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tv   News4 Today  NBC  February 19, 2013 5:00am-5:30am EST

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mcdonald's tweeted it had nothing to do with the hacking. scary for burger king. they sent out messages that were not tasteful. >> i can imagine. "news4 today" continues at 5:00 a.m. "news4 today" starts now. intense flames caught on camera the fire that forced dozens from their homes overnight and sent fire to the hospital. breaking news out of south africa as we wait for word whether oscar pistorius will be let out of jail after another dramatic day in court. aaron gilchrist. >> welcome to "news4 today" for february 19th, 2013. a light breeze and clouds will kick things off this morning. a rainy day ahead for this tuesday. >> storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein has the forecast for us. >> cool on this tuesday morning. we have increasing clouds coming from the west. those clouds will begin to
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produce rain. preps around 9:00. between now and then, we'll stay dry. temperatures are above freezing. northern virginia into maryland. mid 30 aez in maryland. arlington, fairfax counties. upper 30s in the district of columbia. few locations dipped below freezing. panhandle of west virginia, frederick into alleghany county. as we take a look at the next couple of hours, we may be hovering near the freezing mark. we'll still have breaks in the clouds but cloudy by 8:00 a.m. mid-30s most of the region. then it's around 9:00 or 10:00. we'll have rain move in. by noontime in the mid-40s and it should be raining. clarksburg, northern montgomery county is our hometown forecast location. by noontime, 40 there with some rain likely moving through. a look at the rest of the afternoon and this evening in ten minutes. first 4 traffic now with danella. >> good morning. rails are open with no reported delay. metro marc, vre all look good. over to the roadways.
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you're taking the commute this time along 301 crane highway from charles county heading towards prince george's county. your travel lanes are open o. no incidents to report. a live look along pennsylvania avenue as you head to the beltway. the beltway, pennsylvania avenue, nice and clear. toward the wilson bridge in both directions. no incidents to report. i'm back in ten minutes. eun, over to you. >> danella, thank you. breaking news now. we expect to learn any moment if oscar pistorius will be granted bail. he was officially charged with premeditated murder. prosecutors argue that early valentine's day morning, the track star shot his girlfriend reeva steenkamp through a locked bathroom door. defense lawyers say pistorius believe steenkamp was a burglar. as the hearing began, a memorial service was held for steenkamp in port elizabeth. new this morning, 60 people are homeless after a raging apartment fire in manassas. it broke out just before 11:00
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last night on lady jane loop. a viewer sent us the video of those towering flames. the fire started apparently in a third floor apartment and quickly spread to become a two-alarm fire bringing nearly 100 firefighters to the scene there. head to quickly pull out because part of the roof collapsed. would people were taken to the hospital as a precaution. a resident also in the hospital for smoke inhalation. the cause of that fire is under investigation. they believe it did about $300,000 in damage. police are investigating the murder of a 15-year-old in broad daylight. police found the teenager in the 4,000 block of 28th avenue and hillcrest heights yesterday afternoon. news 4's megan mcgrath live from suitland high school with more. megan in. >> aaron, it's becoming all too common a sight. dpref counselors inside a school in prince george's county helping students cope with the violent death of a classmate. today the counselors are going
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to be here at southland high school. he's the fifth student to be murdered here this school year. emotions were running high yesterday afternoon as family members heard the news of what happened and rushed to the scene. this happened in broad daylight. 15-year-old student was found lying on the ground near the intersection of kenton place and 28th he avenue in hillcrest heights. the student's aunt said he is not a trouble maker and believes her nephew may have been targeted for his shoes. >> he was a nice little boy. respectful. no fight, no trouble, nothing. he go to school, he don't hang around the neighborhood because it's a little rough boys around here and little jealous because he got things and he don't. >> police say that they do have some leads in this case. although they will not elaborate. no word yet on any arrests. reporting live in prince george's county. megan mcgrath, news 4.
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back to you. >> the mother of a murdered 15-month-old is planning to sue the mental health officials who evaluated the baby's father. mccloud, say the professionals should have never allowed him unsupervised visits their child. he's accused of drowning the child last month. an affidavit in the case says joaquin rams took out several insurance policies on his son and was having financial problems. opening statements begin in the trial of a prince george's county man police describe as one. most dangerous in the county's history. jason scott is accused of killing delores dewitt and her daughter in 2009. police consider him a person of interest in three other murders, including the killings of another mother and daughter. he's already serving 100 years in prison for a series of crimes, including burglaries, home invasions and sexual assault of a minor. today, several u.s. lawmakers are in cuba trying to get a maryland man released from prison there.
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maryland's congressman chris van hollen and six others are meeting with cuban leaders this morning to try to free alan gross. they say his release is the only way to improve ties between the countries. gross has been held since 2009 when he says he was trying to bring the internet to jewish communities in cuba. cuba says he was spying. he's serving a 15-year sentence. congress and the white house have just ten days to reach a deal on a budget plan or billions of dollars in spending cuts will automatically take effect. lawmakers won't address that issue this week, though. they aren't in session now and won't return to washington until next week. we're learning our area is among the regions that could be hurt the most by the cuts known as the sequester. its authors say government spending makes up 20% of our local economy. defense spending alone makes up almost 10% of our ecomony. many of us buy a fancy sports car or jump out of a plane. how the first lady handled her
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mid life crisis. a warning for women who can't make it through the morning without that cup of coffee. the active scene off shore that has you looking for a new place to go swimming. it's dry now. but you want to grab your umbrella. your soggy forecast and danella checks i-66 next with weather
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take a look at cell phone sid yoe from hawaii. this splashing is from half a dozen tiger sharks. a marine biologist took the video on the island of oahu. he called authorities because swimmers were nearby. a boat traveled around warning people about the sharks. no one was hurt. i know they were getting out of there fast. >> tom will be here in a second with the forecast. yesterday we had the video of the like a thousand dolphins in the little school or a university if it's that many. >> a university. ha ha. i think the difference is the sharks will bite you. >> dolphins have teeth. >> i think they're friendly. >> okay. >> tom is a scientist. he probably knows better. >> he can tell us about the forecast for sure. >> they weren't tiger moms. we're all dry here now.
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no travel problems getting back to work and school after president's day. we're starting off with rain beginning to move into garrett county and leading edge of that, maybe sleet and snow mixing in way out in alleghany county. frostburg toward cumberland and farther east, though, it's going to be too warm for any frozen precipitation as the day progresses. we'll have rain moving in off and on from mid-morning to mid-afternoon. by then, a blustery wind clearing out tonight. much colder tomorrow. we'll look at that and the seven-day outlook with danella. >> good morning, hay market. we'll go over this had together. east and westbound, nothing but green. that means light volume, still no reports of accident reconstruction. anything like that to concern yourself with. in fact, from the beltway as you head between the beltway and hay market, clear outside the beltway and inside the beltway. aaron and eun, back to you. education overload. the new concerns about the jobs
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available to teachers. also ahead, don't let his size fool you. how this pint
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disturbing new details about the shooting at sandy hook
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i'm angie goff at the live desk. breaking news out of yemen. this just in to the newsroom. dramatic video of a fiery chopper crash. we're hearing seven deaths have been reported after an army helicopter crashed in yemen's capital. multiple people have been reportedly hurt. you can see that there's cars and buildings still on fire, still burning on the ground following this chopper crash. at the live desk, angie goff, news 4. there are new details about the shooter in the sandy hook massacre. cbs news and the "hartford
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courant" report that they wanted to top the 77 people murdered in norway in 2011 by anders breivik. this theory is based on articles based on breivik found in lanza's bedroom. lanza was likely acting out a video game fantasy and picked sandy hook because it was the easiest target. police call it speculation and say there's no clear mow i have for the attack. 16 after the hour. vice president joe biden will have a candid discussion on how to reduce gun violence. vice president biden leading the administration's effort to reduce gun violence since the shooting at sandy hook elementary school. the event will be streamed live on the magazine's facebook page and the white house website. >> the former illinois police sergeant convicted of killing his third wife will be in court today. drew peterson's attorneys say he deserves a new trial because the initial trial in 2012 was botched by peterson's former
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attorney joel brodsky. if the motion fails, peterson could be sentenced immediately to 60 years in prison. peterson is also a suspect in the 2007 disappearance of his fourth wife. a professional football player is under arrest for trying to bring a loaded gun on a plane. bowers was trying to fly and was stopped by tsa agents. a loaded firearm was found in his luggage. bowers was taken into police custody. the buccaneers have yet to comment on the arrest. flames and dark smoke fill the sky after two gas pumps exploded at a florida texaco. a driver in jacksonville caught it on his cell phone. the blaze started monday evening. there were cars at the gas station. no one was hurt though. state fire marshals looking into what caused that massive blaze. >> a fuel leak is the cause of an engine fire that disabled the cruise ship triumph. the coast guard said that it
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caught pitire in the engine roo. it stranded more than 4,000 passengers and crew members. five days no power and no running water. safety board looking into this incident and says it could be six months before they reach a final conclusion. >> some south carolina residents are seeing a new ad with a familiar face this morning. >> more recently, i've experienced how none of us go through life without mistakes. in their wake, we can learn a lot about grace, a god of second chances and be the better for it. in that -- >> that's former governor mark sanford and this is his first commercial in his bid to represent south carolina's first congressional district. he asked for a second chance in the ad. he vanished for several days while serving as governor four years ago. at first, he claimed he was hiking the appalachian trail. he later admitted he was in argentina with his mistress. sanford is one of 16 republicans in the primary to replace tim
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scott who is now a u.s. senator. the duchess of cambridge is preparing to attend her first royal appearance showing her baby bump, maybe. sheila tend a charity event in london without her husband, prince william. she has supported that charity since the beginning of her rein. her health has improved since the beginning of her pregnancy. they're expecting their first baby in july. the child would be third in line to the british throne. first lady michelle obama said a mid life crisis led to her new hairstyle. she's going through a mid life crisis. in an interview with rachael ray, first raid i says she can't get a sports car and wouldn't be allowed o bungee jump, so she went with bangs. she showed off the new do on her 49th birthday before president obama's second inauguration. a national trend says there is an overload of k through 5 teachers but a shortage of math,
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science and special education teachers. in illinois, there are ten teachers for every position open. in new jersey, they get an average 500 applicants for every full-time position. most teachers aren't qualified to teach in math and science. colleges and universities need to prepare future teachers based on the community's teachers demands. high winds and low visibility caused a mess in north dakota and minnesota on monday. a massive blizzard caused whiteout conditions on the interstates. visibility was as low as a half mile in some places. 35 mile an hour winds caused multiple crashes and rollovers on i-94. things got so bad, police had to shut down portions of the interstate. the windchill brought temperatures to a crippling 35 degrees below zero. >> that's crazy cold. it's beyond that. >> why would you even go outside when it's that cold in. >> hunker down.
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let's check the forecast in our area. time for weather and traffic on the 1s. here's tom. >> off to a temperature that's above freezing starting off this morning. getting back to work and school after the holiday. there's the washington monument. it's under a partly cloudy sky now. the clouds are thickening up from the west and moving in. these high clouds drifting over the area. this area in green on the left of your screen, that is some rain beginning to move in to alleghany and into garrett counties out in western maryland. this area in pink, there may be a few wet snowflakes and sleet near cumberland and frostburg. otherwise, no precipitation anywhere near the metro area. temperatures out in western maryland, upper 20s there. martinsburg at well in the upper 20s. near 30 in frederick. the rest of the region, we're above freezing. prince george's, arlington fairfax in the mid-40s. rain likely moving in by mid-morning and off and on into the afternoon ending by late afternoon. a bit of a blustery wind.
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we ought to be climbing into the mid-and upper 40s by then. grab an umbrella before you head out the door. you'll probably need it for your lunch-hour and getting back home. windy and cold on wednesday. at least it will feel like winter. 20s in the morning. afternoon highs near 40. the winds may be gusting up to 35, 40 miles an hour tomorrow. they'll diminish a bit. wednesday night, down to the mid-20s by dawn on thursday. thursday looks to be a blustery day with highs in the low 40s. average high this time of year is upper 40s. average low near freezing. we'll have increasing clouds on friday. maybe a small wintry mix on friday morning briefly and rain after that. highs near 40. here's a look at the weekend. saturday might have a few passing light rain showers. otherwise o cloudy, you haver 40s. sun trying to break out on sunday and milder angd sunny and milder on monday. back this ten minutes. first 4 traffic with danella now. we'll start by heading up to i-270 in frederick maryland. at 15, northbound i-270 at 15.
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had a report of a disabled vehicle in the roadway. use caution. southbound, no issues to report. continuing southbound in germantown area. actually as i look at the camera closely, i can see off to your right shoulder lane, a disabled vehicle. the disabled vehicle continuing southbound at democracy boulevard. north and southbound travel lanes are open. back in ten minutes. aaron and eun over to you. 5:23 now. a new health warning for women this morning. new research sews that women are more like hi to have hip implant failure. men and women often get different types of hip implants. women were are more likely to need a revision with three years of surgery. doctors say the troubling news helps them to manage patients and create more functional implant. mothers, listen up. what you drink during pregnancy could affect the size of your
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baby. women who drink coffee during pregnancy are more likely to have small babies that could be born late. they looked at other sources of caffeine like soda and chocolate. researchers found a connection between caffeine and low birth weights. coffee specifically was associated with longer pregnancies. virginia could have new rules aimed at keeping your child safe while playing sports. a bill is in the works requiring private youth sports teams to establish procedures to handle concussions if they play on public property. public schools are required to have a concussion policy. the bill passed the senate and house committee. it now goes to the house floor. that bill imposes too much of the tate's will on private organizations. nationals fans, your first look at your new closer. rafael soriano. pitched for the first time this spring training yesterday. he arrived late to camp because of problems with his visa. the manager will keep soriano out of the first few games to
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loosen up his arms. the wizards are back this action and looking to work magic in the second half of the season. players say nearly a week-long break for allstar festivities made them more hungry for wins. they won four of the last five games before the break. they have a chance to notch the most wins for a wizards team in the last five years. >> the guys seem caged animals. they had a spirited practice today. i think they were excited to get back. took the four days to get away from it and relax and rest up. i think it was good. >> the toronto raptors come to town tonight. game time is 7:00. let's go wiz. pitts usually the tall people who get asked to play basketball. i never get asked to play. >> there is one star player in florida. he has scouts looking at him. he's a little guy. take a look at these moves. julian newman is the one you see there. he is the starve the downey
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christian school varsity team in orlando, florida. he's 11 years old. 4'5". makes those twice his size look pretty silly. through three starts, 12 points, 11 assists, 4 steals per game. he's got skills. he's become a you-tube sensation racking up 2.3 million views. taking it to the hole. look at that. >> he passes too. >> i'm a grown man and i can't hold a basketball that way. >> he's awesome. >> check him out. >> he's 11. i can't imagine how much he'll grow and get even better and better. >> we'll hear more about him. >> sign him up. a contract. the work to bring a maryland man home from cuba. also ahead, what we're learning about fire that forced dozens out of their homes last night. the busy memorial bridge that may have you looking for a new way in or out of the district. details on showers headed details on showers headed our way and the
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the stories making held lines at 5:29. word out of south africa if oscar pistorius will be


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