the big night. it gets worse when she loses the pint-sized superman while trick or treating. it's rated pg-13. nbc has a halloween treat for you. >> i didn't mean for me to be a
11:49 am
surprise. >> i meant for you to be a surprise. >> the munsters are back on mockingbird lane. a remake of the '80s sitcom. the 2012 version doesn't feature a laugh track, but plenty of special effects. it stars jerry o'connell, portia derossi. you can catch it here at 8:00 on nbc 4. >> a lot of things to catch. the time is 11:49. an olympic star takes a tumble in vegas. the video did not stay in
11:50 am
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halloween tops the mcfly report today. tommy mcfly from 49.7 fresh fm is here with a preview. >> how are you? >> a lot of people like to dress up like celebrities.
11:53 am
they like to dress up, too. who do they dress up like? >> bruno mars rocked "saturday night live" last week. >> he was great. >> he was so good. >> he was terrific as a host and singer. >> he called into the show this morning. i was like great album, but really, what are you going to be for halloween? ♪ >> captain crunch. >> no kidding? that's awesome. do you have your costume set? >> i was like you know what? that's who i need to be. >> captain crunch. >> that's what he says. >> i don't see that. >> i'm not sure if he pulled it out of the air or if he's going to be that. >> he seems like everybody. incredible. >> the new album is "unorthodox jukebox." >> i hate to say i discovered
11:54 am
him on "snl." i wasn't familiar with him before that. >> he's great. >> he is. kim kardashian is wearing a huge diamond on her pinky. >> people freaked out. is she engaged to kanye? no. i don't know how this happened. people love speculating about this couple. she is technically still married to chris humphreys. her mom came out and said no, it's not true, she would know about it. >> i suppose she would. tmz is showing video of michael phelps. can we see that? >> i love this video. he's hanging out in las vegas. he decided to go crowd surfing in an inflatable raft at a club. who hasn't done that, right? he hops on the raft and thinks people are going to carry him. it lasts three seconds and down goes michael phelps.
11:55 am
>> oh, no. huh. >> it was a cool idea thinking this is going to be great, people love me. >> they just dropped him on the dance floor. >> he was named the most physical specimen of all times. >> you have a quick shoutout to do? >> yes. doris from six flags america. he watches us every friday when we are on together. >> hey, doris. >> we were hanging out at six flags america and her and her husband put together all of the different kids events that go on. not so scary hayride. >> with the wednesday's child. they have been wonderful to us. >> totally. >> was it scary? >> i was in the non-scary, safe halloween trick or treating area. they do things after dark for big kids. >> do you like being scared? >> i really don't. i like laughing. not so much screaming. >> yeah. some people really like it. we are coming up on the day to
11:56 am
do that. have a great halloween. >> a safe one for you. >> thank you. keith? >> let's look at the stories we are following on news 4 this afternoon. pat lawson muse with a preview of things to come. >> all eyes are on hurricane sandy as it heads toward the east coast. coming up on news 4 this afternoon, storm team 4 will have the latest on sandy's location. also, today at 4:00, a family wakes up to find someone has rearranged their furniture overnight. is it a prank or a frustrated decorator? the motive in this case left a lot of people stumped. coming up on news 4 at 5:00, they look cool and fun, but some costumes can be dangerous. the consumer warning to keep your trick or treaters safe this halloween. back to you, keith. >> all right. see you then. time for a final check of the forecast. >> tom kierein. >> latest hurricane forecast track was showing that it's just off the coast of florida where
11:57 am
the sea is filled with surfers. they are hoping to catch some surf. this is off broward county's beaches. all kind of surfers waiting for the high surf to move in. the forecast track is taking it, moving north of there. you can see a lot of surfers there. the water, coming inland, looks like monday into tuesday and near the region. it will be a very strong area of low pressure. it does appear right now when it comes inland. for today, cloudy. 60s now, 70 mid afternoon. sunday is when we are going to feel the effects of sandy. showers in the morning. showers and stronger winds perhaps moving in. timing appears to be sunday evening into monday morning and through the daymo monday. gusts up to 60 miles an hour. it will likely cause tree limbs to come down and cause pow eer
11:58 am
outages. it may take several days for them to be restored. be prepared. follow me on twitter and facebook. that's the way it looks. >> we will follow you. >> that's news 4 midday. thanks for joining us. tune in at 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00 for all the days news. >> we'll be around all weekend long with all the news to get through the storm. we'll see you monday morning at 11:00 a.m. have a terrific weekend.
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