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tv   News4 Today  NBC  February 4, 2013 6:00am-7:00am EST

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super finish. if you tuned out early last night, you missed one heck of a game. the super bowl came down to the final play and this morning the lombardi trophy is heading back to baltimore. welcome to "news4 today." i'm eun yang. i'm aaron gilchrist. everything you need to know about the game. the wild celebration that happened while you slept. a new explanation for the moment that had millions of people talking. the blackout inside the stadium. why the explanation may still leave you confused. we were wondering. everybody talking about the blackout more than the game. >> michelle williams tripped over a cord in the halftime show. >> of course, we'll be talking about the game some more, the commercials of course. everyone is talking about some of the big night's winners. >> first though, we want to talk about our next chance of snow. we're talking about a system that brings snowflakes before the day is over. tom? >> you can see that on storm team radar in chicago, ind in,
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parts of michigan, wisconsin. we're getting light snow. it's a fast-moving, weak disturbance in the atmosphere with just enough moisture to give us some tonight. but now, no travel problems weatherwise. the pavement is dry. we've had a lot of that snow from yesterday melt as we got above freezing yesterday afternoon. we're back down below freezing under a clear sky. reagan national 26. in the low 20s. much of prince george's county into the mid and upper 20s. arlington and fairfax. manassas down to 19. that's a cold start there. fauquier county, spotsylvania, stafford, only around 20 degrees. in southern maryland charles calvert, in the mid and upper 20s. below freezing through 9:00 a.m. then by noon the mid-30s. i'll show you how much snow and where. that's coming up in ten minute. a look at traffic with danella. >> traveling along the green line. an earlier train malfunction.
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it was at college park. you're slow this morning as you head towards branch avenue. over to the fredericksburg line, we're talking about the vre train seeing a ten-minute delay because of equipment problems. a live look at chopper 4 at the icc. if you're traveling along i-95 in both directions north and southbound, no issues between the baltimore beltway and the capitol beltway. same thing with the icc. nice and clear this morning. heading up to i-270. southbound as you make your way past 80. have a report of an accident there. i am checking on it. as far as delays go, heading from frederick usual delays, slow towards clarksburg and passing germantown road, not bad at all. clear to rockville connecting to the beltway. i'm back in ten. over to you. thank you, danella. they're not cheering for danella. these are ravens fans. there's a good chance they won't be doing a lot of work in
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baltimore. a lot of people do. celebrating the second super bowl title in a dozen years. thousands of fans filled the streets in the federal hill neighborhood moments after the game. police have not said whether they made any arrests or if anybody was hurt. hopefully they were dancing like that guy having a good time. >> we expect the ravens will return to baltimore after a thrilling 34-31 win over the san francisco 49ers. they had to survive a ferocious comeback to win that game. baltimore led 28-6 at one point. the niners quickly closed that lead to just five points. they even had a chance to win the game in the final minutes. they couldn't score the go ahead touchdown. their head coach, jim harbaugh thought the ravens should have been penalized or holding for pass interference. john harbaugh and he met in the middle of the field. >> the meeting with jim in the middle was probably the most
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difficult thing i've ever been associated with in my life. i'm proud of him. >> this is the ravens second super bowl title. the first came after the 2000-2001 season. the mayor of new orleans expects more answers in the coming days about one. most unusual moments in the game. the power went out in the superdome during the third quarter. it delayed the game for more than half an hour. both coaches were clearly upset. the utility company that supplies electricity to the dome is blaming the outage on sensing equipment which detected an "abnormali "abnormality" in the system. we have more super bowl coverage throughout the hour. coming up, looking at your favorite commercials. the moments which had you tweeting and tweeting. what prompted the most tweets and it wasn't the blackout and how one of the performers set a new record. >> interesting stuff there. it is 6:04 right now. had morning the debate over gun control takes another turn because of a commercial that ran
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in d.c. during the super bowl. this ad at the beginning of the third quarter last night shows the nra's executive vice president just after the shooting at columbine high school in 1999. he supported closing the loophole on background checks. the ad was paid for by the group mayors against illegal guns which is co-chaired by new york city mayor michael bloomberg. gun violence will be the subject at a forum this morning. the meeting will discuss how to curb gun violence. montgomery county police chief is also set to speak at the event. it comes on the same day that president obama travels to minneapolis to push his proposed gun control legislation. today, virginia lawmakers once again take up the so-called gun show loophole. the courts of justice committee will discuss whether to enforce background checks at gun shows in the commonwealth. currently, only licensed dealers are required to obtain checks of gun shows. the general assembly rejected
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numerous proposals to extend that requirement to private sellers at gun shows even as recently as last month. heads up. today is the percent dfirst day for work that the south entrance at the pentagon station will be closed. the agency is replacing escalators there and it will had stay closed into the fall. when finished, they will be similar to the one as the dupont circle station. the north entrance will stay open during construction. new this morning, new information about the bus crash that killed eight people and injured more than a dozen others in southern california. the bus was carrying a tour group from tijuana, mexico. when the bus driver reported brake problems in the big bear resort area. police say the bus rear ended a sedan and hit a pickup truck that was pulling a trailer. 38 people were taken to the hospital ziefrnl the tearjerkers beat out the big laughs. which super bowl commercials rated the highest? >> an ice cold start to your
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week and next chance for snow is hours away. weather and traffic on the 1s ahead. next, the simple task that's the subject of an out of this world viral
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how do you wash your hands with soap and water in space. >> good question. how do astronauts wash their hands in space. >> chris hat field gave us -- he washes his hand with the solution. then he dries them off with a towel. hat field then hangs up the towel so that the evaporated water can be recycled in the space station. you recycle the water that you use to wash your hand. >> that's pretty cool looking. also didn't know they had canadian astronauts. you learn something new every day.
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just about 6:11. time for weather and traffic on the 1s. tom kierein here with the forecast. >> there's capitol hill under a clear sky this morning. no travel problems weatherwise. unlike tomorrow morning when we may have a fresh coating of new snow. weather and traffic on the 1s now at 6:11. it's down into the 20s. most of the region low 20s in montgomery county. much of northern virginia, west of fairfax county and south of there. prince george's county, the mid-20s. charles, calvert, st. mary's anne arundel. most locations down to the mid-20s. throughout the day, here's your temperature graph. noontime in the mid-30s. maybe upper 30s briefly between 3:00 and 4:00, 5:00. after that, all cloudy and maybe light snow moving in. beginning around 8:00 p.m., ending 2:00 a.m. on tuesday. leaving a coating to about an inch. much of northern virginia, the district and maryland maybe farther north and west.
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seven-day outlook in ten minutes. first 4 traffic with danella. good morning. >> good morning. tom, checking the roadways. let's zoom into the district where police are responding to a report of a struck pedestrian. this is in northwest connecticut avenue at nebraska avenue. going to update on that in ten minutes. now up to i-270 alar. a report of an accident southbound at 80. that's unfounded. your travel lanes are open. as you make your way between frederick, you are sluggish. i-95 in virginia. hitting the brakes at fairfax county parkway. we'll talk about your drive time in ten minutes. aaron and eun. thanks, danella. the president uses the super bowl to weigh in on a debate. next, the search for a motive in the killing of a former sniper who became a tv celebrity.
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hundreds more in your wallet year after year. feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today. welcome back at 6:15. a hostage situation in alabama drags into its seventh day today. this morning, police are releasing more information about the gunman. 65-year-old jimmy lee dykes is at the man at the center of the standoff. he's accused of killing a bus driver and taking a 5-year-old boy hostage. the vietnam era veteran is described as a loner who did not trust the government. he used to walk his property at might with a flashlight and a gun. he threatened to shoot children before. the man is now held up in an
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underground bunker with a boy. police are in communication with the two. they've delivered food, toys and medicine to the boy. the man suspected of killing a former navy seal was an iraq war veteran. eddie ralph served in the marine corps from 2006 to 2010 and is currently on reserve duty. he's accused of killing 38-year-old chris kyle and another man at a ex tex gun range saturday night. police say they arrested ralph a short time later and that his time in the military may have contributed to the deadly shooting. >> it's my understanding that the suspect may have been suffering from some type of mental illness from being in the military himself. i understand he was a marine for four years and may have been suffering from some complications from that. >> kyle was the most lethal sniper in american military history with 160 confirmed kills during his ten years in the u.s. navy. >> the funeral for former mayor of new york city ed koch will be held today. members of the israeli consul
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general, mayor bloomberg and president bill clinton are scheduled to speak. a new york city subway station will also be renamed in his honor. starting today the east 77th street and lexington station will be called mayor ed koch subway station. koch died of congestive heart failure, he was 88. today would have been civil rights activists rosa parks 100th birthday. the postal service will debut a postal stamp in her honor today. koch is cred-- the sample is th second in a series of three civil rights stamps being released this year. the stamps are now on sale nationwide. this morning, president obama is urging the boy scouts of in america to end its controversial ban on homosexual members. in an interview yesterday with cbs, the president said everyone should have a fair shot. >> the scouts are a great
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institution that are promoting young people and exposing them to opportunities and leadership that it will serve people for the rest of their lives. i think that nobody should be barred pour that. >> the organization is set to vote on wednesday skbliefrj the family of muhammad ali is punching back about -- a british tabloid first reported that ali was close to dyingment then the report quickly spread on the internet. ali's wife released these photos of the 71-year-old over the weekend showing anymore him in his ravens gear. she also said he knows he's okay because he didn't blink at all during beyonce's halftime performance yesterday. the big easy is a the scene of a big cleanup this morning following super bowl xlvii. this is a live picture of the mercedes superdome. still lit up hours after the game. people who packed the superdome may have watched a great game
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but missed all the commercials. here's the one that finished first in the ad meter. ♪ ♪ this bud wire wiser commercial was a tearjerker. it won the usa today ad meter title. here's other favorites. >> dude, you got montana on your jersey. >> it is. >> now this tide commercial was one of the funnier ones. a 49ers fans gets a joe montana miracle stain. his wife a ravens fan, washes it away with tide. and on the eighth day god looked down on his planned paradise and said i need a
6:20 am
caretaker. so god made a farmer. >> you may have recognized the voice of the late paul harvey in the dodge ram commercial. it was one of several emotional ads last night. i love funny ads, but last night the emotional tributes were the ones that got me. the clydesdale, the tribute to armed forces from jeep and that god made a farmer. >> the funny ones are -- >> if it was a hyundai or kia commercial with the kid in the back seat that says where do babies come from and the father gives a far out explanation about a planet. it was funny. >> and the doritos one. >> the one with the angry goat. coming up on 6:21 on our monday morning. it's another cold start, of course. >> it is. >> and there's that snow word again. >> yes. >> flurries, flirting with us over the weekend. will be with us again tonight. maybe a bit more. enough to give us a slick morning commute tomorrow. it's a cold morning right now in washington. the mid-20s. it's in the mid-20s in prince george's county. fairfax county, the low 20s.
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in the upper teens to near 20 degrees parts of prince william county, fauquier and in loudoun county, much of fairfax and arlington, mid-20s. anne arundel in the mid and upper 20s. temperatures will gradually be climbing. making it out of the upper 30s by mid-afternoon. then as we get into the evening, that's when we could get a coating of snow between 8:00 p.m. a to 2:00 a.m. on tuesday. northern virginia, much of maryland, then it will probably melt in the afternoon tomorrow. we could have slick spots tomorrow morning. highs 40s again on wednesday, thursday and each day into the weekend. maybe rain on friday. i'm back in ten minutes. danella with a loob at traffic now. still seeing a report of police activity. they're investigating a possible pedestrian struck at connecticut avenue and northwest as you make your way towards nebraska avenue. be aware of that if you're in the area. heading to the beltway, chopper 4 is flying above the beltway in
6:22 am
montgomery county at university boulevard. a closer look right now and you can see the outer loop picking up volume. no major delays between i-95 and 270 in both directions. travel lanes are open. drive time, i-95 in virginia, not bad at all. 15 minutes to get to et built way from prince william parkway. the fight that could change your cell phone bill for the better. were your tablet could be sabotaging your sleep. 6:22.
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a new study shows your tablet could be keeping you awake at night. the polytechnic ininstitute say tablets disrupt sleep patterns and could lead to serious problems. the light releases mel tone inwhich helps you sleep. they suggest you put the tablet away two hours before you plan to go to bed. the federal communications commission is considering creating a free wi-fi network across the country. it would allow schools and businesses to have lower costs and could also help people who can't afford high cell phone or
6:26 am
internet bills. but wireless carriers are working to block the plan saying a free wi-fi service could interfere with existing cell networks. a super bowl record set not by a player but by a singer. >> beyonce versus the blackout. which had more people jumping on twitter. food for thought. when you reach out for the office coffeepot, the brand new report that says your office is like one big petri dish. >> a cold morning with the possibility of snow on the way. your weather and traffic on the 1s next.
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the ravens have won. >> purple pride. the baltimore ravens win a wild super bowl that looked like a blowout before a blackout. >> good morning angels. >> good morning, charlie.
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>> and beyonce blows up. why the singer set twitter on fire during her performance. welcome back to "news4 today." i'm aaron gilchrist. i'm eun yang. b beyonce isn't the only singer they're talking about. another singer set a record. if you are ravens fans, you want to grab a baltimore sun. a simple headline there. champs. with a picture of the retiring ray lewis. what he says about going out on top. that's next. we're talking about the cold and snow as well. >> meteorologist tom kierein is outside. he put on his coat and he's on the weather deck. >> yeah. not much wind it's in the low and mid-20s. i love the midnight blue sky. the pre-dawn sky gone from galactic black to midnight blue. there's a crescent last quarter moon in the sky. we had some of the snow showers yesterday. this is what looked like in the wood of northern montgomery
6:31 am
county. i took this picture yesterday afternoon when the snow showers was coming through. post your pics to nbc the sky has been clearing out. just a few clouds on the eastern horizon. beautiful sunrise coming up. that's at 7:11. as we take a look at the temperatures, it's a frigid morning. down to just near 20 degrees. much of northern virginia. closer to washington, in fairfax, arlington counties in the low and mid-20s. montgomery, mid-20s in prince george's county. hour by hour through the day today, through the morning, stay below freezing until 10:00. and we'll have increasing clouds by noontime. ought to hit the mid-30s. sunrise 7:11. sunset 5:33. some light snow likely late tonight. might give us a fresh coating here as well as on untreated surfaces for tomorrow morning's commute. i'll show you that map coming up in ten minutes. a look at your monday morning traffic with danella now. good morning. >> good morning. in the first 4 traffic office, tom, we're tracking delays on
6:32 am
the rails. we'll start with the vre. still seeing a delay for train number 300. running slow because of mechanical problems. the delay is ten minutes. also a delay on train number 304. a 20-minute delay on the fredericksburg train number 302. a medical problem there has the train slow but running 20 minutes behind. >> i-66, talk about the travel speeds in exactly ten minutes. aaron and eun, back to you. >> 6:32 now. new this morning, the u.s. and south korea kicked off three days of joint naval exercises off the coast of the korean peninsula. this comes as north korea continues to threaten retaliation for what it calls preparations to strike their country. south korea says it planned the drills before the north threatened another nuclear test. >> angie goff at the news 4 live desk with breaking news. >> breaking political news right now. thank you, aaron. >> today this morning we're hearing that tag romney may run for the senate. the boston herald reporting this
6:33 am
morning that the oldest son of the former gop presidential nominee, mitt romney is considering a senate run in massachusetts. of course, this is for the upcoming special election. romney is reportedly considering a bid to replace john kerry who starred as secretary of state. all this comes a week after former republican senator announced that he would not be making a bid for another senate seat. at the live desk, angie goff, news 4. incoming secretary of state john kerry arrives for his first day on the job. he will address his new employees this morning at the state department. it was a busy first weekend for the now former massachusetts senator. he talked to palestinian president mahmoud abbas and israeli president shimon peres about the middle east peace process. kerry also talked to officials from turkey, canada and mexico. >> the group raise d.c. releases the first findings. only four in ten third grade
6:34 am
students can read proficiently. six in ten students graduate high school in four years and nearly 10,000 low income youths between 16 and 24 don't have a job and aren't in school. raise d.c. includes schools chancellors kaya henderson and leaders from the -- its goal is to help young people in d.c. from the time they start school to job training opportunities after high school. >> state employees in virginia could be getting a salary boost as part of the commonwealth's new budget. house and senate members both proposed a 2% boost in salary. that's on top of the 1% raise for most employees. it's their first in six years. the plan does face obstacles. lawmakers disagree on medicaid under the new affordable care act which could hold up the passage of that budget. >> today virginia lawmakers will push for harsher punishments for drivers who text behind the heel. a senate committee will consider a bill increasing the fine for texting and driving from $20 to $250 for first offense and makes
6:35 am
it a primary offense. that means police can stop you solely for texting. right now police can only cite a driver for texting if they're committing another offense like speeding. the house will vote on the measure tomorrow. >> the release at the gas pump was short-lived as prices are once again on the rise. the national average is up 17 cents from just a week ago to $3.52. our area is seeing similar price hikes. d.c. drivers are paying $3.70. 13 cents more than a week ago. virginia still the cheap wres in the region, paying $3.40 a gallon. maryland has seen a hike of 15 cents. maryland drivers are paying $3.54 a gallon. in west virginia, drivers there are paying $3.64 a gallon. >> a new study finds that office germs spread everywhere. no matter whether you cover your nose or mouth when you sneeze or cough. the huffington post got a copy of the soon to be released study. researchers at the university of arizona found a sick person's
6:36 am
germs at work can spread in just four hours. they tested participants by dropping a fake virus on their hands. they found the germs spread to the coffeepot handle, doorknobs phones. if you're sick at work, stay home or wash your hands after sneezing and coughing. don't touch anything. >> i know. i wash my hands all the time at work. >> if you're sick, stay home. >> you're not helping anybody if you're sick. go home. there's a better chance job seekers can find a job this year. career builder released the annual job forecast. 39% of d.c. employers expect to hire full-time employees this year. up from 30% last year. 49% of area employers plan to hire temporary or contract workers, but there is a little bad news. 6% of employers plan to cut their workforce this year. we'll tell you what somebody dug up in a parking lot that solves a 500-year-old miss tri this morning. the companies who seized on
6:37 am
the unplanned outage at the super bowl. a major project under way that could change your commute this morning. a new chance for snow. weather and traffic on the 1s, next.
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don't feel like cooking tonight. go out to dinner. it's metropolitan restaurant week. more than 240 of the finest restaurants in our area are taking part. from now through sunday, you get a three-course lunch. dinner sets you back $35.13 a person. you can find all the restaurants participating and see their menus by going to search restaurant week. we put the info on our "news4 today" facebook page. enjoy. >> one of the things we try to do is get you ready for the weather. take a look at this live picture from chicago. traffic backed up on a snow
6:41 am
covered road at, what, 5:40 in the morning out there. this is coming our way. at least the weather is. >> that's right. let's check in with meteorologist, tom kierein at 6:41. tom, what's going on. >> by contrast, look at our dawn. apricot and blueberry dawn under way. live view from the hd city camera over the potomac river. at reagan national airport, temperature is just 26 degrees. weather and traffic on the 1s. right now in montgomery county, the low 20s. mid-20s prince george's county. arlington and fairfax in the mid-20s. it's into the teens, parts of prince william and fauquier. we'll stay bee -- around the bay. all the way until 10:00 this morning. then by noontime, we ought to be in the mid 30s. here's the temperature graph. upper 30s by mid-afternoon. all cloudy then. then light snow. it's in chicago now and it's zipping south headed our way tonight between 10:00 p.m. and 2:00 a.m. leaving a coating to an inch,
6:42 am
enough to cause traffic problems here. northern virginia, the district and much of maryland, maybe an inch or two. you need your warmest winter coat. we're in the low to mid-20sment seven day outlook in ten minutes. a look at traffic with danella. good morning. >> good morning. looks like folks are still recovering from the super bowl. because your volume is not very bad in our area. first, we'll update you on the earlier police activity. this is connecticut avenue at nebraska. it looks like it was a minor incident there. your travel lanes are open. over to 66. not bad at all. pretty green from hay market traveling eastbound towards the beltway. here's a live look at fairfax county parkway. nice and clear. travel speed not bad at all. 14 minutes from fairfax county parkway to the capitol beltway. i'm back in ten minutes. aaron and eun, over to you. >> thanks, danella. one big change to a busy metro station. it's the first day for an escalator replacement project. the south entrance of the
6:43 am
station will be closed as crews replace three escalators. it will stay closed into the fall. when it's finished, the escalators will be similar to those installed at the dupont circle station. the north entrance of the pentagon station will stay open during construction. >> loudoun county commuters have a few more options. the goose creekville raj park and ride opens at belmont ridge in ashburn. from there, loudoun county transit and the tyson's express will provide service to west falls church and tyson's corner during the morning and afternoon rush. new this morning, a 500-year-old mystery solved. about an hour ago, researchers in england say they found the remains of king richard iii. dna tests con pirm that a skeleton dug up, they are in fact -- the remains, richard iii died in battle and no one knew where he was buried until now. >> all right.
6:44 am
also new this morning. there is concern that the death toll could rise in california. a bus rear ended a sedan and hit a pickup truck in the big bear resort area. it killed at least eight people. 38 people many with life-threatening injuries were taken to the hospital. the u.s. or mexican -- the bus company in tijuana mexico and national city, california. >> a prince george's county firefighter is waking up in the hospital after being hurt fighting a fire in bowie. the man suffered burns to his back while fighting this blaze sunday afternoon. this happened at a home on kingsfield lane after someone knocked on his door to warn him about the fire spreading. no one was inside the home at the time. the firefighter is expected to be okay. no word on what caused that fire. thousands are scheduled to rally at the state capitol in
6:45 am
maryland. they're asking that the lawmakers provide more funding for the historically underfunded universities. all four will be represented at the rally. the president of the naacp will be speaking at the events. the lawmakers take up the gun show loophole. the courts of justice committee will discuss whether to enforce background checks at gun shows in the commonwealth. currently, only licensed dealers are required to obtain checks at gun shows. the general assembly has reje rejected numerous proposals even as recently as last month. gun violence will be the subject of a forum more than at the university of maryland's baltimore campus. state attorney general will host the meeting discussing how to curb gun violence. prince george's county state's attorney angela also brooks and montgomery county police chief thomas manger are set to speak at the event. it comes on the same day that president obama travels to minneapolis to push his gun
6:46 am
control legislation. the gun control debate came up during the super bowl. this commercial ran here in washington during the game. the ad ran at the beginning of the third quarter last night. it shows the nra's executive vice president after the shooting in columbine high school in 1999. he supported closing a loophole on background checks. the ad was paid for by the group mayors against illegal guns co-chaired by new york mayor, michael bloomberg. 14 before the top of the hour right now. you better believe it's going to be a fun couple of days in baltimore much the city is celebrating the ravens super bowl victory. >> you know, that celebration really started minutes after the game ended last night. fans poured into the streets in baltimore's federal hill neighborhood. we are not hearing of any arrests at this point. but there have been reports about damage to cars and buildings in that area. most of the fans, though, they say this celebration is mostly about civic pride. >> i've been waiting 12 years or
6:47 am
the best feeling. we're a team of destiny this year. >> there's a football game and it's more than a ball game. >> it's about baltimore. the city of baltimore. crazy fans. the city coming to unite. >> the purple hair. the city is organizing a more formal celebration tomorrow. it will host a super bowl parade at 11:00 in the morning. fans had to wait until late into the game for the celebration. what began as a blowout in favor of the ravens quickly grew much closer. the 49ers actually were within five points late in the game. a controversial noncall in the fourth down pass in the final 2:00 sealed it for the ravens. the victory and title couldn't be sweeter for ray lewis who retired at the end of the season. >> dreams mayor, dreams, couldn't sleep. every time i thought this moment, i just tried to let my teammates know what this moment would feel like.
6:48 am
>> it hasn't sunk in yet. crazy. unbelievable. tough to put into words. it really hasn't sunk in yet. it hasn't sunk in that we're here. pretty cool. >> joe flacco was named super bowl mvp. he threw three touchdown passes this this win. he'll be honored today at disney world with a parade through magic kingdom. >> ravens coach john harbaugh will have bragging rights over his brother at least for next year. jim harbaugh coaches the 49ers and this was the time -- after the game they met and shook hands in the middle of the field. despite the victory, john harbaugh had nothing but praise for his younger brother. >> there's no greater competitor, no greater coach in the national football league or in the world as far as i'm concerned than jim harbaugh. the way that team played proves it. >> the harbaugh brothers coached each other in the regular season last season. john harbaugh won that game too. >> the power company in new
6:49 am
orleans blamed sensing equipment for one of the strangest moments of the night. electricity at the superdome suddenly went out in the early part of the third quarter and delayed the game for more than half an hour. the utility company which provides power to the dome, says a piece of equipment sensed an abnormality in its system and opened a breaker. only part of the dome was lit. >> john harbaugh was particularly -- just scored a touchdown to take a 22-point lead. when that happened it killed the ravens momentum. >> didn't take long for companies to see the blackout. within minutes of the power outage, we can't get your blackout but we can get your stains out. oreo tweeted power out, mo problem along with a picture that reads, you can still dunk in the dark. >> there may be some stats to could have predicted the outcome of the super bowl but nothing to do with football.
6:50 am
bertha coombs explains. >> a lot of folks got it wrong and nobody predicted that blackout. the ravens as they took care of business on the field last night, really held up to what has become a tradition. their super bowl win may have been pre-ordained in fact. if you believe this economic indicator. the wall street journal says going back to 1977 the team whose home state had the lower unemployment rate going into the game has won 67% of the time. maryland's unemployment rate 6.6% compared to 9.8% for california. the home of the san francisco 49ers. in recent years the unemployment predictor performed better than vegas. sibs 2000 the team with the lower unemployment rate has won 11 of 14 contests. they were even celebrating here in new york city, guys. the empire state building went purple and white as soon as the game was over. cool. >> the puppies on jimmy fallon predicted the ravens would win. they're always right. >> puppies are never wrong. thanks, bertha. the halftime show featured a
6:51 am
reunion a lot of people wanted to see more than the game. beyonce brought her old bandmates, kelly rolandnd michelle williams from destiny's child to sing with her during the show. >> kelly and michelle, will you help me sing this one. >> all the single ladies. ♪ >> they sang single ladies. she used the show to announce a new world tour. it includes a stop at verizon center. that's on july 29th at. that's a monday night. pre-sale tickets available friday morning. first lady michelle obama loved the show. she sent a message on twitter. beyonce was phenomenal. i'm so proud of her. the first lady tweeted great game. congrats to the ravens. see you at the white house. o say can you see ♪ >> grammy award winner alicia keys soulful rendition of the
6:52 am
star spangled banner hit a record. it will go down as the longest national anthem at the super bowl. the official time according to usa today just over 156 seconds. that topped natalie cole's 152-second performance in 1994. >> you don't want to mess it up. there was a lot of pressure on her to not mess it up for this one. at the end she added something. i was too upset with that. i'm a purest when it comes to patriotic music. >> don't like when people -- it's getting a little hot in here. it's a cold morning. we had the beautiful snow that fell yesterday. it didn't do much in the way of curtailing anything. nature is putting on a show. all you got to do is stop and look. the picture of the cardinal on t
6:53 am
the -- few minutes later. a hawk on one of those branches as well. post your pictures to weather at daft whitman, dale city. thanks for sharing those pictures of the birds. much of northern virginia into the mid-20s. montgomery company in the mid-20s. prince george's county mid-20s. anne arundel, calvert, low 20s. away from the waters. farther south and west, prince william, stafford, fauquier into rappahannock and loudoun, only in the low 20s there. hour by hour through the morning, we'll stay below freezing until 10:00. by noon, little above freezing. cloudy during the rest of the afternoon. we ought to make it into the mid and upper 30s. by 5:00 p.m. back into the mid-30s. then this evening, we'll probably see light snow moving in. here's the time frame. between 8:00 p.m. to midnight, we'll have this moving in west to east.
6:54 am
just sort of steady light snow and we'll be down below freezing by mid to late evening. by 2:00 a.m., it ought to be ending. pre-dawn on tuesday and leaving a coating to an inch. much of the metro area, we could have slick spots including northern virginia, most of maryland. maybe higher amounts north and west out of the mountains and western maryland. after that, we'll get warming temperatures tomorrow afternoon. it will all melt. may be more light snow tuesday night, maybe not as much as tonight. 40s again on wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday and sunday. maybe rain on friday. that's the way it looks. i'm back with frequent updates throughout the "today" show. danella with breaking news. i'm watching a situation in chevy chase. we're blocking all the westbound lanes of east-west highway. a massive delay making your way eastbound on east-west highway. this is the intersection of connecticut avenue. the crash involves a school bus. no word if children are on the
6:55 am
bus. but a school bus and an suv. looks like the suv just crashed into this side. if you're traveling along connecticut avenue, possibly your lanes may be affected here as you make your way southbound. again, westbound, east-west highway, the westbound lanes are blocked at connecticut avenue because of the crash there. still checking on rail delays in our -- earlier a train malfunction at college park causing delays to branch avenue and the vre. just a en-minute delay. train number 304. back over to you. >> thanks, danella. 6:55 now. it's not enough to watch the super bowl. they have to share thoughts on the game with the whole world. people sent more than 24 million tweets during the game and halftime show. amazingly, the most tweeted moments had nothing to do with the game itself. beyonce's halftime show generated 5 1/2 million tweet. the blackout that delayed the game for more than a half hour
6:56 am
triggered more than 230,000 tweets. of course, people have plenty of time to tweet when there wasn't any game going on. >> people also talked about the commercials on social media. >> here's one that finished first in this year's ad meter. ♪ ♪ love this one. this is budweiser's commercial featuring a clydesdale horse and a former owner. won the 2013 usa today ad meter title. here another award winner. you've been reason we push on. >> chrysler's jeep commercial feature the voice of oprah was another emotional commercial paying tribute to our troops. it was an ad that topped it the wall street journal survey. >> now this tide commercial was one of the funnier ones. the 49ers fan gets a miracle stain after all the hype, his
6:57 am
wife washes it away with tide. she's a ravens fan. >> god looked down on his planned paradise and said i need a caretaker. so god made a farmer. >> you may have recognized the voice of the late paul harvey in the dodge ram commercial. eun's favorite commercial. >> you like the doritos and the goat. >> let us know your favorites on our facebook page. thank you for starting your day with us. >> today show is next. well be back with updates. have a great day. make it a great monday everybody.
6:58 am
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