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tv   News4 Today  NBC  February 5, 2013 4:30am-5:00am EST

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eliminate the sales tax increase mcdonnell proposed. hundreds of millions of dollars in fee increases mcdonnell wants as well. today is the deadline for legislation to win approval from the senate or house of delegates. a study that confirms what you probably already know. our region has some of the worst traffic in the country. we're breaking down the numbers for you in this new report as we speak. we'll tell what you researchers are saying about gridlock in a few minutes. the city is hosting a super bowl parade downtown. the crew started setting up yesterday just as the team was returning from new orleans. that parade will begin at city hall and end at m&t bank stadium where the team will show off the lombardi trophy. if you can't make it, watch it
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on beginning at 10:45. i bet you have to wear a lot of layers today. it's going to be cold again. >> let's check in with tom kierein. >> good morning. that snow that passed to our north is way up northeast of us into new england. this is the radar over the last 12 hours. getting a few sprinkles of light rain in the northern neck of virginia. look at this. this area of white came through briefly across northern montgomery county, howard and northern maryland. now it's quickly gone and nothing happened here around the metro area. just clouds coming through. right now, we're down into the upper 20s to near 30 degrees montgomery county. right now, mid-30s in prince george's county and it's generally upper 20s to 30 fairfax, much of northern virginia. the potomac now at 37. here's how we look through the morning hours between now and 7:00 and 8:00 a.m. freezing through 7:00 a.m.
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in the mid-30s by 8:00. cloudy and by noontime near 40 degrees. a look at the rest of the day in ten minutes. a look at your first 4 traffic on this tuesday morning with danella good morning. quiet around our area. not a lot of volume. checking for accidents and not reporting any at this time. let's take a closer look if you're crossing over the 11th street bridge as well as southeast bridges. they're clear. travel lanes are open. again, not seeing any accidents. crossing over the wilson bridge, you can see light volume. no issues around the beltway from the wilson bridge heading towards the american legion bridge. again, in both directions, inner loop and outer loop, clear. looking at the key bridge, no issues here. again, nice and clear. i'm fwhak ten minutes. we'll talk about more traffic at that time. let's go to the live desk with angie goff. >> breaking news out of iran, aaron. a suicide bomber rams his car killing four people. two soldiers.
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it happened north of baghdad. we're hearing that more than a dozen people were hurt. this is a violent hotspot. on monday, 22 people were killed after another suicide bombing. the victims, sunni fighters who were collecting their salaries outside militia headquarters. at the live desk, angie goff, news 4. congress will begin looking at plans to overall the nation's unemployment laws. the house judiciary committee will hold its first hearing on the issue. the committee plans to hold several more in the coming months. its republican chairman hopes the hearings lead to at least one immigration reform bill in the house. president obama unveiled the proposal last week. we'll have to wait until spring for congress to wage a bitter battle over the debt limit in the nation. president obama signed into law a bill that raises the government's borrowing limit through the middle of may. it will allow the government to continue paying its bills. congress gave final approval to the legislation last week. the president had warned that
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the country's economic country could be threatened if congress did not pass the bill. 4:33 right now. this morning a 5-year-old alabama boy is back with his family after being held hostage underground for a week. the fbi raided the bunker of jimmy lee dykes yesterday. he was killed and the boy was rescued. last week dykes boarded a school bus, shot and killed the bus driver and grabbed the child. the fbi says negotiations broke down with dykes. they noticed he was holding a gun and they believed the boy was in danger. so they moved in. >> at this point, fbi agents, fearing the child was in imminent danger, entered the bunker and rescued the child. >> he's endured a lot. by the grace of god that he's okay. that was the mission of every man and woman on this compound. >> the boy was taken to a local hospital where authorities say he seems to be just fine. the fbi is not saying whether dykes was killed by agents or by his own hand.
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police in texas say the man accused of killing a former navy seoul and his friend is on sue sued watch. eddie ray routh killed the author of -- the shooting happened saturday at a texas shooting range. officials say routh has become increasingly aggressive with the jailers forcing them to use a stun gun. routh was heard saying he traded his soul for a truck. after the killing, the suspect was found driving chris kyle's truck. multiple charges afa tacking a disabled man. it's on video. a warning this morning. the video might be disturbing for some people. >> ooh. police arrested 57-year-old donna edward after this video appeared on you-tube. the company that runs the group home, emerge inc., called police after seeing the video.
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other portions so everett standing by as other employees attacked the man. there's no comment on the video or the arrest. police chief kathy lanier says a report on the handling of sex crimes misleading and harmful. the human rights watch found over a four-year period they did not document or investigate 170 sex assault cases. the chief says that is not correct. she also tells news 4, they have investigated files on every one of them. she says the report may undermine police efforts to investigate future sex crimes. >> my fear is people think that as factual, they won't report to police and all the work we've done is undone because we're trying to encourage reporting, not discourage reporting. >> lanier says out of 1200 victims, the authors of the report only talked to approximately 15. our phone calls to the human rights watch about chief lanier's criticism have not been returned. anne arundel lawmaker is
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facing heat over accusations of misconduct. the house will vote mr. whether to reprimand tony mcconque i. he's accused of drafting amendments to get him to get his real estate license back and reduce the interest on $75,000 he owed the state for fraudulent real estate services. an ethics panel recommended he make a public statement stating that he dishonored the assembly. maryland dog owners will rally. the state court of appeals singled out pit bulls as being "inherently dangerous." the ruling held owners and landlords responsible for a bite even without any previous evidence that the dog was dangerous. today, demonstrations supports a new measure that would hold all dog owners responsible for a bite. it also makes them prove in court that the dog is not dangerous. boeing is ready to resume test flights for dreamliner planes. boeing formally filed a request with the faa yesterday.
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last month a japanese dreamliner and one in boston were both forced to land after fires on the lithium-ion batteries. it revealed that both incidents had the same type of thermal runway problem with the batteries. all 50 planes were grounded last month. no word on when the faa will respond to the question. 4:38 is your time. why the bus involved in a deadly accident in california should never have been on the roads. a manhunt under way after this brazen heist at an area business is caught on camera. plus, why this daredevil's jump from the edge of the earth is more impressive than we first thought. it's 4:38 right now. 39 degrees outside our studios. we're getting a break from the winter weather. after all, the changes
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daredevil felix baumgartner's space jump was faster than originally thought. the official numbers released showed he reached 843 miles per hour or 1.25 times the speed of sound. r originally it was thought he traveled 834 miles per hour. he set the record for highest space jump when he fell from more than 24 miles above the earth. >> now he can say he did that. because no one else is. >> whatever that get you.
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go for it. congratulatio congratulations. weather and traffic on the 1s. tom kierein here with your forecast now. good morning. >> good morning. we're down below freezing most of the region including montgomery county, fairfax, arlington county, most of northern virginia. generally in the low to mid-30s in prince george's county. there was that snow that came through quickly passing north of us. didn't really accumulate at all. but it did into pennsylvania and new england. getting a few sprinkles of rain in -- in waldorf a cloudy sky. the hometown forecast by 3:00. this afternoon, in the mid-40s there and a light wind. throughout the region, we'll have temperatures holding steady. a little bit near the freezing mark through about 8:00 or so and then getting above freezing by 9:00 or 10:00. by noontime, ought to be into the upper 30s near 40. hitting mid-40s by the afternoon. we'll stay cloudy through the rest of the day. by late evening back down to the
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upper 30s. seven-day outlook is coming up had ten minutes. now, danella has a look the traffic. good morning. good morning, thanks, tom. traveling in our area, checking for accidents and congestion. so far still pretty quiet. pretty early this morning. as you make your way along gw parkway, nothing to report. nice and clear. not even seeing construction. outside the beltway on 66 between hay market and as you continue in both directions east and west toward the beltway, your travel lanes are open. over to the dulles toll road, same story. nice and clear between the greenway, connecting to the toll road. a live look past 28. very light volume in this area. i'm back in ten minutes and we'll take a live look along i-270. aaron and eun, back to you. thank you, danella. >> why the speed limit on the icc not enough for some maryland lawmakers. ahead, you probably spend your morning stuck in it every day. >> plus, it is the prize for winning the super bowl. but we'll show you why the ravens nearly had to celebrate
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welcome back. at 4:46, the speed limit on the intercounty connector is going up. but lawmakers want to raise it higher. by the end of next month, you'll be able to go 60 miles per hour on the toll road. that's up from 55 right now. today the general assembly will debate a bill raising the limit to 70. it would raise the speed limit on all interstates and expressways in the state. it's estimated that the new 60 miles per hour limit on the icc will only save drivers about a minute and a half between gaithersburg and laurel. 4:46 right now. it can sometimes feel like speed limits are pointless around here. overnight, we were able to get our hands on a new report that
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says we have the worse traffic in the country. wait until you hear how much time and money you waste every year. adam tuss breaks it down. >> just who has the worst traffic is out. the d.c. region comes in at number one ahead of traffic choked l.a., san francisco and new york. >> pretty bad. i think most of the time it's pretty bad. i have a short commute. but i've been in it a lot and don't like it. >> texas a&m report says drivers wait 67 hours a year stuck in traffic. all that sitting around wastes about 32 gallons of gas. overall, the congestion costs per commuter per year around here, almost $1400. the report also says we have the most unreliable roads in the region. for instance, a trip that would take you 20 minutes in the middle of the night, you'd want to budget almost two hours for during a rush hour. drivers have their own thoughts
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about why the ride is so tough. >> too many people driving and not enough highway bandwidth. that's the reason. >> others try to avoid the main roads, like the beltway. >> it's a couple miles and i end up stuck in traffic there. i go all the way around the back way. >> still others are resigned to the slow roll. >> it's pretty bad but i think it's something you deal with living in the area. buck it up. >> adam tuss, "news4 today." today the virginia house of delegates votes on tougher penalties for texting while driving. a senate committee voted to increase the fines for texting behind the wheel. and to change it to a primary offense meaning police can stop and ticket anybody they see texting while driving. the fines would dramatically increase going from $20 to $250. the company linked to a bus crash that killed seven people over the weekend failed most of the federal vehicle safety inspections. police who responded to the crash, say the crash left the charter bush in pieces and it's
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a miracle anyone survived. the driver survived and said the bus had brake issues. the passengers were on their way home at a recreation center. the california-based bus company failed 36% of its random inspections. that is well below the national average. we now know for sure that explosion at the mexican oil company headquarters was not a terrorist attack. a gas leak ignited by a spark caused the blast. the blast happened last thursday inside administrative building of the state oil giant pamex. spain and mexico said it was not an attack. the source of the gas leak has not been found. police are warning college students to be vigilant after a string of burglaries at georgetown and george washington universities. at georgetown, thieves stole two laptops in the past two days and at gw, at least three burglaries where thieves went into dorm rooms and took ten different
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electronics. a spokesperson says the robberies happened because students inadd vert length let the thieves in and left their rooms unlocked. all of the burglaries happened in the middle of the day. police need your help finding four men who robbed a jewelry store in the pentagon city mall. this is surveillance video from that brazen robbery that happened yesterday while shoppers were in the zales jewelry store. they smashed through the display cases, stole 27 rings. the group jumped into a red car and broke through the parking garage gate. if you recognize the men in this video, call police. word this morning that sunday's power outage at the superdome will not leave new orleans in the dark when it comes to hosting future super bowls. roger goodell says that 34-minute blackout won't hurt the city's chances of hosting the big game. they have not decided where it will be played 2015 and beyond. goodell is the shoeing down
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rumors that beyonce is to blame for the outage. he says there's no indication her halftime show was a factor in that incident. joe flacco is learning how exhausting it is to be the super bowl mvp. the ravens quarterback will be in baltimore for the super bowl parade today. but he's already been to disney world and new york since winning the game sunday in new orleans. flacco was a guest on the late show with david letterman last night. he told dave that he has much more to celebrate than just the super bowl title. >> we had a little tradition going on. last year we announced the birth of our -- we were having a son after the 49ers game on thanksgiving. this year my wife found out she was pregnant a couple weeks ago. we just told everybody. >> there you go. >> flacco showed off why he is the super bowl mvp by throwing a perfect pass to letterman. he caught it. look at dave showing off there. >> 4:51 is our time right now. storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein is here to let us know
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what the day is looking like. >> people looking out the door going, what snow? >> where is it in. >> it fell for about 20 minutes just north of the metro area but didn't stick. snow haters are happy. snow lovers, keep the crying towels handy. there is the view of the jefferson memorial. in washington, it's mostly cloudy. few breaks in the clouds. reagan national now at 37. we've got a calm wind off to a colder start. elsewhere, though, temperatures are below freezing. most of northern virginia, that includes arlington, fairfax counties. upper 20s. prince william county. fauquier, stafford, rappahannock and near freezing in loudoun county. montgomery county, upper 20s near 30 degrees. temperatures, prince george's county, the mid-30s. much of southern maryland, anne a run dem, calvert, charles. the snow passed north of us briefly and then gone. really did not leave anything, not even a trace.
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it did snow in pennsylvania, now snowing in new england getting a few sprinkles in southern maryland and the northern neck of virginia. a little bit of light rain heading north and east. it's above freezing there had. you can see all the cloud cover with it. it's quite cloudy. maybe april few scattered flurries near martinsburg, west virginia now. might have a little sun around sun royce and cloudy the rest of the day. by noontime, around 40 degrees. sunset at 5:35. then tomorrow, down near 30 degrees under a clear sky. lots of sunshine, winds a bit gusty tomorrow, will be in the upper 40s tomorrow afternoon. and then increasing clouds on thursday. mid-20s in the morning. afternoon highs low 40s. mid-30s on friday morning. could get rain on friday. that looks like the next precipitation event. rain is likely. highs mid-40s. there's some indication it might end briefly as a little wet snow before we clear out and saturday morning near freezing. afternoon highs on sunday looking nice into the mid-40s. nice weekend coming up. milder on sunday.
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looks like we'll be near 30 in the morning n, sunday afternoon near 50. the next precipitation event looks like rain on monday. no snow. doesn't look like anything major coming our way in the way of snow. stay tuned. i'm here again in about ten minutes with another update. now with a look at traffic this morning, danella has first 4 traffic this tuesday morning. >> good morning, tom. still checking roads in our area in the first 4 traffic office. pretty clear right now. heading up i-270 and talking about it. frederick and the beltway, travel lanes are open in both directions. i'll take a closer look this morning in gaithersburg. a live look as you make your way past shady grove. in issues connecting to the beltway. from the beltway, between i-270 and 95 in both directions, at connecticut avenue, travel lanes are open and it's nice and clear. aaron, over to you >> thank you, danella. the wizards are celebrating another win over one of the best
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teams. the clippers were without their stars, chris paul and blake griffin, who injured his hamstring during armups. still, it was an impressive game for the home team. martell webster led with 22 points. john wall had 13. it snaps a four-game losing streak. the knicks come to town tomorrow night. there's nothing most guys wouldn't want to do more than just sit in front of the firefighter and watch sport all day long. >> might not be a good thing. you might want to reconsider. why men may want to cut down on the amount of time spent in front of the tv. first, while you may be wasting your money if you buy a car with a turbo charged engine. why jacoby jones record will cost one maryland business a pretty penny.
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the rising gas prices are having a big impact on your pocketbook. the u.s. energy information administration reports the average american spent $2912 on gas last year. just under 4% of income before taxes. it's also the highest estimated percentage of household income spent on gas in nearly 30 years excluding 2008 when the average was similar. a new study by consumer reports says turbo charged engines might not be as good as
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advertised. the magazine tested turbo charged. they aren't more powerful or fuel efficient as regular engines. they pump extra air into engines to boost power and car makers usually charge more. they singled out ford, hyundai and kia. bmw's turbo charged car delivered the extra power it promised. the ravens weren't the only big winners. some are enjoying free furniture this morning. that's right. remember this big 108-yard kickoff return? baltimore furniture chain promised. if the ravens started either half with the kickoff return. any customer who bought furniture between thursday and sunday would not have to pay a dime. that is costing the company a pretty penny. >> about $600,000 in sales. >> did the owner ever have second thoughts? >> no, no, no. we took out


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