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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  December 31, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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trying to help. time is almost up in washington. >> one things we can count on with respect to this congress is that if there's even one second left before you have to do what you're supposed to do, they will use that last second. >> it's ticking down. good evening, erv. the senate deal looks close, but not close enough. steve handlesman reports on how house speaker john boehner will. >> reporter: john bain ircould change his mind, but unless he does and allows a vote, america goes off the fiscal cliff
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surrounding himself with middle-class americans, president obama had sounded optimistic this afternoon. it's not done. >> reporter: sources say taxes would rise on income over 4 to 500,000. a big win -- >> keep in mind just last month republicans in congress said they would never agree to raise rates. obviously the agreement is currently being discussed would raise those rates and raise them permanently. they made the president promising tax hikes above 250,000. not 450. >> well, i just think that's grossly unfair. >> a hangup -- democrats want a two-year postponement, covered
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by the new tax hikes. the president scoffed at republican demand for deeper spending cuts. >> shove only spending cuts down -- well -- shove -- shove spending cuts at us. >> reporter: so much for winning gop allies. >> laughs and jokes and ridicules republicans. why? a bigger question is, will a deal get done? it's sure to kim s. word that a deal was close on the fiscal cliff helped push stocks higher today. the dow surged more than 150 points to end the day above 13,000 form the nasdaq was un59 points. the s&p 500 jumped 23 points and closed the year up 13.
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now, if there is no agreement to avoid the fiscal cliff, some federal workers could be facing furloughs. agency just give at least 30 days' notice for a furlough less than 22 workdays 60-day notice is required for longer fur furloughs. most experts and agency chiefs say they doubt cuts would take effect immediately. news4 at 11:00 will have up-to-the minute developments for you. breaking news right now. a police officers died in the line of duty in prince william county this afternoon. officer chris young was responding to a call when he
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collided with a minivan this afternoon. we are live in bristow. >> reporter: i want to show you what we've seen. you can see on a tow truck, that's the minivan involved in this crash. if we pan over, you can see that's the officers 'motorcycle. noticeableably the officers are very emotional. this was one of their own. the fallen officer denied as chris young, he was on the princewomen county police forfor seven years, assigned to traffic duty. 35 years old, we're told exactly what happened was the driver of that minivan was making a turn into the shopping center, there's a super target shopping center. the minivan was turning in. that's when we're told that officer young's motorcycle crashed into the van. police not telling us who is at fault here or how exactly the crash happened.
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witnesses, though, they're telling us they heard a loud explosion. that explains the charred aftermath. we spoke with kim kerns. she saw what she described as a big flash of light. she stayed on scene several hours, too shaken to leave. >> just devastation. being a former police officers, it hits close to home. >> reporter: back out here live, you can see investigators still on scene, continuing to look at this crash, continuing to piece together. i've spoken with a few officers. they tell me they will stay on scene as long as it takes to figure out exactly what happen. a huge traffic alert here. if you're coming into bristow,
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virginia just outside. d.c.a. homicide rate is expected to -- as officers complain they haven't had a raise. one influential council member says the city needs to fix that. tom sherwood has the story. >> reporter: heading into the last night of the year 88 d.c. homicides, 20 fewer than last year, far below the nearly 500 reported each year in the late 1980s and early 1990s. >> that's the number one thing, people need to feel safe. tommy wells, who is preparing to run for mayor in 2014, stakes over this weeks as the chairman of the public safety committee. wells says the city's economic rebirth depends upon public safety and less fear of crime. >> but i'm quite heartened that the murder rate has gone down, but we have more work to do.
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we've seen a whole rash of robberies, robberies with weapons, robberies without weapons, and that has to be address the. >> reporter: wells told nbc4 that he's concerned the police department and police union have failed over several years to reach a new labor crest. >> one of the things i talk to the chief and mayor about is we need a contract for other police men and women so they are paid fairly. >> reporter: >> the firefighters haven't had a contract for five years, either. this administration and the prior administration do not understand or respect the role that emergency responders play in keep the city's safe and healthy. the officials have ruled out plans to replace the aging douglas bridge in southeast. mayor gray unveiled a new design. some of the improvements include construction of a traffic circle and oval, and reconstructing the 295 interchange.
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construction is expected to start in 2015. the project is estimated to cost about $ 660 million. well, it has been a very good day, folks, to be a redskins fan. in case you don't know, the team is on its way to the playoffs for the first time since 2007. >> quite cause to celebrate. the victory song is till ringing in the ears of the fans who were at fedex field last night. ♪ chp [ cheers and applause ] one of those voices in the thick of it all our own dan hellie. are you still running on adrenaline? i want i don't know who isn't. the first time in aeons, what an improbable run for the redskins
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from 3-6 to 10-6, division champions, they have now won seven straight. you know what some people have said in the past is very trier. it's not always the best team that wins the super bowl, but the hottest team. right now the redskins are one of the hottest. mike shanahan says he doesn't know if he's ever seen anything like this. >> i don't think i've ever been 3-6 and ever had seven in a you row. i don't think so. so it's a great feeling. >> i think it's safe to say i'm the -- i was 9-year-old in 1999. the sky's the limit for this team not only this year, but in the future. we are definitely looking to capitalize on it this year. >> we definitely believe -- all odds were against us, but we had fate in each other.
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we became a selfless team. we're going to take it one game at a time. we believe in ourselves, even if no one else does. you heard a career game 200 yards in that win against the cowboys, and robert griffin going to the pro bowl. i don't think anybody had a problem at all. >> not a problem at all. dan, we'll see you in a bit. all right. well, what's the secret to washington's success? our own pat collins took to the streets today to find out. >> he's live right not at pentagon row with more on that, and he went out searching for some disappointed cowboy fans. he found some. >> reporter: hey, jim, for a moment, for a brief tiny illustratty-bitty moment today,
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almost felt sorry for dallas cowboy fans, but i got over it. >> reporter: are you happy? >> i'm delighted. not just happy, i'm ecstatic. >> i was in the misdemeanor ilschool the last time we were champions. >> reporter: so now you're happy. >> since. ♪ hail to the redskins >> reporter: ectell the fans today. they were walking around with a big smile. cowboy fans, not so much. do you think you could find it in your hard to root for the redskins? >> no, never. >> do you have any cowboy fans in the back of that truck? >> heid it to us again.
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>> what's it like? >> it would be kind of -- >> he flushed them down the toilet. that's what we did. hail to the redskins. we're on a warpath, fight for all d.c. >> reporter: they won because -- >> they have rg3. >> he's something. >> he's awesome. >> because? >> the defense. >> reporter: defense. >> morris. >> reporter: 200 yards. the redskins won last night because -- >> because of the man, hall of fame. >> reporter: touchdown! next, seattle it's in washington. >> we are washington! >> reporter: they make stash bucs. >> we play real bucs. >> rg3 has 102 raten. >> reporter: their rungs back has 1590 yards. >> our running back has more. >> reporter: can we beat them?
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>> yes we can! >> reporter: can we beat them? >> yes we can! >> reporter: so jim and pat, cheers, happy new year, everybody. live in arlington, i'm pat collins, news4. a lot of fans plan to go out and about. >> what's it going to be like at midnight? >> a bit on 9 cold site, but you expect that. even a light breeze. even some sprinkles, flurries
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and some sleet mixed in over the last hour or so. looking good, waiting up form. coming up, rg3's grandmother, a very popular woman in virginia. we'll talk to the woman who knows a different side of the rookie. hillary clinton's doctors released new details this even about her recovery just as we learned she has a blood clot near her brain. >> police officers drunk down, but we may already have one death on the road. we're going to be heading
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the u.s. consulate in ben gauze i would have had a poor security in a threat environment flashing red. that's the conclusion of a new senate rot on an attack that killed an ambassador and three other americans. the senate committee on homeland security and government affairs released the bipartisan report today. that report levels a major portion of the blame on the state department for failing to respond to repeated requests from u.s. staff in benghazi for
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more security, but the committee also found fault with the intelligence community, the defense department, the white house and congress. >> the terrorists essentially walked into the com pound, virtually unimpeded and set it ablaze due to extremely poor security. >> looking back, i would say we should have closed this facility. >> the report also notes that the administration also gave inconsistent -- the intelligence community drined to provide unclassified talking points for public consumption. now to a developing story involves secretary of state hillary clinton. we just learned doctors expect her to make a full recovery from a blood clot near her brain. secretary clinton is in a new york hospital tonight.
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we have more on her treatment and her prognosis. >> reporter: her doctors at new york presbyterian hospital say hillary clinton's blood close is located between the brain and skull, did not result in a stroke or neurological damage, and they expect her to make a full recovery. in early december, clinton picked up a stomach virus, causing dehydration that led to a fall, concussion, and now the clot. over the last four years, clinton has logged more than a million miles flying around the world on diplomatic missions, which doctors say could have contributed to her dvt. while today contributor dr. raj says the next few days will tell us a lot about how serious it is. >> if it really is she's just in a hospital to a couple days to adjust the dose of the medication, i don't think we need to be concerned about long-term consequences. >> reporter: however a longer stay may affect clinton's long-term plans that might included another presidential
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run in 2016. >> we obviously disagree. >> reporter: this all happens as clinton preparing to leave her job at secretary of state and is gallup's list of the most admired women at the world as her at the top for the 11th year in a row. well, 2013 is already here for billions around the world. >> celebrations got under way in the pacific. one of the first major cities was sydney, australia. it-attract near record krouse, more than a million people crowded the city to see a $6.9 million fireworks show. >> dubai claims its party is the biggest in the world. it entered 2013 about three hours ago. the celebration centered around the world's tallest building. an orchestra accompanied the fireworks. and we are just a few hours
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from our own celebration here. >> i think it will be a good night, a bit on the cool side. the clouds are actually a good thing. i think it would be high enough just to give that reflection on the fire words. over towards annapolis. should be a pretty good night for fireworks around our region. you can see link is not memorial is all lit up tonight. temperatures are on the cool side, but not cold, or really not extremely cold for this time of year. of course, this time of year can get quite chili. as a matter of fact, look at the report low. the low this morning was 29, one of the coldest we have seen so far this season. nowhere near this number. the record low today, minus 13. that was in 1880. that is the coldest december temperature ever. i don't think we'll get to this number anytime soon, maybe not again in our lifetimes. against as far as right now temperatures go, 40 degrees,
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gives us a bit of a windchill. there would be one even with a five to ten--mile-an-hour wind that will help to cool you down. 44, though in fred ricks were burg. i want to show you what's happening, because we have seen a couple showers, and they've been falling as sleep. this is moving out of the region, but this is just a sign of things to come over the next 24 hours, a bit of an inclement weather pattern. so anything that falls quickly evaporates. i think we'll continue to stay on the dry side. don't be surprised to see some flurries, maybe someng the day front at boundary makes its way into our region. southern maryland, down around stanton, you have the best chance of seeing precipitation tomorrow. most of this will probably fall
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as snow. some areas will fall as rain. back towards the mountain, there may be snow back there, too. on wednesday, that's when the cold air moves back in. i think wednesday could be the coldest day we have seen so far. temperatures in the low to mid 30s for most of you, windchilling only in the 20s all day long. wednesday will be a rather cold day. cloudy and cool, looking good this afternoon, 32 to 37 degrees, as long as you're bundled you said, you should be okay with the fireworks. i think temperatures should be around 34 degrees. if you're going to the national mall, walking around, no fire wok right there, but you'll probably be able to see the once over towards alexandria. looking good tonight around midnight, cloudy, seasonably mild. happy new year to 2013. 31 to 34 degrees, not bad at all, temperatures a bit above average. more clouds, rain or snow showers action best chance will stay to the south. temperatures 38 to about 43 degrees.
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once again, tuesday, the first day of 2013 could be better, but it's not that bad. 38 droes on our wednesday. that's the cold day. temperatures back to around 40 on thursday, and then another day in the 30s on friday. so we have a bit of a cold stretch. it does look like things will moderate. seared and sunday both looking good. the seahawks on sunday. gametime temperature around 40 degrees. >> even you looked cold down there last night. >> it was chilly, but i had so many layers on. i have learned my lens son. i had stuff on you don't want to know about. >> we'll leave it therivities and we won't use or imagination sdproo culling up on "news4 at 6," some gale couples are celebrating the new year at the altar. a teenager was hit crossing. -- and police search for the driver. chris cooley joins me for
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"the cooley report." we're talking big win over the cowboys and what's on the highsen. and how the other rookie alfred
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6" continues. most of us watching tv, it's
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the biggest party on the planet. >> yes, indeed, people come from all over the world to watch the crystal ball drop. >> nbc's jay gray is live tonight in times square, where he's been following preparations today. >> reporter: good evening. happy new year. yeah, the party has started here. it officially gets under way in a cup the hours, but hundreds of thousands have already made their way to times square, all want been to be a part of, as you call it, the biggest party on the planet. on the center stage, you can see them standing off to the side, psy, off to begin a rehearsal. we've seen the groups rehearsing. i know you know the dance, so expect to see that later in the evening. as for right now, what i can tell you is not only is it a huge celebration, bull according to a lot of people the safest place to be in america.
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huge show of force. in the grahn and -- but a lot of officers you don't see in places making sure it stays that way. happy new year from times square. i'm jay gray. happy new year. >> thank you, jay. >> like a million people going gangnam style. >> that would be quite a sight. >> it would be a report. plenty of celebrations here in town. xhaurndia is hosting the annual first night celebration, a family friendly way to ring in the new years. darcy spencer is live where they're getting ready for a big night. >> reporter: you know, what is new year's eve without fireworks and food truck, that's happening right here. a lot of peep are lined up to
6:30 pm
be -- there's a couple more down at the waterfront. that's something new this years. we want to show you video from last year. this one they blasted 6,000 ping-pong balls at the stroke of midnight. they haven't had fireworks here for a few years. they're back this year. the hook is they will not be happening at the massenic temple, but there on the potomac. this event is filled with entertainment, dancing, face painting, family fun with no alcohol, all for $20. you get a badge. here's what's drawing in probably thousands of people to the event tonight. what are you looking forward to the most for new year's eve? >> fireworks! >> reporter: what else? that's it? >> that's it. >> we've done it for several years, and for all ages. they have great activities. >> not new york. >> it's a great family activity. >> reporter: like you said, it's
6:31 pm
not new york, not crowded. everything is within walking distance. you do need one of these badges to get into the various events. but the big thing happening tonight at midnight, again as we said, the fireworks. they have made a comeback. they'll be set off on a barge action so you have to make your way down to the water park they're already on the lookout for drunk drivers. news4's transportation reporter adam tuss has more on the crackdown and how you can get a free taxi ride home. >> one drink can turn to two,
6:32 pm
can turn to trouble. this night can be downright dangerous on the roads. police are already out and about looking for drunk drivers in places like fairfax county, a holiday dui crackdown has been in place for about a month, keeping officers busy. >> just in the first week of december, our officers arrested over 100 people for driving under the influence of alcohol. so we do have many, many people who choose to ignore the warnings. >> reporter: let's say there's a driver weaving across the road or swerving. police say don't let it slide. it's a responsibility to report it. >> if you see someone who you suspect and think might be driving while intoxicated, don't hesitate to call the police department. call 911. >> reporter: alcohol may have been a factor in the crash early this morning near i-66 in centreville form a pickettup truck slammed into the back of a stopped tractor trailer at a red light. police aren't directly saying alcohol was involved, but they
6:33 pm
aren't ruling it out, either. if you will be having a few drinks, the message this year, you have no reason to get behind is the wheel. it's free cab ride home, up to $30. anything more and you pick up the difference. >> it's our busiest night of the year, we start at 10:00 p.m., and we don't offer it until just 2:00 or 4:00, we're actually offering it until 6:00 a.m. as far as the perception this service isn't fast or reliable, he says it takes about the same amount of time as a regular cab. the phone number 1-800-200-taxi. something else to think about. on new year's eve, drunk driving deaths spike by 50% across the country. in mer i field, adam tuss, news4. there are plenty of safe ways to get home. metro is going to stay open
6:34 pm
until 2:00 a.m. the sober ride program is running again this year. just call 1-800-200-taxi for a free ride up to $30. the car service uber- is running on surge pricing. expect base fares to reach a $100 minimum, before adding in time and mileage. members of the senate tell nbc news they hope to vote tonight on a last-minute deal to prevent going over the fiscal cliff. without a deal, automatic tax hikes and deep cuts in defense spending and other areas are set to go into effect at 34id night. right now the house doesn't expect to vote tonight, but house speaker boehner reminded measures to stay close to the capitol in case that changes. celebrating on this new year's eve, some couples getting ready to tie the knott at
6:35 pm
midnight in maryland. those marges will officially become law legal in the state at 12:01 a.m. that has one couple from frederick plans their ceremony right down to the second. pirchlts whenever it says 12:01, wherever i am, i will say "you are married." >> i want to spend the rest of my life with her, and i want to tell the world that, and i should be able to. >> i'm excited and thankful we get to have this day. i'm just happy. >> reporter: couples wanting to get married will have to wait until wednesday as maryland courthouses are closed for new year's day. there's other new laws taking effect in maryland. the first is the child identify lock law. it allows parents to freeze their credit at any time. also starting tomorrow, former military service members can get a veteran designation. the cost is $20, but it's free
6:36 pm
for those who make the change when their licenses are up for renewal. police are searching for the driver who ran over a 16-year-old from northwest washington and just kept going. tarsha jackson died on saturday, a day after the collision. jackie bensen spoke to her family. >> reporter: beautiful, fun-loving and family oriented. that's show she describes her 16-year-old sister tarsha. >> she was a fun person. she liked running around, smiling, laughing, making jokes. she loved -- she loved all of us. she was a kind person. >> reporter: a student at dunbar high school walked out of her family's northwest d.c. home friday evening. moments later she was struck attempting to cross busy new
6:37 pm
york avenue at first street. please say a 2003 pontiac bonneville struck tarsha who was in the street by just outside the crosswalk. her distraught family kept vigil at her hospital bedside, but she suck coupled to her injuries less than 24 hours later. her sisters and brokerage go. >> the agotten is made worse by a lack of answers about exactly what happened. >> come forward, whoever knew, who did this to my sister, come forward and tell us. because this is just crazy. >> reporter: her mother is now in the position of having to find strength and unfortunately trying to find money for bury her youngest child. in northwest washington, jackie bensen, news4. when we come back on "news4 at 6," prince george's county cashing in on the redskins
6:38 pm
playoff run. >> rg3's grandmother speaks out about the
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the redskins to the super bowl. something you may not know, it's not just the fans who are excited. >> that's right. washington's first playoff game in more than a decade takes
6:41 pm
place at home. news4's prince george's county chief looks at how this is paying off for the county. >> reporter: carolina kitchen and largo is the go-to spot, and the staff doesn't discriminate. >> they calm in with their cowboy gear on, because they're still in town, but we had to feed them as well. they were happy. they were very happy. and prepares for even bigger crowds this sunday. >> we'll definitely bring on more staff, as well as we know the line will be out the door as usual. >> i've been here since '82. it's exciting to have rg3 and alfred moreries and just moving forward. >> reporter: the leaders are also excited. >> 80,000 people coming to the game in the county. they spend money. >> reporter: pretty geologist is expecting this money to yield an estimated half a million in amusement and admission taxes alone. >> tough economic times right now. values have gone down over the
6:42 pm
years. property taxes have gone down. yaem time we have an influx of residents. >> number one, baby. >> reporter: fans were stocking up on gear. so you drove to prince georges from montgomery to shop at the store? >> yes, i did. >> reporter: hotels near the stadium are already booking up. it's all giving county residents who are skins fans one more reason to celebrate. >> i actually was at the last playoff game we have here in '99. just exciting to have the excitement back in d.c. and economy and money coming back. >> reporter: i asked county officials where is the parade going to be? in prince george's county? or happen in d.c.? they said, they have to work all of that out. in prince george's county, i'm tracee wilkins, news4. that parade vision in my head now. >> you can see it. dan hellies joinses with a look at what's coming up in
6:43 pm
sports. hey, we're talking all things redskins after that huge wince against the cowboys and looking ahead, to what the redskins will face on sunday.
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as "news4 at 6" continues. hello, everybody. we're talking about a pretty nice night out there for new year's eve. if you're thinking about heading out and about. current temperature 40 degrees, wind, though, southwest at 6, giving us a windchill of 32, 33, so it won't be bad. 35 in dulles, 38 down towards huntingtown. satellite and radar, the radar showing a lot of moisture making its way across the region, but very dry at the surface. could see a bit in way of sprinkle our flurry activity during the day tomorrow, but that's going to be about it. your wake-up forecast, how about 36 dress at midnight, some of you around 32 at midnight, but not extremely cold, so bunding up there, waking up to rather chilly conditions. more in a minute. thanks, doug.
6:47 pm
dan, who is like the rest of us, is celebrating after a big, big win. >> doug, dan, pat, i get it. >> it was a long night last night, but a good one. >> an unbelievable night. i think i said this earlier, the past few years we would be saying good-bye to the players as they cleaned out their lockers. now they're getting ready for the second season, of course the playoffs after their big win president the division tight, their first since '99. just the fourth time they're going to the playoffs in the last 20 years. for chris cooley, who we caught up with about an hour ago -- we had to let him off early for new year's eve -- this is the first division title of his career. >> it was unbelievable. i've always wanted the championship pat, i always wanted that accomplishment in the locker room. so when they gave me the hat, i think this thing is staying on my hat a while. it might be dorky, but i was
6:48 pm
proud of the guys, the team. the locker room was ecstatic. people were very happy and well deserves of it. >> the fact that you kicked them in the teeth made it sweeter. >> no better team. i would have wanted to play no one else to win the division and get in the playoffs like that. it does, it makes it so sweet when you beat dallas. it's all you can hope for. it's that perfect setting of this is how this should go, and we got it like that. >> and you did it by riding the back of al fret morris. is this the most unassuming nfl player we've ever come across? i mean, he's so humble. >> he's great at everything he does. >> except purchasing cars. >> he could be great at it. he's just taking his time. maybe he has that personal connection with the car. he wants it to be special. but he's as humble as anyone
6:49 pm
gets. as hard a worker as there is on our football team. he's everything you want in a guy, i think. everything you want in a pro. you look at him and say i know this guy is going to do what he's going to do this week. i trust him. i want the ball in his hands every time. him, robert, they make us -- they make us so confident. the o-line wants to block for these guys. they want to be physical. they want to knock guys around, because they no a lieutenant f will make things special happen. >> robert only had 100 yards passing, actually the -- on that touchdown run, some great blocks there. logan was in there, had a good block. pierre had a good block on the corner there. what does it say about this team when guys continue to get it down, without robert being the super start pro bowl quarterback. >> this team has played for each
6:50 pm
other and played as a unit throughout the year. this has been one of the first years where i've been here where we didn't turn around on monday and say there was ten guys. if we had had one more goo you on that play, or we missed two blocks here. that's not happening. we're on guys, we're making the blocks. the receivers are blocking better than any receivers in the league. they are getting after people. we won a game that where we played more physical. whatever you want to say, we did. we ran the ball. it was -- in the words of joe gibbs, it was redskins football. >> on both sides of the ball, too, you beat them up. defensively three interceptions, london had a couple sacks, his "d" mass mall lined for so much of the year. i know you weren't out there on the field plays defense against romo, but could you sense his heart sink every time he threw
6:51 pm
an interception or just too giddy? >> really it had nothing to do with dallas or romo. it was about us, and it was about that pick putting us in an advantageous position to win the football game, score appointments. it's been about us all year. it hasn't been about who we're playing. we don't talk about as much in ever my career about the team we're playing. we talk about us and what we need to do. what do you know about the seattle seahawks? because they are almost a mirror image of your team in terms of a good running back, a really good rookie quarterback, a defense that's been playing stout. i guess that's the one thing when you make the comparison. their defense has been one of the top in the league all year. >> i think seattle is a close comparison to us. they're a judge team and they're hot 679 they've been winning a lot of games. they've been beating teams up as
6:52 pm
they made this run. it's a huge challenge for us. it will be another big week, i guess. every week has been huge. it's not something we're not used to, but they are an outstanding football team. they have moved it. i can tell you i do not whattant to lose to saelgts every year, lost to saelgts twice in the playoffs. we have them at home. i want to win this game so bad, and i know everyone wants to win so bad. we all feel there's something going good going on, but it doesn't mean anything unless you take it all the way. i think we're all happy about winning at home against dallas, but i think the focus will turn directly to seattle and to what it will take mo make a run. >> that game is at 4:30 on sunday. other coaching around the nfl
6:53 pm
looking for jobs. black monday was brutal. it's been called black monday, because this is the day that so many coaches get fired on the floor the years in the nfl. seven head coaches fired today on this blacked monday. let's take a look. at 14 years and five nfc championship appearances, and reid let go. san diego has five norv turner. chicago gets rid of lovie smith. ken whitten hunt is got. romeo crennel out in kansas city after just one season, and a league worst 2-14. and third time not the charge. he's axed after three seasons with the bills. one final note. alex ovechkin will be tying the not. he is engaged to russian tennis star marreesa kirilenko. so congratulations to ovi,
6:54 pm
playing hockey in russia, and now he's engaged. coming up, one of rg3's
6:55 pm
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reaction after the big game. got the latest on the weather for new year's eve. >> the weather is looking good, no matter what you are doing tonight, don't worry about the weather. temperatures will be on the cool side. as long as you bundle up, no problem. if you have somebody special, helps you even more. 38 on weapons day, i think that would be the coldest day over the next seven. looking good as we head into the first weekend of the new years and the redskins game. big fin. thanks, doug. washington fans are obviously proud of the team the team is in the playoffs and many say it's in part due to robert griffin iii. one of rg3's biggest fans is his grandmother. she watches him play from her home in richmond. she never doubted her grandson would lead the team to victory. >> i to do him i love him. you know -- he said i know you
6:58 pm
were running, grandmaismt el
6:59 pm
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