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tv   News4 Today  NBC  February 15, 2013 5:00am-5:30am EST

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details. >> it is february, after all. no travel problems like that iciness from yesterday. pavement dry just about everywhere. it's near or below freezing. montgomery county is near 30 degrees, as is most of maryland and across northern virginia. into west virginia. right now arlington fairfax county near 30. so is prince george's county. southern maryland. charles county, calvert and st. mary's. we'll stay below freezing. with a little bit of sunshine in and out. by 8:00 in the mid-30s. by noontime, near 50 degrees. sunrise at 6:59. the sunset at 5:46. hometown forecast for culpeper. culpep culpeper, virginia ought to reach the mid-50s by mid-afternoon. incredibly, it could be snowing tonight. i'll have the latest on that. how much we might get. here's danella with first 4
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traffic. >> traveling in the area, pretty nice. no reported delays, metro, mark vre. running on schedule. i-66, traveling in the hay market area. route 15 checks out. 66 looks nice and clear. a live look past sudley road. eastbound, inbound, no issues to report. outbound as well. nice and clear commute heading to the beltway. let's talk about inside the beltway on 66. a live look at spout run parkway. hardly any volume. back in ten minutes. aaron and eun, over to you. 5:01 now. we're staying on top of breaking news. more than 400 people are hurt after an apparent meteor shower. >> this happened in the mountains much russia. that meteor was hard to miss as it streaked across the clear sky and literally shook the ground. this is amateur video of the meteor shower coming through. you can see it caused a huge
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flash of light in the sky before that crash. the country's emergency ministry says fragments of the meteor fell in a thinly populated area. it's an area about 900 miles east of moscow. more than 400 people are injured. mostly from broken glass. we're told, though, only three people have serious injuries. we've also gotten reports of at least one collapsed building. a roof. we'll continue to stay on top of this and bring you the latest as we get it. >> let's go to melissa mollet at the live desk. melissa? >> right now the bail hearing for olympic sprinter oscar pistorius is well under way. we have video of him arriving at court. nbc news has a reporter inside who says oscar is standing in court crying, his head hanging down, hands to his face. the double amputee is charged with murder in the shooting death of his girlfriend, model reeva steenkamp. he killed her inside his home early thursday. his lawyers arguing against
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allowing cameras in the courtrooms. his family is there. there was reports of chaos in the courtroom as several fights broke out. prosecutors will oppose bail. we'll tell you what the judge rules as soon as we hear it. melissa mollet, news 4 at the live desk. a woman accused of burglarizing the alexandria home where a 94-year-old man was found dead will a appear in court. she's charged with burglary for a november break-in there. police ruled the death a homicide. but johnson has not been charged in that crime. friend still can't believe anyone would want to hurt the man. >> he was sweet, he was so funny. he was an elderly man. >> police say they are searching for a weapon or signs of another break-in that might have happened before his death. a man accused of killing four people at his home. in 2010, christopher spate shot
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and killed his sister and family and four neighbors. mental health evaluations held up the trial. lawyers would not comment on the nature of today's hearing. a charles county family is thanking the community for helping them get through a difficult time. a fire destroyed their home and killed the matriarch of their family. firefighters say a kerosene heater sparked the fire that destroyed her home on indian head on tuesday night. 66-year-old geraldine key died, seven others escaped. key's grandson says his grandmother tried to help everyone. he did not want to show his face on camera for our exclusive interview. >> every single day, she had a smile on her face and would do anything for anyone. i literally sometimes didn't know if she knew what the word no was. >> the family says neighbors donated clothing and food. the red cross is paying for a hotel for now. >> new details about the shoot of a police trainee in baltimor have been fooling around when he opened fire.
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the shooting took place during a training exercise at the rosewood center in oegs mills. sources told the baltimore sun newspaper the instructor jokingly pointed a gun at trainees who were looking into another room. the shot hit a trainee in the head after it accidentally went off. he remains in critical condition. the instructor suspended. president obama will honor some of the victims of the sandy hook elementary shooting. ella ward the presidential award to the teachers and others who died that day. a local man and woman will receive the prestigious award today. maria gomez founded mary's center in the district. terry shima, will also receive the honor. he's a former executive director of the japanese american. after spending days at sea, coming up, live in alabama with what passengers are saying about
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the conditions that they endured aboard a crippled cruise ship. the unusual group of spectators that cause problems for a golf tournament. hope you're enjoying the weatherment big changes are rolling in. your forecast next with weather your forecast next with weather and tr
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kangaroos interrupted the lpga's australian open. a group of kangaroos decided to hop back. maybe they were golf fans. it's summer down under. the dry climate brought them out of the brush. they couldn't resist the lush green grass. they get to run and play. why should the golfers have all the fun sm. >> our producer undersold this video. i was thinking one or two kangaroos. that's a little scary. >> that's a lot. i don't think they meant harm. they wanted to enjoy the green grass. seriously, why should just the chicken get to the other side. >> really, why? >> let's look at the forecast now. tom kierein is keeping an eye on the outdoors. little cloud cover, tom? >> a little bit. welcome to freaky deaky friday. we've got meteors and kangaroos going wild. this morning, starting off with dry pavement. no wild weather to deal with. right now down into the low 30s
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to near freezing. that's in montgomery county, prince george's, arlington and fairfax. few locations in the upper 20s. fort belvoir to manassas in the 20s. now, hour by hour through the day, we'll have our temperatures soaring. by noontime, near 50. mid-50s by mid-afternoon with increasing clouds. a big change tonight. down we go. all the way to the 30s by the evening with some cold rain changing over to wet snow tonight. that's going to continue off and on as we get into saturday. i'll show you what i think we'll be getting from that, how much by the time it ends on saturday afternoon in ten minutes. first 4 traffic this had friday morning with danella. good morning. >> good morning. it's friday, so our volume in the area starts to pick up much later than normal. that's the case right now. nice and clear. traveling 295. bw parkway in maryland as well as i-95.
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check of the baltimore beltway and capitol beltway, everything checks out. no construction or accidents. trip from annapolis heading toward the bowie area. a live look at the road. no issues in both directions. as you continue on 50 toward the beltway in maryland, you are clear. i'm back in ten minutes. we'll check the beltway in montgomery countiment aaron and eun. thank you. >> the unusual wedding that sparked protests on valentine's day. close encounter ahead. when a massive
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5:14 is your time. we want to check in with tony tull with a traffic alert. tony. eun, good morning. northbound rock creek park before the massachusetts avenue exit, there is debris in the road.
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normally, that's not a big deal. but that debris is bricks. when we just checked it out, a car hit the bricks and has multiple flat tires. you take rock creek before the massachusetts exit, there are some bricks in the road. there's park police jurisdiction. they sent a couple guys to clear the bricks out of the road. it should be clear by now. if you're headed out this morning, a slowdown and watch out for the bricks northbound at rock creek park at you come on the massachusetts avenue exit. that's the latest from rock creek park. tony tull. back to you. let's hit the bricks. here's melissa at the live desk. >> this is just in. prosecutors in the oscar pistorius case are going to argue he committed premeditated murder. double amputee is charged with shooting his girlfriend inside his home early thursday. our nbc news reporter in the courtroom says he's crying with his head hanging down. prosecutors have said they will
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be opposing bail. at the live desk, melissa mollet, news 4. right now, the carnival cruise ship sits deserted after a disastrous voyage. thousands of passengers made it off that ship after spending days without electricity or work oing toilets, very little food on the ship. they were able to make it back into port around 10:30 last night. jay gray is in alabama with the latest jay, good morning. >> reporter: an empty ship. the carnival triumph sitting in the port. you can't imagine the excitement, the adrenaline as it was pulled into the terminal by tugboats. four of them finally getting it here as you talked about around 10:15, 10:30 last night then the process of deembarking began. over 3,000 passengers to come off the ship. at the time, only one working elevator on the ship.
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so it was quite an effort, took over three hours for that to happen. a lot of people reunited with their families. others taking chartered buses, either back to galveston, others to hotels in new orleans to try and decompress a little bit. they'll fly back to texas tomorrow. most of the passengers we talked to all praised the staff and the work they did during the most horrific conditions there. take a listen. >> unbelievable. those guys had worse conditions than we did. they were serving us. i have to say -- >> cleaning up the messes. it was horrible. >> it's interesting. everybody it seems had something to say about that. they were impressed with how the staff took care of them during what was just a very tough time out at sea. what happens now? it's empty. the passengers are all making their way back to galveston, to get on with their lives.
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now the work really begins for federal agents. they move in, going to rye to piece together why this happened. were there warning signs? were there any ideas that this may have happened in the past, that there may have been problems with equipment. those answers will begin to come as they get in to start their work in earnest. that's the latest here h. >> all's well that ends well. yea gray thank you. a medical examiner used dental records to identify the body pulled from a burned-out cabin tuesday night as christopher dorner. he killed two people including two law enforcement officers. it appears dorner had been planning his alleged killing spree for some time. according to the orange county register, he had done research on two victims before the shoot. a wake was held for an american tourist who disappeared in istanbul. she went missing in late january, days before she was due
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back in the u.s. she was discovered on february 2nd. she was bludgeoned over the head. no arrests have been made. her funeral will be held in a staten island church where the mother of two and her husband were married. the neighborhood watch volunteer charged with killing a florida teen could have his time reduced. george zimmerman pleaded not guilty and said he acted in self-defense when he shot 17-year-old trayvon martin. his lawyers want immunity saying the case falls under the stand-your-ground law in florida. the judge might consider hearing that argument when the case goes to trial june. shock in argentina when a woman marries the man convicted of killing her twin sister. her twin sister was killed in 2010. her boyfriend was convicted of her murder. police had to escort the two from the courthouse while outraged citizens protested. the bride's mother claimed her daughter was mentally unfit to we had and a judge suspended the
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wedding. the groom is currently serving a 13-year prison sentence. a new twist in the saga of a tennessee congressman's deleted tweet. democratic congressman steve cohen says the woman he tweeted during the state of the union address was not a romantic interest. it was his daughter. the papers -- it said i l you which is short for brink. it turns out brink is his daughter. he tweeted her because he was thrilled to find out she was watching the state of the union. cohen, who is not married, says he only found out three years ago that he had a daughter. he has not elaborated on the circumstances surrounding that situation. it's a day ahead before president obama heads to florida for the president's day weekend. he'll welcome giorgio napolitano to the white house and hand out the citizens medicals and round out the day with a trip to chicago. he'll speak at a school near his home about economic initiative
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outlined in the state of union address. he's expected to talk about gun control measures. john kerry will make his first foreign policy speech at the university of virginia. the state department says kerry will speak next wednesday about the importance of u.s. diplomacy. will be the first in a series he'll deliver across the country. right now, nasa keeping a close eye on an astroid that's supposed to have a close call with earth. it's called 2012-da 14. will pass a little more than 17,000 miles from the earth's surface. it's about 150 feet in diameter, weighs about 143,000 tons. it is the closest an astroid of that size has come to earth in a century. experts are fairly confident it will miss us. >> fairly confident or absolutely confident? come on, tom. there's a big difference. we don't want it anywhere near earth, right?
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>> that's what the dinosaurs thought. it's going to be missing us. based on our technology and trajectory, looks like it will miss us. coming close later today. might be a breeze. upper 20s, light breeze right now on the surface. in the mid-20s parts of northern virginia. near 30 degrees in arlg -- it's cold near or below freezing from west virginia to the eastern shore. except near the waters. through the day, still below freezing at 6:00 a.m., 7:00 a.m. near noontime near 50. might hit the mid-50s by mid afternoon. heading back home, might be light rain around. it will be back into the 40s. early this evening, that rain may begin to change over to some snow. maybe around 8:00 or 9:00. then some wet snow, 10:00 through midnight and after midnight tonight. by then down to the low 30s. a lot of it will be melting on roadways and accumulating on grassy areas. it will continue off and on into
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saturday. we may end up with an inch or two. some untreated surfaces tomorrow morning could be slick across most of northern virginia, the district and maryland. a wide area, 1 to 2 inches. lighter amounts in the mountains as well as the bay and the eastern shore. by the time it ends on saturday night. highs only in the 30s tomorrow. windy and cold on sunday. near 20 in the morning. afternoon highs only the mid-30s. winds may be gusting up to 40 miles an hour on sunday. we'll have a partly cloudy sky. still cold monday morning. we'll have it in into the 30s monday afternoon with sunshine. here's next week. maybe rain on tuesday in the 40s. sun back wednesday, thursday, near 50 wednesday afternoon. thursday afternoon turning colder again. now a look at traffic with knell mel on this friday morning. good morning. >> good morning. your first 4 traffic report. we'll talk about the beltway in montgomery county. i-95 to i-270, clear in both directions. up towards i-270, the we'll take the trip together out of frederick.
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southbound, nice and clear along i-270. continuing towards urbana. even making your way towards clarksburg and through the gaithersburg area, no issues to report. no construction either and no reports of accidents. as you head from i-270 on the beltway towards the american legion bridge. issue-free. very light volume at this time. back in ten minutes. we'll check the roads again. aaron and eun. thank you, danella. one of the more perfect nights this season for the capitals. they hold on to beat the tampa bay lightning 4-3. eric fair helped the cause. they gave the caps the third straight win. it ties them for third in the southeast division and they'll try to keep that streak alive against the new york rangers on sunday. in news 4 your health, heavy drinkers are not the only ones at a greater risk for cancer. alcohol can be blamed for almost 20,000 deaths every year. researchers say 35% of those deaths involve people who
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consumed just a drink and a half each day or less. experts say it's not just heavy drinkers who have to be concerned anymore and the less often you drink, the better. the fda has approved the first ever artificial in effect bionic eye. the prosthesis can be fitted on a pair of glasses to bring some sight to those with a specific form of vision loss. the artificial retina is a tiny camera mounted on glasses that send electrical signals directly to the brain cells that perceive light. this can treat an inherited disease leading to total blindness. >> the key is not only the hardware but the software. how do you take an image from a camera and convert it into this neural code? this morse code of the eye. and then stimulate the nerve cells in the retina. >> the artificial retina does not achieve perfect sight but it does allow blind people to see enough images to navigate a room.
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incredible. one of tv's longest running programs is nearing a milestone online. you-tube channel for sesame street about to hit one billion views. to get to that magic number, the kids program put out this video from telemonster can you tele-me how to get to a billion. sesame launched the you-tube channel in 2006 and has been increasing online presence. they will become the first nonprofit on you-tube to hit that milestone. a billion views. >> millions of children around the world have learned letters and songs for generations. >> i still love sesame street. >> i know. cookie. c is for cookie. >> good enough for me. >> this morning, some of you are buzzing over a rare chance to see the president and first lady. the restaurant is owned by -- it
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includes 20 different courses. no word on exactly what they ate. earlier in the day, the president joked with a crowd that getting flowers this time of year is a lot easier thanks to the rose garden. >> how convenient for him. >> you don't think he does that, do you? >> of course not. he might. it's the thought that counts. we've been watching the courtroom for the blade runner, we go live to the live desk for new developments. the decision by metro has accused someone playing favorites for fbi headquarters. the video after a terrifying meteor shower in russia overnight. a small system in the midwest could impact your we
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