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tv   News4 Today  NBC  February 1, 2013 4:30am-5:00am EST

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so we're getting a lot of -- this is what happens when you release the commercials before the super bowl. you have people weighing in. >> people are saying is it justified? is it really people being too politically correct? >> it was the same with the jamaican accent. most say it was in good fun and not many are offended by that one. >> it's just a commercial. stay with us. "news4 today" continues right now at 4:30. 4:30 now. bracing for more winter weather. we're tracking the system now as it brings more snow our way. the impact on your morning commute. it's the latest twist in this wild weather we've seen this week. aaron? >> that's right. storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein is here on when you'll see flakes flying. >> storm team radar showing it now. snow reaching the ground in southern prince george's county,
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northern charles county and into central calvert county. farther north and west, a few scattered flurries there and sprinkles of light snow maybe reaching the ground in frederick and washington county. farther west of the potomac river from southern maryland into the shenandoah valley. only a few scattered flurries right now. we have this disturbance coming through. a weak area of low pressure. as it moves on through, may give us enough snow to coat the ground. maybe a light dusting here in this bright white zone on storm team 4 radar. that's south of clinton, north of waldorf and that is passing to the east quickly and that's a little narrow band that stretches from eastern, southeastern prince george's county into central calvert county and across the bay. it's zipping off to the east. as we look at temperatures, critical value of course, we want to make sure that the road temperatures don't get too cold. right now, they're a little above freezing. some of the snow reaching the
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ground south is melting a little bit on some of the roadways. north and west, the road temperatures below freezing. this light snow off and on here, passing snow showers all the way until 10:00 this morning. temperatures right near or below freezing. dusting to an inch around the light blue zone including washington, nearby suburbs. a dusting here and flurries. or a dusting north and west. up to a half inch or so in southern maryland northern neck. farther west, 1 to 2 inches along the blue ridge. part of the shenandoah valley and into the mountains. this cold pattern will continue into the weekend. we'll take a look at next week coming up. now a look at traffic with danella on this friday morning with first 4 traffic. good morning. >> good morning. unfortunately, some problems from yesterday are still lingering over to today. if you're traveling this time, cedar lane in maryland is closed between beach and rockville. we saw this yesterday because of a downed tree. still seeing that tree down in the area. this te traveling towards
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germantown. davis mill road, closure between hunt master road and blunt road because of high standing water. also this time in damascus between log house and new bury road. if you see high standing water, turn around. use caution in this area. i'm back in ten minutes. aaron and eun, over to you. 4:33 now. melissa mollet at the live desk with breaking news. melissa, good morning. >> we got this into the news room. the american legion lot in laurel is being shut down this morning because of severe flooding over the river. take a look at the area. this is how it looked late last night. it cuts capacity by 40%. they're warning there may be no parking spots left after 6:00 this morning at the laurel station. at this point, they're asking passengers to allow extra time and drive either to savage or the mer kirk station.
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tickets will be honored there. melissa mollet, news 4. a developing story in mexico. rescuers are searching through rubble for survivors from a deadly explosion. happened near the headquarters of a mexican oil company. a bomb exploded there, killed at least 25 people. injured more than 100 others as well. this happened yesterday next to a 51-story tower that houses mexico's state-owned oil company. the first floors of that building collapsed. v investigators are trying to figure out if it was an accident or terrorist attack. the wall street journal says it computer system was hacked. chinese hackers infiltrated the system trying to monitor the coverage of china. it completed a network overhaul to bolster cyber security. yesterday "the new york times" announced chinese hackers stole employee passwords. the chinese government says it has nothing do with the attacks on the computers. police in takoma park,
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maryland are searching for a teenager who has been missing since yesterday. 16-year-old vanessa henderson was last seen on hudson avenue. police believe she's wearing a gray sweatshirt, pink and black nike shoes. we'll try to get you that picture later on the newscast. she's 130 pounds, 5'6". she has an acoustic guitar with her. if you have information, call police. we'll get an update today on the nation's economic recovery. the labor department releases its january jobs report this morning. economists expect the unemployment rate to remain at 7.8% for a third straight month. that's according to the research firm fact set. they believe the economy added about 155,000 jobs last month. it's averaged about 150,000 jobs per month for the past two years. there will be a changing of the guards at the state department. this is hillary clinton's last day as secretary of state.
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she will say goodbye to employees this afternoon. john kerry will be sworn in this afternoon. he's resigning from the senate where he served for five terms. it now appears the obama administration is ready to take a more active role in the crisis in syria. vice president joe biden will meet with the head of the syrian opposition. they'll meet tomorrow in munich at a security conference. this is the highest level meeting since it began the uprising nearly two years ago. more than 60,000 people have been killed in that war. chuck hagel is expected to be confirmed as defense secretary despite a rough day of questioning on capitol hill. his record as a senator caused frequent concern for the senate armed services committee. in 2001 hagel voted against sanctions on iran to stop the country from obtaining nuclear weapons. he apologized for his offensive comments that accuse israeli lobbyists of intimidating lawmakers. >> you said the jewish lobby, that term shouldn't have been used, it should have been some
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other term. name one person in your opinion who is intimidated by the israeli lobby in the united states senate. >> i have stated that i regret the terminology. >> but you said back then, it makes us do dumb things. >> if confirmed, hagel would be the first vietnam veteran to be defense secretary. his supporters say his experience makes him uniquely qualified. a vote is expected next week. today in virginia, texting while driving could get closer to becoming illegal. a senate committee will vote on that legislation today. one bill up for consideration would increase the fine from 20 to $250. it would make texting while driving a primary offense which let police stop and ticket offenders. another bill would consider texting behind the wheel a reckless driving offense which could mean a year in yale. bob mcdonnell's transportation funding package is headed to the senate floor. the finance committee endorsed his proposal on a party line vote. house committees passed similar legislation earlier this week.
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the bills will be up next week for a floor vote. there is some opposition. hybrid owners held a prius parade around the capitol. they're against part of the transportation proposal requiring owners of alternative fuel vehicles to pay a new $100 annual fee. d.c. council member tommy wells is thinking of running for mayor. the ward 6 council member will launch an exploratory committee. he does hope to make a decision this spring, he says. current mayor vincent gray has not said whether he'll run for reelection. a scare at 30,000 feet. the actions taken after an airline pilot loses consciousness. also ahead, working to free a 5-year-old boy. the latest developments on an ongoing hostage situation in alabama. the item of winter clothing that could soon be illegal in a local community leader gets her way. we're watching that winter weather moving our way. when you'll see snowfall.
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welcome back at 4:41. live over the district. clouds obvious in this picture. for some folks, they're looking for snow to start falling. >> storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein with when we'll see snow. tom, good morning to you. >> maybe a few flurries trying to reach the ground in the suburbs. they are seeing snow, the viewers in southern maryland
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right now. look out your window in charles county, anne arundel. and in calvert county, snowflakes there. areas in bright white farther knot north and west, a few scattered flurries and snow showers. we're maybe getting a light dusting of little light snow now. mainly on grassy areas in southeastern prince george's county through central calvert and northern calvert county in southern anne arundel. moving over towards dorchester and cambridge. temperatures are right near or a little bit below freezing. some of the roadways initially above freezing. it's going to be melting. maybe a dusting right around the metro area to an inch. a little bit farther south. maybe half inch to an inch in southern maryland, northern neck, eastern shore. farther west, 1 to 2 inches, mainly hon. the higher ridges only. down in the shenandoah valley. only a dusting to half an inch or so. throughout the day today, the temperatures, not going to warm up much. mid-30s by the afternoon. gusty winds to 40 miles an hour. temperatures will plummet down
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to near 20 by midnight tonight. a look at your weekend, that's in ten minutes. a look at traffic with danella, good morning. >> good morning. in the first 4 traffic office, checking on the incidents from yesterday. if you're traveling in aspen hill along georgia hill, had water main repair in the right lane in both directions north and southbound on georgia avenue. it's nice and clear. no issues this morning. it's a wrap over there. let head to the beltway in prince george's county past st. barnabas road and toward the wilson bridge. clear in both directions. on the beltway between i-95 and the wilson bridge, no incidents to report. back in ten. over to you. thank you, danella. a former police officer convicted of manslaughter could walk free today. >> the reason a baltimore ravens cheerleader says she was left behind when the team headed down to new orleans. a live look outside where the wind will give way to some snow. your forecast ahead. it is now 4:43.
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15 before the hour. a windy start in the district this morning. it's just the beginning of the winter weather we'll see today. we have an update on when you could see snow in a few minutes. new this morning, doctors are trying to figure out what caused a pilot to pass out in the middle of a flight. the alaska airlines jet was headed from los angeles to seattle when the pilot lost consciousness. a co-pilot detoured the plane to oregon. paramedics met the plane on the ground. he's been with the company for 28 years. an unruly passenger forced a you flight to be diverted. it was headed if new york to san diego. a woman had an issue with a flight attendant. the pilot diverted the plane to denver and crew members escorted the woman off the flight. the plane then continued on to california. the faa would not say what led
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to the stop, saying it was a security issue and not related to terrorism. now a developing story in alabama. we're getting more information about the gunman who has been holding a 5-year-old boy hostage in an underground bunker. it's been three days. they've been talking with that man through a ventilation pipe in the bunker. 65-year-old jimmy lee dikes stormed a school bus. he ended up taking a boy named ethan into that bunker. the boy has his medicine, plus crayons, coloring books and a tv. neighbors describe dikes as a loner and a survivalist. >> he believed that government is here only to take all of our things and to suppress our rights and that government is the great satan. >> dikes is also accused of shooting and killing the school bus driver who refused to let him take the children. in the day ahead, a judge will rule on the request for a
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mistrial in the case of a former culpeper police officer convicted of manslaughter. the defense called for the mistrial after two dictionaries and a thesaurus were are found in the jury room after the verdict was handed down. jury members apparently looked up the definition of malice, which suggests confusion with instructions they were given. daniel harmon-wright claimed he shot cook when his arm got caught in her suv window when she tried to drive away. a community leader wants to crackdown on crime. faith wheeler says she wants a citywide ski mask ban. d.c. law makes it illegal for anyone over the age of 16 to wear the masks while committing a crime. the attorney general says they rarely prosecute anyone under that law. she says a ban could deter that crime. >> ski masks are used in holdups and assaults. it's one of many, many tools that should be explored.
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>> people are allowed to ear wear headgear to protect themselves in the cold. >> d.c. police say they do not see ski masks as evidence of an intent to commit crime. police are looking into whether a serial groper struck again. a woman was walking on dinwiddie street in springfield when somebody approached her from behind her, grabbed her and groebd groped her. another woman says she was walking when she felt someone groping her. she screamed and the suspect ran off. both the descriptions of the attacker match the suspect in previous -- in 15 previous assaults. >> funeral services for a prince george's county civil rights pioneer will be held next week. jones was the first african-american to represent prince george's county in the maryland general assembly. she was 83 years old. the funeral services will happen at bethlehem baptist church on martin luther king avenue in southeast washington. the viewing is next thursday
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from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. the service is next friday at 11:00 a.m. a snowmobile rider who crashed at the x-games a week ago has died. 25-year-old caleb moore was competing in the freestyle snowmobile event. he underrotated and crashed causing the snowmobile to land on top of him. moore actually walked away from the crash but developed bleeding around his heart and suffered a brain injury. it is the first death at the winter x-games in the 18-year history. espn are conducting a review of the snowmobiling event. a couple of young boys in washington state have unexpected heroes to thank for saving their lives. prison inmates. the three inmates helped to save the boys when their kayak overturned in a creek. they heard the 8 and 10-year-old boys yelling for help. one inmate jumped into the fast moving water and helped the boys get to debris. another inmate helped with the res crew and a third helped the
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firefighters inflate their rescue boat. everyone expected to be okay. jim gates will be awarded the national medal of science today in a ceremony at the white house. gates specializes in string theory which he attempts to explain in 30 seconds in these pbs videos. gates was also named a regent professor. making him just the sixth person to receive that honor since it was established in 1992. >> congrats to him. he's really, really smart. >> yeah. >> string theory in 30 seconds. you lost me. >> right there, i got lost. 4:51 is our time right now. we turn to our resident scientist, tom kierein. >> good morning. people are pining for snow. snow lovers have just had the crying towel out all winter. well, we're going to get a little bit this morning. not a lot. but enough maybe for a light coating as we take a look outside. live view from the nbc4 city camera. showing low clouds, maybe a few
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scattered flurries in washington. 36 at reagan national. road temperatures around the area are generally a little above freezing. any snow that does fall generally going to be melting on roads. a lot of them been treated too. a look at the radar. it's increasing a little bit here. these are scattered snow showers. they come and go. maybe you'll get snow. will stop for a while. maybe it will snow a little bit, stop for a while. on and off through 10:00 this morning. we're getting a little bit of where you see this brighter white areas coming down. light to moderately. northern calvert into east central prince george's, east of clinton and over toward the anne arundel and calvert county lines. farther south in st. mary's county and southern calvert county getting a few of the snow showers as well as the eastern shore between cambridge and easton. just a few scattered flurries. temperatures are below freezing most of the region, including montgomery, arlington and fairfax counties. prince george's county, though,
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a little bit above freezing, as is parts of southern maryland. the snow falling south and east of us now. a lot of it is melting on roadways. hour by hour, between now and 9:00, 10:00 this morning, just expect a few passing snow showers. very light. a minor event. temperatures just around hovering near 30 degrees. these are the amounts i'm expecting. maybe a dusting to an inch in the light blue area and the higher amounts up to an inch is only for southern maryland and perhaps parts of northern neck and the eastern shore. farther west, though, parts around the shenandoah valley, the high elevations along the blue ridge and the highlands in west virginia. maybe an inch to 2 at the most. down in the valleys, maybe a dusting briefly as the snow showers come on through to less than an inch. windy and cold this afternoon. only in the mid-30s. it will feel like the teens and 20s. tomorrow, teens in the morning. afternoon highs on saturday just near the freezing mark. then as we get into sunday, does look like we'll have late
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saturday night, early sunday morning a little light snow again like we're getting had morning and still cold as we start off next week too. maybe a few flurries late on tuesday night into early wednesday morning. otherwise, generally afternoon highs in the low 40s. on tuesday, wednesday and thursday. i'm back in ten minutes. first 4 traffic now with danella. good morning. >> good morning, tom. checking on some construction that was happening in our area along i-95 as you made your way southbound at 198. you saw this yesterday morning. at one point one lane was getting by. that's long gone. between the baltimore beltway to the capitol beltway, travel lanes open in both directions. heading over to o 295, a live look at 175. heading southbound, volume very light this morning. no issues continuing southbound towards the beltway in green belt. even heading towards d.c., nice and clear on 295. really in both directions. i'm back in ten minutes. we'll check the rails then. aaron and eun over to you.
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>> thank you, danella. the potential changes that could be made at schools to protect children from gun violence. we're live in new orleans. we track the progress of the winter weather. the impact
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thousands people are joining the efforts to get a ravens
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cheerleader banned from the super bowl to new orleans. more than 27,000 people signed this facebook petition demanding that courtney lens be allowed to cheer on the ravens team this sunday. she claims she was left off because she gained weight. less than two pounds during the season. the ravens are denying the allegation. they claim they chose their super bowl squad based on seniority, performance, ability and personal conduct throughout the season. the party is already well under way in new orleans. more than 48 hours before the super bowl begins. >> that's right. thousands of ravens and 49er fans will arrive today. nbc's jay gray is already there. what's the setup, jay? good morning. >> good morning, aaron and eun. it's nonstop party. the superdome is lit up behind me sparkling and ready. this comes in the middle of the festival here. there are already thousands of people in the city and thousands
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more expected to make their way in before the big game. this will be the tenth time that new orleans has hosted the super bowl. comes after an 11-year absence from the super bowl rotation. a lot of people had questions over whether new orleans could actually host the big party again. so far, everything going just as planned. there are more restaurants here than before katrina. there are more hotel rooms, which are 90% full at this point. everyone here says they are indeed ready for what this weekend will bring. and then stretching that party on, no matter who wins the big game through mardi gras. so it's a big time right now. in a city that needs it. they need the business. but they say more importantly, they needed this opportunity to show america that they are back. that is the latest live from here in new orleans, i'm jay gray, aaron, eun, back to you now. >> jay, thank you. >> sounds like a good


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