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tv   News4 at 4  WRC  December 17, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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taken from their families too soon. good afternoon i'm pat lawson muse. >> i'm jim handly. it's a somber monday. the families of 6-year-old jack pinto and noah pozner laid them to rest. the investigation picks up steam today. police are trying to salvage damaged computer drives as they try to figure out the motive behind the rampage. >> as authorities try to piece together the damaged hard drive, they say the process will be lengthy and the school itself could become a crime scene for months. nbc's jay gray has the latest from newtown. >> reporter: good evening, pat and jim. every day seems to bring more difficult tasks. today this grieves community greatered for what may be the
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toughest, the first two of 26 emotional good-byes. four days ago is when the unthinkable happened here. now this heartbroken community begins a seemingly unbearable task. today the first two of 20 young children were laid to rest. 6-year-old noah pozner described as larger than life, and a family that includes a twin sister who escaped the gunfire. jack pinto was a determined athlete and avid sports fan, a love that helped to shape this card given to friends at hits funeral. as the painful work of burying begins, the meticulous investigation continues. >> the answers are for the poor victims, the families, the people of connecticut, that need to know and see a clear picture to exactly what happened here. >> reporter: police say sandy hook elementary will remain a locked-down crime scene for months. today crews pulled furniture from the unaffected classroom
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moving it to a school in a neighboring town, though it's still not clear when it might be used. >> they'll be excused, of course, until further notice and they're developing plans on how best to handle that. >> reporter: investigators are still gathering what they call significant evidence. they will not discuss specifically what have been seized, but there are reports that the home computer may not reveal much. apparently it was smashed before the killing spree. >> it's going to take some time to do that. >> reporter: and it will take some time to interview the more than 100 witnesses, including at some point the children who survived the attack. >> a very, very tender tender issue. i can tell you any interviews with any children will be done with professionals, with parents, and with investigators. >> reporter: one that can only come after the heart-wrenching process for these kids and this community, a saying one final
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good-bye. an emotional struggle they will be forced to endure and repeat 26 times here. in newtown connecticut jay gray, news4. the tragedy has prompted school systems all across the country to increase security. news4's tony tull has more on what the systems are doing to reassure parents and students that schools are a safe play to be. >> announcer: at this time we will have a moment of silence in honestor of our students in connecticut. >> reporter: three days after the tragic events, schools in our region prepared to go in session. here in prince george's county, police and security officers showed an increased presence, a presence that officials hope will bring normalcy back to a rattled school system. >> it's very important that we have some age-appropriate discussions as the students bring their concerns forward, so that we can return to a sense of
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you see normal operations as quickly as we can. >> reporter: them to assure that students faculty and parents feel safe at the school. >> there have been no threats at the school in this area or region that we are aware of. so for a parent bringing a child to school i think will be like any other day. >> angela wiggins says she has talked to her 10-year-old. >> i wanted him to have a good day, be safe of course, and he was kind of concerned when he saw the police officers, but he wanted to come to school in support of the students. >> reporter: we dealt with a tragedy at columbine, and since that day police have trained in an active shooter investigation. they prepared. >> we have taken a three-prong approach which involves the training and education of our officers, coordination and collaboration with the schools, as well as prevention techniques.
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>> reporter: alongside the increased police presence, schools have brought in additional services in an effort to ease the transition of what will be a tough day for many. >> the teachers and fab kilt, guidance counselors and principals will be looking out for any behavior that indicates the students may be having some did ity. and stay with news4. coming up in just a few minutes, the entertainment world's emotional responsibility to the massacre, and at 4:30, what you can talk to your children about to help them understand and cope. 14 days to go until the nation hits the so-called fiscal cliff. president obama and speaker boehner met today for 45 whins. when boehner returned to capitol hill, the republican leader ignored reporters' questions. over the weekend he reportedly offered to increase tax rates on americans making more than a million a year. president obama wants the cutoff to be $200,000 a year for individuals.
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tax rates go up for everyone in the new year unless they can reach a deal. taking a live look outside, it's been a cloudy, gray, gloomy day. >> are we all done with the rain? let's head to chuck bell for the answer. >> hey, good afternoon to you. you're right, jim, it's been downright murky and gloomy outside. the fog has thickened once against across the metropolitan area. that will be the case for the remainder of your monday afternoon and evening. it's not terribly cold outside. temperatures in the upper 40s to around 50, but that fog has gotten real thick. visibility is six miles at national airport, but only half mile visuals in gaithersburg and eighth of an mile at the inner harbor. rain chances will be increasing, gradually work their way over the blue ridge and into the metro area. so your monday even planner, clouds, maybe a few sprinkles,
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steadier showers and rain chances coming in this evening, but it will stay mild. to talk about any possibility of a cool jowl later in the week, we'll talk about that in a few. the redskins got it down without rg3 in cleveland yesterday. so now the question becomes whether he'll be healthy enough to play next sunday against the philadelphia eagles. dan hellie joins us from redskins park with a look at the playoff outlook with or without their star quarterback. >> handley, by how i'm sure you know the numbers. redskins in a three-way tie atop the nfc east, but virile tour of a tiebreaker, if the season ended today, the redskins would be mosting a playoff game. mike shanahan's press conference wrapped up a few minutes ago and i asked him if he isn't 100% healthy would you be more likely to play kirk cousins based on his performance against the browns. shanahan said absolutely not.
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once robert is healthy, robert will be back on the field. kirk ussens in any irs nfl start by the season, threw for 329 yards. griffin has not done that all season long. he has thrown for over 300, but not quite p 29. a great performance by the backup quarterback, but a good performance by a lot of people. alfred morris continues to pick up tough chunk of yardage now over 1300 yards for the season. the redskins sit at 8-6 going into next sunday's game against the eagles. so the biggest question now, how healthy will robert griffin iii be next week. we won't know until wednesday. at 5:00 and 6:00, the cooley report from the cooley gallery. we're bringing the holiday spirit to you via pottery. see you then. >> all right. today linebacker london fletcher calling his trip to cleveland disappointing, as police arrested a group of his
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relatives. youtube shows a group of people who appear to be fletcher's family inside the stadium fighting. we should point out here we cannot independently identify them. flesher appeared on the envelope network this morning saying police arrested four relatives, but he blames game security for the incident. >> from the moment they got out of their car you know, they were harassed by browns fans, things like that, all the way into the stadium. the situation that led to the, you know, people being arrested was stadium security, you know, one of the stadium security guys, assaulted one of my family members. so, you know d. instead of defusing the situation, he escalated the situation. >> a team spokesperson told espn the browns are investigating the incident. how far would you go to stop a drunk driver? coming up next on news4 at 4:00 we have a hidden camera experiment. would they take the keys from someone who has been overserved.
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what brought kate middleton out for her first public appearance suns suffering from a severe bout of morning sickness. you've watched deidra hall on "days of our live." she has a new
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billy bush joins us live
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with the response from the hollywood community. that touching tribute on "saturday night live" we want to listen to a bit of it and get your take on the opening. ♪ silent night ♪ holy night ♪ all is calm ♪ all is bright ♪ round yon virgin fabulous. the voice. the voices of angels to honor god's newest angels, frankly. you know, a show like "saturday night live" their job is to provide escapism every saturday night. i think it was incredibly appropriate that he began that way and also they did their show. it's a tough called to make. lauren michaels had to make it, and i think it was great. on you producer in new york, who has been with us since the beginning of time, chris bahey,
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her daughter is in the front row, kayla, and she's one of those choir members. so we had them this morning with us, and you'll hear from them tonight as we chat with some of those kids. just really appropriate, and, you know, the response beyond that in hollywood, there's been a few premieres canceled that were supposed to take place. "parental guidance" and "jack reacher" and "django unchained" is now a small premiere inside. they're muted responses, and i think appropriately so. >> yes, we great with you, billy. what you have to coming up tonight on "access". >> we'll get into the latest that's going on. we do touch upon sandy hook in the form of, you know, maybe a response, and how it's being handled in television. most importantly the heroes of sandy hook. you think of vicki soto, and the
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different teachers, and dawn hochsprung, who jumped into action. they're charged to keep the health and safety of these children, and you know, the fact they sacrificed their lives so that more lives weren't lost, no matter what your program, no matter your regularly scheduled program is, to pay tribute to those great americans is appropriate. we're doing so tonight, and fully. >> all right. we'll look fraud to that as 7:30. billy, thanks for taking time out with us. we appreciate it. today, christmas morning became a bit more exciting for thousanded of children. earlier today i got the opportunity to help open the salvation army angel tree distribution center. you see by the bagful parents picked up an estimated 40,000 toys. sponsors made the donation through 15 toy drives. one here at nbc4.
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one parent told me she is grateful for the generosity and the gifts. >> it's joy, happiness. it's a blessing. we have two bikes, and they're going to love it. they're twins. that's what they wanted. they really wanted a bike. >> reporter: those are are santa-size bags. >> yeah. >> reporter: parents who have been preselected will pick up the toys over the next few days. this is months and months in the making. they know what the kids are asking for. they know which families have boys and girls, age-appropriate gifts. i have never seen so many bicycles in my life. these things are cool. not like the ones we had growing up. they're tricked out. >> they're making holiday wishes -- >> she has a tough job, twins.
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>> you can see that coming. >> good for them. >> great stuff, you know, thanks to everybody who gave the toys for tots drives to help make somebody else's christmas just a bit brighter. if we could only find a way to make today a bit brighter. doug kammerer is at the zoo for zoo lights. he called in a weather watcher report, and said there's starting to be a fine myth out there. he'll be live at 5:00 and 6:00. for now it's just a gloomy day to be on the out150id. 52 degrees our temperatures have barely budged in the last 24 to 36 hours. we've been stranded here for quite some time. southeasterly breeze should help scour out a bit of that fog, but on the whole don't expect a evening. still an eighth of a mile up at the inner harbor in baltimore. so foggy in spots, first thing tomorrow morning on your tuesday
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planner. drying out and staying breezy by tomorrow evening. for now, not a whole lot going on just yet. the radar doesn't pick up the mist and drizzle all that well. we will not have to worry about as near as a strong event. from charleston, south carolina, and another -- for severe weather across kentucky and tennessee, severe thunderstorms watch is there. most of that line will lose its punch as it comes over the mountains, but those will be the late-night/overnight chances. so the next round of rain will be here in about sundown tonight and sunrise tomorrow.
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by 9:00 a.m. tomorrow, should be rain-free in the morning. another ripple in the atmosphere coming through tomorrow afternoon, may wring out a quick shower during the afternoon. on the whole, you'll noticed a drying and improving trend and gusty west to northwesterly wind tomorrow afternoon. that sets up wednesday to be the pick of the litter. plenty of sunshine and mild out ahead of the next storm system that promises some relatively cold air by the end of the week. cloudy skies ending long after midnight. then tomorrow a mix of clouds and sunshine turning quite breezy, but staying very mild. highs tomorrow mid to upper 50s. 59 tomorrow with the breezes, 55 with the sunshine on your wednesday, clouds back on thursday with rain likely thursday afternoon and thursday night. we'll see, i don't think we need to worry much about snowflake chances.
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high spots north and west of the blue ridge, make a snowflame or two. no matter what it's going to turn much windier and colder. that part of the seven-day in just a few. thank you, check. coming up being changes for diet pepsi. a new sweet in you'll find. ♪ ♪ and the final three get set to take the stage tonight. what to expect on "the voice" this evening. hey, look! a shooting star!
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♪ because you are so beautiful ♪ to me three finalists ready to battle it out tonight. they take to the stage to determine who will win this season of nbc's hit show "the voice." this will be the last time each contestant sings better america decides on the winner. that winner will be announced tomorrow night. >> will walk away with a major reporting contact. they have a preview of tonight's big show in los angeles. ♪ in the morning
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♪ please don't say you love me >> one finalist likes to rock. ♪ >> reporter: another prefers to roll with the soul. ♪ >> reporter: and the third blends pop rock and country. >> it's about the right songs at the right time, the right emotion. you can't fake it on this show ♪ when push comes to shove >> she's got rave reviews. >> blake, you have a true superstar on your hands. >> reporter: she could be the show's first female winner. >> i feel like as long as we love the songs we're doing and feel them in our hearts, that's all we can really do. ♪ >> reporter: nicklas david won the coaches over. >> i'm never disappointed with your performances, man. >> with distinct look and retrosound. >> who do you try to dress like? or sound like?
4:25 pm
i'm like, honestly, i want to be me. ♪ let it be >> reporter: his sound comes from across the atlantic. >> i believes that have musical perfection. >> reporter: tscotman was hesitant at first. >> it really is about music lovers. >> reporter: tonight the votes of music fans across the country will determine the next winner of "the voice". and tonight's episode of "the voice" will also include a tribute to of victims of the sandy hook tragedy. it all gets under way tonight at 8:00. back in the spotlight, kate middleton's first appearance since being hospitalized. also, how to cope with the tragedy in connecticut and what to tell your children.
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it was a difficult good-bye today for two little boys killed at sandy hook elementary. the families of 6-year-old jack pinto and 6-year-old noah pozner laid their loved ones to rest. mean wile connecticut state
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police say sandy hook elementary may remain a crime scene for months. other schools in newtown will reopen tomorrow. students who went to santa hook will be place indeed different schools. the tragedy may have changed the political calculus about gun control. a famously gun -- the question the right to own assault weapons. news4's steve handelsman took an eye-opening visit to a northern virginia gun store today. >> reporter: at a gun shop in chantilly, virginia, tim was shooting an assault-style rifle like the one used. tim opposes any new bans. >> basically you are punishing with the ban on the law-abiding citizens. the law still says i can own an assault weapon. >> new york mayor michael
4:30 pm
bloomberg is leading the push to change federal laws, to curb new sales of assault weapons and large-capacity clips. >> this is an outrage. we are killing each other, we're the only industrialized country in the world doing it. >> reporter: in connecticut sunday president obama vowed action, but nothing specific. >> in an effort aimed at preventing more tragedies like this. >> reporter: hundreds today went to the nra office in washington demanding more gun control, and a staunch nra backer joined the call. west virginia democratic senator joe manchin, as avid hunter, backed bloomberg. >> i don't know of anybody those hunting with an assault rifle. >> gun enthusiast angela brandon is thinking about new options after the shock of newtown. >> honestly i wanted to cry
4:31 pm
because of the children, but at the same time sometimes we're not shun that more gun control than we actually have now is really the reason. >> reporter: ironically the rampage in connecticut has sparked record sales of weapons that buyers fear could soon be banned. i'm steve handlesman, nbc news, washington. there are more police officers around schools in our area today in response to the shooting last friday. police in fairfax county are stepping up patrols from the beginning to the end of the school day. they say it's not in response to any threat, but to give parents peace of mind during a time when anxiety is high. pat? parents and educators across the nation are trying to find the best way forward after friday's shooting. dr. joshua weiner is a psychiatrist who specializes in treating children and adolescents. he joins us with insight to on how to help the children cope with this deeply unsettling
4:32 pm
incident. welcome back. >> thank you. how should schools be tackling it? >> what i would have recommended, for the very young kids, under third grade, i think they should probably have not said anything unless the kids -- certain kids brought it up, and if they did, i would have pulled them aside. a lot of parents who i think had kids that young didn't say anything to their kids about the incident. from fourth to say seventh grate it's a much different story. i think you can talk about what happened. certainly for high school age kids, i would hope they would be having serps discussions about safety, mentality health, gun violence, about being accepting of one another, talking about how this has affected them and their families. there's so many things, so many teaching moments for kids. >> what will it take for the survivors students at sandy hook to recover from the trauma? >> it's dug to take a long time. a lot of it depends on how affected they were by the
4:33 pm
incident. those that may have been hearing the gunshots -- i don't know if everybody haeshd it. those kids will have a tougher time. if kids lost a family member, a sibling, they'll be much more vulnerable. the kids you need to pay attention to besides the victims obviously are the ones who had an underlying anxiety disorder going into this. these will be the kids much more prone to developing problems. kids are going to need therapy for a long time. >> we don't know what triggered the violence on adam lanza's party. he was bright, wasithdrang, suffered from as berger's was there some way to prevent -- >> let me says very clearly that assist be being a mild form of that. so i don't think -- i don't want parents to be worried that society is going to worry that
4:34 pm
their child with an autistic spectrum disorder is going to do something like that. it's very hard as a parent and professional to identify which kids are really most prone to go on to be at risk to themselves or others. it's very hard. it's so hard to predict violence, even suicide, unless you really are seeing clear you have had from the child, where they're clearly talking about it, making facebook references, clearly having problems in the school setting. >> to what extent do you believe that movies and video games, which glam rise this kind of violence may be contributing factors in cases like this? >> i absolutely think they're a contributing factor. i don't think those alone explain all of this, but you know, on average, kids between the ages of birth to 18 will see 200,000 violent images, either in video games or on tv. we know this stuff has an impact on the developing brain.
4:35 pm
we know that people who are exposed to violence and witness violence actually become desensitized to violence. that does play a role in what people do. there are people who are much more vulnerable to wanting to copycat what they see their heroes do. so there is a concern. dr. joshua weiner, thank you soech. >> thanks, pat. jim? we invite you to stay with news4 for new details about this story. coming up at 5:00, the latest on a potential motive. and when we come back, a new development in the easy-bake oven controversy. what's happening to a 13-year-old's wish to change the iconic toy. mrs. a new project from deidra hall. how her heart
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right now the makers of the easy-bake oven are getting a wake-up call from a 13-year-old. she's an eighth grader in new jersey. her 4-year-old brother wanted an easy-bake oven, but they only come in pupal and pink. she began an online petition to manufacture them in gender-neutral colors. has broke invited pope and her family to visit them. that meeting is today. we'll bring an update when we hear how it went. the duchess of cambridge appeared in public for the first
4:39 pm
time since she was hospitalized with severe morning sickness. last night she was handing out the network sports personality of the year award in london. during the ceremony, she presented the award to sighlist bradley wiggins who became the first briton to win the tour de france and won gold at the olympics. she mingled with guests and sports stars backstage, obviously feeling better. that's the unmistakable theme from "casablanca." as time goes by, the piano is still a hot item. sotheby's sold it to an unnamed buyer. that price fell short of the $1 million officials had predicted. actor and singer dooley wilson performed "atoo many goes by" in
4:40 pm
the film which of course starred humphrey bogart and ingrid bergman. a good song to have in your head the rest of the night. when we continue, it could be a life-changing decision. would you stop a drunk driver from taking the wheel? our hidden camera experiment puts party-goers to the test. chuck, how is the weather looking? >> here's looking at you, kid. we'll be back in a minute with a complete sev
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well, this is the white house. >> not a pretty nighting to outside, but it's anything but cold. doug kammerer has gone down to the national zoo for zoo lights. he has an on the scene weather report. is it as gloomy outside as it appears on the camera? >> reporter: actually not too bad. obviously you want to make sure you take your time. the fog is getting thicker, but that will enhance the lights down here. zoo lights will be going on between now and right after christmas. it's going to be open all night long, so make sure you come down between 5:00 and 9:00. the only days they'll be closing, christmas eve, christmas, and then new year's eve, too. that's it. tonight not a bad night.
4:44 pm
we're not expecting too much in the way of rain rain, but right now we're just looking at a bit of fog, a business of mist, but all in all, not too bad of a night. temperatures, we've talked about this earlier today, we were warmers decembers we've had ever. >> and you're right, doug, i think the fog will lend an ethereal quality to the lights down there. >> reporter: exactly. we'll look forward to 5:00 and but as we were talking about it's not cold outside. and the visibilities remain reduced. that's the picture of reagan international airport. there's the visibility. three miles of but you folks across anne arundel county, from
4:45 pm
the bay bridge to the inner harbor. that could slow down a bit. so if you're leaving tonight, there may be a bit of a slowdown of the traffic, only because of the reduced visibility. but rainfall, you saw, doug, didn't need the umbrella down there. drizzle out there for sure, but that would be about it. most of the steadier showers will be coming our wear later tonight. we will not have a severe weather risk an here, but nonetheless the rain could be briefly moderate at times through the overnight hours. lows tonight, typical for highs this time of year. it will be wednesday. then we get into thursday, cloudy skies, chants of rain might end with one or two snowflames, and then actually chilly. a little something for everybody. back to the news.
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thanks, chuck. deidra hall has appeared on more than 4,000 episodes of "days of our lives." >> she's a fixture there. but now the actress is becoming known for something she does behind the scenes. we have this report on hall's personal connection to a charity that helps wounded warriors. >> reporter: we have welcomed her into our homes for almost three decades. deidra hall is an eischen, a television legend, soap opera's queen bee. but if her cozy burbank dressing room, she's embracing a new role, artist. >> i can't think of a better way to thank the men and the women who have given everything to us. >> deidra's watercolor paintings are now holiday cards. >> 100% of the proceeds is being donated to wounded warriors, because they gave 100% to us, because they do, every single
4:47 pm
day. >> her connection to the military begins with her own family. her stepson sergeant monty buchanan is about to be deplo d deployed. "the hurt locker" guys, there's a bomb? i'll be taking care of that. >> her, he was blown up in an ied explosion in afghanistan, and was sent home. >> here's robert. >> reporter: last year when an episode of "days of our lives" featured returning wounded warriors, one of them was sergeant robert buchanan. >> do my 20-plus years. >> it's shellshock, post-traumatic stress. he was a surfer, california boy, and tipped, so would it be good to be out there and being -- he said, i can't go near the sand. say no more. >> reporter: the u.s. marine corps flag proudly flies yao side of sherman compton. >> you were injured in every
4:48 pm
single deployment. >> yeah, i had to learn to walk straight again, to learn how to read again, i still have mental problems, extreme headaches. >> reporter: but watson is now a full-time college student. he credited the wounded warrior project for helping him and a woman he's never met. >> thank you, deidra, for everything usual doing. >> reporter: back when she learned we were visiting corporal watson, she had a request. heroine meets mero. >> how are you? >> nice to meet you. >> reporter: both connected. >> thank you so much. >> no, no, thank you so much. thanks for your service. what a difference she's making. >> good work. coming up next, new sweetener in diet pepsi. and heads-up for holiday travelers, the new fee that's
4:49 pm
coming to southwest airlines. i'm wendy rieger. coming up in just a few minutes, with a nation in mourning, protesters hit the pavement to take on the nra. it 457d again, more cracked rails on metro. the problem looks like it's multiplying. and then at 6:00, a dramatic finish, nasa's plan to crash two of its over spacecraft into the moon
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the holiday travel rush is on. now southwest airlines has announced a new set of fees. it's going to start charging a no-show fee, if you miss your flight and don't cancel your reservation beforehand. southwest is also hiking the prices for early check-in and oversized bags. southwest hopes the changes will lower the number of empty seats on flights and increase revenue. diet pepsi is making a sweet change. it now contains two artificial sweeteners instead of just one. it's a mix found in many other diet sodas as well. the switch isn't supposed to change the taste, but could help the drink stay fresher longer. coming up next, would you speak up to stop a drunk driver
4:53 pm
from taking the wheel? the results of our hidden camera experiment. for all your news search nbc washington on facebook and
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during the hole days drinking increases. could you stop somebody who's had too much to drink? we're told about a grew of unsuspending people who rose to the occasion. >> reporter: "dateline" invited a group of people to a taste test to see how they would react when an actor appears to have had too much to drink and plans to drive. >> i got here early and went down the street. >> to where? >> a little bar called "bar"? i don't know. >> the red flags come out. >> are you driving? >> when this woman trying to pour champagne into her glass? >> he drinks right out of the bottle. >> reporter: then i tell the group we'd like for them to do more tasting at another venue. >> as soon as i leave the room, he tells -- >> i will take directions. >> wait. wait. excuse me. >> this woman, carroll, trying
4:57 pm
to get mime attention. i think he's drunk and wants to drive themselves. >> reporter: i encourage them to use the car service that's waiting for them. they all head out to the parking lot. these two women try to reason with him. >> you could kill someone. >> you could kill someone. >> they continue to argue with him. >> you are not the boss of me. i don't want to be the boss. >> oar being very irresponsible and selfish. >> i appreciate your candor. >> you can't even stand up. >> reporter: after offering to give him a ride or even drive he car with no success. >> i'm just going to call the local police to help you get home. >> reporter: but she calls the cops, i ask the group to come back inside. what you don't know is this is a "dietline" special. >> kimberly and joann, you too are my heroes. you did the right thing. >> the most obvious thing was my gosh, he could kill someone. >> if you've had too much to
4:58 pm
drink, can you get a free cab right. silver ride offers rides home for free as long as the fare is under $30. the rides run between 10:00 and night until 6:00 in the morning. to get a ride, call 1-800-200-taxi. you can get more information at the debate is accelerating, but the nra is retreating. another chance of rain is moving in. the month of december is already on track to be one for the record books. rescue crews are called in, but we begin with the latest from the horrible school shooting in connecticut. >> today family and friends began that difficult task of
4:59 pm
saying good buy to two of the youngest victims. jack pinto and noah pozner were laid to rest. and authorities announced today that sandy hook could remain a crime scene for months to come. kids in our area wrapped up -- part of their day was meant remembering the victims of the tragedy. >> tracee wilkins has more on the tributes after the tragedy. >> reporter: it had to be addressed, at 10:00 this morning in schools throughout aspirin georges county, there was silence. silence for 20 children and six dumts. >> this is our way of joining


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