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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  December 18, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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law enforcement sources tell nbc news two guns found on adam lanza had been purchased legally by his mother in january of this year. and back in 2010. they also tell nbc there's no evidence of lanza visiting the gun range in the past six months. jay gray has more now from newtown. >> reporter: good evening. it has been another rough day here as you might imagine. first graders from sandy hook elementary school, again, gathering today to bury two more of their classmates. that while students from other schools here actually went back to class for the first time since the tragedy. they are there with extra security and grief counselors on hand to help them with the transition of coming back to school here. thousands continue to pour into the small town. driven here by grief, they say, and just the need to be here and to try to help in some way, memorials are growing in this small town. so is the sentiment that they will get through this.
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everyone beginning to understand just how long that is going to take and just how difficult it is going to be. getting back to normal, don't talk about that at this point. how can you consider anything normal when you con to bury 6 and 7-year-old kids here? that's the latest from newtown, connecticut. i'm jay gray, news4. george mason university today a vigil to remember the victims of that connecticut shooting. ♪ >> dozens of students and staff took time to grieve the tragedy. a flower representing each of the victims as their names were called. >> given the amaze acts of heroism around us, both seen and unseen, that allowed us to live, that have given us life in this moment, what will we do now with this opportunity? >> mourners participated in a procession alto the george mason
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statue where they held a moment of silence. the national rifle association just a short time ago put out a statement on the shooting in connecticut as that tragedy renews cries for more gun control. the nra says, quote, it is made up of 4 million moms and dads, sons and daughters and we were shocked, saddened and heartbroken by the news of the horrific and senseless murders in newtown. the nra went on to say it would wait for a full investigation before commenting. meantime, in our area -- >> a new proposal to ban the sale of assault weapons. will gun restrictions prevent mass shooting tragedies? this is chris gordon in chantilly. villa report ahead. acts of kindness continue to emerge after the tragedy at sandy hook elementary. nbc's ann curry and others on social media sites are helping to spread the word with the hash tag 26 acts. we will share some of those spontaneous tributes on twitter and on the nbc washington
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facebook page in our next half hour. we have breaking news at this hour out of montgomery county where police are on the scene of a shooting in aspen hill. it happened just before 4:30 at an apartment complex along connecticut avenue near grand prix road. police tell us the man was shot in the eye. he was taken to the hospital but no word on his condition. police are still in the area right now searching for a suspect. pat collins, we understand, is just arriving on the scene. pat, what have you learned? >> reporter: take a look down the street. you can see all the cop cars down there and there are plenty more on the other side. we are at north gate park. it is near grand prix and connecticut avenue in montgomery county. police have fanned out here. they have s.w.a.t. team members, they have k-9 dogs. they are looking for what is described to me as an active suspect. now around 4:25, this afternoon, right after the kids got home from school, when it was still
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light out here, a young man, about 19 years old, i'm told, was shot in the eye at the north gate park along a trail here. police were here in a flash. medics moved down into the park to tend to him. they have since transported him to the hospital. no word on his condition. but police tell me that they have an active suspect in the area which is the reason for all of this activity that you see now. we have no word on what the motive was. the investigation here still going on. again, around 4:25 this afternoon, a man said to be about 19 years old shot in the eye at north gate park here in montgomery county. a lot of police on the scene. they are investigating and trying to track down the suspect. now back to you. >> pat collins, thank you, pat. after five harrows days in captivity we are hearing from nbc news foreign correspondent richard engel for the first time since he and his production team
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escaped from kidnappers in syria. they were ambushed after crossing the country from turkey last thursday. >> as we were moving down the road, a group of gunmen just literally jumped out of the reese and bushes on the side of the road. probably about 15 gunmen. they kept us blindfolded, bound, we weren't physically beaten orator toured. a lot of psychological torture. threats of being killed and they made us choose which one of us would be shot first. when we refused they were there were mock shootings. as we were driving along the road the kidnappers saw this checkpoint, started a gunfight with it and would of the kidnappers were killed. we climbed out of the vehicle and the rebels took us. >> nbc news said there was no claim of responsibility. no contact with the captors and no request for ransom during the time the crew was missing. of course, the entire nbc family
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is tremendously relieved that richard and the rest of our colleagues are safe. >> richard, as you know, is widely respected for his reporting around the world. joining us now is andrea mitchell. good to have you here. >> it is great to be here on a happy day to report. >> amazing what happened. just touched on it briefly. they got lucky in order to be freed. >> they were lucky. they were essex experienced. richard being fluent in arabic was able to even while blindfolded and bound all three of them could listen and hear their captors talking. that's how they had a better sense of what was going on. as he described it was was terrifyinging because at sayer times while they were blindfolded they were threatened with which one do you want to be executed, which one will be sacrificed. then they would fire shots in the air and did not know whether one of their colleagues were being shot.
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so it was a frightening five days. terrifying for them. i have to say very, very frightening for their loved ones and for the circle of people here at nbc in new york who were working around the clock on this. and the state department was doing its best to assist at our request but they basically were blind as we were. we had resources. but we did not hear from richard until our time, i guess about 5:30 or 6:00 last night which was the first word that he was all right and alive. but then they still had to travel across the boarder and wait important the first flight. it was hours and very tense waiting last night until we knew that they had crossed into turkey. >> it always seems that richard is fearless. he has never afraid to go right into these hotspots. we have seen him live, whether it is the arab spring, more recently in egypt. andrea, tell us about the context that he's able to provide, being in the middle of
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it all. >> you have to know something about our friend and colleague. he was -- self-taught, self-motivated without being hired. he went to cairo as a student, learned arabic, went to iraq, and before the first gulf war, hired himself out. you know, to -- before the gulf war, i should say, hired himself out as a freelancer and then nbc saw his obvious talent and was fortunate enough to hire him during the iraq war. he covered all of the iraq war. and has learned over the years that -- the -- not just the politics but the life of these various groups, you know, there's nothing black and white, clear cut. this is -- these are not wars with frontlines. and the fact that richard understands the different militias so well and knows all of these factions is what puts him heads and shoulders, i believe, above many of his colleagues, print and television broadcast. the other is that he tells the
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story and is a war correspondent who tells the story of the people on the ground. on all sides and there is no better storyteller than my friend richard. >> and the -- the dangers, though, because we know he is going right back in, that's -- after -- certain amount of time. >> they are resting and i'm sure there are many that hope he takes some time to recalibrate and, you know, make sure he's all right. he's obviously been -- you know, being debriefed and will be flying home and he has the embrace of family, friends, all of us at nbc. >> andrea mitchell, thanks so much. >> always good to have you. >> great to see you again. stay with nbc news. for more on the richard engel kidnapping we will have a full report on "nightly news." the man accused of using a box cutter to slash women in fairfax shopping malls will be back in the united states tonight.
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the suspected slasher was extradited from peru today. the police there arrested him in january and since then u.s. authorities have worked to have him returned to stand trial. the victims were not seriously hurt. >> police in prince william county are asking for help tonight to find a man that forced his way into a home and sexually assault ad 15-year-old girl. it happened in woodbridge yesterday afternoon, police tell tuesday man posing as a cable worker knocked on a door and asked for someone who didn't live there. the girl says he left but returned later, pulled a knife, and forced her into a bedroom. she began kicking and screaming and he ran away. >> the mistress of former cia director david petraeus will not be facing cyber stalking charges. the u.s. justice department announced it was dropping its investigation of paula broadwell today. broadwell allegedly except harassing e-mails to tampa socialite to jill kelley. the e-mails were reported to the fbi and that uncovered the affair between petraeus and
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broadwell and that led to his resignation. with the fiscal cliff fast approaching, republicans are going for what they call plan b. house speaker john boehner's offering to extend the bush era tax cuts for all income below $1 million. the white house rejected that idea and saying it would not pass the senate. >> you may be -- may be just days from christmas but the cherry blossoms look more like march. warmer than usual weathers that flowers blooming. you can see these in neighborhoods today. it is a bit windy there. so no telling how long the blooms are going to last. right, doug kammerer? >> don't get trick. >> do not get tricked. a lot of the cherry blossom trees actually do come out in december. they are actually winter-type cherry blossoms. not the same kind that we see blossom during the months of march and april. don't wore write. it is not because it is so warm out there that these are going to be going too early. don't worry about had a. out there right now, looking at nice conditions.
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temperatures into the 50s. 52 now. winds gusting at 30 miles an hour with winds out of the northwest at 18. gusts to 30. we will continue to see rather breezy conditions throughout the rest of the might. temperatures coming down, 45 in martinsburg. 45 in winchester. 56 in fredericksburg. we will talk about how low the numbers go tonight and when the really cold air starts to move in. >> we are just getting started on "news4 at 5:00." after the tragedy in connecticut, one school is glad its teachers are armed in the classroom. prince george's county, there is major crime story that's developing. the chief of police is happy about it. >> calcium supplement goods for your bones, we know. but now there's concern that they may not be good for
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could taking a common supplement be causing heart attacks? doreen gentzler joins with us details after controversial new study. >> lots of concern about this because millions of people, especially women, take calcium supplements. it is supposed to help keep bones strong and healthy but a large german study found people taking these minerals in a pill form rather than getting it as part of their diet, could be putting themselves at risk for heart problems. sue does not like to talk about her age but she admits she's -- >> old enough to be on medicare. >> reporter: and for a lot of women in that special age group calcium supplements are a
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necessity to stay healthy and ward off osteoporosis. >> i want to make sure that my bones and muscles are as strong as they possibly can be as i get older and, you know, want to keep living a very full life. >> reporter: taking calcium supplements has been a staple among men and women over the age of 50. but now a new study is finding that the supplement to keep bones strong doesn't necessarily equal strong heart health. in fact, the new research shows these supplements could be causing more harm than good. >> patients who took calcium supplements seem to have higher rates of heart attacks. >> reporter: dr. seuss an bennett is a cardiologist with the med star heart institute and says the study looked at about 24,000 patients over 11 years. those who took calcium supplements regularly were 86% more likely to have a heart attack than those who did not. >> so this kind of information is hypothesis generating in my
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mind. it makes us kind of wonder is there a connection. >> reporter: the researchers didn't say why supplements might be linked to heart problems but some theorize that too much calcium could cause the arteries to harden. dr. bennett says people shouldn't be alarmed without more definitive research, there just isn't enough information from this one study alone. instead patients should try to get as much calcium as they can through a healthy diet. that means getting about 1,200 milligram as day through foods like yogurt, kale, chise broccoli. >> for now i'm telling my patients, eat a good diet, get all your minerals you possibly can through your diet and good nutrition. and if you are at high risk for having low bone density think about the smallest amount of supplement. >> if i didn't want to take them i could just eat yogurt twice a day have milk, try some sardines, broccoli, and i would be fine. you about i don't think i want to do that every day. so i take -- i'm really
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comfortable taking the supplements. >> reporter: sue says she's taking her calcium supplements twice a day but she's making sure she's getting checked regularly for any sign of heart problems. >> i have to be cautious and with advancing age, we all have to be. little more cautious and conscientious. >> dr. seuss an bennett told us people should not stop taking their calcium supplements over this one study. there were a lot of variables in the study and those statistics could be inflated. we need more information. instead people should be focusing on things we know help to build strong bones like eating a healthy diet and getting more exercise. wendy and jim, i think people who are taking calcium supplements on a daily basis might want to talk to their doctors about this study. >> okay. all i know is i'm not eating any anchovies. go for the kale. more kale and broccoli. >> neither one. >> thanks, doreen. calendar confusion out there. touch a spring out there, doug.
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>> big time. we are talking about 61 degrees. i saw a little earlier, waiting for the official high temperature out there at the airport. very warm day. warm enough in fact, that all of the kids around the area loving recess today. and including my new friends at cameron elementary. i spoke with the first, third and sixth graders today. 250 students. i want to say hello to all of them. they welcomed me into their classroom and a great time speaking with all of them. all about the weather. and they were into it, for sure. that's right. take a look at this. i love this picture here. a bright one of those kids. these are the first graders sitting right there in the front row. as far as the weather is concerned, out there right now, temperatures sitting in the 50s. still. 52 degree was partly cloudy skies. winds out of the northwest at 18 miles an hour. but gusty. upwards of 30 miles an hour across the region. 46 at frederick, 43 in hagerstown and 45 in winchester. there is some cooler air coming in. not colder. it is going to feel cool because
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of the winds. once again, gusts between 15 and 30 miles an hour. that's what we are going to see throughout much of the evening hours at any rate. if you are going out and about, probably still need the jacket. even though temperatures are well above average. radar, no rain to talk about. we saw a few showers earlier this afternoon. those have now all moved into the atlantic and we continue to watch them here. now into the land ocean. for us, we are just seeing those partly cloudy skies and that's what we are going to see for next couple of evenings and really the next 24 to 48 hours before our next real big weather change moves in. today breezy and mild. not a bad day at all. as a matter of fact, our tuesday was great. i think wednesday will be great. plenty of sunshine. still mild. little breezy. strongest winds now moving up towards the north and into new england. we see shower activity -- cloud cover back to the west. that's where lit stay. watch what happens on thursday. thursday afternoon we see the clouds. still mild. temperatures a little above average. but the cold air right behind this front and notice the yellows and oranges here, couple of thunderstorms as this front
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moves on through. that's how strong this front will be. and then in behind it, it gets cold friday, saturday, sunday. looking very chilly. finally some cold air moving in here. as we make our way into winter and, of course, closer to christmas. this evening, few clouds, breezy, mild. turning cooler, though. 44 to 53 degrees, winds 15 to 1525 miles per hour. tomorrow morning, partly cloudy, cool but not cold. 32 to 40 degrees as you move through the afternoon tomorrow. we see a mixture of sun and clouds. mostly sunny. breezy and mild. high temperatures into it is 50s. next couple of days, well, we stay into the 50s. right on through the day thursday with that late rain but then friday, saturday, sunday, monday, and tuesday, including christmas, temperatures into the 40s where they should be for this time of year. little below average friday and saturday. i think wind chills will stay in the 30s. right now looks like a chance for rain on christmas. just a chance for rain on christmas. >> i just had a horrible
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thought. christmas is tuesday. >> that's right. a week away. >> right there. >> in front of us. coming up on "news4 at 5:00," country music star says it is only fair to give money back to her fans. >> coming up next in sports, the bond between the quarterback of the u.s. naval academy and point guard at gw's basketball team. >> at 6:00 tonight, parking meter confusion in the district. why red top
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it is tough enough to be a division i college athlete. >> let alone having two in one family. long odds. dan hellie is here with that. brother and sister. >> awesome story. 1.4% of all high school football players earn a college scholarship to play ball in college. less than 1% of girls high school basketball players get a scholarship on the next level. that aloerngs enough reason marvel at trey and lisha miller. zachary kiesch has the story. >> reporter: in the sports world it is not uncommon to hear someone say it is in the genes. there's a pair of local college athletes that share more than just the last name. brother and sister rivalries are not anything new. in the miller household the
5:26 pm
competition came early and often between siblings trey and kisha miller. >> we were playing one-on-one. we were very competitive. if i'm winning or not, we start fouling each other and start pushing my dad to get in the mid and break us up. >> separated by just over a year as they grew older they grew closer. when the two couldn't find competition in the classroom or on the sports field their father would find it for them. >> my dad used to do something funny. we had these boxing gloves. he used to like just sit news the living room. we would like go at it like that sometimes. just for fun, you know. >> reporter: their love of competition may have been groomed over the years but their athletic ability was god's gift. shortly after the family moved from texas to atlanta, trey started to get notice order the football field. when he received a full ride to play quarterback for navy, it was an opportunity he couldn't pass up.
5:27 pm
>> one, would, three. >> best opportunity i have, educationwise and serve our country and play d-1 football. after me and my parents talked it over that was the best decision. >> reporter: it mendistance between his sister, his best friend. something the two 00 grown accustomed to. before long she was on the same track. shining as a point guard on the basketball team and when it came time to pick a school, it was proximity to her brother, trey, that was the biggest recruiting tool of all. enter george washington university. >> we are very close. and just the opportunity to be at a good school and also be close to him, that was an opportunity i couldn't pass up. >> having another family member, we talk to, like i said, go visit when i have time. it means a lot. >> she stars as a point guard for the george washington women's team and trey as the quarterback at the naval academy. >> i love the strong bond. nobody can replace him. like i said, somebody i look up
5:28 pm
to. i just try to, you know, be like him. work as hard as him. so we can both -- you know, be successful one day, god willi , willing,. >> reporter: zachary kiesch. >> what a fun story. persuasion for both of them. especially for trey as you guys know, you don't get a ton of free time at the naval academy. what he does is he has a crash pad, her dorm, gw. sleeps on the couch. >> go to the city. >> best of both worlds. >> good for him. coming up next on "news4 at 5:00," the good deeds that have come from the tragedy at sandy hook. >> major sporting goods store has stopped some of its rifle sales and gun lovers are now making a mad dash. >> local college community supporting a
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chevy's giving more at the year-end event because 'tis the season. chevy's giving more. this holiday season, get a 2013 cruze ls for around $149 per month or get $500 holiday bonus cash. ♪ a heart wrenching scene in must have town, connecticut. today families say good-bye to two more of the 2young children killed in that school rampage. the back-to-back funerals for first graders james mattioli and jessica rekos. their funerals, the latest in a sad procession. as newtown struggles with a shattered sense of normalcy. >> i don't think you are ever
5:32 pm
ready to send your child back to school after something like this happens but i think that as much as we can get them back to normal, we have to. >> reporter: today hundreds of students returned to school important first time. parents say it is tough but it is time. sandy hook elementary where the 26 students and teachers were killed is expected to remain a crime scene for weeks, if not months. >> the tragedy in newtown has renewed the national debate for a push important more gun control. news4's chris gordon is at the blue ridge arsenal. that's a range in chantilly with reaction in our area. chris? >> good evening. when we called for permission to report live from inside and to bring our cameras into the gun store and the indoor target range we were told sure, not only could we do that but also we were given permission to talk
5:33 pm
to employees and its members. gun owners speed spoke to today had the same reactions in connecticut than nongun owners it is a tragedy what happened. no one can deny that. these are beautiful little children that have been killed. there's no reason for these things. >> reporter: but the people here at blue ridge arsenal in chantilly, virginia, do not agree that restricting gun ownership or banning assault-style weapons are the answers. >> i don't really think banning any type of firearms is going to prevent,ou know, people with mental issues from harming other people. >> more training and education is the answer. not more laws or banning. >> reporter: appearing on wtop radio, bob mcdonnell said it is time to discuss allowing school officials to carry weapons on campus. certain there would be an opportunity to stop an individual trying to get into
5:34 pm
the school. responding to the governor, virginia congressman jerry connelly tweeted bob mcdonnell's suggestion that armed teach coarse have stopped newtown tragedy is outrageous. guns don't belong in schools. after the radio broadcast governor mcdonnell had this to say. >> i don't have any policy or recommendations but i -- i'm making on arming teachers or anything else at this point. i'm simply suggesting that our school audits need to be looked at, find ways to implement those better and find out what the experts say that they -- they would recommend to protect our schools better. that's all. >> reporter: in maryland state senator jamie raskin will propose new gun restrictions when tlegt tour meets in january. >> i'm hoping that we will pass an assault weapon ban right when we get back in will and then we will make the maryland state police an effective actor in cracking down on the bad actor gun dealers who are letting guns go or selling guns under the table that end up in the hands of criminals. >> reporter: of course, he
5:35 pm
referring to gun shows where background checks are not always made and he's also referring to the lack of federal leadership by atf, bureau of alcohol, tobacco and firearms. did it does not keep current data on gun sales. reporting live from chantilly, virginia. chris gordon, news4. >> breaking news at this hour. out of montgomery county right now where police are still on the scene of that shooting in aspen hill. pat collins was first on the scene. what's the latest now? >> reporter: police still have north gate park surrounded as they look for what they describe as an active shooting suspect here. north gate park, it is a grand prix and connecticut avenue here in aspen hill. around 4:25 this afternoon, a rung man said to be about 19 years old was shot in the eye on a trail in the park. police were here in a flash and had the s.w.a.t. team here and have k-9 here. looking important the suspect. victim was taken to the hospital. no word on his condition.
5:36 pm
no word on a possible motive but the investigation here, that continues on. live in aspen hill, pat collins, news4. >> despite -- prince george's county police chief says he has many seen anything like it in the almost 30 years he lived in the county and is not talking about a violent crime. county bureau chief tracee wilkins reports on some good news about the crime rate. >> reporter: when prince george's county police chaef took office two years ago, the county was in the midst of a strange spike in murders. >> 14 homicides in 14 days. >> reporter: at year aensd there were 95 homicides in 2011. would you say the crime you saw in prince george's county came from gangs, did it come from drugs? did it come from carjackings and thefts? or would you say all of this played a part in what happened? >> all of it has played a part and we attacked crime on multiple levels. >> reporter: as it stands there
5:37 pm
have been 60 homicides in prince george's county in 2012. while the chief says that number is still too high, it represent it is most significant drop in crime. the county has ever seen. >> you will move or drop or raise 3%,% a year based on just what you are doing as a police department. we had a 35% drop in homicides. i would be willing to bet that drop hasn't occurred anywhere in the country this year except here. >> reporter: for years, apartments set abandon order nova avenue in prince george's county inviting vagrant all kinds of crimes, those buildings have been demolished. this is a part of the county transforming neighborhoods initiative. the chief says once it is taken out of the community the next phase is to make sure the county services that are needed in that area are brought in. >> with this philosophy with everybody in, everybody has a piece of this, because you cannot arrest your way out of this, out of issues, you can't. >> reporter: there's also been a
5:38 pm
focus on organized crime as opposed to just individuals. >> we are very good at who pulled the trigger but who prompted that? is there an organization that prompted that action? and if there was, we are going after that organization. >> reporter: it is a philosophical change that has resulted in a 9% drop in robberies. 15% drop in shootings. 20% drop in breaking and entergs and a 7.5% drop in overall crime. >> to have a crime you have to have a victim, suspect a location. now we are attacking all three of those. >> reporter: prince george's county, i'm tracee wilkins, news4. >> the chief credits the drop in crime to the work of the police force and work with county counsel till and executive's office. >> when we come back on "news4 at 5:00," a town in texas says it is okay to have guns in the classroom. ing in fact, their teachers are armed today. you will soon be able to put the pedal to the
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as the people of newtown, connecticut, try to deal with the tragedy at sandy hook, we are hearing about people from all over coming together to show their support. many of them performing a simple act of kindness to help. one man in california sent money to town's general store to give everyone there a free cup of
5:42 pm
coffee. the folks who work at panera bread volunteered to take up shifts at the newtown location so they could attend memorials. those letters could make it and be buried with him. now that generosity is spreading outside of newtown with the help of social media challenges. nbc's ann curry asked for more than 1 million twitter followers to commit 20 acts of kindness. one for each child killed. well, that soon went viral and became 26 to include the teachers. and one person tweeted out this photo. 26 crocheted hats they were donating to newborns in honor of the victims. tell us about your 26 acts on our nbc washington facebook page and tweet us at nbc washington with the hash tag 26 acts. and we might just pass it along. wendy?
5:43 pm
>> that's lovely. coming up, we are learning more about one of the heroes at sandy hook. she had a loved one here in our area. instagram users are dumping their accounts in droves. we will tell why you some are making the move to protect their right to privacy. >> and take a look at numbers. 52 degrees in washington. 36 in elkins. cooler air trying to move in.
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one of the heroes in the
5:46 pm
connecticut elementary school tragedy was school psychologist mary sherlach. >> she lunged at the gunman trying to stop him from going on his rampage. her daughter, katie, is studying at georgetown university. >> darcy spencer now shows us how the university is pulling together to help had katie and her family. darcy? >> reporter: katie sherlach was with her fell opponent students when she learned of the shoot ing at the school. in georgetown they are collecting money as a way to support her. >> it was really, really difficult, as you can imagine. >> reporter: katie sherlach and her fellow researchers were in the chemistry lab when news broke there had been a shooting at sandy hook elementary in newtown. that's where her mom worked as a psychologist. the professor who runs the lab says everyone was hoping for the best. >> it was clear it is a day went on and what we heard nothing from her mom and the news kept
5:47 pm
getting worse and worse that it could be very bad news. >> reporter: the doctoral student would later learn her mother, mary, was among the dead and lost her life heroically trying to save children from the murderous rampage. >> you work with someone as closely as katie has worked with everyone in the group and you get to know somebody pretty well. we all -- we all knew her family. >> reporter: since then researchers in the lab having trying to support katie. they plan to attend her mother's wake and funeral later this week. >> when i learned that when it was a georgetown doctoral student who was affected, i couldn't sleep. >> reporter: georgetown law professor feldman did not know katie but organized an online fund-raising page that's already collected more than $6,000 to help the college student with expenses. >> to provide an opportunity for people to give as well as to provide a benefit to katie seemed important. >> reporter: while it is quiet and somber in the lab there's also hope that katie will get
5:48 pm
through this and come back here to finish her work. >> i think the p.h.d. means a lot to her. it meant a lot to her mom. i think she will want to do it for both of those reasons. >> professor feldman had hoped to raise $5,000 to give katie but her page has already received $6,100 in donations ranging from $1 to several hundred dollars. back to you. >> darcy spencer. thank you. today the washington redskins teamed up with santa and the marines to help spread christmas cheer for some kids in our area. the locker room at fedexfield piles and piles of gifts out there. large group of kids got to come in and pick out a present and meet some of the players. it is the seventh year the skins teamed up with the toys for to the program. >> some hogettes, too. let's get another check on the balmy forecast. >> balmy for sure. temperatures today into the 60s for some of us.
5:49 pm
right now 52 degree, winds still gusty. you can see the camera shaking in the wind. towards the washington monument. 30-mile-an-hour winds at the airport. we are going to continue to see breezy conditions through the rest of the night. temperatures are mild. especially for this time of year. 46 at gathers sxwurg 46 in leesburg. starting to cool a little. 51 in ft. belvoir. sat night and radar pictures showing we have had some clouds move on through. but now we are seeing mostly clear skies. that's what we are going to jooefr night tonight. even with this wind we are not going to see much in the way of significant weather. just going to be that wind and that wind will actually help temperatures to stay up a little bit this evening. the average low temperature this time of year is in d.c., 32 degrees. i think we will be well above that at 40 tonight. 32 in frederick. tomorrow another nice day. still a little bit on the breezy side. not bad. 55 in d.c. 52 in martins sxwurg 56 in culpeper. 57 in fredericksburg. tomorrow looks great.
5:50 pm
i think tomorrow will be the last really nice, mild day before we move into transition period. that coming to thursday. start off with sunshine but then moving into rain late in the day on thursday. high of 51. 44 and windy on friday. wind chills all day around the freezing mark on friday with 30 to phonily 40-mile-an-hour winds. saturday also on the windy and cold side with a high of 44. and we stay cool as we head into early next week. christmas right now looks like a chance of rain and high temperature of 48 degrees. not a washout now. but, of course, we are going to continue to watch it for you right here. >> all right. thank you, doug. today drivers in d.c. can speed up a bit. certain spots in the district now have a higher speed limb. >> it those new speeds are in place along stretches of new york avenue. bladensburg road, north capitol and canal road. >> just as a live look at the portion of new york avenue with a new higher speed limits. news4 transportation reporter adam is live there tonight to explain why these changes were made.
5:51 pm
adam? >> jim, you are now legally able to drive faster on certain roads in the city. roads like new york avenue here in northeast. and the comment we got from a lot of drivers today, what took so long. >> about time. i mean, really about time they did something. >> reporter: speed limits going up by 5 miles per hour on certain roads. not necessarily neighborhood streets. these roads carry faster moving traffic. drivers welcoming the nueces personly on stretches like busy new york avenue. >> people were flying on it anyway. and writing tickets every day. there's month pedestrians, no schools. wry see why they wouldn't raise it. >> reporter: so here is a breakdown of the old speed limits and new speed limits. new york avenue, bladensburg road, north capitol street, and canal road. all seeing speed increases. some of this seemingly to give drivers a break when it comes to speed camera tickets small increase but it is one of the things we heard froms are accidents that -- there are
5:52 pm
certain roadways where we have automated traffic enforcement where they believe the speed limits were too low. >> reporter: the insurance institute for highway safety tells news4 it is okay with these increases and the city is trying to balance out speed limits with its speed camera program. but for a city that's been promoting biking and walking does allowing drivers to go faster send the wrong message. >> we feel that the roadways are engineered in such a way and that safety won't be compromised. >> reporter: the district may not be done. speed limits on other roads being studied, some questioned whether speeds around the city were artificially low in the first place. >> i think they love to get new the speed traps. >> reporter: you have been hitting the speed rap? >> oh, yeah, on roads you should be going faster. >> reporter: if you are thinking well, my residential streets see a speed limit increase the city saying that isn't likely. reporting live in northeast, adam tuss, news4. >> adam, thanks. i'm thinking amnesty for my previous. >> that would be nice, wouldn't it? >> let's check out what stories are trending online today.
5:53 pm
>> instagram's co-founder responded online to concerns about the company's new privacy policy. instagram allows users to post and share photos and was purchased by facebook earlier this year. tonight instagram says it has no plans to sell users' photos to third parties. the company's co-founder says he's interested in exploring innovative advertising but that does not mean your photos will be sold without your knowledge or permission which is different from what they were planning on doing until this statement came out about an hour ago. the new privacy policy is scheduled to take effect on january 16. >> i feel real guilty about -- about making money off this show. whatever i'm make sing going right back into this community. >> big surprise for fans of carrie underwood in iowa friday night. she performed even though she had a sore throat but wasn't happy with her voice. and instead of keeping the proceeds from the show, she promised to dough mate the cash to a local charity.
5:54 pm
fans loved it. underwood said it was the right thing to do. >> youtube released the top trending videos of 2012. what a surprise. there's your guy. the video is eggspected to hit 1 million views by the end of the year. give it up for len, people. other videos on the list include the coney 2012 campaign which had 30 million views in just one day. then there's the daredevil baumgartner's supersonic free fall from the stratosphere. that had 30 million views. >> wow. >> so 15 minutes ride that horse off into the sunset. >> he does. coming up, we have the latest the debate over gun control. >> ans
5:55 pm
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5:57 pm
a lot of talk since friday's tragedy about school security and gun control. >> one idea getting attention is whether teachers should be armed just in case. a small town in texas has done just that. >> reporter: the things that money can't buy. those are the things the student says he wants to protect. >> many people can learning how to effectively and safely guard
5:58 pm
others with firearms. >> reporter: certain teachers, he won't say who or the number that do, carry guns daily at the school which has just more than 100 students. >> anonymity is key to what we do here. >> reporter: his idea to let some teachers carry guns inside of the classroom was put into effect in 2008. he says the october wicks shooting at the amish school spurred his idea. >> what was key about that is that it was the milk delivery man. the milk delivery man in the door. >> reporter: following the mass shooting at sandy hook elementary in connecticut, he says he stands by his policy and that quick action is what's needed in mass shooting-type. >> this one the other day, i think, was under four minutes. police cannot respond during that time. you have to do something to protect you at the source. >> reporter: and it is a policy local residents and parents appreciate. >> the way things are going
5:59 pm
nowadays to keep our children safe, i don't think some teachers -- as long as they are responsible and have taken their sayertive course, yes, should be allowed to carry a weapon to protect our children and themselves. >> i really firmly support it and the school out here in the middle of the highway. you never know what comes across. and at least gives our kids a fighting chance if something does happen. >> reporter: as for the potential threat after teacher opening fire -- >> yeah, i think the chances of that happening are more slim than, you know, having someone come into your school to arm your kids. >> reporter: he says the district has never had a problem with a teach erving a gun and each one who does goes through extensive testing and psychological profiling to ensure that teacher is a good candidate. >> no deal for house speaker john boehner's plan b. so what's the next option? in just a few minutes a man wanted for slashing women's rear ends in northern virginia will arrive in


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