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tv   News4 Today  NBC  February 5, 2013 5:00am-6:00am EST

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>> wow. lucky they did that. the store's owners isn't saying if he'll put more furniture on the line if the ravens make back to the super bowl next year. the football players work their entire careers for a chance at the lombardi trophy. you would keep tabs on it you would think. >> the ravens lt track of the trophy for a little while on sunday night. the trophy somehow didn't make it to the team's victory party. turns out, ravens security had it the whole time. there was uncertainty over which security perpendicular he will had had the trophy. the panic -- >> what did you do with -- you know the -- >> the panic sets in. you're sweating. "news4 today" continues now at 5:00 a.m. football fans will be packing the streets of charmed city today as the ravens celebrate their latest super
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bowl win. good morning everybody. i'm aaron gilchrist. i'm eun yang. welcome to "news4 today" for this tuesday, february 5, 2013. we caught a bit of a break with the weather this morning. that snow that threatened to slow down the commute was a no show. meteorologist tom kierein is here on what to expect had morning. >> no problems weatherwise this morning. ha system came and went quickly. right now it's in the upper 20s to near 30 in montgomery county. much of prince george's county right now low to mid-30s. that same thing in washington. arlington, in the low 30s and much of fairfax county in the upper 20s near 30 degrees. farther west, southwest, across northern virginia, only in the upper 20s to 30 degrees. that storm system quickly passed through. it went north of us. just a few flurries from it. did put down some snow in pennsylvania and new england. right now getting a few sprinkles of light rain eastern parts of the northern neck. 6:00 a.m. temperatures, upper 20s. few breaks in the cloud. might have a little sun around sunrise. near 30 degrees then by 8:00
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a.m., the mid-30s. by noon, near 40 degrees. sunrise this morning at 7:10. i'm back in ten minutes with a look at the rest of the day. your temperature graph and hometown forecast is coming upment danella has traffic now. in the traffic office, still quiet in the area. let's head down i-95. a report of a disabled vehicle past 234. it's off to the right shoulder lane, that's the good news. travel lanes on i-95 and down to stafford, nice and clear, northbound same story. heading over to 395. a live look at edsall. earlier this roadwork in the hov lanes. that looks to be gone. all the way to the 14th street bridge is clear. aaron, over to you. >> thank you, danella. a frantic search for a little girl is expanding. i want to show you a picture. this is 6 year oiled ariana burts. she was last seen in the 2,000 block of e street.
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she may be with a parent who does not have custody and they may have left the district. she was last seen wearing purple pants, purple jacket and silver boots. if you have nif information on her whereabouts, please call police. the debate over immigration reform will play out on capitol hill. there will be the first of several hearings on the issue. a group of lawmakers is working on legislation to overhaul the nation's immigration laws. today's hearing comes exactly a week after president obama unveiled his immigration reform plan. a bipartisan group of senators announced its plan proposal a day earlier. the white house is showing it's serious about beefing up security along the country's borders. jan janet napolitano is traveling to tout what she calls -- she'll be in el paso, texas today. she was in san diego yesterday. they are the most popular in the country for illegal border
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crossings. napolitano says the border is secure but not 100% sealed. new this morning, police are looking for an armed robber just off the campus of the university of maryland. the holdup happened just after midnight in the area of paint branch parkway in rhode island avenue in college park. that's not far from student housing and fraternity row. it's not clear what the robber took or whether there were any injuries. police do not believe the suspect is sill in the area. >> housing is expected by d.c. mayor vincent gray's top priority during his state of the district address later today. according to the washington post, gray wants to use some of the projected $240 million surplus on affordable housing. the city's rapidly rising cost of living was one. biggest concerns raised last year. he may also call for raises for city employees. the address is at the 6th and i historic synagogue set for 7:00 tonight. if you decide to attend the address, you'll likely see protesters. grassroots group empower d.c. will lead a demonstration outside the synagogue.
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it's upset with the plan to close 15 d.c. schools because of underenrollment. the group is working on a lawsuit against the city. it says the closures affect a higher number of black students. a plan to grade virginia schools is moving forward in the virginia general assembly. today the commonwealth's senate is expected to vote on a school grading system. yesterday the house of dell grats passed a bill assigning a letter grade to the schools. he would range from a to f and based on test data and school quality. virginia lawmakers must act today if the tate is to pass legislation to generate billions of dollars for transportation needs. the senate will vote on an amended version of governor bob mcdonnell's transportation plan. the republican senator who introduced the governor's proposal threw a curve ball yesterday by unveiling the alternative bill. it would impose the sales tax on gas in place of virginia's current gas tax. it would eliminate the sales tax hikes mcdonnell wanted. today is the deadline for legislation to win approval from
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either virginia's senate or the house of delegates. you probably don't need a study to tell you this. this morning, we're getting the latest results of a survey showing we have the worst traffic in the country are. our transportation reporter adam tuss is breaking down the numbers and he'll have what researchers are saying about gridlock coming up at 5:45. overheating batteries forced all 787 dreamliners to be grounded. now boeing is asking the faa to let it put some of the planes back in the air. boeing formally filed a request for test flights with the faa yesterday. they say they need to see if regular flight vibrations are causing overheating. last month dreamliner in japan and one in boston were forced to land after overheating issues on the batteries. ravens fans are getting an early start to their tuesday. they're braving the cold in baltimore to stakeout a great spot for the super bowl parade. the city started setting up for the parade downtown yesterday as the team was returning from new
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orleans. the parade will begin at city hall and end at m&t bank stadium. it's free and open to the public. you can be part of the celebration even if you can't make it to baltimore, we'll be streaming it on starting at 10:45. the tweet john mccain sent out that has some accusing the arizona senator of being racist. the excitement by joe flacco after the super bowl could have cbs paying the price. talk about a close call. just how close this massive asteroid will get to earth in the coming days gliefrjt a cloudy start to your day. but you won't see any snow. what you can expect
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talk about a close shave. an asteroid will pass earth missing us by 17,000 miles. the 150-wide rock named 2012 da 14, you got that aaron, is one of the closest fly byes in history. the asteroid 14 will speed by at more than 17,000 miles per hour. all those miles may seem like a lot. but you're talking about big space rocks coming close to
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earth. >> don't be worried. we'll be okay, eun. let's get a look at our forecast as we approach 5:11 and we start with cloud, tom. >> all is calm, though. not bright. there is a cloud cover over washington. live view from the nbc4 city camera over the washington monument. a lot of cloud cover. mid-30s in the suburbs, rural area, most locations below freezing, including prince george's county. upper 20s near 30. the snow zipped to our north overnight. we're getting a few scattered flurries in frederick county and panhandle of west virginia. few sprinkles of light rain in the northern neck of virginia. leesburg, our hometown forecast location in loudoun county. most of the region will be into the mid-40s in the afternoon, including leesburg. we'll have a lot of cloud cover. by 11:00 late, we'll be down to the upper 30s tonight. slight chance of a flurry. seven-day outlook in ten minutes. a look at traffic now with
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danella. >> good morning. in the traffic office, tracking rails. metro, marc,vre are open and not reporting delays at this time. over to the roadways. still pretty quiet. 50 to maryland between the bay bridge and the beltway, travel lanes are open in both directions. very light volume here along 50 in maryland. connecting to the beltway, here's a look at it. no issues to report. nice and clear from 50 to i-95. aaron and eun. danella, thank you. no laughing matter. why senator john mccain's so-called joke on twitter has people accusing him of being racist. >> put the remote control down. why men may want to cut back on the amount of television they watch.
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a dramatic ending to a days' long standoff. how the
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i'm angie goff with breaking news out of iran. we're hearing that they're saying that their country plans to send their first astronauts into space by the year of 2018. officials saying that the flight will be of two trained iranian astronauts and it's slated between 2016 and 2018. the first mission will be go into sub orbital space where they'll be for about 30 minutes. this is the latest in a series of statements from iranian officials. last week they had a successful launch of a monkey into space. now, of course, tehran's nuclear and space programs have raised concerns with many people out in the west, as they suspect they could be using these missions as cover-ups for military purposes. at the live desk, angie goff, news 4. today the fbi will check for explosives inside an underground bunker after rescuing a boy held hostage for close to a week. late yesterday afternoon, the fbi raided the bunker of 65-year-old jimmy lee dykes and saved that little boy.
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dykes died in the attack. it's not sure whether he took his own life or was killed. he boarded a school bus last week, shot and killed the driver and grabbed the child. the fbi says the boy is now safe and in the hospital. >> i've been to the hospital. i have visited with ethan. he is doing fine. he's laughing, joking, playing. he's very brave. he's very lucky. and this success story is that he's out safe and doing great. >> the fbi says it was monitoring the situation by somehow getting a secret camera into that bunker when they noticed dykes was holding a gun, head to move in. the man accused of killing a former navy seal and his friend is on suicide watch. officials in texas say ready ray routh shot chris kyle, author of the best selling book american sniper and chad littlefield. he's become increasingly aggressive with the jailers and were forced to use a stun gun on him. it happened at a shooting range.
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it's believed that the shooting stemmed from an argument over kyle's truck. we're learning that the daughter of the late u.s. senator strom thurman has died. she announced in 2003 that she was the daughter of thurmond. the former presidential candidate who supported segregati segregation. she was 22 at the time. she kept her father's identity a secret until he died. she worked as a teacher in los angeles for years. she was a mother of four children and was 87 years old. arizona senator john mccain is under fire this morning for what some are calling a racist tweet. mccain tweeted about mahmoud ahmadinejad saying he wanted to be the first iranian in space. he wrote "wasn't he there just last week" referring to the country launching a rocket with a monkey into space. michigan republican justin a
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mash responded calling it racist and tell mccain to wisen up. new jersey senator robert menendez is speaking out about a prostitution scandal. >> it's amazing to me that anonymous, nameless, faceless individuals on a website can drive that type of a story into the mainstream. the bottom line is all of those smears are absolutely false. >> a conservative website reported in november that menendez flew to the dominican r republic allegedly to hire prostitutes in 2010. while he denies anything having to do with prostitutes, menendez admits he failed to properly pay for the trips. he chairs the foreign relations committee. he replaced senator john kerry who is now secretary of state. investigators in mexico say an explosion was not an attack. happened last thursday inside of an administrative building in
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the state oil giant pamex. 37 people were killed and dozens more injured. mexico's attorney general says a gas leak ignited by a spark caused that blast. the source of the leak is still unknown. the bus company linked to a crash that killed seven people over the weekend failed most of the federal vehicle safety inspections. police who responded to the crash say the charter bus was in pieces and it's a miracle anyone survived. the driver survived and says the bus had brake issues. the passengers were on their way home from a weekend at a mexican recreation center. the california-based bus company failed 36% of the random inspections, well below had the national average. >> the u.s. can order drone strikes against its own citizens if it believes they're senior members of al qaeda even if it's unclear they're planning an attack against the country. that's according to a memo obtained by nbc news. the document lays out guidelines for the sfriex such as a strike can only be carried out if the operative can't be caught. but it does not require it to be
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an imminent threat or be charged with crimes against the country. pakistan plans to turn the site of osama bin laden's compound into an amusement park. the tourism office says there are plans to build a $30 million park that would include a zoo, water sports, restaurants, mini golf and other recreational activities. crews already demolished the compound in northern pakistan where he hid for six years before his death. that amusement park is expected to open in pief years. as the boy scouts board prepares o vote whether to allow homosexuals. the coalition includes 33 counsel sims and represents more than 500 scouts across the country. it says this decision "can't be undone." . the family research council, a conservative group is chiming in. it's encouraged people to call and e-mail scout leaders urging them to keep the ba n in place.
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harvard researchers found young men who watched 20 or more hours of firefighter a wetv a w sperm count than those who didn't watch tv at all. men who exercised at least 15 hours a week had a 73% higher sperm count than those who didn't exercise. >> just no real benefits for sitting in front of the tv all day. >> none. >> unless you want to have a lower sperm count. >> good morning. >> temperatures into the 20s to near 30 degrees. in washington right now in the mid-30s. that snow, well it brushed by us overnight. quickly moving through. no accumulation from it. geing a fewprinkles of light rain. getting a few flurries in frederick county, north of washington. here's our four-day forecast. a lot of clouds around today. afternoon highs reaching the
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mid-40s. maybe a flurry early this evening. mid-evening. after that we'll clear out. down to 30. highs reaching mid and upper 40s. lighter wind on wednesday nightment down to the mid-20s by dawn on thursday. thursday afternoon into the low 40s and increasing clouds and next chance of precipitation looks to be rain on friday. 30s in the morning, afternoon highs mid-40s. slight indication it could end as a little bit of wet snow friday night. a look at your weekend. saturday and sunday, sun back. a delightful weekend. near 30 each morning. mid-40s for highs on saturday. near 50 on sunday. a delightful day. on monday, we've got another chance much rain. does look like monday afternoon maybe some showers coming through with temperatures right around 50 degrees. i'm back in ten minutes with another update. a look at first 4 traffic now with danella. >> good morning. around our area, still checking for incidents and so far, let's give you an update.
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traveling the icc between 270 and 95, travel lanes are open. bw parkway between the capitol beltway, a lot of green here. you're getting by without issues. over to i-95 in maryland, a live look past 100. nice and clear. again, between the baltimore beltway and the capitol beltwayment aaron, back to you. >> thank you, danella. tomorrow the wizards will be looking for a second win in a row. the they beat the clippers 98-90 at the verizon center. the clippers were out chris paul and blake griffin who injured his hamstring during warmups. john wall had 13 point and 8 assists. it snaps a four-game losing streak. the knicks come to town tomorrow might. were you shocked when the lights went out at the super bowl. we've learned that the agency that oversees released a memo
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saying they had some decay and a chance of failure. the company that powers the superdome expressed some concern. investigators are still trying to fige out the exact cause of sunday night's 34-minute blackout. that power outage helped twitter reach a record number of tweets during the super bowl. the social media website reports the game generated 24.1 million tweets. that's up from 13.7 million last year. officials with twitter say that number does not include tweets about the commercials. cbs could be in a little trouble with the fcc over the broadcast of the super bowl because of a little incident moments after the game. >> [ bleep ]. >> awesome. >> that was ravens quarterback yoe flacco and needless to say that beep wasn't there during sunday's broadcast. the parent television council was watching and listening. the president is accusing cbs of airing indecent material and it all takes -- all it takes is one written complaint to the fcc for
5:26 am
the agency to investigate the incident. remember, it was cbs that broadcast janet jackson's infamous wardrobe malfunction during the super bowl halftime show in 2004. got to have your hand over that red button during the broadcast. you never know when something is going to slip out. now the microphones are all over the field. >> at all times. when john harbaugh was yelling at the coach during the blackout, you know there were expletives thrown out. you didn't hear it though. >> good thing. >> cbs is off the hook for flacco's interview with david letterman. >> the mvp was a guest on the late show last night. he told dave that he loved to be a ravens for life. his contract is up. but he's expected to sign a huge deal during the off season. he joked that playing the quarterback in the nfl isn't as hard as people think. >> how many plays do you know, if you had to write down the plays, how many could you write down right now? >> i have no idea. >> is it like ten or -- >> it's probably around 100.
5:27 am
i don't know. >> 100 variations? >> there's all kinds of different things you can do. an nfl playbook is much easier than people make it out to be. >> is it really in. >> come on. >> love it. >> flacco also told letterman that he has more to celebrate than just the super bowl title. his wife is also pregnant with their second child. congratulations. big year for joe flacco. >> i think it's got to be harder. >> you need the athleticism to be on the nfl team. >> a disturbing case of abuse to tell you about. it was caught on camera. coming up, the changes facing care-giver in this video and how police tracked down this crucial piece of evidence. put immigration reform in the spotlight. the action being taken today. 5:27 thousand. the d.c. area missed out on more snow this more than. what can you expect as you step out the door? weather and traffic on the 1s, next.
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looking at the stories making headlines. the search for a 6-year-old is expanding outside of the district this morning. a young alabama boy remains in the hospital this morning after an fbi raid freed him after a days' long standoff. the fate of virginia governor bob mcdonnell's plan to
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overhaul transportation funding in that state will be in the hands of lawmakers today. much more on those stories coming up in this hour. good morning to you. i'm eun yang. good morning. i'm aaron gilchrist. the virginia lawmakers trying to ease the gridlock that we feel on a daily basis. we know the traffic is bad. how bad? researchers will tell you what they're saying about the commute in the d.c. area coming up in about 15 minutes. the other big story, the weather. there are plenty of clouds hanging over us. you won't have to worry about the snow. storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein is here with what to expect when you head out the door. tom? >> dry pavement around the region. temperatures are cold. we're below freezing in prince george's county. near 30 degrees. near 30 in montgomery. much of the rest of northern virginia. southern maryland way down south, a few sprinkles of rain. in the mid 30s there. had sprinkles of rain south of washington. a little bit of light snow zipped by overnight north of us. it is long gone. otherwise, just a few flurries lingering. the panhandle of west virginia
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and into frederick county, maryland. we looked at the forecast for the next several hours. we have a break in the cloud cover here through about 8:00, 9:00 this morning. maybe a little sun after sunrise. then by 9:00 all cloudy, upper 30s. should be near 40 by noontime. i'm back in ten minutes with a hometown forecast and a look at the rest of the afternoon. first 4 traffic now on this tuesday morning with danella. good morning. >> good morning. in our area, volume is increasing. no major delays just yet. we'll take a closer look at 50 inside the beltway as you make your way past landover road. just getting a little more steam here. nothing you can't handle if you're heading out of the house. in fact, as you connect to new york avenue, you're clear. no reports of accidents at this time. aaron and eun, over to you. >> danella, thank you. a house committee will dpin a series of hearings on immigration reform. this comes as a group of house lawmakers continues to work on legislation on that issue. and a week after president obama outlined his plan to overhaul the nation's immigration laws.
5:33 am
nbc's tracie potts live now on capitol hill with more. tracie, good morning. >> aaron, good morning. a number of things happening today. starting with president obama. he meets with a number of different groups today, labor leaders, civic groups, business leaders to talk about immigration. he wants to come up with a plan so that the 11 million illegal immigrants in the country living and working here for years can stay. on the other hand, here on capitol hill, we'll hear more approximate this in today's house judiciary committee hearing. lawmakers especially conservative republicans want to make sure the border is secure first. secretary of homeland security, janet napolitano has been touring that border. she's in el paso today. she says cracking down on the border, which is something that we need to focus on, isn't the only part of the solution. >> could never and it would be with unrealistic and no one, i think, using commonsense would say you will eliminate all crime, all illegal immigration.
5:34 am
no city in the united states that has no crime and yet, most people believe they live in a fairly safe city or safe city. >> she's also concerned that too much crackdown at the border could hamper trade. there's a group of democrats and republicans working behind the scenes to come up with a solution. aaron, we don't know how much progress they've made so far. >> tracie potts on capitol hill. thank you, tracie. >> we will have to wait until spring for congress to wage its bitter battle over the nation's debt limit. president obama signed into law a bill that raises the government's borrowing limit through the middle of may. it will allow the government to continue paying its bills. congress gave final approval to that legislation last week of the the president had warned that the country's economic recovery could be threatened if approximate congress didn't pass the bill. charges of assault after a woman is attacking a disabled man. a warning, this video might be disturbing for some people.
5:35 am
>> oh, oh! ooh! >> police arrested 57-year-old donna everett after this video appeared on you-tube. the company that runs the group home, emerge inc., called police after learng about the video. other portions of the video show everett standing by as other employees attack the man. emerge has not commented on the video or the arrest. d.c. police chief kathy lanier who welcome an independent review of her department's handling of sex crimes in the district. the human rights watch found that over a four-year period d.c. police did not document or investigate 170 sex assault cases. the chief says that is not correct. she tells news 4 they have found investigative files on all the cases. the best thing that can happen for me is have an independent person just ver pif what i'm saying. what's in this report is not factual as far as what i can see in terms of some of the findings of this, but it is not in any
5:36 am
way, shape or form representative of the fine work of the detectives in that unit. they're some of the best on the police department. >> lanier says out of 1200 victims, the authors ever the report only talked to approximately 15. our phone calls to the human rights watch about the criticism have not been returned. a judge will hold a hearing tomorrow to decide whether a georgetown man charged with murder can continue representing himself because of a hunger strike. the man is so weak from not eating since december, he was taken to the hospital last month. he is set to go on trial next month for the death of his 91-year-old wife. he claims his wife's death was the result of an iranian hit intended for him. he was found competent to stand trial. new this morning, maryland's wren assembly is thinking of punishing yet another anne arundel county lawmaker. the house will vote whether to reprimand the delegate. he's accused of trying to draft amendments to help him get his real estate license back and
5:37 am
reduce the interest on $75,000 he owed the state for fraudulent real estate sfs. an ethics panel recommended he make a public statement stating he dishonored the assembly. dog owners will rally today. the state court of appeals singled out pit bulls as being inherently dangerous. the ruling also held owners and landlords responsible for a bite even without any previous evidence that the dog was dangerous. today's demonstration supports new measure that would hold all dog owners responsible for a bite. but it also allows the owner to prove in court that the dog was not dangerous. why the increased speed limit on a local toll road is not enough for some maryland lawmakers. >> also ahead, think your morning commute is one of the worst? where d.c. traffic stacks up against some of our nation's other major cities. >> new information about this daredevil's jump from the edge of earth that might leave you even more impressed.
5:38 am
and -- >> we're getting a break from the winter weather after all. the changes in the forecast next with weather and traffic on the 1s. coming up on 5:38.
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daredevil felix baumgartner
5:41 am
once again rewrote the record books. he didn't have to do anything. the official numbers on his space jump show he reached 843 miles per hour or 1.25 times the speed of sound. originally, it was thought he traveled 834 miles per hour. baumgartner set the world record for highest space jump last october when he fell for more than 24 miles above the earth. this just in. a few school delays to report to you this morning. hampshire, morgan and mineral county in west virginia will open two hours late. tom, i guess somebody got some snow yesterday. >> they did. that system did move quickly to our north and in the wake of that, we've got a partly cloudy to mostly cloudy sky. it's below freezing now in montgomery county and in arlington, fairfax and most of northern virginia, right near the freezing mark as is the res of maryland. southern maryland above freezing, charles, calvert and st. mary's. a few lingering sprinkles. there was a fast-moving snow
5:42 am
that moved north of us. no accumulation overnight. a few lingering maybe flurries farther north in riverdale. that's our hometown forecast location. ought to be in the mid-40s there. that's the story for the day today. a lot of cloud cover. temperatures mid-40s by mid-afternoon. back down to the upper 30s by midnight. seven-day outlook in ten minutes. a look at traffic with danella. first 4 traffic office now seeing a delay on the rails. this is camden south train on the marc train. a 13-minute delay. metro, vre, no report of delays. chopper 4 is en route to this. report much an accident 295 southbound near i-195. again, i'm back in ten minutes and hopefully with a live look from chopper 4. aaron and eun. mel knedanella, thank you. a push to get the dreamliner back in the air. we spend too much time stuck in traffic.
5:43 am
a new report showing us how bad it is in d.c. plus, why the ravens nearly had to celebrate their win without the lombardi trophy. okay, i need a better pizza.
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one made with only real cheese. a pizza my family will love. (announcer) freschetta naturally rising crust pizza. freschetta. made better to taste better.
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chances are, when you head out the door, you will sit in some traffic. there's a new report out this morning that shows you are spending the most time and money sitting in it than anywhere else in the country. transportation reporter adam tuss breaks down the bad news. >> the ranking on who has the worst traffic is out. the d.c. region comes out at number one ahead of traffic choked l.a., san francisco and new york. >> pretty bad. most of the time it's pretty bad. i have a short commute but i've been in it a lot. >> transportation institute's
5:47 am
urban mobility report says d.c. area drivers wait 67 hours a year stuck in traffic, almost two full work weeks and all that sit around wastes about 32 gallons of gas. overall, the congestion costs per commuter per year around here, almost $1400 had. the report also says we have the most unreliable roads in the region. for instance, a trip that would take you 20 minutes in the middle of the night, you want to budget almost two hours for during a rush hour. drivers have their own thoughts about why the ride is so tough. >> too many people driving and not enough highway bandwidth. that's the reason. >> others try to avoid the main roads, like the beltway. >> it's a couple miles. i end up stuck in traffic so i go all the way around the back way. >> still others are resigned to the slow roll. >> it's pretty bad but it's something you deal with living in the area. >> in the district, adam tuss, "news4 today." the speed limit is going up on one of the most lightly traveled road in the region.
5:48 am
lawmakers want to bump up higher. by the end of next month, you'll be able to go 60 miles per hour on the intercounty connector. the general assembly will begin debating on raising other speed limits. it's estimated that the new 60 mile per hour limit on the icc will only save drivers about a minute and a half between gaithersburg and laurel. the virginia house of delegates will vote on tougher laws for texting while driving. lawmakers will vote on whether to change texting while driving from a secondary offense to a primary offense. that would allow officers to stop anybody they see texting behind the wheel. the measure will increase fines dramatically from 20 to $250. it looks like virginia will not pass new gun control legislation this year after the senate rejected the final proposal on the books. they said a committee rejected a bill requiring state police to
5:49 am
be available at shows to conduct background checks if a private seller wanted one. it was the latest attempt to close the gun show loophole after years of failure. the general assembly has also rejected an assault weapons ban. magazine capacity limits and universal background checks this year. an attempt in maryland to stop a proposal allowing police to track cell phones without a search warrant. the american civil liberties union will testify before a house committee today. they say police should only be able to obtain cell phone tracking information after getting a search warrant based on probable cause. they say mobile phones register their locations several times a minute and knowing that information can can invade privacy. >> police at universities in our area are urging students to be more careful after a string of dorm room burglaries. at georgetown university, thieves stole laptops in the past two days and at george washington university there have been at least three burglaries where thieves went into dorm rooms and took ten different
5:50 am
electronics. a spokesperson says the robberies happened because students inadvertently let the thieves in and left their rooms unloblgd. all the burglaries happened in the middle of the day. police need your help finding these men who stole more than $120,000 worth of jewelry. the thieves robbed the zales jewelry store at pentagon city mall yesterday. the four men smashed the display cases with hammers and stole 27 rings. they then jumped into a red car and broke through the parking garage gate. if you recognize these men, call police. a group of firefighters in baltimore is happy to be waking up at home this morning. the first responders rushed to the scene of a four-alarm fire last night. this happened just before 6:00. the flames got so intense the firefighters were told to evacuate the building. as they left, the building collapsed, trapping five of them inside. the crew was rescued and rushed to the hospital. incredibly, they suffered only minor injuries. richmond wants your input on
5:51 am
how the area near the redskins new training camp should look. city council is holding a meeting to get ideas about landscaping near the camp. it comes after many of the trees were bulldozed. the city is also still trying to decide how to handle parking for thousands of 'skins fans expected to head to that facility when training camp begins. we just got this in. hardy county schools are two hours late today. hardy county schools two hours late. the u.s.o warrior at fort belvoir officially homes. it's where a families can live together without being in a hospital. it's kus tomorrow made down to the height of the countertop in the kitchen. there's enough room for wounded warriors in wheelchairs also. they have a business center, dining room, healing gardens, music room. it's the largest center in uso history. what a wonderful place. >> it is.
5:52 am
we want to turn to meteorologist tom kierein now. the schools got snow. >> in fact, got a photo sent in of the snow cover in west virginia. found a critter walking down a trail ahead of him too. left his trail there. sent in by john evans from cabins west, virginia. temperature now at reagan national 35. a few breaks in the cloud and a calm wind starting off this tuesday morning. the snow in west virginia, it passed north of us. now a few ling had erg sprinkles of rain in the northern neck of virginia. temperatures around 40 degrees. north and west, a few flurries. panhandle of west virginia into frederick county. that snow long gone. didn't leave any accumulation. down to near 30 degrees. prince george's, arlington, fairfax, montgomery counties. as well as in washington. it's a little above freezing there. the rest of southern maryland,
5:53 am
mid and upper 30s to near 40 degrees. hour by hour through the morning hour, 30 degrees through -- by 9:00 in the upper 30s. maybe a little sun around sunrise. this morning at 7:10. by noontime shall around 40 degrees. we'll have a light wind with us through the rest of the afternoon as we reach the mid-40s. then maybe a flurry this evening. clearing out after midnight. down to near 30 by dawn on wednesday. tomorrow should be a bright and sunny day. blustery wind. highs in the upper 40s. 20s by dawn on thursday. thursday afternoon into the low 40s. friday, mid-30s in the morning and cloudy. rain developing during the day on friday. rain is likely into the mid-40s. colder air coming in friday evening. may change briefly to wet snow. by dawn saturday, clearing out, near freezing. saturday, sunny in the 40s. near 50 and sunny on sunday. as we get into monday, another chance much rain. temperatures around 50. i'm back in ten minutes. let's have a look at the first 4 traffic with danella, good
5:54 am
morning. >> good morning. tom, an update on the earlier accident that i reported a moment ago. southbound, 295 as you make your way past i-195. chopper 4 is live over the scene now. we'll take a closer look because there you'll find police on the scene as well as your right lane blocked. you can get by, but only the left lane will getou by as you travel southbound 295 in md just past i-195. i'm back in ten minutes. aaron and eun, over to you. >> thank you, danella. let's check in with angie goff with breaking news. >> good morning. iranian state news is reporting iran has agreed to hold nuclear talks with other nations on february 26th in kazakhstan. it will include discussions between iran and including the u.s. plus germany. u.s. vice president joe biden saying recently that the obama administration is willing to hold the direct talks with iran. at the live desk, angie goff,
5:55 am
husband news 4. a record amount on gas was spent last year. $2900. the u.s. energy information administration did the study. gas money accounts for 4% of income before taxes. that is the highest estimated percentage of household income spent on gas in nearly 30 years. a new consumer reports study says most turbo charged engines are anything but. most of them are not more powerful or more fuel efficient than cars with regular engines. turbo charged cars pump extra air into the engine. car makers charge more for that. the magazine singled out ford, kia for that. bmw delivered the extra power it promises. boeing is pushing to get the dreamliner back in the skies. cnbc's shartia brantley is here with that story and more. good morning. >> good morning, eun.
5:56 am
boeing has requested permission from the faa to conduct test flights of the 787 dreamliner jet. now, the move suggests the company may be closer to resolving issues with the lithium-ion batteries that prompted a grounding of the jets two weeks ago. the seattle times says the faa may give the green light soon, but passenger flights may be weeks, if not months, away. united airlines is the only u.s. carrier that has dreamliner jets in its fleet at this time. apple will find out today bl bigger is really better. the company is rolling out a 128 gigabyte of the ipad 4, double the storage capacity of the current tablet. now, it sells for $799 for a wi-fi only version and $929 for a connected -- network connected model. sounds a little pricey but it's primarily aimed at business professionals, like architects, doctors and photographers.
5:57 am
guys, it may be a direct shot at microsoft which will start selling its own 128-gigabyte pro tablet this weekend. let the battle begin. >> indeed. shartia brantley, thank you. a baltimore furniture store is paying up thanks to this amazing kickoff return by jacoby jones. gardner's furniture promised if the ravens started either half with a kickoff return for a touchdown, any customer who bought furniture between last thursday and sunday would not have to pay a dime. it cost them more than $600,000. they did take out an insurance policy on that bet. >> good thing they did that. $600,000 worth of pufurniture for-free? you would think they would keep close tabs on the trophy. >> the ravens lost track of the trophy for a little while on sunday. the trophy somehow didn't make it to the team's victory paefrt. it turns out security it the
5:58 am
whole time. there was a little uncertainty over which security personnel had it. but they found it. 5:57 our time now. "news4 today" continues in a moment.
5:59 am
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