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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  November 18, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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and now from washington's leading news station, this is news4 at 6:00. >> the redskins are back and fans are celebrating tonight after the team's big win over the philadelphia eagles. good evening, everyone. i'm jim rosenfield. we're starting with the redskins, you know what that means. they came back from their bye week in full force today with rg3 leading the charge with some impressive stats. dan hellie is live at fedexfield with a recap and fans are relieved tonight, dan. >> i'd say relieved is a pretty good way to describe the feeling, maybe a little elation along the way because the redskins did something today they don't do very often. they dominated this game from start to finish.
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31-6 winners over their division foes, the philadelphia eagles. the eagles have now lost six games in a row. this probably seals andy reid's fate in philadelphia, and the win keeps the redskins relevant, at least for another couple weeks, especially for next week's thanksgiving day game in dallas. let's take a look at how things went down. robert griffin iii had another record-setting day. a salute to the military personnel at fedexfield. rg3, of course, from a military family. the eagles starting with the ball. quarterback nick foles making his first nfl start. oh-oh this, isn't what he was hoping for. picked off by deangelo hall. hall returns this thing 26 yards and that sets up a young touchdown. the skins' defense with two picks and a fumble recovery to go with four sax. the second quarter, griffin fakes the in route. he's going deep to aldrick robinson. the skins are looking good, up 17-3 at halftime.
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third quarter, more rg3. this time he's airing it ought to santana moss. talk about faith in your receiver. double coverage and moss comes through. little long in the tooth, uh-uh. moss is still getting it done. 61-yard touchdown. griffin woof griffin would add another touchdown pass. 31-6 was the final. >> despite the score, it was still a fight out there. we just were able to make the big plays when it counted and as a team this is big for us. we all knew it. it's not time to panic, but it is time to bunker down and make sure you put your best food foort every time you step on the field. the way we played physically, offense and defense, i thought it was extremely impressive. >> rg3 completed 93% of his passes. 14 of 15. the second best game according to completion percentage by any
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nfl quarterback this season. guys, coming up, we'll have a lot more from here at fedexfield, including the head coach who is one happy camper today. >> i saw you tweeting that photo with rg3 coming up on redskins final tonight, and i know it wasn't a self shelf because your arms are folded. >> and i love one sports writer saying andy reid, unemployed coach walking. >> it's dangerous. >> very. we'll see you later. thanks, dan. for redskins fans the win gave them reason to keep hope alive for a playoff berth. we caught up with some fans after the game. they called rg3 amazing and said even if this year doesn't pan out, the future is bright. >> and i think rg3 looked great, and i feel optimistic. >> okay. >> i'm an optimistic person. >> is there a super bowl in the redskins future? >> five years. >> next up for the redskins, the
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dallas cowboys. they are playing on thanksgiving. to the other news now. four people killed in an accident in anne arundel county. this happened after 1:30. chopper 4 was over the scene this afternoon. police say two cars collided with each other. this is near the intersection of freeman shores road. each car had two people inside. one of them was a young child. right now it is not clear at all what caused this crash. to the weather now. another nice day today. chuck bell says more clouds may be on the way, right, chuck? >> yeah, jim. we saw the sun sort of fade out behind that increasing cloud deck during the course of the afternoon. didn't bother anybody's outdoor plans, so that's a good thing, but the cloud increasing trend, i think that's going to continue. temperatures on your sunday evening right now generally in the upper 40s to near 50 degrees still, not all that terribly chilly outside. as you plan your sunday evening activities, high clouds for now,
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a bit of a cool breeze still lingering and temperatures won't drop quite as quickly because of the extra cloud cover that's out there. so not a bad sunday evening at all. perfect night to buckle down and watch some nfl football. sunday night football right here on nbc. ravens and steelers, clear and chilly up in pittsburgh. we'll have a complete check of our seven-day forecast coming up. >> chuck, see you in a little bit. overseas now, top israeli and palestinian officials are in cairo tonight to talk about a cease-fire that would end five days of fighting there. israeli missiles have begun targeting the homes of islamic militants. one of those killed, missiles killed at least 12 civilians. in bangkok president obama said it was palestinian rocket fire that started this conflict and israel has a right to defend itself. >> so flt we'if we're serious a wanting to resolve this situation and create a genuine peace process, it starts with no more missiles being fired into
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israel's territory. >> the president cautioned against sending israeli troops into gaza because it could lead to more casualties. stephanie gosk has the latest on those killed and wounded today. >> reporter: with many here in israel and in gaza hoping that a cease-fire might take hold, there was no indication on the ground today that that was the case. there were back and forth exchanges of attacks from both sides. the deadliest in gaza. israeli forces hadity a residential building killing at least 12 people, many of them from the same family. gaza returned fire to israel today. over 100 rockets lobbed toward this country. there were four people injured in the south and there were two attacks aimed here at tel aviv but intercepted by the iron dome missile defense system that the israelis have been using with a lot of success over the last five days. they say that they've intercepted about a third of the rockets that have headed this way.
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today prime minister netanyahu said as long as the roberts are flying, there will not be a cease-fire agreement, but his foreign minister turned around and said that israel is open to any kind of cease-fire options. finally, his defense minister said that he sees a possibility of a broader, more aggressive conflict. conflicting messages here and the hope on the ground that a cease-fire takes place before ground forces go into gaza. stephanie gosk, nbc news, tel aviv. >> here at home police confiscated four weapons, including an ak-47, from a man's home in gaithersburg today. they got a cowl for shots fired in the area of washington grove lane this morning. neighbors say a man came outside and fired several rounds into the air before going back into his home. when police got there, neighbors identified the man's house. they went inside. investigators say they found several guns. neighbors say it was terrifying. >> he just pulled out a rifle and just started shooting. i was so scared, i just told my
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kids and my friend's kids to just run in the house. all he had to do was turn towards me and shoot me. i was terrified. >> right now police say all the guns appear to be legal. but the man could face reckless endangerment charges. right now he's not been charged with any crime. vandals target two speed cameras in silver spring. those cameras were found on the ground on 16th street. derek ward spoke to residents who say the cameras are lifesavers. >> reporter: they are the closest things in reality to a robo cop, but these eyes don't need coffee to stay alert. but they are vulnerable to gravity. at least after someone appears to have helped them along. these two speed cameras on opposite sides of 16th street fell victim to vandals sometime between saturday evening sunday. they may not have liked them but those who have to cross these street believe these cameras literally are life savers. >> i'm not the only one because there's another set of buildings
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down there and there aren't really any close crosswalks. >> reporter: by midmorning the cameras were being put back into place and operation. there's actually another one not too far away that continued to catch speeders while the other two were down. now, this is a good place arguably for a speed camera. lots of reasons for people to cross this busy stretch of 16th street. the bus stop for one. and this man's son has to catch his school bus here as well. >> we are always standing out there until the bus arrives and, yeah, even with a school bus there, with a sign flashing, people speed right past it. >> reporter: some others we spoke to say that people caught by surprise by the speed cameras often slow down quickly, nearly causing rear-end collisions. >> there seem to be a learning curve at first. >> reporter: and the lessons continue. in silver spring, derek ward, news4. new developments on the cleanup from hurricane sandy. in addition to demolishing some homes, why gas lines may continue for many in new york city. also, hundreds attend a vigil for four veterans killed
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in a tragic train accident in texas.
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that's the power of german engineering. get $0 down, $0 due at signing, $0 deposit, and $0 first month's payment on any new volkswagen. visit today. hundreds of homes in the new york city area damaged by hurricane sandy will be demolished soon, and debris from hundreds more already destroyed by the storm will be cleared away. mayor michael bloomberg announced today that gas rationing will continue through thanksgiving until this friday.
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meanwhile, medical teams are going door to door to make sure people get the care they need. hundreds gather in midland, texas, tonight to mourn four veterans killed in a train accident. a parade float carrying iraq and afghanistan veterans and their spouses were hit at a railroad crossing. more than a dozen others were injured. the national transportation safety board continues to investigate. black friday still five days away now, but some shoppers are already camping outside stores. lines already forming outside this best buy in tampa today to score some of those black friday deals. at the best buy in potomac yard today we found some people who say they are willing to pay a little more money to avoid the crowds. >> absolutely not. >> why not? >> that's why i came today so i wouldn't have to worry about big long lines and people camping
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out. >> you will take the slightly higher price for the tradeoff of not waiting in line? >> absolutely. >> local best buy stores say they will have extra security and police barricades set up this friday to deal with large crowds. 1,000 new spots open for new york city marathoners. where they got a second chance to hit the pavement. pretty nice day today. chuck bell will tell us if it ci've been taking a multivitamin for years. centrum silver.
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more than 30,000 runners competed in today's philadelphia marathon. 1,500 of them hoping to take part in the new york city marathon got a second chance to run today. that marathon was canceled last minute because of hurricane sandy aftermath. today's winning time 2 hours, 17 minutes, 47 seconds. chuck is kind of going wow. >> i don't know that i could drive it that fast. >> no? >> that's sub-five minute mile time. we can all hope. good day for running today. perfect weather, philadelphia, whether you did your afternoon jog in the nation's capital, good day today outside. bike riding for some. a lot less impact on your knees. a much smarter decision. today the clouds did start moving in as advertised, but these are not rain-making clouds, so that didn't matter too awfully much. a live picture on the white house ensconced safely on 1600 pennsylvania avenue in northwest
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washington. the high clouds continue to stream in and increase. naer not going to bring us anything in the way of rain chances anytime too soon. no worries at all. still 49 degrees at national airport. because of the extra veil of cloud cover, temperatures won't be falling as quickly tonight. a northeast breeze averaging nine miles an hour. a hint of a chill out tonight. temperatur temperatures, you're dew point is up in the upper 30s. that will limit our overnight low temperatures. monday planner, not as cold first thing tomorrow morning. most everybody was in the 30s to near 40 this morning. tomorrow morning upper 30s and low 40s, but again with a lot more cloud cover tomorrow than we saw today. temperatures will be limited once again only into the low 50s and still cloudy but no rain on the forecast. there are rain showers on the carolina coast line and some of the rain drops making their way into far southeastern virginia. you folks in extreme southern st. mary's county and the lower
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tip of the delmarva could get a random rain drop or two. that's welcome news for now. this high pressure area holding tough. it's going to continue to do so, and since it will, it's holding that storm center down to our south, and that is going to keep the rain drops away from us. now, with time that area of low pressure sort of wanders around, that constant onshore flow means the clouds we see not going to budge too much. the further west you go, you might get a peek or two of sunshine but on the whole monday and also tuesday filled with cloud cover. good news is as that area of high pressure and low pressure move further away, a little warming trend coming our way. a chilly pattern for now. a little bubble of warm air coming our way just in time for travel day, wednesday, and thanksgiving day on thursday. so overnight cloudy skies, cool, but not cold. overnight lows upper 30s and low 40s. tomorrow more clouds than sunshine for sure. again, the further north and west you live or travel, a little bit more sunshine for
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you. the all-important seven-day forecast, yes, indeed, 50s and cloudy and chilly the next few days but the sunshine begins to return on wednesday. we get back into the upper 50s. thanksgiving look good, sunshine and 60 degrees. for everybody planning to be out predawn friday morning for black friday shopping, temperatures mostly in the high 30s and 40s. no arctic chill. the chill down comes into next weekend. >> bring hot coffee or hot chocolate. coming up in sports, happy locker room after a big win against philly. much more on the big day for rg3 and the redskins up next.
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all right. so now we can think and talk about dallas coming up on thanksgiving. >> official lly dallas week. finally a demoralizing game for the other guys, right? the redskins crushed the eagles today keeping their faint playoff hopes allivalive. rg3 was dazzling. he said he was ready for a fight. boy, was he ever. eagles rookie qb nick foles is making his first nfl start in place of the concussed michael vick. third play of the game we pick it up, foles' pass is tipped by deangelo hall. he's intercepted. d. hall's third interception of the season. and the redskins are in business. two plays later the offense cashes in. griffin hits fullback darrel
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young. that td pass moves rg3 into third place for passes completed by a eagles rookie qb. bad news, later meriwether sprained his right knee in the third arter. we do not have an update until tomorrow. skins up 7-3. griffin fakes the end route. he's going deep for aldrick robinson. 49-yard touchdown, second of the season. redskins would lead 17-3 at the half. third quarter, how about some deep ball from grif yn. throwing it to high and far it leaves the screen, and it comes down to santana moss. what a catch. the grab in between two guys, refuses to go down until the end zone. 61 yards. flag was on the eagles. fans are amazed.
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the redskins 31-6. largest margin of victory the home crowd has seen in a while. for more on this blowout win, we will head back out live to fedexfield. dan hellie standing by. a career day for rg3 while the skins own rookie curse is finally broken. >> reporter: yeah. the redskins beat a rookie quarterback for the first time in nine games. robert griffin iii was nearly perfect, 14 of 15, a completion percentage of 93%. his quarterback rating through the roof, almost perfect. this is one of the games you want to bottle up and uncork every sunday. coaches and players loving this afterwards. >> this is a tough profession. everything is not going to be perfect and we lost some tough games, some games we should have won, a number of games where we were ahead in the fourth quarter. you don't get it done so you find out what type of character you have and the toughness of your football game. it was a game we had to have, we
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knew that. our players went out and fought for a full 60 minutes and came up with a bunch of plays and obviously the difference in the game. >> we knew from watching this team we had to jump out on them. you couldn't have wrote a better story than the way we jumped out on this team from the start. so, you know, our problem is trying to go out there and finish. i definitely feel like we were able to accomplish what we wanted. >> you take it one game at a time, but truly -- >> are you really giving me the one game at a time. >> our back was against the wall and we knew that. you have to have your best foot forward every time. we can't afford to have mistakes, and the way the guys took that message and brought it into the game to me was special because no one played like they were scared to lose. we all played like we had nothing to lose and that's the way we have to play. >> does momentum carry over? does it carry over to thursday in football four days later? >> i think it does. momentum always carries over and what you try to do after losses is not let that bad momentum carry over. so we'll take this, not be happy or satisfied, go on to thanksgiving and hopefully be able to have a great thanksgiving. >> reporter: going down to dallas about two hours away from
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robert griffin iii's hometown says he will swing by home at least for a little while hopefully before the game. the redskins are relevant. that's the most important thing right now. they're going down to dallas, and if they beat the cowboys, both will have a 5-5 record. good for second place in the division. things are interesting now, jim. and carol. >> thank you. things definitely are. the cowboys won today so they're doing their part. both teams look inspired. thank you, dan hellie. another big time event for a major sports team in our area. it's game two of the conference finals for d.c. united. the houston dynamo come in with a two-goal cushion. united needed to win by three goals just to advance. the black and red fans, they packed into rfk. back in the lineup after the red card. pick it up, 33rd minute. oh, no, houston on the attack working the ball around. brad davis gets ahold of it. he's going to take it to the end
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line. look at this pass to oscar garcia. he buries it home for the score. that's a killer. houston goes up 1-0. d.c. united will tie it but it ends in a draw, not enough with the aggregate goal series and the season comes to an end. they certainly played their hearts out. congrats to ben olson and the guys. what a season. >> thank you, carol. that's the news for now. "nightly news" is coming up next. of course, we'll be back tonight after the game. in the meantime, have a great night, everybody.
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