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tv   News4 Today  NBC  February 5, 2013 6:00am-7:00am EST

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the plan to could derail the governor's proposal. a lot of new information about the alabama daring raid to rescue a 5-year-old boy. why the fbi says there's one question it will not answer. good morning. welcome to "news4 today." i am eun yang. i'm aaron gilchrist. if you're just waking up, urt cold. not as cold as it has been. we're going to see a lot of is up shine today. meteorologist tom kierein is here with the forecast. that sunshine will be here tomorrow. >> that's right. this morning, might be a little bit of sun and you look out your window, what happened to the snow? let's go back in time and show you what happened overnight. a lot of that snow passed north of washington. it was moving very fast. didn't get any accumulation. we have a little bit of light rain in southern maryland. a few flurries in frederick and washington county. temperatures right now are near 40 where they're getting a few sprinkles of rainment farther north, at or below freezing.
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mid-30s in washington. the shenandoah valley, most locations are near freezing. right around the metro area, though, it is a little below freezing in prince george's county and fairfax. we'll stay bee lee freezing for a couple of hours. a little sun this morning, then cloudy the rest of the day. by noontime, ought to be around 40 degrees. our sunrise this morning at 7:10. the sunset is at 5:35. a look at the rest of the day and another hometown forecast in ten minutes. a look at traffic now with danella. good morning. >> good morning. the first 4 traffic office, still tracking this accident in maryland along 295 southbound. this is near i-195. you can see chopper 4 is on the scene now. just the left lane is getting you by. police are blocking the right lane. delays look like around two miles right now. you are pretty slow as you pass this accident. but once you pass this accident on bw parkway and continue
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southbound. the travel lanes are open there. let talk about usual delays. out of frederick, you're slow as you make your way to clarksburg. slow passing 109. but the trip in germantown, not bad at all. here's a live look at father hurley from germantown. still clear. hurry out of the house. aaron, over to you. >> thank you, danella. d.c. police need your help to find a missing girl. take a look at this picture. this is 6 year's ariana burkes. she was last seen on e street northeast. police believe that she may have left the district with a parent who does not have custody. she was last seen wearing purple pants, a purple jacket and silver boots. if you have any information where she might be, please call police. vincent gray is expected to make housing -- according to the post, gray wants to use some of a projected $240 million budget
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surplus on affordable housing. if recent years, the city has been only able to keep rent down for low income families instead of building new housing options. he may also call for raises for city employees. the address is at the 6th and i historic synagogue set for 7:00 tonight. the grassroots group empower d.c. will lead a demonstration outside the synagogue to call attention to the school closing plan. it's shutting 15 schools. empower d.c. is working on a lawsuit against the city saying the closures affect a higher number of black students. the virginia general assembly is moving forward with a plan to grade virginia schools. the state senate is execs -- yesterday a bill was passed to assign a letter glade to public schools. they would range from a to f and based on test data and school quality. 6:03 now.
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the virginia senate will vote on a transportation plan different from the one governor bob mcdonnell envisioned. the senator who introduced the plan surprised his colleagues and introduced an amendment. it would impose a sales tax on gas in virginia. that would take the place of current gas tax. it would eliminate the sales tax hike mcdonnell had wanted and scrap the hundreds of millions of dollars in fee increases the governor was pushing for. >> dog owners will rally in annapolis this morning in hopes of earning more protection if their pets bite someone. pit bulls and their owners are singled out for punishment even if the dog has no previous estimate of being dangerous. the demonstration supports a new measure holding all dog owners responsible for a bite. it allows the owner to prove in court that the doing was not dangerous. the debate over immigration reform will play out today at the white house and on capitol hill. president obama will meet today with labor leaders and immigration reform groups to discuss his plan to reform the
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nation's immigration reform laws. he'll discuss the issue some of the country's most prominent ceos. across town, there will be the first in a series of hearings on immigration reform. new this morning, a search for an armed robber near the university of maryland. this happened just after hiddenite of paint branch parkway in college park, not far from student housing and fraternity row. it's not clear what the robber took or if there were injuries. police do not believe the suspect is still in the area. would you share your sexual orientation on a college application? that's what georgetown university law school will have do. they want to track the number of gay applicants to set up better support services. the study was first reported by the campus newspaper. four of the top 20 law schools in the country have students to disclose their sexual orientation. police in texas say an iraq war veteran admitted to shooting
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chris kyle. kyle wrote the best selling novel, "american sniper." the autobiography of the most lethal sniper history. routh had a history of mental illness and suffered from ptsd. he threatened to kill himself and his family. chris kyle often took veterans to the gun range as a form of therapy. the site where navy seals killed osama bin laden in pakistan will your honor into an amusement park. the tourism office says there's plans to build a $30 million park on the former compound. it would include a zoo, water sports, restaurants, miniature golf and other recreational activities. crews demolished the compound in northern pakistan where he hid for six years before his death. the park is expected to open in five years. all right will, guys. a very good reason to not sit in front of tv after work tonight. plus, what investigators saw
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that helped make the difficult decision to raid an underground bunker where a little boy was held hostage. >> a little break from the bitter cold. weather and traffic on the 1s ahead. if it wasn't impressive enough, new information approximate this jump from the edge of space. that make us whoe
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ken jeong: it's not just what's on the outside yvette nicole brown: it's what's inside that really counts alison sweeney: so get to know the people around you ann curry: you'll see all they have to offer al roker: the more you know turns out daredevil felix baumgartner was going faster than he thought during his space jump last year. the official numbers are in and he reached speeds of 843 miles per hour. that's 1.25 times the speed of sound. originally, it was thought he only fell 834 miles per hour. >> is that all? >> yeah. >> baumgartner set the world record for the highest space jump last october when he fell more than 24 miles above the earth. >> incredible. that light landing after he fell from space. >> does anybody know what he's
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doing now? >> enjoying his life. thinking of the next adventure. >> you jumped out of space. what's left? >> 6:11, time for weather and traffic on the 1s. here's tom kierein. >> right before he jumped, he was told, "don't! "weather and traffic on the 1s. good morning. we're off to a cold start. it's around 30 degrees in prince george's county. also montgomery, arlington and fairfax. a little below freezing. but a light wind. reagan national at 35. there was that snow that passed north of us. it moved quickly. did not get any accumulation from it. a few sprinkles of light rain in the northern neck and a few flurries in frederick county and washington county. alexandria, that is our hometown location where the temperature by this afternoon should be into the mid 40s and mostly cloudy. might have a little sunshine through the daylight hours. we'll have it to reach the mid-40s everywhere with a lot of cloudiness. by late in the day by this evening, right before midnight, ought to be down into the upper
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30s. slight chance of flurries tonight. seven-day outlook in ten minutes. >> your first 4 traffic report, an update on the earlier accident. bw parkway southbound in maryland. ths past i-195. chopper 4 still on the scene and showing delays. we'll take a closer look. you can see delays are at least two miles. this is as you make your way southbound on bw parkway heading towards i-195. you're facing about a two-mile delay right now. shooting over this time to o 50, also in maryland, just right around colling ton road, a report of debris in the roadway. back in ten minutes with an update. back to you both. thank you, danella. bad news if you're counting calories. why the information on the labels may be way off. the tweet sent out by john mccain that a fellow lawmaker calls racist. the hostage standoff involving a little boy is over.
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the search still
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because your efforts help komen serve millions of women and men facing breast cancer every year. visit to register or to request more information today. it was 3 days of pure joy. ♪ and it's beautiful in just a few hours, the fbi will search for an underground
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bunker after saving a boy being held hostage. federal agents saved the 5-year-old boy after almost a week of negotiations. the man holding him hostage, 65-year-old jimmy lee dykes died during the rescue. it's not clear how he died. the fbi says it was able to get a camera inside the bunker to monitor the situation but they will not say how. law enforcement sources say they decided to raid the bunker when they saw dykes holding a fwun. the boy is reportedly doing fine this morning. a gas leak is to blame for a major explosion at one of mexico's leading oil companies. the blast happened last thursday inside of an administrative building of state oil giant pamex. mexico's attorney general says they're still looking for the source of that gas leak. a former federal prosecutor will lead an investigation into how the state of pennsylvania handled the jerry sandusky case.
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jeffrey moulton jr. will look into why it took more than two years to complete. governor tom corbett welcomes the review and will make all the findings available to the public. sandusky is spending the rest of his life in prison. john mccain is facing criticism for what is calling a racist tweet toward mahmoud ahmadinejad. ahmadinejad recently said he wants to be the first iranian in space. mccain responded to the story by tweetings, wasn't he there had just last week, referring to the country launching a rocket with monkey into space. >> he tweeted back saying lighten up, can't anyone take a joke. 17 after the hour. in news 4 your health. you may want to exercise more and watch tv a little less. not this time of morning, though. researchers at harvard found young men who watched 20 or more hours of tv a week had a 44%
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lower sperm count than men who didn't watch tv at all. they also found men who exercised at least 15 hours a week had a 73% higher sperm count than those who didn't exercise. researchers studied 189 college students in rochester, new york. right now, athletic tlraines are on the way to new york to discuss ways to keep your children safe while they play sport. a youth sports safety summit begins today. members of the national athletic trainers association will spend the next two days coming up with a plan to make sports safer and that includes drafting a student athlete bill of rights. today ravens fans get to celebrate their team's super bowl title with the team itself. thousands of people will pack the streets of downtown baltimore for the ravens' super bowl parade. the players and coaches arrived back in baltimore yesterday. a day after beating the 49ers. today's parade will had start at city hall and end at m&t bank stadium. you don't have to brave the cold and the crowds to enjoy the
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celebration. we will be streaming live on it all begins at 10:45. you'll have to forgive joe flacco if he's a bit tired for today's parade of the he was in new york last might for an appearance on the late show with david letterman. that was after being honored earlier in the day at disney world in florida. the super bowl mvp told letterman last night that he feels he was born to be a quarterback. >> thank you very much. >> obviously if i was trying to be a immediate comedian, i wouldn't be good at that. if you were playing a quarterback, you wouldn't be too good. >> you think i wouldn't be good? >> i don't know. i haven't seen you play. >> would it be here would be my problem or here would be my problem? >> i would say right here. >> flacco also announced that he and his wife are expecting their second child. >> there probably aren't any leftovers from one fraternity's
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super bowl party because one of the guests had a pretty healthy appetite. >> five, four, three, two, one. go! that is famed eater takeru kobayashi. he downed a domino's pizza in one minute. he made a pretty pep i for that feat. he was paid more than $3200 just to prove he could do it. >> i bet you i could do it in five. >> five minutes, the whole pizza. >> not for the cameras though. that's for sure. >> put it in chocolate, you can do it in 30 seconds. >> two of my favorite foods. a harvard researcher is call for an upgrade to the current calorie count method used for nutrition labels because it's inaccurate. the 100-year-old method does not factor in preparation and processing. she tested several foods, calorie count and found many had
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had 50% more calories than listed on the nutrition labels. she will had present her findings at a science meeting month. approaching 6:21. time for weather and traffic on the 1s. tom kierein has been tracking our weather. tom, good morning. >> good morning. when the first light of day spreads over the ee region, you look for the snow. it zipped north of us. did not get any accumulation from it. a few sprinkles of light rain, st. mary's county northern neck. it's a little below freezing. near 30 in montgomery county. prince george's and arlington and fairfax. near the freezing mark. reagan national at 35 degrees. here's your four-day forecast. we'll have afternoon highs sitting mid-40s. near 30 tomorrow morning. we clear out after a few scattered flurries tomorrow. sunny and breezy. highs upper 40s. cooler on thursday with increasing clouds. could get rain on friday. over the weekend, sun returns. morning lows near 30.
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afternoon highs 40. near 50 on sunday. near 50 monday too. could get some rain then. i'm back in ten minutes from the storm team 4 weather deck. danella is here with a look at traffic on this tuesday morning. good morning. >> good morning. the first 4 traffic office, still tracking the accident along bw parkway southbound just past the exit ramp for i-195. the update is this. two vehicles are involved. tow truck just arriving to the scene. police still on the scene. chopper is reporting delays, about two miles right now. you are able to get by very slowly but just to the left lane. you can see these cars are pretty bumper to bumper this morning. back over to 50. route 50 in maryland at collington road. still a report of debris inbound. please use caution along 50 today. we'll check 395 in ten minutes. see you then. a federal agency hacked two -- whose personal information may be at risk.
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i've made jokes about you. not just one or two.
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but -- >> that was a good one. perhaps david letterman bit off more than he could chew when he invited governor christie. he poked a little fun on himself by downing a doughnut. letterman has made fun of christy's weight for years. hackers broke into the computer network. according to the reports, the hackers stole the personal information of several hundred employees that happened last month. no word on who is responsible for attack. how much people are spending on gas and why it's so darn expensive again. the haul from this heist at a local jewelry store. who claims to have known about a potential power problem months ago at the superdome. a rebound in our temperatures.
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we're number one. overnight i new report about the worst traffic in the nation and washington landed at the top. how many hours on average we spend sitting approximate traffic and how much it's costing us, welcome back to "news4 today." i'm aaron gilchrist. i'm eun yang.
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we'll get you taught up with the weather and the commute in a moment. first, it's going to feel balmy out there. the flag is blowing a little bit already. meteorologist tom kierein on the storm team 4 weather deck. balmy, you think, tom? >> not yet. it's cold this morning. we're below freezing much of region. we have a cloud cover still passing overhead. it produced a little snow overnight. as we look at what's happening over the last several hours, the temperatures have been dropping. in fact, it's near 30 now in prince george's county. arlington, fairfax, montgomery counties also near 30. in the low 30s in washington near the bay. southern maryland, though, near 40 degrees where they've had sprinkles of rain. that snow zipped to o our north. did not leave any accumulation around the media metro area. there was some in west virginia where they have school delays this morning. hour by hour through the morning hours, might have a little sun peeking through the overcast, through 8:00 a.m. by then, above freezing. by 9:00 upper 30s.
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by 10:00, holding steady. a lot of cloudiness. we'll have a light wind today. sunrise at 7:10. the sunsets at 5:35. i'll be back in ten minutes with another update. we'll take a look at the hometown forecast in the afternoon as well. now, let's take a look at traffic. danella is here. >> good morning. well, first 4 traffic, good news to report. chopper 4 is over the earlier accident. i know this had looks bad. as you travel 295 southbound, slow from the ltimore beltway past i-195. that earlier accident, it has just one lane getting by to the left. it's now cleared to the shoulder. you are seeing delays, but hopefully they start to dissipate some. because that accident is out of the roadway. over to 395, northbound in virginia. heavy on the brakes at edsall. not bad. around seminary road by the bridge you are clear. over to 66. usual delays eastbound past 234. once you get to centreville, not bad at all.
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from fairfax county parkway, a 13-minute drive to the beltway. aaron, over to you. >> thank you. a frantic certificate. for a 6 we're old girl missing for five days. take a look. this is 6-year-old ariana burkes. she was last seen thursday night in the 2,000 block of e street in northeast washington. police believe that she may have left the district with a parent who does not have custody. she was seen wearing purple pants, a purple jacket and silver boots. if you have any information where she might be, please call police. new had morning, nbc news has obtained a confidential justice department memo that says the u.s. can order drone strikes against other americans if they're believed to be members of al qaeda. the document says the strike will only be authorized if military officials can't catch the target with normal methods. but the memo says the target does not have to be considered an imminent threat for an attack. boeing is ready to resume test flights for the troublesome 787 dreamliner.
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boeing formally filed a request with the faa yesterday. last month a yap niece dreamliner and one in boston both forced to land after battery heating ib issues. both incidents have been found to have the same type of thermal runaway problem. all 50 planes were taken out of commission last month. a care-giver for a maryland group home faces multiple charges after a video shows her attacking a disabled man. a warning this video might be disturbing for some. >> ooh! ooh! >> police arrested 57-year-old donna edward after this video appeared on you-tube. the company that runs the group home, emerge inc., called police after seeing the video. other portions of the video show edwards standing by as other employees attacked the man. emerge inc. has not commented on the video or the arrest. a judge will decide whether a georgetown man is strong enough to represent himself.
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the man is so weak from not eating since december, he was taken to the hospital last month. he's set to go on trial for the death of his 91-year-old wife. he claims his wife's death was the result of an iranian hit intended for him. a hearing set for tomorrow. police need your help finding four men who robbed a virginia jewelry store in broad daylight. look at surveillance video that shows the men smashing display cases at the pentagon city mall zales store. this was yesterday. the thieves got away with 27 rings worth about $120,000. they then jumped into a red car and broke through the parking garage gates. if you recognize those men, call police. >>the princeton review ranked two virginia schools as the best value public schools in america. the university of virginia in charlottesville is ranked number one. the college of william and mary in williamsburg came in fourth. the princeton review came up with the ranking based on more than 30 factors, including tuition, room and board and financial aid.
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the very personal question a local college is now asking applicants. plus a local highway where you can go a lot faster now. bragging rights for the mornings spent sitting had traffic. we're number one. how many weeks we spend on average staring at brake lights. weather and traffic on the 1s is next. next, apple's jumbo ipad is out this morning. what you get for a bigger price tag.
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a major debut for apple today. the new ipad 4128g will hit stores. between $800 and $930. it's twice the size of the current ipad 4. it's aimed attmore professional consumers, including architects, doctors. this could be apple's answer to microsoft's surface pro tablet. >> last year the mini and now the maxie. >> super. hymn good with this: for
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years i'll be good with this. we'll talk about a close shave. next week an asteroid will pass earth missing us by 17,000 miles. that 150-foot wide rock named 2012 da 14 one of the closest fly-byes in history. it will speed by at more than 17,000 miles per hour as well. time right now is 6:39. the "today" show is next at 7:00. let's check in with matt and savannah. to see what we're working on. >> hi. >> aaron, nice to see you. remember da-13. that was a pain. >> came within 16,000 feet. >> miles. >> not feet, that's not good. >> miles. >> coming up on a tuesday morning on "today." new details on the raid to end that nearly week long hostage drama in alabama. the 5-year-old boy held captive
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unharmed. we'll talk to a woman who was with his mom when she learned the great news. also ahead, warning signs of power problems at the superdome well before the super bowl? we'll have the latest on what may have caused the blackout. a dream come true for people a little afraid of germs like me. a touchless sink that both washes and dries your hands. we'll try it out and talk to its inventor. those stories plus today's professionals. whether john mccain's joke at the expense of mahmoud ahmadinejad went too far and katharine mcphee will be here when we get started on a tuesday. >> matt it will wash and dry your hands. who opens the door? >> we're going to ask the inventor. we need that pile of towels near the door to grab the handle and throw that towel away. >> and soap. >> soap issues also. >> we'll see what happens. >> not a perfect world. >> okay. we have a handful of school delays to talk about this morning.
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hampshire, hardy, morgan and mineral county in west virginia will open two hours late today. hampshire, hardy, morgan and mineral county schools. coming up on 6:41. if you're like me, we were fortunate not to get any snow last night. tom kierein will tell us what we will get. >> lot of cloudiness now. it feels like february. we're below freezing in prince george's county. around 30 degrees. near 30 in montgomery county. arlington and fairfax. in the district, generally low to mid-30s. southern maryland, a few sprinkles of rain overnight. it's in the upper 30s to near 40 degrees. southern st. mary's county, parts of the northern neck. it did not leave us any accumulation. zooming in on silver spring. that's our hometown forecast location. by mid-afternoon, mostly cloudy, temperatures reaching the mid-40s. it does look likely mid-afternoon, by this time tomorrow morning, near freezing there. throughout the region, here's your temperature graph. climbing into the mid-40s. we'll have a lot of cloudiness
6:42 am
throughout the rest of the day. by late evening, by 11:00 p.m. or so, back down to the upper 30s. it looks like a milder week on tap. here's your seven-day outlook coming up. a look at traffic with danella on this tuesday morning. good morning. good morning. just into the first 4 traffic office, now a new accident along i-95 northbound. this is as you drive past lorton road. police are on the scene. the accident is in the shoulder lane. emergency response are blocking your left lane. we'll talk about your travel speed from prince william parkway. 18 minutes to get to the beltway. you are under speed but you should be getting slower the longer it takes to clear the accident. heading over to i-270 now. again, normal volume out of frederick maryland. passing 109. clarksburg, that's where you'll start to see some relief. germantown not bad. you'll start to see delays again as you pass shady grove road. from shady grove to the beltway, a bit sluggish. mo major delays just yet. aaron and eun being back over to you. >> thank you, danella.
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not sluggish on one stretch of road where you'll be able to put more pedal to the metal. by the end of next month, you'll be able to go 60 miles per hour on the toll road. today, lawmakers will begin debating will to raise that even further. a bill on the floor proposes raising speed limits on all interstates and expressways to 70 miles per hour in maryland. it's estimated the new 60 mile per hour limit on the icc will only save drivers about a minute and a half between gaithersburg and laurel. had morning, many -- we have a new report on traffic congestion saying that it is the worst here than anywhere else in the country. by judging by this live picture of 270, you can see why. the number one ranking isn't quite surprising. what is surprising is how much time and money you can waste every year stuck in traffic. news 4's megan mcgrath is stuck in the thick of the morning commute driving on i-95 north in virginia. meg app, good morning. >> well, we're coming to you from inside our live truck.
6:44 am
we're actually rolling northbound on 95 right now. we're in the lorton area headed towards d.c. take a look at our dash camera here. wrus to give you an idea of the kind of traffic we're encountering already. it's quarter of 7:00 in the morning. you can see how slow things are on northbound 95. in fact, i think we have an accident, danella, was just talking about an accident along the stretch. i think that's just a little bit up head of us. of course, you throw an accident into the mix and things get even worse. if you stand in this kind of traffic day in, day out, this is probably not going to be very surprising to you. but d.c. has the worst traffic congestion in the country. ahead of los angeles, san francisco and new york. let's take a look at what this means for drivers in our area. it means that you wait 67 hours a year just sitting in traffic. that's almost two work weeks. idling in traffic wastes 32 gallons of gasoline and costs
6:45 am
each commuter $1400 a year. perhaps what's so annoying is just how unreliable trip times are in the washington, d.c. area. for example, a trip that takes just 20 minutes in the dead of night with no traffic takes or could take two hours you're driving during rush hour. it's very unpredictable. it makes it difficult for people to figure out or realize when they need to leave the house to get to their destination on time. so very frustrating. the study does offer some solutions. they say that you can add more lanes along critical corridors. of course, that's rather obvious. but also very expensive and difficult to do. now, there also are simple things that can be done. for example, timing traffic signals so the vehicles see more green lights and rapidly removing crashes to get traffic flowing again and just allowing commuters to be flexible in terms of their work time so they can avoid the peak hours. although, you can make things better the survey does also have a section about realistic
6:46 am
expectations. they say while you can do things to improve the situation, urban areas like this one will always be congested. reporting live, rolling down 95, megan mcgrath, news 4. eun, pack to you. >> megan, thank you. 15 before the hour now. we expect mayor gray's number one priority to be housing during the state of the district address later tonight. gray wants to use some of a projected $240 million budget surplus on affordable housing. the rapidly rising cost of living was one of the biggest concerns raised a ate citizen's summit last year. he may also call for raises for city employees. that's at the 6th and i historic synagogue, set for 7:00 tonight. the address do not come without controversy. empower d.c. will lead a demonstration to call attention to the school closing plan. the city is shuttering 15 underenrolled schools. they say the closures affect a
6:47 am
higher number of black students. the commonwealth sthat is expected to vote on a school grading system. the house and delegates signed a bill to assign a letter grade to public schools in virginia. they would range from a to f and baszed on test data and school quality. this is a crucial day in efforts to generate billions dollars in transportation money for virginia. the state senate will vote on an amended version of governor bob mcdonnell's plan. had new legislation would impose a sales tax on gas in place of virginia's current gas tax. it would also eliminate the sales tax increase mcdonnell proposed. the amended bill scraps hundreds of millions of dollars in fee increases mcdonnell wants as well. today is the deadline for legislation to win approval from the senate or house of delegates. ziemt the senate committee voted to increase the fines for
6:48 am
texting behind the heel and change it to a primary offense. police could stop and ticket anyone they see texting while driving. the fines would increase going from $20 to $250. dog owners will rally had annapolis this morning in hopes of earning more protection if their pet bites someone. pit bulls ard their owners are singled out for punishment even if the dog had no previous evidence of being dangerous. the demonstration supports a new measure that would hold all dog owners responsible for a bite. but it also allows the owner to prove in court that the dog was not dangerous. d.c. police chief kathy lanier dispute a report on the handling of sex crimes in the district. she's open to an independent review. the human rights watch found that over a four-year period, d.c. police did not document or investigate 170 sex assault cases. the chief says that's not correct. she tells news 4 they have investigative files for most of the files. she also says out of the 1200 victims, the authors of the
6:49 am
report only talked to 15 of them. she says the report may undermine police efforts to investigate future sex crimes. >> my fear is as people think that as factual, then they won't report to police and all the work done will be undone because we're trying to encourage reporting, not discourage it. lanier would welcome an independent review to verify her findings. phone calls to the human rights watch about the criticism have not been returned. our search for an armed robber near the university of maryland. it was off of paint branch parkway just after midnight. that's not far from student housing and pra ternt row. it's not clear what the robber took or whether there are any injuries. police do not believe the suspect is still in the area. police are warning college students to be more vigilant after a string of burglaries at georgetown and george washington universities. at georgetown, thieves stole two laptops in the past two days.
6:50 am
at gw, three burglaries where thieves went into dorm rooms and took ten different electronics. they say the robberies happen because students inadvertently let the thieves in and left rooms unlocked. all of the burglaries happened in the middle of the day. george washington university law school is going to be asking students -- potential applicants about their sexual orientation. they want to track the number of gay applicants to set up better support services. this was -- right now only four of the top 20 law schools in the country ask students to disclose sexual orientation. we'll have to wait until spring for congress to wage a bitter battle over the nation's debt limit. president obama signed into law a bill that raises the government's borrowing limit through the middle of may. the president warned that the country's economic recovery could be threatened if congress didn't pass the bill. today, president obama turns his attention to the immigration debate and he's inviting some of the brightest minds in business
6:51 am
to the white house for their opinions. cnbc's courtney reagan tells us about the meeting. good morning. >> good morning, aaron. president obama welcomes a group of ceos to the white house to push his plans for immigration reform. the group includes the heads of goldman sachs, qualcomm, coke o cola, yahoo and marriott. they hope it makes the u.s. more competitive. businesses have long complained the u.s. doesn't offer enough visas through high skilled workers from other countries. president obama will meet separately with labor and progressive leaders. it's definitely a big issue. this is certainly not the end but i think the beginning. aaron, back to you. >> courtney reagan, at cnbc, thank you. time for weather and traffic on the 1s. no snow. are we getting a warmup, toe? it seems like we'll get better weather. >> warming to near average temperatures. >> near average. >> snow lovers have been doing a lot of laundry, washing our
6:52 am
crying towels. again, overnight, we didn't get much at all of snow. first light of day, there's the last light of last evening. a wonderful photo at sunset taken in rockville by one of our viewers. are your weather and nature pics to weather at there's had the first light of day spreading over the potomac river and national airport. live view from the hd city camera. all cloudy at reagan national. it's 35 degrees. we've got a light breeze coming this out of the north, northeast. the snow zipped north of us. did not leave any accumulation. we've got a few sprinkles of light rain this area in green. eastern part of the northern neck. a lot of cloud cover here now. it's going to be with us throughout the day. temperatures right now are a little bit above freezing in much of prince george's county. and southern maryland and the district. north and west of washington, right near 30 degrees. arlington, fairfax, montgomery county. paragraph they are to the west, out in the shenandoah valley,
6:53 am
near 30 as well. through 10:00, above freezing, into the upper 30s. near 40 by noontime. we'll have a light wind throughout that time. during the rest of the afternoon, we'll peak in the mid-40s with a light wind. tomorrow morning near 30. lots of sun back on wednesday. bit of a blustery wind, too. in the upper 40s tomorrow afternoon. 20s on thursday morning. low 40s on thursday afternoon. clouds, looks like rain likely on friday. highs mid-40s. here's a look at your weekend. highs mid-40s. near 50 on sunday. anon monday, when we could get some rain. a look at traffic. first 4 traffic this tuesday morning. >> it's due to the -- going to see your left lane blocked. ambulance now on the scene. emergency response blocking the left lane making for a slow trip now from prince william parkway.
6:54 am
it will take 20 minutes to get to the beltway. >> speaking of the beltway, head to montgomery county. travel speeds now. a live look at new hampshire avenue. as you make your way between i-95 to 270. an 18-minute drive. 6:54 now. the ever increasing pain at pump is having a bigger impact on your wallet. the u.s. energy and information administration reports the average spent -- about 4% of income before taxes. it's also the highest estimated percentage of household income spent on gas in nearly 30 years. there are plenty of things to blame for the rising gas prices. experts say gas is usually more expensive in february, march because refineries switch from winter blends to a more expensive summer blend. short also a shortage in california impacting other refineries in the u.s. the cost of a barrel has gone up to almost $10 in just
6:55 am
three months. angie goff is at the live desk. thank you, aaron. president obama just released a individual wroe on the white house blog that is close to his roots. take a listen. >> over the years, i've been greatly moved by the warmth and spirit, the strength and resolve of the kenyan people and i've been grateful for my connection to kenya and how you've welcomed me and my family to your beautiful country. >> using a swahili greeting, the president -- to be nonviolent when kenyans go to the polls next month. this is the first national election since 2007 when the presidential vote there turned violent. 1,000 people died. angie goff, back to you. back here at home, we're learning that sunday's super bowl blackout may not have been a total shock. in fact, engineers in new orleans were apparently concerned about something like this happening in october. we have a memo from the
6:56 am
louisiana stadium and exposition district which operates the superdome in new orleans. that memo is dated october 15th and it warns that tests on the dome's electrical feeders show decay and april chance of failure. the power company in new orleans is still trying to get to the bottom of what caused the lights to go out during the biggest sporting event of the year. there are some things in life you should never lose. a super bowl trophy is one of them. the ravens may not have got ep that memo, though. according to baltimore's abc's affilia affiliate, they lost track of it a little while. the trophy didn't make it to the team's victory party. the ravens security had it the whole time it turns out. there was uncertainty over which security personnel had it, though. panic attack. the trophy will be on display during the ravens super bowl parade this morning. crews spent yesterday preparing downtown baltimore for the celebration. the parade begins at city hall and wind down to m&t bank
6:57 am
stadium. will will be a rally there as well. if you can't make it x you can watch it all on it all begins at 10:45. tom has our out-the-door forecast. >> should be good weather in baltimore for the parade. cloudy is all. highs mid-40s. seven-day outlook. average high temperatures into the first part of the weekend. rain friday and again on monday. warmer by then. back to you. thank you, tom. that is "news4 today." the "today" show is next. we'll be back with weather and traffic, breaking news. we're back here tomorrow morning at 4:28. until then have a great day. make it a great tuesday everybody. we gotta sell the car. where would we even start? get the car. hi howard. get in.
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