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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  November 13, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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sign to say only idiots drive on the sidewalk? >> idiot might be a strong word. but you have to be an idiot to drive on the sidewalk in the first place. right now at 6:00, flirtacious e-mails. thousands of pages has a second general in hot water. caught up in the scandal. a teenager charged with killing a taxriver now connected to another murder. the former council chairman said he was stupid and wrong. today he learned his punishment. go evening. i'm doreen gentzler. >> some twists and turns involving former cia director petraeus. the current commander of u.s. forces in afghanistan, his name is john john allen, is now being investigated. he is accused of sending, or being involved with thousands of e-mails with jill kelley. she is the florida socialite who
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led the fbi to petraeus. steve handelsman is on capitol hill with more on this. >> thanks. good evening from capitol hill. coincidentally, general kelley is not in afghanistan tonight. he came here to washington for a hearing that was to be held tomorrow. it has been put off, day after tomorrow on, what allen still hope will be his promotion to a better job. instead, his reputation is being called into question. general john allen, u.s. commander in afghanistan, was on track to be nato commander until the disclosure that he is under investigation by the pentagon. jill kelley, a socialite in tampa and general allen allegedly exchanged e-mails and documents that were called inappropriate. allen insisted there was no affair. kelley's complaints that she was getting harassing e-mails led the fbi to paula broadwell and the affair between broadwell and general david petraeus. unlike petraeus who has admitted
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infidelity and resign as director of the cia, allen got a vote of confidence today from president obama. >> he has faith in general allen. he believes he is doing and has done an excellent job. >> reporter: the petraeus scandal has washington stunned. some are angry that the afghan war costing so many u.s. lives and dollars was hardly mentioned until this. >> now we've become obsessed with the sex life of the cia director and then the commander. it seem out of balance. >> reporter: some question the fbi's involvement. >> harassment letters between two women or any two people, involving a love triangle or whatever it was, should not rise to this level. >> reporter: others wonder why the federal probe was kept from congress and the white house. >> the fbi which knew about all of this months ago apparently told nobody about it.
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>> reporter: parts of the allen/kelley/broadwell case, one person so obsessed he sent kelley shirtless photos of himself and was pulled off the case. briefed not on the general allen case today but on the case of david petraeus, house leader nancy pelosi said the fbi had an obligation not to notify congress. to protect individual privacy unless and until national security was involved. live from the hill. steve handelsman, news4. on to another developing story. now the teenager arrested for the murder of a d.c. taxi driver is now connected to the murder of a waldorf woman. this is joshua mebane's mug shot. the husband and wife were both shot last month. shomari stone joins us with new information tonight. shomari? >> reporter: this was the break that charles county sheriff's investigators have waited two and a half weeks for.
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detectives say the 17-year-old joshua mebane killed teresa bass. the teen is also suspected in the fatal shooting of a d.c. cab driver last week. now, d.c. police got a tip in the cab driver murder case from someone claiming joshua mebane lamingly shot and killed her while she was walking her dog on a trail with her husband in the hampshire neighborhood october 26th. her husband was also shot multiple time and survived with serious injuries. mebane lives in the same neighborhood with his parents. crime scene investigators searched the home this weekend and found a gun that was alongly used to kill teresa bass. >> it was ballistically checked for prints in prince george's county and ballistically it was a positive match with the shell casings and the ballistic rounds located at the crime scene. >> reporter: the teen was one of two 17-year-olds arrested last week for allegedly killing the
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d.c. taxi cab driver. they say he acted alone in the waldorf murder. detectives are trying to determine a motive. they say that mebane has hired a lawyer and won't comment on this investigation. he is uncooperative. and charles county sheriff's investigators have charged him with first-degree murder. live here in la plata at the charles county sheriff's headquarters. i'm shomari stone. news4. >> thanks. the former d.c. council chair kwame brown has been sentenced to two years probation for lying on loan documents. that's only part of the punishment. >> reporter: jim, kwame brown faced only a misdemeanor here at superior court. but in federal court he was sentenced for a felony that cost him his job. brown was back at federal court tuesday to be formally sentenced. but not before he tearfully told
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judge richard leon, he had done wrong because of my own poor conduct. i am not a victim. it was stupid. i was wrong. brown's mother and wife left the court without comment. brown was detained to serve one day in custody. his sentence also includes two years supervised release. a form of probation. six months in home detention with electronic monitoring. a 10:00 p.m. curfew and 480 hours of community service. >> he has received a sentence from the court and the court expects that he will abide by the sentence. that means all of his material. if it means a curfew at 10:00, it mean be there at 10:00 so when they turn that electronic bracel lelet gizmo on, it will off. >> he was cooperating with prosecutors. the u.s. attorney for the district said in a statement that kwame brown squandered his
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bright political future and an opportunity to be a role model for the district's youthful his greed and ambition led him to forge documents and break the laws. last summer, kwame brown in the two chaotic hours resigned as d.c. council chairman and plead built they to felony bank fraud charges. he had forged home loan documents to buy a measure boat. even using his government office to fax the phony documents. so now two sitting d.c. councilmembers have been convicted and sentenced. the prosecutors say they are still investigating the campaign activities. at the courthouse, tom sherwood, news4. >> thank you. heavy rain and even sleet fell across our area this morning. then the sun came out. temperature are still 20 degrees colder. storm team 4 meteorologist doug kammerer is here on a pretty wild day. we've had a whole range of conditions. >> we really have.
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the biggest thing is that colder air. yesterday, 72. today, struggle to get to the upper 40s for most locations with a high of 50 degrees. here's the rain. you can see it making its way well out into the ocean. you mentioned the sheet. we saw that earlier this morning. take a look at these bands. the yellows, the oranges, the reds. that's where it was falling. it was coming down fairly heavily. you probably heard it on the roof of your car if you were your way in. those little ice pellet think making the way down from the sky. as a result of the colder air. now, 46 degrees in washington. 36 in hagerstown. 36 in pittsburgh. 31 in elkins. it will be a cold night tonight but that's not the only thing we're looking at. the man accused of attacking two women in their apartments was in court today. d.c. police captured 19-year-old demarco miles after he allegedly raped a howard university student and cut a woman. another woman more than 25 times
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and left her for dead. pat collins reports on today's developments inside the courtroom. >> reporter: police say he used a green bladed knife during an attack on a 24-year-old woman at the rhode island row apartments. then a week later at a howard university dorm, they say he used a special purple blade knife, attached to brass knuckles in an alleged sex assault of a 19-year-old student. today we learn more about jerome demarco miles, seen here on security camera video. miles, a suspect in two recent high profile assault cases. >> he asked me, do you want to die? and i said no. he was like, okay, because i don't have that much to live for. >> reporter: that's a woman we called valerie. we've agreed to conceal her identity. she was the first victim, stabbed more than 25 times as she says she tried to resist a sexual assault at her rhode island row home. >> i know he was just stabbing
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me everywhere. over and over again. >> reporter: one week later, at this howard university dorm, a student there says miles showed up in her room, exposed himself, and sexually assaulted her. in court, albert griffin. he is the detective working the case. he says during that incident at howard, miles wrote down his name and his phone number and gave it to the victim. that helped police track him down. with regard to the sexual assault charge at the howard university dorm, miles told detectives he thought that was consensual. with regard to the assault with intent to kill at the rhode island road apartments where the woman was stabbed more than 25 times, miles told detectives, he really didn't mean to harm her. jerome miles, held without bond pending further court action in this case. at superior court, pat collins,
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news4. janitors at walter reed medical center in bethesda protested this afternoon. the service employees international union says hundred of janitors haven't been paid for their work since last month. they filed a complaint against a company that contracts them to work at walter reed. they want the government to pay them directly. the janitors say they are reluctant to go on strike out of concern for the patients. next, students and teachers swimming schools at the district. why chancellor kaya henderson plans to close 20 schools. a man in texas apologizes as he threatens to kill a former president. and back to work with a major deadline approaching. plus, indicatie beat the best in the world.
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20 d.c. public schools are going to close, most by next school year. the plan was unveiled today. only wards 1 and 3 are not affected by that plan. most of the schools closing are in wards 5 and 7. chris gordon with the reason for all this.
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>> reporter: simply put, low enrollment. good evening. spingarn has turn out some famous grad watts and professional athletes like elgin baylor and dave bing. bing went on to become mayor of detroit. today's student athletes here will have to play for and graduate from another school. >> reporter: spingarn is the only d.c. high school scheduled to be closed. spingarn has become a northeast washington landmark. but now it is one of five schools on the chancellor's list of public school closures located in ward 5 which is represented by councilmember kenyon mcduffy. >> i'm going to be meeting with the community, as a matter of fact, i have a meeting that is schedule with ward 5 council of education where we'll give them an opportunity to weigh in. >> reporter: many of the d.c. public schools scheduled to close in the 2013/2014 school year are located east of the river. at smothers elementary, parents who pick you their young
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children were surprised by the news that this school which was recently renovated is scheduled to be closed. >> i'm shocked. my children have been going here for a while for two years and my daughter just started here. there was no notice this was the school that was going to close. >> it mean a lot. this is the closest school where we live at. she's got kids and friends and stuff there. so it means a lot to me. >> i believe it is a good school. if it is best for the community and best for the kids, the most important thing is they're getting their education. if they have to be transferred to another school, they have to go to a charter school, so be it. >> the ronald school was name after ron brown who died in a plane crash. his son is outgoing d.c. councilmember at large michael brown. >> we're a little disappointed. we hope that the name ronald h.
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brown is preserved somewhere else in the city in the future. that's a secondary issue. the main issue is to make sure we get our kids educated. have the proper facilities in place and make sure our school system can move forward. >> reporter: parents are concerned that this consolidation plan will lead to better student performance but not overcrowded classrooms. that's the latest. news4. a texas college student from saudi arabia will spend the rest of his life behind bars for trying to use a weapon of mass destruction. he was sentenced today in a federal courthouse in amarillo, texas. prosecutors say his goal was jihad. the chemical engineering major is accused of plotting to bomb power plants and the home of former president george w. bush. his attorneys argue, he never came close to carrying out the attacks. he does not have the possibility of parole.
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there are new concerns that the violence in syria is spilling across its borders. the syrian air force founded villages along the border with turkey today. the aerial plot began after they began to take control of the rebel towns. thousands of syrians are pouring across the bored entire turkey. and israel has carried out an air strike in syria for a second day because syrian mortars have been landing inside israeli territory. israel is also filing a complaint with the united nations. congress return to work today with a daunting agenda. they have seven weeks to reach a budget deal and avoid tax increases known as the fiscal cliff. danielle lee reports with more on the likelihood republicans and democrats will be able to reach a compromise. >> reporter: lawmaker rush to washington, welcoming the newly elected members of congress and promising they're ready for progress. >> we're going to work together to reignite the american dream. >> make no mistake.
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republicans are offering bipartisan solutions. now it is the president's turn. >> reporter: unless congress reaches a deal which so far has eluded them, the new year will bring about $600 billion in budget cuts. one of the steepest tax increases in 60 years. middle income families will pay b 2,000 more in tax a year. >> let's work on a package that will be just and good for this country. >> reporter: that's where lawmaker disagree. republicans want to extend tax cuts over the one. democrats including the president favor raising taxes on the wealthy. >> they will not sign a bill that extends the bush era tax cuts for americans. >> reporter: they haggle over what to cut. how to change the tax code and where to find savings. >> our biggest problems are spending on social security, on medicare. >> reporter: congress created this fiscal cliff last year. assuming it would force them to reach a compromise on an alternative deficit reduction plan. with just about seven weeks
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before the year is up, defense secretary leon panetta admits, he is worried what will happen if they don't reach a deal. >> if they just kick it down the road, it will tip to represent a cloud over the defense department. that's the last dam thing i need. >> it has congress looking for middle ground. nbc news. >> doug is here with more about our weather and more changes. >> this morning it was really nasty to get to work. lousy with a lot of people trying to get to work a little earlier this morning due to some traffic problems because of the weather. now we're looking at a little cool stretch, follows by yet another coastal storm that could develop. we're going to be watching this weather scenario play out all week long. and you know we'll keep you ahead of any storm that develop around our region. outside today, we saw a high temperature believe it or not of 65 degrees. you say, 65? we were not even close to that.
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well, the high recorded today at 12:32 this morning. and then the temperatures fell 22 degrees to get to 43. this was at 10:15. a very warm start at 12:00 at night and a very cool morning, down to 43 with the windchill in the upper 30s. the average high was 59. today will officially be a day above average. but the actual afternoon, well below average. 46 right now. winds out of the north northwest at 12 miles an hour. still gusting to 20 miles an hour. we do have a windchill sitting around 40 degrees. 39 in frederick, 39 in martinsburg. windchills here into the low 30s. it will be a cold night. we're talking about one of the coldest nights we've seen. radar pictures showing clear skies meaning no rain. we won't see any rain in the next few days. put away the umbrellas. you will not need them for at
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least three, four, five days out. our storm system came through the region earlier today. producing up to a half inch to an inch of rain and sleet. that also mixed in from time to time across portions of the i-95 corridor. that is now out of here and you can see high pressure settling in. and that means the cool, if not cold weather is settling in, too. it was rather breezy during the day today. tomorrow, we're going to stay cool. i think we'll see plenty of sunshine. especially early in the day. late in the afternoon, maybe a few mid to high level clouds and then more clouds on thursday and friday. so we're going to stay quite chilly right through the rest week. the temperature, five to ten degrees below average right through the day on friday and probably right on through the weekend. speaking of the week, we could see another coastal storm sunday through tuesday. next week a lot of people have off for thanksgiving. a lot of people will be traveling. this will start as rain on sunday and potentially move through monday and tuesday.
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with this storm, snow completely unlikely. the coldest air is way up into canada. i'm not too worried about snow for this. what i am worried about, possible tidal rises. there could be some delays on sunday, monday and tuesday. if you're trying to get out the i-95 corridor from washington, philadelphia toward new york, it could be problematic once again. we'll watch for this storm very carefully. it does not look like it will be too strong. we have to watch it very closely to just take a look at how strong it could be. breezy and chilly this evening. the temps continuing to fall. 37 to 44 degrees. tomorrow morning, wake up to some really chilly numbers. 26 in some of the coldest suburbs to 37 in the city. the coats will be needed. and complain the gloves and the hats, too. that's how cold it will be. we won't warm up all that much. the high tomorrow, only 45 to 50 degrees. temperatures about 10 degrees below average tomorrow. that is kind of like where we stay in the next four days. 51 on thursday. 55 on friday. saturday, 54 degrees. and then watching that coastal
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storm again on sunday, monday into tuesday. highs only in the 40s with rain. jim's favorite word in weather is -- >> you're talking about funky? >> funky? >> that will do. coming up, the man they're calling the east coast rapist had a surprise in court. >> also, a new way to track phone stolen from the u.s. and taken into mexico. >> and katie is back in the pool today. >> in sports, the nationals hoping to rack up more postseason honors. the terps have an impressive home debut. and speaking of debuts, a redskins
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the last time we saw her swimming, local teenager katie ladecki was winning a gold medal in the olympics. >> tonight she is back in the pool and competing against other teenagers in her first school meet since she made history. darcy spencer is in bethesda. she has reaction to the big return to the water. >> reporter: first let there be no doubt that she won in the competition. the meet is up behind me.
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i was able to talk to her a few minutes ago after her last competition. remember, she is just a sophomore here in high school. i talked to her about what it is like to be back in her home pool after getting the gold. indicatie back on home turf swimming in her first meet at her high school in bethesda for the first time since winning the gold. not surprising, she outdistanced the competition in the 200 yard individual medley. the crowd here is nothing compared to the thousands who packed the game in london but the familiar faces are reassuring to a swimmer who made a name for herself and her school last summer. >> it is good to be here with my teammates. my friends and supporters. it is a great feeling and a lot of fun. >> reporter: her coach bob walker said her star swimmer makes his job easy. >> i think it is the easiest job in the world when you have an extraordinary swimmer. it is an easy way to put a lineup together.
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an easy way to fill in. >> reporter: she hemmed promote a coat drive at the school through catholic charities. students say they're proud to call katie one of their own. a model for other athletes and students. >> a lot of people didn't know what my school was. now they know oh, that's where katie goes. so it was good to get the recognition. >> reporter: i asked katie about the future. she said obviously, she is a student. she is going to continue studying and training year round. i asked, will she make another goal to go to the olympics and she said she is sure hoping to. darcy spencer, news4. >> thanks. marine corps general johnalen has been named in the scandal that ended the cia career of david petraeus. allen is under investigation for communications with a woman who launched the fbi investigation that uncovered the petraeus
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affair. there are allegations that some of the correspondence may have been inappropriate. the defense official told nbc news that allen is innocent and will be exonerated. a 17-year-old accused of killing a d.c. cab driver is now charged with the murder of a waldorf woman. joshua mebane was arrested for the murder of teresa bass last month. investigators say ballistics from a gun at the house matched shell cases found on the trail where bass was murdered. the former d.c. council chairman kwame brown sentenced to two years of probation, and communicate service. brown admitted to lying on loan documents and stemmed down as part of a plea deal in june. he was suspended for 30 days, also received, that is, a suspended 30 days sentence for a campaign finance charge. so he will not have to spend any time in jail if he sticks to his probation term. >> reporter: the man known as the east coast rapist was
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supposed to enter a plea in court today. but in a prince william county courtroom, aaron thomas expressed hesitation. julie carey explains what happened next. >> reporter: aaron thomas entered the courtroom with his hands and feet shackled, expected to plead guilty to rape and abduction for the halloween 2009 attack on three prince william county teenagers. when the judge asked for his plea, thomas paused. when she asked again, he applied, i don't know which way is right or which way is wrong. after a recess, his attorneys announced the plea was off. the commonwealth attorney said he'll now plan to go ahead with the trial. >> i'm not surprised that he did not plead guilty because he's been erratic in his behavior from the start. noon, we're ready to go forward. >> reporter: dubbed the east coast rapist, aaron thomas has been tied to 17 attacks over more than a decade with victim in virginia, maryland, and all the way to connecticut where he
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was arrested in march of last year. the sanity of aaron thomas has been in question after since he was brought to the detention center. these court documents reveal some of the troubling thing he was doing in his jail cell. thomas repeatedly cut his wrists and smeared blood on the walls of his cell. at time he claimed he had an alternate personality. the prosecution's menlt health expert found he was feigning or great exaggerating siltymptoms. last month she said sanity would not be raised as an issue. in a report published sunday, the accused acknowledged he was the east coast rapist saying i don't think i'm crazy but something is wrong with me. now with the plea withdrawn, the prosecutor has to prepare three young victims for trial. two of whom are now in college. >> i was hopeful we would be
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able to have a disposition without having the victims in the case and making them relive what happened in happen wean 2009. >> reporter: the trial is set. news4. nbc fire and ems department is going ahead with the plan to cut the number of ambulances available late at night. the department wants more ambulances available during the day when they say they get more call. none of the advanced life saving ambulances would be available from 1:00 a.m. to 7:00 a.m. although 39 basic transport units would be on the streets. the chief says that als supervisors would be able to go out with those ambulances. >> do you feel like the unit we have available that we do have on site and we'll have on clock may be enough. and again, we'll look at this. we're going on evaluate it once we launch this program. >> reporter: talks are continuing with union
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representative who's have raised concerns about the move. the d.c. council must approve any changes before they can take effect. >> the ribbon cutting for the beltway express lanes was today. the $2 billion project officially opens this saturday. you can pay a toll which promise as quicker commute or you can start a car pool with three or more people and ride in the lane for free. the ride is an all electronic toll road so there are no toll booths. the toll is tacked on to an e-z pass. the new e-z pass flex is able to recognize car pool. >> the first day of the murder trial of a student at bowie state college revealed graphic details about exactly what happened in the dormitories one night last fall. tracee wilkins spent the day in court as the defense tried to pain its client as a victim of bullying. >> reporter: today in court in upper marlboro, was revealed the defendant was afraid of her roommate. the defense says she tried to
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get another roommate. but her request was denied. in opening statements, the attorney for the defense said simpson told management they are threatening me and i'm afraid they're going to jump me. i just want to change rooms. that request was denied. a week later, her roommate dominique frazier was stabbed to death inside their dorm and now simpson stands accused of killing her. frazier died after knife wounds cut her trachea, jugular and knicked her vertebrae according to the state's opening arguments. the state called several witnesses including the best friend who saw the stabbing. during cross-examination of tucker, was revealed the frazier had a knife in her dorm and grabbed to it use on simpson. but a friend convinced her to put it away. that was before simpson appeared with her own knife. the defense is working to paint frazier as a bully who tormented her roommate with verbal and physical abuse until she lost it on september 15. some family members and friends left the courtroom as frazier's
6:36 pm
death were reveal. >> it hurts to have to relive this all over again. >> reporter: it was testified that after the stak frazier stumbled to the hallway. alexis was there with her hand on her shoulder and kept saying no, no, no. i didn't mean it. someone came down the hallway and i said, call 911. warren then said, alexis left and came back with a bag in her hands and said, you jumped me, you jumped me. warren said, no one jumped you. she said you don't know what i've been through. the state says simpson then fled scene with the weapon. she turned herself into police later that night. the weapon was never recovered. testimony is expected to continue tomorrow. this trial could run through thursday. because alexis simpson is up on on bond, she did go home this evening with her mother. if convicted, she is looking at facing a minimum sentence of 30 years or a maximum of life in prison without the possibility of parole. in upper marlboro, i'm tracee
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wilkins. news4. coming up next, stolen cell phones are a growing problem but now there is a new program that could help get them back. 35 in leesburg, 33 in gaithersburg. it will be a chilly night
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an agreement signed today
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between the u.s. and mexico ames at making stolen cell phones as profitable to a criminal as an empty wallet. as jackie bensen reports, d.c.'s police chief played quite a pivotal role in it. >> i realized we need help. i could not get the help without administration phone call to the chairman and pledly the chairman took action. >> reporter: the resolution signed in a formal ceremony at federal communications headquarters in southwest washington calls for both u.s. and mexico an cell service providers to refuse to activate any stolen cell phones. d.c. police chief kathy lanier who was invited to speak said the effort could prevent bloodshed. >> i represent really the victims who i have many names and faces in my mind when we talk about this, who have either lost their life or had their life significantly changed because of a senseless act of violence for somebody who wanted to take a phone. >> reporter: chief lanier said crime involving the theft of
6:41 pm
cell phone, smart phone and other portable electronic devices has increased 54% since 2007. after hundreds of arrests failed to make a dent, the focus turned to taking away the profit fcc chairman julius janikowski noticed two weeks ago, the u.s. cell phone carriers banded together to track stolen devices and prevent them from being react vatd. >> as a result of the agreement we're announcing today, when a cell phone is stolen in the u.s., not only can it be deactivated from use on any network in the u.s., it won't be able to be activated in mexico either. >> reporter: chief lanier pointed out that this agreement becomes especially important heading into the holiday season when so many people receive new smartphones. what are we working on? >> we're hoping that the redskins get a little help for
6:42 pm
their beleaguered secondary. and it could happen. davey johnson of the nationals hoping for another award. plus, the maryland basketball team stems up
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. hello, everybody. chilly afternoon turned into a chilly evening. that wind bites through you. the windchills into the lower 30s in parts of the reason including gaithersburg with the actual temperature of 37 degrees. 38 now in warrenton and 37 degrees over toward the huntingtown area. it is only 6:45. we'll be quite cold by tomorrow morning. the radar picture showing no rain out there. we won't see any rain over the next couple days. you can put the umbrellas back in the closet but keep the coats out. 28 tomorrow morning in martinsburg. 27 in winchester. la plata at 33 degrees and 33 over toward cambridge. inside the district, inside the beltway, around 37 degrees. tomorrow afternoon, a little bit breezy. 10 to 15 miles an hour. not as breezy as it was today.
6:46 pm
high temperature, a little cooler. only 47 in gaithersburg. 49 in d.c. 49 in culpepper and 47 out toward martinsburg. we are talking about temperatures tomorrow that will be about 10 degrees below average. it will be quite chilly tomorrow and you can speck that trend to continue right on into the weekend. once again we're talking about a possible coastal storm. that seven-day forecast coming up for you in a couple minutes. thanks. well, they did not get to the nlcs. but they sure are getting respect, aren't they? >> it is amazing howl post season awards these guys have garnered and it is really fun to see. the future is bright. davey johnson coming back for one more year as the nationals manager. he is not only the oldest manager at 69 years old. he is now reigning national league manager of the year. he won it just a few moments ago. he led the nationals to the best record in banl and a trip to the
6:47 pm
postseason but he didn't do it alone. >> this award is really nice. i look more to the organizational award. the family has done a great job. rizzo and staff. they did an outstanding -- great drafts. young players really step in. key players got hurt like werth, michael morris. my catcher went down. we had a lot of young catchers come up and everybody really produced. it was just a remarkable year. >> obviously, a great evaluator of talent. and he has said that bryce harper might be his favorite player of all time. harper also got some hardware recently. the kid won the national league rookie of the year award last night. he bats .270 with 22 home runs and he did it all while just 19 years old. the second youngest winner of the nl rookie of the year award. one month older than dwight gooden. interestingly enough, the crew from mlb network asked
6:48 pm
davey johnson if he wanted to guarantee a world series win. rerk he said during spring training, you can fire me if we don't go to the postseason. he said, sure, i'll guarantee it. it is my last year's manager any way. you can fire me or not. talking football. you know what the 3-4 defense, one of the most important places is safety. the redskins could be getting a two-time pro bowler back this weekend. brandon merry weather. he is hoping the play against the eagles on sun. he was expected to bolster a secondary that has been lacking for quite some time but he got hurt in chicago during the preseason. then when he was ready to come back, you remember this. merriewether collided during the pregame warm-ups in tampa and reinjured his knee. how that brandon is feeling good and he is anxious to play in his first regular season game with the skins. >> what has it been like for to
6:49 pm
you watch this? >> it is hard for me to watch, per. not just because we're struggling. they're the best in the nation, in the league. just, it will be hard to sit down and watch the team. >> when do you think you'll know about playing sunday? >> sun, what time the game is? sunday, about 12:50. >> you don't think you'll have a better sense before that in. >> no. about 12:50. when everybody is running out of tunnel. that's when i know and that's when you know. i got you all. as a matter of fact, as a matter of fact i might make my own headline come one that and sit with you and watch. >> ready to go. monday night football. steelers going for their fourth straight win hosting the chiefs. second quarter, first in goal. check out this catch. this is unreal. mike wallace in the corner of the ends. watch the replay re
6:50 pm
you've seen all season? man, give him six. third quarter, big problem for the steelers. ben roethlisberger goes down and he is down for the down. he has a sprained right shoulder. they go on to win 13-16. they host their rival baltimore. byron leftwich at quarterback. he hasn't made an nfl start since 2009. down a level. maryland football coach randy edsal knows his team needs this. they don't need perfection, they need a miracle. it is one reason he's been pleading for fans to come out and support his team which has suffered through some of the worst luck in college football when it come to injuries. >> i would love to see the place
6:51 pm
filled this week. to pay the respects to these seniors most especially. and also, to this team for how they're battling. these kids are giving everything they have to try to make this, make the program better and get wins and to represent this institution in the best way possible on and off the field. >> go out there and check them out. they have had a lot of bad luck. how many team have had five quarterbacks. >> knob? the maryland football team is struggling. the basketball team primed to be one of the biggest surprises in the country this season. the terps played their home opener last night. transferred as well from the guys hosting moore head state. first half, the terps up by seven. nick come one the loose ball. just tosses it up there for dez wells. he is one of the best dunkers in all the land. that was okay. we'll see better than that for
6:52 pm
sure. how about the freshman? shaquille clear? a shot blocking extraordinary. do not come in his house. the terps win 67-45. mark turgeon no doubt pleased with the effort. one final note on brannon merriewether. i covered him in college when he was in miami. give me one of my favorite sports quotes. i was asking almost how big the game was coming up against miami and florida state. he said this is a two blimper. what do you mean? he said it's so big you need two blimps to cover it. >> a two blimper. >> we could use that in a lot of ways. >> before we go, buck showalter, he loses. >> thank
6:53 pm
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one more check on our weather. i'm not sure we want to hear this. >> get out the coats. thursday, more clouds come in. not too bad. the temperature only around 51 though. 55 on friday. you might not want to hear about the weekend. yeah. 54, not bad on saturday. sunday, watch a coastal storm which could develop. could bring a lot of rain to our area once again. maybe even some wind and of course, the redskins at home this sunday. let's hope that doesn't take effect. monday and tuesday also could be a little bit on the stormy side. we're hoping that this thing stays a little bit farther out to sea. this could be another scenario, you have the del marva, the jersey shore and places that could see some possible nor'easter effects. we just got done with that and then sandy two, two and a half weeks ago. so hopefully not another coastal storm. just erase the words right off the seven-day forecast. >> there's still time.
6:57 pm
>> thank you. the new york marathon was postponed, called off by that super storm called sandy. the 86th annual macy's day parade will kick off as scheduled. today about 500 kids who have been affected by the storm were treated to a preview of the parade. they were invited inside macy's parade float studio which is over new jersey. the kids got to see how the floats evolved from sketches to models to a finished product that can stand 45 feet tall and 35 feet wide. there will be six new floatsthi. including a gibson guitar float called "music is our life." there is also one that honors pepperridge farm goldfish. macy's keeping the new floats
6:58 pm
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