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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  November 12, 2012 11:00am-12:00pm EST

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lawmakers are demanding answers this morning about the fbi investigation into now former cia director david petraeus extramarital affair. why the timing of the news is being questioned. plus, the results of an alarming study about cell phone use by pregnant women and the danger it may present to the unborn baby. >> and we're preparing for a wedding wedding. it's wedding week. the perfect fall setting with all the fixings. >> good morning. i'm barbara harrison. >> i'm keith russell. it's monday, november 12th,
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2012. we honor those who served our country. right now, a d.c. group is preparing a luncheon for veterans who are homeless, in need of help. a place with an unbelievable history. >> reporter: this place has been around since 184. more on that in a minute. these guys cater towards vets. they're doing what they do best every day, and that's help out those who have helped us live the life that we lead every single day. the mission today keynote speaker retired u.s. army general pete fuller. he's in to, as we say, trade war stories. the mission, $5 million worth of food a year. it's not just vets. they also help out other men and women as well as young children. they also have extended care, 18 months, and also help out with counseling. this place was the original
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number one soulful service in washington, d.c. 1884. the executive director, a retired u.s. army general, gave us an idea how this started. >> so much heritage goes back to those alcoholics from the civil war on pennsylvania avenue. a young man with the heart for them and saying these guys need spiritual help and they need physical help. we begin by feeding them, sharing god's word with them and bringing them on board. >> keith, you know, one of the things, we talk to the vets here, we talk about how engrained they are in the mission. he was in the air force. he retired. he was homeless. then he got involved in the mission. he told us a little bit about his story. >> i was lost. i was confused. the mission pretty much gave me that place of home and help and it was just a great overall
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being for the mission. just helps you tremendously. >> just a great, great mission here on 14th and r. a luncheon set to take place with a couple really good keynote speakers. these guys will trade war stories all day long and probably into the evening. tony tall, news 4. >> a great place for those who made a great sacrifice. >> absolutely. >> and there are some changes to public transportation today because of veterans day. metro rail is running on a saturday schedule. off peak fares are in effect all day. there's free parking as well. there's no mark or vre service today. two orange line stations are closed today for track work. the boston and virginia square stations are shut down. we'll talk riders between east fall church and claire on it. there's single tracking between vienna and eat falls church because of work on the silver line.
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tomorrow morning, they're telling us. >> sunny skies ahead of another mild afternoon, barb. >> look at that, it's almost picture perfect out there. a nice revisit with our early fall. temperatures are great. >> we have a wonderful weekend. we'll try to rebeat that today. this is the end of it because a chilly change is going to be moving in later tonight. right now, we have clouds moving in ahead of that chilly change. we have a lot cloudiness moving into the shenandoah valley, the blue ridge and points west. some of the crowds are streaking right over the metro area now. it's still mostly sunny in northern maryland, and on the eastern shore. and where the sun has broken out, the temperatures have climbed quickly because the temperatures are up to 68. here, we have a partly sunny sky, 63 it under the clouds though it's around 60,
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shenandoah valley and out into the mountains in most locations. all this coming from a front that's triggering rain from southern canada all the way to the gulf coast. that rain advancing to the east and slowly making its way later today. i'll tell you how much rain we might get in just a few minutes. >> let's head out to the roads now, see how things are moving. >> thumbs up, thumbs down? >> thumbs down in virginia. i have an accident here that's blocking hunter mill road. this is between lake ridge drive and hickory forest drive because of the crash there. please avoid it if possible. we have road work taking place. if you're traveling 50 westbound in maryland approaching 301. it is blocking the left lane. right lane gets you buy as you travel. also, let's talk about some construction. taking inner loop as you abroad braddic you'll see the right lane blocked but not too bad on
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the beltway. the head of montgomery county schools is laying out his plan for the future of county schools today. he has given the school's address this morning. news 4 megan mcgrath has more on star's vision. >> reporter: it looked like a such fi su event, but the faces are students. this elaborate event was a kickoff to the superintendent's first state of the school's address. dr. star says he still considers himself lucky to be here. saying more needs to be done to tackle the challenges. >> we are rightly proud of the challenges but the world is
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changing and we have to move fast to catch up. what our children need to know and be able to do is different than it was just ten years ago. >> to keep pace, dr. star says the first step is to understand who the students are and what they need from their school system. >> we must know who our children are. most of our students are either living in a single parent family or in a two parent family where both adults work outside the home. most of our students are peopl of color. and maybe the child of an immigrant or a grant themselves. a good number have received free or reduced price meals at some point. and may very well be the first person in their family that's on the path to college. all of our student he hopes and dreams for their future. >> dr. star says key to making those dreams come true are teachers and prince pals. he says educators must get the training and support they need
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and be freed from programs that place too much emphasis on standardized test scores. >> we need to teach our children to be innovative thinkers. good communicators. and creative problem solvers. one learns how to solve problems by solving problems. not by being tested on the theoretical steps of problem solving. >> students must be challenged in the classroom. >> i want our students to read a lot. read well. and i want them to love to read. i want our students to complete algebra one by eighth grade and take four years of rigorous mathematics in high school. i want our students to write well, understand their history, engage in science, appreciate the arts and so much more. >> reporter: dr. star says the school system will be looking for nutritional materials to go along. he also says they will continue to partner with businesses in
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the area to give students real world experiences. in montgomery county, megan mcgrath, news 4. new this morning, a man is in the hospital after being pulled from the canal. firefighters pulled the victim from the water around 11:00 last night. it's not clear how he fell into the canal. he was listed in critical condition. police are trying to figure out who shot and killed a 20-year-old man in prince georges county. police found the man suffering from a gunshot wound in the 7300 block of 23rd avenue in louisdale yesterday morning. police say they're working on a motive in this case. police are trying to figure out what led to a shooting at a fast food restaurant in howard county. investigators say the manager at the taco bell in columbia was shot several times early yesterday morning. he's currently in critical condition. police say they are looking for two men they believe are responsible. d.c. firefighters are trying to figure out what sparked the
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flames at an apartment in northwest washington. just before midnight last night when crews arrived. the building was full of smoke. we're told the fire started in the basement and was quickly put out. everyone was able to get out okay. firefighters are trying to figure out what sparked this fire in dickerson. as you can see, the home along bealsville road in dickerson was engulfed in flames. we're told it's a total loss but thankfully no would be was hurt. 10 after 11:00 the time right now. coming up, another step back for cyclist lance armstrong. plus, who knew the cia director was having an extramarital affair, and why didn't those who needed to know get told sooner? stay with us, we'l
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police in new zealand arrested a man who was planning to attack members of the royal family. officers stopped him before prince charles and his wife camilla visited the country saturday. investigators believe he's an anti-royal protester. he's expected to appear in court tomorrow. congressional leaders want to know why they're only finding out now about the investigati that revealed now former cia director petraeus extramarital affair it affair. the fbi launched the investigation when jill kelly, an unpaid social liaison at the air force base in florida, complained about receiving harassing emays from petraeus biographer paula broadwell. agents later discored the affair. the spokesman says it is congressman knew about this relationship late last month but president obama apparently didn't know about it until last thursday when petraeus offered his resignation. >> this is something that could
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have had an effect on national security. i think we should have been told. >> seems as it's going on for several months. now it appears that the fbi didn't realize it until election day, general petraeus was involved. it just doesn't add u. >> jim kelly and her husband released a statement last night asking for privacy right now. congress may still eventually call petraeus to answer questions about the deadly attack in benghazi, libya. even though he's no longer head of the cia. petraeus was su pd to testify this week before the senate intelligence committee. acting cia director mike morrell will take his place. senator dianne feinstein who's the committee's chairwoman, insists petraeus resignation had nothing to do with the attack. armstrong has cut ties with his charity live strong. in a statement, a board member for live strong says armstrong
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resigned to avoid living more negative publicity to the charity. the u.s. anti-doping agency banned him from cycling for life and stripped him of his seven tour de france titles. we have such beautiful weather out there. i wish it would last a while. >> don't make it go away. >> well, you know, it is getting into that time of year, when we get these kinds of weather patterns and they don't last long. this only lasts for a couple of days. many of our neighborhoods are still looking beautiful even though we're past peak color. there's one lone japanese maple tree looking beautiful. sent in by carol, her backyard. this was taken sunday afternoon. one of our viewers there. look at the mall. this is along the reflecting pool. there's the washington monument. beautiful bronze trees there along the reflecting pool. this was taken over the weekend. and our own veronica johnson got
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picture of the fog this morning. send your photos to --, and we'll share. a change bringing an end to our wonderful weather we've been having. 63 now at reagan national. a wind coming out of the south gently that's continuing to bring in the mild air. and it's rather humid too. out ahead of this cold front that is now beginning to bring rain into ohio, parts of kentucky. out ahead of that, we're getting the increasing clouds rolling over the metro area. all these areas in the lighter green are into the 60s. a couple areas in the yellow are already near 70. under the cloud cover, in washington, we are in the low 60s. farther west, 62, ahead of the front, where there is much colder air in the midwest. way out west, it is frigid. santa fe, new mexico, only 25
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degrees right now. it is cold. near freezing temperatures from there, the midwest, the northern plain, all the way to the west coast. san francisco, only 49 degrees right now. this is the big air mass coming our way. out ahead of that, it is triggering the rain from ontario all the way down to the gulf coast. even the western edge changes to snow. now, the cold front does approach, as we're going forward, we'll have likely some rain moving into the area. just rain coming into the metro area. this is by midnight from the west. may be some wet snowflakes in pennsylvania, parts of west virginia. by 7:00 tuesday morning, still some lingering showers. then it bill quickly end. tuesday afternoon, we will clear out. into tuesday evening and wednesday, we'll get the sunshine back. but it will be much colder. how much rain will we get? we'll get maybe a half-inch or so around much of the region to maybe near an inch in a few isolated spots. and then it's quickly gone.
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for the rest of the afternoon, a lot of clouds around. mild. into the upper 60s. to our south, hovering in the low 70s. then some showers coming in tonight. looks like by midnight. from the west, weep drop back down into the 50s. tomorrow, down into the upper 40s. then, as the rain comes through, a drop to near 40 by midnight tuesday night, then 30 by dawn wednesday. we get rain on sunday. that is the way it looks. let's see how things are moving again. any problems we should know about? >> well, we're still seeing the accident along hunter mill road. between lake ridge drive and hicko hickory ford drive. as you head southbound, just as you get to i-470, we have
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reports of an accident in the southbound lane. there are reports of debris in the lane. just be careful of that. back over to you. 11:20 is the time. still ahead on news 4 midday, a wedding for all seasons. today, we plan for fall. plus, why is he spending the holidays at national harbor? first, here's a look at what's hot on
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it's wedding week here on news 4 midday. this year, we're doing things a little bit different. we're going to run through weddings. starting today with fall.
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our guest is here, we welcome you back. i feel like i'm in the middle of a wedding right now. beautiful. >> gorgeous. >> but it's fall, a popular time to have weddings. you've got the leaves changing. you've got the backdrop. it's a great setting it to have beautiful fall scenes. >> some places in virginia and maryland. >> definitely. this was taken in middleburg. you've got the vineyards. we've got a great escape outside of d.c. >> in our own backyard. >> or your friend's backyard if you don't have one. >> let's start with the flowers. >> the beautiful table scape is brought to us by amarillo. what a gorgeous setup we have.
11:25 am
more of a cozy eclectic farm friendly type of setting. >> the flowers are really unusual for fall though, aerren they? >> what's trendy now is for us to basically look like you've picked it out your garden. it's a my way to save on your wedding. just kind of pick you floors from farmer's markets, put it all together. >> it looks like you've got some spilss. >> it's a great way to mix everything together and get it prepared a little bit ahead of time before the wedding. >> tell us about the bottles. >> you've got a great antique feel. what we wanted to do was show you a fall theme without it being too much of this orange and what you typically see. right now, because of the settings, you have a beautiful show i showing of the bottles, the
11:26 am
herbs. >> it is very beautiful. tell us about the plate setting. >> you don't have to do the same tone at each place setting. we have the menu with the rose mary. you've got right over here a menu wrapping around your napkin. the plates don't match it we also wanted to show you the goals. you don't have to pick the silver anymore. >> the cake is beautiful. what you have right there is just gold and the cascading leaves. also the flavor. there's different flaevors. you have pumpkin and cream cheese. even an apple pie. you just kind of stick right in there. >> the foods can be anything.
11:27 am
>> definitely, especially with thanksgiving around the corner. >> actually, i've got some great ideas right here for thanksgiving. setting my table for something like this. can you find all of these things in our area? >> yes, everything you see. from the party rentals. you've got this. all of the flowers. you can definitely grab these from a farmer's market. >> we're coming back with more things to show. in just a few minutes. so stay with us. >> coming up in the next half hour, one thing pregnant women can do to lower the risk for autism in their children. plus, tom is back with the latest on the chance for rain tonight and tomorrow. and also, slide down an ice slide. we'll be right back.
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a d.c. group is honoring veterans who served our country. the central union mission inner in the d.c. is having a luncheon for veterans to support homeless in need of help. veterans are also twice as likely as other americans to become homeless. >> the risk of autism may be higher in children whose mothers have the flu or a fever for more than a week during pregnancy. that according to a dannic study. researchers s examined files o 96,000 children. kid his whose mothers had the flu will pregnant had twice the rick risk of being diagnosed with autism before age 3. >> if you are a woman of child bearing age, yes, do it. because we know women who are pregnant are more susceptible to
11:32 am
the complications the flu. now we know there's a really strong link between influenza with a pregnant mom and baby having problems afterwards. >> the study found no link between mothers who reported sinus infections or un are airy tract infections. >> pregnant women may want to put cell phones down. a new study says cell phone radiation exposure during pregnancy may impact fetal brain development. researchers studies pregnant wife. an active cell phone was placed on half of the cages. the mice exposed to the cell phones were more active and their memory was slightly worse. the man behind the voice of elmo on sesame street is on a leave of absence after allegations surfaced he had a relationship with a teenage boy. the show released a statement saying earlier this dyear, a 23-year-old man said when he was 16 he had a relationship with the puppeteer behind elmo's
11:33 am
character. the man denied those allegation, calling them inflammatory. the show says the claims are unsubstantiated. hundreds of janitors at  walter reed medical center in we these da are looking for their paychecks. the union that represents the 300 janitors there say they haven't been paid in two weeks. the union says it filed a could plant against federal contractor s-cap enterprises. the union says the company claims it hasn't been paid by the government. the man accused of raining 17 women over a 15 year period tells "the washington post" he doesn't know why he couldn't stop attacking women. aaron thomas was arrested late year in connecticut and is believed to be the east coast rapist. he's expected to plead guilty later this month to two attacks in northern virginia. he told "the post," quote, they were objects and, quote, i did so much, i can't remember. in a series of phone interviews from series, thomas says he knows something is wrong with him but he does not think he's
11:34 am
crazy. this morning, investigators are talking with utility companies and other people to figure out what caused the deadly explosion in indiana. the blast killed two people and injured several late saturday night in indianapolis. it also flattened two houses and damaged dozens of homes. those who live in the area scrambled to get away. >> our windows got blown in. my daughter's under about 12 panes of glass. my son was in the front trying to get in. the whole house shifted so he couldn't come in the front door. i told him to come to the back door. i thought it was an earthquake. >> firefighters evacuated more than 200 people from the neighborhood. no one has been able to return to their hopes. investigators suspect some sort of gas leak caused the blast but no one has said they smelled gas before the blast. today marks exactly go we l
11:35 am
weeks since sandy devastated the northeast. over the weekend, another person died from storm related injuries. the death toll from the storm is 121. crews are working to restore power. fema has approved more than $450 million in assistance. new york governor cuomo plans to ask the federal government for at least $30 billion in disaster aid it. going to check in again for the latest on the forecast. >> got some mild breezes blowing in from the south. and one more day of dreamy weather here. then a big change moving in. already feeling the effects of that change. you can see the cloud cover now passing over the mall. it's already climbing into the
11:36 am
60s. to our 70s just to our south. 73. farther west, where the cloud cover is thicker, it's right around 60 degrees. around the bay, low to mid-60s. all the clouds ahead of the cold front, all the way down to the coast, some light rain into ohio, kentucky and tennessee. that's advancing east. will probably get here tonight by midnight or so. after that, passing showers through the morning rush hour on tuesday. we'll be in the upper 40s. then hover through 50s near midday. then much colder. by midnight, tuesday night, near 40. then wednesday, it will be 30 degrees. afternoon highs only in the 40s. the chill remains for the rest of the weekend. might get some showers on sunday. that's the way it looks. barbara. >> thank you, tom. montgomery county wants to convert some of the lanes of the
11:37 am
counties roads to bus only lanes. that according to "the washington post." the transportation planner says the move is a faster and more affordable way to improve traffic. planners say the lanes will be on route 29 and george avenue. the planning committee will discuss the proposed rule. and let's go to dinella. >> had an accident earlier i-370 at shady grove. that accident is clear. shady grove had a report of debris there. no issues to report. clear as you connect to the beltway. here's a live look at the beltway now. nice and clear between i-270 and i-95. accident free. back to you.
11:38 am
they're becoming a big favorite but new canadian studies are finding that breakfast sandwiches many with egg, bacon, cheese or sausage, could be hurting your heart. even though many of the sandwiches only have about 450 calories, the study found the sandwiches basically slow down your blood vessels. over time, that could increase your chances of heart attack, heart disease or stroke. well, there are lots ways to add fiber to your diet, through whole wheat and now pepsi? tomorrow, pepsi co plans to large a new company called pepsi special. this isn't the first time fiber has been put in a japanese cola. the company also offered sugar free soft drinks with dextrin. the possible attraction opens later this week. this year's theme, this guy. shrek the halls.
11:39 am
>> this is shrek, in case anyone doesn't know who he is. >> right. tell us about this year's ice show. >> this year's ice theme is shrek the halls. it's the story of shrek and how he learns how to celebrate christmas. the true spirit of christmas, celebrating it with your friends and family. so that's what we've created on ice this year. you're try to plan the perfect holiday. are you ready? >> he's ready. he's ready. >> can i get a high five? >> bam, he is ready. throughout the theme, there are disasters. >> shrek tries to plan the perfect christmas holiday and his plans get disrupted by chaos and commotion. in the end, it all comes together. they have a wonderful family christmas. it's all carved in ice.
11:40 am
these fabulous ice sculptures. they spend 30 days carving this fantastic wonderland. >> how much does it say about how popular this is with everyone? not just children, adults and people who come across the world to make this possible. >> it is a huge deal. it is extremely popular. >> i thought we would have him with us today. >> he's baking cookies, he's very busy. it starts this friday so he realized he hadn't baked enough cookies so they're baking cookies now to get ready for the grand opening. >> he's ready to use that. >> he does, he does. >> in terms of the popularity of shrek, are you ever amazed that
11:41 am
not just children, adults. when you came into our studios, all of my co-workers were outside the studio taking pictures like they have never seen shrek before. >> shrek is so popular with kids and adults alike. people just run towards him to take pictures. that's why we think this year's ice show is going to be popular because shrek is carved in ice. you get to see his home carved completely in ice. you get to peek into shrek's world. we're getting a little taste of shrek's life that we've never seen before. >> shrek, stop it. now, i've heard that some of the slides are 20 feet tall. >> they are. >> is shrek going to slide down a 20 foot tall ice slide? >> he may if we can keep him off the slides. there's five ice slides. they're very popular. they're 20 feet tall. the top is all made of ice.
11:42 am
you slide down. the kids, the adults love it. everyone loves it. it's such a huge hit. we have all the dreamworks characters, including jingy. you can actually come and decorate and meet jingy in person. >> it's time for lunch. with that said, we got to go. thank you for coming on and speaking to us about the wonderful exhibit. shrek, low five this time, low five, baby, there you go. all right. back to you. >> i want to get my picture taken too, i'm coming out there. still ahead, a look at how much thanksgiving dinner is going to cost you. plus, ideas for a fall wedding. with even a hot chocolate station. and the perfect dress. wait till you see the [ boy 1 ] hey! that's the last crescent. oh, did you want it? yea we'll split it. [ female announcer ] made fresh, so light, buttery and flakey.
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gas prices are expected to drop another 10 to 20 cents through the thanksgiving holiday. the lundberg survey found the average price for a gallon of gas already dropped nearly 21 cents in the last two weeks. the average price of regular gas is $3.57 in the district. in maryland, the price dropped overnight, it's $3.27 now. the national average, $3.44 a gallon. if you have some money sayed up, you may want to use it on thanksgiving dinner. a survey by coupon cabin found those hosting thanksgiving dinner plan to spend $246 in the process. it also found 1 in 10 people say they will not host because it's too expensive. nearly 15% say they felt pressured into hosting because relatives or friends didn't want to pay for it. to keep your costs down, the site recommends buy generic brand, keep decorations simple and, remember, the turkey in the
11:47 am
middle of the table is the only centerpiece you need. thanksgiving travel is usually hectic but even more so around here. a new report from travel site orbitz shows reagan is the ninth busiest airport in november. more than 24 million people are expected to fly this thanksgiving, an increase of about 150,000. that's despite prices being higher compared to the same time last year. small gains this morning on wall street. let's check in with cnbc, live with that and the day's headlines. >> the markets erased those early gains. they're now trading lower. this, after dropping more than 2% last week. right now, the dow and the nasdaq and the s&p 500 are all off fractionally. with worries about the fiscal cliff and the european economy, those outweighed the economic report we heard from china. trade volume is expected to be
11:48 am
light with the holiday and though the stock market is open, the bond market and banks are closed. we saw some activity today. group shares flying higher after it was bought by national, saying it was going to buy the bank for about $3.7 billion. and research in motion stock is doing better today after announcing plans to introduce its blackberry 10 on january 30th. it is betting its future on a new line of smart phones after losing major ground to samsung electronics galaxy line. research in motion shares are tanked by about 90% since 2008. and "skyfall" had the best james bond opening ever. raking in amounts of $88 million in his first three days. overseas bringing its worldwide total to about $520 million. back over to you, keith. >> thanks, julia, thanks for checking in. >> we have more now to put on the perfect fall wedding.
11:49 am
we're joined by our guest. welcome back. >> thank you for having us. >> we are talking about fall weddings. in fact, this whole week we're doing a wedding for every season. beginning with fall, how do you manage with the unusual changes in fall weather? today, we've got this perfect day to be outside. what about when it's not? >> there's one thing to think about when it comes to the weather in this area. you have to love your outdoor idea but then you also have to love what your plan b is. if you don't love what your plan b is, you're going to see that forever. so make sure whatever you're doing indoors for a ceremony, plan b, make sure you like that as well. >> you have an idea to pass out as favors. blankets or -- if you want to be outside. >> if you're going to move the wedding outdoors so pea can hang out, this is a great favor. it's a beautiful favor to tell them stay around, hang out with us and keep warm and cuddle.
11:50 am
>> another idea you said is to have a hot chocolate station set up. this is just beautiful. >> hot chocolate station. you've got your white chocolate, your dark chocolates, your marshmallows. it's a great way to keep your guests warm and cuddly as well. the stations are really popular. you're seeing a lot of them. this is the idea of just one. >> now to what weem all been waiting for. the wedding profession. and first comes the groom. >> the groom and the bride. >> an unusual look but i love it. >> this look, we have it from michael andrews. it's beautiful for a fall wedding. the fabric he's wearing is brown. don't this you can't go in that color for fall. >> it's corduroy? >> cashmere corduroy. with the shirt and tie, we mixed the patterns. so don't be scared of mixing plaids. it's completely in style now. he has to have his own touch to his style. it's fall leaves.
11:51 am
acorns. >> and it's got twine wrapping around it. it's a gorgeous set all together. make sure you also look at the details. >> i think a lot of guys would probably like this look. many of them don't like to have to put on the penguin suit. >> no penguin suits in this fall theme. we definitely want to get it tailored up for him. why don't we get his tailored as well. >> now to the bride. this is what you say is the perfect fall look for a bright. it's not white. >> it's not. it's a blush tone. what's popular you're seeing in weddings is the color. also what weem do've mixed in t fall trend with the broadry. it's feather stitch leafing. the bottom petals, they look like leaves cascading down. we've mixed it in with the brown as well. so she can match her groom. >> we've got to show what she's wearing for shoes. >> fun little cowboy boots. >> cowboy boots. >> why not? >> the casual look.
11:52 am
his plaid shirt. looks fantastic. what a beautiful look for fall. all this is available. >> everything we've seen is available. from the flowers, the table scape. to the cake. all of these details are definitely in the metro area. >> you can definitely find all of the information. and check us out on our facebook page. we'll put all of these things up there today. >> i can't wait to see what you'll do for winter. live music coming. >> a little bit of dancing, why not. great to see you. it's 11:52. coming up, a lot more news. plus tom kieran will be back with another look at the weather changes arriving tonight. stay with us. i got it when my internet here was faster than at my office.
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still exist. no word on who the buyer was. the previous owner bought the dress for around $2,000 in 1981. the crews are in it. >> that isn't a wrestling match, it's a nascar race. jeff gordon and clint bowyer's pit crews got in their fist fight after gordon intentionally wrecked both of them yesterday. gordon was apparently upset that bowyer had bumped him. a few laps earlier. no one was hurt thankfully. nascar says it's thinking of disciplining both of those drivers for this melee. >> boys will be boys. now, some of the stories we're following. pat lawson is in the newsroom with the preview. >> coming up this afternoon, the honors for veterans continue across the country today. we're going to have the story of a young service member who is on a special journey, a special
11:57 am
mission, to help those who have served our country. blurring the lines between work and personal life. what you ought to know if you use your own cell phone or computer for business. coming up, back stabbing, rumor starting workplace bullies. how local lawmakers are trying to protect workers. all the day's latest starting on news 4 at 4:00. >> we'll see you then. >> let's find out if you're going to need an umbrella this afternoon. tom. >> maybe tonight if you're going out but between now and then, enjoy one more day of dreamy november weather. right now, we're in the 60s. reagan national is at 67. may have another degree or two before we see the clouds thickening up. they're in the rain right now in the midwest. that's advancing towards us along a cold front that will move in later tonight. so maybe around late evening, 11:00, midnight or so, rain will move in from the west. during the morning rush hour, too, ending by midmorning tomorrow. then the sun back tomorrow af r
11:58 am
afternoon. and chilly through the rest of the week, into the weekend. that's the way it looks. see you tomorrow morning. >> all right, tom, thank you. >> tomorrow , a perfect day for another indoor wed. >> we continue wedding week tomorrow. >> thanks for joining us. more coming up tomorrow. >> be sure to join us tomorrow for the continuation of wedding week. we'll see you then. get out and enjoy this weather before it gets too cold. see you in the morning. [ male announcer ] this commercial is not about getting fios. it's about getting fios. that moment after you finally got it, that you actually get it. when you can see blades of artificial grass
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