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tv   News4 Today  NBC  January 24, 2013 4:30am-5:00am EST

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unscheduled leave or telework today. >> and two school closings we've just learned. stafford county schools closed. employees on a code two, liberal leave in effect. king george county schools closed, as well, they're on a code one. if you're just waking up, look at the road. depends where you live. >> you have to drive start. take it easy on the roads. we checked kroorm in virginia, as well. you'll find many highways treated with salt, but streets could be slick around your neighborhood. >> that's right. another shot of conditions in maryland now. you'll want it give yourself plenty of extra time if you're headed out this early hour. storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein's watching the conditions. what's going on? >> the only reason the streets are wet is because they've been treated with a lot of salt. elsewhere, all of the road temperatures are well below freezing. any snow that fell stuck. and it is slick. watch out. untreated surfaces are very slick. some of the heaviest snow we
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had, actually southern maryland, northern neck of virginia. this narrow band there. unloaded an inch to two inches of snow parts of the northern neck, into st. mary's county, lower eastern shore. now locally we're just getting lingering snow showers and flurries in areas in gray and white across northern virginia and into the nearby suburbs in maryland. it's going to be with us here perhaps for another hour or two. and then ending. up to about an inch of snow generally. all these areas in the purple color, until 9:00. a winter weather advisory in effect. it's probably going to be expiring around dawn. and most locations, though, around the metro area only had about a dusting to maybe a quarter inch where temperature are only in the upper teens prince george's county. montgomery, arlington, fairfax near 20 in the district. and later today, it's going to be mid 20s by noon. we'll have sunshine then. a gusty wind will swirl the snow, gusting to 30 miles per hour. the windchills will be in the teens. sunrise 7:20. sunset, 5:21.
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by then winds will diminish to the mid 20s under a clear sky. more snow maybe tomorrow. i'll have details on that all morning long. stay tuned. i'm back in ten minutes. danella? good morning. checking a new accident. this is as you head westbound 66 at the dulles toll road. crash here blocks the left lane. and heading over -- i want to show you local roads. this is 29 in columbia at 32. and you see at least a path here that's clear for you as you make your way northbound. southbound, we'll continue closer to silver spring. this is at franklin. the roads get a little better, but you see some areas are plowed, some still snow covered. you have to give yourself extra time just so you can drive slowly in case you have to come to an abrupt stop. if the have the ability to leave a little later, you should do so. it is pretty slick outside. over to you. >> thank you. 4:32. the blast of winter weather has left a coating of snow around the region. some of are you waking up to a dusting. others might have a bit more to clean off the car this morning. news4's megan mcgrath is scoping out prince george's county.
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she's live in forestville with the conditions out there. looks like you got snow out there, megan. >> reporter: yeah, i would say we got around an inch of snow in the forestville area. and basically we have a scenario where the major roads are in pretty good shape. those side streets are still snow covered. take a look here at walters lane. you see that there's a coating of snow across the roadway here. it's difficult to see the striping on the pavement. so treacherous. this, again, a side street in the forestville area. if we pan across to the intersection, this is pennsylvania avenue here. and you see that we have wet pavement. we've seen a number of plows go through the area. they're spreading salt. they're not actually using their plows. there's not enough snow for that. they are putting the chemicals down. as you see from wet conditions on the roadway, those chemicals are doing their job. they're melting the snow here. we also have some traffic going through the area now. rush hour is starting to get underway. that helps, as well, as people run over that salt. it grinds it up, gets it down on
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the road surface, helps to melt thing. we are expecting an improvement of conditions as the morning wears on. but keep in mind there are plenty of areas that are still very slick and that have not necessarily been treated. live in forestville, megan mcgrath, news4. back to you. >> thank you. people in virginia waking up to snow this morning, as well. "news4 todanews4 continues our coverage. tony is in prince william to look at things. -- is in prince william county to look at things. tony? >> reporter: it's similar to what megan was talking about. we're at the corner of prince william parkway and telegraph road. if you're waking up this morning, this is what you'll see on the side roads. plows have been through but not a lot of salt down. there's still a lot of the snow is covering the ground on the side streets. if you look at prince william parkway, a lot of salt has been down from yesterday. they've been putting down the brine milk and adding molasses
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-- mix and adding molasses, too. we came down 95, and condition weren't that bad on 95. guys, the temperatures are low, as tom's been talking about all morning. a lot of spots are wet. could be a little black ice. you still want to take your time. guys, by the way, a lot of people might be off work this morning. you see this couple i talked to a couple of minutes ago, they're out enjoying the snow. it's only a little after 4:30. some people making the best of this. we'll stay on this all morning, continue to check in with you guys. that's the latest from woodbridge. back to you. >> look who finally bought a hat and gloves. tony live from prince william county -- >> reporter: yes, sir. >> thank you. >> reporter: you got it. 4:35. our area's growing population has metro considering building two new tunnels as part of its long-term plan. the "washington post" reports that the ten-year plan will be presented to the board today. it includes a proposal for a tunnel that runs underneath 10th street to thomas circle. that's the one pictured on the right. and a second tunnel under the potomac between rosalyn and georgetown seen on the left. leaders are proposing underground walk ways to be
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built between stations downtown so riders can transfer lines without waiting for a train. the plan also calls for about $26 billion in funding over the next 30 years. soon you'll only be able to use one entrance at the pentagon station. three 18-year-old jesk later will be replaced. you'll be able to use those on the north side entrance. work is expected to continue into the fall. this is metro's third replacement project. 4:36. d.c.'s police chief is challenging the findings of a report to be released today that calls into question how rape cases are handled in the district. chief lanier says the information in that report was gathered using flawed methods. news4, though, talked with one victim who tells us she was mireated by police and her case mishandled after she says she was sexually assaulted. >> the detective in front of me told the nurse i didn't need the compromdone. and the nurse, to her -- exam
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done. and the nurse, to her credit, said it was her job and i would need to talk with her. i did. the experience of being raped was absolutely humiliating. but it wasn't until i talked to police that i felt shamed. my fear is that this report because it is based largely on older data, incidents involving one or two detectives who are no longer in the unit, it's painting a picture that that's the current state of affairs here. it's not. >> the report was done by the group human rights watch and says in the past three years, the d.c. police department has failed to document more than 170 assault cases and failed to investigate 35 other cases. today prosecutors could rest its case against anne arundel county executive john leopold. a key member of his staff testified yesterday in his fraud and misconduct trial. the chief of staff ran leopold's re-election campaign in 2010. roby testified that a member of the security detail put together a file on a campaign opponent. prosecutors are trying to prove
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leopold used his police detail for his personal and political benefit. leopold denies any wrongdoing. in the day ahead, prosecutors will call eight witnesses to the stand in the murder trial of a former police officer. harmon wright is accused of shooting and killing patricia cook in a school parking lot in culpeper last february. his lawyers claim he acted in self-defense. the medical examiner testified that cook had been shot five times. in an interrogation video played in court, harmon wright admitted he had been reprimanded in the past for excessive force. today is a day some women in the military have been waiting years for. defense secretary leon panetta set to announce the military is lifting its ban on women in combat. the joint chiefs recommended overturning a 1994 rule that prohibited women from being assigned to smaller ground combat units. the changes won't happen overnight, of course. each branch of the military will will have to come up with a plan to allow women to seek combat positions. some jobs could be open for women later this year. other positions like special ops
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may take longer. the navy will soon make sure its sailors aren't drinking on the job. tell start testing their blood alcohol levels. the testing will be at random. any sailor with a blood alcohol level of .04 or higher when reporting to duty will not be allowed to work. that is half the blood alcohol level you need to be considered legally drunk in all 50 states and in the district. the navy says it won't use positive tests to punish sailors, but it could use them to refer them to counseling. 4:39. want to run down the list again for you of changes with schools. loudoun county public schools now on a two-hour delay. stafford and king george county schools all in virginia closed today. and coming up, the warning that went to redskins players about a girl with a fake identity on line. and a judge banned himself from the district after this stunt -- banned another man from the district. and snow-covered roads across the region. [ male announcer ] pillsbury grands biscuits.
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weather and traffic on the 1s. good morning, i'm storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein. most of the snow is scattered in northern virginia, the district, into maryland. these are heading to the south and east. they've left in their wake many locations that have picked up an inch mainly south and east of washington. even a couple of inches parts of st. mary's county. this is going to be changing over it some clearing skies here over the next couple of hours.
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sunshine with a blustery wind. highs only near 30 degrees by mid-afternoon. could get more snow tomorrow. latest in ten minutes. danella with a look at traffic now. good morning. an update on early morning accidents westbound 66 at the dulles toll road. crash here is blocking the left lane and the center lane. over to i-95 at cardinal drive, you'll see off to the right lane here, there is an accident. please use extra caution as you travel along i-95. the other accident, this one at dumfries road. still the box truck is disabled blocking the right lane, as well. i'm back in ten. over to you. >> thank you. we have more school closings and delays coming in. this just in -- montgomery county schools opening two hours late today. loudoun county also two hours late. king george, staffed closed. >> closed today. those will be scrolling at the bottom of the screen. coming up, how the cold weather left a cell tower worker stranded in maryland. and a live look at the storm
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welcome back. the time is 4:46. are you looking live toward the wilson bridge from national harbor this morning. this area along the water will no doubt be another very cold spot today. storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein tracking the early morning snow for us. your weather & traffic on the 1s straight ahead. 4:46. high-profile athletes have been caught at the center of a catfishing scandal. first it was mantei tello. now some redskins players admit they were fooled by a woman with a fake online identity. she used the twitter name
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redridinghood. according to nfl who broke the story, her actions prompted a warning from team management. the woman allegedly used fake photos on line, and the pictures were actually pictures of a porn star. a germantown man who was also fooled by the woman says he noticed her contact with the players. >> she told me that she knew one guy on the 2009 roster. >> phillip daniels, director of player development for the washington redskins, tells news4 that it was all about attention. it was just about being able to talk to players. it was never a situation where the players were giving any money or anything like that. a virginia man behind bars for starting an inappropriate relationship with a 14-year-old girl on facebook. police say 18-year-old brian mccool of woodbridge sent that girl inappropriate message. the girl's family discovered them and called police. mccool is charged with indecent liberties with a child. an alexandria man facing charges this morning for an
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attempted sexual assault. this happened nearly four months ago. police say 25-year-old roger lewis attacked a woman near holmes run parkway on october 2. he was indicted last week and is being held without bond. investigators say they don't think this assault is connected with another that happened in the same area about a week later. mitt romney will make a rare appearance in d.c. tomorrow. the former presidential nominee will attend a luncheon hosted by two of his major campaign fundraisers. philanthropist katherine reynolds and hotel magnate bill marriott jr. it's being held at the j.w. marriott hotel. romney has rejoined the chain's board of directors after leaving in 2011 to round run for the -- to run for the white house. romney chose not to attend thenation monday. the first nominee -- the inauguration monday. the first nominee to do so since dukakis in 1989. ray la hood is defending statement saying the boeing dreamliner is safe. on january 11, la hood said it was the safest to fly despite a about theory fire in one plane. five days later, he and the faa
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ordered united to ground all of its dreamliner planes after another battery fire led to an emergency landing in japan. la hood says he stands by his decision process. >> on the day we announced the planes were safe, they were. on the day that we announced that there was another incident and we were grounding the planes, we felt this was the time to ground the planes. >> the dreamliner planes will be grounded until the battery problem is fixed. today, virginia governor bob mcdonnell will explain how his transportation funding proposal will impact our area. the governor will answer questions about his plan this afternoon in herndon. mcdonnell wants to generate more than $3 billion over five years for transportation projects across the commonwealth. he'd do that by eliminating virginia's gas tax tax and raising its sales tax. an anti-abortion protester who's been banned from d.c. after climbing a tree during the inauguration is now getting some support. reeves grogin clie n climbed th
4:50 am
during president obama's inauguration ceremony. he stayed up there for five hours. several civil liberties groups say banning him from the district while the case is pending violates free speech. he's been arrested several times in the district for disorderly and unlawful conduct. this morning we're hearing of the calls for help of a man trapped 20 stories in the air. he was working on this cell tower in gaithersburg yesterday when he got so cold he couldn't move. he even had trouble reaching his cell phone. after several hours he was able to call 911 for help. >> you're stuck on a tower? >> yeah. my hands are like completely frozen. i can't like grip -- i can't get down. my co-worker, he can't -- he's telling me to meet him halfway. >> how high up are you? >> i think it's like 200 feet or 150. >> okay. >> cell phone tower. i was able to reach in my pocket and finally get it after two hours. my hands are like frozen.
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>> before rescue crews could even arrive, the man's co-worker, rob bonsell, climbed to the top of the tower to bring him down. he told news4 that he used special ropes to lower them both to the ground. nice to have a friend like that. more school delays. fairfax county announced a two-hour delay. montgomery county, maryland, fairfax county, virginia o a two-hour delay. >> stafford and prince george's county schools close clod today. >> tom? a light coating of snow stuck to all untreated surfaces. where you see roadways wet that's because they've been salted. there is the view from our city camera. visibilities have been lowered a little bit. we see the washington monument, light snow now at reagan national airport. that light snow is going to be with us here for another couple of hours. right now, it's at 19 at reagan national with a northeast wind around 10. that wind will shift to the northwest after the snow ends.
4:52 am
you see the general trend is for it to move to the south and east. it's broken up a bit now. parts of southern maryland where they had the most report of snow. now the highest amounts are st. mary's county where they had over two inches near town creek. in the northern neck of virginia, bill holliday newland, a weather watcher, reports an inch of snow in richmond county. farther north and west, montgomery county, prince george's, arlington, fairfax, had generally under an inch. although prince george's county, some locations there had about an inch or so. loudoun county, into prince william, fauquier, as well as frederick county, maryland, panhandle of west virginia, all generally had an inch or less. we're still going to get a few of these passing snow showers and some flurries here all the way until perhaps another couple of hours. this winter weather advisory expires at 9:00 this morning. all these counties in the purple color are under this advisory until 9:00. it may expire earlier than that as the snow will be quickly coming to an end over the next couple of hours. right now, look how cold it is. it's only in the upper teens and n -- teens in prince george's
4:53 am
county, mid teens in arlington, fairfax, and district of columbia. as we look going forward, the snow will quickly end. we'll get sunshine breaking out with a blustery wind today. then clear, cold night tonight. then on friday, increasing clouds. does look like more snow moving in. all the areas in lavender. areas of more snow perhaps friday afternoon into friday evening. that will end by midnight friday. between now and then, still cold. most areas staying below freezing today. winds gusting over 30 miles per hour. swirling the snow around. down to the teens tomorrow morning. then afternoon and evening, light snow scootered around. could get a couple of inches or so. does not look major, but enough for it to stick on untreated surfaces beginning late on friday afternoon. ending midnight friday night. sun back saturday and sunday. still cold mornings and cold afternoons. finally a warmup, though, first part of next week. could get rain wednesday. i'm back in ten minutes. danella with traffic. good morning. an update along i-95 in virginia between stafford and dale city.
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multiple accidents. i've counted over four so far. here's one at dumfries road. you see just off to the right lane. the delay here, it's still just a very slick commute on i-95. crews are out trying to salt the road, plow the road. some spots still pretty covered in snow. you got to give yourself extra time. let's talk about local roads. this is along arlington boulevard. 50 in virginia at nutley street. and you see nutley still covered at this time. but arlington looks pretty good. that's what you're dealing with. roads are nice and clear. some roads just not treated yet. if you have the ability to leave later, do so. if you have to head out, give yourself plenty of time. aaron, over to you. >> thank you. just learned that charles county public schools are closed this morning. they're starting to roll in fast and furious now. keep an eye on the bottom of the screen for any changes and updates. a lawsuit challenging maryland's gambling expansion has been thrown out. it argued that question seven required a majority of all of the state's registered voters to approve the referendum, not just
4:55 am
the majority who actually voted. a judge rejected that idea. question seven paves the way for veg vegas-style table games and gambling at maryland casinos. it prevents a sixth state casino at national harbor in prince george's county. friday is probably your favorite day of the workweek. wouldn't it be even better if you only had to work for half the day? that was one of the workplace perks americans want the most. careerbuilder asked more than 3,900 full-time workers nationwide what would make them happier at work -- half day fridays was one of the most common responses. an on-site fitness center and ability to wear jeans also scored high in the survey. consider this before making a call during your drive to work. a study finds that people who multitask tend to be the least capable of doing those tasks well. that includes talking on the phone while driving. researchers at the university of utah looked at the perceived and actual multitasking ability of 300 college students. they found student who thought
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they were better than average had the lowest ability scores. researchers say that proves there should be stricter laws for talking on the phone behind the wheel. fast food chain subway now facing a lawsuit over its footlong subs. two new jersey men claim the chain is making false claims in its ads about its footlong subs. they measured them and found the sandwiches are falling short, apparently. subway would not comment but says it tries to ensure consistency in the more than 38,000 restaurants worldwide. >> all right. college basketball's number-one team had a stormy night. >> the save -- throws it away. larkin ahead of the pack -- >> look at this! [ cheers ] >> a team giving up lay-up after lay-up. >> the miami hurricanes demolished the duke blue devils 0-63. -- 90-63. the 27-point drubing is the third worst beating ever for a
4:57 am
number-one team. duke's worst loss since 1984. a lot of folks love to hate duke. >> uh-huh. right now as we approach 5:00 a.m., snow all across the d.c. region. this is the view from our city camera now. >> take it easy on the roads. we're checking the camera in virginia. you'll find many main highways treated with salt. streets could be slick around your neighborhood, as well. and another shot here from maryland right now. these are the conditions you'll see. you'll want to give yourself plenty of extra time if you are headed out at this early hour. good morning, everyone, i'm aaron gilchrest. >> i'm eun yang. welcome to "news4 today" for this thursday, january 24, 2013. we have closings and delays starting to come into our newsroom. here's what we have so far -- the federal government is open. employees have the option for unscheduled leave or telework. the fairfax county government is also open with its unscheduled leave policy in place. >> we turn our attention to the school systems in our area. fairfax, loudoun, montgomery county schools are all open on a two-hour delay today. these county school systems are
4:58 am
closed -- charles, stafford, orange, and king george counties. all the school closings and delays, of course, the bottom of the screen and >> we'll continue to bring you the latest school closings and delays to get your kids ready, as well. we want to look at the forecast. here's storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein. >> it was light snow but certainly cold. all untreated surfaces got coated with snow. and even maybe it was only a half inch to a quarter inch in many locations. that was enough. once it get compacted down to turn into sheets of ice. watch out for that. you may be driving along thinking, oh, i've got good traction. you come up on a stop sign and whoa, you keep on going. watch out for that. where roadways are wet, that's only because they've been treated with salt. and this has been coming out of the northwest heading northeast. storm team 4 radar showing bands of just a light to moderate snow where you see the brightest whites. and the heaviest amounts of snow reported were in southern charles county and parts of st.
4:59 am
mary's county where they had over two inches, two to 2.5 inches there. those were only isolated areas there in far southern charles county and into st. mary's county. you can see all the areas in gray. light snow, that includes the district as well as northern prince george's county, montgomery, arlington, fairfax. brighter spots, may be coming down harder near herndon, into far southern loudoun county. and fredericksburg, too, getting snow. all this under the winter weather advisory. common around the region and cold. in the teens around the metro area. northern virginia, the district and maryland, later today, sun breaking out. blustery wind, highs reaching near 30. wind will swirl the snow. cold tonight, more snow likely tomorrow. i'm back in ten minutes. now how's traffic doing with the snow, danella? a lot of fender-benders in our area. we'll start with i-270 southbound at 80. fibo


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