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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  November 2, 2012 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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the numbers are out. the opinions are very different. president obama calls this mornings jobs report proof the economy is improving. mitt romney calls it a sad reminder the economy is at a virtual standstill. big news out of the district about the speed camera fines. what anyone who drives in d.c. will want to hear, trust me. good morning and welcome to news 4 midday. i'm keith russell. >> i'm barbara harrison. it's friday, november 2nd, 2012. we begin with two developing
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stories. police shot and killed two suspects one in d.c. and the other in stafford. we begin with a man stabbed an officer. megan mcgrath is live on the scene from the latest from washington's brookland section. >> reporter: when police repond to 911 calls they are not sure what they are going encounter, what is going to be happening on the scene when they arrive. that was certainly the case this morning. a veteran police officer and his partner were in harm's way responding to a domestic assault call here. the officers were attacked by the suspect. one fired in self-defense. police chief kathy lanier hugged one of her officers on the scene. investigators pick up a hoels ere and place t in the trunk of an unmarked call. it was a close call responding
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to a 911 dispatch. a d.c. police officer became the victim when he was attacked by a man with a knife. >> officers received the call about 6:45 for domestic assault. when they arrived on the scene and approaching the house, apparently the suspect came up from behind the officers and attacked. one of the officers has several stab wounds to his head, neck and hands. the officer then turned around and gave the suspect and shots were fired. >> reporter: is suspect died on the scene. also injured, the grandfather of the dead suspect. he was attacked by his grandson early in the morning prompting the 911 call and response. what follows next serves as a reminder of how dangerous and unpredictable police work can be. >> this is traumatic for officers. the last thing we want to do is
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take a life. it's upsetting for the officers here. >> reporter: the chief says the injured officer has serious cut wounds, but they are not life threatening. the man killed here, his name has not been released. we know he's an adult. reporting live, megan mcgrath, news 4. back to you. >> thank you. the second took place in stafford. 12300 block of mill road early this morning, but remain at the scene right now. tony tull is also at the scene and has the very latest. hey, tony. >> reporter: yeah, keith. it started with a drunk-driving call to police. deputies responded. look at the video we shot earlier of the car in the ditch. we are not learning a lot. we had a press conference from the virginia state police. they are the ones handling the investigation. they are not releasing much information. here is what we know. again, around 4:00 a.m., they
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got a call for a drunk driver on the road. when they got there, they found the car and did a little bit of investigation. the owner lives down the street. when they went down the street, they went to the house and there was some sort of altercation. we weren't sure if the gentleman had a gun or knife. they are telling us a stafford county deputy had minor injuries during the altercation. he shot the suspect. the suspect was pronounced dead on the scene. it's all we know right now. virginia state police handling the investigation. they are going to give us an update around 3:30 p.m. this afternoon. they are staying tight lipped about the investigation. it's not strange for stafford county to respond. the county line runs by the house where it happened. now, virginia state police are handling the investigation. we'll have more on that as news 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00. tony tull, news 4.
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>> thanks for checking in. new today, the october jobs report was released a few hours ago. it paints a cautiously optimistic picture of the recovery. bidses added 171,000 jobs beating expectations. unemployment tipped up to 7.9%. the rate went up because more people started looking for work. the report resides august and september jobs numbers. august added 50,000 more than reported and september had 34,000 more jobs. president obama is upbeat about the latest jobs report. he discussed it minutes ago in ohio. >> in 2008, we were in the middle of two wars in the worst economic crisis since the great depression. today, our businesses created nearly 5.5 million new jobs. this morning, we learned
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companies hired more workers in october than anytime in the last eight months. >> the president will spend most of today in ohio. he'll campaign and in his campaign, he says he'll speak to smaller crowds today. he'll hold larger rallies over the weekend. tomorrow night is a good example of that. the president will hold a rally at jiffy lube live in northern virginia alongside bill clinton and dave matthews. mitt romney is about to head to ohio himself. he's in wisconsin where he's giving what aids call his closing arguments. he will hold hallies in columbus and cincinnati this afternoon. he calls the october jobs report a sad reminder the economy is at a standstill. he says as president, he would make changes that lead to a real economic recovery. turning to the weather, a cold, gray start to the day. we have blue sky out there now. puffy white clouds. >> yes, we do.
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storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein with the forecast. >> hey, tom. >> what a welcome sightseeing that blue sky and sunshine. this may be the sunniest day of the week so far. we have been socked in with clouds and we had that cold sprinkle activity. it looks like it's beginning to wind down. we have a few passing sprinkles, speckles of green. a lot of activity is beginning to end. as we look to the west, there's a lot of sunshine. it is going to continue. a little bit of dry air pushing in over much of the region. the dark blue is still in the 30s. it's where the heavy snow fell in western maryland, south central and west virginia. they are still dealing with power outages. the areas in green, it's climbing to 50 degrees, much of maryland and virginia. reagan national is at 50 degrees. i'll show you what i think is going to happen for the weekend. improving news.
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we'll talk about that and how much longer the chill will last. a potential coastal storm. we'll discuss that in a few minutes, barbara and keith? >> another one coming? not like the last one. >> say it ain't so. >> thank you, tom. >> we are going to check on the traffic. hopefully there's good news on that. >> danella, you are about to say otherwise, aren't you? >> i am. still a couple problems. police activity has 17th street shutdown in northeast. closure between monroe and newton street. take 16th street to get around that. bethesda, a water main break southbound blocked -- two right lanes are blocked from leland to bradley boulevard. as delays go, you are slee from the beltway. outer loop, crossing the american legion bridge, slow. the delays continue to the dulles toll road. crowding in that area. no accidents. back to you.
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>> thanks, danella. major changes are coming for drivers in the district. mayor gray announced several changes for speed fines. they are for ten to 20 miles per hour over the limit will be lowered from the current $250 price tag. fines for going 20 miles per hour over the speed limit is going up. the money will go to hire more police officers. the speed limit will be raised on major roadways that have been repaved. two metro stations will be closed because of work on the tracks. starting tonight at 10:00, the cemetery stations will be shut down. crews will repair the stations and install fiberoptic cables. buses will replace trains between foggy bottom on the orange line.
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red line, single tracking between brooke and grovner. it will be back to normal monday morning. a police officer charged with attempted murder or shooting a handcuffed victim in the back. he turned himself in yesterday. he's accused of shooting a 26-year-old who he had pulled over for riding a stolen motorcycle. after he was handcuffed and put in the back of the police car, he tried to run. it's when riley shot him. he's now paralyzed from the waist down. our time right now is ten minutes after 11:00. coming up, mo torrists in the area, waiting in long lines for gasoline. when the supply issue could be fixed. apple's new product available today. are people tak
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charlie rose: will you endorse president obama? colin powell: yes. when he took over we were in one of the... worst recessions we had seen in recent times... close to a depression. and i saw, over the next several years, stabilization... come back in the financial community. housing is starting to pick up. the president saved the auto industry. and the actions he's taken with respect to...
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protecting us from terrorism have been very, very solid. and so, i think we ought to keep on the track that we are on. president obama: i'm barack obama and... i approve this message.
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right now, more than 1,000 dominion crews are on their way to new jersey. they are going help restore power to the hundreds of thousands of people still in the dark after sandy. the workers know they have a tough task ahead of them. their mission is rewarding. >> most of the customer base is extremely grateful. we do der i've a lot out of that. it's fantastic. hopefully, we'll run into the same thing up there. i'm sure we will. we are there to help. >> it isn't clear how long the crews will be gone. they will be working gruelling hours while they are away. they will work shifts of at least 12 hours. >> we are getting a look at the damage from sandy. take a look at these before and
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after satellite photos in new jersey. the storm is believed to have caused $50 billion in damages. so far, it's claimed 92 live, 11 in virginia. many businesses are without power, it's down from a peak of 8.5 million. getting around new york is just about impossible. many in new york and new jersey trying to drive their car thinking how do we get gas? thousands in new york and new jersey had to wait hours in lines miles long just to fill up the tanks. many stations are closed because of lost power. the few stations that are open have been backed up and rationing gas. now, gas and patience are both running out. >> this guy just cut me. i'm running out of gas. i don't know if i'm going to make it. >> we been in line two and a half hours.
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>> the storm shut down five oil refineries. three of those are up and running again. others are expected to reopen soon. amtrak service is getting back up to speed along the northeast corridor. trains running between d.c. and new york city this morning. amtrak's president hopes they will be able to resume service between new york and boston later today. they are in talks to borrow trains from canada to provide more service to hard hit parts of new jersey and new york. there's progress in new york's flooded subway tunnels. crews are slowly getting the water pumped out. there's still no word on when service through lower manhattan is expected to be up and running. the entire system is running on limited service. the largest marathon in the country, the new york city marathon will go on as planned sunday morning. this has become a big source of controversy. the group in charge says they
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turned the event into a fund-raiser to help the victims of sandy. some says it trivializes those there. there will be a 20% drop off from last year due to the storm. the thing about the storm, it runs right through manhattan. >> that race. >> that race. that marathon runs right through manhattan, just where the storm ran through. >> i think it goes through owl five burros. a lot of folks think it's a good idea. it makes the people feel good. everything is normal. how about the weather? we love what we are seeing. >> we have been affected by sandy since monday with the winds that diminished. we had sprinkles. now, finally getting dry air and sunshine. it certainly is welcome. before sandy hit last week,
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before that, i was out visiting a school in montgomery county. i visited the middle school and talked to eighth graders about severe weather including hurricanes and tornadoes. we talked about sandy coming in. they were very, very interested. i want to thank teacher kathryn for the invitation. these students came up asking me follow up questions. it was a great time at the middle school in montgomery county. >> let's take a look at the sky now. beautiful blue showing through. there's the washington monument leaning in this late morning sunlight. it's been breaking out over the last hour. dew point is comfortably dry at 30. a wind out of the west gusting up to 20 to 25 miles per hour. as we look at what's happening over the last few hours, a few morning sprinkles. one up here in carol county.
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a few scattered sprkles. otherwise, most of the sprinkle activity is done. increasing sunshine into the afternoon. a chill in the air. look at manassas. still only 39. it's 50 in montgomery, prince george's county. the northern neck of virginia, it's in the low 50s to mid-50s now. 40s in the shenandoah valley and much of western maryland where there's still snow on the ground in many locations where the snow is still up in garrett county and central west virginia, power is still out for those people. here is a close-up view of temperatures around the beltway. upper 40s to 50 degrees. with the wind picking up, it feels chillier. this is coming from the great circulation of what is left of sandy. it's up in quebec. it's a big storm. it's drawing cold air from canada and bringing it over our region. it is going to stay chilly for the next several days.
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going forward, there may be a few sprinkles this afternoon in pennsylvania, but i think we are done with it here. a clear night tonight. by dawn, a clear start. near freezing temperatures. tomorrow morning throughout the region, a beautiful day tomorrow. quite a bit of sunshine. clouds developing in the afternoon. sunday, it looks like we'll have sunshine here. maybe a few clouds and disturbance passing through the south. elsewhere, it should be mostly sunny on sunday. for the rest of the afternoon, partly sunny, breezy and chilly. hovering in the low to mid-50s. wind gusting to 25 miles an hour during the afternoon. this evening, if you are heading out, sunset at 6:06. partly cloudy and we'll clear out after midnight. temperatures back to the mid-40s mid evening. near 40 midnight. by dawn, near freezing tomorrow morning. the average high is 63. we are going to be ten degrees below that tomorrow. it's going to be quite chilly on
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saturday. still a bit blustery tomorrow, too. sunday, lighter wind and the longest weekend of the year. turn your clocks back one hour before you go to bed on saturday night and sunday lots of sun, mid-30s in the morning, mid-50s in the afternoon. chilly next week. good weather for election day. wednesday is when we may have a coastal storm, not as powerful as sandy. a coast aloe developing that gives rain, wind and wet snow on wednesday. still too early to say about the timing and how much and all of that. stay tuned. we'll keep you posted. >> is that coming up from the gulf? >> no, developing off the air lie thats, moving up the coast. >> thank you. >> that region doesn't need anymore. >> we are going to check on traffic. >> still thumbs down? >> not overall. things are looking good.
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the beltway, the outer loop at i-66, the right lane blocked there. speaking of 66, eastbound to the beltway, from nutley, you are seeing most of your congestion as you get closer to the beltway. you are under speed at 35 miles per hour. the drive will take 17 minutes. back to you both. >> thanks. >> it's 11:22 now. still ahead, what you would do if you were president. >> plus, stem cells from blood. how it could help children with autism. auti[ minto ] you know, those ads saying mitt romney would ban all abortions and contraception seemed a bit extreme. so i looked into it. turns out, romney doesn't oppose contraception at all. in fact, he thinks abortion should be an option
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in cases of rape, incest, or to save a mother's life. this issue's important to me, but i'm more concerned about the debt our children will be left with. i voted for president obama last time, but we just can't afford four more years. [ romney ] i'm mitt romney and i approve this message.
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the ipad mini is fshlly on sale. the buzz wasn't nearly as big. this was the store in bethesda. just one person waiting outside. this verse is two inches smaller than the regular ipad. the cheapest version is $329. there are versions with more storage space and 3g capability. the ipad mini is expected to battle the amazon kindle, kindle fire and google nexus 7. many people need to rebuild their lives after hurricane sandy. tonight, you can help. there's a star-studded telethon. for one of the performers, the devastation really hits home. >> to see your hometown devastated like this, my grammar school turned into a shelter. people's homes gone. they are saying we are now
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homeless. we, i think, as americans we come together in a time to lead and we all feel we are new yorkers. >> jon bon jovi joins billy joel, sting and christina aguilera. proceeds go to red cross to help storm victims. you can see it tonight at 8:00. later tonight, we are going to air revolution that was preempted. it's set tonight at 10:00 follows by the news at 11:00. the time is 11:27. coming up, why puppets will take over the national mall this weekend. >> plus, who is caught sleeping on the job? the dangerous situation and how it's being handled. will it warm up this weekend? tom kierein is
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charlie rose: will you endorse president obama? colin powell: yes. when he took over we were in one of the... worst recessions we had seen in recent times... close to a depression. and i saw, over the next several years, stabilization... come back in the financial community. housing is starting to pick up. the president saved the auto industry. and the actions he's taken with respect to... protecting us from terrorism have been very, very solid. and so, i think we ought to keep on the track that we are on. president obama: i'm barack obama and... i approve this message. right now, local police continue to investigate two
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separate officer involved shootings. in the district, a man stabbed his grandfather then attacked two police officers. one officer was stabbed in the head, neck and hand before opening fire on the man, fatally wounding him. they have not released the officer or suspects name. in stafford, virginia police shot a man. they responded to a drunk-driving call earlier this morning. they went to the car owners house. there a man attacked a deputy who ended up shooting and killing that man. the deputy suffered minor injuries in that attack. right nou, president obama and mitt romney are on the campaign trail. the president is in ohio. he wrapped up a rally near columbus. he'll spend most of the day in the buckeye state. romney is in wisconsin now. here are live pictures from that event. he heads to ohio this afternoon.
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both candidates making closing arguments to voters four days before election day. virginia is one of the state's to target for the final weekend. melissa mollet is at the news 4 superscreen with more on where they are headed and when. >> these are their final stops before tuesday. the candidates taking one final swing through the swing states as they set their schedule this last weekend of the race. president obama is spending most of today in ohio. the president will kick off the multistate visit saturday, traveling back to ohio, wisconsin, iowa and virginia. bill clinton and dave matthews will appear with the president in bristol. sunday, the president heads to new hampshire, florida, colorado and again, ohio. romney started his day in wisconsin. he's then heading to ohio. he will go across the country hitting 11 battleground states in four days.
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the states include colorado, michigan and pennsylvania. paul ryan, his wife and ann romney are also on the campaign trail. the president stopped in virginia tomorrow comes 48 hours before romney heads to the commonwealth. monday, he'll make one stop in lynchburg and another in fairfax. obama made two visits there in october. they are hoping to sway the last of the undecided voters. at the superscreen, melissa mollet, news 4. this is the weekend where you may not mind being called a puppet. hundreds of people, real and puppet expected to gather tomorrow in d.c. to support funding for public broadcasting. tomorrow is the million puppet march. the organizer says he was inspired after hearing romney say he wants to get rid of funding for groups like pbs. it epds with a rally at the reflecting pool. now, on to a really sad story.
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a news 4 exclusive. this morning, we are hearing from the woman brutally attacked inside her northeast d.c. apartment. this is who police are looking for. he forced his way into a 24-year-old woman's apartment last friday. the man attempted to sexually assault her before trying to kill her. she told news 4 pat collins she screamed at the top of her lungs and fought back the best she could. >> he started stabbing me and kicking my face in. i was just fighting as best as i could. i don't remember that much following that. but, i know he was stabbing me everywhere. >> surveillance cameras caught clear images of the suspect, right there. police say that man, they are worried he may strike again. they want anyone who recognizes him to give them a call. right now, the man police
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believe threw pipe bombs into homes in virginia is in a montana jail cell. officers arrested him yesterday. he drove all the way to the northwest shortly after throwing the bombs into homes in stafford county and fredericksburg on tuesday. police believe he was targeting his ex-girlfriend and law enforcement officers who arrested him in the past. >> we have taken this personal. this is a detective and deputy targeted. they and their families as a result of doing their jobs. in addition to that, it was an attack on an innocent victim of domestic violence. we have taken this very personal. >> he could face charges in montana. police tried to pull him over yesterday for speeding. he sped off, leading officers on a high-speed chase. he threw several bombs at the officers during the chase before they could disable his car.
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he tried to flee on foot but officers caught him. federal prosecutors say kwame brown should spend six days in jail and have probation for fraud. brown resigned from council in june after admitting he gave false information on applications to obtain bank loans worst more than $200,000. prosecutors say brown accepted responsibility for his misconduct and has no prior criminal record. the actual sentencing by a judge is set for november 13th. meanwhile, met tra says they are working to reduce bus driver fatigue. this comes as a study shows bus operators fell asleep at the wheels 68 times over two years. cameras caught them nodding off. they activate when the bus hits something or makes a sudden stop.
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half the drivers caught sleeping are working two shifts. drivers who fall asleep on the job are required to take medical tests before returning to work. this weekend is the end of daylight savings time. at 2:00 a.m., it goes back an hour to 1:00 a.m. remember, to reset your clocks before you go to sleep saturday night. enjoy the extra hour of night life, which i bet tom kierein is planning to do this weekend. >> is he? you know him better than i do. are you? >> i'm going spend the extra hour setting all my clocks back. >> you have a lot of clocks at your house, i know. >> good morning. this morning, we are welcoming the sunshine that is returned. it's coming with blustery wind. it is cold out here. it looks pleasant. when you are outside, you are going to be glad you are wearing a winter coat. take a look around the region as we look at the live view from the city camera. welcome sunshine back in washington. you can see the washington
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monument and over the last several hours, we have a few morning sprinkles come through. these dissipating and we are getting a few clouds passing through. the dark blue areas in the 30s where they have snow on the ground. where you see the green is right around 50. that includes most of virginia, maryland, the district and the eastern shower. for the rest of the day, the winds will be blustery, gusting to 25 miles an hour. we'll have the clouds coming and going. mostly clear night. cold start to saturday. near freezing or below freezing. much of the area and partly cloudy, breezy and chilly throughout the rest of the day with highs reaching the low 50s. 30s sunday morning and afternoon in the mid-50s. great weather for the skins game. monday, back to work and school. chilly on tuesday, election day. might get a coastal storm on wednesday. it might give us wind driven rain and wet snow north of the area. stay tuned. we'll keep you informed on that.
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storm team 4 is on it. stay tuned. back in a few minutes. >> thank you. let's see what danella is going to do with her extra hour. >> are you going to enjoy the night life? >> i am. it's my birthday. it's never happened, so i'm super excited about it. still checking the roadways until the birthday celebration begins. police activity closing 17th street. this has been going on for some time now. closures between monroe street as well as newton street. take 16th street instead. checking on water repairs because of a water main break. southbound wisconsin avenue, two of the right lanes are blocked southbound toward bradley. keith and barbara, back to you. >> you get an extra hour to stay as young as you are. >> yes. >> i'll put your present in the mail, look for it. >> happy birthday. >> thank you so much. >> happy birthday. space shuttle "atlantis" is
11:40 am
half way through its final journey to the final resting place. this is time lapse video of "atlantis" move that started at 6:30 this morning. it's on its way to kennedy space center. it's near where it has been stored. the move is expected to take 12 hours. it won't go on display to the public until next summer. it's the last shuttle to move to its retirement home. nine more people diagnosed with fungal meningitis linked to a steroid injection. almost 400 cases have been reported in 19 states. the agency also dropped the death toll from 29 to 28 noting that virginia is now reporting two deaths instead of three. one died in maryland. fda is investigating a massachusetts pharmacy that made the tainted steroid shot.
11:41 am
wegman shoppers, check your refrigerators this morning. they are recalling their organic spinach and spring mix packaged salad. it may have e. coli. they come in five and 11 ounce packages. if you have any, throw it out and visit a local store for a refund. one in 88 children born in the united states have autism. now there's new hope for thousands of families that the effects can be reversed with the help of stem cells from blood from umbilical cords. we have more on why that new approach is so promising. >> reporter: researchers hope what's inside cord blood can reverse the impact of autism. >> now, i feel great and i don't have pain and i don't have to visit the doctor all the time. >> reporter: after all, a cord blood treatment cured her sickle
11:42 am
cell anemia. it's on the forefront of the first clinical trial of its kind investigating whether the stem cells may be able to cure autism. >> this pilot study will expect 30 children between the ages of 2 and 7 who have a confirmed diagnosis of autism not known to be caused by genetic factors. >> reporter: they will receive infusions of their own stem cells. they were collected in their cord blood, banked when newborns. >> the stem cells will regulate their immune systems and stimulate neurological repair. >> they may have an impact on regulating the immune system or the nervous system either directly or indirectly. >> reporter: the hope is the new stem cells that have not been exposed will be able to get
11:43 am
patients bodies to rev up their own ability to repair damage. >> that was marian reporting. some have reported major improvements in their neurological function. still ahead,
11:44 am
anncr: which do you believe? what mitt romney's tv ads say about women? or what mitt romney himself says? mitt romney: do i believe the supreme court... should overturn roe v. wade? yes. and it would be my preference that they, that they... reverse roe v. wade.
11:45 am
hopefully reverse roe v. wade. overturn roe v. wade. planned parenthood, we're going to get rid of that. i'll cut off funding to planned parenthood. anncr: no matter what mitt romney's ads say. we know what he'll do. president obama: i'm barack obama and... i approve this message.
11:46 am
shock you. stick around, we'll break it down. the latest jobs numbers show that the economy is getting stronger but how much stronger? let's check in with cnbc. we have more on that and the rest of the day's business headlines. >> how you doing, keith? stocks trading in negative territory. the last one before the president's election. checking the dow is down 30. the s&p is barely up a point. employers adding 171,000 jobs
11:47 am
last month, higher than the forecast for 125,000. the unemployment rate 7.9%. 84,000 more jobs were added in august and september than had been previously reported. october private sector job growth was 184,000, also. stocks on the move today. two major online travel firms, trip adviser and price line up 12 and 10% respectively on strong third quarter earnings. starbucks up after releasing earnings. the number one chain is raising the profit forecast for the current fiscal year. revenue, $3.36 billion worldwide. same store sales in the u.s. up 7%. starbucks says it's reopened most of the 1,000 stores that were shut down because of hurricane sandy. back to you.
11:48 am
have a great weekend. >> you, as well. thanks for stopping by. >> i don't want to be the bad guy anymore. >> the video game worldcoms to life. for decades, ralph has been overshadowed by the good guy. he leaves his game and decides he has what it takes to be the hero. jane lynch stars in this. it's rated pg-13. >> denzel washington's world is turned upside down in the movie "flight." after saving almost everyone on board, he's hailed as a hero. as more details come out, we discover what really happened on that plane. john goodman also star in this thriller. "flight" is rated "r." a lighter tame on the vampire genre.
11:49 am
partying every night, but when one of them falls in love with a vampire hunter, they realize their destinies are at stake. it's rated pg-13. the time is 11:48. coming up, what would you do if you were president?
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check on the weekend forecast. stay with us. we'll be right back. the race for president tops the mcfly report. tommy mcfly is here with more. good morning. >> hey, how are you? >> we are on the countdown for tuesday. >> i feel like a kid in the backseat, are we there yet? >> are you running as many ads as we are on television? >> of course. the big races, the small races and the races that climb on rocks. it's nonstop. >> jimmy fallon asked his audience what they would do if they were president. >> i love this. >> i would inhale helium before every presidential address. >> i would rename the board
11:53 am
between denmark and germany, the danger zone. ♪ i went to the danger zone ♪ going right into the danger zone ♪ we have had a few singing presidents, horn playing. >> i would call my favorite celebrities to the white house for official business. >> no matter their party affiliation. >> we need to have a conversation about this. so, your last album, how was that. >> george clooney is making news because he was related to a president. >> found he is past cousins with abraham lincoln, five times removed. >> they look a little bit alike. >> you can see the resemblance. his mother is a half sibling with george clooney's great, great, great, great, great grandmother. it's how it comes together. i don't know how they do it. things get sketchy for my family. >> are you related to anybody
11:54 am
important? >> not that i found. i did my family tree and i was like come on royalty. i wish i had a castle in ireland. >> a go night? >> yeah, a huge night for the country music awards. toby keith doesn't normally go. he says they are pandering, but he won video of the year for the song that made everybody barbecue this summer "red solo cub." ♪ red solo cup ♪ i fill you up ♪ let's have a party >> everyone was singing it all summer long. the iconic red solo cup won video of the year. you have a lot of videos that talk millions of dollars. he got friends at a house party. >> that's a nice crossover song. everybody likes that.
11:55 am
>> it was everywhere all summer long. congratulations, toby keith. the cooking and entertaining show is coming to the convention center. giada will be there. plus, it's cool, there's over 350 different exhibitors. most of which, 7% are small businesses. they are fun food items. everything from cheeses to cleavers to pies. it's all there. the samples are incredible. you get to meet cool people with cool stories. >> does it cost to get in? >> i think it's 24 bucks, 12 bucks for kids. 4 and under are free. go there, have snacks. spend time with family. get your eat on. learn what is new and trending in food. >> tommy, great to see you. have a great weekend. do something fun with the extra hour you get on saturday. >> i'm going out. >> keith, what's up? >> let's take a look at the stories we are following on news 4 this afternoon.
11:56 am
jim handly joins us with a preview of things to come. >> a busy friday at 4:00 and 5:00. it's a tight presidential race. going early to cast your ballot doesn't mean you will avoid the long lines. we'll be joined to explain what's causing the crowds days before election day. she'll explain what issues are driving people to the polls. if you had a tree drop on your home, will insurance pay for it? liz crenshaw that has ans at 4:00 and 5:00. we'll have the latest news and weather. >> see you then. >> time for a final check on the forecast. >> if you are about to head out the door, you need a windbreaker. a chill in the air. we are still being affected by sandy. the host of tropical low spinning over quebec in eastern
11:57 am
canada is giving a northwesterly wind. it's brought in dry air. it's cleared out the sky a little bit. the areas in blue in the 40s. around washington and the areas in green, it's beginning to climb into the low 50s. we'll have 50s for a couple hours mid afternoon and then the winds will decrease a bit tonight. then tomorrow morning, down near freezing. afternoon highs in the low 50s saturday. going to be blustery tomorrow. sunday, bright and sunny. mid-50s for the skins game at fedex field. back to work and school on monday. freezing in the morning. afternoons low 50 z. good voting weather on election day. wednesday, it's a day that we might get a coastal storm. stay tuned. we are on it. we'll keep you posted. >> thank you. >> all right, tom. mr. ed is so last century, you want to hear a talking
11:58 am
animal, let me introduce you to this one. this elephant at a zoo appears to be mimicking human speech. he can say five korean words. hello, sit-down, lie down, no and good. it doesn't mean he understands what he's saying. sadly, scientists say he might have been imitating humans because he's lonely. >> he started talking in 2006. not about to keep his secrets locked away. that's news 4 midday. thanks for joining us. tune in at 4:00, 5:00
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