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tv   News4 Today  NBC  January 25, 2013 4:30am-5:00am EST

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about this morning. first, the federal government is open again today. but employees have the option for unscheduled leave or telework. in virginia, culpeper, king george, page stafford and spotsylvania counties are closed. the school systems. anne arundel county in maryland decided they will dismiss two hours early this afternoon. the motto this morning. take it easy on the roads. many streets look like this one here. with temperatures in the teens, the snow not plowed is now ice and that could make for a potentially dangerous commute to work this morning. isn't just drivers. people out on the sidewalks say they're worried about walking. >> what concerns me is the kids walking on the sidewalk. if you're in a good spin, you could go over the sidewalk and harm somebody. it's treacherous. >> vdot said it's their policy not to plow side streets unless
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the area receives 2 inches of snow or more. let's see what we're in for today. storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein is here. >> we've had had the clouds increasing. a snow event this afternoon. getting rather cloudy and a little visible through the high cloud cover. it is cold. right now, montgomery county only the low teens. much of prince george's county open only in the mid teens. in much of arlington and fairfax county, the low to mid teens there as well. we'll stay frigid throughout the morning. an advisory all the counties in the purple color. there's a storm system in western maryland beginning later today and continuing into saturday there. we're only going to have a storm system coming in today that's going to be bringing us light snow by early to mid-afternoon initially and pick up in intensity. there could be slick spots by late afternoon and winds gentle.
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not too bad. these are the snowfall totals i'm expecting from this lilley vent. heavier along the bay. on the bay and on the eastern shore, an inch or less in much of virginia, maryland. the higher amount in the mountains. i'm back in ten minutes. a look at traffic with danella. >> good morning. i have to urge you guys to slow down. use caution as you travel around our area, especially as you leave before the sunrises. you're dealing with black icement first let's talk about -- this was yesterday -- no. it's still going on. at weese west highway at kenilworth avenue. yesterday's water main break, they're still working to repair it. it's blocking lanes in both directions. we were talking about black ice, single vehicle accident i-95 in jessup maryland southbound at 175. just the right lane will get you
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by the crash here. your backup is about a mile so far. let's head to virginia, i-95 soub at backlick road, it's cleared. tens of thousands of pro live activists will descend on capitol hill for the march for life. they've been gathering at catholic university. we'll be tracking a number of rallies and event throughout the morning. the main rally begins at noon on the national mall. demonstrators will then march to the capitol and supreme court as they did last year. organizers expect a huge crowd this year. a record crowd as a matter of fact. this marks the 40th anniversary of the roe v. wade decision. if you're driving downtown today, look at the screen. these roads will be closed for much of the day. several streets between constitution and independence will be closed starting at 9:30 this morning. parts of 7th and f street will be closed.
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those closures could drag into the evening. all the streets should be open by 6:30. vice president joe biden takes his to -- he will be joined by janet knanapolitano. they'll be joined by experts who worked on gun safety issues in the state in the wake of the virginia tech massacre in 2007. the event starts at 11:00 on virginia commonwealth university. in the day ahead, punishment time for a man who killed a d.c. principal. shreve lancaster was arrested for killing the man inside his home in 2010. betts was a principal at a school. he met one of the suspects online and they planned to rob him. lancaster could get life in prison without the possibility of parole. you don't see this every day. but a culpeper county jury heads
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to the scene of a crime. he's the former culpeper police officer accused of shooting patricia cook in a parking lot last year. harmon-wright claims self-defense. a witness testified that the former cop's story about being dragged by the victim's car was made up. john kerry could be confirmed as the secretary of state bit middle of next week. kerry answered questions from the senate foreign relations committee during his confirmation hearing. he's the committee's chairman. he told his colleagues he's committed to keeping nuclear weapons out of iran. >> we'll do what we must do to prevent a roon from obtaining a nuclear weapon. i repeat here today, our policy is not containment. s prevention. and the clock ticking on our efforts to secure responsible compliance. >> current secretary of state hillary clinton introduced kerry. she called him the right choice
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for the job. next week a vote in the senate sends billions of aid dollars to victims superstorm sandy or not. president obama already said he'll sign the bill. others say it will add to the national debt. there is a new bill in congress this morning making the district of columbia the nation's 51st state. delaware senator tom carper and three others are sponsoring a bill giving d.c. full statehood. it's not expected to pass. but many say it's a promising sign that support for statehood is at least growing. delegate eleanor holmes -- it would name d.c. the new columbia ziefrm a bill allowing gay marriage in rhode island after a landslide approval in the house of representatives, it faces uncertainty in the rhode island state senate which has voted
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down every same-sex marriage bill since 1997. rhode island is the only state in new england to not allow same-sex marriages. it's currently legal in nine states plus d.c. >> a lawyer is suing one of d.c.'s most prominent law firms. she says they fired her for taking time off to adopt a child. pamela levinson filed that gender discrimination suit. he claims the firm fired her in february last of year when she was on leave adopting a daughter from china. she was passed over for promotions because of her age and gender. the claims have no merit is what the other side says. how drivers could soon pick up the tab for transportation plans in maryland. the real reason behind a lockdown of a uva campus according to a prosecutor. downloading the storm team 4 weather app. search nbc washington in the app
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welcome back. dramatic video out of australia. take a look at this. a 14-year-old boy was caught in raging floodwaters clinging to a tree. a rescue was able to get to the boy after struggling against the current and get him back to safety. there have been more than more than 20 swift water rescues today in queensland.
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torrential rain caused by a cyclone caused heavy flooding. >> so many wild things happening in the weather lately. it is 4:41 on this friday morning. the weekend finally upon us. tom kierein is keeping an eye on things outside. tom? >> it is stone cold this morning. weather and traffic on the 1s. good morning. right now it's in the low to mid teens. montgomery, arlington, fairfax, near 20 in washington. we're going to stay here, frigid through the morning hours. hour by hour throughout the day today, by 9:00 just in the mid to upper teens. then by noontime, in the low 20s. upper 20s around 1:00, 2:00. then light snow developing. when that happens, temperatures are going to be dropping back down to the low 20s. the snow will stick immediately. untreated surfaces will meet immediately become slippery by mid to late afternoon. here are the snow totals i'm expecting. an inch or less. all the areas in the light blue, including the metro area and much of northern virginia.
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however, eastern suburbs, around the bay, eastern shore could get higher amounts as will the mountain regions. we'll look at the rest of the week and the weekend and the first part of next week coming up. danella? >> we were talking about the crash in jessup southbound at 175. your travel lanes are now open. so are the northbound lanes. delays are gone. so nice commute i-95 in maryland between the baltimore beltway and the capitol beltway. speaking of the beltway, let's fwauk that. the trip past 210 and prince george's county. inner loop and outer loop. looping around the wilson bridge. heading towards virginia, no issues towards the american legion bridge. aaron and eun. >> danella, thank you. still to come, first the flu, now words another virus is spreading across the country. how you can take precautions now. >> caps players voice their
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today a former cia officer will be sentenced to prison for leaking the name of someone. he's agreed to spend more than two years in jail. he and the supporters say the government is punishing him for speaking out against torture the cia conducted. prosecutors say he was after fame and fortune. we'll find out if a man who attacked a security guard at a landover daycare center. he pleaded guilty to charges last year. young beat the guard with a baseball bat last april when he wouldn't let him in to use the phone. surveillance video of that attack will play out in the courtroom today. a former maryland state delegate is fighting for her life after being pulled from her burning home. the 83-year-old wasn't breathing when they found her in this raging fire. she did regain consciousness at
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the hospital but is in critical condition right now. she's the first african-american to represent prince george's county in the general assembly. firefighters are still investigating the cause but say it started in her bedroom. this little dog is being hailed as a hero this morning. 8-year-old kayla woke her owner in the middle of the night wednesday. williamson got up to get out of bed and fell to the ground nauseous. she called 91 and firefighters pulled her and kayla from the home both with carbon monoxide poisoning. someone left their car running for several hours in a garage beneath the apartment. >> one, i'm so appreciativ that i'm alive and that she's alive. i feel so lucky that i can tell my pamly how much i love them. >> williamson says as soon as she left the hospital, she bought a carbon monoxide detector. prince george's county police say a 16-year-old murdered last weekend was the victim of dpang gang violence.
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two people gunned down marcus jones outside a party last saturday in ft. washington. it stemmed from gang rivalry. police are still searching for a third suspect. a surprising twist this morning after word of a gunman shut down the campus of university of virginia at wise on sunday night. the bristol herald courier reports a 20-year-old made it up because as prosecutors put it, he wanted to look like a hero. hair ston was trying to deflect the -- he's charged with making a false police report and been banned from the campus. the cdc is telling you to be extra vigilant about washing hands and prepare food properly. this as it deals with a new strain of stomach bug. the strain of noro-virus is spreading across and spreading quickly. they've seen 140 outbreaks in the last four months.
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it's spread in places like schools, cruise ships, nursing homes. to prevent getting sick, doctors urge you to keep your hands washed, disinfect surfaces and prepare food properly. before making the eggs for breakfast, the cdc is blaming salmonella contaminated eggs for illnesses in 2009 and 2010. the figures were just released. it found that more than 29,000 people became sick from something they ate during that two-year span. 1200 wound up in the hospital. 23 people died from food borne illnesses. filling your gas tank could get more expensive in maryland. the senate president there, thomas miller, he's proposing the idea of letting counties raise the state's gas tax by as much as 5 cents to fund transportation projects. the state has a 23.5 cents per gallon tax already that hasn't been raised since 1992. miller is also proposing a you 3% sales tax on gas across the state saying it would generate
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$300 million. a library in detroit believes it has found a way to make sure you return the books. the public library hired a collection agency to go after those with overdue books and movies. if it goes long enough, it could hurt your credit score. the library will only go after borrowers with more than $20 worth of items. they say they've lost about $40,000 in unreturned rentals over the past five years. you can only do so much to keep someone from interrupting the president. check out what happened when had president obama announced his nominees to lead two federal agencies. >> i am nominating mary joe white to lead the security and exchange commission and richard core -- to continue leading consumer financial protection bureau. this guy is bothering me here. >> you see the fly flying around there. it rudely disturbed the president landing on his forehead. he has a history of run ins with
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pests. remember this incident in 2009. he killed a fly while sitting down to talk with cnbc's john harwood. >> somebody you need to bring in somebody to get rid of the bugs. more winter weather to talk about. local plow companies working through the night to clear and prep roads for the next round in virginia it's the small businesses that are getting the call because vdot won't plow secondary roads unless there's more than 2 inches on the ground. those potentially dangerous conditions have residents asking fellow drivers to take it easy. >> what concerns me is the kids walking on the sidewalk. if you get in a good spin, you could go over the sidewalk and harm somebody. it's very treacherous. >> vdot says that you should try to getter rands done early today so when the snow comes this afternoon, they can treat the roads without you being in their way. >> it's definitely cold enough. there will be a lot of slick spots. be careful out there. meteorologist tom kierein here now with the forecast. >> that snow yesterday got
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compacted down. even though it's a thin layer, it's enough to lose traction. frigid friday morning. around the region, temperatures into the teens. under an increasingly cloudy sky. 20 degrees at reagan national with a northwest wind at about 10 miles an hour. so the windchills down to around 9 degrees. elsewhere, temperatures down into the teens everywhere from the mountains to the atlantic beaches. except on the tidal potomac, reagan national at 20. prince george's county in the low to mid teens. here's the radar showing snow in the midwest heading towards west virginia. it's going to come our way later today. all the counties in purple under a winter weather advisory 2:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. about all of maryland. out in the mountains too. out in western maryland, this could be a longer event that may be getting higher amounts of snow. here's the timing. as of noontime, looks like the leading edge of the snow, these areas in purple, coming into the
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highlands of west virginia and the northern shenandoah valley. then by 3:00 or 4:00 it will move in the western suburbs and move toward the eastern suburbs between 5:00 to 6:00 p.m. and then heading quickly out to sea by around 10:00 tonight. leaving in its wake about an inch or less. enly all these areas in the light blue. that's in the metro area. prince george's county, anne arundel, st. mary's, could pick up an inch or two. well over 2 inches likely in the mountains. it's going to be lasting longer into saturday. we will have sun back on saturday with afternoon highs into the low 30s. after we start off in the teents again saturday morning. teens again sunday morning. lots of sun, though, on sunday with highs reaching mid-30s. some of the snow will be melting. on monday, a lot of it melting around 40 degrees. probably most of it is going to
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be gone. tuesday clouding up. might get some rain. by midweek next week with highs reaching the mid-50s. there is a nice warmup on the way. indications are way out toward end of next week getting cold again. i'll be back in ten minutes. danella with a look of traffic. >> good morning. still checking on things in our area. heads up if you're traveling in prince george's county. along kenilworth avenue at east-west highway in both directions, the left lane will be blocked because of water main repair. let's check out 50 right now. if you're making the commute from the bay bridge towards the beltway in both directions, both lanes are open. i-9 connecting to new york avenue. no reports much accidents or major delays at this time. aaron and eun, back to you. >> thanks danella. we know we're in for a frigid weekend. what better way to spend that weekend than jumping into freezing cold water. makes sense to me.
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>> sure. >> two polar plunges expected this weekend for the keep winter cold polar bear plunge. it's supposed to draw attention to climate change. members of the rockville police department will jump into the chesapeake near annapolis. >> it is so cold right now, i can't imagine sticking my toe into it. >> not smart. but good causes. it is 4:54. 22 degrees out there. the maryland woman with a lot of to celebrate after a big win on national television last night. why super bowl fans may see controversial banners near the superdome in
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local chef is celebrating this morning. she took on tough competent igs had front of a national audience. tamara thomas in bowie competed on the episode of the food network show sweet genius. it puts pastry chef against pastry chef and she won. she won $10,000. the foodies segment on her. we're happy for her. >> mama cocoas in bowie. >> check it out. >> i am on it. >> exciting. the caps are officially behind the eight ball in a shortened season where every win and loss really does count. last night another blowout at verizon center as the montreal
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canadiens walked out with a 4-1 win. three of the goals came within a span of five minutes and the penalty kill struggled again giving up the seventh power play of the goal of the season. frustration in the locker room starting to boil over. >> embarrassing is almost the right term. pathetic is probably a better one. i feel bad for the fans. i'd like to finish a game with at least 50% of the fans still in the stands. their reaction is warranted. boo'ing us. we got to turn something around. we got to do it fast. >> all right. no rest for the weary here. the caps travel to new jersey to take on the devils tonight. >> if you're heading to a super bowl party next sunday, here's a tip. keep your thoughts to yourself, aaron gilchrist. >> the know it all is the most annoying super bowl party guest a according to a survey by coupon cabinet. that's who thinks he or she is as smart as the coach. he or she isn't there to watch
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the game but has no problem chatting away. people hope the remote dominator. who is taking the -- >> i don't like that social butterfly either. shut up and sit down. >> we're watching the game. stay with us. "news4 today" continues right now at 5:00 a.m. new from overnight, breaking news. shots fired. a woman hit in the head. the investigation happening right now here in the district. good morning, i'm aaron gilchrist. i'm eun yang. welcome to "news4 today" for this friday, january 25, 2013. we have a live report on that shooting straight ahead. but first -- >> the gripping cold. round two of our snow headed our way. take a look. >> this new system comes as many of you deal with slick streets from round one of winter weather. the. >> the driving conditions prompting closures. the federal government is open today. employees, though, can again opt for the unscheduled leave or


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